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Azzar Ikhal
« on: November 25, 2017, 11:56:42 AM »

Azzar “Azzy” Ikhal


Species and Gender:
Female Pit Viper Faunus

Three red cogs interlocking on a gray field

Mechanic/Weaponsmith, White Fang Associate and Former White Fang Operative

Azzar is a shorter, stockier woman, standing at only 5’3” and weighing 146 pounds. She has broad shoulders and is visibly very muscular and strong. When she was younger, she was the victim of a bad fire-related incident, leading to bad scarring and disfigurement on the right side of her body. As a result, she has a cybernetic right arm, right leg, and right eye. She typically wears an eyepatch over her artificial right eye. Her good eye is red and slitted like a snake’s, and she wears her silver hair, which only grows out of the left side of her scalp, down to her shoulder. The left side of her face holds the memory of a once-attractive woman, but the right side is scarred and ugly. Her canine teeth are slightly elongated, giving the impression of snake fangs.

Azzar was born in Mistral to middle-class, Faunus parents. She was destined from a young age to enter into the combat schools of Mistral, as both of her parents were young at the time of the Faunus Civil War, and never wanted their children to be left unable to defend themselves, like they were during the war. Azzar’s parents enrolled her in Sanctum, and later Haven Academy, where she graduated very much the middle of her class. During her stint at Haven, she became interested in mechanics, especially weapons and vehicles. She worked on a number of her classmates’ weapons while she was there, and eventually started developing prototypes of her own.

During her later years at Haven, she became friends with a group of Faunus that had family in the White Fang, and it was here that they convinced her to go to one of their rallies. She became interested in the organization during her third year, and by her fourth year she had decided to join up with them after she had graduated. Unfortunately, it took her yet another year to graduate, due in large part to her interest in weapons and vehicles over actual academics, but after she graduated, she joined the White Fang.

She spent a number of years in the White Fang, quickly becoming instrumental in maintaining the Mistral wing’s vehicles and weapons. Occasionally, she would be asked to accompany a team on a mission to assist with vehicles or, sometimes, explosives, due to her expertise with weapons. On one such mission, the Mistral branch of the White Fang was robbing a bank, and Azzar was in charge of opening the vault of the bank with a bomb made from Dust. During the robbery, one of the operatives that Azzar was working with made a stupid mistake, resulting in the premature detonation of the bomb, and in Azzar’s massive injury. The mistake resulted in the loss of Azzar’s right leg, right arm, and right eye. The team escaped from the bank with the lien, but Azzar was brutally wounded.

While Azzar healed in the White Fang medical ward, the operative responsible for the mistake was disciplined, and ultimately ejected from the organization. When Azzar awoke from her medically induced coma, she had been supplied with poor cybernetic replacements for her lost arm and leg. Upon discovering what had happened, Azzar decided that it was best for her if she parted ways with the White Fang, which was a sentiment echoed by some of the White Fang higher ups, fearing for her wellbeing and effectiveness if she remained a part of the organization. They left her with a hefty sum of money, enough to comfortably retire into obscurity. She departed on good terms with the Mistral branch of the White Fang, and was still in contact with them after she left.

However, after attempting to retire at the age of 29, Azzar found that she simply was unable to live a quiet, disabled life. She travelled to the advanced medical professionals of Vale, and it was there that she received proper cybernetic replacements for her lost limbs. She also underwent an expensive and dangerous surgery to implant a cybernetic eye where her other one had been burnt out. With the surgery successful, and her being the mechanic that she was, she went about modifying her cybernetic replacements so that she was able to use them in combat scenarios, turning them into weapons of their own. She opened a mechanic/weapons shop in Vale called “Azzy’s Guns and Automobiles”, where she still works. She eventually met up with representatives of the Vale branch of the White Fang, and maintains communications with them. They are some of her most consistent customers, and occasionally they reach out to her for more than just a repair job.

After Azzar graduated from Haven, she harboured a lot of resentment towards her parents, as she was never the best at school at did not necessarily want to be there. She was much more interested in working on vehicles, weapons, and gadgets. She was much better working with her hands as opposed to sitting in a classroom. As a result of her accident with the White Fang, she became much more abrasive and standoffish when it comes to interacting with others. She surrounded herself with her work and has a healthy drinking habit to cope with her current state. She still supports the White Fang, and leans more towards the violent methods that they have used as of late. However, she keeps her politics largely to herself, as it could interfere with business.

