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WiP Characters / Matir Khan
« Last post by Inexhaustive on Today at 03:55:26 AM »

Name: Matir Khan

Age: 21, born the 20th of Klever/March

Species and Gender: Human and Male

Occupation: 4th Year Beacon Student

Appearance: Very big, very armor

Spoiler: Appearance • show


Personality: Kind of dumb. Doesn’t really talk comprehensively.

Aura and Semblance: Aura Color: Flame Orange | Abilities: N/A
Semblance: Messenger of Eruptions - Channels geothermal energies through his palms into things, mostly the ground, gathering it to cause a violent eruption.

Combat Behavior: Really tanky, very strong, does a lot of damage. Not agile but can charge in one direction really fast.


Primary Form: Mace
WiP Characters / Akane Tozawa
« Last post by Inexhaustive on Today at 03:30:31 AM »

Name: Akane Tozawa

Age: 21, born the 23rd of Machlud/September

Species and Gender: Human and Female

Occupation: 4th Year Beacon Student


Spoiler: Appearance • show

History: Grew up in a village to a family that does acupuncture and massage. Huntspeople come around for massages with work stories. Akane get inspired. Gets parental support. Goes to Mini-academy. Goes to Big-academy. Things happen. She misses half of a school year and has to retake. Ends up transferring from Mistral to Beacon with a teammate who also failed.

Personality: Akane is very calm and mature, yet at the same time, spunky and completely self-confident. She’s very well-versed in the subjects of advanced anatomy and kinesiology, having grown up inheriting her family’s special acupuncture techniques from her parents. She also enjoys giving massages to people and can do it very well, having picked it up from her parents too.

As someone who advocates that upperclassmen have a duty to help and aid their underclassmen, Akane can frequently be seen giving tips and tutoring students below her year, using her expertise in kinesiology to do so. She’s that senpai you can count on if you’re in deep shit.

Aura and Semblance: Aura Color: Blood Red | Abilities: Strength, Blast, Detection
Semblance: Messenger of Storms - Akane’s semblance allows her to shift into a particulate storm cloud that can freely zip around along any solid or liquid surface at high speeds (30 m/s or 67 mph), even vertical and upside down surfaces. The cloud gathers and condenses moisture around her which moves with her and rubs against surrounding air to generate static electricity that zaps random nearby objects. When she shifts out of this form, any remaining electricity gathered along with the moisture will be blasted out around her, shocking enemies and knocking them back. While her semblance is active, her scarf becomes a bright red light ribbon that trails behind her. Limitations pending.
Spoiler: Appearance • show

Combat Behavior: In combat, while Akane is completely confident in herself and her abilities, she always respects her opponent and starts off fighting at full power. As someone who meditates frequently to develop a clear mind and higher level of control over their consciousness, she gives off an aura of tranquility, even in the midst of battle and can also perform autosuggestion, filter out unnecessary thoughts, and divert her entire conscious state into a task.

As for physical abilities, Akane is someone who specializes greatly in speed and damage. She utilizes instantaneous bursts of strength from her aura, perfect 0-degree edge alignment, blindingly fast attack speeds, and a long nodachi blade to become a great destructive force on the battlefield. On top of this, being a natural expert in anatomy and kinesiology, her strikes are mostly targeted towards weak points when fighting stronger enemies.


Primary Form: Nodachi
Everywhere Else / Preparing for the Coming Storm, Team One
« Last post by Kingnoname1 on Today at 01:52:59 AM »
The collected hunters and hunters in training are all sitting together in a massive hall, it’s comfortable enough despite how frigid it is outside and with several Atlas students not participating, or at least not participating now, walking around providing refreshments the place gave off a welcoming vibe despite its utilitarian design. As well as the hunters several scientists and teacher staff also walked between groups asking questions about their training exercises and how they overcame, or tried to overcome, these challenges. The walls were covered with screens showing some of the training sessions going on, battles with giant robots, grimm or other hunters each with their own rules on how to win. Paying close attention however it was clear, given by how many people were being taken out, that not every session was being played but most were none the wiser and cheered on these fights through the screens, talked to each other or prepared for their own encounter.

A loud bing marks from the announcement system precedes each combination and this time the announcer calls for Solaris Star and Justice Montenegro. A hush comes over the crowd, not only do many of the Atlas students recognise the name of an Atlas Specialist but this is also the first team of two to have been announced. A handful of the screens flicker on to the new stadium, it’s a barren concrete field, not dissimilar to the fighting arenas elsewhere in the world only this was massive, easily two hundred meters each side and probably closer to three. There was no obvious challenge on screen but that only made those watching on more excited. Guesses of what it could be; hunter was the most common guess, no one thought any captured Grimm or robot could stand up to an Atlas Specialist, particularly one with back up.

As Solaris and Justice made their way to the stadium the challenge was still nowhere to be seen, directed to wait in the middle of the stadium Justice could feel the anticipation coming off the helpers. Something big was about to happen.
So that's a nice turn out so far, applications are still open of course but we have enough to start trying out these threads.

