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Title: Preparing for the Coming Storm, Team Three
Post by: Kingnoname1 on April 19, 2018, 10:00:56 AM
The collected hunters and hunters in training are all sitting together in a massive hall, it’s comfortable enough despite how frigid it is outside and with several Atlas students not participating, or at least not participating now, walking around providing refreshments the place gave off a welcoming vibe despite its utilitarian design. As well as the hunters several scientists and teacher staff also walked between groups asking questions about their training exercises and how they overcame, or tried to overcome, these challenges. The walls were covered with screens showing some of the training sessions going on, battles with giant robots, grimm or other hunters each with their own rules on how to win. Paying close attention however it was clear, given by how many people were being taken out, that not every session was being played but most were none the wiser and cheered on these fights through the screens, talked to each other or prepared for their own encounter.

Team Three was one of the first groups called up to attempt one of these training sessions. brought in front of a some how even more sterile door. Looking like something out of a science fiction show, hexagonal and opening diagonally. Walking into the first room there was one person in Atlas uniform and an eagle on a post near one of the doors, there was four included the way which this impromptu team came in. 'Morning Hunters.' The man in Atlas Uniform called out as the group walked into view with no hint of humour. 'A hostile force has taken control of this science lab, taken the scientists as hostages and captured their equipment. Obviously the main objective is the hostages but anything you can prevent leaving this lab would help. Take care and remember stay sharp, they have had time to set up. Any questions?'

The eagle squawked but the man in Atlas Uniform ignored it, the bird seemed to be getting ready to fly off but where? All the doors where shut.
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Post by: Inexhaustive on April 19, 2018, 05:48:24 PM
Amane listens to the Atlesian man’s briefing intently, taking interest in the fact they were working in a science lab. She had already planned ahead for situations like these to happen at her own workplace a long time ago, familiarizing herself with laboratory construction standards and regulations to maneuver these environments with more foresight. However, she had never been able to actually train for it until now.

“Yes, I’d like a few more details going in such as: Could we take a look at the three-dimensional laboratory module? What sort of automated defenses should we expect to be used against us? Can you give us an estimate on how many hostages there are? How about hostiles? Where do you think they are holed up? Is there an armory? If possible, I'd also like to know what is being researched here.”
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Post by: Kingnoname1 on April 19, 2018, 08:15:01 PM
'It's a civilian facility so there are no defenses inside the lab and ther armoury consists mostly of armour plating and basic hand held weaponry. . There is a significant amount of dust to power the exterior anti-grimm weaponry as well various experiments however but extracting would be dangerous given it's safeguards. There were seven scientists on the platform as well as a five person security team, all are MiA although not all necessarily were taken prisoner. We have no information regarding the attacking forces, the material within the walls is designed to trap any radiation leaking out which disrupts our scanning technology. Specifics of the research are of course classified but in general the lab was focusing on alternate energy sources and more efficient applications of dust. No map of the facility is available, 3D or otherwise but when approaching the lab everyone would have gotten a good look at it. The majority of the lab is in small segmented rooms forming in rings around each other. Three rings in total, largest having seven rooms, middle having five and smallest having three. Each of these rooms are approximately 14 meters by 15 meters, exactly the same size as this room. The armoury is on the middle ring far from us and each room is connected by short one meter hallways.' The man in Atlas uniform responded quickly.
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Post by: DEXES on April 22, 2018, 03:39:35 AM
The new information helped, but there were still a few things unknown. Thanks to the Atlesian man she at least knew the approximately layout of the lab. A map would have been nice though. The person next to her already asked the questions she had, and there was probably not much more what the Atlesian man could tell them. Even if there were more Information, what should they do about it? Plans like these won't work out like they planned most of the time anyway. Still, they shouldn't run in it completely haphazardly. Who knows which kind of traps or people awaits them. For all she knows, there is an unknown number of hostiles with an unknown set of abilities. What could possibly go wrong?
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Post by: EdgeyReyes on April 24, 2018, 05:28:41 PM
"First things first, let's hear how many there are. I'm going to be needing quiet for this to work" was all Akel said before she adjusted the settings on her headset, knowing the current location of all the enemies would be bery helpful and hopefully the hostages would be making some form of noise, muffled protests or something to identify them from the rest.
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Post by: mylies43 on April 27, 2018, 08:48:47 PM
"Alright, so walk in, find the hostages,and get them out. This shouldn't be too hard after all." Topaz said while the beginning of a nervous grin appeared on her face. She knew of course that there were a million and two ways that something could, no, would go wrong and she doubted that the organizers would allow this to be an easy challenge. But none the less she was nervously optimistic about what was about to happen. If nothing they were fighting indoors in enclosed spaces, her favorite. "Alright le-" Topaz started to shout before remembering that one of her teammates asked for silence for what she assumed was her semblance. "Shit, Im sorry" she whispered.
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Post by: Kingnoname1 on April 28, 2018, 04:15:27 AM
The Atlas man frowned as Akel spoke and left the room as quietly as he could holding up his scroll, it read 'The test begins in ten seconds.' The thick metal walls made it difficult for Akel to get a huge amount of detail but she heard four or five separate sources of noise although some sounded distinctly non-human. On top of all of this was the bird who fully took off after the man in Atlas uniform left and flew further into the complex. Doors opening as the bird got close it soared three sections to one of the core segmented rooms. The intervening rooms where dark but a huddled figure was in a corner of each room, except for the core room. A large woman with a massive cannon stood there and only a few moments after the bird escaped she lobbed a glass shell into the room Team Three was still in. The doors closed again as the shell passed through, glowing red as they locked down.

