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WiP Characters / Re: Robyn Reseda (Ready I think?)
« Last post by Robin on Today at 11:12:46 AM »
Thank you for commenting! It's nice to see that people are nice here, that's always such a good thing for RPing.

I'll handle most of the changes when I get on a laptop; phones aren't the most comfortable thing to be typing long coherent paragraphs on, which is were a few of the errors came from.

Apart from that, the symbol isn't green because I wanted it to stand out in her green clothes, when I still thought I could make that look good in some way. I didn't want it to blend in at all.

The semblance isn't supposed to track Grimm for two reasons; I didn't want to make combat too easy for her and I couldn't think of a reason why she would be able to track Grimm, as hunting then down while untrained is both silly and Mary sueish ya know.
Thank you for contributing, it's a great help!
Aurum felt a bit dissappointed that Topaz and Avery left him to his solo  strike but nevertheless stuck with his plan. Surely if Saffron asked him nicely enough he would have followed eventually(after several death threats) but Dorian was just so....boring. He couldn't even get more than a condescending suggestion before he left the room and was now alone with his stupid prank videos and makeshift devices lying around.

Not wanting to get up, Dorian didn't say please as expected, Aurum lounged around for the meantime. If he really did need to rushhis bubbles were there and he'd be in the ship before they could even say Golden Time.
WiP Characters / Re: Luna Otonai (Finally Ready!!!)
« Last post by Lunacy on Today at 04:33:48 AM »
Center everything.



Name: Lunacy Otonai, "Luna" for short, “Lu” for shorter, and "El" by that special someone who will never exist.

Age: 17 (14th of Arashi, 63 AC)

Species and Gender: Wolf Faunus, Female


"Fen's Mark"
Her emblem is the center circle.

Occupation: Beacon Academy First Year, Freelance Musician

Appearance: A strangely intimidating air surrounds Luna's thin 5'8" frame, despite her shy nature. Luna often experiments with the concept of contrast, and her looks and wardrobe reflect that interest. Her clothing consists of mostly black colors to oppose her pale complexion and nearly-ridiculous 4' long bluish-silver hair, which she keeps cut to a scene-style taper. Luna inherited wolf ears and fangs, but keeps her hair long to hide her lack of a tail, which she considers embarrassing and somewhat shameful.

Her usual attire consists of a black crop top with small rips along the lower left, a silk jacket with a high collar and fur trim on the sleeves that she keeps unzipped, a white belt with her pack's emblem etched into the gold buckle, skin-tight black jeans ripped at the outer thighs, and knee-high black combat boots with silver laces up the sides. She keeps her weapon clipped to her belt on her right hip. A small gold hoop pierces her right ear, and another on her lower left lip. As her faunus ears prevent her from using conventional headphones, Luna also wears a gold choker with black trim that hides a small speaker inside for her music. Her eye color is amber.

History: Lunacy Otonai was born just outside the city of Wind Path in Mistral to a family of wolf faunus. Her parents raised their only child lovingly, hoping to shelter her from the dangers of Wind Path. But the outside world could only be held at bay for so long.

When Luna was 13 years old, she got mixed up with a few members of a locally infamous human mercenary group called the Red Winter after accidentally exposing one of their operations to local authorities. The Red Winter was furious to learn that Luna had compromised one of their most lucrative endeavors, and demanded that Luna pay them back the money they had lost. Unable to pay his daughter's debt, and fearing for his family's safety, Luna's father prepared the Otonai family to flee to Kuchinashi in the south of Mistral. Unfortunately, the Red Winter had heard they were on the run, and so the night before Luna's family had planned to leave Wind Path, the Red Winter paid them a visit. The mercinaries raided Luna's home and rounded up the Otonais. Then Luna was forced to watch in horror as the mercenaries' leader slit her parents throats.

The Red Winter looted the house, taking everything including 13-year-old Luna, whom their leader, Tamra, took special interest in. Tamra began training a reluctant Luna in combat and tactical strategy, teaching her how to survive in Wind Path and hoping to raise Luna to one day take her place as leader of Red Winter. Tamra taught Luna about auras, semblances, dust, and how to use each, and it was with Tamra's help that Luna discovered and learned to control her semblance of acoustic modification, though it was only strong enough to recreate music and other sounds. After a while, Luna and Tamra grew close, forming an almost familial bond. They began to deeply trust each other despite the fact that Tamra had murdered Luna's parents.

