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The Vale Region / Re: Frostbite [Closed]
« Last post by Kaliot on Today at 06:27:03 PM »
By the time Savas had finally reemerged from the clan hall, Aurelia had already cooled off both literally and figuratively; the cold had burrowed into her skin, causing tremors to quake throughout her body, her sheer force of will doing its best to limit them to once every few minutes. The things that had once plagued her mind thirty minutes prior had since departed, though not completely.

She had removed a fire-Dust round from her weapon and was tossing it into the air repeatedly, not bothering to pause upon his appearance and only responding with an ambiguous hum as Savas asked about the wait. Upon his second inquiry, she held the round in her balled hand. A silence took too the air as Aurelia took a moment to think, wondering if she should just talk to him directly, or if she should let her actions speak for themselves. Settling on the latter, she removed herself from the wall she was leaning on and said to Savas, "Yes, actually. Follow me". She began to walk in some direction away from the hall, the round exploding in her fist .

Aura: 100% 92% (-8%)
Beacon Academy / Re: Practice and Preparation [closed]
« Last post by Rush on Today at 04:55:14 PM »
To say that sparring was a pastime among the students of Beacon was an understatement. Tournament season had inspired students who remained after the festival to try their hand against competitors, especially those who had progressed quite far into the tourney. Juno himself had been challenged to a few matches in the past, but he more often than not declined. He had more pressing matters to attend to, anyway.

The fallout of Acero's injury had left him quite busy, as the school insisted on him running supplementary gun training. It was all busywork. Boring, monotonous, and nothing he wasn't already familiar with. It was already a rare occurrence for the young man to get a day off, and he wasn't going to spend it taking on some haughty student without the skill to back up his words.

However, his stride across the vacant arenas paused when a clip of his match against the Vacuan champion, Zabar Aga, caught his attention from the corner of his eye. The student at the computer wasn't watching for him, however, that much was sure. He seemed far more focused on Zabar's movements. Of course he was. Zabar was the champion, and the only participant in the top eight block to not be from Beacon. He had taken the tournament on Vale's home turf. It would be more of a surprise if people weren't gunning for him.

Nevertheless, Juno recognized the boy behind the computer after a few moments of recollection. Catalina Glenn had been a fighter in the tournament in the same block as Nathan. He had been taken out relatively early, and was a part of the controversy surrounding Nathan Eau. It seemed this guy was aiming to take down Zabar at some point.

At the very least, it would be interesting to watch him try.

Seeing as how his schedule had been clear for a while, Juno set foot on the arena floor, a hand resting on Phi's card as he did so. After a quick check to ensure that everything was in place, Juno looked back to the other student, pausing a bit before speaking up. "Y'know, that match wasn't one of my best. H-Gen safeties had been disabled somehow. The electricity dust shouldn't have done as much as it did."
The Vale Region / Re: Malina's Magnificent Mission! [Closed]
« Last post by SonicCraftX on Today at 04:28:09 PM »
Cobe was watching the forest in case of returning Grimm, far too focused on their protection from the back, that he didn't notice what was going down in front of him. He had heard everything, but much of it hadn't registered.

It was only when Helena spoke that Cobe had registered it and quickly pulled her aisde to talk to her, holding her nose as he did so.

"Ok, I might be wrong here, but I think whatever that is," he said, pointing the giant structure, "is dispensing some type of Toxin-Infused Dust, I've seen this before, whatever you do, do NOT breathe that stuff in.

He let go of her nose before moving to an area of the wall where the glow was absent, ushering Helena to follow on.
Everywhere Else / Re: Loose Lips Sink Ships [CLOSED]
« Last post by Rush on Today at 04:16:58 PM »
A pirate.

A dated pirate.

Nebu could only tilt her head in confusion as her opponent burst from the elevator, doing her best to register who the intruder was, only to realize that the pirate's serpentine movements were bringing her toward the Atlesian.

