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Jackson wasn't sure what he was expecting, but upon laying eyes on Cordell for the first time, he wasn't surprised in the slightest. He glanced over to one of the crew members beside him and nodded. The crewman returned the gesture and went on to inspect the crates.

He walked up toward the pirate, leaving behind a red-haired, cross-armed woman, and extended his hand. "We're glad to have helped, Captain Cordell. I'm the captain of this ship.
 You can call me Jackson
" Jackson said. "It may not be in my place to ask, but what was going on there exactly. Just an everyday pirate skirmish?" Judging by the tone of the enemy's voice, he knew it had to be something more than that, but going that deep would be like smashing the doorknob off of a door when a sturdy paperclip would have sufficed. But then he realized he had to consider the future safety of his crew and the organization so he grabbed the hammer and smashed away. "I suppose what I'm asking is: Will this incident cause any trouble for us in the future?"

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Updated for King.

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[Post for Spreadsheet]

The Vale Region / Re: Frostbite [Closed]
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Nicolas leaned away from the table and let out a sigh. He tapped on the wood with his knuckles. "Oh, you spoke with the Praetor already, huh?" He crossed his arms. "Though I still feel like beating your ass for not showing up. If you haven't visited her already, you better before you leave or else." Nicolas unwrapped his arms and punched his fist a couple of time in jest. For the most part.

"Listen Savas. You still have the power to protect others. I don't, not with my leg," he patted it a few times, "and unfortunately, Vigdus can't as well. Everyone who can't either looks up to you, wishing they had or still had the power to fight. It's not something to take for granted. But most importantly, Nicolas retrieved his cane and held it near the base, putting the handle lightly under Savas' chin, "no looking back. No matter what. He withdrew the cane. "Got it?"

Everywhere Else / Re: An Afternoon Downtown [Closed]
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Airi was running out of stamina but the boy was still going; he was far too energetic for her to handle, though that should've been obvious from the beginning. Finally, he reached the destination. Unfortunately, when he kicked in the door, it was filled to the brim with 'gangsters'. Hopefully his info wasn't bogus or he'd be hurting a lot of sketchy but otherwise innocent people.

By the time she caught up, Sovereign had already (sort-of) initiated combat. Airi reached down toward her waist to grab her rapiers, but they weren't there. "Tch." She stamped her feet against the pavement, thankful that she at least had her greaves. Otherwise, she'd be close to worthless in a skirmish, even against people these people who didn't have as much training as her.

Airi rushed up beside Sovereign and raised her fists in a defensive stance. "I hope you're right about this."

"Yeah, that's right," Avery said as he made his way into the interior of the ship. "Have you considered branching out?" Immediately after finishing his question, a scream traveled down from the top of the ship. Even without Dorian's order, Avery hustled his way up and found a site to behold: Aurum in a spider-like contraption. "How did you even-," Avery cut himself off. "Nevermind, you don't have to say anything." When Dorian turned his back, Avery gave his brother a thumbs-up.

Avery spent the next hour looking out over the ocean, thinking about the situation that laid ahead of them. They were going quite a distance away from civilization, and any mistakes out here could mean the end of everyone. He shrugged off the thought. Was he getting cold feet now of all times, he thought. "You can take that pun and sh-," Avery was cut off again, this time by Dorian relaying a message over the speaking. He found the nearest voice-comm panel. "I'm heading to the bridge now." He released the button and made his way up.

"Ay ay, Cordell. We be happy to escort ye back to the coast," Jackson said. The bridge became silent. He glanced around and found that he was facing blank stares from everyone, and when he finally met eyes with someone, everyone immediately went back to work. Jackson didn't encounter pirates with such heavy accents often at all, and the quality of his 'pirate talk' showed for it. He returned to the task at hand.

"As for retrieving the cargo, if you think you can land safely upon our deck, we have a service hatch that we can use for the exchange. If not, that we can pick up a drop-off after you've made repairs to your ship."

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Sophea did feel a tad jaded having been completely ignored. Blair appeared to be okay though so Sophea returned her attention to the class. Sophos had put up a new slide, an image of a Huntress-in-Training, and was awaiting volunteers. When he listed of the exact symptoms, Sophea was quick to have an answer to her condition. But, Sophos seemed to be looking for more.

Sophea scanned the room, her main focus being Diana and Helena. Diana resigned herself to writing notes, but Sophea was sure that she had at least an inkling of what was going on. She crossed her arms and waited for someone else to play ball.

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Approved Characters / Mara Lev
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Name: Mara Lev

Age: 43

Species and Gender: Human, Female

Symbol:  -

Occupation: Leader of Mercenary/Hit Squad, Siren

Physical Characteristics:

Health - After getting out of her situation, Mara managed to improved her overall health to an adequate state. Though she doesn't have access to rich food anymore, she still manages to get by with a balanced diet.

Mara trains and exercises on most days of the week. Most of her training and exercise she does with her mentor and it usually focuses on technique, balance, and keeping a clear state of mind even when under duress. On her own time, Mara works on improving her balance and her endurance.