Almost three years later in a strange twist of fate, Tamra gave her weapon, the Red Wintersun, to Luna for her 16th birthday as a way to remember Luna's parents as well as herself by. Tamara told her that she had arranged for Luna to attend the Haven Academy in the main city of Mistral to become a huntress, and had planned to leave the Red Winter after one last job to tie up some loose ends financially. Then she and Luna would leave Wind Path together, and the two would start a new life for themselves in mistral as mother and daughter. Or so they hoped...

The other members resented Luna for being the only faunus in their group, believing it was because of this that Tamra had prioritized her. Fed up with Tamra's focus on Luna, and feeling that their leader had grown soft, the other members of Red Winter began to conspire against her. In the week following Luna's tenth birthday, the Red Winter turned on their leader. They tipped off Mistral authorities of the assassination job Tamra had recieved, and the authorities apprehended her before she could reach her target. The next day, Tamra was publicly executed in the streets of Wind Path. Luna was in shock when she saw the closest person she had to family dead, and she fell into despair.

Having dealt with Tamra, the remaining members of Red Winter turned their wrath on Luna. In her mourning of her late mother-figure she was easily overpowered as the other members proceded to subject her to unspeakable abuse. This continued for several months until the Red Winter abandoned a scarred, broken Luna on the road between Wind Path and Mistral to fend for herself or die. Neglected, hopeless, homeless, and hungry, Luna made her way south to the main city of Mistral.

Using her semblance like Tamra had taught her, Luna wrote songs, pouring all her wordless emotions into the music. Once in Mistral, her talents caught the attention of a few upper-class patrons who paid Luna to write songs for them. Soon, she had enough to afford food and clothes, and found a temporary place to stay. With so many dark memories of Mistral, Luna longed to escape the place that had caused her so much pain. She still wanted to train to be a huntress in honor of Tamra, but the reminders of those she had lost were too much for her to stay and attend Haven, so Luna decided to attend the academy in the nearby kingdom of Vale instead. Within a few months, and with help from her Mistrali patrons, Luna had saved up enough to pay for her enrollment and transportation. Soon after, she boarded a Vale-bound airship and set her sights on Beacon Academy.

Personality: Luna's favorite song is "Gasoline" by Halsey, if that tells you anything. She is shy and introverted in unfamiliar social environments, yet doesn't mind large crowds. She is obsessive about all things music, and she needs a constant intake of music to keep her mentally stable. The abuse she has suffered caused her personality to fracture in order to cope, and she can come across as detached and distant due to it, exhibiting violent or self-destructive mood swings from time to time. She occasionally experiences traumatic flashbacks from certain triggers due to post-traumatic stress.

Luna still craves friendship, as wolves are social creatures, but her trust issues usually win over her need to have relationships with others. However, once someone breaks down her walls, her true colors show and she is revealed to have a witty sense of humor along with a deeply loyal side that can easily turn to jealousy. Luna loves to be creative, and is passionate about individuality and self-expression, so places like Atlas and their policies can rub her the wrong way.

Aura and Semblance: Luna's aura appears silver, and her semblance allows her to manipulate acoustic waves, i.e. creating and negating sound, creating shockwaves, directing concussive blasts. However, her semblance's modification ability is only effective within a certain range, and "turning up the volume" to increase that range puts massive strain on her aura. Larger shockwaves take her longer to charge, and four of these charged blasts is all she can handle before needing a break from any semblance usage, lest risk hurting herself. The loudest sound she's ever generated was about as loud as a race car, and the loudest acoustic wave she has countered was about as loud as a room full of screaming children.

