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Let's follow the 5 second rule per post! Assume every action/post takes place within 5 seconds, unless stated otherwise. So Mogan's semblance would say, take two posts to come into effect. In the case of the below, let's say the entire action takes place over 5 seconds of Mogan's surprised and can't pull back or 10 if he manages to catch himself.

"C'mon Mahogony, you don't trust me to handle myself?"

The sparing match had been her idea. Ever since that improvisational workout with that first year had nearly ended in her losing - her, a third year - Jima had been looking for any opportunity to improve her skills. So beyond the drafts for new weapons that peppered her sketchbook, the theoretical applications of the Grab n' Go in combat, she'd asked Mogan to go up against her to test her skills. And more importantly, to not hold back.

"I need the practice. Unlike you, Suntalia, or even Lily, I don't have the grace of an offensive semblance. I need to work around someone like you."

She took her place opposite, unhooking Goliath from her waist and shaking forth the mace's vicious spikes in one smooth move. That familiar cocky grin fell into place on her face, even if it was a ruse -  this was going to be one hell of a learning experience, no matter which one of them won.

"Advise dutifully noted - besides, with my semblance, it's hard to get anything by me."

She loosely swings the mace in circles with one hand. Mogan was obviously expecting her to go right to him, but Jima still had a few tricks up her sleeve, and there was no time better than the presence. Rather rushing him as he anticipated, she brought the mace around so that the diamond-shaped tip that concealed the mace's internal grappling hook could fire off with a click - flying forwards to (hopefully) wrap around his hand. Unless Mogan manages to dodge, that, Jima would aim to bring him into range with a harsh yank as the cord started to withdraw - and if he made it into her range without untangling himself or pulling back, then she'd bring spiked end of her mace down across his front in a strong, two-handed bash.

Attack Log:
Grappling Hook Yank: (2%)
Mace Bash (8%)

Jima's Combat Log:
Aura: 100%

Beacon Academy / Re: A Morning on the Range [Closed]
« Last post by MonsterManic on Today at 02:33:46 PM »
Bringing Hyacinth up to her shoulder with a fresh magazine loaded, Jocelyn took a deep breath of the crisp, fresh air, full of the smells of cleanly-cut grass and just a slight hint of gun grease, before peering down the thermal scope. Likely buoyed by Prism's Semblance, the three Beowolves swayed from side to side, making the headshot a little more difficult. Paired with her trembling hands--a very unusual sensation for her--this shot was going to require serious amounts of skill...or just pure luck.

thud thud thud

To Jocelyn's dismay, only the first Beowolf at 500m had suffered any damage with its right arm blown off at the elbow. The other two just continued swinging leisurely in the wind as if taunting her to do her worst. Gritting her teeth in a futile attempt to steady her arms, she fired off another two rounds which did the exact amount of nothing. "...ouch."
Everywhere Else / Re: Hunt for the Howling Storm {CLOSED}
« Last post by Ordelis on Today at 02:01:48 PM »
"Think you still have some more throwing in you?"

The answer was no, but what Solar said was "You bet I do!". Solar braced herself to feel more bullets but Infrared's save gave her the opportunity to counterattack, if she didn't take the chance now, they would both end up in trouble. There was no other choice. With a swinging arm Solar grabbed the backpack full of bombs and continued to spin around with the bags weight. An orange glow spread as she spun in three circles building up momentum, and at the end of the third spin Solar let go of the bag. The bag soared through the sky just above the hail of bullets and the force stopped just short of the ship. But by that time Solar set off the detonator with a click. She didn't even bother to see if it hit as she collapsed spread out on the floor of the cave clearly out of breath. "Huff...Puff...Just...give me a...second" she wheezed as she started chugging water from her bladder.

Aura: 38%
Beacon Academy / Re: A Morning on the Range [Closed]
« Last post by Moth on Today at 01:31:47 PM »
"Maybe not broken, but you're definitely overclocked. Prism grins as Jocelyn takes in the recently-updated practice range. It hadn't happened too long ago, but it's not too much of a surprise that she didn't know - Prism spent more time down here, anyways. "Pretty recently! It's actually kind of nice, it really helps training in regards to extreme outdoor conditions."

