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Everywhere Else / Re: The Things We Do For Love [VCVS]
« Last post by SirZinger on Today at 02:42:40 AM »
Verdant was going around downtown Vale going into various clothing stores trying on different clothes. While he was in a dressing room trying on some new clothes. When he suddenly got a message from Phi. Verdant pulled out his Scroll wondering why she would message him at this time of night. He saw it was a video and turned down the volume before playing it. Verdant watched the whole video and was shaken by this, seeing a video made by extremists was horrifying, but the person they had kidnapped was his friend was much worse. He then read the what Phi had written: "Meet us at Juno's apartment, we need your help." Verdant quickly tore off the clothes he was trying on and threw on his usual clothes of a green dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up and open to show a white shirt underneath and black pants. Verdant burst out of the store with him still putting his shirt on and running down the street to Juno's place.

After about 15 minutes of running on that cool night in Vale. Verdant turned the corner to see Juno and Caja's apartment thanks to his semblance he could see some of the windows have been broken. He ran up the stairs to the door of Juno's apartment to find the door had been broken open with glass and other broken things along the ground. Verdant saw the others of team VCVS there as well.
"Sorry, I took me so long I was across town," Verdant said while panting for breath.
Everywhere Else / Re: Aca's Amazing Adventure! [Closed - RWND]
« Last post by Xarias Fury on Today at 02:01:16 AM »
Lavender was on the fence about the whole thing but felt that a mission like this would benefit their team greatly. As it was she didn't feel entirely at home with them, being new to the whole team system and all, but she did however believe that they could do great things if they worked together. It was true that the professors and instructors would rather give more dangerous missions to higher-yeared students but Lavender saw firsthand what it was like to be in team RWND.

Aca's enthusiasm wasn't just for show, for instance because just like Lavender, she seemed like there was this barrier she wanted to overcome, perhaps related to that sister she mentioned offhandedly before. Bastet on the other hand seemed like she yearned for something more than what she had, and this mission was a good place to start. Ramm was the quiet one, and Lavender wanted to see him open up some more to his fellow teammates. Overall the pros outweighed the cons and Lav's mind was set.

"I'm game. She declared, standing up straight with her chest puffed out. "I think this would be a good experience for us. That is if Aca doesn't do something that'll get us all killed. So, let's do it!"
RPG Discussion / Re: Character re-review
« Last post by sasukerr14 on November 22, 2017, 10:30:38 PM »
Kk thnx. Also kingnoname don't let my character stop you from creating yours, there are tons of fire semblance weilders and I'm very interested to see what you'll do with it.
Approved Characters / Re: Tieren Augus
« Last post by Vision on November 22, 2017, 04:45:26 PM »
Edits approved
Approved Characters / Re: Tieren Augus
« Last post by MonsterManic on November 22, 2017, 01:57:27 PM »

-Added symbol.
-Added color.
-Added TL;DRs.
-Reworded appearance, semblance, weapon, fighting style. No changes in basis.
The Vale Region / Re: Songs of Peril [Closed]
« Last post by Riven on November 22, 2017, 12:58:07 PM »
Doing his best not to visibly respond, Rory listened intently to what Gaud had to say. She certainly knew her history about these villages and their issues, though the root cause was still something of a mystery. Still, that was often the way of things with feuds -- some mistake or slight is taken out of context, the response is seen as unjustly heavy-handed, and retaliation leads to retaliation in a nearly endless cycle of vengeance and "honor". That certainly seemed like it could be the case here... but the fact there were three sides was a bit peculiar. An asymmetric situation like that usually prompted alliances of convenience -- "the enemy of my enemy is my friend", however briefly. Was the distrust so complete, so entrenched, that all sides refused to work with each other even to their own detriment?

That, and Gaud's "thirst for battle" worried him a bit. If she was setting up traps for come-who-may in Grimm-prowled lands between three hostile villages... well, he couldn't help but think the Grimm would be drawn to that. Had she been "fishing"... and using the students as bait?

"So you either think that Cami can sway the villages towards peace, or you just plan to leave with her when she's done here." Rory pointed out the two most likely interpretations of Gauds 'none of that matters now'. Certainly, Gaud's assessment of the situation didn't lend itself to a diplomatic solution... but she did seem quite enamored with the impact of music, Cami's in particular. Rory had heard Cami play before and thought very highly of her, but he honestly had a hard time believing she could turn this around for these people. A note of clarity from Gaud might help.

"The village chief back in Vona seemed... eager... to have her play, to the point where we had to step in when he tried to force her to. Do the villages think Cami's music is going to settle this feud somehow?"
RPG Discussion / Re: Character re-review
« Last post by Vision on November 22, 2017, 12:49:37 PM »
Nothing to worry about, welcome back ^^
WiP Characters / Shihab Hamal [Heavy WIP]
« Last post by Mechajin on November 22, 2017, 09:42:07 AM »

Name: Shihab Hamal

Age: 27, born 53 AC

Species and Gender: Male Sheep Faunus

Symbol:  A red shooting star.

Occupation:  Atlesian Military, Paladin pilot.

Appearance: Six feet tall with dark tan skin,heavily defined musculature, a curly mop of black hair with a bright red streak through it, and thick, curly ram horns protruding from his head, Shihab cuts an imposing figure.