If the hunters in training remain in the original room the glass shell detonates in a burning inferno. If they manage to rush forward in the few seconds the door was open they found themselves in an almost identical room but much more tech'ed out, with even a metal bird on the wall. Computer banks lined the walls flashing occasionally as electricity tried to pass through the huge rends sparking out. There was a figure huddled in the far corner, it didn't respond as people entered the room instead shaking uncontrollably. 'Hello there.' A feminine voice called out emanating from the roof. 'Hope at least some of you are still standing, the other toys didn't last too well.' The voice chuckled with a surprisingly childish sing-song touch.

The doors are tough but breakable, precise application of explosives/dust or powerful aura attacks at the centre will rupture the lock. Otherwise a particularly tech savvy hunter-in-training could hack them, it would be slower but a lot quieter.
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Post by: arcus_gray on April 28, 2018, 05:55:02 AM
Gray had been in the room the whole time keeping mostly silent as he twirled Lamnia impatiently waiting for the mission to finally start. As a result of this the moment the doors opened and a hostile was revealed he did not hesitate to charge directly at her.
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Post by: Inexhaustive on April 28, 2018, 06:15:47 AM
Sensing something from the direction with her aura, Amane drew her Desert Eagle, aiming it through the cracks as the doors opened for a pre-fire. As soon as the woman appeared, she immediately flicked her aim to the barrel of the large cannon. However, her fifty millisecond trigger discipline came into play and, deciding she’d rather play along with the training, doesn’t fire and instead pushes into the next room while being entertained by Gray’s charge.

She begins studying the new room, along with the others who made it in.
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Post by: Kingnoname1 on April 29, 2018, 06:46:23 AM
Both Gray and Amane managed lightning fast time busting through the closing doors to safety. Gray wasn't looking for safety however and kept up his phenomenal speed striking straight through another set of doors finding himself alone except for another hunched over figure. This room was a lot more naturalistic, plants grown into strange shapes lay scattered over the floor. A large orb turned on as Gray entered the room, it was incredibly warm and clearly intended to grow the now destroyed plants. The door between Gray and the cannoneer open and she charged at the former, wielding butal looking power fists edged with buzz saws. The ringing of machinery was intense in the confined area but not as intense her assault, a series of bone crushing hooks and crosses aimed to flatten the erstwhile hunter-in-training. The power behind each blow was undeniable but the technique was questionable and clearly telegraphed.