Body - Mara weighs 115lbs and stands in at 5'5". Her body is fairly tone and is maintained by her regular exercise. Her skin, while once fair when she lived in the harsh Vale, was now slightly tanned thanks to the constant agitation of Vacuan sun; it used to be that she instead was easily burned, but after a decade of living in Vacuo, her skin was now used to it. [ ]

Head and Face - Her hair is a chestnut brown with a red tint and it runs to her shoulder-blades. Her hair is naturally straight, but because of her environmental conditions, it tends to always be at least a little disheveled. Because of this, Mara tends to wear her hair in either a bun or a ponytail, the latter held together with a simple, black, elastic hair-tie. [ ]

Her eyes are in-between the color of her hair and the color of her aura, and it is best described as illuminated rosewood. The default setting of her eyes is observation with a sprinkle of judgement making her seem as if she is staring down whomever she is looking at. [ ]

The shape of her face overall is oval. Her cheeks are moderately round, and both her lips and her nose are thin. Signs of aging are just starting to appear on her face.


Main Wear - Mara doesn't refresh her wardrobe often making her clothes are worn but still often enough that they're not ragged. Mara's main garb consists of a beige, hooded cloak with either a black or white head-scarf, doubling as a facemask, made from cotton-polyester cloth. Underneath her cloak, she wears a plain tank-top of varying colors--usually light-blue but never white--with black, tight mid-thigh shorts and either khaki leg-wrap sandals or desert boots that run up to a third of her shin. In additional, her hands are always covered in black hand-wrap--blood tends to stain white a tad too easily--in anticipation for any fight that may come her way. She also keeps a pair of recently-replaced, military-grade goggles, its grey straps hanging around her neck allowing the goggles to be concealed under her scarf. [ (/) ]

Formal Wear - Being a Vacuan mercenary/hitman, the chances of actually needing formal wear is unsurprisingly low; she'd sooner win the lottery than have to go to a formal event. In such an event, Mara keeps it simple: she wears a sleek black or wine-red dress with black gloves that run to her elbow and black heeled-boots that rum to her knees. She keeps her makeup light and her hair in a bun. She wears no jewelry but has on light make-up. [ (/) ]

Combat/Mission Wear - Not wanting to endanger herself, Mara strays away from you usual loose clothing, instead going for fitting/tight clothes to reduce her opponents' abilities to grab her. Following this goal, she keeps her hair up in a tight bun. She subs out her tank-top with a tight, dark-grey t-shirt, her shorts with fitting, khaki military-pants, and her scarf for a black, proper facemask. Mara holds onto her hand-wraps, adding atop them black Kevlar gloves, as well as her desert boots. She also retains her goggles, but for safety purposes, keeps them in a beige sack, the sack kept closed with string. If she needs to conceal her outfit, she will use her cloak to do so, but he will remove it upon arrival to the target's location. [ ]

History: Mara was born in Vale to loving parents. The family was not well-off financially, and although they encountered many hardships, they always managed to pull through, even by the skin of their teeth. Despite their situation, they were able to send Mara to a decent school--She was able to lead a fairly normal academic life and she graduated with respect.

Managing a work-school life, Mara continued on to college where she would meet her husband and eventually come out as a certified nutritionist. Shortly thereafter, she gave birth to a daughter.

Mara enjoyed her family life. She was much better off than she was as a child, and with her income she was even able to help support her parents when they needed it. Unfortunately, this life was cut short.

When Mara was 33, she was intercepted on her way home from work. They blindfolded and gagged her, and the next thing she knew, she was in some sort of cell, her hands tied behind her back. Around her, she could hear the agony of other women who had suffered the same fate as she had.

She wasn't in the cell for very long. Almost immediately after she had realized where she was, several men had entered the premises, whisking away women one by one, retaliating against anyone who resisted. When they got to her, she went without a fight. They took her up to the surface to what appeared to be the docks, placed her in a shipping container, and shut the door, engulfing her in darkness.

The 'ride', as one could call it, was miserable. It was only a day, but with the rocking of the barge, it felt like an eternity. At one point, it was clear that she was being craned, and the ride continued past the waves. When the doors opened up again, a sweltering heat smashed into her face. It took her eyes a bit to adjust, but when they did, Mara realized they had brought her to Vacuo.

Again they herded her, but this time it was back into a cell. With the slamming of the door, they tossed some exotic clothing into the cell and ordered her to put them on. She glared at them, demanding with her eyes for some privacy and they did so, preferring not to have to deal with anymore hassle.

When she was done, they brought her back outside to a stage with a small crowd gathered. Not having been the first to be let out, the crowd seemed to be placing prices on the girls with a surprisingly amount of civility. Mara watched until her turn was up. They led her by leash onto the stage and her own auction commenced. Of course it was no laughing matter back then, but when she looks on it now, she was modestly brag about how she managed to snag the highest price. "Those fuckers" she would add as a cherry on top.

