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Character Creation / Rachel Jonquil
« Last post by MonsterManic on Today at 05:04:44 PM »


Name: Rachel Jonquil

Nickname: Animal Whisperer

Age: 18, 29th of Niege

Species and Gender: Female Axolotl Faunus

Occupation: First Year Haven Academy Student

Appearance: Standing 5'3, Rachel is a small girl with hazelnut hair that drapes down her shoulders, light grey eyes, black irises, a semi-permanent smile and behind her ears, twin sets of 3 axolotl gill stalks, light pink and very obvious. These are wider and larger than her ears with the capability to spread out, fold up, and waggle. They are also quite sensitive. She has very pale skin, comparable to an albino animal's. Other than that, she has no other faunus traits.
Rachel wears a yellow crop top under a white, short-sleeve bomber jacket, leaving her midriff completely exposed to the air. Black fitted pants with large pockets and calf-length grey boots with laces of yellow complete the look. An interesting note is that she has no belts, ribbons, or jewellery on her outfit, nor her symbol. There is no space for weapon storage, nor any bag slung over any shoulder. Her outfit itself is noticeably patched up and fixed in several spots.

History: It is said that the greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the Faunus, even in Mistral where the harsh words were slung around less frequently than most and the more physical side of things were kept to a minimum. The Faunus in Mistral were shunned and mistreated, given unideal tasks and forced to carry them out, and any pleas for mercy were cut off by words along the lines of "Why are you complaining, your fellow degenerates in Atlas are suffering far worse, you should be thankful that I'm treating you this well".

Such were the living conditions that one suffering young Faunus child was born into--in a zoo, no less. Remarkably similar to that story in a holy book, but remove the manger, the onlookers and the shelter and you have Rachel's birth. These horrible environments and no medical aid left Rachel incredibly weak from birth, and it took all her mother had and more to afford the medicine Rachel needed to even survive. This wasn't helped by the medical staff charging extra simply because her mother was a Faunus like her. With no father to help take care of Rachel, Rachel's mother had to work with her strapped to her back--tending to animals, feeding unruly beasts, cleaning up after them and sweeping the zoo before and after closing hours--which was an agonising job since she was forced straight back to work after childbirth. The first day came close to killing her. It was only the thought that Rachel would have no-one to take care of her that kept her going. And going. And going.

She wasn't superhuman. No person on Remnant could survive the labours of childbirth, the backbreaking work, and the unending torrent of abuse from staff and visitors alike, least of all one exhausted, underfed, and mentally broken mother. When the inevitable happened and her mother collapsed on the job inside the tiger pen, the onlookers stared. Stared. And moved on. It was just another Faunus who had hit rock bottom. Just another unremarkable event in their everyday life.

What happened next was definitely not unremarkable.

A soft noise, almost mistakable for a purr, emitted from the pen. Witnesses to that scene described it as "a young child walking up to a tiger and pulling its tail." Instead of roaring it's displeasure, the tiger looked back at the young Rachel. And sat. Allowed Rachel to climb onto its back, enduring the pinches and yanks at its fur. Moved to stand protectively over Rachel's unconscious mother. Needless to say the staff and Rachel's mother got quite the shock when they arrived and her mother woke up. She nearly fainted again when Rachel waved at her gleefully from atop the tiger's back.

This wasn't a one-time occurrence, either. With every animal in the zoo, including potentially dangerous species, Rachel elicited the same results, every animal becoming docile and allowing her to play with them. Rachel's mother could only attribute this to the long-term contact with the animals, long enough that the animals recognised Rachel as a non-threat. Or, perhaps, the animals secretly sympathised with the Faunus. They certainly weren't about to turn it down, either way. As Rachel grew older, she was able to help her mother with her job and lessen her workload. This was further helped by her bonds with the animals turning what once was a potentially dangerous job into an enjoyable one. Rachel further adopted a cat given to her by a child and quickly fell in love with it.

Despite this, their situation hadn't improved much. More people were visiting the zoo, curious to witness Rachel's "talents" and willing to turn a blind eye to her Faunus heritage. Thanks to this, Rachel's mother was getting paid and treated better, but they were still in a tight spot. Still, there was one question unanswered: Where did Rachel's bonds come from?