There was little information that could be drawn from the room Amane stopped in, the computer banks too damaged to be accessed and nothing of value on the tables. Of course there was also the figure hurdled in the corner who seemed to have finally notice the group and started to call out quitely 'Are you here to help?' 'Please tell me your not with her' 'I think I'm hurt can you take a look.' The figure did not turn around.
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Post by: DEXES on April 29, 2018, 07:05:15 AM
The doors opend and Kisha rushed forward. She glanced briefly at the opposing woman before she followed the girl in front of her into the next room. There was only one enemy in the previous room and maybe one of the others would jump in to help Grey if he needs it. They shouldn't all stay behind to fight. Their focus was still the liberation of the hostages, and she would be fully committed to this priority. Kisha quickly looks around the technology room. She looked up as she heard a quiet voice from the corner of the room, but she didn't answer. One of the others had probably heard how many opponents there are, but there was no time to tell them thanks to the sudden rush. She took a step toward the person in the corner, but still kept a safe distance, hand on her dagger, ready to act if something happened.
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Post by: EdgeyReyes on May 02, 2018, 10:42:13 AM
The sudden voice of Topaz threw Akel off, she was able to identify a few sources of sounds and from them could tell that it was a variety of human and non-human, she turned her headset to the regular settings as she had all the information needed and smiled at Topaz despite the slight ringing in her ears.

As the doors opened, Akel ran through with the rest, stopping and moving to the side, the metal bird interesting her, it could've been a surveillance unit but she just thought to leave it alone for now.

Hearing the voice of a girl, Akel's hand out defensively as she cautiously stepped towards them, her right hand on the handle of her sword and her left in a defensive position to block an incoming strike "We're here to help, could you turn around for me?" the bat faunus said in a somewhat soft voice, full of compassion yet a hint of suspicion as she didn't want to be attacked by surprise.
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Post by: Kingnoname1 on May 03, 2018, 07:23:31 AM
Reacting as Akel drew closer the figures head rotated a hundred and eighty degrees to 'look' the bat faunus in the eyes. Now with it's face clearly visible any preconception that the figure was human quickly vanished as the metallic features of an Atlesian Knight-130 stared at the hunters-in-training arrayed in front of it. In slow rigid movements the droid started to get to it's feet. The robot was clearly in serious disrepair, missing it's left arm and electricity visibly sparked from within it's torso. 'Can you make it better?' The droid asked in the voice of a scared pre-teen girl, holding out the stump which is all that remained of it's left arm. It was unnerving seeing such a human voice coming from such a device who normally have a more robotic turn of phrase, if they ever talk at all. The droid started beeping.
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Post by: mylies43 on May 04, 2018, 03:01:43 AM
Topaz followed behind Akel into the room and opted to also investigate the huddled form in the corner regardless of all the red flags that it was throwing up. As a precaution she did raise Lithium into a defensive position since plenty of books and movies had proven to her that little girl voices in places they shouldn't be are 99% of the time foreshadowing a bad thing.

Even on guard when the little girl's voice revealed its source to be an Atlesian Knight(a model 130 she noticed) it spooked Topaz quite badly and she instinctively retreated a step while raising her weapon into a fully defensive position. 'This lab had a ton of automated security so whos to say this isn't one of their tricks?'  She thought. The robot did seem to be in distress at any rate, and Topaz figured she should at least attempt to see if they can get around this obstacle.

After some brief thought and inspection of the stump she decided that it may be possible to do a patch job on its arm, given the arm was somewhere around here. But the internals would need a closer look before she could decide. "I....we, might be able to make it better. Do you still have the arm somewhere?" She said her quivering voice revealing her uncertainty about talking to the robot.