For years, Mara was a pet being used by one owner until they tired of her only to be transferred to the hands of another. For years, she endured as best she could while she waited for a chance to make a clean, stealthy escape or for a rescue party to find her. In the meantime, she did a little training everyday out of the sights of those around her. She waited for a long time, but nothing ever happened.: no rescues, no openings. Upset, disappointed, bitter, and extremely frustrated, Mara gave up on the idea of rescue, instead only turning to only herself to get her out of this mess. She went on, trying to remain strong-willed, but she was slowly chipped away at day after day until one day she finally snapped. After an altercation with her master, Mara grabbed the nearest heavy object she could and smacked him atop the head with it before bolting out into the dead of night.

Almost immediately Mara began to regret her decision, certain that they would find her, and in doing so, provide her with some unimaginable fate. She wouldn't be able to show her face; she was essentially still a prisoner, except her cell went with her to whatever hole she managed find herself in night after night. She changed clothes soon after leaving, stealing some garments off an open-air rack, and proceeded to lay as low as she could, awaiting the day they would find her and take her away. She spent her days hidden away, sleeping in abandoned buildings or rarely-treaded rooms in occupied ones. During the night is when she became active, scavenging for food and clothing as well as continuing her training which she had been doing in secret before. A long while passed and they never found her, whether due to her prowess or their apathy she wasn't sure.

Eventually, she did find the courage to walk around in daylight, albeit with a covered body and face. Like the breaking of her will, every day she spent in the light rejuvenated her spirit. She looked into doing one-off jobs so she wouldn't have to forage or steal anymore, and she trained more seriously in combat by finding someone willing to teach her, preparing for the day that her confidence may have been misplaced. With time, she felt stronger and more empowered than she had ever felt before.

Still, there was still something missing. Mara thought about it constantly, and she eventually realized that she couldn't keep doing nothing. Sure, she was starting to make something of herself, but there were many others that still needed help. Filled with a resolve and a mission, she set out on her crusade. She started with her most recent captor, managing to simply free the woman that replaced her. She continued down the line of her masters, her methods getting more violent and extreme, culminating in the murder of her first, and it was almost…euphoric, and it was this feeling that would twist her into someone merciless.

By that time, a small band had formed around Mara from the victims who had decided to following are, either because they had nowhere else to go or they wanted to join in her crusade. The group continued on this path, continuing to hunt her former masters and branching out to the former masters of other party members.

With time, as their pool of targets began to slowly dwindle, the group's 'just' crusade began to falter as well and their ideals started to erode. What started as a group of seemingly righteous individuals turned into a band of vigilantes, and eventually after that, nothing more than a small mercenary group/hit squad with very little moral compass to speak of, and Mara was at the helm; many left during throughout the transition, citing that Mara wasn't who she once was. She dubbed the group 'Siren' as a reference to the fact that many in the group had been brought from overseas, and for the irony of having mythical sea creatures in the middle of a desert.

Personality: Mara was once a kind and merciful soul, a light that brightened even the darkest of days. She was once a loving mother and wife, but the sandstorm that was Vacuo gradually and eventually dimmed her light; now, she isn't even bright enough to see her hands in front of her face. Once just, looking to free those who were like her, she became tainted by the Vacuan culture where it wasn't the kind-hearted who survived, it was the strong, the cunning, and the merciless, and that is what she became.

Knowledge/Intelligence - Having spent a decade in Vacuo, Mara has become aware of the inner-working of Vacuo. Specifically, its 'street services' as she likes to call them. If you need something from under the table, she knows a guy.

Academically, Mara doesn't know too much outside her occupation and hobbies unless its common knowledge or within her realm of alternative interest. Whenever she is curious about something, she follows it as close to its roots as her current capabilities will comfortably take her.

By nature, Mara has always been tuned to details. She was never been caught off-guard by trick questions in exams, and she is quick to pick up on social anomalies as well as the behaviors of people.

Values/Beliefs - Even before being dragged to Vacuo, Mara has always had a soft karma philosophy: whether good or bad, people should get what they deserve. Of course, she knew that it wasn't an actuality. Sometimes good people were punished and bad people were rewarded. It wasn't until she freed herself from her masters that did she take the fate of others into her own hands.

The personality trait that Mara values the most is loyalty. Loyalty to a person, to a cause, or a belief (even despite the fact that her crusade itself became warped). Loyalty breeds trust, and trust is necessary for any organization to run smoothly and effectively. If a person or an entity cannot be loyal then her respect for them degrades quickly; Mara prefers not to deal with them unless she's giving them their dues for their past deeds.

As a leader, Mara tries to run a tight ship. She does understand that the group is fairly amateurish and things may not go as she hopes but she still, is quick to punish those who endanger the group regardless of actual intent. While she has a reputation as a strict leader, Mara is not opposed to having a good time when the situation calls for it, though her 'good time' mainly just consists of cards and drinking around a dimly-lit round-table, joking with her companions how some of the dumb or silly things they've done.

