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Spoiler: 1st Year Beacon Students • show
Hagane Inaba- Can melt steel beams. Leader of team HTDG
Mint Fresch- A chipper gale. Member of team SFFM
Persimmon Burhan- A sneaky death douche. Member of team ASPN
Carnation Prescott- Get it, CAREa? Sorry. Leader of team CHES.
Lissa Lime- Beacon's spinning top

Spoiler: Literally everyone else • show
Patchouli Breschi- First year at Shade. Don't let her penetrate you. Member of team VLPS.
Diamante Solar- Third Year at Beacon. Feel the Light of the Holy Noodle! Member of team SODR
Dannum Sohrab- Professor of practical combat skills at Shade. Or at least that's his excuse to blow things up.
Crystal Evermore- Aura professor at Beacon Academy.

Now introducing my AMCA, complete with apathy!
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