On duty, he typically wears the standard green trimmed battlesuit common to all Atlas airship personnel, his helmet has been modified with grooves to accommodate his horns, these can be covered with metal plates to keep them protected when the helmet is on.

History: Shihab's family originally hail from Vacuo, but his parents travelled to Atlas to fight in the Faunus Civil War, and after the fighting stopped they decided to settle down there instead of the politically tumultuous Vacuo, and for a while things were good. However, as the Schnee Dust Company continued to rise in prominence and power the relative safety they had in the recently defeated Atlas waned.

The populace became more emboldened and open about displaying their racial intolerance, the Hamal family were kicked out of their homs and stripped of their livelihood, forced to live in the worst part of the city, and work as Dust Dredgers to make ends meet, and it was during this time Shihab was born.

Shihab grew up in poverty and surrounded by discrimination, so he was used to it, and as a child he was happy in spite of it. As he grew older though he began to become embittered, resenting the humans for placing his family in their terrible position.

As soon as he was old enough, the 17 year old Shihab enlisted in the Atlesian military, intending to accumulate experience, then desert and join the White Fang and support their mission to liberate Faunus around Remnant. As expected, he faced constant bullying from the other recruits and even instructors during his training, but he told himself it'd be worth it when he had the opportunity to join the White Fang and make them pay. As a way to show defiance in the face of the abuse, he resolved to always smile through the pain, never showing weakness to people who only wanted to beat him down.

After getting through basic infantry training with average scores, Shihab decided to pursue further training in the operation of combat vehicles, figuring that he could eventually steal one when he deserted, if he succeeded in getting to the White Fang with it they would gain a useful resource, and if he failed Atlas would lose it anyway as long as he made sure it was destroyed in combat.

However, the White Fang was growing ever more militant under the new leadership of "King", and even started attacking the residences of Faunus they thought were too content with the current state of the world, this horrified Shihab, who realized that his current anger and rage wouldn't get a better life for him and his family.

Instead, Shihab turned his drive toward excelling in the military, if he rose through the ranks he could provide for his family, and maybe even protect other Faunus who joined the military out of similar desperation. His newfound purpose lead to increased results, and he passed vehicular training with flying colours.

After serving in the field for some time, Shihab was one of the pilots selected to test Atlas' new innovation: The Paladin-290 mech. He fell in love with the machine, and quickly distinguished himself in its usage, and was quickly granted permission to use one on a permanent basis when they began rolling into more advanced production.

Eventually, a previously hostile superior approached Shihab with a promotion offer, if he so chose, he could be assigned to an airship as part of a squad of elite mech and fighter pilots designed to respond to sightings of large scale Grimm in not just Atlas, but world over.

Shihab realized this offer was intended to stop him from advancing in the capital, at worst it'd make him some other officer's problem, at best it'd get him killed in the line of duty, but the pay was good, very good, enough to provide for his family, and in time possibly even get them out of Atlas altogether.

So, Shihab accepted, and found himself fitting in well with the other daredevils and desperate souls who were assigned to the ship, now he fights alongside them in his customized Paladin, so he can finally give his family a better life.

Personality: Sample Text

Aura and Semblance: Sample Text

Combat Behavior:  Sample Text


Name: Sample Text

Primary Form: Sample Text

Secondary Form: Sample Text

Tertiary Form: Sample Text

Dust Functions: Sample Text

History: Sample Text
Character Creation / Sveo Zi-Eun
« Last post by bc_jeegeul on November 22, 2017, 04:07:24 AM »

Name:Sveo Zi-Eun
Other Names:
Spoiler: show
 Real Name- Bao Maki

Age: 17

Species and Gender: Mouse Faunus

Symbol: [WIP]

First-Year Beacon Academy Student

Sveo Zi-Eun is short (4.3 ft) but he is heavier than his height suggests (67.4 kg). He has pale peach skin, medium-length, pale blonde hair, pale blonde mouse ears and eyes that are the shade of a VERY dark purple (it looks black when you see those from afar). His overall body is lean, nevertheless, his is quite toned and muscular!  He has really slight bags under his eyes, seems relaxed, though he’s almost frowning. Sveo is always accompanied by slight cuts and bruises all over his body, even his cute face, but none usually cause lasting damage. He heals most of those injuries per day but, most times he gets new ones! His battle attire also has rips, and looks a bit damaged, but those are still wearable. His injuries are attained from battle, and/or training. Although he looks tattered overall, he’s pretty chill about it.

His battle attire consists of:
-a peach, mouse-eared hoodie lined in white
-light brown cargo shorts that cease below the knees.
-a brown stylized belt lined in black
-pale peach socks, lined in white
-pale peach and light brown stylized boots
-pale peach trunks lined in white
-black swimmer’s googles lined in pale peach (like a snorkeller’s but w/o the breathing tube)

This attire is a bit large for him, but he’ll grow into them eventually. He also a beacon uniform.

Spoiler: Because of length. • show

--Younger Years [0-8]--
Sveo Zi-Eun was raised in the slums of Mistral. His parents were civilians from Upper Mistral that did not make the best of choices, and ended up there. They worked on odd jobs at first, but eventually they became workers in a construction company. They wanted a kid, and wanted him/her to fulfill his/her own wishes, and so they did their best at their work, for a while, before bearing a kid. Though, the doc told them that his mother couldn’t bear a kid again due to her post-natal injuries. Then, as soon as his mom and the baby could walk, they both left him at an orphanage, so they can focus on work. They visited him occasionally to teach him about the basics (such as cooking, hygiene, social skills, manners.. etc.) when they could, and told him why they couldn’t see each other most of the time, and he understood.

