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Teams / Re: Searching for a first Year beacon team [4/4]
« Last post by mylies43 on Today at 08:53:10 PM »
Let's go with the dice rolling, it'll give us a little more direction in the thread.
WiP Characters / Nami
« Last post by DEXES on Today at 04:03:59 PM »

Name: Nami (No last name)

Age: 17 

Species and Gender: Human Wolf hybrid, Male

Symbol: A wolfhead in tribal style

Occupation: First Year Beacon Student


Nami is 178cm heigh and weights about 69Kg.
He has crimson colored, cat like eyes with a horizontal scar over his left one and sharp, fang like teeth. A pair of silver white wolf ears sprouts from his chin long white hair. A golden ring is pierced through the tip of his left ear.

He wears a short armed, black jacked over a dark red, torn sweatshirt. Bandages are wrapped around his armes, coverin scares. Matching the Jacket, he wears black trousers and black boots. A white wolf tail stood out the jacket. For an unknown reason, Nami has a strong desire to wear a dark red collar. Unlike faunus, which only have one trait of there animal counterpart, Nami has both, wolf ears and a wolf tail. His tail is just like his hair white and isn't hide by any clothes.

Nami has a tatto of his symbol on his right shoulder blade and on the back of his jacked.


Nami doesn’t remember much of his life befor that 'accident' happend. He was born as a human and lived like this till he was twelve. A friend of him celebrated his birthday and as Nami and his friends walked home from the party, they were ambushed in an ally, which was a shortcut to one of there houses. Nami later learned that this ambush was only a small part of a mass kidnapping.
A group of scientists set there goal in the studies of differences of human and faunus, not careing about how to do it or which consequences it will have.

The kidnapped children were inflicted with a serum which should give them faunus traits, but due to the differences of the set up of the two races, over 99% died of the infliction. Nami was one of the two survivors. After getting inflicted by the serum, he turned into an albino and got the faunus traits, ears and a tail. The other person, a girl older than him, suffered the same fate, with the only difference that Nami was part Wolf, and the Girl part Fox.

Not only there appearances changed, but there semblance’s got affected as well. Unlike people developing a semblence, the serum straight up gave them on. The ability to turn into the animal they resemble. From day one, the scientists put Nami and the girl through all kinds of experiments and Nami hated it, but he couldn’t do anything. If he disobeyed he would be put through all kinds of torture. After three years of experiments, Nami was saved by a group of Huntsmen, which were assigned to investigate the case of the mass kidnapping after it was dropped a few months after the accident. The girl died just a week befor the huntsmen came due to an experiment but she left her most valuable possession with Nami. Her ring, which he keept evers since. After being rescued, Nami stayed with one of the Huntsmen, trying to get over the trauma and live a normal life. Nami learned a lot over the years. How the world outside was, how it worked, and that the humans that kidnapped him, weren’t the only bad people in the world. There were more. A lot more. Ever since he found that out, it was clear what he wanted to do. Free the world of those people... monster which play with other lifes. Nami assigned than for beacon academy and got accepted.


Nami doesn't talk much, not because he's shy or such, but rather because he doesn’t want to. Building up friendships or any other kind of social interaction doesn’t interest him much. He will talk if he has to, but even than, he cuts it short. Even though he is a lone wolf and actes cold, Nami is a royal and extremely protective person. You don't need to be his friend, he would take the hit anyway without a second thought.

Nami always pays attention to his surroundings, often staring at people while studying every single move they do. To fully gain his trust is probably one of the hardest things you could think of, but in the end, it would be worth it.

Aura and Semblance:

A lot of Nami's Aura 'broke' through the experiments. You can't say it's strong or weak, stable or not, it's different every day.

Now to his semblance. When Nami was influenced with the serium which turned him into a human wolf hybrid, his semblance automatically ended up turning him into an Snow white wolf, or rather a snow white huge wolf. His size would mach an full grown horse. Nami's scares and the ring pierced through his ear are also visible in his wolf form, and his clothes aren’t affected by the transformation.
The transformation itself workes simple. Nami just thinks about turning and he turnes. Shining white-blue lights than start to appear on his skin and clothes and in the blick on an eye, he is in his wolf form. The same thing happens by reversing it.

His abilities in his wolf form also resembles the abilities of a normal wolf. He has an way better good sense of smell and hearing than in his 'human' form. His size also allows him to carry stuff on his back quite easily. He is as swift as an normal wolf and his fighting style is also similar to the one of a wolf.

Holding up his semblence is second nature for Nami, so he hasn’t any problems with staying in this form for long time, even in battle.

Combat Behavior:

Nami strongly prefers to fight alone and in his wolf form. He only turn to fight with Kama when there is no other way around it. He won't stay around to listen to plans and just go into fights with his own.

He is an offensive fighter and neglectes his defense, especially when he fights in his wolf form. The fur gives him some more protection, but it won’t help much against stronger attacks. In fights, Nami takes the roll of the one, going in first and he will firstly focus on the stronges enemy. If he gets knocked down, he won,t stay there for long, and tries immediately to get into the fight again.


Name: Kama

Primary Form: Kama is a pair of Steel claws with a gun build into it. The claws are retractable, making it easier to walk around with them on

Secondary Form: Instead of steal claws, the blade of a dagger comes out the steelcase

Tertiary Form: A thinner, longer version than the previous. It has a curved-diamond shape on its tip.

