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The Vale Region / Re: The Lion's Blade[Plot][Closed]
« Last post by Koop on Today at 09:55:51 PM »
Overall, the battle was a turning out a little different than one might usually expect. The Grimm were being even more aggressive than average. While they tend to do nothing but seek to destroy, these ones ran like their butts were on fire.

As the dust cleared, more than a few of the swarm of Creeps survived Fallow's attack. There were 15 of them still running at full speed toward both Fallow and Akeldama. Two more were recovering from the blast, and it looks like three did not survive. The distance Fallow gained from knocking himself back gave him a few extra moments, but being on the ground meant extra time spent. Standing up is time-consuming!

The massive Ursa caught up to Airi a little sooner than she anticipated. It did not seem to pay any attention to the time remnants left Airi was leaving behind. With one of its claws, it swept at her legs to bring her off balance while its right fore leg came downward, its claws fully extended as it attempted to crush her into the ground.

Graham and the smaller Ursa met rapidly, and the Ursa swiped with both of its fore legs from opposing directions, an attempt to grab Graham and impale him on its lengthy claws.
Beacon Academy / Re: By Sword and Shield, We Rise [CLOSED]
« Last post by MonsterManic on Today at 09:50:36 PM »
Well. This went from cheerful to deep real quick. Setsuna listened attentively to Rory's dilemma, running it through in his head, matching and comparing Rory's experience to his own, making decisions quickly and analysing his current situation. Factor in what he experienced during their practice spar...Back it up with what Rory mentioned...

"...Alright." Setsuna finally said. "Let's take this one at a time. First off, I've had similar experiences--though I can't say mine were are bad as yours. You're right that a strong defence is good to have, but it does help to have an offensive option. That being said, considering your aforementioned problem with weapons, you said you can't force your aura into weapons. Have you considered your fists? They're a part of your body, so it shouldn't be too hard. In addition, while your shields are mainly defensive, they can be altered to help in your offense. Take mine for example. While it's a shield like yours, it has options that I can fall back on if ever I get disarmed."

"Unlike me, you can't be disarmed. That means, if you use your shields for attacking, that's one advantage you have over your opponent. Shield bashing, using the surface to deflect attacks--those are techniques you exhibited in our match. However, those require you to get in close--and you don't have many options, which is why I'm suggesting using your fists as well. In addition, that short aura burst is a powerful tool, but it also requires you to get in close--which you did easily."

"You're an excellent tactician. That much is plain to see, how you managed to hit me with your semblance even while I was in burst mode. You kept a clear head, able to think of ways to maintain distance from me, even under pressure. Use that mind of yours and outsmart your opponent. Counterattack after luring them into an attack. Those shields of yours are good for deflecting, redirecting force. That leads to many opportunities like that aura burst of yours. As for your semblance... Honestly? I don't know how I can help." he finished, ashamed that he couldn't completely support Rory. Rory had potential. He could help with that. But his semblance was a completely different subject.
Zabar used his missed shot to spin back around, following Nathan with his eyes. 'Not getting away that easy.' He thought as he saw Nathan begin to recover himself and jab forward toward his knees. He quickly dropped to his own knee and punched down against staff, attempting to pin it to the ground as he brought his right arm upward into an uppercut. As the momentum from the uppercut pull him upward, he chose not to resist and rose up from then ground, hoping the uppercut lifted Nathan up as well and followed up with a left hook to his chest.

[Aura: 50%]
[Right Uppercut: 10%+2%]
[Left Hook: 7%+2%]
Set? Setsuna thought, a slightly amused smile coming to his face as he dragged his stuff over to where Taro was lying, before collapsing next to him along the wall. Turning to look at his unconscious teammate, he checked up on him, before rustling through his backpack to see if he had any spare water. It turned out he had, along with his scroll, which was buzzing with an unknown message, the same as the one currently being ignored by Calen, though Setsuna didn't know that. After trying to give Taro some water (he refrained from mouth-to-mouth), he turned his focus to the jumbled and static-y message, attempting to understand more.
As the hit connected on the arm of a very quick to react Zabar, Nathan's Aura flashed bright white enough to become the dominant source of light for a few dozen meters. Almost instantly, he felt the urge to bend forward, in a vain attempt to annihilate the sensation of blood leaving his head. Still in the thick of it, he was unable to do much more than take the hit when Zabar launched one right into his stomach.

He did, however, find the strength to roll to his right immediately afterwards, the scorching hot hand on his shoulder proving to be mildly stimulating. As he landed and he didn't feel like he was a quarter of the way through fainting, he used the occasion to send a half-hearted jab at Zabar's left knee.