Sveo spent his childhood observing not only kids his age, but everyone. He was inwardly questioning why things were the way they are, though he was incapable of expressing that at the time. He also spent those years mimicking the way adults spoke and moved, and trying to learn the meaning behind those actions. He some times asked his parents stuff that he was confused about, and they enjoyed teaching him those. Some questions, he didn’t know how to make, but he saved those for another time. They also unlocked his aura at a young age, and told him simple details about it. When he could look after himself, as well as their rundown house, they moved him there, and focused as much as they could through work. Whenever they had days off, they played games (for children) together! He was allowed to leave their house, telling him which folks to steer clear of, and he did as he was told.

He spent his outside sessions talking to people, mostly adults, sometimes kids. exchanging facts and other info, while only going in his house to have meals or to sleep. After a while, exchanging info became “do this and/or that, and I’ll tell you.” And so, he did those, some times asking for help if he was confused about something. He didn’t mind doing those tasks as long as he knew those weren’t bad. He told his parents about his doings outside, and they listened, and told him useful input when needed. Sometimes when things went bad financially, they worked their best, enough so that, at least, their kid can have meals everyday. Sometimes none of them had meals, but he didn’t mind, as long as they’re together. Eventually he told his parents that he didn’t want to play their games anymore, and they talked and came to an understanding. It isn’t as if the kid hates those, but he just thinks it’s not for him. After all, he enjoyed learning about facts, whether those would be from his parents, or others. They continued to support him financially, even when they were sick.

Soon the time they spent together as a family lessened quickly, reduced to simple conversations within meals, or whenever they could. They got the fact that their kid doesn’t need to spend that much time with them for him to love his family. He was always did, so he didn’t need reinforcement. Eventually he learned that he liked doing physical work, most of the folk already knew him so whenever they looked like they need help, he won’t mind, as long as they won’t. They started to pay him tips, and he was thankful, even if those seemed too small to care about. And then, a problem stopped him in the middle of his work.

--Building [8-13]—-
He already knew of Grimm, beasts who aim to destroy all of humanity, and so when he saw a small Ursa (who looked quite big to the little kids), that most didn’t seem to care about (as some simply watched!) He thought about what to do: where to hit it, what to hit that with, what do I say, etc. but still! He was still 8 at the time, and the ursa is a bit larger than him. But where do I hit him?! The face? The stomach? The crotch? Why does my head hurt? Because you’re thinking. Oh! If that can’t think, then.. ok! Now what to hit that with.. Ms. Fujiji’s flowerpots? No, she’d be angry! A bike? Maybe? A broom? Perfect. I don’t want to die, so I’ll hit him at a distance. Cool. His thinking took only a few seconds, Sveo snatched the nearby broom, apologising to its owner, while running towards his target. The ursa was about maul the scared kids when he leapt and hit the back of the Grimm’s head! The broom broke, jarring him a bit, and stunning his foe briefly. Just as he was about to recover and roar (as a taunt) he stabbed the same spot with the broken but sharp end of the broom. It took him a few hits before his target finally disappeared. So they disappear when they die? Or… do they go elsewhere? He took a few moments to ponder on that before the kids thanked him quite loudly.

After his almost injury, mouse ears and all, he asked some adults why they were simply watching. Most responses were some variant of “I want the kids to do it!” and/or “I could’ve done that when they got too close, but I want the kids to see the Grimm first-hand!” I guess… As risky as those reasons were he could get behind them if those who said them are capable. Then Sveo quickly told the kids with sincerity,: “Apparently, Grimm will get you if you feel bad. So, I’ll help you… not feel bad, if you want.” And so he talked with scared kids, keeping his word, and told them, as a final note, before sleep time: “You know what happens when you feel bad, right? So, think about what you enjoy, what keeps you going, and if not, find it. I need sleep. Bye.”

Sveo continued to do odd jobs for the slumsfolk for pay, or not, though money would be nice. He simply enjoyed doing the physical work, he found those as something to do, anyway. While working, he sometimes encountered and talked with some kids, showing how much they’ve progressed. He even saw some of them wielding common household objects as weapons. One of those days he smiled, and that was certainly something! Additionally, he even encountered his semblance to prevent the glass cups from falling (from one of his odd jobs).

He learnt about huntsmen and huntresses years ago, but didn’t really knew what they truly meant, Until he thought about them this day, as he contemplated about the facts that he has gathered. Though it was risks were present, they get the best pay! They’re heroes, and what they do is kill Grimm and defeat baddies! He told his parents this, and, they smiled sadly.

“Is this what you need?”
“Yes. I don’t like seeing you all working THAT hard for me-“
“But we’d loved to! We want to support you-“
“It’s so that you won’t need to work for me, but instead… you work for you.”
Seconds of silence, and then…
“Well, we’ll need to work as hard as we’re able, harder than we’ve done in our entire lives! Our hope is that your 4-year tuition will be fully paid when you’re 13.”
“Let’s get to it.”
“I’ll help too!”
“You know I have money, right?”
“We thought you spent them on sweets! We know how much you love chocolate!”
“I do, but I didn’t spend any of my lien. I didn’t knew what to with the money at first, but, now I do!”
A few moments, then tears came to his parents’ eyes. His mother wiped hers away.
“Let’s!” They all said in unison.

