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Character Creation / Re: Shoko-La Bitter
« Last post by SerAnad on February 21, 2018, 04:46:06 PM »
Thanks! Just one more approval to go!
Character Creation / Re: Shoko-La Bitter
« Last post by Kingnoname1 on February 21, 2018, 03:26:58 PM »
Yep +1
Everywhere Else / Re: A Rose By Any Other Name :: {Wicked Fates, Part I} [CLOSED]
« Last post by Riven on February 21, 2018, 11:23:23 AM »
Cordell visibly perked up at Jackson's declaration, letting the hint of a grin play across her face. "Aye, I've not a doubt of that. Ye'v got some seriously nice armaments fer a cargo hauler -- hate t' be th' Grimm what falls into yer crosshairs, that's for certain!" She gave a short chuckle. Seriously, though, this ship did seem very well armed from what she could tell, the engineering side of her very much wanting to get a closer look at every gun and cannon for sake of appeasing her curiosity. Whoever was funding Jackson's command was clearly rather well off.

"Still, ye saw th' speed o' both ships -- it's one'a th' Red Corsair's main strengths, an' saved me in more than just one pinch." She was still hesitant to reveal too much about her own vessel, but given how far from land they still were it might improve their odds of survival to give Jackson some usable info. "Chances are good they've got th' same stealth systems as me, too. Rapid hit-an'-run, that's what we can expect if they've th' stones t' come back..." She suddenly looked at him with exceptional seriousness. "I need yer word, captain t' captain, that we can trust each other. If so . . . I'll give ye th' stealth data on me ship. Once ye know what t' look for it'll take away their advantage o' surprise an' improve yer weapons' tracking on 'em." She offered her hand. "Just promise ye won't use it against me, savvy?"
Character Creation / Re: Shoko-La Bitter
« Last post by SerAnad on February 21, 2018, 07:58:50 AM »
I added some details about the character weaknesses and troubles some opponents can give her. For example, she isn't at all trained to fight grimm, doesn't really have a good defense, and shield practically nullify her weapons, and in close combat, her punches and kicks don't really have much power because she relies heavily on the guns. Plus I pointed out that impairing her senses or movements puts her at a great disadvantage. Is this enough? 
The Vale Region / Taking A Bull By The Horns [PLOT] [CLOSED] [FOREVER FALL]
« Last post by Xarias Fury on February 21, 2018, 07:35:35 AM »
     Sometimes to tell the best lies, you have to believe in them just a little bit.

     Today Kei was a conductor. A master of tickets, a local of the locomotive, and a champion of steam. Wait. Trains didn’t run on steam nowadays. Or did they ever? It’s hard to tell when studying different things for a role. Well, as long as nobody asked, Kei was a conductor, and a darned handsome one at that.

     Donning her signature faux moustache and a pretty small sized uniform to fit her light frame, Kei neatly placed the hat on her slickly combed hair and proceeded out to collecting tickets for the day. That’s what conductors did, didn’t they? Except...there were no real passengers on board except for typical train staff and some oddly militarized robots. Well, there were the students and the professor but maybe they already got covered. Damn this job was tricky.
   Instead of going ahead to the on passenger cart on the dust filled train, Kei just made her way out to the corridor connections and rested her back across the door in between the trains, staring out into the red leafy mess that was Forever Fall. Taking a moment to appreciate the view, Kei silently judged the streets of her memories to the mellow cascade of leaves that painted the forest red. From barely functional streets, to hard concrete jungles, and then one lair to another,and then finally a school, she had made quite a ruckus in every place she was ever in and nobody even knew who she was. A bittersweet smile arose on her lips, past the bushy moustache, and she sneezed as the prickly hairs tickled her nose and sent the thing flying off past the car.

   That was fine, she guessed, she wasn’t going to miss it anyways. Besides, why can’t a girl be a conductor for once? What name should she go for? Red? Ruby? Crimson? Damned these leaves she couldn’t think of anything but red...Fine. Red it is. Red…Bark...Not exactly a good name, a rather dumb one at that, but it was probably not gonna be much of a problem since nobody asked conductors for names. Though why she was on a train was another story all together, something she had yet to confirm before acting.

     "Ali, just what are you planning this time..."


   In the passenger car of the Crimson Express, Professor William Nox, Illustrious dust genius extraordinaire, was busy giving tweaks  to one of his many odd bots, that he so conveniently named 0ddB0ts, while four other students were promptly sitting across him as well. Next to him were several machines and gadgets that even he didn’t need at the time, but there were so many that they practically filled his side of the train. Unlike the passenger dedicated ones, the car he was currently on had no dedicated rooms and all seats were in the same open space with a bit of walking space in between. On his side he pretty much hogged them all with one set of seats holding his massive wrench, while the others hand whirring machines that seemed like they might fall apart at any moment.

     The train just arrived in forever fall not too long ago and he was tasked to chaperone four huntsmen-in-training from Beacon and Atlas. Given his previous dabbles in the latter Academy, and the fact that saying no would just get people up in airs and ruin his precious work time, he agreed to taking in no more than 4 students from both schools.

     The students weren’t really given a briefing though save for the rather generic message on their scrolls reading:

   Mission XXXXXXXX


   Task: Guard Porter Train Crimson Express to its Destination
   Date: XX_XX_XX

     Several smaller details were listed below the message with the train name and destination, the cargo, that being dust and some weapons of sorts, and local possible grimm types they might encounter. Nothing seemed to out of the ordinary for a plain escort mission for their year levels though couldn’t they have relied on their defenses for that? Perhaps they were just being paranoid or maybe they had some info they weren’t sharing. Whatever it was Professor Nox didn’t seem to care and continued tweaking his odd spider-shaped robot as a single propeller drone ran itself into a corner.