The sting of a pair of ice rounds impacting her leg drew her back into reality, freezing over her knee and forcing her to watch as the floor and walls were coated in ice, and giving her no opportunity to snag the pirate as she dashed past her. Eyes narrowing behind the visor, Nebu triggered the jump jets in her armor, tearing off in pursuit of the intruder and melting the ice on her leg. As her target dashed through the halls, Nebu caught up, cutting her jets and dropping into a sliding kick in an attempt to trip up her opponent, ready to spring back to her feet and hold the woman at gunpoint.
Character Creation / Re: Akeldama Blood-Heart
« Last post by jjb2158 on Today at 01:22:11 PM »
Okay, I'll be spearheading this group review on your character. Quite a few things to note:

There is one big issue here and that is her hearing. Saying that she has hearing that far exceeds that of a faunus is basically going into the territory of a semblance ability. After discussing it with the other staff, we came to the agreement that that is too much and will need to be changed.

The semblance is too OP as it stands. It's basically taking two semblance ideas, creating powerful attacks and constructing objects, and making it into one by saying it's "condensing her aura". We also agreed that this is too much so you will need to pick one or the other and just go with that.

Combat Behavior:
In regards to the echolocation ability, we also discussed this and I'm going to make the call and allow it, but only as a limited echolocation. So please make note of that in the character sheet.

No matter how you look at it, your weapon has six transformations, which is ridiculous. I'd advise you either lower the amount of transformations down or create another weapon. However, seeing that you already have two other weapons, I would advise the first choice and just lower the amount of transformations.

Overall, this entire character is more or less based off of the ability to hear extremely well. One thing you can do, which would alleviate a lot of the edits would be to just change the semblance to a hearing-based semblance. This would make it so that you wouldn't really have to edit the history and combat behavior all that much. Just something to think about.

I'm keeping this review short and sweet so you don't have to read a bunch and can just address the issues at hand. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.
The Vale Region / Re: Frostbite [Closed]
« Last post by jjb2158 on Today at 12:54:18 PM »
It felt like an eternity had passed. An eternity of memories and regret. Memories of the last three years spent at Beacon: moments of laughing at Vigdus' stupid jokes, moments of studying in the late of the night next to Auburn, and moments spent on numerous missions protecting each other's backs. Still kneeling there, Savas simply kept his eyes downcast as Rubra continued to hug him.

Holding on to Savas as a mother would a broken child, Rubra patted back softly to help console him as she noticed Aurelia leaving quietly. Can't blame her for leaving she thought. After a couple minutes, she let go of him and looked into his green eyes. "It wasn't your fault" she said softly before taking a step back and leaning against her desk. "Tragedies happen that we can't avoid. They are what makes us stronger." Gesturing him to take a seat in one of the chairs in front of her desk, she went around and sat back down in her chair. "Now, tell me what happened?" she inquired. The best thing for Savas now would be to let it all off his chest so that he can take the next step forward. And Rubra decided that it was her place to set him back on his path again.

Thirty minutes later...

Taking a deep breath, Savas calmed himself before opening the door to leave Rubra's presence. As harsh as she could be during training, she did care about those under her protection. Letting the door shut behind him, he looked around briefly and then noticed Aurelia standing on the side of the building. Ngggrh...she probably heard a little of the story he supposed, noticing that she was not in the hall when he began to talk to Rubra further.

Walking over to Aurelia, Savas put on a granite-like face as he approached her. "Were you waiting long?" he inquired. No point in trying to hide anything now as she looked like she had a lot on her mind. Though there was a big part of him that wished she had not heard anything prior, there was also a small part that was subconsciously thankful that there was at least one other person he could talk to about the situation. "Was there anywhere you would like to go?" he asked, hoping to try and break the silence.
Character Creation / Re: Kisha Miles
« Last post by DEXES on Today at 12:45:17 PM »
Okay so everything before the portals seems okay now though you did forget to say what would happen if someone stayed inside the portal hole while it was closing or disappearing

o It may happen that the portals close while something or someone is still in there. If this Person or thing is more that 50% through the portal, it will being plast out of it, due to pressure. If the person is less than 50% in the portal it will be thrown back through the other portal.
Beacon Academy / Re: Change Amongst The Crew [CLOSED-Team ASTC]
« Last post by Mikelobmike on Today at 10:33:26 AM »
Teddy ate a punch to the back of the head, rolling forward and spinning on his knee. There was no way he was going to be faster than him. "And this is a chance to see if you can keep up with your mouth." he said, the taunting starting to get to him. Now was not the time to start letting his emotions get the better of him, but dammit if Calen was pushing him close to it.