This was answered one day when a staff member told Rachel there was a Huntress to see her. At that point Rachel had no clue what a Huntress was, and her reaction was "Is it another animal?" She was half-right--the Huntress was a Faunus like her, and she reckoned she had the answer. It may have been Rachel's Semblance, and she was willing to train Rachel to help her discover it. There was another reason--she, like most of the Faunus who ever saw them in her situation, was sympathetic. However, what separated her from the rest was that she had something that could help. Eager to get her mother out of her horrible predicament, Rachel eagerly accepted. After 5 years of training, Rachel had unlocked her Semblance (It had something to do with her "talents" after all) and was entering Haven with a recommendation from her teacher/Huntress.

Personality: Rachel's almost transparent when it comes to emotions and thoughts. Sure, she'll try and hide her facial expressions, limit her body language, but there's no hiding her Faunus traits. Action speaks a thousand words, they say, and there's no one who fits the bill better than Rachel. Depending on her mood, her axolotl stalks will perform various actions not unlike cat's ears. Feeling happy? Stalks fan out. Sad? They droop visibly. Nervous? Not only do the stalks stand on end, the minuscule hairs on each stalk do as well. Not only are her Faunus features the ones that stand out the most, they're the ones that define her emotions too.

Apart from her Faunus traits showing her emotions even if she doesn't want to, Rachel is a rational thinker. She thinks everything through before carrying them out. This applies to her words and her actions, both in and out of combat. Rachel plans most things ahead and gets flustered if they go awry, though she is not a slow thinker and can usually scramble up a backup plan if the original gets ruined. She does not take this to the extreme, usually just making one precise plan with one backup option.

As an Axolotl Faunus, Rachel cannot stand the heat. She prefers cooler climates such as Mistral, where the high hills provide cool, fresh air. This has influenced her choice of clothing where she exposes as much skin as she feels comfortable to cool herself down. If the temperatures go above the 25's celcius, she starts feeling headaches, ramping up to feeling faint and collapsing. This doesn't affect her health too much, being only a slight negative of being a axolotl Faunus.

Being a Faunus and having lived with animals her whole life, Rachel knows them really well. She can understand specific sounds, facial expressions, movements and cater to their needs. This applies to a very wide range of species, and she has a natural connection to animals, in which she can easily endear herself to other animals. Subsequently, she feels more at ease with animals than with humans. She owns a pet cat called Katniss, which she can summon a copy of using her semblance. Doing so makes her more at ease with her surroundings.

Rachel has had bad experiences with Faunus racism, toward both her and her mother. She is looked at with distrust due to the White Fang's activities within Mistral. This has led to her developing a bad mindset that humans are generally horrible toward Faunus, and disliking the White Fang for giving all Faunus this bad impression. While not agreeing with their methods of violence, she retains a certain degree of respect toward the Fang for having the courage to stand up for them.

Aura and Semblance: Aura Color--Jonquil Yellow/#F4CA16

Being an axolotl Faunus, while cumbersome in normal life circumstances, has carried over a powerful trait in terms of her survival: Axolotls have one of the strongest regeneration capabilities of any animal, and this translates to Rachel's Aura regeneration too. Her healing rate is vastly stronger than other humans, but healing major wounds still requires the aid of a medic. Note that this does not increase the speed at which her Aura regenerates, and is of little help in combat.
Spoiler: show

To put into perspective, axolotls can have their spinal cords crushed, their limbs cut off at any section, even their brain damaged, and it will regenerate. No scarring, no physical defects, nothing. Every tissue is replaced. Of course, this won't be the case with Rachel, but the point is there.

Semblance: Wild Advent--Rachel can, by means of using her own aura reserves, summon a selection of animals to assist her in combat, or other purposes. She is limited in this regard to animals she has shared a close connection to, and can only have one animal by her side at any given time. In addition, these animal summons have a limited area in which they can exist--20 meters from Rachel at any given point, no direct sight needed. These summons have no time duration, look like Weiss's summons but with yellow, and can be de-summoned at any time. However, any summons active will de-summon if she loses consciousness (eg. fall asleep)

These animal summons can be ordered by Rachel via thought to carry out various actions, and have limited degrees of sentience. They can warn Rachel of enemies inbound, lead her to water or food, but not make decisions on their own. It must be noted that once Rachel has used her aura to summon said animals, they count as separate entities with their own aura reserves, as much as Rachel has sacrificed to summon the animal. She does not take damage if the animal takes damage. Rachel cannot physically control the animal, cannot look through their eyes, does not have their senses, and cannot speak to them. However, if they can carry out an action she orders, they will do it. If a summon is within touch when Rachel de-summons them, she will regain whatever Aura the summon had, up to the maximum summon cost. This helps with survival more than combat.

