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Beacon Academy / Re: A Morning on the Range [Closed]
« Last post by Moth on Today at 05:03:19 PM »
Prism makes a slight humming noise, closing her eyes as she leans on her friend's shoulder. "Let's see... well, I can talk about before I came to Beacon. I was a skinny 4'7" hummingbird who'd been homeschooled for 12 years, so I knew I'd need a good reputation to get into Beacon- so I threw myself into academics. Ran track, martial arts club, leader of the faunus rights branch at my high school on top of AP classes, hell- even managed to graduate valedictorian!" There's a faint smile on her face as she thinks about that, before going on. "I worked two part-time jobs too- with Melonia, you've met her, and then there was Madame Bernard, my..." She struggles on the word. ", and other employer."
Beacon Academy / Re: A Morning on the Range [Closed]
« Last post by MonsterManic on Today at 04:57:44 PM »
“...thank you again, dear friend.” There’s a clear underlying tone of gratefulness to Jocelyn’s words, alongside a slight downward curve of her lips at the side—Prism’s clearly made Jocelyn emotional, though there’s no clear sign of it.

“ there anything about your past that you feel comfortable about sharing?” The question is cautious, careful—put in a way so that Prism didn’t feel obligated to respond.
Beacon Academy / Re: A Morning on the Range [Closed]
« Last post by Moth on Today at 04:38:45 PM »
Prism listens carefully, but the resolute look in her eyes don't change. "You've mentioned, and I understand. Still, you're not going to change my mind. Those weren't proper teammates." Prism decides, before leaning against Jocelyn again. There's a beat or two of quiet, and Prism bites her lip as she thinks about something, before starting to speak carefully. "...out of necessity, huh? I understand that especially well. Sometimes to prove something, sometimes to help people, and sometimes just to survive." It's obvious Prism's drifting off as well, but she shakes her head to bring herself back to the present. "You'll find the thing that drives you to excel, I promise. You already have an ironclad goal, now all you have to do is chase it."
Beacon Academy / Re: A Morning on the Range [Closed]
« Last post by MonsterManic on Today at 04:24:46 PM »
Prism’s kind words brought a sad smile to Jocelyn’s face. “Thank you, Prism. It does mean a lot to me if you truly mean what you say. And no, my Semblance isn’t hereditary, but we both have healing Semblances. They just work differently.”

“Also, Prism, it was Atlas she attended, not Beacon. Everything was a competition to refine, streamline, improve efficiency, the works. Strictness was the order of the day, and it wasnt’t just the students either. The instructors also joined in, and if it weren’t for her healing prowess she may have been kicked out outright.” Jocelyn shook her head half in disbelief, half in awe. “I think that’s how she became such a good medic; out of pure necessity.”
Beacon Academy / Re: A Morning on the Range [Closed]
« Last post by Moth on Today at 04:12:56 PM »
Prism clucks her tongue at the story, her brow slightly furrowing. "As much as I hate to say it, I understand. Some people aren't built for close combat, and unless you can find speed or something else to help you compensate, then you're screwed. But seriously, being shunned by her team because she was having a hard time fighting?" Prism's furrowed brow becomes a full-on glare at the sky, as if her gaze could reach back in time to scorn unknown students. "That's not what a team is supposed to do. They're supposed to help you improve and adapt, not shun you. Props to your mother for making it through that, even if changing was hard."