Considering his other strategies had no effect, Teddy activated his semblance. In a rush of speed, Teddy made two quick downward hammer strikes followed by a midsection sweep. He needed to keep up the pressure in order to find some weak point in Calen's defense.
The Vale Region / Re: Malina's Magnificent Mission! [Closed]
« Last post by nathan67003 on Today at 09:13:13 AM »
This wasn't good. In fact, this was starting to get relatively terrifying. Her eternal shadow of a smile had started to fade away, now almost completely gone. She had to get everyone out of there, as fast as possible. She had several ideas for now, but let's start with the least... unfun one.

Helena took a deep breath and, maintaining her position of not-looking, answered. "Malina, something is indeed very wrong in there. All of you that've gone in - Teddy, yourself, Calen - aren't the same. Your personalities, or at least behaviours, are entirely different. Teddy, you and Calen were very visibly nervous and even fearful of what may be behind walls as tall as Beacon Tower where there previously was a simple, if prosperous, village. Now not only do you try to stay in there, but Calen seems to be breaking down, Teddy is proceeding forwards with what I can only hear is an utter lack of caution and you yourself seem to have entirely forgotten your state of mind a minute or two prior, all of which are complete 180s of your general behaviours during the rest of the mission.

Please, something is very abnormal in there and you need to get out now.
" Her tone was legitimately getting imploring at the end. If this didn't do it, she'd have to resort to drastic measures.

...Whatever Cobe was up to. Hopefully, watching her back.
WiP Characters / Lugh Bragris
« Last post by Ryo on Today at 06:40:20 AM »

Name: Lugh Bragris

Age: 17 , born in 4th day of the 7th month.

Species and Gender: Human Male

Spoiler: show

Occupation: 1st year student at Beacon Academy, Self-proclaimed Magician

Lugh has a fair complexion, a slim body and stands 5 feet and 7 inches tall, with the weight of 130 lbs. He has indigo hair and dark blue eyes. He always has this carefree look on his face which sometimes looks goofy.

His outfit of choice is a black formal suit, black pants, a pair of black leather shoes, and a pair of white cotton cloves. He also has his signature dark violet cape and a black top hat. In school, he normally wears his school uniform, overlapped by his dark violet cape and wears his top hat, though, sometimes, he take his hat off when attending classes. His casual wear is usually plain t-shirts and blue pants together with his signature cape and top hat.

Lugh lived his childhood traveling around the world, together with his family. His family work as a part of a travelling carnival, moving from town to town to perform and entertain. The travelling carnival consist of different types of people with different pasts, hunters, thieves, bandits, retired military. Different people with different pasts, but has nothing left for them but to make the world smile. Growing up as a part of a travelling carnival, Lugh learned how to be a performer at an early age. At the age of 10, he performs magic tricks to his audience. Lugh loves what he does and is passionate at his job.

Working in a travelling carnival is difficult, considering that most of the world is infested by the creatures of Grimm. It’s rare to travel from one to another without encountering a pack of Beowolves, or a flock of Nevermore. Nevertheless, the carnival managed to defend themselves against these encounters. For many years, they risk their lives travelling around the world, just to entertain the people. In their travels, Lugh’s eyes are opened to the cruelty of the world. He saw ruined villages, and abandoned towns while travelling. Towns that are once rich and fruitful, now a pile of rubble, a horrible nightmare of the past.

Lugh decided that he wants to help other people. Instead of performing for the people, he wants to save them. The more people he saves, the more people will be able to watch his performance, that’s what he thought. He dreams to make a world a safer place for him to perform in front of thousands of audiences. He told his parents that he wanted to become a hunter. At first, his parents didn’t approve of this. But Lugh has already decided. He saved enough money to enroll at a combat school. His parents have no choice but to let him go and pursue his dreams. They give him extra money for his journey. Before he left the travelling carnival, his parents told him that, once he leaves, he can’t perform in their travelling carnival anymore. But Lugh is already decided, he’ll become a hunter and an entertainer at the same time.