Characters so far offered have been split into three teams.(Order and team number exist only out of character)

Solaris Star and Justice Montenegro are Team One
Ravya Vermillion, Smokey Emberstone, Lyssa Andromiko and Nathan Eau are Team Two
Kisha Miles, Akeldama Blood Heart, Amane, Gray Saggio are Team Three.

Familiarise yourself with those you've been assigned to and I will try to have the first few posts up asap. Before I start though I would like to thank you all for applying, I'll try to make it as fun as possible.
WiP Characters / Josef Botzenhardt (WiP)
« Last post by Joseffffesoj on April 18, 2018, 09:14:15 PM »

    Name: Josef Botzenhardt

    Age: 17

    Species and Gender: Human Male

    Symbol:  A half circle with two stars inside and a triangle coming out of its side.

    Occupation: Second Year Beacon Student

    Appearance: Josef is Caucasian and stands about 5'9" tall and weighs around 140 lbs.  He has brown hair, and eyes that nobody can agree on whether they are green or blue.  His hair hangs about an inch above his eyes and he never brushes it.  He has a scar that circles his ring finger on his left hand.

    Josef normally wears a black or dark blue t-shirt with a bright green zip-up sweater.  His shoes are dark-grey with black laces, and he wears baggy, blue jeans.  His wears a sheath for his sickle on the right side of his hips.

    History: Josef's father, James is a farmer, and his mother, Daisey was a huntress.  He decided to become a hunter when his mother was killed by a Grimm.  When he was 13 he cut off his finger while playing the knife game and it was reattached.

    Personality: Josef is a very social person but tends to say whatever he thinks so he doesn't have much friends aside from his main group.  He doesn't really pay attention to fine details aside from his drawings so if given a task he will complete it but it won't look very nice.  In his spare time he likes to reads, draw, and listen to music.

    Aura and Semblance: Josef's aura is yellow-green and his semblance

    Combat Behavior: 



    Primary Form:

    Secondary Form:

    Tertiary Form:

    Dust Functions:

    Approved Characters / Re: Kisha Miles
    « Last post by Kingnoname1 on April 18, 2018, 07:26:52 PM »
    Grenade have an inbuilt explosive system to trigger their charge in the first place so they hydrogen grenades will go off on their own.

    Regardless re-approved.
    Approved Characters / Re: Azre and Erza Sundown
    « Last post by jjb2158 on April 18, 2018, 04:37:20 PM »
    Works for me!

    Approved 2 of 2.
    Beacon Academy / Re: In Search Of A Casanova [CLOSED][Team CASA-Initiation]
    « Last post by MonsterManic on April 18, 2018, 04:03:18 PM »
    Before anyone had time to respond to Amane's query, guttural howls tore through the once quiet surroundings, horrifying and nauseating to listen to. Neither wolf nor lion could make such nightmare-inducing noises, which could only mean......

    The Grimm were here to kill.

    The unnatural sounds snapped the team's attention instantly to the dense tree line, where several Beowolves and an larger Alpha Beowolf had emerged from the cover of the forest, having blended in near perfectly with the dark leaves and shadows. With nary a pause to reorientate, the pack made a mad dash for the hill which the team was situated on, completely ignoring the presence of the hunters-in-training.

    ● Beowolves x 6
    Alpha Beowolf x 1 (Bone Armor on Head, Chest and Arms)

    Battle Log:
    None so far
    Anna was ambivalent about her current situation. One one hand, the mission had been a success, Calen's meals were pretty damn good and things were currently peaceful; on the other, they had now been away from civilization for a week, Calen had been a dick several times (the hallucinogens had given her headaches as well as made her attack him on multiple occasions) and there were no books around apart from the wealth of digitized scientific literature they'd been hoarding.

    She was currently sitting near the top of the radio tower, pinging her semblance every now and then as a makeshift sentry. Looking upon the surroundings was currently her sole source of entertainment apart from social interaction - but alarm duty was more important than that, surely. Apart from that, when it wasn't her turn to be the lookout, she helped whoever she could. However, lookout had been her job all the time until now, bar the time where she slept with the others in one building or the other.

    She spotted a blur - quickly identified as Calen - shooting up the radio tower, stopping mere metres above herself. Her only reaction was a casual "Hey."
    Beacon Academy / Re: In Search Of A Casanova [CLOSED][Team CASA-Initiation]
    « Last post by Inexhaustive on April 18, 2018, 03:03:55 PM »
    Amane studies the environment as she listens to Professor Ferus. Checking her watch, she jogs up the distance to the midpoint, sets a remote mine down, then jogs back. Listening to the others' plans, she affixes a few angled spears into the sides of the hill to terminate flanking enemies before getting into position. "I'll focus on high profile targets and adapt to your guys's needs, alright?"
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