Combat Behavior:  Having trained with mercenaries and highly-skilled assassins, Luna's fighting style is unorthodox to say the least, and she has a tendency to be unpredictable and spontanious, doing whatever she deems most effective. She's also used to getting her job done efficiently, so she sometimes resorts to "dirty" strategies to get unfair advantages. She might not look all that strong at first glance, but what Luna lacks in muscle she more than compensates with raw speed. This combined with use of her semblance makes her very agile, capable of accelerating to inhuman velocities. She has night vision as a faunus, but prefers to track movement by sound during combat, thanks to her heightened hearing. Luna is quick to identify patterns, and uses this skill to study, psychoanalyze, then anticipate her enemy's attacks.

Luna is easily susceptible to stress triggers, and if she becomes overwhelmed in combat she is subject to a mental breakdown, making her even more reckless and unpredictable than usual, only this time without a clear strategy. Another weakness is her hair. She dares not cut it for fear of exposing her lack of a tail, but it is often used against her in almost comical ways. She also can get over-confident since she can usually best those with traditional training backgrounds. This makes her easily thrown off guard by an opponent who fights dirty like her.


Name: Formerly known as the Red Wintersun, Luna calls her weapon the "Point-Breaker" because wherever she points it, something breaks. She does her best to forget what the weapon has done in the hands of another.

General Appearance Concept Art:

The weapon is colored black with red accents.

Primary Form: Melee
Fully extended, the Point-Breaker is basically just a bladed ring on the end of a spear with fancy crystal decorations. It looks complex, but the concept is actually pretty simple. Opposite from the bladed ring is the spear's edge, a gravity dust crystal, designed to increase the effectiveness of Luna's semblance, particularly with shockwaves. In short, one end is for cutting lines, and the other is for punching holes.

Secondary Form: Ranged
The spear doubles as a semi-automatic sniper rifle that can shoot dust rounds. The back half of the spear and it's decorative-yet-functional crystal spike retract to make the whole assembly more compact. Using the rifle while in melee configuration adds to the blade ring's momentum.

Tertiary Form: Storage
When fully compact, the spear retracts into the bladed ring shape, which can be used as a close range melee weapon.

Dust Functions: Luna uses the gravity dust crystal to amplify her semblance's effects, particularly into the ground, which causes a shockwave or earthquake within a small radius to throw enemies back from her, or to launch herself into the air. If swapped for ice dust, the crystal can be used to form walls for shielding, or small projectiles which she launches with bursts from her semblance. The rifle configuration shoots ice dust rounds, used for either freezing enemies to trap them on impact, or more unorthodoxly, to create ice block structures for shielding or mobility.

History: The Point-Breaker was originally owned by Tamra of the Red Winter mercenaries, who used it to kill Luna's parents. Ironically, this weapon was given to Luna to wield shortly before Tamra's capture and execution. Luna is still strangely attached to the weapon, as it is the only thing she owns that is reminiscent of her deceased parents. She belives if she uses the weapon for good, the karma of her parents murder will be balanced. actually looks better
so too many moving parts. simpliy, simplify, simplify. revisions inbound ^^
OK so the big thing hanging over the history is why. If the father is trying to protect his family WHY does he take out a loan from a mercenary company of all things. When they realise the father isn't going to pay WHY do they kill him that ensures they dont get their money, it would make more sense to kill the mother or Luna herself as encouragement. WHY are her parents killed in front of her? What purpose does that serve? WHY is she taken under the wing of the bandit? WHY is she trained not only in basic stuff but actual combat? WHY does she form a motherly relationship with the person who killed her mother and father? Like I can't criticise tragic backstories but is the rape of a 10 year old really necessary? I'm not an expert on creating soundwaves but I'd imagine its a pretty complex activity to mimic a song you have only just heard and Luna does it literally in an afternoon. WHY does the mistrali person think that making music would make a good huntsman?

