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It can be about subjective feeling: It looks/sounds/feels great/refreshing/lame or objective analysis: the damage/rpm/recoil is just right/not good enough.
Also, what will you improve your weapon if given the choice and resources, and what could be expected after so?
Conner heard Rackley and looked at the Alpha heading towards Sandy.

He switched Dragonslayer to it's halberd form and rushed towards Sandy. He managed to block the Alpha's left claw but it's right managed to get Conner.

"You stay the hell away from my team!" Conner looked at Anza and Sandy. "Gas masks! NOW!

As Conner said that he took a deep breath as he activated his semblance and exhaled a giant cloud of poison gas straight to the Alpha's face. He then quickly took his gas mask and put it on after he used his semblance.
Beacon Academy / Re: Smells of Sausage Again? [HTDG Re-initiation?]
« Last post by Flooberoid on March 24, 2017, 07:58:38 PM »
Without a word, Hagane rotated the pieces around, scrutinizing the jagged edges of each. A moment later, he decided how they would attach and, sure enough, they slid together perfectly.

As the edges of one tablet met the other, the two merged so seamlessly it was as if they were whole from the start. In fact... as Hagane tugged, the pieces refused to separate! The grooves in the jade artifact became more pronounced. The material itself started to give off a dim glow, as if to act as a back light for viewing the image proper. Even more intricacies appeared now. Certain areas on the surface, which had previously felt smoother than others for reasons unknown, now revealed themselves to be polished for the purpose of creating a brighter highlight on the face of the stunningly detailed picture before them. When viewed as a whole, this striking image in all its glory turned out to be...

...A processed hot dog? With ketchup and a bun and everything. Or maybe it was mustard? Holding the stone in his hands with his face blank and his eyes wide open, Hagane pondered indignantly about the artist's motivation for using so much of the condiment; Hagane himself would have put half as much, if that!
Beacon Academy / Re: King of White, King of Black [CHES][Initiation]
« Last post by Flooberoid on March 24, 2017, 07:43:38 PM »
((OOC: Ha ha, you're fine, Malus. ^^ Does seem that our post order got rather out of whack, though. I'll post now, then Vwyx, then Nathan and finally Malus, and we'll carry on like that from here on out. That work for everyone?))

Hearing the gunshot, Cara immediately stood up. "That would be... Shiro, probably!" Cara realized, remembering that Helena was using a bow. "I've got to go make sure she's not in trouble. Eamon, I'm trusting you to keep our camp secure." With that she dashed off in the direction of the shot.

Along the way, Cara nearly collided with Helena. In her astonishment, it took her a few seconds to get her words out. "Get back to camp, now! I'll be right behind you!" She told Helena before again dashing off without leaving time for reply.

Finally Cara came across Shiro, who was marching casually in the direction of camp. She slowed down, both in movement and in speech. In the blackness of night, it took a few seconds to register that Shiro was unharmed. "Shiro! You're... perfectly fine? What in Remnant was that shot about?"
The Vale Region / Re: Dust on the Rails [initiation] [MLDC]
« Last post by jjb2158 on March 24, 2017, 06:18:40 PM »
Pulling out two bottles of water and an extra bottle of soda, Jett listened to Mythos give her introduction. Trying to hide his surprise, he handed the first bottle off to Lien, a warm smile and nod of his head to acknowledge her. Listening to Xavier give his introduction, he walked over to Mythos and handed her a bottle, giving her the same warm smile he gave to Lien. It was then that it hit him that the two of them did look oddly similar. Trying not to gawk at this sudden realization, he reverted his gaze to where his things were and leaned against the wall as he continued to listen to Xavier flourish himself before their new leader.

Listening intently, Jett took note of Xaviers abrupt finish and the indication that it was his turn. Standing up, he walked over to where Xavier was seated, he placed a hand on his comrades right shoulder and gave him a firm, yet gently squeeze and handed him the bottle of soda he was holding. Despite not being too accustomed to technology, Jett was still capable of noticing the minor details with his, including when they felt out of sorts. Guess that comes with being the oldest of five siblings... he thought, hoping that time would allow him to become better acquainted with Mythos.

"Where Xavier might be weak in, those are usually my strengths" Jett replied simply, beating one of his fists against his chest. "As stated earlier, my name is Jett Davenport. I may not be good with tech, but I try to make it up with my fighting capabilities." Walking back over to his belongings, he picked up Scath and Svart. "As you can see, what Xavier doesn't end of smashing, I end up slashing" he said, hefting both of his weapons so Mythos can get a better look. "I am primarily a close quarter combat fighter. Although..." he added, putting both Scath and Svart together and transforming them into Semurhat. "I can also hold my ground at mid-range with my automatic shotgun, Semurhat."