For the most part, Mara has retained her motherly traits. She is always trying to find ways to nurture those in the group who are younger than her, and she makes sure that those older than her are able to live comfortably. Mara is highly protective of the group. She makes sure to handle dealings with outsiders herself. In the event of something going wrong, Mara would prefer to go down than any of her companions.

Relationships/Sociability - Despite all that has happened to her, Mara is still a motherly figure to her younger companions. She wants to nurture them into strong, independent individuals but at the same time protect them from some of the darkness in the world. This protective nature is what drives her to handle most of the groups interactions with complete strangers, afraid that they have ulterior motives or intentions. When it comes to slightly more trusted contacts, Mara is willing to less her companions handle them.

While Mara is motherly towards her juniors, she holds much respect for those in the group who are older than her. She tries to make sure their lives are comfortable, and when she has to make any significant decision for the group, she always consults with them.

Mara is not exceptionally sociable. She isn't shy but also not boisterous. Often times she finds herself too deep in an observational trance to begin conversations with other people; the only time she does so is to inquire whether it be for straight information or curiosity's sake. Though she is not one to usually start them, she does enjoy engaging in conversations. If not with her comrades, then she enjoys chatting with strangers with interesting stories.

Hopes/Dreams - Mara isn't one to have any grandiose hopes or dreams. She does hope that those who do good get rewarded for their work and that those who cause malicious suffering (because at the end of the day, wherever there is competition there is suffering) suffer themselves.

She also hopes that her companions and past companions are able to live free and happy lives even if go against her previously mentioned views.

Mara would be lying if she said she didn't want to visit home and her family but she is acutely aware of how much she has changed since she was first swept away to Vacuo, and she also doesn't have the means to do so. Despite the fact that it's been ten years without a single trace of a search party and that they perhaps gave her up long ago as missing or dead, she still wishes to see them again one day.

Happiness - When it comes to happiness, Mara feels as if she is in purgatory. On one hand, it's difficult to be truly happy as an ex-slave mercenary in the heart of Vacuo. On the other hand, she's at least free and is able to move about as she wishes. Because it this, Mara is somewhere between the realms of neutral and content.

Hobbies/Preferences - Mara's leading hobby is training, not only because it keeps her and her companions safe but it is also her primary means of venting off any caged emotions rattling inside her. Beyond that, a nutritionist at heart, she also loves to cook. She finds the meticulous nature of cooking calming, and whenever she has an odd inventory, she enjoys trying to make the best dishes she can with whatever she has left available to her. For similar reasons, Mara also enjoys to sew, not only as a means of relaxation but also to save money since she just needs to buy cloth and thread.

For entertainment, her go-to activity is playing cards with her companions. Mara enjoys trying to predict how they will act in whatever scenarios they may find themselves in, and it also gives her an opportunity to boost her observation skills. Beyond just playing cards, Mara trains her card training  in an effort to become a card mechanic and illusionist. The manipulation of something as seemingly chaotic as a deck of cards fascinates her. She doesn't do anything tricky when playing with her companions, though they nevertheless get nervous when she is dealing. When playing with complete strangers, Mara would be willing to employ her tricks depending on the situation.

Mara doesn't have many major, insignificant likes or dislikes. One of her few is smoking. Mara despises smoking, enough that she's pretty much banned her companions from doing so. The smell is disgusting, the smoke slowly stains whatever is around, and it affects bystanders.

On the contrary, Mara loves spicy foods. She enjoys a challenge, and the exhilaration she gets from the pain only pushes her to finish her dish and slightly up the heat for the next one. Unfortunately, Mara can't eat spicy foods often since they tend to leave her...vulnerable the following day, and she can't be having that.

Faunus - When she still lived in Vale, Mara was cautious around Faunus strangers. She was able to work with them but she'd always be tuned to her environment in case anything suspicious happened. This weariness dissipated as she built relationships with individual Faunus.

It wasn't until Vacuo that, going along with the culture, she saw Faunus in the same way that she saw anyone else: liars, cheats, sleuths, brawlers, adventurers, etc. Her constant interactions erased the barrier in her mind separating Humans and Faunus allowing her to see everyone as one.

Mara holds a different perception on Faunus depending on what Kingdom she is in. In Vacuo, Mara sees Faunus as equals. In Vale and Mistral, she is wary of them, especially the latter due to the presence of the White Fang. In Atlas, she views them more as pitiable than suspicious.

Aura and Semblance:
Coquelicot Red (#FF3800)

Mara is able to tag objects, and in doing so, she is able to continuously 'see' them even if they leave her line of sight. The more objects she tags, the more vague the sense becomes. For example, at one object, she is able to see that one object with absolute clarity; she could actually count the hairs on a person's head of she wanted to. At five objects, she has a somewhat vague idea of what the tagged objects are doing. If they are all holding up some amount of fingers, all Mara would be able to tell you if is her tags are holding up more or less than half their fingers. Past five, the actions of tags come progressively blurred. At this stage, she still has an approximate direction and distance of her tags, but those senses soon fade into pure noise past ten tags.