(Aura: 64%)
(Swing at knee: 4% + 2% Fire damage + 2% Lightning damage)
Zabar saw Nathan run up to him as the fireball flew past, exploding behind him and causing the arena to light up once more. In the flash of light, he brought his right arm up to block the staff, a loud clang erupting as, for a moment, it seemed like it had worked. Then, as the moment passed, Zabar felt his arm ripped down toward the ground with is body following suit, quickly slamming his arm into the ground and his head down next to it. Everything went fuzzy for a moment as he could hear the muffled voice of Vulco screaming about some table being broken in half. As the fuzziness faded from his vision, he lifted himself and slammed his fist into the ground, creating another loud clang.

"That's what I'm talkin' 'bout!" He yelled as he lifted himself up off the ground and back into a fighting stance. "That's what I've been waiting for!" The chambers in his gauntlets spun around and landed on the fire and lightning canisters. The gauntlets began to glow a searing red and crackled with electricity as Vulco's voiced filled the arena once more, screaming out "ARENAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA SHIIIIIIIIIFT!
" Just as the pillars came sliding back into the ground, the around around the edge of the arena shone with a reflective light, almost as if glass had encased the field.

Zabar smiled and ducked forward toward Nathan, elbowing the staff out of his way and grabbing onto his shoulder with his right hand, sending a searing hot pain into the boy. Then, just as quickly as he grabbed him, Zabar rocketed his fist toward Nathan's gut, expecting him to double over, he pulled back his right arm and slammed a powerful right hook directly toward the side of Nathan's head.

[Aura: 54%]
[Grab with Fire Gauntlet: 2%]
[Left Gut Punch: 7%+2%]
[Right Hook: 10%+2%]
The Vale Region / Re: The Lonely Road [Shard INC] [Closed]
« Last post by Glow on Today at 06:17:47 PM »
The sudden movement left the two beowolves trying to move away from the flurry of motion, trying to cover one another. As the staff strike came in from one side, the beast ducked down, attempting to move out the way, but still taking a glancing blow that raked into the tough bone, getting somewhat jammed into it. However, it doesn't manage to dodge the following slam from the giant glowing hand, being pushed into the ground with a yowl. Its partner growls, trying to take advantage of the two temporarily motionless hunters, leaping over the other alpha and trying to bite down onto Juno's shoulder, then barrel into Brook.


The constant flames keep the beowolves away from Michael, forming a natural barrier against them. If natural counted as shredded and ignited fire dust lining the ground like napalm, burning any of them that tried to push their luck away. Reyva's more aggressive movements quickly dispatch the nearby Grimm, but they keep trying to move together and back, trying to block their passage to the Alphas, growling and waiting till the hunters moved before making any response.
As Zabar came into view, Nathan could clearly see another fireball, nearly mesmerizing by its convection and haphazard rolling and tumbling. He readied to run away, dodge, or otherwise once again.

Then Zabar landed on a pilar close by, and... jumped... off...


Whilst becoming vaguely aware that the fireball had now left Zabar's care and was hurtling towards him, Nathan started running. Right at the Vacuan. Or at least, his predicted landing spot.

Not getting far enough away by the time the fireball lost its integrity, Nathan got slightly singed - well, okay, not slightly, he got outright burned - by the expanding mass. However, he held strong, using all the power he could to swing the hardest swing possible right at Zabar's back.

The hardest he could.

(Aura: 75%)
(Swing at back: 12% + 3% Fire damage + 3% Lightning damage + 33% from semblance activation upon contact)
Before following Calen inside after what seemed to have been a relaxing eternity wrestling antiques into submission, Anna sat Taro along the external wall and called out to Setsuna. "Hey, Set! Watch over Taro for a bit, please!" This being said, she followed Calen inside.

There was so much dust everywhere, nearly all surfaces had taken on a uniform grey look. She more or less followed Calen as he looked around, using her semblance's second stage to look at the very same things as him. As she was about to head downstairs to search for anything matching the description of 'relic', Calen talked to her. "Well, uh, I guess anything that could be considered old-ish and/or with some sort of historical or scientific significance could fit the bill. Preferably well-preserved. And dunno, maybe it's half symbolic? Sorta?", she finished before going down the stairs and ratcheting her semblance into third gear to actually see something.
AMA Section / Re: AMA/AMCA because I am bored AF
« Last post by Capta1n_Henry on Today at 04:44:11 PM »
I usually play video games or go to the school gym when I'm bored. Or I'll just go into town and take some pictures of what I find interesting.

When I'm bored, I'll usually go on a walk in the forest or I'll go tend to my garden in the city. I also tend to read a lot books in my spare time.
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