Approaching behind Akel Topaz whispered, "It might take a while to fix this thing if we decide thats a good route".
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Post by: arcus_gray on May 06, 2018, 09:47:54 AM
With brutal but easy to evade swings coming from his adversary Gray got into a pattern of ducking under attacks and hitting back hard and fast with Lamnia's heavier blade given the wide opening made by such slow swings from his opponent. He was however keeping an eye on her looking for any breaks in the pattern aimed to trip him up.
Title: Re: Preparing for the Coming Storm, Team Three
Post by: Kingnoname1 on May 07, 2018, 03:10:04 AM
Standing up as tall as it can considering the damage the droid remained still and silent, minus the beeping, as the hunters in training examined the damage. There was no immediately obvious source of repairs but if the lad did have automated security it would
assumably have some place to repair or at least be stored and safely deactivated. As Topaz spoke the droid responded by opening up it's chassis to give the surrounding hunters-in-training more of an idea what ails it. Most of the armour is intact, ignoring the arm, but you wouldn't know that from looking at it's internals which are a wild mess. It's a testament to Atlas engineering that the droid can even move with so few wires connected and dust leaking out.

Taking the first swing from Gray his assailant redoubled her, trying the catch the sword on the second swing the buzz saw flipped back to rest position which if successful would trap the blade between the saw and gauntlet. Annoyed both her initial volleys had been brushed off the mountainous raider kept advancing, trying to push Gray back with her brute strength. 'He can't dodge so well with his back against the wall' the raider thought as the machinery which made up the gauntlets hissed, pumping a purple solution all throughout to no immediate effect.
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 "SHIT" Gray cursed as his primary form of attack was pinned into his enemy's gauntlet. As he was driven back an idea formed to give himself more space. a slight hiss was heard as fire dust was released into the air from the sword he still held. to aid the dispersal Gray ceased evading and begun parrying spreading the dust around the room as he got closer to the wall before he finally sprung his plan. Parrying one final swing Gray turned and ran up the wall while simultaneously pulling a lighter from his coat. Pushing off the wall Gray flipped over his opponents head and threw the lighter into the dust cloud creating a large explosion  "Try this you bitch!"
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Post by: Inexhaustive on May 11, 2018, 06:36:43 PM
Taking a look at the droid, Amane sets her backpack down and takes out her multi-tool and duct tape. Addressing the team, she said, "Here are two options. I can either perform some temporary repairs on that thing, or rewire it into a breaching charge to blast open the doors. What do you guys say?"
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Post by: Kingnoname1 on May 16, 2018, 06:53:46 AM
Throwing the sword she snatched away to the back of the room the raider looked up grinning as Gray tried to flip over her. Reacting quickly by flexing her gauntlets dust pulsed out as the purple solution was ejected leading to a huge gravitational wave pinning Gray at least temporarily to the roof. Jumping up with surprising speed given her considerable size the raider launches a brutal one two combination, first one to pin on of the huntsman-in-training's arms to the roof with the second being a hopefully, depending on your perspective, clean hook. Both swings augmented buy the still raging buzz saws even if Gray avoids the attacks the sounds of contact radiate clearly through to the gathered hunters-in-training in the previous room. Gray's detonation still takes place engulfing both fighters.