Usage - As one may be able to tell from the get-go, Mara uses this to track her opponents in the heat of battle or for pursuit of targets. She makes a conscious effort to tag those that are about to leave her sight as well as untag those who she had previously tagged and were now entering her sight.

She can also use her semblance to keep track of her teammates. In the chaos of battle, she will lose track of them easily so she doesn't bother. When things are calm and she isn't constantly tagging and untagging targets, she is able to keep fairly good track of her them.

Cost - Tagging exhausts her mentally, but because her semblance's senses degrade with every added tag, the total cost is the same regardless of how many active tags she has. She can keep her semblance up for ten minutes before needed to rest her mind.

Aura Training - Blast, Detection

Through her training with her mentor, Mara by chance trained her aura in the way of creating aura blasts to augment her melee attacks.

Detection was acquired through similar means except with missions instead of training.

Combat Behavior:  With her main weapons being her knives and her various limbs, Mara is almost exclusively a melee fighter save for a pistol she carries around just in case.

When weaponless, her primary style involves reacting to her opponents in a swift and aggressive manner in order to shift control of situations to her (e.g. swiping a gun or forcing an attacker onto the ground and into a submissive position). This style typically does not involve striking, but if it is or becomes clear that invoking submission will be difficult to impossible, she will not hesitate to get her fists and shins involved.

Mara's combat style with knives is similar, but it does aim to kill rather than to simply incapacitate (as one would expect). Unless she smells blood or if she must attack, Mara prefers to fight reactively, using her opponent's attacks to create opening for hard strikes.

Against untrained or novice combatants, Mara has also dabbled in a style that involves repeatedly attacking a opponent with heavy low-kicks in order to hinder their movement and ultimately incapacitate them. She doesn't do so against stronger opponent because they generally are able to endure much more pain and such a style would drag the fight out longer than she would be uncomfortable with. On top of that, she has a tendency to leave small opening using that style that stronger opponents can more easily exploit.

She can handle up to five melee opponents at a time, the five opponents being completely inferior to her in skill. For greater numbers and against ranged fighters, help is required. When 1-on-1 with an equally skilled opponent, her choice to disengage or fight depends on the situation. If the fight is more or less meaningless, she will usually disengage. If the fight is significant, she will always take it.

Teamplay - The members of Siren are not particularly strong individually so they are forced to make up for their weaknesses with excellent teamwork. Because of her semblance. Mara often acts as a coordinator both in direct combat and on missions in general. She is the one to survey a situation and relay that information as well as orders to her companions.

Sometimes there will be times when Mara has to enter the fray herself making it difficult to keeps tabs on the tide of a battle. In those times, she is comfortable with letting someone from the backline run the show while Mara relays their positions back to her backup.

Strengths - Mara's most important strength is her excellent perception. Along with her semblance, she is able to have a very solid grasp on the state of a battlefield.

Weaknesses -Without the aid of her teammates, Mara is nearly the equivalent of a sitting duck. Her ranged capabilities are extremely limited, she is not a Dust user, and she lacks extra mobility.


Name: (None)

Primary Form: Two trench knives with the blades the same length as the handles. The blade retract into the handle allowing for them to be easily stored or used as brass knuckles.

Dust Functions: None.

History:  Snatched off the body of an unconscious guard during her first mission.


Name: (None)

Primary Form: A simple karambit.

Dust Functions: None.

History: Bought from a vendor.


Name: (None)

Primary Form: A simple, silver revolver, slightly worn. Mara carries this around at all times in a leather sheath around her thigh. Holds six rounds.

Dust Functions: None.

History: Bought from a vendor.

Jackson's be lying if he said he wasn't just a little disappointed that the enemy airship turned tail so quickly and easily. Still, it meant that his crew remained unharmed and that they didn't have to expend any money for using munitions.

Jackson released himself from his seat and made his way toward the window where he'd been prior to this little incident. "Barry, withdraw orders". The energy that had once overwhelmed the bridge dissipated as soon as the order dropped.

"Yes, sir. Oh, and we're receiving comms from the Red Corsair. Patching it through," Barry said before fulfilling the orders just given to him. Cordell's message filled the bridge.

"It's not everyday that you come across a dog fight out here over these waters, even if it was a Still, those maneuvers you pulled off? Color me impressed, Miss...Cordell". He gestured toward the pilot. Jackson had gotten his attention, his place his palms parallel to each other. The pilot nodded and the ship began to churn. "Will you be able to make it back to port?"

The communications officer had his fingers cradling his headphones, his focus completely on the message their ship was receiving. He sucked in his lips and lifted one cup off his ear. "Captain, we're receiving a request for aid."

"Send it over the speakers."

"Yes sir." The communications officer tampered with his station until the message came through.