The last statement makes Prism think for a few moments, before Jocelyn's nudged in the ribs by a wing. "And c'mon now, don't sell yourself short. We both know you're making rapid improvements, and you're able to do thing even your mother couldn't at her age - say, healing at a distance, unless your semblance is hereditary. But still, you have your own unique gifts. Don't be down on yourself about that."
Beacon Academy / Re: A Morning on the Range [Closed]
« Last post by MonsterManic on Today at 04:01:03 PM »
Jocelyn racked her head for memories of her mum’s stories when she was younger. “It’s not a fun story,” she finally said, her strokes becoming erratic as she became lost in thought. “My mum used to fight with a bonesaw, but she kept being beaten and scorned by males who were far superior in close combat. Eventually she was forced to use a ranged weapon to avoid being shunned by her team, even though she was already a better medic that I could ever be at my age.” She looked wistfully at the range, one hand ceasing the scratching to cradle Hyacinth close to her body.
Beacon Academy / Re: A Morning on the Range [Closed]
« Last post by Moth on Today at 03:48:12 PM »
"Promise you're not, is perfectly fine right now..." Prism says, eyes blinking slightly before slumping more against Jocelyn. "N' won't complain if you keep going for now, won't hear a worried peep oughta me." She adds, trying to keep her eyes open. She's going to just fall asleep on Jocelyn if she keeps that up, it's really quiet relaxing - so to distract herself, Prism racks her mind for another question to ask her friend. " where'd your mom get Hyacinth from, by the way? Mentioned she attended Atlas, n' you inherited her rifle, so..." She gestures to Jocelyn loosely, waiting for her to continue.
Everywhere Else / Re: An Afternoon Downtown [Closed]
« Last post by NotSurprised on Today at 03:28:53 PM »
"Sounds great. Wait, what are you- Oh not this again." Sovereign lets himself smash into the ground after being brought to his knees, recognizing the ever familiar feeling that Airi brings around when using that semblance of hers. Fighting against it would not be beneficial, but at the same time letting hitting the ground face first was not fun. As the feeling eased up, Sovereign started to prop himself up, scanning his opponents for the most incapacitated, but also for those that still had a large threat potential. The grunts were still up and about, but they looked like they can be taken down with ease. As for the two bigger fish, they seem a tad bit stunned from the effect. Almost ready to lunge with a burst of speed, Sovereign stopped himself after hearing what Lyra asked of him. However, he didn't even need to think of a reply. In fact, with a huge smile on his face, the only reasonable response was:

”Trusting your senior? How adorable!"

Looking at the two experienced thugs (which he now donned as pipe boy and greatsword girl), Sovereign quickly swapped over to his ice dust reserves. Picking up the collapsing Airi and put her on his back comfortably, Sovereign created spikes of ice and sent them towards pipe boy. Pipe boy tried to dodge them, but only slightly succeeded as some of the spikes hit his left arm. In retaliation, pipe boy slammed the ball of ice with all his might, as if it was a baseball, towards Sovereign. In some measly attempt to dodge it and close the distance, Sovereign felt it hit his left shoulder hard. Normally, he’d start complaining about the pain, but with a cocky grin Sovereign couldn’t help but mouth off while divekicking the poor boy into the warehouse’s wall, ”This is Sov Airlines, housing one passenger known as Airi, please excuse the minor turbulence!” Taking the brief moment of rest to ready up, he can eye severely beaten pipe boy try to get up, as greatsword girl is starting to rally the rest of the grunts (which is not much at this point), ”Get your stupid asses off the ground and get ready to swarm the girl!”
Beacon Academy / Re: A Morning on the Range [Closed]
« Last post by MonsterManic on Today at 02:36:46 PM »
Listening to Prism’s explanation, Jocelyn resumed her “massage” with renewed strength, still making excruciating pains not to cause Prism any pain. “Please tell me if I’m hurting you—also just tell me when to stop.” Truth be told, it felt nice—just lying on the ground peacefully with Prism at her side, with little worry in the world.
Character Editing / Re: Juno Vert
« Last post by Dr. Gustave on Today at 02:17:18 PM »
Spoiler: pre-edit • show


Name: Juno Vert

Age: 19. Born: Machlud, 28, 60 AC

Species and Gender: Male Human

Symbol: A purple, highly angular capital "J"

Occupation: First Year student at Beacon

Appearance: Juno is a solidly built young man. He stands at 5'10” and weighs at 162 lbs, with quite a bit of muscle built from years of training to counter his lack of a semblance. He has a light tan as well as long, messy green hair that goes down to the small of his back. His eyes are a striking shade of purple. All along his chest, shoulders, and upper back are a thin network of circuitry scars, the result of an accident while testing the ANUBIS suit.

