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Beacon Academy / Re: Big Game Hunting [Closed]
« Last post by Moth on October 19, 2018, 09:00:43 PM »
“Let’s see…” Jima ponders, fiddling with the motor on her sword. “One, about the staff knowing this is here - I wouldn’t know personally, but it wouldn’t surprise me if someone like Professor Sophos knew. Two, keeping the location of this place a secret I’ll leave up to you. If you bring more people out this way though, just be prepared for a fight and like, don’t litter. Or destroy the ruins too much. Three - c’mon, aren’t you all in the first year Grimm Studies class? Think about it. Large arena, crumbling ruins. Plenty of hideyholes, and we literally just planted ourselves in the middle of it all. Perfect environment forrr…”

Almost perfectly timed, a deep growl permeates the arena, the echo making it difficult to pinpoint. Jima grins to herself at the sound, yanking the pullchain on the side of her new sword, and the chainsaw roars to life in response - only to cough and sputter, before blowing smoke in Jima’s face. She yanks the chain a couple more times to see if it’d come back to life, only to for the lights of the motor to die out as it becomes entirely unresponsive. ”Okay, you guys can handle the first wave yourself! Good luck!”

As Jima starts to drag her weapon off to the side of the arena, a particularly brave Creeper charges headlong out of the nearest arena entry towards the group. Several more of the same Grimm follow it out of the gate, fanning out - not charging headlong like their compatriot, just quickly stalking towards the group.

  • Creeper x 5

Battle Log:
  • Headlong Charge (10%, Group Attack)
1v1 Matches / Re: Third Year 1v1 bracket- Round 1: Rufus Chocla vs. Jima Purpora
« Last post by Moth on October 19, 2018, 07:35:33 PM »
Rufus’ attempt to sweep her legs out from underneath her fail as Jima hops back, before using the distance to lunge right back in - attempting to slam Rufus back against the ground with one hand, while raising her mace to bring it back down across his face with the other. No playing around, no fancy maneuvers - just a straight lunge to smash the faunus across the face.

Jima’s Combat Stats:
Aura: 36%

Attack Log:
Heavy Two-Handed Downswing (5%)
Goliath: still frozen shut
1v1 Matches / Re: First Year 1v1 bracket- Round 1: Samantha Quartz vs. Camelia Sol
« Last post by Glow on October 19, 2018, 03:50:43 PM »
Samantha took the few seconds of reprieve she got as the enemy was fired off into the air to recover from the heavy blow. Picking herself up to her feet, she shook her head to attempt to clear it from the light ringing - both the hit and the booming sound had left her a bit woozy for a moment - before levelling eyes on her opponent again. She still felt heavy under the effect of Camelia's semblance, and had to use her chains to support herself where she-

The fuck was that?

Tilting her head at the appearance of the ominous-looking orb being created, she considered for just a moment, before nodding. Nope.

"Nope." She stated, the chains all flying backwards and just attempting to drag herself as far away from whatever the hell that was as fast as possible. She'd rather brave the fire than that, honestly, but she still had some space on the battlefield to manoeuvre without resorting to that.

[AURA: 52%]
[STAMINA: 33%]
Ceramite barely even reacted to the kick and while the enemies weapon connected with the shoulder of the hand holding Ultio his other arm snapped out straight at Aurelia's face gripping and slamming it into the fortunately soft sand beneath them before flinging his arm forward to throw her across the ring.

Ceramite Battle Data

Aura level: 74%

Slam into sand: 2%

Throw: up to you if any.
As Revya flew towards Razzy he pivoted and slammed the barrel of his scythe into the ground and fired kicking himself upwards and spinning rapidly in the hopes of swinging his scythe blade a full 360 and catching Razzy with the blade on the way up.
However Razzy's semblance use had thrown Revya's aim off and instead of digging in his attack whizzed right on by harmlessly. It did however fire Revya into the air above his opponent and Revya prepared himself to come crashing down like a ton of bricks.

Revya Battle Data
aura level: 64%

Revya is presently in the air directly above Razzy.
Teams / Re: 1st years in need of a replacement teammate.
« Last post by arcus_gray on October 19, 2018, 11:10:49 AM »
Hey. Now that the team is official, do we want to actually make a thread for them? Initiation, taking a ride in the jeep somewhere?
She’s a persistent one. Kei thought with grim satisfaction. Not many people he had fought against before could say that they survived being blown up by a volcano, especially when Infrared didn’t even spec into survivability considering her gear. Nevertheless, he was frustrated when Infrared still managed to avoid his attacks while on the ground and clearly in distress. Not only because he fully expected to end the fight, but also because he’d managed to miss a almost incapacitated target.

Kei’s strength was waning. He had to end it now or he’d end up worse than his opponent. Just then, a word of advice floated into his head, drilled into his head from his training before Beacon: Fencing may look flashy and swift but always fall back on basics instead of footwork when in a pinch. Grasping that advice, he delivered another two weaker thrusts at Infrared’s chest and stomach, the largest surface areas where it was much less likely to miss than her head.

Kei’s Stats
● Aura: [████———] 48%
● Semblance: [RECHARGING][15 SECONDS]
● Passive Effect: Fatigued - Damage dealt -3%

Combat Log: Two Dust-enhanced strikes to stomach, affected by Fatigue (6% x 2 + 3% x2) [Original dmg 9% per strike]
Beacon Academy / Re: opening act [Open]
« Last post by Kingnoname1 on October 19, 2018, 07:58:20 AM »
’That must be difficult for your accompanying musicians, learning dozens of songs over a short period is never easy, that and building chemistry must mean there is quite a bit more pressure than otherwise. I guess the garage band dream doesn’t really exist as much anymore but it’s good you’ve found people you can connect to. Even if you are in the habit of attacking them.’ Saffron responds raising an eyebrow teasingly, it may be a low blow but it wasn’t something that Saffron was going to let Azure forget quickly. Aurelia seemed to cover most of the weaknesses of Renegade not functioning without dust well enough that Saffron didn’t feel the need to add anything on that front. Too sympathetic to remain completely quiet as the exchange between Azure and Aurelia grew increasingly hostile Saffron instead took up a ‘good cop’ role. ’Your weapon will undergo dozens of changes over your years at At… Beacon and there is no shame in that, only when you refuse to adapt is there going to be an issue.’ Saffron assured Azure knowing how personal her connection would be if something was the combination of her weapons and 12 string.