Rachel has currently forged tight enough bonds with 5 animals to summon them via Wild Advent. These animals all have names and are normally used for more than one purpose. When summoned, the animal summons have an extra 50% aura added on from their summon cost for their "health".


Jun--Bengal Tiger (20% Aura) (30% "HP")
-Jun is the first animal Rachel has ever succeeded in summoning with Wild Advent, and the summon she uses most often. Apart from fighting, Rachel uses Jun as a mode of transport, as well as a sort of steed since her weapons are too short to use on horseback. Claws and jaws are Jun's weapons and he uses them well.

Haku--Peregrine Falcon (10% Aura) (15% "HP")
-Haku is mainly used in combat to harass enemies, as well as her method to temporarily distract airborne foes that her weapons lack the range to hit. Haki is also used to fish in rivers from time to time.

Katniss--Cat (3% Aura) (4% "HP")
-Katniss is the only summon that serves no purpose in battle. Instead, she serves as moral support, being cute, being Rachel's favourite animal, and an excellent mousetrap.

Alvis--Boa Constrictor (15% Aura) (22% "HP")
-Used solely for combat, Alvis, as a boa constrictor, can bite (no venom) and coil around a limb, restricting movement. Rachel uses the summon as a landmine of sorts, having Alvis strike and slither away to another position. However, the fact that her summons are glowing yellow don't help.

Nathaniel--Grizzly Bear (20% Aura) (30% "HP")
-Nathaniel fufills the role of a pseudo-tank, being a hulking grizzly bear that can stand on two feet. Nathaniel can also be ridden, and by more than one person at a time unlike Jun.

Combat Behavior: Rachel's fighting style rotates around her Semblance. More specifically, which animal she has currently summoned. However, she is still capable of fighting without any animal summons, but her effectiveness in combat is reduced due to the her reliance on her Semblance.

W/O Semblance: Rachel fights up close with her twin katars, using them the way they were intended to: punching knives. While good at close-quarters, her strength is mediocre, meaning she relies more on agility than power to win her fights. In addition, when alone, she comes up with a combat strategy based upon exploiting the opponent's weakness and goes with it, rarely backing out even if the enemy has caught on. This leads to her own weakness being potentially used against her.

W/ Jun: The most used animal summon, Rachel rides Jun into battle, using her short katars as slashing weapons that can reach enemies due to Jun's proximity to the floor, compared to a horse which would leave her weapons too far away. Jun is more oriented toward striking hard and fast while trying to take as little damage as possible, and Rachel normally creates opportunities for the tiger to get in close and savage his foes. While mounted, Rachel assumes a cavalry charge, singling out an opponent and circling them with repeated charges.

W/ Haku: Haku is chosen when there is an enemy that is out of reach of both Rachel's katars and SMGs. Used mainly as a distraction tool, she creates opportunities for Rachel to slip in under an enemy's guard while they are distracted. Alternatively, Haku can be used to engage airborne enemies and hopefully bring them in range of her dual SMGs. In addition, Haku acts as a scout to warn Rachel of far-off enemies. Due to her small stature, Haku has little bulk and is easily dispatched with one heavy blow.

W/ Alvis: When stealthy eliminations are needed, Alvis is summoned to sneak up to opponents and bite, before sliding away to wait for another opportunity. Rarely used in a head-on brawl, Alvis can warn Rachel of landlocked enemies approaching.

W/ Nathaniel: If a big, bulky tank is needed, Nathaniel can draw some fire away from Rachel in times of need due to the bear's intimidating build and size. He is normally used in scenarios where time is needed or pressure needs to be relieved. Alternatively, he can transport up to 4 people on his back, whereas Jun can only carry 1 swiftly.


Names: Navi and Fi

Katar Form: Navi and Fi are twin katars, comprised of two sections: a katar with handle and a shield/gauntlet hybrid.

Like a normal katar, Rachel grips a handle attached to the main section of the punching blade. However, the handle is attached to a small shield placed above her forearm and ending at her knuckles. The shield has a line running through the entire length of the metal. Under the shield is a small box that is hidden from sight, attached to the main katar handle and is the thing holding the shield in place.