Though it wasn’t much, he did get a lot from doing odd jobs. A several lien, and eventually he was given a wooden staff that’s sturdy enough to bash Grimm’s heads with! That was given to him but an old man in a wheelchair, that he did chores and other favors for in the past. Thanking him, he used the staff when he waiting for something to do as they were times that the slumsfolk didn’t need much help. He in occasion fought small Grimm in search for new strats other than “bash head ‘til it dies” technique. He found that “stab that so limbs can’t move” or “hit ‘til it can’t breathe” works. There were others strats, but eventually all of those were simplified to “hit vital spots.” Other than that, he always played it safe, fleeing, and calling for help when necessary, if faced with Grimm that he can’t handle alone. Although many can’t help due to their fatigue and hunger, some were willing to help. Undoubtedly there were many losses, and deaths, but eventually they killed the Grimm invasion.

--Combat School! [13-17]—
Near the time where combat schools start school year!:
“We’re sorry, our best wasn’t enough for your four-year tuition!”
“How about now? He showed them the small stack of lien that he’s collected over the years.”
“My word. This is enough for the entire school, and, even the transport to there and back!” said Dad.

And so, they enrolled their only kid to a combat school in the Middle Mistral, he payed close attention to the basic combat practicals (particularly on combat anatomy), weapons building, aura and semblance training, immediate first-aid training and metric maths, he barely paid attention to the other subjects, however, and what he learned from those came and went, in summary. After he gave the teachers his blueprints, he, as well as the other students, went to work on their weapons. His combat focus was to develop his semblance, but his weapon got damaged because of his choices. He was taught how to maintain his weapon, and after a while got the hang of it! He did not need to ask the teachers, most of the time in the subjects he excelled at, and that went on for a while.

Sveo himself didn’t mind others personally, but some bigoted youths despised him because of his faunus heritage. Their loss, but he did try his best to work with them, but to no avail. He eventually asked his teachers for other partners, and they regrettably did so. People did try to bully him, but he basically roasted them for wasting his time, and their own. So they don’t bully him, though they did for others. He was so attentive in class that, even in breaks, he thought about what his teachers said. He may have been too focused on that since he usually doesn’t sit with others, nor has he noticed the bullying around him.

Using his semblance to enchant others yielded mixed results, some, who were particularly strong, he had much trouble to enchant, while others were easy, because they were weaker than him, in structure. In general, he is somewhat cooperative. His co-ops out of combat are above average, but when in combat, the results were mixed as far as his actual grades are concerned. And it’s usually him that’s trying! Apparently his silent focus was branded as poor co-op to some. While it’s true that he wasn’t the best at first, it soon became clear that in combat, he learns quickly, and his skills aren’t a joke despite his size and attire.

When he thought he was combat ready, he wanted work, so he asked his teachers for some. So, alongside his schooling, he worked with his teachers and/or various, visiting huntsmen and huntresses, some of which were in-training, and some are from Haven. He usually went with one or two of them on various missions that are supervised by the school faculty. He shadowed, and at times assisted his superiors when needed. He eventually became proficient at them, so, with some teachings, he mostly soloed some missions, “mostly” because of his superior/s’ assists to keep him combat-able, and alive. When they have time, he asked them about the academies across the world. He’s still pondering about which to go to, but anyway, he succeeded in most of his missions, and got lien for most of them. Some were failed because their foes escaped, are too powerful, and/or other varying unfortunates… He succeeded, but not without a scratch. He has suffered various cuts and bruises during his missions, but none of them caused lasting damage. Usually.

Even as a baby, his parents starved themselves so he could eat, and he knew that they get sick some of the time. Now? It’s gotten to the point where they can’t even pay for the hospital bills. He needed money quickly, but none of his teachers and superiors gave him those jobs since all of them are busy. And, what better way to get some than doing a job, that is meant for actual huntsmen to handle. Long story short, he picked the safest-looking one: Kill big Alpha-Beowulf and squad near town, and he succeeded, but he did have a dangerous chest scratch, Deep enough to damage the skin a lot and bone a little bit. That was gross, and risky. He patched himself as best as he could, but the wound was too wide, and he didn’t have enough bandages. And so, he walked, and bled, back to town. He was saved by the nearby populace as they called an ambulance airship. There were healers on staff so no lasting damage, and he was scolded immensely by his superiors! Though once he explained, which he didn’t before, they understood, but still reprimanded him. The reward was enough to cover his bill but only helped out his parent’s a little bit, and so he simply reserved as much missions as he could, and worked as quickly and efficiently as possible. Taking on more missions and perhaps more fatal injuries were it not for his nearby superiors, but no lasting damage due to the competence of those involved. Essentially, his success rate is pretty high, so they allowed him to do most of the work, so he gets the most money (in his missions), only assisting him when needed. He eventually paid his parent’s hospital bills and more, in case they get really sick again, but he still needed to get enough for his academy’s tuition.

