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Beacon Academy / Re: opening act [Open]
« Last post by Kingnoname1 on September 25, 2018, 11:31:08 PM »
Saffron's smile faulted slightly as Azure tried to give her some encouragement. 'Sorry, just a bit of self-deprecating humour, nothing you need to worry about.' Saffron lied, lied poorly in fact. Immediately breaking eye contact and running her left hand through her hair. The last thing Saffron wanted to be was a source of pity and although that wasn't what Azure was trying to be the Atlas student internalised most assurances as coming from a place of contempt or at least disappointment. Saffron did brighten up considerably when the conversation turned to her 12 string but there remained some degree of hesitation. 'Twice the strings, twice the skill, twice the pleasure, twice the pain. My father always said that but it's not quite true of course, if you can play six you can play twelve but just as there are some adjustments you need to make not unlike swapping from acoustic to electric. But those adjustments can be hard to make when going from six to twelve, my first instrument was a twelve string so I didn't have that problem.' Saffron explained chuckling away as she mentioned her family's antics.

Nodding along as Azure continued to talk Saffron raised an eyebrow when the punk rocker implied she used her guitar in combat and handed it to her. 'You fight with her? That's ...impressive commitment, it's always interesting to see what other people turn into their weapons. I once thought my boomerangs would be one of the more unusual weapons but the more I travel the more pedestrian they seem. So how do you fight with it? Does it spit fire? Could serve double duty as pyrotechnics and Grimm deterrent.' Saffron asked struggling to hold in her laughter as she looked over the weapon. There was no malice in it but she wanted to make sure she wasn't perceived as rude however the image of Azure leaping into a pack of Beowulfs, strumming her guitar as it spat out flames was hard to ignore.

Finding a switch Saffron pressed it revealing some rather menacing looking axe blades which took the Atlas student by surprise. Looking up rather sheepishly at Azure Saffron gave a silent apology before handing the weapon back, axe blades resheathed. 'Or axe blades, axes are cool.....So you've tried your hand at electric and twelve string, have you tried another instrument? And don't worry I won't go running to the papers.' Saffron teased. She would never do that of course, Azure must be under a fair bit of scrutiny being an Atlas-based Faunus punk musician and Saffron wouldn't want to add to that. In fact, that could explain why she went to Beacon in the first place.

'Yea I was admiring the flowers when I was walking past. Kirkka Scarlet has clearly put in a lot of work here.' Saffron responded naming Beacon's groundskeeper. 'Well if you haven't had a class yet, what are you looking forward to? The first years can be a rowdy bunch but I guess that means you will fit right in given time.' Saffron continued looking closer Azure getting her guitar at 14 five years ago puts her at 19, a little old for the first year courses and then there was that mention of 'schools,' all together that did imply some troubled upbringing. Unfortunately, that was far too common on Remnant, particularly among the Faunus. 'If there is anything I can do to help, don't be afraid to ask. Atlas and Beacon do have their differences but it's mostly the same course matter so if you need advice there or just a simple sparing partner I would be happy to help.
Beacon Academy / Re: The INKKredible room fiesta [INKK]
« Last post by Golden Koi on September 25, 2018, 10:22:19 PM »
"Sure, I guess. Um......oh! I know! I work as a part-time clothing model down in Vale. I do both guy's and.....girl's clothing." He pouted a bit at the last one, muttering about his 'stupid trap looks' , dropping his duffel bag on the bed, and flopping down on it.

"What about you, er.....Kisha? Any cool things you wanna talk about? Like your weapon, or your favorite food?"

Truth be told, if none of them even mentioned pastries, Kin would have to introduce them to the glorious world of desserts. After all, he was gonna make sre he would be the team's permanent replacement.......or, if anyone wanted to come back, he could let them take his place.

He wasn't one to judge. They'd better make up for it, though.
Approved Characters / Re: Yu Mei
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Approved Characters / Re: Yu Mei
« Last post by Kaliot on September 25, 2018, 08:42:52 PM »
Slight change in wording for nicknames
Changed to 3rd year
Approved Characters / Re: Yu Mei
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Name: Yu Mei
   Affectionately referred to as Yumi or Yume