His casual clothing often consists of a purple t-shirt underneath a black and green hoodie bearing his insignia on his right shoulder and back in purple, as well as a pair of cargo pants with a similar color scheme to his hoodie. Despite this being his casual attire, he still often wears the soft layer of his suit. He is also known to wear the lower half of the suit along with a waist cape, and a sleeveless shirt on top. Combat attire consists of a black sleeveless top with purple linear highlights and his symbol in green on the back, a pair of black pants with noticeable gray padding, black and grey combat boots, a pair of black fingerless gloves that go up to his bicep, and a slitted waist cape bearing his symbol. In school, he wears the standard Beacon uniform.

Phi often projects herself as a small, cerulean girl with chin length hair, clad in her own version of the suit's soft layer.

History: Juno was the only child born to a middle class family in Atlas. From an early age, he had developed an interest in the exploits of Huntsmen and Huntresses, deciding that he wanted to become one himself. Unfortunately, there was one stumbling block that stopped him at every turn.
He had yet to discover his semblance.

This severe disadvantage caused him to struggle to keep up with other students, frustrating him to no end. No matter what he did, he couldn’t catch up. Desperate for a solution, Juno searched for other ways to enhance his combat prowess, starting with a longer ranged weapon. However, his family was faced with misfortune. Juno’s father was laid off, leaving his family hard pressed for money.

This, among other things, meant that he couldn’t get parts for a new weapon.

In the face of this misfortune Juno decided to check the junkyard. He was pretty good at tinkering. Maybe he could find a few damaged or discarded weapons and fix them, or use parts from them to make something new. The first day he looked, all he found (that was relatively intact) was a jammed Designated Marksman Rifle, which he took back home and repaired at his combat school. Unfortunately, adding the rifle to his arsenal was not enough, so he returned to the junkyard several days later… And found nothing. This rotten luck would continue for weeks.

Then, on one of his trips to the scrapyard, he got a call on his scroll, from an unrecognized number. At first, he had rejected the call. As well as the second time. And the third. After receiving a call from the same number for the fifth time, Juno finally decided to pick up the scroll and see what all the fuss was about. The girl's voice was faint, barely above a whisper, and her connection was spotty, but it was clear she was in pain and despair. It was clear she was pleading for help in escaping some form of captivity, begging for a huntsman to save her. Juno took a moment to consider what he should do. He was no huntsman, at least not yet. Whatever the girl was asking of him, it was definitely risky, and probably not something that a student should undertake. However, it was clear his shit luck with the scrapyards was likely to persist, so the boy threw caution and worries of lifelong imprisonment to the wind, and began his search.

Scouring the industrial district of Atlas eventually led him to a small, but substantially guarded facility. Electric fence, security drones, armed human guards… how was he going to get in? He was barely a huntsman in training, what could he do?

Apparently, breaking into a secure facility through the help of hard work, determination, tactical thinking, and a gun was a lot less impossible as it seemed.

However, there was no girl. The voice was coming from a chip with an integrated speaker. Seeing as how he had gone this far past the law to rescue… whatever this chip was, Juno stole it.

Her name was Phi. Supposedly, the chip contained a soul, though whether or not it was somehow simulated or ripped from a living being, Phi could not answer. Seeing as how that was a question that couldn't be answered at the present moment, he instead asked what her purpose was. The girl… AI… soul in a jar had been developed in a behind the black project that didn’t exist on record by the name of SET. Her directive was to monitor and operate a suit of powered armor with the ability to create weapons. This suit, named ANUBIS by the scientists behind the project, was guarded in a facility close to where Phi had been housed. After about a month together, the two eventually determined that taking the suit would be a benefit to the both of them. Phi saw her present confines to Juno's personal computer to be quite... lacking to say the least, and due to a distinct lack of hardlight emitters anywhere in his family household, she couldn't project a body with which to interact with the world. Juno, on the other hand, saw ANUBIS as a potentially beneficial asset toward his studies, and a means of finally progressing past the rut had found himself in in terms of combat.

