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Amity Colosseum / Re: Switcheroo: Gray/Calen
« Last post by Kingnoname1 on Today at 04:36:39 PM »
Hopping forward over Gray's sweep Calen's assault was interrupted by Malina calling an end to the fight. Disappointed but expecting such a call Calen used his semblance to catch himself before impacting with Gray and placing him back where he started. The sudden movements did caused Calen's injured leg to flap painfully in the wind. Looking down at his fallen opponent Calen decided to have one last jab before he left. 'At least you ended up when you should have, beneath your betters.' Calen whispered so only his opponent could hear before turning away to get medical treatment.
Oh. Oh here it came. Zabar was doing a thing and that thing he was doing happened to be in the process of creating something very similar to a standard fireball. He also happened to be talking but this was something Nathan regarded as being utterly unimportant right now, having bigger fish to fry - or, in this case, avoid frying.

Nathan lost no time being in awe at the genuinely striking flows of flame and Dust gathering in front of Zabar's palm. Turning off the electricity and heat on Ergia, he turned it back into its storage form and hooked it into its place within the harness.

Jumping off the pillar and away from Zabar as far as he could, he received himself further below with a brief thrust of his pack before using his remaining momentum to run away further, keeping the pillar between himself and his opponent. Taking Ergia back out into staff form, he turned around at just the right time to witness the fireball explode where he had just stood, lighting up the surroundings as it did so.

Dammit. Since when did he need to close in on his enemy?

(Aura: 80%)
Amity Colosseum / Re: Switcheroo: Juno/Acero
« Last post by Kaliot on Today at 04:28:50 PM »
Walking out of the tunnels and onto the playing field was always fascinating experience, except of course if it were her and her peers doing the walking: then it was unfortunate at best and tragic at worst.  Sophea lead the way, covered in scrubs with her hair tied up into a bun. She reached into her red duffel bad and pulled out two disposable gloves, putting each on with a nice snap, making sure to not embarrassingly tear them by mistake. Her eyes scanned the arena, quickly identifying Malina and the burn victim. She gestured toward the two following her, who were managing the stretcher, and pointed in Malina's direction.

Arriving, she placed the medical bag on the ground and quickly got to work. "Alright, Malima. We'll take it from here." She replaced Malina's hands with some padding, making sure to minimize disturbance on Acero's head. She quickly checked for consciousness, but it was clear to everyone around that he was completely out. Sophea quickly moved on to delegating tasks. "Clean and seal this wound as best you can," she told one medic as she glanced over Acero's body. The medic pulled out a significant number of pads, clearing the area off blood as best she could before finishing off with a spray of alcohol; a lack of a response from Acero again demonstrated the depth of his unconsciousness. She almost told the other medic to take care of his arm before remembering that a prosthetic once was where there was now a void, instead telling him, "Start working on the most severe burns first then move on to the other damaged areas. I'm going to run a quick diagnostic on him." He nodded and started clearing Acero's clothes from his various burn areas before clearing away blood, disinfecting the areas, and dressing them with bandages.

Meanwhile, Sophea placed the blunt end of a needle against some undamaged skin that was closest to ground zero and concentrated, and what she could feel was more or less what she was expected: to put it simply, it was clear that his body was in Defcon 1. She concentrated harder, sweeping away as much of the noise as she could, and she found something she hoped wasn't the case. "Femoral artery damage, but I'm unsure of the severity; because of the extent of the damage, there's just too much noise to get a clear picture. Finish up. We need to go. Now." The two medics nodded in unison and finished as quickly and cleanly as they could before they loaded Acero onto the stretcher and made their way to where they had just entered. Sophea called back to Malina. "If you'd like to join us, feel free! Otherwise, meet us there later. We're getting an incident report wither way."

She set her head back to facing the exit and made sure to keep the wound under pressure, specifically above the location of the artery damage she had perceived earlier. She unclasped her radio from her waist, sending in a call to prepare for surgery in regards to third-degree burns on a significant portion of the victim's body, jaw damage, a severe skin laceration, and femoral arterial damage. Receiving an acknowledgement, she replaced the radio on her waist. " going to be a long night."
Character Editing / Re: Vahn Crimson
« Last post by Dr. Gustave on Today at 04:26:45 PM »
My concern with these changes is that he's being given a substantial boost to his semblance, but A) he doesn't have professional training and B) there's no mention of SCF* and he's definitely not a caster.

From the template guide under semblance
(Yo, Sank, Mikel? Are you guys going to post or what?)
Zabar sighed as he moved his hand to point toward Nathan's new position. "You can't keep runnin' forever, ya know." The air in front of Zabar's hand began to shimmer as his semblance activated. Flames began to flow out of the gauntlet, shooting out just past the shimmering air before being pulled back into it, swirling around and around before condensing into a ball. "Look, you keep playin' defensive then *I'll* start playin' defensive. Then we're *both* playin' defensive and no one wins. Now get over here and fight!" He called out before ceasing the flames and releasing the fireball.