During his studies, he wondered about which academy to go. The info that he got was: Mistral has the most fun stuff, but also the most bad guys. Atlas has the best stuff, but most of them are militarized. Vacuo’s peeps are strong, but work there is difficult due to the harsh deserts, and bad guys. And lastly… Vale? Other than its history, little is known about them. They have natural barriers, and their huntsmen and huntress do hold up compared to the rest of the kingdoms. Vale seems to be the safest, so he decided to go to Beacon when he’s completed all the years of his combat school. He told this to his parents and they understood once he explained the whys.

The rest of his school years, and missions stayed consistent, just with different faces to defeat. In combat grades, he was above average overall, but for others, he barely passed in. He took their overall combat teachings to heart, but for the others’ teachings those topics came and went. Give it a few days, and he’ll eventually forget those. He reserved an airship to Vale, as well as a room to stay in, wayy in advance, with the help of his superiors. All of what’s reserved are pretty cheap, and could be better, but they do their job, so he didn’t complain. And now, he’s enrolled to Beacon. He actually got in due to his superiors’ recommendations and, barely passing his written entrance exams. He prepared himself for the combat initiation, as well as what’s to come.
--To Be Continued--

Tl;dr ver.
-Parents were poor, but saved up money, from work, in advance for their kid.
-His mother can’t bear anymore kids due to post-natal injuries, so he didn’t have other siblings.
-As soon as his mom, and the baby could walk, his parents dropped him in an orphanage, so they could focus on work. Visiting only when they have day offs, and using those to teach him about life’s basics.
-Spent his younger years, observing everyone, basically asking himself “Why everything?” though he can’t express that at the time.
-When he could take care of himself, and their house, his parents moved him home.
-After that, he spent his time talking to his neighbors, exchanging facts, and helping them out if they need it. He has plenty of time outside since no one’s home most of the time.
-Had a hero moment at around 8 where he defended the scared kids from an Ursa that’s a bit bigger at the time. He helped those kids out by giving them advice.
-He did odd jobs as a kid, and liked doing physical work. He was only paid in either small amounts or none, but he didn’t mind either way as long as he knew he wasn’t doing anything bad, and that he’s doing phys. work.
-Going over the facts he’s learnt, he decided to want to become a Huntsman, told his parents, and talked those out.
-He still did odd jobs and saving each lien for his tuition. Encountered his semblance during one of the odd jobs.
-They ended up saving enough for his schooling after all, so they enrolled him to a combat school in Middle Mistral.
-Built his weapon, and improved upon his aura, and semblance. When he was combat-ready, he volunteered and succeeded at most of his missions, but not without cuts and bruises. None of them caused lasting damage. Usually.
-One day, his parents were at the hospital, and can’t pay their bills, he wanted to volunteer for missions with huntsmen or huntresses but all of ‘em are busy, so he took the safest looking mission for huntsmen-in-training, and took off, completed it but not without a flesh wound in the chest. He bled-walked back to town after trying to first-aid it. The healers on staff mended that so no lasting damage. He was scolded immensely, but once he explained, they understood but still reprimanded him.
-He’s had above average combat grades but barely passed in others.
-Completed combat schooling at 17. Reserved a flight, and rented an apartment room. Both are cheap, but do their job.
-Enrolled at Beacon, barely passed the written exams. He now needs to do the initiation.

Words to describe Sveo are: focused, observant and hardworking, in combat. He’s so focused in his work that he barely pays any attention to the rest of the world. He even forgot the names of the people he’s worked with, after a few days! He wants money so that he can better at his job and finally pay them back with the same support they did for him. In classes, he very attentive to subjects he excels, but he barely passes in others, sadly. If his teammates aren’t talking about combat, then he’s usually in his own thinking space, studying or practicing. Much of his life revolves around combat that it’d require effort to involve him with other activities. They’d need to convince him. It isn’t THAT hard to do so, but they’d have to wait since his current schedule is filled with combat work. He isn’t picky about food, but he really likes sweets, and that has a lot of sway over him, however! He understands good and bad quite well, and if they’d ask him to do something, he’d mull over it before making his decision. It’s true that he isn’t observant when out of combat, but he does have good people skills. He can explain his reasons and can express his thoughts quite well. He rarely smiles, though, and rarely expresses other emotions, except being relaxed. He tries to look as comfortable as faunusly possible, and that works most of the time. He does this to help his natural bod regen. He usually speaks really quickly, but clearly, and doesn’t like repeating himself, which, strangely enough, is his semblance.

Aura and Semblance:
Sveo’s skills with aura are above average overall but he doesn’t use aura much, save for fueling his semblance or sleep, so his strength in that matter is below average. He rarely uses his aura skills, but always has them ready if the situation needs it. Additionally, he always activates his aura during sleep and nap times but, usually doesn’t otherwise.

Activate/Deactivate Aura: His speed in doing this is a few moments. He can’t do this again multiple times per second because it’ll tire him out quickly!
Focus Defend: He can focus his aura on defending a specific part of his body. Not parts, but part. One at a time. Additionally it’s quick to activate if there’s a focus, but, the aura can’t be moved to other places just as quickly. He can’t do this multiple times per minute as it’ll tire him out also.
Focus Heal: He can focus his aura on a specific part of his body. The aura speed, and aura use is around the same as Focus Defend.
Sleep Healing: His favorite skill, this aids his overall regen. while he’s sleeping. This skill has been developed since he always uses this before sleeping at night. It helps repair the skin damaged by the cuts and bruises he’s stacking, as well as the damaged flesh within.