Dropping her bag and the box of breakfast foods on the ground, stretches momentarily, enjoying the morning sunshine, before closing her eyes with a breath. The wind noticeably picked up, causing the holograms to flicker in the distance - and moving to the console, Prism sets up the same series of targets at 500, 1000, and 1500 meters. "You're up again Josie, as long as you can do it without shaking."
Beacon Academy / Re: A Morning on the Range [Closed]
« Last post by MonsterManic on Today at 01:13:59 PM »
"I'm not a machine, I can't get broken~" Still clearly under the influence of caffeine, Jocelyn skipped ahead of Prism, humming something that Prism might have recognised as The Path to Isolation, a song that had only just released not long ago but had taken the community by storm.

"Should be around this corner..." Turning the corner, despite her burst of hyperactivity, Jocelyn stopped in her tracks. Gone were the old wooden posts that denoted distances, target boards scarred from hundreds of rounds and huts that contained spares for whenever a student inevitably shattered one of the targets. In its place stood a high-tech layout not unlike the indoor range, only with holographic targets which actually swayed with whatever direction the wind was blowing in. "Ohh this is cool! Don't remember them renovating the place though...When'd this happen?" She looked back at Prism in confusion.
Beacon Academy / Re: A Morning on the Range [Closed]
« Last post by Moth on Today at 11:19:30 AM »
Prism quickly packs up the pastry box and other breakfast foods, throwing the empty thermos into her drawstring bag. Reverting Hawk's Eye back to it's storage form and clipping it onto her belt, her head jerks up as Jocelyn runs head-first into the door, and apparently can't help but snorting at the sight. "No, but you might be a little bit. Look before you leap, Josie."

Moving in line with her friend, she triggers the sensor so that the doors slide open, gesturing for her teammate to go first. "Outdoor ranges are down the path to the left, should be pretty empty still. Lead the way." So that Prism can follow shortly behind, where she can keep on her friend's antics - and hopefully prevent any more door-related incidents.
Theodore wasted little time in taking the chip and putting it in his scroll. A visual can help lead to a plan, and a plan helps stop the panicking. "Well...I'll take a look at it. I want to be cautious, since there was mention of grimm activity." he said, rapidly looking through the maps and photographs that were now on his scroll. "I'll...I'll see what I can do."
Character Creation / Re: Alexander Noire
« Last post by ArosFarron on Today at 09:08:26 AM »
changes discussed on Discord have been made
Beacon Academy / Re: Showing Off in the Sun [Closed]
« Last post by ArosFarron on Today at 08:53:40 AM »
Walking between classes, still in awe over everything in the outside world, Blair noticed a student practicing off in the courtyard. She walked over to him and watched from a distance. He looked strange, talking to himself as he shadowboxed. She understood the need to keep limber and in fit form but she did not understand why he needed to talk to some false foe. Grimm would not talk back, nor would they stop an attack to hear a Hunter speak in witty remarks. Removing her helmet, she walked closer to hi. "Hello, might I ask you why you are talking while you are fighting? Do Grimm really feel intimidated against words like that? She placed her helmet on the ground and smiled. "I'm Lady Blair Valka. It is an honor to meet you." She bowed.
Character Creation / Aurelia Lumen
« Last post by ReaperJoe on Today at 07:00:35 AM »

Name: Aurelia Lumen

Age: 20, born 7th of Saule

Species and Gender: Horse Faunus, Female

Symbol:  A unicorn head, with a small crown around the horn.

Occupation: 3rd year Beacon Student

Appearance: Aurelia stands at 5'8" tall, has a slender, athletic physique and a modest, but definitely not flat, bust.  She has almost flawless pale skin, shining bright blue eyes, and glowing blonde hair that she ties into a neat pony tail that stretches down to the small of her back.  She also has a blonde horsetail that sticks out from behind her. 

She stands ram-rod straight, with near perfect posture at all times.  Her gaze is often described as intense, and whenever she walks, she does so with purpose. 

Her casual clothes almost seem formal.  She wears a well-fitting red hunt coat fitted with brass buttons and black trim over top a white buttoned-up shirt along with white pants tucked into black boots.  Her tail hangs in between the tails of the hunt coat  Given her near perfect posture and these clothes, she looks more like she's going to a formal equestrian event than doing her day-to-day activities.

Her battle attire consists of silver-colored full plate armor adorned with a red hip-cape with gold borders that hides her tail.  This armor comes with a retractable helmet that can be donned or doffed with flip of a switch hidden in the armor's collar.  The helmet completely obscures her visage.  When viewed with her full armor on, she appears androgynous, and has often been mistaken for a man, at least until she speaks.