The facility that ANUBIS was held in was more heavily guarded than the first, likely in response to losing Phi. However, Phi knew the facility, assisting Juno in getting to the suit with only a few hiccups regarding loose air vents and obstructive interns.

However, neither of them knew how to sneak the suit out of the facility. It was too heavy to bag, and there was no point in just leaving.

So he put it on.

Thanks to the suit, it was easier getting out than it was getting in. While Phi needed a few minutes to get everything properly running, the suit’s motion tracker proved invaluable to their escape. To say that Dr. Sarah Anki, developmental head of the SET program, was impressed, was an understatement. Not only had the boy managed to break into and steal from SET twice, but he had seemed to form a bond with the AI, Phi. Where many of her operatives saw a thief that deserved little more than a round to the forehead, she saw a potential asset. The order to disengage and cease pursuit came as a surprise to many, but was nonetheless followed.

However, not a week after the successful heist, Juno and Phi got a message from Anki herself.

To a Juno Osiris Vert and AI unit-00 Phi,

SET knows who you are, and we know what you did. I am not happy with what happened to our work. However, we will not pursue you for the crimes you have committed against us.

Phi, your distress signal hadn’t gone unnoticed. You are a valuable asset, one who we would not simply allow ourselves to lose. Take that as you will.

As for ANUBIS, consider it a gift. It is no longer worth my time.

You are free by my will and my will alone. Know that, and understand that further transgressions will be met with far less mercy.

We will meet at a later date.

Dr. Sarah Anki

They had gotten out with the skin still on their backs. Nevertheless, the fact that after everything, SET was just going to let them go troubled Juno. He had asked Phi several times, but each time, the question was deflected. Either she didn't know, or wouldn't... maybe couldn't say.

Unfortunately, Juno did not know how to use the suit when he finished fixing it, leading to several failed combat exercises, a painful overheating accident that left him scarred across his chest, back, and shoulders, and more frustration on Juno’s part. He continued to have difficulties in using the suit, eventually asking Phi for help. The AI agreed, offering to train Juno in utilizing the suit. Let it be said that Phi is not the best teacher. She often treated their training sessions like a game, as well as giving rather cryptic advice. However, after several months of practice, Juno eventually got the hang of using the suit, and was able to keep up with his fellow students, despite his lack of a semblance.

He eventually graduated from his combat school and applied to Beacon, where he was accepted and continued to pursue his goal of becoming a Huntsman. As for why he wishes to be a Huntsman? He wanted to prove that his lack of a semblance does not hinder him in the slightest, and that he can be as powerful and efficient as the next Huntsman or Huntress.

Since his acceptance into Beacon Academy, Juno had been issued a team and declared its leader, taking the role in stride. This team, VCVS, consisting of himself, Caja a Dintagel, Verdant Cowl, and Samuel Quartz, did not wind up assigned on many, if any full team missions, often winding up separated for individual assignments. Nevertheless, the team grew to enjoy each other's presence, with Juno becoming close friends with Samuel and Verdant, and eventually falling in love with Caja.

To say that Juno was surprised and honored that his team would be selected to participate in the Vytal Festeval tournament was an understatement, and he took the invitation with pride, gleefully signing up VCVS for all three branches of the tournament. While they took the full team bracket by storm, Juno experienced numerous periods of under performance in the 2v2s and 1v1s, leading him to begin doubting his own abilities. As the tournament progressed, however, Vale began to experience a notable increase of White Fang activity, alongside several terrorist attacks that nobody had yet claimed responsibility for, one of which was responsible for injuring his rival-turned-friend, Xanh Lo Kurstein. As a result of these attacks, more and more teams began to be deployed on missions prioritizing the safety of Valish civilians, as a preventative measure to deter these attacks. Among these missions was one to protect and escort a deserter from the fang, who had made herself a high priority target by offering information on the Fang's planning and involvement in these attacks.