"-is Captain Cordell o' th' Red Corsair. I've come under fire from an unidentified airship an' sustained significant damage. Help get this bastard off'a me an' there's fifteen crates o' industrial-grade Dust in it fer ya, no questions asked. FIFTEEN. CRATES. Onboard me ship, goin' down with me if'n this backstabber gets their way." The communications officer cut it off before the message could repeat itself.

"What do you think, Captain?" The communications officer asked.

Jackson sighed. He retreated from the window and settled back into his seat. He interlocked his fingers. "A backstabbing? Sounds like it's just pirates having a squabble, no?"

"Block communications, sir?"

A moment of silence filled the bridge; the only things to be heard were the various blooping and bleeping of the various stations scattered about. "Set course to intercept. Everyone to combat stations."

"Yes sir!" the pilot, navigator, and communications officer said in unison before immediately beginning their tasks.

The chief officer shot out of his seat. "Sir, we shouldn't be putting ourselves at risk for pirates. Even if you consider the reward, trusting a pirate is a fool's errand."

Jackson scowled. "Do you not believe the crew of this ship to take down a measly pirate, officer? I'm well aware of the risk so sit down and get to work. Oh, and don't you dare call me a fool. He turned his attention back to the communications officer. "Barry, put Jasper on my line." Barry nodded. After tapping his console a few times, he gave Jackson a thumbs up.

Jackson picked up the phone. On the other end of the line was a woman. "You're expectations of me are too high, Jackson," she said.

"You don't have it figured out yet?"

"Of course I do. I just wish you'd lower your standards. Anyway, it's an Atlas design. V-21 Arrowhead. Unveiled a few years back. Oh, and it's both of them, by the way. Not just the, ahem, aggressor."

"What is Atlas doing? Do they need to higher babysitters for their ships?" Jackson said as he placed a hand on his forehead. "I'm throwing you back over to Barry. You know what to do." He tapped on his console a few times and the chief engineer was off the line. "Oh and Barry, connect me with the enemy ship."

His phone lit up and he picked it up once more. "This is the captain of CRG two-one-two. Desist or we will engage. I repeat. This is the captain of CRG two-one-two. Desist or we will engage. Over." He muted himself and said out loud to the crew, "Proceed with warning shots. If they haven't back off once we enter combat range, you are free to engage."

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Edits approved.

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Spoiler: Editing • show


Name: Lilla Bleidd (pronounced lihl'LAH BLAI'de, color: #7E2EB1) Nicknames: Lil, Lil Wolfie

Age: 18, born 19 Machlud 62AC

Species and Gender: Human Female

Main: Trivium - The Heart From Your Hate
Battle: Kamelot - Veil of Elysium


Occupation: Huntress-in-training, Beacon Academy, Year 1

Appearance: Tall for her age, Lilla stands at 5'9" (~1.75m) but is remarkably skinny, some would say dangerously so - 100lb/45kg. She often feels very awkward in her own body, and is less coordinated than most. Has blonde hair, cut short, except for one lock that falls on the right side of her face down to her shoulder, which is (poorly) dyed red. Her eyes are green, though her Semblance may occasionally turn them grey (not silver), and she almost constantly wears a scowl, prompting many to believe that she is always angry. Her skin is a pale white, whiter than most inhabitants of Vale due to her tendency to stay indoors much of the time. Casual clothes consist of a white T-shirt with Pumpkin Pete the rabbit on it, black pants, and a black sweater jacket with abstract purple patterns covering it. She felt out of place wearing her Signal uniform, and would only wear it whenever absolutely necessary, often carrying her casual clothes in her bag and changing in a bathroom.

Once upon a time she tried wearing armor during battle, but given her height (i.e. the amount of space the armor had to protect and, therefore, its weight) and her lack of muscle, the armor ended up tiring her out too much. Much to her professors' chagrin, she decided not to train her Aura's Strength ability and instead just goes into battle wearing whatever she feels like wearing.

History: Lilla grew up in the heart of Vale, but never really felt part of it. Her mother grew up on the outskirts of Mistral, but eventually moved to Vale, where she met Lilla's father and settled down. Lilla has only ever known one house, one home, since she was born. Her parents were always exceedingly careful to protect her from anything they deemed dangerous, even going so far as to cross the street if a Faunus was walking on their side of the road, for example.

As a child, her favorite memories were of family trips by airship to Mistral, and then the treks to Kuchinashi village, where her cousins, aunts, and uncles lived. Her grandparents had died in a Grimm raid long before she was born, and her mother had moved away to Vale for protection and to escape the memories of that day, while the rest of the family had stayed. On one of those trips, a Grimm attacked her family, and the Huntsman her parents always hired to guard them was able to dispatch it easily despite her parents taking her and fleeing in fear. From the moment she saw that battle, Lilla knew she wanted to become a Huntress, to be as cool and collected in the face of danger as that Huntsman was. In essence, she wanted to be everything that she believed her parents weren't.