When attending classes or other functions that require a school uniform, she opts to wear the boy's uniform.  If she ever attends a true formal event, she'll wear a strapless dress that has a small hole for her tail to go through, along with gold-colored heels and long white gloves.

History: Aurelia Lumen was actually born Aurelia Burkson.  Born to a dog-faunus father and horse-faunus mother in Atlas, Aurelia lived in the dregs of Atlesian society for a time.  However, her family had it better than most, as her father avoided working in the Schnee Dust mines and instead worked as a ranch hand for one of the few Atlesian cattle ranches. 

Whenever he had a chance, and whenever the ranch manager let him, Aurelia's father would take her horse-riding, and she quickly developed into an avid equestrian.  She would take every chance she could to go riding, and it seemed like she developed a strange sort of connection with each horse.  Even the feistiest horse would follow her directions with minimal resistance.  She truly had some sort of gift.

And that gift would soon come in handy.  About half a year after her 10th birthday, while she was riding, she heard screams.  Kicking the horse into gear, she rode as fast as she could toward the sound.  As she got closer, she heard the sound of rushing water, which made her heart sink even lower.  When she arrived at the source of the screams, her fears were confirmed.  A small child, probably not even 6 years old, was being swept away by the current of the freezing river. 

Doing the only thing she could think to do, she spurred the horse to start chasing the girl down the river.  She tried urging the horse into the river, but the horse was too scared of the roaring currents.  With her running out of options, and the girl falling further and further under water, Aurelia jumped off the horse and into the river after the girl. 

Using every ounce of strength the ten-year-old had, Aurelia just barely managed to reach the other girl, but she, too, soon succumbed to the strength of the river.  The only thing she could do was clutch the smaller child tightly and try to protect her, but even that gesture was moot.  The river would soon drown them both, and she had risked her life for nothing. 

Or maybe not.  In that desperate moment, in her desire to save a little girl, Aurelia's aura was unlocked, and a bright, golden light enveloped the two of them.  The next thing Aurelia remembers is waking up in a coughing fit along the shore next to the small child that she had risked her life to save. 

As she rode back to the stable with the child on her lap in the saddle, her father had run out to meet her, frantic and wondering where she'd been.  Apparently she'd been gone for hours, much longer than she should have been and he was understandably wrought with worry.  However, when he saw the other young girl riding in her lap, he just as quickly ran back towards the stable, urging his daughter to come with him as quickly as possible.

When the two finally arrived, they were greeted by two people Aurelia had never met before.  As it turned out, those two people were the parents of the little girl Aurelia had saved, who she learned was named Pearl Lumen.  The Lumen family was incredibly wealthy, and as thanks for saving their daughter's life, the Lumens offered to adopt Aurelia.

Her original family would still see her on weekends, she would receive the best education, and overall have a much better chance at success as a Lumen than as a Burkson, so it was relatively easy to convince the Burkson's to agree to the adoption.

Aurelia was incredibly nervous at first, which was understandable.  What child would want to leave her family?  But she soon became very attached to little Pear, who herself was very excited to have a new "big sister."  Pearl would constantly fawn over Aurelia, and she insisted the horse faunus came to her room every day so she could brush her hair and tail. 

However, it was not always sunshine and rainbows in the house of Lumen.  Aurelia's lessons were strict, and she was held to increasingly higher and higher standards as days, weeks, years went by.  The Lumen family quickly learned that Aurelia's aura had been unlocked, and her semblance was quickly discovered.  Her new family quickly determined that she should be trained in combat, for several reasons.  One, Aurelia was a faunus, and no simple name change could fix that.  She would probably never be allowed to work in an office in Atlas under the current political and racial climate, but her kind's ability to see in the dark could be crucial in the potential life of a huntress.  Second, she seemed to take incredibly well to initial combat training, and she was already an adept, if not expert, horseman.  Thirdly, there was much prestige to be gained on the battlefield.  If Aurelia were to be successful in this career path, there would be much to gain in terms of social status.  Lastly, the Lumens had another daughter that could take over the family business in Pearl, who also had the benefit of being their own flesh and blood.

And thus, Aurelia was sent to combat school in Atlas.  There, she was judged for every little thing she did.  If she ever fell behind in school work, her foster family would hear about it.  If she ever stepped a toe out of line, her foster family would hear about it.  If someone else stepped a toe out of line and blamed it on her, her foster parents would hear about it.  If her uniform was worn improperly, if her posture wasn't perfect, if she even sneezed wrong, her foster family would hear about it.  She was called names, like "moocher" or "mistress," among some others that shall not be repeated.  And if she ever responded to those name-callers, her foster family would hear about it.