Age: 18, Born 27 Huā

Species and Gender: Human Male

Symbol: -

Occupation: First-Year Haven Student, Artist

Physical Characteristics: Yu stands at 5 feet, 6.5 inches and weighs in at 140lbs, his frame being a little smaller than average. His skin is a slightly darker shade of almond and his eyes are a deep-jade. Yu's face is round and completely clean-shaven, genetics being a large factor in that, making his face appear somewhat feminine. His long, straight hair extends smoothly to below his shoulder-blades and, while appearing black, is revealed to be a dark-violet when put to light. He either lets his hair run or has it put into a bun. When he leaves it to run, he lets it run untamed or in a ponytail, and when he doesn't feel like dealing with it, in a bun directly positioned on the back of his head (closer to the top when wearing a beanie) . Even from a somewhat short distance, it is not uncommon for Yu to be mistaken for a girl. [ ]

Yu's typical outfits consists of a button-up shirt and jeans of all varieties and styles complimented with black or tan sneakers. When the weather isn't scorching, Yu also likes to put on a dark-blue parka. [ / ] [ ]

His voice is a bit higher-pitched than normal but still noticeably masculine.

History: Yu grew up in the suburbs of Vale, his mother a beautician and his father a Huntsman and aquarist. During his early grade-school years, he was often picked on for his girlish looks. This led to him forming friendships with many girls but few boys, and from this, he picked up interests typically considered feminine, becoming closer to his mother in the process to the (humorous) disappointment of his father. As he grew up, so did those around him, and that gave him the room to expand himself, but by that point, Yu had reached the middle-school cool stage, and all the activities he picked up were rebellious in nature. A lot of his skills went into pen-spinning and drawing (mainly graffiti at this point in time) with a little bit going into making amateur comics, and he took these skills with him all the way to Signal.

Yu entered Sanctum with the phrase "The pen is mightier than the sword" as he hoped he would be able to make it work somehow. Unfortunately for him, he wasn't great at fighting and even less so with a pen of all things. Though he didn't give up on it, he was supplied with a bow in the meantime and trained with it along with hand-to-hand combat to make sure he wasn't defenseless when engaged upon.

During one of his summer breaks, Yu decided to experiment with Dust-infused ink. At first, nothing came out of it except some cool-looking drawings, but it wasn't until he started trying to recreate glyphs that he discovered the extent of its usefulness: Yu wasn't able to make glyphs directly with his aura, but he was able to with his pen, and effectively so. With the help of his instructors, he unraveled and refined his semblance.

His remaining tenure at Sanctum was uneventful.

Personality: Yu's early period of having his friend circle consist mostly of girls set the foundation for the further development of his personality as seeds of femininity were planted and began to blossom throughout his childhood. He grew to love flowers, small or baby animals, stuffed animals, and children. Yu loves gardening and can often be found in Beacon's garden in his free time. He also finds sewing and knitting to be relaxing and cooking to be enjoyable and fulfilling.

It was later in life that Yu began to take on boyish characteristics: innocent teasing and pranking, turf tagging, and a certain chillness that is better described as relaxed than laid-back. He has earned the nickname "Yu Sonuvabitch" or "Yu sob" among his close friends because of his eagerness to constantly mess with them. He is often the one leading his friends on silly or crazy expeditions to do silly or crazy things, taking the fall if they end up getting into trouble due to their voyages. When plans start to go awry, he is quick to take a step back in order to get a grasp of the bigger picture before things crumble altogether.

It is not uncommon for certain characteristics of each side of him seep into the hobbies of the other. For instance, he enjoys drawing flowers, plushies, and nature with an urban flair

He is a kind and caring individual who loves to nurture things and watch them grow, eventually blossoming into something wonderful. He is an emotionally sensitive person, but he chooses to hide it, or at least tune it down, in favor of running a smoother, less complicated life. His negative emotions are slow to build up unless the stimuli is sharp and impactful, and if surfaced, are quick to disperse. On the other hand, his positive emotions are quick to surface and can overwhelm him if he is unable to keep them in check.

Yu is straight and is open to relationships. For better or worse, he is often described as prince-like; he is intimate, though not overly so.

Aura and Semblance:
Pink Plum (#AE6576)

Yu's semblance is a variant of glyph-usage and is able to do exactly the same things, the point of difference being that he must manually weave them with his pen and can create "glyph tokens" which ready to be used anywhere and by anyone (half-life: ten days, effectively duds after twenty days; for simplicity's sake, let's say they are full power for the first ten days and half power for the following ten days) by drawing glyphs on circular tokens with Dust-infused ink. A token's strength is related to the complexity of the glyph, not the size of the glyph drawn, the simplest being as impactful as a heavy-weight's punch and the most complex (that's practical) being as impactful as artillery. He is working to establish a level above that, but for now he considers it unfeasible to complexity and instability.