The droid doesn't say anything although it does slightly back away from Amane, positioning itself so Topaz is between it and the fragger. The droid does continue beeping as it slowly makes it way around the room dripping a considerable amount of dust onto the floor, not that it seems to be bothering the barely functional machine that much.
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Topaz carefully considered the drone and tried to figure out how much it understood. If they tried to make it a bomb would it attack? Would it attack regardless? Who knew, but for now it might be useful to have a robot that most likely had some information. "Alright, how about this. If we help fix you up you tell us what you know about this facility and let us through locked doors ok? " She said carefully approaching the droid and slowly lowering her weapon. Ideally, her team would also be on board with this plan but if not, well, they could figure something out.
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Post by: DEXES on May 17, 2018, 09:54:20 AM
Kisha watched the droid for a while. She didn't really like the idea of waiting and repairing the robot, but if that's what they had to do to get through the doors quickly, she was willing to wait.
Still, who knows how long the repairs will take. This is just practice, but we can't risk losing too much time...
Kisha turned to Amane, but still keept her eyes on the droid. The way the droid acted bothered her and just overall felt off, and the constant beeping didn't help with that.
"How long do you think the repairs will take?" she asked then.
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Post by: Inexhaustive on May 17, 2018, 01:54:13 PM
Amane doesn't respond to Kisha's question and just starts working on the droid. "Lets get RT-RD here to stop leaking Dust first." Giving the droid a quick study, looking at the big picture of the wires to immediately see what logic goes together along with the gauges, colors, and markings on the cables, Amane simultaneously takes out an old gift card and two lab vials, handing them to Kisha. "Could you carefully scrape the Dust on the floor into the vials?" She steps up to the droid and traces the missing arm's cables down to disconnect them from the reservoir and stop it from leaking any more. "Right, so what do you guys want to do?" She starts reconnecting cables in the droid's torso and tightly duct-taping them together.
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Post by: Kingnoname1 on May 17, 2018, 08:28:33 PM
The droid stops for a few moments, silent as the beeping finally stops.

'I... can open the doors.' The droid responded cautiously opening herself up as Amane began tinkering away at it's insides. Having a much closer look at the machines insides it didn't look like what one who knew anything about the Atlesian Knight-130 series would expect. Luckily whatever the model actual was wasn't that complex and on top of that the cables seemed only loosened from their sockets. Gesturing it's hand to the side the left side door opening, revealing a significant droid bay, space for easily a dozen of machines although only six 'sat' deactive on racks.

Although the droid storage and repair mechanisms as well as the droids themselves where luckily untouched by the mess the rest of the room was a mess. The floor, most of the walls and even parts of the ceiling were covered by a thick purple sluge, some destroyed science experiment left abandoned. The droids themselves didn't activate but the machinery was clearly still active. The damaged droid clearly wanted to move in that direction but was hesitant to move with Amane's hands in it's insides.

Along with the sounds of violence coming from the room Gray had dashed into which everyone could hear Akel could here sounds coming from the room passed the droid room. A mans voice calling out although what exactly was being said was too muffled by intervening steel to be heard.
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Post by: arcus_gray on May 18, 2018, 10:32:24 AM
Gray grunted in pain as he was suddenly pinned to the ceiling and whaled on with chainsaw assisted punches all of which hitting their mark. When he finally came down from the ceiling he landed on one knee.  "Shit." was all Gray muttered before getting back to his feet and cast a glance to his other sword before looking to the giant obstacle blocking his path.
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Post by: mylies43 on May 19, 2018, 01:24:41 AM
"Well, he could be helpful to us so I'm thinking it might not be worth destroying. " Topaz said while watching Amane work on the inside. It didn't look too terrible and she figured she might be able to help but if Amane required it she would ask Topaz figured. Instead, she decided to investigate the very interesting and new drone bay that opened up. Topaz noticed that while it had a large capacity only a couple were actually in the bay and all of them sat seemingly deactivated, it didn't mean that she felt fine about it. Wanting to investigate more she walked up to one of the drones and poked it to see if they were truly deactivated or merely in a state of sleep.
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Post by: Kingnoname1 on May 21, 2018, 05:37:56 AM
As Topaz walked into the room with the droid bay installed the thick purple sluge beneath her feet squelched loudly but otherwise was no real inconvenience. The droids were definitively in some kind of sleep mode with the console lighting up as the huntress-in-training approached. This did draw attention the Atlas student's attention to the holding mechanisms, it quickly became apparent this wasn't what the Atlesian Knight-130 series are normally hooked up to, it didn't even look like Atlas tech. Far more bulky and imposing compared the the normally sleek, utilitarian Altas designs. A nearby screen had a command prompt to release droids or take one for repair.

