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The Vale Region / Re: Relax, relax, Ok. [2/2] [limited]
« Last post by Kaliot on Today at 09:00:05 AM »
She nodded at Lavender's response. "Oh, we get to have you all to ourselves? How wonderful!" Sophea clapped her hands together. "Perhaps we could even play some of this Grimm and Dungeons!" She silenced herself for a moment. "On second thought, let's maintain this air of peacefulness. We don't want to be disturbing the other patrons with our rowdiness," she said despite have been a bit rowdy already.
Beacon Academy / Re: New Buds [Closed]
« Last post by Th3King0fChaos on Today at 08:57:24 AM »
As Ismael is walking and sketching he hears Nathan talk about his choice, "Should I move them more about? Wait...oh you mean I have no weapons. No I have this on me"[/glow]. He holds up his gauntlet and deploys the knife as he continues, "If we run into anything more than a few Beowolves, yes I would be of little help, but at that point we'd have bigger problems anyway".
Everywhere Else / Re: A Pinch of SALT [Closed]
« Last post by Kaliot on Today at 08:52:52 AM »
Avery unlocked his scroll and nodded. The two had eaten their fill, but before Avery could pay, Taylor beat him to the punch. His eyes lingered on the money for an extra second, the cogs in his brain churning as she had previously wondered if they could even afford the place and yet here they were. He waved over their waiter, requesting a receipt before leaving the scene.

A double-tap came from the dorm-room door before it busted open to an "I'm freeeeee!". Avery first glanced at the contraption then at Aurum. He raised his arms up in the air, walked over to Aurum, and placed an arm around his shoulder."Nice thing, bro. What are we going to do with it?" He grinned and gave a wink to Saffron. Avery was unfortunately never good at impersonating his brothers but here he was hoping.
Beacon Academy / Re: The Labor of Atlas [CLOSED] [ATLA-Initiation]
« Last post by MonsterManic on Today at 07:16:35 AM »
Tina had closed her eyes in anticipation for contact before Nero thankfully intervened, fighting off the Beowolf that had set it's sights on her. Thankful for the reprieve, she moved back a few paces and surveyed the battle. One was already down from Aurora's knives, while Gwylan was fighting the other.

Turning back to her own fight, one of Aurora's knives knocked the Grimm off balance. Taking this opportunity, Tina swiftly aimed and fired 6 rounds from Sunrise, hitting the back and head of the Beowolf, further knocking the beast away, though accidentally toward Nero. She then turned and, noticing the remaining Beowolf targeting Aurora, she took a step forward and fired a shot from Nightfall, mostly to deter it from attacking her unsuspecting leader. Another two shots would be fired as soon as it turned toward her.

The Beowolf that was targeting Tina was not happy at all about being interrupted. It bared its teeth and was about to attack when Nero did first, too confused with the girl's speed to be able to react well. It reacted quickly though, growling and jumping away from her, in the direction the group had come from, then turned to face Nero. It leaped once again, swiping a front leg at her.

In the meanwhile, Aurora nodded at Gwylan, pulling back the two knives embedding in the third Beowolf to then throw at the one that was starting to recover. They both stuck, one in its shoulder and the other in its abdomen. Taking advantage of the moment, Aurora removed her machetes from her back and descended upon the creature, ducking under a clumsy swipe and slashing at its legs to bring it to the ground. She sheathed her machetes and finished it with a throwing knife to the head, using her semblance to push it all the way through before pulling it back once again.

That done with, she noticed the third Grimm leap at Nero, immediately reacting by throwing one of the knives that'd been embedded in the recently killed one at her feet at the creature, striking the other one's front leg, throwing it a little off balance. Nero would have to deal from there.

The last Beowolf was viciously swiping at Gwylan, but cleverly retreating quickly, trying to stay out of the range of Gwylan's trident. As it saw Aurora turn her back though, it quickly turned its attention to her instead.
Beacon Academy / Re: Active [VCVS]
« Last post by The Mythic Scribe on Today at 06:12:04 AM »
Cerise exhaled in relief as Verdant stopped to tell her that they'd arrived. Finally. And the dorm itself wasn't too shabby either. Even if it was, she didn't have much choice, it was going to be her home for the next few years. At least, it would be if everything worked out with team VCVS. The layout was nice and simple, it was really unneccesary to point everything out as Verdant had done, but that was probably just courtesy or whatever. She didn't really care.

Removing her shoes and setting her stuff against the wall next to the door, Cerise stepped fully into the place. She was just about to respond to Verdant when she saw Samuel there. Strange, she didn't see him in the hallways... Oh well. "I can prepare it myself." Prepare was actually kind of stretching it, considering she was thinking of bread and butter. Cerise walked over to the fridge to search for and find butter, Verdant had already unwittingly done her the favor of setting out the other ingrediant. She took a bit to find where they kept utensils and the such, where she took out a butter knife. Everything ready, Cerise started to butter two slices of bread for her breakfast.
Beacon Academy / Re: New Buds [Closed]
« Last post by The Mythic Scribe on Today at 06:00:36 AM »
Jadyn narrowed her eyes at Ismael. Strange kid. But she shook it off, instead saying, "I think you should get some of those. No serious threats, but there might be a few stray Beowolves. Or snakes. Again, snake problem." She shrugged. "Up to you though."