In her current condition, Azzar isn’t in any physical pain. She still struggles with her condition, lamenting especially the loss of her arm, as it has taken her a long time to be comfortable working with the cybernetic replacement. She is very work-oriented, and is really only comfortable talking about topics related to her work. Most other conversations that she has consist of grunts and one word answers. She frequents a bar that is set up right across from her shop in downtown Vale, typically going there after she closes down for the night.

Aura and Semblance:
Azzar never unlocked her semblance during her time at Haven, and she has since come to believe that she never would. As a result, she trained with the aura ability that she had, which was not much, to develop what abilities that she could. She eventually developed the detection ability beyond the passive benefits of aura, but beyond that she was unable to train her aura further.

Combat Behavior: 
Azzar does not get into combat much, but she maintains a light training regimen just in case she ever needs to fight. Her parents’ caution was not so easily forgotten. She relies mostly on her cybernetics, which she developed to be useful in a combat scenario. Being the smaller, stockier person that she is, she is surprisingly nimble, but slow. She trains mostly with the focus being on defense, relying on dodging but maintaining a relatively stationary position during a fight. She uses Dust in a variety of ways that she built into her cybernetics. Her weapons are only her cybernetics, thus putting her at a disadvantage against an opponent able to get on the left side of her body.



Primary Form:
Right eye: Azzar’s right eye has no actual combat ability, but she modified it to have a number of visual modes that she can switch between with a thought. Among these modes, beside the normal vision mode, are thermal imaging, target tracking, and long-range modes. When she gets into combat, she removes the eyepatch that she normally wears, and then uses her artificial eye to help her in combat.

Secondary Form:
Right leg: Azzar made a number of modifications to her leg in order to be useful in combat. In the toe of the leg, she made a retractable blade a couple inches in length, a simple, yet effective weapon against unsuspecting attackers. One of these blades is also positioned at the top of the shin, allowing her to use her knee in closer quarters. In the heel, she made a small, fire-Dust powered rocket. The tiny rocket is able to accelerate her leg faster and in a shorter distance than the servos in her leg, adding force to her kicking attacks. She also put one of these rockets, albeit slightly larger, in the rear of the thigh of her leg, allowing her to enhance her jumps and evasive movements. Lastly, in the sole of the foot, she placed a small-calibre, single-shot firearm for ranged use.

Tertiary Form:
Right arm: Azzar’s right arm is her biggest asset, with the most modifications being made to it. The fingers each have tiny retractable blades, both for use in hand to hand combat and in her workshop when working on small, hard to reach electronics or mechanics. She has multiple channels throughout the arm for expelling tiny Dust projectiles for use in close combat. On her wrist, she has a retractable, small calibre, three barrel minigun, which can be loaded with Dust ammunition. Ammunition is stored through the arm, and the bullets are small enough to not weigh her down overmuch during everyday activities. In the palm of her hand, she has a single, large-calibre firearm with limited ammunition capacity, her arm only able to carry 10 shots at a time, for use against almost exclusively Grimm, should the need arise. It takes a few seconds to reload, so is for use mainly to take down large targets. She also has a two foot, retractable blade that can extend beyond her arm for use in hand-to-hand combat. Additionally, she installed both a small blade and a rocket booster in her elbow, the first making her elbow strikes more effective, and the second able to accelerate her punches and swings with the short sword.

Dust Functions:
Azzar’s cybernetics make use of fire Dust for the tiny rocket boosters throughout them, as well as small lightning Dust crystals that have to be replaced once a month with normal use, or once a day when she uses the combat functions. She can have two types of ammunition for each of the firearms she has installed, and typically splits them each between normal ammunition and one type of Dust ammunition. The small openings along her arm can fire out either tiny Dust pellets or a spray of whatever Dust they are loaded with, both of which have a range of only a few feet, for use in close combat.

Azzar’s advanced cybernetics were installed by medical professionals in Vale, and then she used her mechanical expertise to install a variety of combat functions. See history section for details.

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Re: Azzar Ikhal
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+1, nerd.
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Re: Azzar Ikhal
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Approved, nerd.
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