SMG Form: During the transformation to her weapon's ranged form, the katar blades split in half and rotate to the sides of her fists like prongs on a crossbow. The shields split in half as well, along the lines running down the shield, and they cover the sides of Rachel's arms creating a 3-sided rectangular cover for her forearms. In the space that the shield has now created, a small, single-barrel SMG locks into place, and can be fired from Rachel's wrists if she tenses her forearms. Weapon magazines can be loaded onto the top of the SMG, but must be unclipped before transformation.

Storage Form: The katar blade fully splits and folds around her wrist, exposing a blunt edge facing outwards. This allows Rachel to wriggle her fingers without dropping the twin weapons, but does not completely free up her hands. Otherwise, she keeps these constantly in her weapon locker or on her arms, making it slightly cumbersome while out on missions.

History: Weapons that could be used on tigerback were limited, so Rachel put the two most affordable weapons together and created Navi and Fi with the help of her teacher/Huntress. Easy enough to learn, these weapons brought her through the combat test in Haven.
The Vale Region / Re: Songs of Peril [Closed]
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Anov couldn't have been more different from Vona, as near as Rory could tell. Vona had an air of desperation about it, a bitter and stubborn determination that brought to mind plants growing up through cracks in the concrete... Anov may as well have been a rich-soil flower bed by contrast. The people seemed content and, if Carafe was any indication, well fed, but that was to be expected when a village was both fully enclosed and self-sufficient for food. Still, Rory didn't really feel any more at ease here than he did in Vona, regardless of the chief's generosity. The persistent feeling of something being off was the one thing Anov and Vona definitely shared.

Still, the fact that this village's chief liked to run his mouth so much was advantageous. As painful as it was to listen to him chew with his mouth open, the shield fighter learned more about the situation from the chief's offhand comments than he'd been able to get out of the chief of Vona. Gaud had already mentioned that conflicts here involved both fighting and a bitter trade dispute, but from here he could start to see the outlines of how that came to be. Anov was the region's bread basket, its main source of food; Vona, then, seemed the village best outfitted with warriors and weapons. What Navo contributed he could only guess at, but it seemed abundantly clear that these three communities each had something the others needed... and weren't willing to trade away lightly.

The thought that Anov might be slowly starving out the other two -- well aware that they were doing so, at that -- put Rory instantly in a sour frame of mind. Carafe's shameless comments towards Camelia didn't help either. He kept an eye on her to see how she responded, ready to back up however she chose to handle this double-chinned lech.
Sixty thousand Lien. Sixty thousand, all of it in various small-denomination cards that would make spending it without drawing unwanted attention that much easier. Back aboard the Red Corsair Cordell couldn't help but take a peek inside the huge case as she sorted the received supplies; she had to admit, the sight of so much money at once was nearly enough to make her giddy, at least when she wasn't considering what she was being paid to do. More practically, she made sure to systematically sweep the almost-a-suitcase in search of hidden signal or listening devices, using her Semblance to double-check the work of her eyes. It seemed clean and clear...

Once back in the ship's cockpit, Cordell wasted no time in sending out a call to the transponder she'd given Rachael. "So, Ms. Mysterious, seein' as ye just hired yerself a pirate an' all, it seems fittin' we chat en route t' th' job site before th' weather starts degradin' th' signal. Just who's runnin' this show'a yours? I get that some clients prefer anonymity, but most of 'em don't also have secret island bases an' intent t' throw a wrench in th' works'a equally secret weapons programs. Forgive me sayin' so, but this shindig has 'spy agency' or th' like written aaaaaaaaall over it. Th' resources, th' methods, th' whole shebang, like somethin' outta comic books. Am I wrong?"

"Either way, it's time I knew about you lot -- and th' target. What am I stealin', exactly? Bomb? Mech? Airship? Some sorta toxin? Please don't say it's a toxin..."

"Well... crap."

Aside from attacks by Grimm and... well, pirates, there was arguably no greater danger to any airship than a Dust-infused storm. Natural ones were bad enough, highly unpredictable with a nasty penchant for destruction, but when any sort of mined-up Dust -- even the unrefined stuff -- got mixed up in a weather pattern it stood to make things just that much worse. They were mercifully rare, but she'd seen one of the odd occasion over the course of her career. That said, the one displayed on her screens right now was an absolute monster by comparison. Flying into that would basically be suicide. She could likely get onto the target ship before it sailed in... but getting out afterwards? That would be a trick.