OK so enough whining from me lets try to move forward. Honestly I think the general idea of the backstory is pretty good, some might disagree but like I mentioned before I like tragic backstories, and I don't think much needs to be changed, remember these are only recommendations and if you want your original feel free to post it in character creation proper.
  • Protective family is a good starting point but have it go on for longer, maybe until 14 or 15. Have her develop her semblance and learn how to mimic songs, and only songs no shockwaves, here so it makes more sense later on.
  • Make it Luna who takes out the loan instead of her father, maybe she wants to get her parents something nice for an anniversary or birthday or maybe so she can run away to join combat school.
  • Luna can't or doesn't pay back the loan and the bandits attack killing her parents and taking Luna as a slave. However the bandit leader notices Luna's semblance and takes quite a shine to it, training her and what not.
  • The uprising can still happen, doubt its the most stable job bandit leader, or she can run away and end up on the streets like she does in your version. Except now she has a reason to be able to mimic songs.
  • As for the whole being taken in by a teacher thing I've made myself clear so I won't repeat it here but try to make there a link. Maybe the teacher has a similar semblance to Luna so she knows what it could be turned into? Maybe she recognises the girl from news or information about local bandits?

The purpose of these changes is to give a reason for a lot of the things happening in her story. If she brings the bandits down on her family it means a lot more than if they just show up. If the same thing that makes her a slave also makes her a huntress it means a lot more. Again just my opinion and I know I may seem negative a lot but I do only want to help you make the best character you can.
WiP Characters / Re: Robyn Reseda (Ready I think?)
« Last post by Mechajin on November 18, 2017, 10:07:33 PM »
Hey there, nice to see that you've gotten this finished! When you're ready, you should copy it over to the main Character Creation board, so the mods can officially review it, but before you do, let me just give you some feedback real quick!

Name: Nothing wrong here!

Age: It's common practice to choose a birthday, either at random, or from a month that relates to your character in some thematic way. the list of months we use can be found here!

Species and Gender: I've noticed you spell "Faunus" as "Faunas" a lot throughout the profile, something the mods may ask you to change for readability reasons, might be an idea to just do a sweep through and correct that before you move Robyn over, just to save time.

Symbol: This is seriously just personal opinion, but I'd have expected her symbol to be green, considering that's her favorite colour and symbols are typically unique to the individual, is the reddish robin more of a family symbol? As I said, just my personal opinion, you're free to do as you like!

Occupation: Yep.

Appearance: I really like this, there's a really solid amount of detail here without being hard to read, I especially like how you've given her some minor blemishes and distinguishing features, really helps make her feel unique, I wish I was that good at describing character appearances! Outfits are all good, not much to say, which I think is kind of the intent, so that's good!

History: More or less all good, in my opinion, only thing I really have to criticize is that there's no real mention of Grimm, more or less everyone outside of a major city has probably had some experience with Grimm, unless they're very young or frail. Mentioning that would help explain why she's so good with a crossbow, even in combat situations, as she never attended a combat school like Signal before taking Beacon's aptitude test, she's undoubtedly had a lot of chances to practice seeing as her life involved a lot of travelling between that village and her home.

Personality: Again, like the last two sections, readable yet informative, no real criticism here!

Aura and Semblance: A pretty simple semblance, makes sense that it'd be related to hunting and tracking, as that's been a pretty large part of her life, it's worth noting though that it won't work on Grimm, as they have no souls, and therefore no Aura. You might have known that already, but I figured it was important to point out regardless.

Combat Behaviour: I think she'd probably need a bit more close combat aptitude to get past Beacon's aptitude test, as it stands, she's gonna really struggle if any Grimm close in on her, at least as long as her ammunition is all explosive. Still, good on you for making sure to include concrete weaknesses

Weapon: Which leads me into my next point, but first I need to give you props for that name, really strong

So, Yewlogy seemingly exclusively uses explosive rounds, which fire off a fair amount of shrapnel. Strong, but dangerous at close range, either to her, or to any of her potential teammates who happen to be nearer to what she's shooting. Not only that, explosions are loud and that's kind of at odds with her preferred, stealthy fighting style, so it might be worth mentioning an additional, quieter ammo type.

All in all, I think it's really solid character and one I'm interested in seeing more of, there's a few typos and grammar errors which I think you should do a quick sweep for, but nothing too major at the end of the day. Good luck in approvals when you move this over!