She attended Signal Academy at age 14, though she was originally quite the disappointment, both to herself and her teachers. Being tall all her life, she made a large, fairly awkward target, while she had very little in the way of combat skills on her own. That is, until she unlocked her Semblance. To hear her tell it, her Semblance is everything she is not: graceful, strong, skilled, and (possibly most importantly) able to take a hit. At Signal, she met 3 other young Huntsmen-hopefuls: Jaime Haukur, Alys Kaarme, and Casia Refur. They had heard stories of the more advanced Academies and their practice of grouping students into teams, and fashioned themselves Team JACL. However, over the course of her time at Signal, the others all moved away, one per year. She never made any other friends there, opting to spend most of her remaining time optimizing and making modifications to Quinary Pulse, her sword/gauntlet/rifle. Since her friends moved away, her eyes occasionally flash the same grey color of her Semblance's eyes when she is under mental strain. She doesn't know the reason or purpose. Her professors often attempted to train her out of her fighting style and into a more traditional one, but, stubborn as Lilla was, their attempts were unsuccessful. Still, she graduated Signal ahead of the curve, an effective fighter, even if not anywhere near the best.

She enters Beacon with a fresh start, more than a little apprehensive of what she'll find there.

Personality: Lilla is a curious mix of defeatist and optimist, her general attitude being best described by, "I have no idea what I'm doing and I'm going to screw this up. But if I don't try then that's a screw-up too, so what the hey?" She's never been good at forming connections with most people, and as such, takes a long time to open up to others. Once she gets talking, though, it can be hard to shut her up. But even if she does get talking, it can still take her a long time to really consider someone a friend, though there are, of course, rare exceptions to this rule.

Lilla believes that all things, including people, are equal to begin with, that the only thing that separates one person from another is how they act, and not who they are. As such, she tends to get along with most people she meets, so long as they aren't downright mean, even if she doesn't form any lasting connection with them. However, if they *are* downright mean, she will often go out of her way to be mean right back to them, simply out of spite. This often leads to some awkward situations with Faunus, as she antagonizes the ones who complain about being victimized, and also with other humans, as she antagonizes them for antagonizing others. She's always careful to keep her criticism helpful (at least as she sees it) but her biting wit earns her no friends.

Having watched a lot of movies as a child, Lilla is often very dramatic, saying things one would expect from someone twice her age, and the general response to this has always been dismissive. (For example, "We all wage war with the past, and it leaves its scars," which others often respond to with, "You're a kid, you don't know what you're talking about.")

Lilla is quite studious when something interests her - case in point, her Semblance. When she actually applies herself to a task at hand, her general attitude always carries her through to the end of it, no matter how many times her attention is deflected. Unfortunately, if something doesn't pique her interest, she never actually starts on it. Her entire fighting style is a consequence of this tendency: she's never seen the importance of training her own body, when it's her Semblance that does all of the fighting.

Aura and Semblance:
Aura: Lilla's aura is a deep purple, closer to blue than to red, and was unlocked through standard training lessons at Signal. She has learned very little of the most common uses of her Aura (Strength and Regeneration among them), but due to near-fanatical practice with her Semblance, has a good deal of it. (Battle note: Lilla has 120% standard Aura amount, but takes double Aura damage from attacks against her, and any common uses of Aura require double the energy expenditure)
Semblance: Lilla's semblance was also unlocked through standard training lessons at Signal. Her semblance creates a person, made entirely of Lilla's Aura. It appears to be an older version of Lilla, or perhaps who Lilla aspires to become. It is very slightly taller than Lilla is, with significantly more muscle. It moves with a surety that Lilla herself does not possess, and is capable of acrobatic feats that Lilla only wishes she could perform. It has shadows under its eyes, and its eyes are grey (not silver). In all other ways, it appears to be a clone of Lilla.
The Semblance, being made of Aura, does not get hurt the way a normal fighter would, which is a very advantageous defense against attacks: when most people's Aura shields block damage, their shield must exert force back upon the attack equal to the amount of force the attack has, thus expending an amount of the user's Aura energy proportional to the force exerted. Lilla's Semblance instead just takes the attack and then Lilla uses Aura to undo the damage, which requires much less energy. The fighting style does give it the rather large weak point of Lilla herself: while Lilla is not necessarily physically hampered by manifesting the Semblance, its skill in battle, coupled with her own physical awkwardness, does mean that she rarely trains her own skills and is, thus, vulnerable. She is also able to see through her Semblance's eyes, and so can effectively control the Semblance without needing to be looking directly at it. This also allows her to use the Semblance to scout, but, since the Semblance can never be transparent, the threat of being seen remains. Lilla can choose to create her Semblance at any point within 5', so long as she can see it - i.e. she does not necessarily need to be able to physically move to that point - and if she creates it from within herself while she has Quinary Pulse equipped, the Semblance can (and almost always will) take it from her as it materializes. The Semblance can move freely within 50' of Lilla, and once it reaches that distance it stops as if held by a tether. It is considered a solid object in relation to other solid objects - it cannot pass through them, and it must exert force in order to move or damage them. Manifestation of the Semblance is the only time it is allowed to pass through Lilla. At all other times, it treats Lilla herself the same as any other object, and is able to lift/carry/push/throw her, so long as she has the Aura to power the action.
Manifesting the Semblance requires an expenditure of Aura energy, as does attacking with it, replenishing it after it is damaged, or performing strenuous tasks with it. The Semblance does not require an expenditure of Aura to do mundane tasks such as standing, walking, manipulation of objects (such as flipping switches, turning knobs, picking up a book, etc). When Lilla's Aura is spent, the Semblance dissipates, regardless of what it was doing at the time. Any physical objects it may have possessed will drop from where the Semblance disappeared.
Battle note: Any damage dealt to the Semblance requires half as much Aura expenditure to repair it, compared with the amount required for a normal Aura user to block the attack with an Aura shield.

