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Out of everything they could have given a pseudo-cripple to fight in, they chose a bloody mountain. At least there was what looked to be Wind Dust, something Kei recognised as being instantly useful to both competitors.

With the mountain obstructing his view of his opponent, Kei crossed over to one of the Wind Dust deposits and broke off a palm-sized fragment, tucking it away in a pocket, before unsheathing his lance in one swift motion and beginning to channel his Semblance. Glowing magenta lines appeared out of thin air, still hidden from sight of his opponent.

Kei's Combat Log:
  ● Aura: [██████████] 100%
  ● Lance Type: Steel Core
  ● Channeling Semblance
  ● Wind Dust crystal in pocket
Everywhere Else / Re: Hunt for the Howling Storm {CLOSED}
« Last post by EdgeyReyes on Today at 07:04:57 PM »
"Infra, it's the safest hand we have, I'd personally not want to see that unless it came to a war where it was human and faunus against grimm in a final push." Akel took out her scroll and turned the device on, even it was destriyed, a picture would be nice plus recording the explosion would also be pretty cool to see. Evidence like this wouldn't matter if there was an entire mountain on topplus having it shattered into a million pieces.

The white-haired bat faunus placed her bag of mining charges on the ground "Stuff as many as we can into the containment unit and blow it up when we're far away, alerted the villages and given them enough time to pack essentials and leave?"
Akeldama is trying to increase the amount of power she can dish out more by further concentrating her aura into physical attacks.
Prism tries to use her aura to help compensate for the fact she's a glass canon at anything other than long-distance, so she'd definitely be interested in seeing what she could do to get a step up.
Malina's teaching an aura class, it'll be short. Basically an in-Universe platform for Worldbuilding an aura thing we did in WB reviews. I'll probably let two people in, it'll just be a quick call and response thread.

Is your character naturally gifted with aura? Do they strive to learn about it? If yes feel free to join. If no, I wouldn't bother.
"IT'S BILLY BONE!" She corrected the announcer, whilst shaking her fist. But the crowd was too wild for them to hear poor Billy. With this insult, she was itching to fight. Billy saw the swamp, 'Gross', and climbed up the rickety dock to traverse it. She eventually made it where the swamp met the sand. 'Just like home,' Billy thought. Billy climbed up a sand dune and peaked over the top. She had found Blair. To try to keep herself hidden, she took off her hat and threw some sand on it before she laid down in the sand and slowly crawled to the top of the hill. She was worried about the new metal parts of the gun would give away her position before she could fire. But with her itchy trigger finger, she took the shot right at Blair's chest.

1 round to Blair's chest 9%

100% aura
100% stamina

9/10 normal rounds in LongArm

10/10 ice dust rounds
10/10 fire dust rounds
10/10 electric dust rounds
10/10 kinetic  dust rounds

Spoiler: show
 Please correct me if I'm doing this wrong

Everywhere Else / Re: Hunt for the Howling Storm {CLOSED}
« Last post by Siuwa on Today at 01:33:26 PM »
Infrared listened intently. She does find the Captain's analysis reasonable, yet gritted all the same when she knew she couldn't possibly save it. "That isn't much of a compromise. Trying to use it would be too dumb to live, and honestly, staring into it for too long and I might even fail to make the save against taking it. Its construct just looks so majestic..."

"If it makes a tidal wave then the island will probably be gone. Considering even the biggest baddest bomb Atlas has ever tested still doesn't come close to destroying a small town that might be worrying too much. Just let me take a good look."
Aca deflated a little as she stepped out onto the field. She didn't look dumb... Right? Right. Who cared what those announcers said, the guy was probably some shut in and the girl was clearly some Atlesian heiress born with a silver spoon or something like... That...


The wild grass of the field reached above her head and stretched, well, as far she could see. Not that it was far. This was going to be a bit annoying.

She heft her weapon up and laid the flat side on her shoulder, no sense lugging it around when she couldn't even see her opponent. She patted her satchel and backpack once more for reassurance, plenty of saw blades for the fight, that wouldn't be a problem. There wasn't really anything she could do right now other than, well...