Oh yeah, you should totally join our Discord server, there's pretty much always people online, and it's the best way to meet the other RPers, and that'll help you join threads, and figure out who you want to RP with! You can find out how to join the Discord here!
Everywhere Else / Re: Aca's Amazing Adventure! [Closed - RWND]
« Last post by Vision on November 18, 2017, 02:59:16 PM »
Bastet's excitement was obvious from the get-go, however even she showed a bit of restraint on the "off the books" nature of their mission. It was however brief, she had known Aca for long enough and trusted her intrinsically. Seeing that the others weren't all that pumped up she decided to back up Aca. "Heck forget going to another country, they're all the same or covered in ice anyways. A village far away from the city limits and decades abandoned, now we're talking." She sat down on Lav's desk with her usual grin however her cat ears were a bit low and showed that she still had some concerns.

As Aca continued explaining the plan Bas was playing along, listening closely and laughed at the super secret part. As soon as Aca mentioned the bribed pilot Bas' ears perked right up, she had been concerned how they were going to get there but as usual Aca had it covered. Looking at the uncomfortable expression of the pilot in the photo Bas mockingly asked "What on Remnant did you do to the poor pilot?"

With her opinions pretty apparent she gave Aca a bit of a wink before looking back at the others to see if they were inn.
Character Creation / Basalt Noir
« Last post by Ordelis on November 18, 2017, 12:43:22 PM »

Name: Basalt Noir

Age: 45

Species and Gender: male human

Symbol: Basalt - a silhouetted mannequin,

Occupation: Former Huntsman, Taxidermist

Appearance: Basalt wears a victorian era French frock coat. The outer coat is a rock grey with the lapels accented yellow. On his hands he wears black dress gloves. The inside shirt is white with the collar being a deep red. His trousers are a grey that match his coat with polished dress shoes on his feet. He is the stereotypical image of a rich man. He has a very lean and skinny figure standing at an average height of 5'8, his face is sunken and his skin is a sickly grey. His hair is stylled in a bowl cut colored blonde. His face is poorly shaven and messy in general. He smells of thick perfume.

History: Growing up as a huntsman at Beacon he loved nothing more then to boast about his Grimm kills. Big or small whatever he slew he always kept track of how many throughout his life he slayed. And he was good at it. In his youth he carried a massive sword that extended to twice the length of his whole body, and while currently he's nothing like when he was in his prime he was a dominant force as a huntsman. While as a huntsman he was a great fighter he did it for all the wrong reasons, he loved attention and bragged about all his exploits, he did what he did, not to protect people but for their admiration, and money. Greed, he was very much a greedy man as he was strong, never doing anything out of kindness or charity. Always he bled dry the people he worked for, regardless of their situation. Over time as a huntsman he became massively wealthy, this was thanks to his second skill he possesed, geology.

     His father was a collector of rocks, not dust, but mineral ores. His childhold home was filled with samples of rare and valuable minerals that were either great in value in terms of weapon making or even just sold as jewelry. While he never had any real interest in them, he took care in memorizing what was considered valuable and where to find them for the sole purpose of reselling them for profit. Incidentally his travels as a huntsman lead him to many barren and lawless lands that contained hidden treasures, before not accesible because of the Grimm. His skills however allowed him free reign of the many unclaimed ores waiting to be uncovered. However rocks were not his passion, it was always just a method for him to get rich quick.
     What he really wanted to do was make a name for himself and become famous, while he demanded attention, throughout his travels there were always those who opposed him. Those who saw him as nothing more then a show off and claimed his achievements were nothing more then lies. So he devoted his time to prove it. In order to do that he decided to learn the skills of a taxidermist, all for the sake of creating replica Grimm that he could claim he slew. He wanted to create a busineas out of it, he wanted all of Vale to know the things he accomplished. For at some point he cared more for peoples attention without the danger, then protecting them, and laid down his sword to learn a new skill.
     For the next few years Basalt spent his time in a trade school learning the ways of a taxidermist, specifically any kind of Grimm replica. One day he met his future wife, Marian Twanet. She was a very fragile woman, seemingly always sick, and frail looking. Despite this she was fierce, constantly picking fights with other students or starting arguments, insisting she was right even if she was wrong. And Basalt was madly in love with her, for once there was only one person's attention then anyone he wanted and it was hers. And strangely enough she seemed to want the same, or so it seemed.
     Years go by and the two quickly became married and had a child, Metate Noir. For some reason Marian had a fixation for training Metate up to be a strong huntress, despite the daughter had no interest in them. All Metate loved were dolls, pretty dolls, play dollls, and doll houses she had a collection of them she loved to play with. Basalt on the other hand over the years had created his ideal taxidermist business and showed off his self made trophies of Grimm heads in his own luxurious home. Metate fawned over the fake corpses, it was growing up with the grotesque heads of monsters she found her love for dolls.
      Many more years go by and the fateful day strikes. The day Metate discovered her semblance, to this day Basalt and Metate never knew why Marian did what she did. She maniacally attacked the two of them and ran away, Metate suffered a fatal wound on her left hand and a long scar down the middle of her face remained, initially it was believed Basalt was killed until he was seen again, with a scar across his neck. The unanswered question of why haunted Basalt, Marian showed no signs of resentment towards her family and yet out of nowhere she attempts murder on the both of them. Later it was discovered a vast sum of Lien was stolen from their home the night of the attack. But Basalt didn't think money was the reason, just a bonus.
     Present day Basalt quietly continues to run his taxidermy business with his daughter for the boastful huntsman and huntress wanting to show for their efforts. Though those who knew him say he was never the same since he lost Marian, his skin and eyes lost their color, his hair was unkempt, and generally a mess. Not a day goes by does he not wonder why Marian did what she did.