Combat Behavior: Lilla spends most of her battles simply staying out of the way, preferring to let her Semblance do all of the fighting with Quinary Pulse. She is not very acrobatic, but her long legs allow her to run at a slightly-above average speed, keeping her out of the way of most situations. Her Semblance takes an aggressive stance, and, if necessary, will even resort to brawling if circumstances require it. Since her overall impact in battles is "destroy as quickly as possible while remaining out of reach," she tends not to fit in with team battles all that well. Her situational awareness is often lacking, due to her need to control both her Semblance and herself at the same time, and trying to see what both pairs of eyes do at the same time can be disorienting in more chaotic battles. As such, the more combatants there are in a fight, the worse she performs, for the most part.


Name: Quinary Pulse

Primary Form: Paired sword/sheath and gauntlet. The sword is classified as a shortsword, roughly 24" in length, double-edged. The top is best described as "flat," though one half of the blade extends further than the other and has a hinge at the center of the blade's flat part. The edges and crossguard are silver, while the flat of the blade and the handle are black. The gauntlet is likewise silver, with a black glove beneath it, and the sheath has the same color scheme. Lilla, or more accurately her Semblance, wields the sword in her right hand, wears the gauntlet on her left hand, and hangs the sheath at her left hip.

Sword Secondary Form: The short, back side of the blade rotates along the hinge 180 degrees, and, when in line with the longer, front side, slides down to lock into place, turning the blade into a single-edged, 44" long sword.

Gauntlet Secondary Form: The gauntlet and sheath can be connected, the combination acting as a long-barrel rifle, which can fire either standard rounds or Dust rounds. The trigger mechanism is on the sheath, the hammer mechanism on the gauntlet, so they cannot be used to fire unless connected. The gauntlet's magazine can hold 4 rounds, and is mounted on the underside of the forearm, allowing the gauntlet to be used to block attacks without the magazine being in harm's way. The sheath has a secondary tube that runs the length of it, and when the gauntlet is clicked into place with it, the tube opens and serves as the rifle's barrel.

Dust Functions: The gauntlet-sheath rifle may fire Dust rounds, which can have elemental effects. The gauntlet itself does not benefit from any Dust rounds loaded.
Fire: Small explosion (1' radius) at the impact point. Medium damage, medium force directed away from impact point.
Ice: Ice materialization at impact point, covers ground. Is slippery. No stalagmites or other ice structures. Low damage, medium crowd control.
Lightning: Zaps target with electricity. Small bodies of water can pass the electricity to things within it, but in larger bodies the electricity will dissipate harmlessly. Medium damage, single-target crowd control.
Steam: Large cloud (5' radius) of steam at impact point. Blocks vision. No damage, high crowd control.
Water: Large pool (5' radius) of water at impact point. Can conduct electricity, is moderately slippery. No damage, medium-high crowd control.
Gravity: Large area (5' radius) of intense gravity at impact point. Anything in the area is forcefully pulled toward the impact point. Duration is short-lived, generally expiring as soon as objects have reached the impact point. No damage from the bullet, possible low damage from gravity effect, high crowd control.
Earth: Heavy impact, often raising ~5' spires of rock around the impact point in a ~2' radius. High damage, low crowd control.
Air: Blows target away from the shooter with incredible force. No damage from projectile, possible low damage from wind effect, high single-target crowd control.
Note: Any area-effect round may apply its effects in a more comical area, depending on the angle of impact. Rounds do not ricochet, the initial impact point is where they apply their effects. If an impact surface is too small to contain the effect, the effect is lessened in proportion to the size of the impact surface.

History: Lilla made Quinary Pulse at Signal Academy, originally as just the short-sword. When Alys moved away, Lilla took inspiration from her lithe, surprising fighting style and added the hinge and blade extension to the sword. When Casia moved away, her stoicism inspired Lilla to add the gauntlet, as a form of shield/protection. When Jaime moved away, his long-range style was the inspiration for the gauntlet-sheath rifle combination.

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