Resting Semurhat on his seat, Jett turned to face Mythos again. "Lastly, I am primarily the tank of the group and best fighting in the frontlines while keeping the enemies focused on me. Here is where my semblance comes into play." Sticking his foot so that it touched the shadows underneath the seat, he activated his semblance. Letting the shadow of the chair as well as his own shadow engulf his body, he focused his now glowing eyes onto Mythos. "My semblance allows my defense to grow exponentially. The more shadows I consume, the stronger the defense is." Deactivating his semblance, Jett took a seat next to his belongings as the shadow armor dissolved off of him. "As for getting to know me, I'm come from a simple lumberjack family and have five younger siblings. Aside from that, feel free to get to know me more."

Giving Mythos a big smile, Jett made himself comfortable in his seat by leaning in it while resting one arm over the chair holding his belongings. Taking a sip from his soda, he turned his attention over to Lien and motioned slightly with his head to let her know that it was her turn to speak up,
Beacon Academy / Re: King of White, King of Black [CHES][Initiation]
« Last post by Malus Blanc on March 24, 2017, 06:15:15 PM »
Shiro wandered the forest, hunting for animals and looking out for anything edible. She stumbled on a pond which happened to be a nesting area for geese. She managed to shoot a goose down from a distance before they saw her, she also gathered a couple eggs from the nests. Jackpot! She thought as she happily grabbed the goose by its legs.

 It took her quite some time to find the pond and by the time she was considering to head back it was getting darker and darker already. She fastened her pace and started moving towards the place where her team set up the camp. She was also hoping that the gunshot didn't alarm any Grimm that might be lurking nearby.


(Sorry for the late post. >.<)
The Vale Region / Re: First Impressions [Closed]
« Last post by Metroidhunter on March 24, 2017, 03:07:33 PM »
The girl rolled her eyes and opened her mouth to speak again, probably planning to dismiss his argument yet again and follow with a bitchy remark. Before she could finish a word, a shout filled the air, coming from some distance away.


While her friend had previously mentioned the possibility of them running into each other again, Vivian most definitely hadn't been expecting it to actually happen. To her, it was absolutely amazing. As she was looking at them from a bit of a distance, she was simply under the assumption that they had just happened to start chatting with each other. What were the odds of that happening? She didn't really know, but surely it was a low chance.

It wasn't until her brain decided to turn on that she noticed their expressions. Both of them actually looked pissed, or at least mildly upset. '... Oh, that's not so great...'

Giving a quick smile and a wave at Michael, she then looked at the other woman, keeping the same happy face as she waved for her to come over. The fox faunus was still sitting on the bench, looking back and forth between the two of them with a perplexed expression before she finally got up and started heading over to Vivian.

"Hey, Claire," she spoke in a somewhat low voice as the other girl got close, wanting to speak to her privately for just a quick moment. They weren't the best of buddies, and Vivian certainly wasn't the most clever person around, but even she knew well of her friend's abrasive behavior towards certain humans. "Are you by any chance harassing my boyfriend?"

The question that she had posed caused Claire to go wide-eyed before giving an almost disgusted look at Vivian. "Oh my god. That is him? Do you even know who that guy is? Seriously, why him?"

"Trust me when I say that he's not a douche. He's one of the nicest people I've met, really." Vivian looked over at Mike and gave him another short wave before turning back to her friend. "And I mean, come on, did you even look at him?"

Claire scoffed. "That doesn't change anything. He's a part of-" She was cut off as the rabbit girl put one of her metal arms over her shoulder, still smiling in an almost terrifying manner as she pulled her close with quite a bit of force. "You're my friend. And I know you're, like, on a crusade to be an asshole to people you don't really know. But seriously, I like him a lot, and if you mess that up by trying to run him out of town or somethin', watch out. I will actually break you in half."

The faunus was a little surprised when she heard it, looking dumbfounded. After a few moments, she pushed herself away from Vivian, giving her a very dissatisfied look. "What-ever, traitor."

Nearly laughing at the stupidity of it, she then shrugged and turned to head in Mike's direction, calling back to Claire who was also walking away. "Seeya, beotch."