The ball sang through the air like a roaring engine, flying straight toward the flat of the pillar Nathan stood on.

[Fireball: Direct Hit - 18%, Splash Damage - 9%]
Amity Colosseum / Re: Switcheroo: Gray/Calen
« Last post by Dr. Gustave on Today at 03:32:29 PM »
Malina stepped forward onto the arena, calling out to the two students. "Aaaaaaaand that's enough." She crossed her arms as she came to a stop near the two. "Your aura's in the black." She eyed Calen for a moment before uncrossing her arms and putting them on her hips. "I applaud your dedication to the fight, but either of you throw another punch and one of you is getting tossed against a wall, got it? I'd really rather not have to do that to a student." She paused for a moment, looking at both of the students. "Understood?"
Amity Colosseum / Re: Switcheroo: Juno/Acero
« Last post by Dr. Gustave on Today at 02:02:46 PM »
Malina stepped off of the final stair leading back down to the arena as the explosion rocked the stadium. She stole a quick glance toward the belt before quickly burst through the door, looking around only to see the smoking body of one of the students and the other, Juno, standing over him.

"Oh, for..." She muttered under her breath before dropping the belt to the ground and sprinting toward the two students. This wasn't how it was supposed to go. This was *not* how it was supposed to go. It was just a training exercise in an open space, an open space with plenty of people around watching.

Juno watched as Malina came sprinting toward him, happy that she'd heard his cries for assistance. This was still bad, so very bad, but the she was here, she would be able to take care of him. She's a hunter, she knows what to d-

Before Juno could finish the though he felt the air being knocked out of his chest as some invisible force slammed against him, sending him flying away from Acero and against a wall.

Malina quickly took the place where Juno had stood as she slowed to a stop from her sprint and bent down over Acero. "Son of a bitch..." She swore under her breath as she looked over the damage. The crumpled metal arm laying in pieces to the side, frayed wiring and tubes hanging from both ends like robotic entrails. The burns covering his face and chest, the clothing that had previously covered him burned away or melded with the skin. Blood seeped from his leg and trickled down the side of his chest as his chest slowly rose and fell, bringing with it ragged and labored breaths. She looked down to his hip where the bag of bombs had been and found nothing but a bloody chunk and blasted away fabric.

"I... I could try to wrap some of the fabric around the wound, but... There's too many spots, I can't..." She swore under her breath again before reaching into her pocket and pulling out her scroll. She quickly opened the device and furiously tapped a number in. "Come on, come on, pick u- oh! Sophea! It's Malina... Malina Nahualli, the new TA- it doesn't matter- look, I need you to get to Amity as soon as you can, the training exercise that was planned today went wrong, one of the students is badly injur-... Ah... burns? He's bleeding from the leg and chest, his prosthetic arm is just gone... it was a-... it was an explosion, I think, dust bombs on his his hip in a bag, they-... they went off, yes. Okay... alright, I'll see you soon." Malina closed her scroll and placed tossed it to the ground, not bothering to put it back in her pocket.

She stood up quickly and unbuttoned her shirt, leaving her with the simple white undershirt she had been wearing. She crouched back down and placed the shirt against Acero's hip, using the sleeves to tightly wrap it around his leg. She watched as the previously white shirt began to spread red with blood as she wiped her own now bloody hands against her shirt. She looked once more at the broken prosthetic and winced, wondering how advanced the nerve system had been set up before shaking her head and refocusing herself. With a silent sigh, she moved toward Acero's head and elevated it slightly with her hands.

She took a moment, just a moment, to glance over at Juno, who was not recovering from being slammed against the wall from her semblance. She made sure to lock eyes with him, but she showed no emotion, no hate, no sympathy, just vague judgement.
Approved Characters / Re: Anton Ua Duibhne
« Last post by Dr. Gustave on Today at 12:26:15 PM »
All good, approved by a group review from myself, Xarias, and Kingnoname1.
Beacon Academy / Re: The Labor of Atlas [CLOSED] [ATLA-Initiation]
« Last post by MonsterManic on Today at 09:57:55 AM »
"Climbing please? Pretty please?" Tina pleaded, trying her best to imitate a begging puppy, complete with eyes and all. After her first experience at makeshift gardening and trimming, she was definitely not eager to try her hand at that again. And, hell, she was willing to resort to this kind of stuff to avoid another experience. Not for all the Lien in the world--and that much could get her all the games she could ever want.
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