   “Biscuits, I need to fix the depth sensors on that one.” he groaned, dropping a screw and then scrambling after it with an extendable doohickey. He blabbered on to himself regarding sensors and screws and all sorts of incoherent technobabble which even the most advanced dust and mechanic student would have trouble comprehending before dropping the spider bot to the floor and walking over to the dead drone. 


     Wrenching his...well, wrench off the seat beside him, he plopped the thing rightside up and began dispensing some rich dark liquid from a small compartment on the side. One sip. Ugh, too greasy, but it should do. And then he downed the thing in one go, going back to working on the oddbot on the ground.

The Vale Region / Re: Mysterious Migrations of Mountain Glenn
« Last post by nathan67003 on February 21, 2018, 06:47:13 AM »

Nathan followed the team, listening to them while keeping an eye out for danger. To that end, he switched Ergia back into staff mode. While he actually paid attention to his teammates, he found there to be very little to comment on. Instead, he mulled a bit more over the enemies they'd just encountered.There were two possibilities.

One; Grimm are not known to be capable of physiologically manipulating elemental attacks of any kind. Thus, these mutated ones would've needed semblances, which require Aura, which requires a soul, which makes them not Grimm at all. Two; these Grimm had somehow been forcibly implanted with technology.
Hearing the Beowolves howl Conner switches Insight to its shotgun form and loads a magazine with red tape on it. "Rackley, I need you over here.

Conner keeps his gun aimed down the corridor. "We have to hold the line. Make sure that Anza and Sandy get down safe."
Character Creation / Re: Shoko-La Bitter
« Last post by Kingnoname1 on February 21, 2018, 05:27:50 AM »
No one can have a truly balanced fighting style, there will always be weaknesses and there will always be gaps. And yes half the point of the combat behaviour is to specify that the character actually has weaknesses.

You can think that it's impossible to come up with weaknesses for versatile characters all you want but that only shows your poor creativity. Take one of the examples you used Ruby, sure she is proficient at both melee and range but at both aspects she has clear weaknesses. In it's sniper form Crescent Rose has a slow rate of fire and high recoil which means it doesn't work well against proper hoards or evasive opponents. In close quarters a scyth relies of long sweeping attacks as well as momentum to do it's damage this makes her predictable and if her style is broken vulnerable. Weaknesses don't have to be as general as 'bad at range' or whatever they just need to have an impact in a combat scenario, if you are truly incapable of coming up with some then feel free to DM or look at the other approved characters.

Rather than list off specific situations think about why Shoko struggles against them, what obstacle to they provide which makes her kit incapable of overcoming. Build off it and combine it with your profile.

Plot Zone / Re: Royal Guard (SIGN-UPS)
« Last post by Vahn on February 21, 2018, 04:13:08 AM »
I'll sign up Vahn
Character Creation / Re: Shoko-La Bitter
« Last post by SerAnad on February 21, 2018, 03:29:19 AM »
So basically either I can't have a balanced fighting style or I have to spell out exactly what my character's weaknesses are for all to see?
First of all, she isn't a master at every facet of combat. Shoko is a very good close range fighter and she has a very good aim (Ruby is a sniper and uses a scythe, Pyrrha had a sniper rifle but was also good with spear and sword and shield and had virtually no obvious weaknesses), the fact that this combination is versatile doesn't mean it's invincible.       
The fact is that this mix simply doesn't leave any obvious openings doesn't mean that there aren't. The enemy player has to come up with his own strategies to win in my opinion. But if I really have to spell some bad matchups here are some.
It would just be sufficient to get in close range and defeat her fair and square in hand to hand combat (if the player is good) or choose a good terrain to fight her. Someone like Yang in a narrow street would be a very hard fight to win, for example, between her semblance and weapons Shoko would have to flee or risk facing a very dangerous opponent that would prevent her from using her semblance for fear of being one-shotted.
Or a defensive semblance able to resist the shots fired, or just someone very good at predicting the trajectory of the shots and quick enough to dodge them. Someone with a shield would be a nightmare to fight against because he could just tank the bullets, get close and pressure Shoko with a large chunk of metal that hinders her movements and prevent her from aiming properly (look at Neo). Or worse yet someone with a shield and a defensive semblance.
Even someone with semblances like Blake's or Sun's would be a big problem, especially the second because it would force her to fend off many opponents at once, and all close fighters, forcing her to use a lot of ammunition or use her semblance (which leaves her vulnerable). Tyrian would be another bad matchup: close range plus stinger able to deflect bullets and more than capable of holding is own.
A Shnee able to summon would be another nightmare because Shoko wouldn't be able to choke the summon and, especially if it is a big one, wouldn't be able to bring it down quickly, and she would run the risk of being overwhelmed.
Someone with a sensory ability could easily dodge every shot, while someone with the ability to disrupt senses could basically prevent Shoko from fighting altogether. 
Her personality doesn't really help in this regard: she is a hitman/mercenary, and her bravado is more than anything a mask to hide the past that haunts her. Her fighting style is balanced and her weapons versatile. So, again, there are no obvious gaps or weaknesses, but given the examples, I provided that doesn't mean she is invincible.

While my first character (Mogan) was a specialized and unbalanced fighter that had no way of dealing with opponents with long-range options if he wasn't able to get close to them but was potentially able to overwhelm any opponent if he used his semblance at the right moment (no matter how strong or more experienced said opponent was), Shoko is the exact opposite: a very balanced fighter whose success depends almost entirely on her ability to come up each time with a way to efficiently deal with her opponent, because each kind of opponent can potentially overwhelm her. 

It this explanation isn't enough then I really don't know how to adjust her fighting style without crippling it in some way.
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