Personality: A boastful and proud man, though in recent years he's far more humble then he was in his youth he's not one to pass up bragging about his Grimm kills or misadventures. Still never does anything out of kindess but only for his benefit. Since the dissapearance of Marian he is far more quiet and reserved then he used to be. Though if given the oppurtunity he will still talk and ramble longer then most people will care for, this is his old desire for attention staying with him.

Aura and Semblance: Aura is a boulder grey color, his semblance is based off of his big headed and egotistical nature, he himself will claim it's based off his natural strength. It allows him to double the size of his body increasing his strength, defense, and range of his attacks, all this at a tremendous cost of his speed and his increased size making him an easy target. His full height comes out to 11'6.

Combat Behavior:  In his prime he was very simply a bruiser, no thought at all to his attacks but to wildly swing his large sword. This combined with his brutish semblance he was commonly reffered to as a monster on the battlefield. In recent days where his body is now less then a shadow of his former self it's a mystery whether he can so much as lift his signature sword.
With his semblance active, his speed is drastically reduced, therefore he will not always use his weapon extended but in its reduced form for a slight balance of his speed back.


Name: Goliath knife

Primary Form: A double edged pitch black sword, the width of this sword is unnaturally thick due to its second form. The weapon's full length is 5ft including the hilt.

Secondary Form: One edge of the sword folds out to double the length of the entire sword, making the weapon single edged. Extended all the way the weapon's full length is 9ft including the hilt.

Tertiary Form: In it's old days it was placed in a sheath on Basalt's back, nowadays it hangs over the fireplace as a memento to his glory days.

Dust Functions: The hilt of the weapon contains a space for one dust crystal to be loaded and fired. Two ways can utilize the dust inside the weapon; Area blast and Wave blast. With a powerful swing a blast of the element loaded fires of in an arc to its target. Two waves can be fired before the dust is expended. The other is to slam the weapon on the floor, creating a blast of the element around the user. Two Area blasts can be used before expended, or one wave and one area.

Fire - A stroke sends a blasting wave of fire, while an area blast surrounds Basalt in a smaller but more concentrated blast.
Ice - can only use Area blast, surrounding Basalt with ice
Earth - Basalt's most commonly used dust crystal, Wave blast creates massive boulders flying in the directed area, this effect is stronger when outdoors. Area blast impales everything around him in a small area with earth.
Lightning - sends an arc of lightning with a Wave in its intended direction. Area blast creates a small storm in the surrounding area around Basalt.

History: When not using his semblance Basalt will use his weapom in its primary form, a wide double edged sword. With his semblance he will extend it to its full length creating a large weapon befitting his size.

