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Teams / Re: 1st years in need of a replacement teammate.
« Last post by arcus_gray on Today at 12:52:36 PM »
I don't think it'll be super hard. It'll just mean when we start a thread I'll message and figure out where we are in terms of events.
With the steelcases around his wrists and the scroll in hand, Nami read through the message he received again. At first glance the mission looked quite simple. Eject bait and wait for the prey to take it, then capture them and bring them back. No, the only thing that concerns him was the implementation. Four people who have never met before and a teacher against eight pirates, about whom they had little, almost non information.
A yawn escaped his mouth as he made his way past the Bullheads to the left platform. He already saw the bullhead assigned to the mission from afar and now he could also identify their companion, Professor Ferus.
He seemed to be the first to arrive, since besides him and the professor, which he greeted with a "good evening" and a nod, no one was there yet.
Teams / Re: 1st years in need of a replacement teammate.
« Last post by Moth on Today at 11:42:46 AM »
I think itd be a shame for Gray to lose any of the characterization hes already had, so Id suggest keeping him as-in. In regards to the timeline problems, we can always just handwave it all by saying in the past, though it depends on the severity of the consequences you want for each event and how theyd heal in time.

On another note, I'm leaning towards Logger, but will see what MM has to say.

Recently, reports have surfaced from several aerial shipping companies of a new mercenary band calling themselves the "Immortal Lancers" repeatedly harassing cargo Bullheads transporting shipments of seemingly random materials. The manner in which they carry out the 'heist' is, according to each report sent in, identical; a group of 8 pirates grapple the targeted ship before breaching and boarding, a similar tactic used by Grimm Lancers to bring a ship down. However, instead of sinking the Bullhead, they merely strip the ship of all cargo and load it onto their own ship before vanishing off the radar. Eyewitnesses have determined and confirmed that this is not the infamous "Red Corsair" and as such have deemed this a safe case for a Beacon Initiation.

Team CNRS, overseen by Professor Ferus, is to undertake the following mission/initiation. The team will board a cargo Bullhead which is identical to the previous targets struck by the pirate group and act as bait to lure the "Immortal Lancers" out. Once the pirates have boarded the ship, the team is to capture the 8 pirates and bring them back to Vale. The pirate ship has been confirmed to be on autopilot during each 'heist' so reinforcements are not expected. Each of the 8 pirates have also been confirmed to have some degree of Aura training, and every report makes strange mention of some very lucky incidents for the pirates. Team CNRS is advised to exercise caution while engaging.

 - Capture the "Immortal Lancers"
 - Do not let any pirates escape

As the sun started to fall from the sky, casting dark grey shadows over the expansive ground of the Beacon landing pads, one lone cargo Bullhead stood on the far left platform, with its only visible accompaniment being one lone, tall Hunter. With the more rough, defined angles of the cargo ship easily separating it from the more sleek, polished passenger Bullheads, it was hard to mistake--yet even if one paid close attention, there was little to distinguish it from any of its other 'brethren'--just a old, standard grade cargo ship.

Professor Ferus was alone on the platform, standing solitary vigil and clad in full combat attire for his next upcoming mission. Though his blank face showed little emotion, time was somewhat of the essence--it was essential that the ship be in the air and on one of the regular flight paths at the right time. There he stood, patiently awaiting his new charges' arrival. They should have received the message to sortie a while ago...
Teams / Re: 1st years in need of a replacement teammate.
« Last post by arcus_gray on Today at 03:44:28 AM »
Ok so a thought occurred to me about forming a new team using Gray that I reckon I should at least run by you guys. A lot of plot involving him happened independant of a team (toxic relationship with Orabel and the explosive breakdown of that relationship. Getting shot by Nathan. the bombing.) Opinions on whether these events should still have occurred and need to judge timelines for any threads we do together or should I just reset everything for Gray to be a part of this team?
Everywhere Else / Re: [Mistral] Summer Shopping (PM for invite)
« Last post by Inexhaustive on Today at 03:43:17 AM »
Amane looks at Prism. Then looks back to the merchant. Taking a quick moment to look him up and down, she then asks "You want to smoke some molta?"

The merchant looks at her, unsure if he heard right but with a hint of excitement on his previously-gruff face. "Eh? Molta?"

"Si, si. Molta." Amane reaches into her bag and pulls out a cylindrical semi-transparent container filled with nugs . There was a rectangular label on it that simply read 'Genius' in bold black letters.

"Let's go!" The man excitedly opens the backdrop leading to the resting area of the booth, gesturing them in.

"Oh I don't think she wants any. Amane turns to Prism. "Just stay put here for a bit and play with that or something." She gestures to the rifle. "I'll be right back." She disappears behind the backdrop.

From behind, their voices could somewhat be heard. "Here take a hit... Alright... Keep going, keep going... Aww you gotta clear it boet! There you go, you gucc?"

"Oooh this is very good molta..."

"I know right? Here, take an eighth."


"Si, mi amigo. There's your eighth."

"Thank you!"

