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Beacon Academy / Re: Nothing to Sea [SFFM][Initiation]
« Last post by Dark_Tenno21 on Today at 06:36:57 AM »
Duncan saw Mao pull himself together and heard both Mint's and Finn's plans.

He knew the Grimm were gonna come back to their location. The one thing that is important right now is to make sure that the teachers get all the evidence of what happened on that ship.

"Our main objective is to get all the evidence of the ship back to the school. That way they can get someone else to do some digging into what the hell actually happened on that ship. We are still just students. We aren't full Huntsmen just yet. Finn, plant those mines so we can buy more time to get further up the coast. Mao, take it easy for a bit. You got knocked around pretty badly, and I don't want you to make whatever damage you took worse. Mint, stay with Mao and keep an eye on him. I'm gonna be on standby in case we need more time to make it. "

He looked at his teammates and sighed as he looked at the forest area and looked back at his team.

"One more thing Mint. As we all start moving, I'm gonna need you to pop another smoke bomb behind us."
Teams / Re: Team List
« Last post by The Mythic Scribe on Today at 12:11:32 AM »
First year team at Beacon:

ATLA | Atlas
Hunter Green
Aurora Hesperid
Tina Allan
Nero LaFatch
Gwylan Anwen
Beacon Academy / Re: Active [VCVS]
« Last post by The Mythic Scribe on April 22, 2017, 11:51:19 PM »
Cerise made herself comfy-well, as comfy as you could be without back support-and watched as the fight unfolded, taking note of Samuel's semblance. She couldn't quite tell what it was yet, but it apparently enabled him to hear things from far away. Super hearing didn't seem to be linked in any way to the not-so-little ball behind his back though. One that would apparently go 'boom' after charged.

Focusing her attention instead on Juno, Cerise tilted her head ever so slightly in his direction to show she was paying attention. "Then talk. Preferably before your archer friend gets smited. It looks pretty grisly, I'd hate to see what atrocious things that could do to an individual not under the protection of aura."
Teams / Re: First Year Beacon Team (4/4)
« Last post by The Mythic Scribe on April 22, 2017, 11:36:12 PM »
Alright, I'll post us in the Team list. ATLA-Atlas, and hunter green, with Aurora as their leader.

Now as for the initiation, would we want JJB to run it, or would we want to run it ourselves? And if the latter, would we want one of us to moderate, or someone else?
Beacon Academy / Re: Active [VCVS]
« Last post by Glow on April 22, 2017, 10:03:48 PM »
Cursing quietly to himself as Verdant notched an arrow, Samuel flicked his left hand, the chain from the bottom of the held sword quickly pulling the other one into the path of the arrow. The blast pushing him away, he skidded backwards before gaining purchase on the floor below him again, blinking as a sudden wall of ice formed.

As Verdant's hurried request carried over the makeshift defense, Samuel gave a lazy grin. "Ah, well, y'see I kind of have to fire it after I've started it up, or else it kind of goes boom on me instead. Happy to charge it a little more, though!" He shouted his reply, his hand starting to quiver slightly from the soundwaves bouncing.

'Maybe I should be somewhat careful where I aim this. Holding it for a bit longer than usual.' The faunus mused, before thinking again over how his day had gone so far. Chains slowly uncoiling from his arms and raising up behind his back, he shrugged to himself.


Beacon Academy / Re: Active [VCVS]
« Last post by SirZinger on April 22, 2017, 07:42:16 PM »
Verdant saw Samual make that ball of aura and then try to hide it, behind his back, with Verdant's semblance he could see Samual make it clear as day.

He decided o go on the defense and drew a concussive arrow to knock Samual out of the area they were fighting.  He notched the arrow and fired it right at Samuel's feet and ran before he saw if it even knocked Samual out and then while running Verdant drew an ice arrow firing it ahead of him to create some sort of cover for himself. Verdant dove behind the cover and yelled out.

"I wanst trying to diss you please don't use that ball thing on me," Verdant said nervously.
Everywhere Else / Re: A Pinch of SALT [Closed]
« Last post by mylies43 on April 22, 2017, 07:30:45 PM »
"Nah I'm good, we are about to eat and all."She followed Aurum into the restaurant and plopped down into an empty booth by the window and began looking through the menu. She glanced around the restaurant between items scanning the room for anything interesting or of note. Suddenly someone counts her attention, in the back corner of the restaurant clearly trying to be hidden were two students from an opposing team who appeared to be going out on a date.

Pointing towards the couple Topaz said"Hey, isn't that, er, what's they're a name from team HAJJ and CHEZ? I thought those teams hated each other."She took a picture as stealthy as she could with her scroll."Oh this is gonna be some good blackmail."
Teams / Re: First Year Beacon Team (4/4)
« Last post by Dusty on April 22, 2017, 04:46:29 PM »
I like the green, it feels pretty earthy and works with the geographical terminology for Atlas as well. It's got my vote.
Teams / Re: First Year Beacon Team (4/4)
« Last post by Pyro_Ferno on April 22, 2017, 12:37:55 PM »
I am personally fine with ATLA, But Nero would prefer a logical partner. I personally think of earthy colors when I here Atlas, because of the titan who holds up the world.
Beacon Academy / Re: Rustled Feathers [4/4 FULL]
« Last post by Walter on April 22, 2017, 11:37:50 AM »
Reginald's opponent seemed to be a bit thrown off by all the attacks, and scrambling to get back up on his feet. This little cumblot was not gonna be chivalrous about it, and attacked again right away.

"Take this!" He yelled out as he went for a kick at his foe and an upwards slash, closing any distance between the two, since he knew his opponent had the range advantage here.

[AURA: 47%]

(Kick is 4%, slash is 6%)

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