Repetitions’ Enchantment-
Sveo is able to form the repeats of what he’s enchanted, and recorded, usually himself, as long as he’s 10m near his records. If he chooses not to dispel his records, and goes out of the 10m range for 5 seconds, the recordings’ stamina consumption will slowly increase until he is within the recordings 10m range. This overall semblance is why he rarely uses his aura skills in most fights, save for fueling his semblance. His repeats aim to have the exact physical image and weight of its recipients, and can only perform the action/s of what he’s recorded. They’re also static, and won’t move outside of the actions they’re performing. His success rate is almost always high if he’s repeating himself. His repeats will disappear in around a half second-7 seconds, dust and everything, though the damage and the impacts the reps caused will stay. They glow black, then a really dark shade of purple, as the repeats fade. All in all, he can only perform 250 melee repeats, or 7 ranged repeats (which eats around 35.7 of his melee reps) per battle provided that he relaxes for about 30 minutes (he won’t be penalized for minimal actions or thinking), or get a really good nap in 10 minutes. His overall skills aren’t spoilers save for the important note, because almost everyone in his combat school, has some idea of his semblance, and he’s always using it openly.

Spoiler: show

Semblance Skills:
Enchant- Using this on himself takes around 2 seconds to achieve the full effect. Keeping this active drains stamina, but only a little. Allows him to record and repeat the full physical image and weight of what he’s enchanted (usu. himself, his clothes and his weapons). It takes around 4 seconds of focus to disenchant himself. His eyes will glow a dim purple first, then the glow would spread from there to the rest of his body, clothes and weaponry, then will fade once the enchantment is complete.

However, on other beings, he would need to integrate this enchantment with the aura of the recipient. That would be a long and grueling process to get right. He has to touch his target with both hands to fully concentrate on the enchantment, it’s not impossible with one hand, or other parts of his body, but both hands are what he’s used to. The dark purple glow with spread from his eyes, his arms, then to his hands (or what he’s touching the recipient with), then to where his hands are touching, and from there the glow spread throughout his/her body. The glow fades if the enchantment is complete. The recipient wouldn’t feel a thing if he/she’s relaxed but would feel only a slight discomfort in the not relaxed areas, if not. This can’t be used to kill.

This process takes about 3-6 minutes, if all goes well, but even then, fully enchanting someone else takes quite a bit out of him, the energy use for this takes about 5-10% stamina at first casting. That’s small and may not matter to some, but they do to him! Additionally, keeping two enchantments (himself and his recipient) will eat up his several melee repeats in seconds without him even moving! Keeping four enchants up is just insane! That isn’t impossible, but right now it’s extremely hard for him to do.

It is important to note that how much stamina this skill eats per second is dependent on how much the recipient/s are moving. Like, if he enchants an 8ft giant, it won’t take long for him to be gasping for air (around 40 secs). In order to recover his stamina, he needs 4 seconds of focus to dispel the enchantment on his recipient/s. If you’re within 10m of him, or closer, it won’t be THAT much of an issue as it’ll take him a few minutes to be out of breath [usu. 10-15 melee repeats per minute, tops]. However, if his enchanted go far away from him, the enchantment will stay, draining his stamina ‘til he dies. He doesn’t know this detail yet. Sveo’s semblance actually works too well that he himself, may not be able to keep up. But he’s always careful about who he’s enchanting and usually dispels the enchantment if he knows his recipients’ will go far to scout, or something.
He’s simply not used to enchanting others but himself, so doing this takes a lot out of him.

Record- Allows him to record the action/s of himself and/or others, usually himself, of what he’s enchanted. Recording himself and repeating his actions are easy, since he’s fully aware of his own weight, his clothes, and his weaponry. Recording himself takes almost no stamina out of him. Due to his intelligence in combat, he’s able to store up to 50 recordings per battle. He can overwrite or delete some of them, but he can’t do those repeatedly in seconds because he’s not used to that, and that’ll eat up his melee repeats. Note that he has to physically record, and do the actions (usu. staff strikes) himself, before forming repeats of it. 

The recordings will be automatically deleted when the battle’s over. He has never encountered a moment in combat that he’s fond of, but when he does (and those are like gems because they’re rare) those moments will be difficult to remove. He’s almost always wise with its uses. This skill’s length starts and stops in a few moments in addition to the length of what he’s recorded. He’s able to record in the middle of combos, too. Recording will make his eyes glow a dark purple, and a glint of it indicates success, and a flash of purple light, failure. The recordings themselves remain barely tangible to him, as faded, dark purple shadows at the first frame of his recordings, and can’t be seen by anyone unless they have really really good aura senses. Recording others is a different matter, however.

Recording others has always been difficult for him, he has the patience for this, but others might not. He has to be able to imagine the action’s he’s recorded, and/or he has to know the physical feeling itself. His repeats can’t replicate what he can’t process, overall. He also has to be able to at least survive the recipient’s physical weight, and movements (from Enchant) and if not, the repeat will simply have less power than the original, or the repeat can’t be cast at all. Additionally, in order to record whomever he’s enchanted, he must look at them. He knows that forming repeats of others’ actions is something to practice, but he also knows that he hasn’t done much exercise in regards to that, due to most losing patience with him. Theoretically he can repeat other’s semblances (only on his repeats), but not immaterial ones. He has to understand how other’s semblances work and how those feel to their users in order to get even an adequate repeat. It needs to make sense to him. The process begins and ends in the same length as he records himself. This also requires practice to perfect. It could take days, weeks, months, even years, to get a satisfying result, or not at all. It varies.