Pursuing his dreams, he enrolled at Beacon Academy. Believing that he can both be a hero and an entertainer at the same time, saving people with a smile.

Lugh is your average happy-go-lucky person. He is kind and carefree. Most of the times he wears an idiotic look on his face. He likes performing for the crowd, showing them his magic tricks. Of course, most people would just ignore him, he still makes an effort to put up a show, even if no one’s watching.

He is easygoing and calm. In some situations, he still jokes around even when he is in trouble. He tries to lighten up the mood every time that everyone is feeling down. He is optimistic, and believes, everything would go well. He can be quite clumsy sometimes, and act foolishly.

He’s an entertainer by heart, and always find a way to make any scene a show. He’s makes a fool out of himself, just to make others laugh. He also likes to joke around with people, usually pulling off lame jokes and terrible puns, ending his sentences with “badumm tss..” which leaves most people face palmed (if that’s a word).

At the end of the day, making everyone happy is all that matters to him.

Aura and Semblance:
Lugh’s aura glows indigo in color.

Lugh is able to create black colored glyphs which can scan anything. The glyph can scan living things as long as it doesn’t move. The glyphs scan by starting at the base of the object then it moves upward until it reaches the top most part of the object being scanned. The size of the object does not matter, as long as the object is static. The scan time depends on the size of the object. For example, Lugh can scan a regular basketball with the radius of 9.5 inches for about 3 seconds, an average human with the height of 5 feet and 9 inches for about 20 seconds. However, the larger the object that is being scanned, the more aura will be used.

After scanning, Lugh can create white colored glyph to set as a drop off point, and with a flick of a finger, Lugh can create a replica of the scanned object on the drop off point. If the scanned object is a living thing, it creates a replica of the living thing the exact same pose when it is being scanned. The replica is just an illusion. It holds no mass, but is a solid object. Once the replica is hit by a good amount of force it poofs out of existence, leaving a cloud of smoke.

Lugh can scan a maximum of 3 objects. If he scans a new object, it overrides the first object he scanned. Also, he can only create 3 replicas at the same time. If there are already 3 replicas created, then he creates a new replica, the first replica poofs out of existence. A replica can last up to 2 minutes before its poofs out.

Combat Behavior:
Lugh is more defensive in combat. His style is blocking and parrying incoming attacks with his cane, and waits for the right time to strike. He efficiently uses his semblance to escape when he’s in a pinch. He is quick on his reflexes, and is good at countering attacks. He lacks strength, although, he makes up for it by being able to block most incoming attacks with his cane. Even in combat he is still clumsy, and does not have a plan. He just does whatever as long as it keeps him alive. He also likes to fool around and joke even when in combat. Telling lame jokes and terrible puns can sometimes deal a great amount of damage, that, or just pissed his enemy even more.


Name: It’s Showtime!
Primary Form:
Iron Cane
The Weapon’s storage form. A regular iron cane, which can be carried around. The cane has the length of 2 feet and 9 inches. It is also extendable, and extends up to 4 feet and 6 inches. It can be used to block attacks and smack enemies.

Secondary Form:
Automatic Dart Shooter
The base of the iron cane opens up and shoots out dust darts, which explodes in contact. The cane can either shoot a single concentrated dart shot or 3 consecutive dart shots. A cartridge where the dust darts is loaded is located near the handle of the cane.

Lugh crafted the weapon himself. He decided to go for a simple weapon that matches his forte.


Deck of Cards – A deck of cards which are made up of flexible aluminum. The cards are sharp enough to cut through thin armor, such as a leather vest or a chainmail. The cards can also be infused with dust to have elemental effects.

Birds and Bunnies – in some occasions, he keeps a couple of living birds and bunnies under his cape for his magic tricks. Although, it seems like it wouldn’t help in combat, he still brings them anyway for the show.

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