Beacon Academy / Re: Waffle Wednesdays[Open]
« Last post by Caster Sugar on November 18, 2017, 07:32:11 AM »
"Shenanigans? Whatever do you mean?" Fake Mia asked, a little too innocently as she swiped her Scroll across the scanner. Unfortunately for her, she had no idea that the register would display her identity, otherwise she probably would have covered up the display with an illusion. She hummed quietly to herself as she tried to think of what she could do next with this little joke, twirling her fake illusion hair with her real fingers. It was a fun little focus exercise for her.
The Vale Region / Re: Malina's Magnificent Mission! [Closed]
« Last post by Dr. Gustave on November 18, 2017, 04:27:39 AM »
Spoiler: Malina • show
"It smells-" delicious "-fine, but I'm not eating that." Malina said, sticking a finger down toward meal.

"I figured you wouldn't." Zeffre said sheepishly before running a hand through his own messy hair. "More of a show that I know things. That it's not a bluff. There's a lot I don't know though, about you... about the people I work... worked... for."

"And you think I can or will help you because...?" Malina raised an eyebrow as she pushed the bowl toward her tablemate. "I don't know you, I don't know Augur, I doubt I know the people you worked for." Manticore stirred from its resting place wrapped around the leg of the chair. There was something in the air now, something uneasy. A feeling.

"No, no. You can't really help me. Not directly."

Malina blinked twice quickly as a sudden headache wrapped around the crown of her head. She looked to Zeffre only to be met with a sullen face.

"I understand it's an uncomfortable feeling. It'll be over quick, I just can't afford to let you keep this with you."

Manticore ripped the leg of the chair from the base as Malina shot up, splintering the wood as it did so before curling behind the huntress and shooting out toward Zeffre.

Spoiler: Calen • show
As Calen pulls out his scroll, he pauses for a moment. The screen showed two odd options, local and global, with local leading to a list of Malina, Teddy, and Cobe. It took a moment's hesitation, but seeing no other option, he tapped on each name and typed out "Just touching base. How is everyone?" before sending the message to his "new friends." It wasn't a second after sliding his scroll away that he heard the voice of the Aisa calling back to him.

"Oh, one more thing, I nearly forgot."

"Don't worry about the drink, in all honestly I'm a bit of a light weight when it comes to the devil's drink." Calen remarked humourously as he turned to face his former short term drinking partner. Quickly realising it was something more important Calen quickly added. "But of course it would be churlish to refuse Madam Aisa." Calen made his way back so Aisa didn't have to risk being over heard. The old woman still hadn't done anything aggressive but none the less Calen's hand dropped to the hilt of his weapon taking an unhealthy amount of comfort in it's presence.

Aisa gave a faint laugh and shook her head. "The drink isn't a problem." Her face seemed to be a mix of sullen and relief, almost as though she wasn't sure if she were happy or not. "I'm... well, let's call say I'm a fortune teller. I can feel something great in you, you'll do great and terrible things. Of that I'm sure." Aisa laid her hand down on the bartop, with her palm pressed against the wooden surface. "I've held onto this one for a long time and I think-" She paused for a moment. "-I know you're one of the ones who should know."

Aisa's eyes suddenly fixated on the back of her hand and it wasn't until now that Calen noticed the noise of the bar had entirely disappeared. A quick glance around revealed that others were still talking, laughing, sharing toasts but not a single sound came out. The silence was split by the old woman's scratchy voice which now seemed to come from somewhere very, very far away. Unease crept back into Calen's heart and mind and he gripped his weapons tightly yet the feeling to flee never came.

"The game had been set for many years.

Twenty-one pieces on the board, the white outnumber the black.

I see seven little stars, one orbiting another. They burn dimly against the blackness of space, and yet they refuse to die. Their stories are laid out, yet they strive against the strings.

Below them, fourteen little birds flitter around the dying flames of a once great star, one of four now broken to three. Each has their reason and each with their own end to meet.

The Liar soars above those they’ve tricked only to fly into the flames as they stare down at their victories.

The Hypocrite welcomes The Stars, naïve in their youth, with open arms and turns them to weapons for their own selfish wants and needs. So closely they watch their endeavours they fail to see the setting sun ahead of them.

The Three turned their backs on their past long ago, only to find the cobbled together family they'd abandoned waiting for them around every corner.