Activate Repeat- Allows him to materialize a repeat that he’s recorded. The repeat/s, usually himself, will have the exact (in his case) or imagined (in others’ cases) physical weight, and strength and can only perform the action/s he’s recorded before fading (0.5-7 secs.). He’s able to form 3 repeats at time without eating up his stamina much.

His melee repeats usually last around a half second-7 seconds depending on fast he recorded, while his ranged usually last for 7 seconds. He’s able to perform 1-3 melee actions or up to two ranged actions at a time, or some combo of both (but usu. only with one ranged, and 1-2 melees or vice versa), with ease. 

The repeats of others are dependent on who’s enchanted, and his overall knowledge of what he’s recorded. It takes a long while to get right, and most of the time those recordings won’t match up to the original.

Rewind Repeat- Allows him rewind, and replay an activated repeat. He can only rewind and replay his melee reps, though he tries, and fails (but he’s progressing!) at his ranged. Keep in mind that the repeats can only stay for about a half second-7 seconds before disappearing.


Repeat Combo: Standard Rep Combo, usu. a 5m-15m wide set of enchantments, consisting of 3-5 recordings of various staff strikes! Sveo’s has to be 10m within all the recordings for this to be efficient.

Repetitive Trap: Lays a trap with his semblance. What surrounds the trap is usu. 25-40 recordings of many staff strikes (aerial, middle, high, low, etc.) that aim for the weak spots! [He has to be around 10m near the overall trap for it to work, however.]

Repetitions’ Circle of Defense: Requires set up, usu. takes around 1 and a half minutes in solitary fights in him vs. group scenarios. It’s usu. a 15m-20m set of enchantments, that consist of 35-50 recordings used to block or parry. This skill requires Sveo to be at the centre of the “circle” for this skill to be as efficient as it could. He uses this in conjunction with his mouse ears to evade, and/or win against his opponents, or at least delay, and survive.

Dispel Repetitions: Dispels and deletes all inactive recordings within a 10m range. 4 secs. Of focused casting time. 1 min. CD

Combat Behavior:

Even for First-Year Beacon Students, Sveo’s skills are above average overall. His focus, awareness, and techniques in combat, and out, have remained consistent in his combat classes, and are the main reasons for why he was allowed, to take part in Beacon’s initiation. He spent most of his days fighting Grimm, and other bad beings, to obtain and/or improve his skills, past and present). If he’s finished studying other subjects (that he barely paid attention to), he spent them practicing on enemies in missions. He is able to make quick decisions for himself, and is mostly fighting in solitude (with assists’ from his superiors). And due to this his co-ops with others are lower than they should’ve been, but still he’s getting better.

His combat focus is the development of his semblance, and due to this, he is dependent on his weapon and his natural bod, but mostly his weapon, stay alive. He chose this knowing full well the consequences of his choices. The mouse ears help quite a bit with evasion (at close range). As a result, his overall survival is reliant on his physical strength, and his semblance. As his physical strength is distributed to every strats when needed, the damage he causes overall is low, but he always aims for his opponents’ weak spots, and even then, he knows that he can’t win every fight, and will retreat and/or use his aura skills if it’s necessary. He can fight ranged foes well up close (0-15m ranges), but beyond that, RIP. Without his superiors’/allies’ assists he can’t fight ranged opposition from afar. He’s especially bad against snipers, or foes with speed semblances, although he has had experiences with the latter and is insightful enough to use defense strats when they’re close and use attacks if they’re near enough, provided that he pays with cuts, grazes and bruises. His chances of living are lessened the quicker his foes are. He’s even skilled enough to know how to get hit so that he doesn’t need to go to the infirmary   r i g h t   n o w  in mid-battles, thanks anatomy classes!

In co-ops, with his battle attire, and weapon, he doesn’t expect to defend his teammates from everything. So he’s mainly an evasion tank/support, who diverts the opponents’ attention so that his teammate’s attacks hit those foes full force, in addition to his own, if possible. His movements in combat are strong, and it looks very casual. He aims for efficiency. When out of combat, he spends his time relaxing his muscles, or napping so that he can be ready fight another battle! If he hasn’t excerised himself in around 40 min. or so, he’ll jump, metaphorically, for an opportunity to do so, in class (to do the teacher’s instructions, doing physical work.), or practicing while waiting for transport. Otherwise, if he’s in an cramped vehicle, he does exercises that are ok to do in that space. He also know how to repair his weapons quickly if there are “forges” nearby. He has the tools, so the process is usually quick as long as he’s on some kind of forge because there’re a few tools there that he doesn’t have on hand. He can also repair his “armor” manually with his sewing tools, but only fixes it enough that he wear them without the clothes falling off or ripping apart. He can also repair his boots with tools too. His tools and materials won’t help much when it comes to others’ equipment, however.


-His combat focus is the overall improvement of his semblance, and due to this, his aura DEF is low, and isn’t usually activated in combat.

-His physical stats are above-average (even his phys. regen., though this can’t heal really BAD wounds), and well-rounded overall, but his DMG contribution is low, and most of it’s melee, though he always aims for the weak spots!