On the field, he draws the glyphs directly in the air which is troublesome because the enemy can see and easily disrupt him; this typically limits him to the simpler, weaker range of glyphs.

His prepared glyph tokens are artillery-class projectiles (base: propulsion Dust) with all four elemental Dusts, repulsion Dust being added for each for an explosive effect if desired.

The aura-usage for his semblance is minuscule, but his semblance is capped by a variety of other factors, the major two being his Dust supply and time to create the glyphs. To alleviate the latte, Yu uses precise pen-spinning to speed up the process when out on the field though he is currently only capable of doing the simplest of glyphs in such a manner.

Combat Behavior: Yu's skillset lends himself to staying in the back-line so that is where he resides. Typically, he would want to rain hell on the enemies with both his tokens and manually, but because most Grimm fight in melee range, it is difficult to find space to use them without putting his teammates at risk. If that's the case and if he can't find isolated enemies, he will use his bow or less powerful glyphs to pick them of.

While he is mainly ranged, he is not completely defenseless in melee combat. Yu is proficient in hand-to-hand combat, but is edged out over those of a similar skill level who have much more experience than him (which should be most people). He also has a hard time dealing with those who have longer reach than him.


Name: Jiang

Primary Form: A 5', high-grade, aluminum folding-bow with a composite-fiber string. The bow is split into thirds: the middle section and the two arms, each half the length of the middle section, which can fold in for easy transportation. Fires normal and Dust-tipped arrows, both full light-weight metal.

Quiver holds 30 normal arrows and 15 Dust arrows of various types.

Secondary Form: When the arms are folded in, they can connect to the middle section and the middle section can split in half to form nun-chucks. This form is uncommonly used for fear of damaging the string and body of the bow.

Dust Functions: Dust-tipped arrows of various types.

History: The bow created for Yu at Signal when everyone thought he was crazy for trying to fight with a pen. While it does have a melee form, he prefers to use his fists over it.


Name: Yishu

Primary Form: A steel pen. At the blunt end is the cap in which ink cartridges are inserted. The cap is taken off with a quick few twists and if held onto the body by a wire. A button lower on the pen opens up the flow channel allowing the ink to be utilized.

Dust Functions: Carries cartridges for all pure Dust types. Fire is typically the default used for combat.

History: The bow created for Yu at Signal when everyone thought he was crazy for trying to fight with a pen. While it does have a melee form, he prefers to use his fists over it.


Name: Ziran

Primary Form: A 4' yew bow with a steel string. Fires normal and dust-tipped arrows; wooden. Used casually.

Dust Functions: Dust-tipped arrows of various types.

History: As his passion for archery grew, Yu decided to make a traditional bow from hand. He considers it to be one of his treasures.
1v1 Matches / Re: Huntsman 1v1 bracket- Round 1: Aurelia Caelius vs. Ceramite Gunmetal
« Last post by Kaliot on September 25, 2018, 08:39:14 PM »
Aurelia raised her weapon to block of the attack, its impact forcing her feet to dig deeper into the ground and sending a jolt of pain into her palms. Moving on its own to protect itself, her body kicked [1] at Ceramite's abdominal region in an effort to remove itself from the danger. Aurelia herself took advantage of the opportunity and sent a vertical swipe aimed at Ceramite’s dominant shoulder [2].

[1] – 2%
[2] – 6%

Aura: 56% 58% ( 2%) + 0.5% ( 0%)( 0.5%) overcharge
Fatigue: 37% 41% ( 4%)
Ammo: [-----] || [-----]

Approved Characters / Re: Dominique 'Alice' Pentaghast
« Last post by NotSurprised on September 25, 2018, 08:39:04 PM »
Approved Characters / Re: Dominique 'Alice' Pentaghast
« Last post by GingerAvalanche on September 25, 2018, 08:35:11 PM »
Edits completed. Didn't end up needing to edit too much, just switched references from Vale to Mistral, Signal to Sanctum, Beacon to Haven. Pretty sure I got them all.
Approved Characters / Re: Dominique 'Alice' Pentaghast
« Last post by GingerAvalanche on September 25, 2018, 08:22:58 PM »
Original Profile:

Spoiler: ShowHide

Name: Dominique Aliciara Pentaghast (color: #36410D)
Nickname: Alice

Age: 21, born 7 Huā 59AC

Species and Gender: Human Female

Main: Nothing More - I'll Be OK
Battle: Shinedown - Her Name is Alice


Occupation: Huntress-in-training, Beacon Academy, Year 3

Appearance: Alice stands at a slightly-above-average 5'6" (1.68m) and weighs an equally-slightly-above-average 133lbs (60kg), with slightly more tan skin than the average Valer due to the amount of time she spends outside tending to her plants. Fiery red hair cascades down her back to her waist, in stark contrast to the rest of her appearance. Her high-pitched voice lilts and flows like music whenever she's cheerful, but becomes quiet and often cracks on those rare moments when she's sad. She's embarrassed of her voice cracking, and hearing it will often cause her to force herself back into a good mood to avoid it happening again. She takes her time walking from place to place, taking in her surroundings, always lost in thought.

Her wardrobe was crafted with a single purpose: to feel the warm sun and cool breeze on her skin as often as possible, while still remaining decent. She often wears skirts that go to her shins (the hems of which are almost universally stained with dirt), short shirts with bare midriffs and no sleeves, and she will often wear a wide-brimmed straw hat when tending to her garden.

Her battle outfit was designed to allow her the greatest freedom of movement, while still restricting her "assets" from overbalancing her during acrobatic moves. She wears a tight top with a loose hood that covers her upper torso and upper arms completely but leaves her waist and elbows/forearms free to bend as necessary, and tight shorts that end just above the knee. Both pieces of clothing are dark green, almost black, a vague attempt to camouflage within her natural environment. She also wears her hair in a loose bun, so that the hood is able to conceal it easily.

History: Alice grew up in a loving household in Vale, daughter to a weapon shop owner/ex-Huntsman father from Vacuo and stay at home mother from Vale. Her parents had met one day during an escort mission her father had undertaken, to escort a traveling trader from Vacuo to Vale through all the villages along the way. On the outskirts of Vale, he had heard Alice's mother shouting as she fled from a Grimm, and had rescued her.

As a child, Alice loved her father's shop, and spent so often tending the small planters in front of it. With how well the plants thrived, the shop often received more visitors who were simply content to meet the amiable shop owner and his cute young daughter. Thus it was no surprise when her Semblance manifested itself, in her pre-teen years.

Or, at least, it was no surprise to most... however, it was certainly a surprise to young Alice. Having grown up on tales of her father's fire Semblance and the great battles he had won, her Semblance was a bit... disappointing. She has never argued that she dislikes her Semblance, but, to her, it is a reminder that as much as she has been given, and as much as she has worked for, there are some things she will never - can never - achieve.

[spoiler=Signal Academy]She attended Signal Academy from age 14, and her teachers universally praised her work ethic, and she quickly carved out a perch at the top of her sparring class. She never told anyone that her obsessive training was in an effort to strengthen her Aura enough, and control her Semblance enough, to be able to use it in battle. She has only attained limited success. She also attracted many admirers during her time at Signal, one of whom also caught her eye: Sentius Tarascon. For three years, Alice and Sentius (or "Dom" and "Sin" as they called each other) were inseparable. She was the perfect girl, he was the perfect guy, it was a perfect match.

Having almost given up on becoming a Huntress due to her self-proclaimed "useless-in-battle" semblance, Sin narrowly convinced Alice to follow him to Beacon, where they became part of Team DUST. DUST were the best of friends, and, though not the strongest, they were probably the most popular all throughout their first year... until their first field mission. Alice and Sin were both convinced that the best way to train as a team was to push themselves as hard as possible, and take the hardest mission. After much cajoling, they finally managed to convince a professor to vouch for them and allow them to go on a mission whose difficulty rating put it in the higher tiers of what was allowed for second years.

The mission involved tracking and defeating a large Nevermore that had been intermittently blocking trade between Vale and Vacuo for weeks - not enough to warrant a full investigation, but enough that it made its way to the Beacon mission board. The mission should have been simple, if difficult, for a Huntsman and 4 in training. However, the Nevermore turned out to be enormous, much more so that reports had indicated. Not only that, a pack of Beowulves had moved into the area as well, and ambushed the trainees during the fight with the Nevermore.

One of the team was felled by their claws while they were distracted by the gigantic Grimm.