While the Lumens were never abusive to their foster daughter, they would make clear their incredible disappointment every time they heard of Aurelia's "misconduct."  She had to hold herself to a higher standard, they would say.  There can be no excuses, they would say.  Be better, they would command.  They would remind her of who's money she was using, of who's influence that was excusing her.  And Aurelia could do nothing but nod and obey.

Thus, Aurelia put all of her efforts into being perfect.  Her grades, her discipline, even her posture.  She ignored the name-callers, the slanderers, and the liars and cheaters.  The reason she put up with all this?  Little Pearl, who Aurelia had come to adore.  Every time something was brought to their attention, the Lumens would force Aurelia into submission by restricting access to her beloved adopted sister.  They would send Pearl off to a relative for a time, depriving Aurelia of the sweet time she'd spend with Pearl brushing her hair.  It was the thing she looked forward to most every day, and she'd do anything to keep it.

But even with all of her efforts to be the perfect student, it still wasn't enough to satisfy her foster family.  When it was time to select one of the four combat schools, the Lumens forced her to go to Beacon, demanding that she graduate as a successful huntress, or be stripped of the name Lumen and never see her sister again.   

So off she went to Vale.  However, her time at Beacon thus far hasn't exactly been smooth either.  As a result of the Lumen's strict upbringing and their ultimatum, Aurelia has developed an intense personality.  So intense, in fact, that she's driven several teammates to drop out, saying things like they can't keep up with her, or that she's a slave driver.  Thus, she is entering her third year at Beacon teamless.   

Personality: Aurelia's personality can be generalized in one word: intense.  Everything she does, she does deliberately and with purpose.  Getting ready in the morning?
 Everything, from her clothes, to her face, even her hair is immaculate.  Walking to class?  Back is ram-rod straight, eyes looking straight forward, and her feet are marching in perfect rhythm.  In sparring, she treats first years she's supposed to mentor with the same intensity she treats Grimm, and ruthlessly thrashes them about the arena.  She does not know the meaning of "hold back."

Among her team, she can quickly earn the reputation of a merciless task master, even if she's not officially the leader.  She demands her teammates hold themselves to the same standard she holds herself, and considering how high the bar has always been set for her, other students may find her too much to handle. 

That being said, she's also very protective.  To those in her care, whether they be her teammates, strangers assigned to work with her on missions, or even her sister, she can occasionally be seen having a motherly streak.  Although, that streak tends to manifest in a timely protective shield rather than words or actions.  Still, if someone who had earned Aurelia's respect comes to her for assistance, she'll gladly accept with the same intensity she shows in every other facet of her life, for better or worse.  And god forbid someone or something threaten someone she cares about.  That person or thing will quickly find themselves facing the business end of her lance faster than they can say, "Aurelia doesn't screw around!"

The Lumens have agreed to let Aurelia speak to Pearl once a week through video chat, so Aurelia will often try and find a quiet, undisturbed, and vacant area to have that weekly chat.  She'll often take a brush she received from Pearl with her, and she'll brush her hair while she listens to Pearl tell her about what's happening on her end of the world.  Most of the reason why Aurelia takes care of her skin and hair so rigorously is because of Pearl's insistence.  Aurelia believes Pearl would have a meltdown if she spotted a stray knot of hair.

It should be noted that Aurelia has no hate for her foster family.  In fact she's incredibly grateful towards them, as they've given her opportunities that she could never dream of having had she stayed a Burkson.  However, she does recognize that her family has ulterior motives (i.e. glory and honor) for sending her to Beacon and giving her combat training. 

It's also probably worth noting she has a weakness for small, cute things, especially baby animals. 

Aura and Semblance: Aurelia's aura is a bright gold color.  During her training at Beacon, she has learned to forge her Aura into a shield if she needs it to defend herself.

Aurelia has named her semblance "Noble Steed."  It is an aura construct that takes the shape of a heavily armored, golden unicorn.  She can summon it and keep it summoned for 8 hours a day, and she often uses it to travel to class if she needs to.  The unicorn can reach speeds of close to 40 miles per hour, and can maintain this speed without tiring.  It has a long jump of over 7 feet, and a high jump of over 5.5 feet, with Aurelia riding on top.  It follows Aurelia's mental commands, and can take damage equal to 30% of Aurelia's aura capacity.  It doesn't have a soul, as it is something made out of aura, but it has a "personality" that is a result of Aurelia's semi- and unconscious thoughts and feelings.