"Shall we get back to business now?"

Amane walks back out followed by the man, who looked a bit dopey. Standing back at the booth, she says, "I'd like a box of two hundred please."

"Here, I can give you fifty percent off!" says the merchant.

"Really? That's Awesome my boet. Thanks!" Amane fist-bumps him and then transfers the crypto as the man sets an ammo box on the table. Amane opens it and gives it a quick look before closing it and handing it to Prism. "There you go. Alright bye! Enjoy your eighth!" Amane waves to the merchant and looks to see what Prism wants to do.
Everywhere Else / Re: The Things We Do For Love [VCVS]
« Last post by Glow on July 15, 2018, 09:04:23 PM »
"Verdant. Verdant, I can't hear- I can't hear shit." Sam stated, confused and still fairly in shock. Everything was... it was- she couldn't decide whether the silence she'd not known for years was blissful or terrifying, the chains behind her still raised up and wavering dangerously. She blinked a few times, as if trying to get the sleep out of her eyes, before looking up at him in confusion, tilting her head as she saw his lips moving. "I- I can't hear you, Verdant. The fuck's- what's going on?"

For a good few moments, she seemed to be working herself up more and more into confusion, with a faint undercurrent of fright, a rattling sound ringing out from the extra limbs as they poised before all going limp to the ground at once, a long breath being released by the fox faunus, one chain sliding across the floor before gently latching on to Verdant's arm. She closed her eyes for a moment, before opening them again, a blank expression on her face. "Still can't hear you." She stated, not sure if he'd actually said anything for obvious reasons but saying the words nonetheless. "Just lead the way."

Despite how peaceful the quiet was, it was just the same as feeling blind - sure, maybe it hurts a little less on the eyes, but that's because they're not working at all. Not exactly the most pleasant feeling, especially when she knew they were in a dangerous spot. Of course, that feeling had started rising up like sick in the back of her throat, so- well, she just gave in to her instinctual reaction. Just don't think about anything in particular, go numb. Only way to ensure she wasn't suddenly going to lash out around her in this state. Wasn't like she was any stranger to blanking out, anyway.

Gonna be a bitch to deal with the emotional backlash later, though.
Everywhere Else / Re: Ways of the World [Ordelis] (CLOSED)
« Last post by Ordelis on July 15, 2018, 08:32:53 PM »
Solar calmed herself down to listen to Sean's explanation, she wanted to interrupt with more questions every time he explained something. If it's rare and valuable how can it be fake? How can something even be fake? Why do rich people want to impress each other? but it was Sean's last comment that truly caught her attention.

"Stuff your not supposed to buy? why can't I buy them? What kind of stuff is it? Is it dangerous? Where can we find this stuff? Let's go look for it!" If there was anything Solar wanted it was anything considered 'Off-limits'. After being lied to about everything outside her village, she made it a point to go out of her way to disobey anything that denied her. However a growl from her stomach interrupted her excitement.
"Aaaafter we get that food, sooo which way do we go?" she said looking around waiting for Sean to show her the way.
AMA Section / Re: Why do you want to win the Vytal Festival?
« Last post by Moth on July 15, 2018, 06:29:27 PM »
At this point, I might as well throw my own characters into the ring.

Prism's entire thematic revolves around beating the odds. She wants to see just how far she can carry herself with her skills and an iron backbone, and the Vytal tournament is the perfect place to do that, where she'll be pitted against the best and the brightest. Prism's also taking part in the 4v4 matchup of Casanova vs. Blossom, where she's not afraid to admit they're up against tough opponents - but she still has high hopes. Her team succeeded in a initiation when she was rendered useless thanks to a Nevermore and the other team member was unconscious, and she's all seen them continue to grow since then - if she can lead Casanova to victory, it won't only prove their synergy as a team, but also that they're just as effective as she wants them to be.

Jima's been in a bit of a flunk recently, and has lost confidence in her own combat skills. She wants to gauge the limits of her abilities both physically and stategically, especially since she doesn't have the advantages offensive semblance. No place is better than to try that out than on the tournament floor, thrown up against who-knows-what.
Everywhere Else / Re: [Mistral] Summer Shopping (PM for invite)
« Last post by Moth on July 15, 2018, 06:13:08 PM »
"Thanks." She says, eyeing the gun and the owner of the weapon a bit warily, but walking past him to face the shooting range regardless. The rifle is a bit heavier then her Hawk's Eye, but Prism seems to handle it without problem,  Bringing the weapon up and tucking it into the crook of her shoulder. Leaning down to look through the scope, there's a moment or two while she locates the targets, before firing off three quick shots - and the three targets in the distance immediately erupt into explosive flames, noticeably larger than the normal fire dust-tipped rounds.

Prism blinks a few times at the sudden destruction of the targets and passes the gun back to it's owner, before returning to the table to check the price tag. Picking up a spare box of the rounds, Prism makes a complicated face before setting it back down, glancing at Amane and shaking her head before returning to her side. "Powerful, but a little bit out of my budget." She explains.
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