"Okay... so, here's how we're gonna play it." Cracking her knuckles and then stretching out her fingers, Cordell laid out a low-to-the-water approach trajectory that would but them directly behind the transport. "Get me in close enough for boardin' via zipline, then withdraw to... here." She marked a small speck of an island about thirty klicks southeast. "Land, bunker down, and wait fer orders. If ye come under threat, use th' standard protocols."

"With any luck this won't be nearly as crazy as it looks."

"I still calculate the risks of this mission as being exceptionally high, captain. I urge you to be careful." Del paused, a pair of new markers suddenly appeared on the local map. "Captain, sensors just picked up two more craft: a large transport boat and a small armed escort. They appear to be heading for the storm as well."

"Could be part o' this weapons test business as well. Have they spotted us?"

"I cannot be certain. These weather conditions are helping to conceal our approach but the weather anomaly is also causing disruptions to our stealth systems. I estimate their current effectiveness at between forty and seventy percent."

"So we can't rely on surprise... speed it is, then." Rising from the pilot's seat, the captain checked over her approach trajectory one last time with a slow, hopeful nod. "Okay, bring us in Del. Here goes nothing."

Seen from outside, the Red Corsair was a crimson shadow cutting its way through the winter gale, sweeping in low and riding just above the churning waves to avoid the worst of the storm winds. The main hatch of the jump room slid open as the pirate airship closed in on the transport, a large harpoon gun on a large mechanical arm lowering from the opening to take aim. Inside Cordell operated the targeting controls, her hair whipping about freely as the bluster from outside swept in; she'd have to keep her beloved hat tucked away for now or risk losing it to the tempest.

She'd need to be close to pull this off anything resembling safely. Fortunately the big boat didn't have any onboard guns so there was no risk of getting shot down at this range, but close quarters under these conditions was still not a simple thing. She watched the rangefinder tick down, knowing that the longer this boarding maneuver took the greater danger there would be from the storm. 250 yards... 200... 150... She was close enough now to paint the target of her landing zone, then hand it off to Del for windspeed calculations. 100 yards... 50 yards and closing...

With a loud burst of compressed air, the magnetic harpoon fired and sailed through the air, anchoring itself to the hull just above one of the exterior doors. After a moment the line went taut, the airship matching the speed of its target. Pulley-hook in hand, Cordell stepped up to the line and took a deep breath. There would be no turning back after this.

"... I must be outta me damned mind." She muttered. A few moments later she was sailing through the tumultuous air, speeding down the long metal cable as snow whipped across her face. The landing was rough; the boat's hull came up quicker than she'd thought, having to squint just to keep her eyes open in the storm, and as a result she didn't have nearly so much time or space to slow down as she would've preferred. Cordell hit the wall in a crouch, letting her legs absorb the impact before letting go and dropping onto the narrow, ice-slicked exterior walkway. Oh, she'd feel that come morning. Quickly picking herself up, she signaled her arrival and Delahaye deactivated the harpoon's magnet, reeling it back in before veering away from the impending Dust-weather.

"Okay," Braving the elements just a bit longer, Cordell pulsed her Semblance to make sure no one was waiting on the other side of the door, then pulled it open and made her way inside. "Belly o' th' beast time."
The Vale Region / Re: Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust (AGAT Initiation)
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Rubbing the sleep from her eyes, Aoife let out an unwomanly groan as she got to her feet. She hadn't been doing much in the way of sleeping during the night, her unfamiliarity with heights playing with her nerves just enough to keep any slips into slumber short and not at all sweet. For the last hour, Aoife had been bouncing between artists on her scroll without any sort of coherent pattern, the music audible to anyone sitting close to her. It was a nice surprise that she was able to even make use of the headphones, but a flight across the continent had some benefits, it seemed.

Snorting as she made her way past Tieren and his brand new headache, Aoife grabbed one of the cups of tea Sophos had left out for them and downed it immediately, gasping as the liquid travelled its scalding path through her body. "Oh that'll wake a person up alright. Nice choice Doc", she exclaimed while walking back to her seat and grabbing her rifle. Settling down, Aoife began performing the last minute checks on her gun, making certain the red dot sight was still working properly and that there weren't any issues with the trigger and safety. Her revolver wouldn't need any checks, she'd completely dismantled and cleaned it the day before, and Aoife knew it was in perfect condition.