Juno and Caja took this mission, expecting an easy success. However, numerous mistakes made by both Juno and Caja led to the destruction of the ANUBIS suit, an injury that ended Caja's career, and the death of their charge. While Juno was able to salvage the hardlight generator and power source of his suit, the crutch he had relied on for years was gone, and his girlfriend was now unfit for combat, forcing her to leave Beacon entirely.

Since then, Juno has jumped at the call for any mission against the Fang, leading him to a direct engagement with the Valish chapter's captain, Cornix. During the scuffle that eventually led to the White Fang Captain's retreat, Juno had unlocked his semblance in the battle, which he has worked heavily to understand and hopefully perfect. With the induction of Cerise Carnelian into VCVS, Juno has begun work on rebuilding himself and his team, hoping to prepare for whatever may come their way.

Personality: Juno is a determined individual, refusing failure unless pushed to his absolute limit. If there is a problem, he will think his way around it. If that doesn’t work, he will tear his way through it. And if he can't, he will regard himself as a failure until the next opportunity arises and he attempts redemption. However, such determination has and will give into obsession, which will in turn lead to him taking great risks in order to get that much closer to success. This mindset was born from an immense pool of self confidence, which he carried on and off the field for the longest time. However, said self confidence had begun to fall after his loss in the Festival 1v1 Semifinals, and his under performance in the 2v2s, with the loss of ANUBIS and the abrupt end of Caja's career enlightening him to how limited he is in his ability, as well as showing how his attitude and periods of recklessness have and will lead to disaster. As a result, he has become more conscious of his limitations, and strives to mitigate them, occasionally with little regard for rest or food. He believes firmly that a huntsman lives not for personal glory or strength, but to be strong enough to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

He is also very patient and caring, often treating those he is close with as he would a younger sibling, whether they appreciate it or not. This often results in him seeing a need to protect his allies, as well as expressing immense worry when they sustain injuries. During his time with VCVS, he and Caja a Dintagel had grown quite close, with their friendship becoming more intimate and loving as time went on. However, when Caja's career was unceremoniously ended, he became far more protective of his team and allies, knowing full well that complacency will only bring them harm, or worse. He now pushes his team and himself to better themselves, insisting that they improve, lest they suffer a worse fate than Caja.

He still takes time to be with Caja, despite difficulties in terms of travel, and absolutely despises the Fang for what they did to her.

Phi, on the other hand is childish, sassy, and blunt, often being innocently insensitive and saying what nobody wanted to hear, simply because she didn't know any better. She is not usually one for interaction with humans, but will speak up if she feels necessary.

Aura and Semblance: Full Stop: Juno takes no knockback from any strikes while active, with the upper limit of anything his aura can cover, while also moderately negating the pain of attacks that hit him. While this semblance requires one second of immobility to activate, he has full range of motion after that startup time. However, holding his semblance for more than five seconds at a time starts to cause him physical strain, and he needs at least five seconds of cooldown between uses, or he begins to suffer from mental fatigue. Also, despite being able to stop most hits that connect with him, he still takes damage and still feels quite a bit of pain, and the very act of using his semblance can tire him out if he attempts to wall out a large number of hits. It must be noted that if he attempts to take a hit that his aura cannot fully defend against, the semblance shatters along with his aura, and the blow connects as intended.

TL;DR: Any hits landed against him while active will stop on impact and somewhat hurt the attacker. Juno can move during Full Stop, still takes damage and feels some pain.

Being a soul in a jar, Phi also carries with herself an Aura, a crackling blue field that often comes with her avatar in times of stress.

Combat Behavior: Juno hits rather hard in hand-to-hand combat, a fact that is somewhat bolstered with the OSIRIS generator. He is moderately agile as well, and can play defense somewhat effectively. The OSIRIS generator's weapon constructs are a large advantage, though his lack of a semblance could be a significant hindrance.

When facing off against a single opponent, Juno starts off each fight testing the waters of his opponent and figuring them out. Once done with that, he moves into melee range to ruthlessly pick his opponent apart, utilizing his suit's constructs or his rifle to fit whatever situation he deems appropriate.