Dust functions:

• Fire Dust - The extended blade inflames
• Lightning Dust - The extended blade will be electrically charged and shockes whatever it hits


Nami hasn't the slightest idea how to build or modify weapons, luckily for him, the huntsmen taking him in did. He greates Kama and taught Nami how to use it. It took some while, but it turned out well in the end.
The Vale Region / Re: An Off-the-Record Request [LLGD Initiation]
« Last post by Flooberoid on Today at 02:48:06 PM »
"Mm-hm!" Lissa exclaimed, half-walking half-skipping over to her dresser. "There are people in trouble, so Ms. Evermore said we should meet up as soon as we can!" Lissa could barely contain her excitement at having a real mission already. Thankfully, she didn't have that much in the way of equipment; she slid Whirlwince and its sheaths onto her arms and was ready to go.

"...Oh! I nearly forgot!" Lissa gasped. "I have to tell Ms. Evermore we're ready to meet up!" She frantically started typing on her scroll as if her life depended on it, sending confirmation to Crystal that their group would be ready to get going in a few minutes.

((OOC: I can skip forward in time at any moment now.))
Plot Zone / Re: It's not easy being evil... (group planning/setup)
« Last post by Lunacy on Today at 11:44:33 AM »
Consider me interested. I thought about doing something similar before, but now that its actually happening, I'd love to jump on board.
Teams / Re: Searching for a first Year beacon team [4/4]
« Last post by DEXES on Today at 09:44:02 AM »
I'm fine with both. The sooner we start the rpg the better, I'm just waaaay too excited to see  how this will turn out ^^
The Vale Region / Re: Legends of the Hidden Temple [SLVA ~ CLOSED]
« Last post by Lunacy on Today at 01:59:14 AM »
(O.O.C. Sorry this is so late, everyone. Between login issues and IRL going ballistic it's about time i got caught up. Forgive my untimeliness.)

Luna can't stand it any longer. After what seems like an eternity, she rises quickly to her feet, cycling her weapon to melee mode. "I can't take it anymore!" she shouts. Out of nowhere, she rushes the Grimm, unleashing a torrent of shots from her weapon and nearly hitting Akel out of the air. The shots add to her momentum as she darts around the beast, her Dust rounds encasing the Grimm's limbs in chunks of ice. The first shots hit the monster's tail, freezing it from the stinger down almost the full length. The next volley is aimed at the Grimm's appendages. Luna stops momentarily to align herself in the beast's direction before launching herself back into the air, preparing to shatter the ice blocks and subsequently the Grimm's legs and tail.
Teams / Re: Searching for a first Year beacon team [4/4]
« Last post by Flooberoid on February 17, 2018, 10:38:14 PM »
Well, there's only one fair way to do this.
Rolling a four-sided die. 1, I'm with Mikado. 2, I'm with Serin. 3, I'm with Billy. 4, I pick.
...2! So if we go with the dice-roll pairings, those would be Jacob-Serin and Mikado-Billy!

Of course, the alternative would just be to start initiation as soon as Billy is approved and see what happens. ^^;
The Vale Region / Re: An Off-the-Record Request [LLGD Initiation]
« Last post by L-Money on February 17, 2018, 09:42:58 PM »
Leona thought about what Lissa said and saw Lissa smiling back up at her from the ground. She gave her a soft smile back and patted her head. It was true that this would be what being a huntress is all about. So when Grahm idly commented, she shook her head quickly at the thought of turning down the mission. She lifted her head with a new resolve in her eyes. "You guys are right. I should fight back and stop this from happening to someone else!" She helped Lissa on to her feet to give her a hug and whisper in her ear, "Thank you."  It appears that she forgot all about how Lissa got the mission.

She took a step back from Lissa and nodded to the boys. She then slid out a box with her dust gloves inside from next to her bed. "Shall we get ready to go then?"
Teams / Re: Searching for a first Year beacon team [4/4]
« Last post by L-Money on February 17, 2018, 09:25:10 PM »
I'm down for the small initiation thing. Are we going to say who we are going to pair off with now or just let the chips fall where they land?
The Vale Region / Re: Within Nature ~ Training [Nathan] (CLOSED)
« Last post by nathan67003 on February 17, 2018, 08:06:46 PM »
As Helena trekked forward, the gully became more pronounced. So did the tracks lining its center; a path was now obvious. The depth of the imprints betrayed that this was most definitely a Boarbatusk. Or rather, Boarbatusks, seeing as travel was repetitive enough to create a path of trodden, disturbed earth. She glanced up from her scroll just in time to catch the tail end (quite literally) of the fox who'd lead her here turn a corner. Looking back at her scroll confirmed it.

As she kept advancing, she suddenly realized how little sound there was apart from the intermittent rustling of leaves. Birds sounded bizarrely far away as she came into view of a small opening in the rock, where people could've only fit by scraping themselves against the ground. Something moved around in the shadows, so she kept a trained eye (and ear) on it while briefly scanning her surroundings and the cameras.

A small, nearby movement of anomalous color caught her sight. Her eyes darted towards the source before focusing back onto the hole. The lost fox's collar, that or somebody had set a dog free in the vicinity. Keeping her attention on the cave entrance, she grabbed hold of it with her left hand before shoving it into one of her empty pockets as best she could. That being done, she turned on her scroll's light and slowly aimed it at the rock-surrounded darkness, doing her best to not startle whatever was in there. Although, in the case of Grimm, it was more about avoiding any rapid movements.
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