While she waited on that, Jadyn restlessly looked around at her surroundings, the tightness in her expression clear as day. "As you can see on the map, Eden's arranged pretty neatly, like a grid. Would you like to thread through the village first or do a perimeter sweep first? Up to you. Just... don't make too much of a ruckus around here. They like their peace." Quietly, she added "Maybe too much..."

Meanwhile, Mauve was still heading towards her destination, her left hand on the hilt of one of her weapons, always on the ready for an attack. She also kept her eyes sharp, to notice anything out of the ordinary. It appeared though, that the only disturbances that she would be met with were stray cats and a few snakes. They didn't look too dangerous, but the most deadly ones never did. "Watch your step," she cautioned him. "Our slithery friends don't seem too happy even without a rogue foot on them."

"We're heading to the barracks first," Mauve told Russell as they neared the intersection where their points of interest lie. "I'd suppose they have the most to tell us, about supplies, village layout, specific things to pay attention to regarding this town, wouldn't you agree, Mr. Omhiaba?" She reverted back to using his last name, slightly chastising herself for slipping and using his first name earlier. She was also a bit disappointed he hadn't said much yet. He didn't seem much like the social type, or maybe that was just because of her high-ranking status. She doubted that he hadn't heard of her, or at least her last name before, being a former citizen of Atlas. But some people didn't pay attention to debutante scandal, as her tragedies would be to normal people.
Beacon Academy / Re: Tongues of Fury [invite]
« Last post by Metroidhunter on May 23, 2017, 11:27:18 PM »
Lyssa's focus was caught by the sudden appearance of a locker. As soon as she realized what was going on, she rolled her eyes.

"Here we go, your white knight..."

Listening as the newcomer started, she just stared at him, trying to look as disinterested as she could. Once he was done, she responded with a tone that was dripping with sarcasm. "Oh, what? You don't ever wake up and think to yourself 'Hey, I wanna beat up some kids today'?" She didn't wait long before deciding to give the actual summary, though she was still quite obviously annoyed with it all. "The pretty purple flower here thought that she was hot shit, so I called her bluff. She accepted the challenge and lost, fair and square. Take her word for it: it was all her fault."

Stepping forward a little so that she could look down at Catalina, Lyssa grinned. "I think that's all that needs to be said. You should get going, unless you're also a fan of how dirt tastes." Looking past him at the girl on the ground, she couldn't help but rub it in her face a little after how bold she had acted. "Oh, and don't forget to take your trash with you when you go."
Beacon Academy / A Lazy Day [OPEN]
« Last post by Martian on May 23, 2017, 11:17:43 PM »
Ah, the sweet smell of summer. Marshal was enjoying his day off by relaxing in the courtyard. The smell of the breeze was lovely, and the grass soft underneath his uniform. This term was really flying by. Leading Team MARS was really quite enjoyable, even if a certain pompous prick objected to everything he said.

That being said, though, it seemed that one of their members had been rather distant lately. Ash's presence had been scarce around campus, and Marshal had barely seen the boy in their dorm. He worried that something was going on that he didn't want them to know about, but figured it would become clear in time.

Random daydreaming aside, Marshal sighed and laid his head down on the ground, enjoying the time he had to himself.
The Vale Region / Re: First Impressions [Closed]
« Last post by Metroidhunter on May 23, 2017, 10:42:41 PM »
After his comment, Vivian went ahead and hopped down, briefly looking off balance as she landed. Once she was steady again, she shrugged. "With the way that you're dressed, I think it'd take a lot more than that to make you look bad." Giving him a brief smirk, she then turned to the door, lightly knocking on it with the back of her hand. After a few seconds of no response, she began to rock back and forth on her feet, already growing impatient. "Hmm..."

This time, with her hand balled into a fist, she hit the door again, making a much louder impact. Any harder and it probably would have cracked. Apparently, the second attempt had been loud enough to warrant a slightly muffled response from the other side.

"Just... wait, dammit."

Despite the tone of the comment, it only made Vivian chuckle. Some seconds later, the door finally unlocked and open. Behind it stood a man that, while easily reaching six feet tall, still had to look up to get a proper view of Michael. Unsurprisingly, the look on his face was one of skepticism. It took the force of Vivian jumping into him and wrapping her arms around him to distract him for a moment. "Hey, kiddo."

Right away, it would rather be obvious that the two had barely any resemblance. The top of his head was shaved, but the hair of his beard was dark. His skin was pale, and while he wasn't exactly fat, he was definitely a little on the heavy side.

His gaze soon turned back to Michael again, though he gave a light smile this time. As he extended his arm for a handshake, the one feature that they had in common was made clear. While his opposite arm was whole, the one he held out was made of metal, the prothetic looking larger but somewhat less advanced than the ones that Vivian possessed. "Good to meet ya'."
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