Checking her equipment, though, gave her another opportunity to look over her new team. Mae seemed nice, almost suffocatingly so, reminding Aoife of a stereotypical best friend that you'd find on some TV show. Gavin, too, had given the opinion of being a nice guy, even if she'd given him a bit of a cold shoulder before. Sue her, she was tired, everyone knows you become ruder when you were tired, it was scientific fact.

Tieren seemed less of a sweetheart than the others, but that may have just been the situation at hand. He had to have something going for him if he'd been made team leader, after all, so Aoife, deciding to give the whole nice thing a go, threw him a bone. Well, a bone by her standards anyway.

"How's the head, Argus? Sword knock the cobwebs loose?".
For several long moments Jackson's ultimatum was met only with silence, a slight crackle of static being the chief confirmation that the comm line was in fact open. Then, just when it seemed no response was coming, a badly distorted and re-rendered voice came across. "This doesn't concern you. Stay out of our affairs and you won't get hurt." With that, the channel was cut.

The Red Corsair ans its pursuer continued to close, continuing to pull maneuvers to stay ahead of each other as they did. There was one noticeable difference following the captain's message, however: the attacking ship, until now only firing it's energy cannons in tightly controlled bursts, became more aggressive in its bid to take the pirate down. What they gained in rate of fire they lost in accuracy -- those shots which did hit were mostly glancing blows skimming across the hull, with only a comparative few landing direct strikes on the Red Corsair's rearward systems. Despite their big talk, the attacking Arrowhead seemed increasingly eager to end their chase before the CRG 212 could bring its guns to bear, and it was making them sloppy.

As the first warning shots came the Red Corsair, in a moment of daring reckless, banked hard towards them, only boosting away from the munitions at the last second -- a clear message from Cordell that she was willing to maximize the fire support from her impromptu ally for all it was worth. That seemed to give the attacking ship second thoughts; peeling away briefly, their attempt to re-engage came up short as the added distance allowed Cordell to whip her ship around and bring her own guns to bear for the first time since the engagement began. Trading fire as they darted and wove, the two Arrowheads moved closer and closer to the cargo ship's effective range. It made for quite the spectacle for Jackson's bridge crew to behold, each of the nimble combatants tracing ribbons of cyan light from their engines as they danced in deadly spins and pirouettes.

Just before it would have crossed over into CRG 212's combat range, the attacking airship abruptly banked hard left and boosted away, dodging retaliatory fire from the Red Corsair as it went. The ship's instruments would detect a long range transmission from the fleeing ship as it left, but the signal would sound like randomized noise.

Even breathing heavily from the exertion and g-forces she'd endured, Cordell managed a sigh of relief as she watched the other ship become a speck in the distance. That had been far too close. Even just a glance at her instrumentation made it perfectly clear that several systems had been compromised and the hull was likely pockmarked with holes, and that wasn't even a proper status check. She was alive, at least, and her ship, though battered, was in one piece and still sky-worthy. Taking a moment to catch her breath, she throttled back the engines to a nominal speed before switching on the comms.

"Red Corsair t'," She quickly checked the cargo ship's public IFF. "CRG two-one-two, thanks for th' assist. Ye really saved me bacon back there. Sorry t' get ye messed up in all that; th' blighter straight-up ambushed me an' I couldn't shake 'em till you stepped in. Godsdamned nightmare, that."
Beacon Academy / Re: Change Amongst The Crew [CLOSED-Team ASTC]
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He's going to change something up soon, Setsuna thought, listening to Calen's repeated attempts to slip past his shield synchronise with the music, clangs and scrapes not mixing very well with the sounds of Calen's tunes. Two more jabs, aimed at his face, came rushing in with the same speed as before, and he lifted his shield to block, resulting in two "pings" as they bounced off the surface once more. I hope Calen realises I'm not just holding it-- was all he managed to form into a cohesive thought before Calen gave an almighty yank on the shield and sent him rushing forward.

Deciding to use the momentum Setsuna gathered his feet under him and shield bashed Calen to force him away from his shield. Assuming Calen would be able to dodge the headlong rush easily with a pulse of his semblance he quickly slowed the rush and turned to whichever direction Calen would end up in.