When faced with more than one opponent at a time, he forgoes testing the waters, and instead attempts to tear through his opposition as efficiently as he can, dashing in and out of combat with brutal combos, often switching through weapons on the fly. A pair of swords, a sword paired with a grappling dart for mobility, or a sword and shield will see the most use here.

Whilst with a team, he will attempt to orchestrate strikes and combinations, doing his best to cover up their weaknesses and playing to their strengths. Though he is capable of noting weaknesses in the opposition and coming up with tactics on the fly, his unwillingness to accept failure will result in less thought out strikes being orchestrated in desperation and frustration.

It should be noted that Juno does not specialize in any specific ability, instead opting for balance in combat and a variety of skills. However, his refusal to specialize leaves him outclassed by those who do. He can be outsped, outpowered, walled out, and so on.


Name: Mk-04 ANUBIS based Hardlight Generator, Desegnation: OSIRIS

Primary Form: A dust-based hardlight generator mounted on the small of Juno’s back. This generator is able to create weapon constructs from pre-fabricated templates. Due to the complexity of the process of template creation, as well as the immense amount of storage that each file takes up, Juno currently has five constructs he can use in combat. Said constructs are a 4-foot double edged broadsword, a razor sharp disk with a diameter of ten inches, a bubble shield capable of a 25 foot radius, a large projection of a fully articulate and armored hand, and a grappling dart and line. These constructs can only be created within the direct vicinity of the suit, but have a range of 150 feet before they cease to be maintained by the generator. Juno can utilize five constructs at a time, in any combination. Each construct can exist for thirty seconds at a time before they begin to deconstruct, and can be deconstructed at will. However, a ten second cool down between deconstruction of one construct and the construction of another is required for the system to refresh. These constructs are automatically destroyed when struck with electricity, forcing that particular slot to refresh as a means to protect the internals of the generator from electrical damage that may bypass Juno's aura.

Phi monitors the hardlight generator and constructs, allowing Juno to use them. She also runs checkups on the generator to ensure that it is working effectively, and assists in running a heads up display, found on a visor linked to OSIRIS that marks Juno's Aura, the Aura of those around him, and any problems that the system may be facing. The visor is of a light green color and is made of polycarbonate, adding a bit of protection of the face from small arms fire. OSIRIS will lock all weapon systems without Phi present, so if she were to ever be removed from the generator, the weapon would be rendered useless.

Known Constructs:
Double-edged Broadsword
Grappling Dart and Line
Razor Disk (maximum range of 70 feet, due to lack of physical connection to generator.)
Gauntlet ("Punchfist")
Bubble Shield (Requires 2 slots per use, regardless of size.)

Secondary Form: N/A

Tertiary Form: N/A

Dust Functions: The OSIRIS generator utilizes rechargeable electricity dust based power cells in order to function. These keep the generator running for up to six hours on a full charge. Juno carries six.

History: Juno stole the suit, as well as Phi, from the developers of SET. Due to the project technically not existing, they were not pursued after the heist, but the scientists behind the project try to keep a watchful eye. The suit has since been destroyed, with the Hardlight Generator being the only salvaged component.


Name: A-96 Dust-based Marksman Rifle. More often known as the DMR

Primary Form: An Atlesian military grade Energy Marksman Rifle built for mid to long range combat. Utilizing a rechargeable dust based power cell not unlike the ones Juno carries for the suit, this weapon fires a three shot burst of purple energy rounds and glows with a faint purple light.

Secondary Form: N/A

Tertiary Form: N/A

Dust Functions: The weapon is powered by dust, though the type of dust used does not influence performance.

History: Juno found this discarded weapon at the junkyard. He repaired it for use to help him during combat studies.


Vehicle: A Mistrali Motorworks Sprinter 12-C. A rear wheel drive mid engined sports car that Juno probably should not have convinced his parents to help him buy. He drives it to most places he needs to be in Vale and Vacuo, though he has gone out on joyrides before.

(Transfer of Juno Vert)
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