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Schattauge Hunt (Sign ups open)
« on: December 21, 2017, 12:00:32 PM »
Schattauge is a small group of wanted criminals, which had been spotted all over vale in the past few months. Apparently, two of Schattauge's members were seen in a small forest near an abandoned village, just after three children were reported missing.

A mission regarding this betide, made his way to beacon academy where it was put on hold until an experienced team could take care of it.
However, this didn’t go unnoticed by some first year students who thought it would be a good idea to take this mission upon themselves.


• So, I highly prefe an actually team, and not just some random first years to apply for this mission. (If there’s no team wanting this mission, we can think about taking just randome people)

•Of course this team should be at least a bit active, I guess

•I would need someone who playes the other Schattauge member

(( • Maybe another 'One-Time-only' character who is playing the 'hero' in the end ))


Uhm, yeah, besides that, there isn't that much to put in here right now. Stuff like, which weapon and semblance the schatauge members have can be discussed later on, after the spots are filled.
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