'You're not even thinking of running away? Are you bait I wonder or just that stupid. Do you even think about your purpose?' The raider remarked pointing at Gray, waxing on philosophically in her strange sing-song tone. Too soon did the small pause of conflict shatter and the raider was back on the move, still trying to box Gray in although this time a blue liquid started being injected into her gauntlets. Her arms up in a boxers stance the raider approached slowly but carefully unsure of what to make of this unfolding fight.
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Post by: arcus_gray on May 21, 2018, 11:25:45 AM
Gray only responded to the raider's taunts with a snarl and as she advanced it finally clicked in his head that doing something about the chemicals might be a good idea. Instead of trying to jump over her again this time Gray ducked under her punch and swung his remaining sword swung at the injectors hoping to damage them before backing off to his other sword.
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Post by: DEXES on June 04, 2018, 07:43:28 AM
"Yeah, uh, sure" Kisha replied to Amane and took the items she handed her. She kneeled down not too far from where the blonde girl now began the first repairs on droid. "Amane was it, right? You seem to know all about the stuff here, ever done it before?" she asked as she began filling the dust into the vials.
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(Got permission to post for Edgy)

A loud crack sounded from the droid as it's bottom legs gave way and if it wasn't for Amanes's quick reaction the droid in question would have crashed to the floor and likely broken completely if not exploded. 'I need repairs, I can give you all my authority to walk through the doors if you carry me to the repair module through that room.' The droid begged pointing at the room Topaz walked through, it's arm dropping off soon after. Akel happy to have a way to help their dear friend and comrade Gray who was still locked behind the door in front of them immediately came up to the droid. 'I'll take you up on that before you lose too many of your pieces.' Akel remarked quickly holding out her arm. After a soft squeak from the injection burying itself in the not-vampire's neck the entire process took only moments and Akel was now able to open their way through the facility.

Obviously the door before them was the first option, rushing forward while murmuring softly. 'Come on guys Gray might need our help.' Gray indeed was in a spot of trouble although striking at the injectors did help elevate the pressure somewhat. Protected by aura the injectors weren't severed by Gray's blow but it did disrupt the flow of highly volatile chemicals around the weapon as well as stalling out her dust boosted finisher.  Grimacing in pain the raider continued to advance for the grapple only for Akel, and those following, to appear behind Gray. Grinning the mountainous woman remarked. 'Looks like you've got a way to get around, hope it doesn't bite you in the neck too badly.' Swinging one of her power fists back the raider detached one of her saw blades sending in straight into the glowing orb in the center of the room. A blinding flash filled the hall and it would take incredible determination to follow their assailant as she fled into the room on their left.

Any salvageable material that was in the room which Akel and Gray now occupied had been completely destroyed by the fight against the raider or the miniature sun exploding just before. Still like all of the rooms they have been to so far a metal bird impression was visible over the door, almost watching the hunters-in-training rush in despite it's scorched exterior.
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Post by: Inexhaustive on June 12, 2018, 03:13:36 PM
“Yeah,” she said to Kisha, when suddenly the droid’s legs gave way. Silently catching it and lowering it to the floor, Amane glances at Akel as they interacted then opened the door to the room Gray was in

Being one to shoot first and talk later, or in this case throw, Amane sends one of her HE throwing stars through the crack of the opening door flying towards the raider’s chest the instant she saw her, which was timed to explode within proximity whether it hit or not. She followed through by quick-drawing her Desert Eagle and firing two shots in rapid succession. The first was placed at the raiders upper left leg, the second, using the recoil from the first shot to snap the line of fire up, went towards her left hip.
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Gray had picked up his second sword and was charging headlong at the raider before she detonated the light almost right in his face  "SONOFA" Gray cursed and howled in pain as he thrashed around madly hoping to hit anything in his blinded state.
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Akel didn't have time to react as the glowing orb was struck and sent a blinding light throughout the room Akel and co were in. It made things noticeably worse due to the fact that she was a faunus and her rather sensitive hearing. The white-haired girl had dropped to her knees in pain, her hands clutching her headset while her eyes remained shut with the blinding light. The only sounds that she was capable of making were groans of pain that weren't even audible to herself thanks to the glowing orb.