-His survival relies upon his semblance, weapon, and physical stats.

-He’s weak at foes w/ speed semblances, and REALLY bad at snipers from afar, but can fight ranged opposition up close. This usually gives him injuries, but none of them usually cause lasting damage, since he knows how to get hit in most cases. Otherwise, RIP, THX.

-And on those notes, he’s strong against foes who are slower than him, but will have difficulty if his foes’ stamina recovers too fast, or is too thicc (the stamina) otherwise known as DEF too high.

-He excels at close quarters due to his physical stats and semblance.

-He relaxes after a fight, so he can fight in the next one after 30 min. or more, if he needs time.

-Jumps for an opportunity to fight if he somehow doesn’t get exercise after around 40 min.

-Can repair his weapons quickly as long as he’s in a “forge” since his tools for his weps are insufficient, and can repair the rest of his stuff though his repairs won’t help other’s equipment much, at least, not with his tools and his materials.


Name: Wind Key
A weapon that can be a staff or a long mace with a blaster end! Or not, if Sveo chooses not to. The thin, but long and conical blaster end can be opened in various stages [(with a small, flat mouse-shaped lever(?) that indicates how opened the blaster end is (the closer this is from the blaster end, the more “closed” it is))] by a short, secure, rather thin sliding panel near the blaster end of the staff. Located at the left of the previous lever (I say lever but I’m talking about a switch, except it’s small flat mouse-shaped one that he can move with his thumb, and this lever only has three options), is the another lever that can modify how long the blasts will last. At opposite side of the blasters’ panel is the blasters’ trigger, which can be concealed, or not, with another slide-secure panel. Just below the staff’s middle, or near the not-blaster end of the long mace is a small button (which can be concealed with another same-sized panel) that can change the weapon’s two lengths, the long mace, or the staff, when pressed.

The stages could be referred to as blooms, although Sveo himself doesn’t use these terms. If it is in “full bloom” he can check or refill ammunition, placing those in the stylized container in the middle of the “bloom”. The ammo he fills that with is wind dust crystals. “Part=bloom” varies from showing 1 main blaster, to showing four miniature support blasters, alongside the larger former. “closed bloom” simply means the blaster end can’t be accessed. The trigger is built to shoot wind dust blasts from which blasters are opened, so if the four support blasters are closed off, the wind dust will only be fired from the main blaster.

The staff is heavier than usual staves in order to compensate for Sveo’s defense in general. This key will only be dented significantly if he blocks 400mph (metre) bullets around the same spot five times. Parrying with sniper bullets will dent it or, rip the parts, depending on the depth of side hit. Blocking that will go through the weapon and him, they’re aim’s good, so that strat is inadvisable. The dents caused by melee weapons vary depending on the strength of his foes. It will be dented or damaged if the weapons and wielders are stronger than him, or his staff. People with stronger semblances also lessen his chances of defense.

The staff is nothing crazy but both of its ends have short stylized cartoonish mouse symbols. Overall it seems to be a weapon a kid would play around with, though it truly isn’t.

Primary Form:
5.5ft Staff with a modifiable blaster end.

Secondary Form:
2.75ft Long mace with a modifiable blaster end.

Dust Functions:
His ammunitions are wind dust crystals, he wants to get the REALLY compressed ones, so he doesn’t have to reload mid-battle. Due to his work he usually has 1 or 2 stacks (of crystals) for spares, and each regular stack can only fire 9 blasts each (with only the main blaster), or 3 blasts (firing with all blasters open), with each stack. These blasts stop at 75 meters and whomever it hits will be struck with a damaging concussive blast enough to break the bones of foes a little bit and knock them back, if they’re close, and they’re not protected by aura (if they are protected though, it’ll usually just damage the aura and knock them back.). Getting hit with these blasts can be compared to getting hit with a fast, small steel ball that’s pushed. However, these blasts’ strength lessen the farther you are from him.

Name: Wind Boosters
These boots are a bit large for his feet, but he’ll get used to it. These boots are pale peach edged with white, with slight metal containers (colored dark brown) resembling holed armor plates that allow him to move 1-30 meters back, the same metres forward, or the same metres, again, upwards. He can modify the amount of distance he can travel based on how much aura he provides it. He can’t block much with these boots so these are one of the many things that he doesn’t want to get hit. These boots also look very cartoonish and has a mouse design.

History: These are the equipment he has made from his time in combat school. The boots didn’t really need much maintenance, but the weapon? Who knows? Probably a lot. He improved upon his weapon’s defense bit by bit whenever he got enough lien, but he’s trying to save up for some of the Atlas Equipment he’s aiming to get! He actually has forgotten why his weapons look cartoonish in the first place. These are because he thinks, they help inspire kids to be creative! Even though he doesn’t know what they think of they think of them now.

These may aid visualization.
Spoiler: show

Alignment: Neutral Good
Role (In my RWBY stuff): Supporting Character

MHA Chart (In comparison to Beacon Students):
Power: 2/5
Speed: 3/5
Intelligence: 4/5
Technique: 5/5
Cooperativeness: 2/5

He still needs to improve.
His parent’s names are Kiyuzue Maki and Tou-geoul Maki. Sveo Zi-Eun is a name that he came up with based on the sounds that he likes.

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