It takes 15 seconds of Aurelia standing completely still to summon "Noble Steed."  If "Noble Steed" is damaged or defeated, she can summon a new one almost immediately after, but it will still take 15 seconds of concentration, and she'll have to sacrifice 2 hours of the time left available to use her semblance. This generally means Aurelia only has three "uses" of her semblance a day.  If she dismisses "Noble Steed" when it is damaged but not defeated, she can choose to summon the damaged steed again without sacrificing two hours of her time remaining.  It can be dismissed instantaneously.  Aurelia cannot summon it if her aura is below 25%.

Combat Behavior:  Aurelia is a mounted combatant, first and foremost.  With her Semblance moving at a full gallop and her lance couched, she can deal an incredible amount of damage to anything in her way.  Her sword swings will also carry the power of "Noble Steed's" momentum, thus giving Aurelia an incredible advantage in raw power.  With her semblance's speed and mobility, she can quickly move from attacking to defending an ally with her shield.  If melee is ill-advised, she can instead run around the outskirts of the battle and take shots with her rifle.  As a unit, Aurelia and her semblance have no easily exploitable weaknesses, and can quickly adapt to fill any role in a fight. 

That being said, she isn't an invincible warrior.  While it does appear armored, it's still mostly her aura, and the "defense" is mostly for show.  Her mount is fairly fragile, and Aurelia will often move her shield to protect it in order to stay mounted.  Additionally, if she's defending her mount, she can't defend herself or an ally with the shield.  If she is ever dismounted, she'll either have to withdraw from the fight in order to summon it again, or choose to fight on foot, where she's significantly less powerful.  If she's ever on foot, she'll never choose to use her lance simply because it's too big to use with a shield on foot.  As her mobility is cut, she won't be able to move around the battlefield as easily, and will have to stick to fulfilling the role of front line fighter, defender, or marksman.  Without the aid of her mount's speed, her melee power will be cut significantly.  If she chooses to act as a marksman, she'll be much easier to catch.  Thus, the best option more often than not is to defend an ally while they deal damage. 

Sometimes, such as in duels or small-scale skirmishes, she'll purposefully dismount her Semblance in order to let it strike at opponents at the same time she is.  It is just as powerful as a real horse, so its kicks will still hurt.  A common strategy is to knock a foe over, dismount, then hack and trample the foe to pieces. 

If she's ever below 25% aura capacity, there's a chance she'll panic, especially if she's on a mission where her life is on the line.  If she ever reaches this point, she's better off treated as a non-combatant.


Name: Dusk

Primary Form: A cavalry sabre, which is stored in a sheathe Aurelia wears around her waist.  The hilt has several different colored containers that store dust.

Secondary Form: While in the sheathe, the hilt extends, the blade extends slightly out of the sheathe, and the sheathe extends outward to about 12 feet.  This transformation is activated by one of two triggers located on Dusk's hilt.

Tertiary Form: While still in the sheathe, A trigger can be pulled on the inside of Dusk's hilt to shift the sword into a rifle form.  It holds about 10 rounds of ammunition before needing to be reloaded.

Dust Functions: Dusk has several uses of dust, but it most often uses Fire, Ice, or Lightning dust.
In Sabre form:  Fire dust is used to add more impact to her swings, and the same goes for lightning dust.  Occasionally, Aurelia will opt to use ice dust in her strikes to freeze her opponent in place, often setting up for a charge with the lance.

In Lance form:  As the most destructive form (when combined with Noble Steed's charge), Aurelia uses a combination of Fire and Lightning dust in order to maximize damage dealt.

In Rifle form:  Generally, if Aurelia isn't setting up for a charge, the rifle will use standard ammunition.  However, if she's trying to slow down an opponent, she'll use ice dust.

History: Although the Lumens were incredibly strict, they did make sure Aurelia had every opportunity to succeed, and they had this weapon forged to Aurelia's exact specifications. 

Name: Dawn

Primary Form: It's a shield.  A durable shield, to be sure, but it's still a shield.  It's used to block things, deflect things, and even sometimes as a makeshift umbrella.  It matches her armor in color, and sports her symbol on the front.

Dust Functions: Aurelia has considered modifying Dawn to have the capability to create a wall of Ice, but currently no plans have been drawn up to implement any dust functions

History: Similarly to Dusk, Dawn was also created for Aurelia by the Lumen family. 
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