While the Huntsman fended off the Nevermore, the remaining trainees took the pack to task, defeating them one by one. When only three remained, two attacking Sin and one attacking the remaining team member, Alice rushed to Sin's aid. As they slew one of the two easily, Alice heard the cry of their last team member and knew she had chosen wrong.

Leaving Sin to defeat his remaining Beowulf himself, she dashed to attack the other before it could finish off her teammate - but she didn't dare power her rush with too much Aura, as the Nevermore still had to be dealt with. She arrived and pierced the Grimm's heart from behind... but as it faded away, she knew she had chosen wrong again: the Beowulf had already struck the final blow.

Behind her, Sin had finished off the last of the pack, and had moved to engage the Nevermore with the Huntsman. Shaking her grief away, she tightened her grip on Chain of Command and moved to support Sin, but his Aura, depleted from the fight against the Beowulves, could not save him from the Nevermore's beak.

In her despair, the last of her team, she let out a shriek and fell to her knees... and in her rage, reached out with her Semblance and forced a lash of vines to grip the Nevermore's wings and feet, holding it long enough for the Huntsman to kill it.

In the time since then, Alice has gained a new team, and - mostly - put the incident behind her. She still has trouble relying on others, instead taking all of the responsibility upon herself. Two years later, her saga continues: she is never one to let her circumstances dictate her limits, determined to take in as much of the world as possible, and push herself as far as possible - even if it means emotionally pushing herself away from others.

Personality: Alice is always bubbly, always happy. For her, there is no situation that can't be solved by hard work and a good attitude. That outlook has always gotten her excellent marks in her classes and has put her near the top of her class for combat. She doesn't like to fail, and is pre-eminently aware of the fact that the only person she can control is herself, so any time she loses, for example in a training bout, she simply accepts the defeat and trains twice as hard until she can return to win. She also refuses to trust others with responsibilities she deems important, instead taking all of the work upon herself.

She often cares very little for any specific viewpoint or opinion, sometimes changing her own on a whim and never bothering to force them on others. Her general "plan" for social interaction, if you can call it a plan, is simply acting as water, flowing where she will and maneuvering around anything that she doesn't necessarily agree with. Between her generally cheerful, outgoing nature, her almost complete lack of conflict with others, her physical attractiveness, and her Semblance, she is quite popular, though is often considered flighty and airheaded.

Due to her lack of regard for most things, she has never felt like she's connected with others very well. She understands that it's something she does to herself, but her strong conviction that simply not caring about most things that others feel strongly about is the best way to live means that she likely won't change anytime soon. Further, there are some who greatly resent the presence of someone who is able to glide through life so apparently easily, and she has occasionally been on the receiving end of nasty rumors and smear attempts. Not truly caring about her reputation with others, knowing that her own opinion of herself is all that really matters, she has always ignored the rumors, and the situations tend to solve themselves.

Aura and Semblance:
Aura: Alice's Aura takes its color from her first, often unused, name. It is a deep, foresty green, the color of plants in shade. Due to the harsh training regimen she puts herself through, she has gained an excellent control over the more standard uses of her Aura, such as Strength, Shield, and Regeneration. Her control over her Semblance in combat is still lacking, however, and though impressive, almost any combat use of it will drain her aura completely.
Semblance: Maiden of Spring
Taking its name from a fairy tale about four maidens capable of magic, Alice's Semblance is, in fact, far less impressive. Using her Semblance, Alice is able to transfer energy to flora by way of touch. As Aura is a primarily human/Faunus property, the amount of energy required is generally negligible. In light of this, Alice often uses it without caution or care, causing flowers and other small, pretty plants to grow wherever she walks (though not when walking on stone, concrete, metal, or other similar lifeless materials). The larger the plant, the more Aura and time it requires: if Alice were to grow a large 20' tree, for example, it would require a modest chunk of her Aura (20%) and roughly 1 minute.
In times of dire need, Alice may call upon her Semblance to grow or control nearby plant matter instantaneously, for example to entangle enemies in bushes or vines, or to produce a tree as a barrier. This is essentially the same as using the Semblance in a more leisurely manner, except the reduced time and increased control vastly increases the Aura cost, often draining her Aura in a single use.

Combat Behavior: With Chain of Command and a Semblance that can only be used in the most dire of circumstances, Alice has very little defensive capability. Instead, she often presses the attack, not allowing opponents even a moment's rest, utilizing both the primary and secondary forms of her weapon to hem one or multiple enemies in and give her allies breathing room. Chain of Command's quick form change time allows Alice to switch between forms often, even mid-attack, which can keep even the most prepared opponent on their toes. In group combat situations, the secondary form excels, often allowing Alice to attack multiple foes at once without necessitating precise situational awareness - just swing in a direction you know an opponent is, and the blade will keep them on their back foot.