She lifted her free hand up out of the grass and waved frantically as she yelled out "HI THERE SMOKEY!" with that out of the way she quickly lowered her hand and crouched down as she slowly and deliberately started moving to the left. No sense staying where she was if the other guy had a gun or something.
Everywhere Else / Re: Beneath the Mask(Riven)
« Last post by Riven on Today at 01:27:40 PM »
Information always has a price.


When her Scroll had pinged unexpectedly with a message from an unfamiliar source, she had been only a little concerned. She had done much the same to others, a gentle way of expressing her power and connectedness, so having someone else do the same to her was only mildly irksome. Her automated programs to back-trace and break the encryption, run on the message before she'd ventured to actually open it, came up empty -- that set her on alert. Someone very, very good with computer systems wanted her attention... that could prove risky. She took every precaution she could come up with to protect her data, then opened the message.

When she saw her name -- her real name, the name of the foolish little girl who'd long since been cast aside -- the world seemed to drop out from under her. A feeling of violation rose up like bile in her throat, her hands beginning to shake and her sense of the room around her growing dim. All there was in that painful, gaping maw of a moment was the message, pulling at her against her will like the gravity of a black hole. It was only when the Scroll dropped from her unsteady fingers, clattering onto the floor with a now-broken screen, that she was jolted back to reality.

Several deep breaths and one fully smoked cigarette later, she'd recovered herself enough to confront the message a secnd time. She poured over its contents, alternately furious at this "Tarot" for dredging up her past and herself for somehow leaving that as a possibility. The 30,000 didn't soften the blow any, neither did the fact he was only asking for a meeting. It had been years and years since she'd felt this vulnerable and exposed, and her blood boiled at the thought...

One Week Later...

She'd heard of The Velvet Room, of course -- there were precious few things in Mistral that completely eluded her awareness at this point -- but had never actually been. The rumors suggested it was some sort of very exclusive venue, though her efforts to glean specifics had borne no fruit. Not surprising, nor unique; in the dark and elusive corners of Mistral everyone valued secrecy, even if it was just for sake of first impressions. That would make tonight . . . interesting.

She'd toyed with the idea of a disguise, but decided on an alternate course instead. For one of the few times in her life Maria was dressing to draw attention, not dispel it: a close-fitting split-skirt black formal dress with minor jewelry accents in silver and ruby set the stage while an elegant black half-mask retained her anonymity. High heels clattered lightly on the sidewalk as her hair bounced in carefully crafted bobs and curls. To say she was "dressed to kill" was both figurative and literal; it didn't show, and no one but a trained magician would know where to look, but Maria had all of her tools with her. If, as she feared, this Tarot was planning to use what they knew as leverage, it might lead to a fight she couldn't run from. She wasn't out of tricks, not hardly... but neither was she in a generous and forgiving mood.

Information always has a price... and she'd soon find out just what price Tarot would end up paying.
Malina watched as both Siu and the planes dodged her attacks. Theybcan move independently of each other, annoying but good to know. She flipped her staff down and stuck the pincers into the snow as the planes approached her, making sure to grip tightly and wrap Manticore around it. With the swift pull of a trigger, a blast of kinetic force rocketed Malina several meters into the air and just before whatever the larger plane dropped made contact, she released two walls of concussive flame from her body.

One wave was sent downward arcing toward the planes that had planned to make strafing runs at her while the other shit directly up, impacting the bomb and sending the resulting explosion upward with it.

From the midst of the flame, Malina flipped her staff again and let off another series of bursts, sending her flying through the air toward the small, defunct settlement. Specifically, toward the roof of the nearest building.

Her opponent hadn't hidden, not yet, and she was sure if any of the planes survived the blast they'd be coming after her, but as long as she could get close she should be able to take back the advantage.

Aura: 100/100
Flame Burst: 13% + Major Knockback + 1% ongoing if on fire
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