’Aurelia I think you are oversimplifying considerably. Keeping a subject on the topic isn’t hiding, it’s the opposite of hiding and the reality that people often don’t always see it that way doesn’t make right. You must be the change you wish to see in the world and if you pedantically change things it will take so long you might as well spend your time drinking for all the good it will do anyone.’ Saffron argued again trying to keep her voice passive. There was a lot of disagreement here and it may not be coming from simple misunderstanding rather fundamentally different worldviews and if that is the case Saffron did hope to be able to salvage the relationship even if Azure doesn’t seem interested. ’And people don’t send death threats because their ‘worldview is shattered.’ They do it to enforce their worldview through fear and violence, terrorism is not a compliment.’ Saffron added, stopping just short of condemning Aurelia personally but the words floated heavy but unspoken in the air.

’Well, not every fight you get into will be with your drummer Azure, and as long as you can control yourself in the sparing ring better than you can in friendly conversation there is unlikely to be an issue.’ Saffron remarked facing the horse Faunus’ direction. Saffron wasn’t hiding that she was taking a lot of Aurelia’s words to Azure quite personally, they had been applied to her more times than she could count. ’In fact, it could be good practice for both of you, working with people with different… outlooks is an inevitability for hunters. If you want things to be a little more organised the Specialists are hiring occasionally.’ Saffron continued hoping to gain something positive out of this altercation before quickly realising she may be pushing Azure into a fight she isn’t comfortable with even if she wouldn’t say so herself. ’But we can work up to that, maybe I can play the part of a warming pool, getting you both warmed up and read…. You know what I mean.’ Saffron finished still trying and failing to dissuade the assumptions of Aurelia which she had unknowingly to Saffron discarded already.

’Well we are all from Atlas eh? What are the chances?’ Saffron joked trying to salvage the mood. The question clearly didn’t bring up anything positive for Azure and the reference of being an ‘adopted’ daughter did imply something equally negative behind the stern exterior. The Lumen name did ring a bell though, Avery has probably dueled against some and equally probably lost. Why the most sensible triplet still partook in such wastes of time was beyond Saffron but she still nodded to signify recognition. Regardless Saffron’s expression did soften from neutrality to genuine sympathy, Saffron was hardly from nobility and still, she often found herself treated more like an impossible to remove stain than a child although perhaps that was more her father. ’I guess bonding over difficulties would be too easy?’ Saffron commented before trying a different tact. ’Well being all from the artic wonderland what would you guys do in the scant few summer months? I often found myself too busy studying to do much now I have more control over my time I’m curious what others got up to.’ Saffron asked, hopefully, this question wouldn’t result in the outpouring of bad vibes as her previous did but you never know.
Beacon Academy / Re: A Lunch Side Chat [DGTL]
« Last post by smashingBrawler on October 19, 2018, 12:45:35 AM »
Zaffre finally entered the dining hall – she’d taken some time after everything had ended to check over several notes - plotting out room for improvement, new ideas, and where things went wrong. She’d also taken notes on some of the other bouts after theirs had finished, just in case.

Zaffre was too focused on the results to realize how hungry she was. She spotted her team – Brock’s mountain of food was a dead giveaway – and made her way to sit down with them. She pulled out a notebook from her pocket and leafed through it. ”Sorry about what happened back there, Diana. I should have been keeping better track of where their team was, shouldn’t have let her get so close unimpeded. Next time we can do better.”

Zaffre offers the notebook to Diana. It shows a few well-annotated formations and movements, along with cost-benefit analysis of each set-up. ”I’ve got a few ideas on what we might be able to do better in the future, a few strategies that might serve us better against foes who can get in close like that. I’ll admit I can’t do much if one gets close to me, but if I’d been closer I could’ve covered you properly, and the reverse could also be true – let me know what you think!” She explained, shifting from her serious demeanor to a sunnier one as she ended her sentence – and as the piles of food in front of her forced her to confront her mounting hunger.

”I’ll be… right back.” She says, quickly getting up and throwing a sandwich made up of lettuce, tomato, and what Zaffre was pretty sure was sliced turkey together before returning..
2v2 Matches / Re: Third Year 2v2 bracket- Finals: Avery & Taylor vs. Vermilion & Vivian
« Last post by Kaliot on October 18, 2018, 11:12:40 AM »
Avery didn't expect Vermilion to catch his fall with his weapon, though if was still comparing him to his sparring partner, maybe he should have. Though his mind caught Vermilion's counterattack in time, his body was lagging having put all of Avery's weight into his attack.

Avery took the attack to his chest. The impact of the blow was dampened by his semblance though at the cost of additional fatigue. He stumbled back a couple steps, but having caught wind of the attack beforehand, was able to recover from it quickly. Avery raised back his weapon, and as he sent it jabbing forward[1], he also re-extended the spear to its original length. At the same time, he deactivated his semblance in hopes that the sudden liberation of his hand would cause Vermilion to hesitate, even if just for a moment.

[1] – 8%

Aura: 67%    61% ( 6%)
Fatigue: 39%    51% ( 12%)

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