Now that they were finally free from that nuisance, Vivian skipped over and stopped in front of Michael, looking up at him with an even wider smile than before. "Sorry about that, she's, uh... That's my friend Claire. She's real into all of that faunus rights stuff. Too into it. You good?"
AMA Section / Re: The Visionary (And free for all) AMA
« Last post by MonsterManic on March 24, 2017, 08:33:43 AM »
"I was originally from Mistral, and I attended Haven Academy until the end of my third year. If not for a certain...incident, I would probably still be in Haven with my old team. I guess, if I couldn't have gotten into Beacon, I'd still be in Haven. However...let's just say things were awkward back then, and I do not wish to elaborate any further on why."

Question for you: do you prefer creating characters over RPing with the one(s) you currently have?
Beacon Academy / Re: A Casual Time-Wasting Spar [CLOSED]
« Last post by Timeworker on March 24, 2017, 08:13:04 AM »
Griz heard the gunshots mere moments before he felt them collide with his arms and legs. Spinning around violently to the sniper in the corner he saw her turning around to fire another volley and Griz dived behind a rock. He heard the bullets ricochet off the stone as the ram faunus caught his breath. Still recovering from the shock wave he set off Griz smiled too himself.
Good thing I have thick skin or I would be a goner
Griz flexed his arms and legs where they were hit. His aura didn't stop the pain but years of experience of being roasted, punched, shot, and cut would help him walk it off.
Bracing himself against his stony cover Griz took deep breaths and finished recuperating. He was almost back in fighting condition after the shockwave. Building up his aura Griz set his sights for Tina. If she wants to shoot at him she was very welcome to do so but while the shockwave had disrupted everybody it had also given the meele fighters something that changed the battle. Cover.
Before it had been a flat field leaving them sitting ducks to gunfire  but they had places to duck and hide.
Griz mapped out a rout to where the shots came from calculating Tina's position from approximately where on his body she hit him.
The ghosts of pain finally faded away as Griz was ready to get back into the fight.
Lets get this show on the road were the last thoughts through his mind as Griz bursted out from behind the rock making a beeline for the next available shelter. Repeating this pattern Griz travelled in a z-shaped line randomly changing his direction and speed at any given moment.
Lets see how well she handles when her enemy is up close and personal

Spoiler: Aura check • show

The Vale Region / Re: Dust on the Rails [initiation] [MLDC]
« Last post by Timeworker on March 24, 2017, 07:24:00 AM »
Xavier repositioned himself so he was facing Mythos and glanced around the assembled group. The gadget he was tinkering with was safety tucked away as he got down to business with the rest of them.
Listening to her explication Xavier deduced that this leader was a pretty good fit for their least in the combat aspect. Socially however she seemed a bit rough around the edges but that just might be nerves or her...interesting history only time could tell.

Xavier could feel the waves of an awkward silence that set in after Mythos had finished talking. Winding that was his queue to introduce himself Xavier playfully elbowed Lien beside him to break the ice.

"T'is great that we have somebody who recognizes beauty when they see it! The name is Xavier Cendres and I am the team's combat and utility unit. But that probably mean nothing to you so...let me SHOW you what that means."

After finishing his monologue Xavier stood up out of his chair and brought out his scroll. Suddenly tiny brass beetles flew out of his trench coat and flew around the room. Different cameras appeared on the screen and by using all the different perspectives a small map was being constructed. While this was happening Xavier gave his new leader an explanation.

"Inside and outside of combat situations I have many skills. I use these bugs to scout area ahead of team. My arms can lift over 1000 pounds to clear way for allies. I am effective in both ranged and close-combat. Using cannon and heavy artillery from the back of a fight and my hammer for when a Grimm's skull needs to be bashed in. Heck I am even willing to tank a few hit for you with my dust shield so whenever you need a position filled, you call me"

Smiling and sitting backdown feeling like he had explained his purpose well Xavier was about to go back to tinkering when a jolt of pain shot up his arm. Right...he was a jack of all trades but even he had his limits. Reflexively rubbing his right shoulder as he remembered forcinly tearing it off to save a woman's life. The fateful day that the Bombs over Vale had dropped.
Shaking off his temporary trance Xavier steadied his voice the best that he could and added to his introduction.

"I may be able to cover many positions but when I am stretched too thin it can prove dangerous. My multi tasking and reaction time could use a little more work then I am proud enough to admit. Also I tend to avoid small areas as often as maximize efficiency of course! You try swinging a hammer in a small room and not breaking anything."

Quickly covering up his sudden nerves Xavier contently ended his speech having gone over his strength and weaknesses. Trying to ignore the sweat that had appeared on his forehead Xavier brought out the device he had been tinkering with earlier. In his slight panic he had forgotten to seigway into an intro for Jett.
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