The Sightseer and The Progressive trade places, each taking part of each other with them. Their ends, too, change hands and in they find themselves envious of one another.

The Thorn stood in poverty, living day to day and job to job and on the pain of past failures. Only after many a great sin did they find their reason, and with it many others like them. They would find their place in everything only after they've gone through the pain of loss they put on others.

The Witch turns her back on her people, leaving them in favor of revenge. Vengeance is what she sought and she would have it as it would have her.

The Whisperer stood behind the scenes for years, and still they do, silently watching and directing far from the dying flames. Though they flitters with the other birds, they quietly move the stars, letting them breath and truly ignite their new flames.

The Counterweight had lived their lives on the sea, endlessly drifting from one place to a next, building relationships, trust, harmony, and then abandoning them in the night. It was by chance they returned to a spot they once thought lost only to find ruin in place of abandon.

The Shirk had spent their life in seclusion, hiding from their mistakes and letting others forget. Only at the end they find that their own memory is a fickle thing and that their own life was subject to being forgotten as well.

The Reborn had spent so much of their lives steeped in obsession they failed to notice as the coda had come and gone. Now they stand on the edge of a great cliff, teetering back and forth but never truly falling.

The Father spent their life in regret, gripping at the family they once had. Their deal with the devil lead them through horrors that they would forever remember, but they could once more hold their child. And that was all they ever wanted.

The Discarded had spent their life surrounded by their own plans and plots. In the end they found out how futile their meticulous planning had been and they too crumble.

The Ancient Slave had spent their life trying to bring everything back to how it had been before. Even with all the time in the world, the plans fall apart. Their aspirations crumble to dust. Their allies turn their backs as the sand from the hourglass slips through their fingers.

Aisa took a long, deep breath as the sound slowly returned to the bar. A small bead of sweat had run down the side of her face and dripped onto the counter, leaving a dark stain on the wood. With another long breath, she lifted her hand and underneath sat a small silver coin about an inch in diameter. Raised up from the small silver disk were fifteen small symbols, all similarly silver, and seven small stars, one much smaller than the others, covered in a beautiful golden metal.

Calen didn't recognize any of the symbols but one. The very center symbol, looked like it was a cleaned up version of the symbol of the White Fang.

"Take the coin. Maybe show it to Malina... or don't." Aisa laughed weakly. "I can't control you after all." She took another sip of her sherry, clearly savoring the taste before setting the glass down. "Now go on, little star." She said without looking back to Calen. "Do your great and terrible things."

Spoiler: Teddy • show
"I'm fine." Malina said stubbornly through a labored breath. "Look, I'm not... important." Rain was only starting to dampen the barely visible bandages, she must not have been outside long. "You need to listen to me, you need to-" She paused and looked passed Teddy, into the crowd, and right into the eyes of the man Teddy had seen earlier.

Malina subtly shook her head and the man nodded before turning back into the crowd and moving under an awning, out of the rain. Malina's gaze returned to Teddy's and she spoke quickly despite the labored breaths. "You need to stay here, Calen'll be out soon, he should be heading this way and he knows where to go." She locked eyes with Teddy and slowed her breathing, choosing her words deliberately. "You need to look at my scroll. It's extremely important you take my scroll, but not until the fight begin. Do you understand?"

As Malina spoke, Teddy felt his scroll vibrate with a message from Calen.

Spoiler: Cobe • show
The house sat, door swaying ever so slightly in the breeze, as it had minutes prior and possibly even years prior. Silent and still. Not a single movement, not a single noise. Not a single noise... CObe was suddenly acutely aware there weren't any noises other than when he'd heard the door swing open. No sound or feel of a breeze despite the swaying of the door, not ambient hum, no crickets, no nothing. Not a single sound. Not a single movement.

The only sound or movement, other than his own, was his scroll vibrating in his pocket with a message from Calen.

Spoiler: Helena • show
Helena skidded to a stop just outside of the door that Cobe had entered and peered in. Cobe was still there, in the pathway, though now he was further along toward the house at the end and the door had seemingly swung open. She might be relieved if Cobe's weapon weren't pointed right at the building.
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