Battle Stats:
     ▫ Aura Status: 98%

Damage Output:
     ▫ 4% Shield bash
Beacon Academy / Re: Change Amongst The Crew [CLOSED-Team ASTC]
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OK this would not do. Calen thought to himself spinning his weapon around for another strike. He can't just hide behind his shield the entire fight can he? Calen's thought process continued. But hold it did; again and again Calen's glaive coiled into it's snake like disk only to bounce off against his opponent's shield, again and again did Calen try to dance his way to Setsuna's side only to be cut off by the latter's foot work at the last moment. It was infuriating. Calm. Calen warned himself. Dancing backwards Calen kept moving in time with the music but as the song petered out his movements became slower, more precise as he continued to circle looking for an entry through Setsuna's guard.

Orbiting counter clock wise to try to get himself into one of Setsuna's blind spots on his shield side Calen loosed his stance but still moving in time. Standing completely upright Calen held his glaive in one hand, on the hilt and used it to flicker jab into Setsuna's face. Minimal force could be applied to the attack but Calen was counting on protective instinct to force Setsuna to block the attack regardless. This would be Calen's opportunity to break the stale mate, closing the distance with Setsuna's head, and therefore eyes, covered by his shield Calen hoped to grab the annoying sheet of metal and wrench it out of his leaders hands with the help of his semblance shooting Calen back. Failing that it may but the shields man off balance allow for some decent blows regardless and still keep initiative with the dancer.

Battle Data

Calen: Aura: 90%
          Semblance: 85%
          Attacks: Flicker Glaive stabs 2x2%
Rachael's smile impossibly grew even larger as Cornell selected some fabric options and gladly accepting the scroll back. 'Oh she will be so excited thank you so much.' The businesswoman began staring down at the device for a few moments before continuing. 'As for funds we have bank transfer or solid lien, both would be payed half now half on completion although the former would require another meeting and although I know I would love it, you might have other plans.... which I understand of course busy woman as you are.' Rachael continued hefting a briefcase of lien from out.... well out of no where it seems. Rachael simply turned to the female body guard, reached behind her and pulled it out. Of course brief case wasn't really the correct term. It was a mammoth thing and Rachael clearly struggled to deposit it on the table but the guards didn't move to assist.

Slightly out of breath Rachael then takes the transponder in her hands and looks over it with a critical eye. Examining the device closely the business woman fiddles with a few of the edges before nodding in acceptance. 'Two identities, easier that way actually. Can use each other as references and link through to make more cohesive identities. Actually fun fact because no kingdom outside of Atla...' Rachael trails off slightly before frowning nervously. 'Probably not fun for you but if you have any questions feel free to ask while you are in the air. I've got some paper work I should finish but I guess that is one of the benefits of being in charge.' Rachael finished walking past Cornell to open the door for her. The female body guard matched her movements step for step ended up right next to the table with Cornell's cash payment on.

'Half up front right? So that's 60,000. Contact us if the Corsair needs any repair work afterwards I know a mechanic who would love to get his hands on it. Temporarily and with you watching of course.... sure you wouldn't have it any other way. As for the identities any preferences for either just... well same as the questions, I've got your thingy' Rachael finished still grinning the same happy smile despite parting with quite frankly a ridiculous amount of money and the promise with even more to come plus whatever the identities are worth.

Cornell's ride to Atlas territory is without incident. The skies are mostly clear and keeping an eye/ear on the radio chatter the pirate captain also found them strangely free of aircraft. Still unfortunately despite the immense speed of the Red Corsair it could not beat mother nature and by the time our heroes found the ship which matched the identifier they had been given it was already half engulfed in the storm. Not fair off the coast the storm still had a significant amount of ice and strange colours can be seen in the storm. Dust filings. The storm must have uncovered some illegal mine dumping and was now filled with unrefined dust. The Red Corsair's sensors could pick up gout of flame, islands of ice serious boulders. Approach will be difficult but the Atlas transport ship hasn't gotten to the dust-infused heart of the storm yet but it was making steady progress. Whatever the ship's mission the crew seemed willing the risk life and limb for it.
Listening to the lot of them talk, Imber stood by the open door, holding onto the outside of the Bullhead for some level of support. Once they were done, he gave a small nod to each of them. "Alright. In case you've forgotten, I am Imber Mordred. Been a hunter for five years. I've lived this long by knowing when to fight, and when to back down. As I said, I'll be staying out of your hair, for the most part. That said, if I step in, I expect you all to listen to me. This isn't a casual stroll through the Emerald Forest, when the most danger you're in is getting bored of fighting Beowolves, or the more uncommon Deathstalker. I'm leaving Rory in charge until I need to step in." He gave a small nod to the young boy. He made the decision on the spot, but of out the lot of them, a defence specialist felt like the best choice. Time would tell if that proved to be the case.