Name: Chain of Command

Primary Form: A simple broad-bladed glaive, sectioned off every foot along the handle. The staff is 7' long with a 1.5' blade at the end, for a total height of 8.5'.

Secondary Form: The handle sections collapse upon each other to the end opposite the blade, revealing a chain that attaches the handle to the blade, allowing it to be swung as a sort of flail. When stored in the handle, the chain is compacted, but when freed it may extend to a further length, which allows the flail-blade to have a total reach of 12 feet.

Dust Functions: The very end of the handle has a cover which can be removed, and a Dust cartridge can be inserted. The chain links carry the Dust up to the blade, which provides different effects based upon the type of Dust in the cartridge. The chain links glow a color depending on the Dust type, but this is a cosmetic effect: the chain does not benefit from any additional effects. Each Dust cartridge lasts for 4 impacts before it is drained, though a button on the handle can force the remaining Dust all into the next strike, multiplying the effect by the amount of Dust remaining and draining the cartridge completely.
Fire: Coats the blade in fire, causing fire damage and possibly setting the target aflame.
Ice: Coats the blade in ice, causing strikes to generate blocks of ice at the targeted point. Ice block size is proportional to the force with which the blade strikes. If the target point is the environment, the maximum size of ice block is 5' in height (though this requires great force). If the target point is an opponent, the point is encased in a block of ice that extends 2 inches from the impact point. Ice blocks have weight, and may freeze two objects together if they are touching when the ice forms.
Lightning: Zaps target with electricity. Small bodies of water can pass the electricity to things within it, but in larger bodies the electricity will dissipate harmlessly.
Steam: Large cloud (5' radius) of steam at impact point. Blocks vision.
Water: Large pool (5' radius) of water at impact point. Can conduct electricity, is moderately slippery.
Gravity: Targets struck are held fast to the ground for up to 3 seconds, depending on the force of the blow. If the environment is struck, the affect instead implies at half duration to all combatants within 3' of the impact point.
Earth: Heavy impact with localized shockwaves within 10'. May knock down opponents who are not balanced.
Air: Creates a high-force wind along the trajectory of the attack. Forces the opponent to brace or be blown away.

History: Chain of Command belonged to Alice's father long before she was born. Until Alice went away to Signal Academy, it hung above the Pentaghast fireplace, on a plaque that read "Chain of Command - the chain I beat you with until you realize I'm in command," which was a favorite joke of her father's.[/spoiler]

Yeet. - NotSurprised
Managing to slip past the middle bridge before Shiroe's attack Calen was nevertheless domed by one of Reginald's wild shots. Managing to duck under the remaining fire Calen was still put on the back foot by the volley. Understanding that he needs to quickly go on the offensive if they were going to have a chance here Calen recovered quickly and kept moving. Luckily just as Calen's own coughing gave away his position, Reginald's shots revealed his. Using his semblance Calen blitzed along the ice to where he heard the shots originate, delivering a savage slash with his glaive aimed at Reginald's legs as he glided past. Fighting on even terms even with Setsuna at his back would be a difficult proposition so Calen was instead trying to do his best to whittle down the opposition before it came to an open brawl.

After Calen's attack, his momentum carried him back into the fog, hopefully out of sight of any retaliatory range attacks. Calen had to get as much advantage as he could out of the fog otherwise his sickness would magnify his already significant weakness to range attacks. Continuing to circle Reginald Calen let out a series of loud whistles, if his position was already going to be revealed by his coughing he might as well control when it was revealed somewhat.

The whistle signified to Setsuna as well as his opponents where he was but it would also become a crutch, meaning that when the whistling stops they would hopefully be even more disorientated. The only flaw of this strategy was Shiroe, Calen still hadn't seen anything of the unknown in this fight and although calling it worrying for him would be inaccurate it annoyed Calen greatly. As someone who always wanted to be in control, the fog was becoming as much a curse as it was a blessing, denying him information just as it denied his opponents.

Combat Data

Aura: 85%, -5% from Reginald's shots
Semblance: 95%, -5% from vanishing fog strike
Status: Sick, -1% to damage

Attacks: 9% Vanishing fog strike at Reginald.
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