After a brief pause, Imber pulled his scroll out, then held it against his left wrist. A second later, two bands of pale golden Aura appeared at the top and the bottom of his device, looping around his wrist and holding it in place. He pushed a few buttons and a second later, a map showed on the screen. He closed his eyes, concentrating on the image, then knelt down, touching a hand to the floor and letting his Semblance recreate the image, with a few minor alterations. A slightly raised area with a raised "forest" to the East, a meadow marked "plains" in every other direction. A small X marked "DZ" and a house shaped structure titled "Huntsman's Retreat. It all spread out from his fingertips, taking the same light gold glow as his Aura.

"This, here, is where we'll be dropping off. Half a mile from our primary objective. There is a path that runs from that point down south, away from Vale and towards other settlements. The Huntsman's Retreat is along the way, and what Intel has been gathered so far suggests that the Grimm in that area have been aggravated somehow. Normally, we wouldn't care. But this is going be be a problem for travellers and traders alike. So we have a  Search and Destroy mission." He paused for second, letting that sink in, before tapping the forest just to the side of The Retreat. "All of this is uncharted territory. That doesn't mean we haven't been through it, only that it changes so often there are no real, comprehensive maps of it. I've been through it a few times, and it's pretty rough. Larger Grimm have little respect for nature, so it's not too uncommon to see trees falling and changing the course of rivers. Rivers which will be no doubt overflowing thanks to the rain the past few days. We may have to go into the forest, but recon will have to be performed before that. Going in blind will just get us killed."

He kept his hand on the map for a few more seconds, then pulled it off, letting the map vanish into nothingness. "When we land, we make a beeline towards the target, set up shop and then plan our next move. The Huntsman's Retreat was built to survive a Grimm Incursion. Something this small will barely scratch the place. For any of the more studious among you, you'll have noticed no public records of blueprints. That doesn't matter. It's set out the same as any inn. Five rooms up stairs, another three in the basement, and a large open area for the bar. There's also a bunker below the basement, with a tunnel leading just outside the walls of Vale. If things go tits up, that's our escape plan. Everyone clear?"
'I don't believe so Avery, my family seems to focus more on aircraft in the past couple of years but I'm sure it will do regardless.' Dorian responded. Although it wasn't one of the Rothenburg creation Dorian was very happy with it compared to the much smaller vessel his team left on. Looked far more stable and durable. And stable, the stability was an important asset. Most of the functions for the ship where automated only requiring overseeing from personnel to continue as long as nothing went awry. There was however basic information regarding the manual operation on both the craft itself as well as more detailed stored on the student's scrolls.

Dorian allowed himself a small smile as the drifted out of the harbour, maybe this wasn't going to be so bad after all. The ship was so large he could almost forget he was on the sea if he kept his vision a bit higher than normal. Unfortunately his reprieve was broken by a woman screaming impossibly from on top of the hull. Perhaps slightly on edge Dorian immediately slammed the emergency lights, flashing lights and a quite but high pitched screech filled the ship. 'Topside now.' Dorian called out over the message system. Regardless of his uneasiness at sea Dorian wasn't going to show cowardice in front of two fellow students even those he considers lesser.

It would be hard to put into to words the disappointment Dorian feels when he sees Aurum standing smugly on top of the boat. Not even giving the jester a word beyond a disappointed sigh Dorian returns inside, now a fair bit out of the harbour they can risk going at higher speeds and Dorian used it as an excuse to get away for a while. Deeper water was full of all kinds of weird and wonderous creatures, dark shapes could be seen from the side of the ship and odd sonar signatures come in. The occasional bump against the side of the hull sent Dorian's teeth rigid and maybe-not-waves off in the distance.

After an hour the blizzard Lovis had warned had almost engulfed the ship.
 Ice and rain beat heavy down onto the hull and massive waves smashed rocked the boat side to side. Dorian had long since withdrawn to the lowest point of the ship until his voice once again came through the speakers. '...Radar is playing up ...but...looks like ...somethings approaching... fast. Go check on it, I'll go check the weapons.' Dorian muttered barely audible over the crashing storm. Through the naked eye nothing much could be seen except for the frequent flashing of lightning and strange odd splashes of colour.
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