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WiP Characters / Matir Khan
« on: Today at 03:55:26 AM »

Name: Matir Khan

Age: 21, born the 20th of Klever/March

Species and Gender: Human and Male

Occupation: 4th Year Beacon Student

Appearance: Very big, very armor

Spoiler: Appearance • show


Personality: Kind of dumb. Doesn’t really talk comprehensively.

Aura and Semblance: Aura Color: Flame Orange | Abilities: N/A
Semblance: Messenger of Eruptions - Channels geothermal energies through his palms into things, mostly the ground, gathering it to cause a violent eruption.

Combat Behavior: Really tanky, very strong, does a lot of damage. Not agile but can charge in one direction really fast.


Primary Form: Mace

WiP Characters / Akane Tozawa
« on: Today at 03:30:31 AM »

Name: Akane Tozawa

Age: 21, born the 23rd of Machlud/September

Species and Gender: Human and Female

Occupation: 4th Year Beacon Student


Spoiler: Appearance • show

History: Grew up in a village to a family that does acupuncture and massage. Huntspeople come around for massages with work stories. Akane get inspired. Gets parental support. Goes to Mini-academy. Goes to Big-academy. Things happen. She misses half of a school year and has to retake. Ends up transferring from Mistral to Beacon with a teammate who also failed.

Personality: Akane is very calm and mature, yet at the same time, spunky and completely self-confident. She’s very well-versed in the subjects of advanced anatomy and kinesiology, having grown up inheriting her family’s special acupuncture techniques from her parents. She also enjoys giving massages to people and can do it very well, having picked it up from her parents too.

As someone who advocates that upperclassmen have a duty to help and aid their underclassmen, Akane can frequently be seen giving tips and tutoring students below her year, using her expertise in kinesiology to do so. She’s that senpai you can count on if you’re in deep shit.

Aura and Semblance: Aura Color: Blood Red | Abilities: Strength, Blast, Detection
Semblance: Messenger of Storms - Akane’s semblance allows her to shift into a particulate storm cloud that can freely zip around along any solid or liquid surface at high speeds (30 m/s or 67 mph), even vertical and upside down surfaces. The cloud gathers and condenses moisture around her which moves with her and rubs against surrounding air to generate static electricity that zaps random nearby objects. When she shifts out of this form, any remaining electricity gathered along with the moisture will be blasted out around her, shocking enemies and knocking them back. While her semblance is active, her scarf becomes a bright red light ribbon that trails behind her. Limitations pending.
Spoiler: Appearance • show

Combat Behavior: In combat, while Akane is completely confident in herself and her abilities, she always respects her opponent and starts off fighting at full power. As someone who meditates frequently to develop a clear mind and higher level of control over their consciousness, she gives off an aura of tranquility, even in the midst of battle and can also perform autosuggestion, filter out unnecessary thoughts, and divert her entire conscious state into a task.

As for physical abilities, Akane is someone who specializes greatly in speed and damage. She utilizes instantaneous bursts of strength from her aura, perfect 0-degree edge alignment, blindingly fast attack speeds, and a long nodachi blade to become a great destructive force on the battlefield. On top of this, being a natural expert in anatomy and kinesiology, her strikes are mostly targeted towards weak points when fighting stronger enemies.


Primary Form: Nodachi

Amane studies the environment as she listens to Professor Ferus. Checking her watch, she jogs up the distance to the midpoint, sets a remote mine down, then jogs back. Listening to the others' plans, she affixes a few angled spears into the sides of the hill to terminate flanking enemies before getting into position. "I'll focus on high profile targets and adapt to your guys's needs, alright?"

Plot Zone / Re: Preparing for the Coming Storm(Site wide plot thread)
« on: April 17, 2018, 10:11:30 PM »
If it helps her improve, Amane will always be down for the challenge.

Approved Characters / Re: Amane Petrichor
« on: April 17, 2018, 09:06:00 PM »
Here are the changes I made:

- Changed the word 'prestigious' to 'very successful'. That way they're just successful and not prestigious.
- Pretty much just rewrote the first two paragraphs of history

- Changed 'drinking scotch' to 'mixing cocktails to drink'
- Removed that she likes cigars

- Added an office onto the bottom

Amane finishes marking all the locations of the spears, then turns to Prism and says, "You've given this some good thought, as expected from our leader. From my experience, Grimm are rather simple-minded creatures and don't really dodge, preferring to run themselves through on abatises like these rather than move along them and let it funnel them, but contingencies upon contingencies right? Even more so if Coco can make them as invisible as possible with his semblance, Coco please take a look from the Grimm's perspective and mask the spears once you're done placing all of them. By culling a large number of them, we can save our bullets for more high profile targets or Grimm that somehow find their way through."

She pulls out her notepad and starts writing while explaining. "As for the V itself, we'll utilize an even amount of spears spread out with enough space for humans to cross, but not Grimm, at a 60 degree angle, then place an anti-personnel mine right in the center gap to counter-initiate on the horde without the blast compromising any spears. We'll also spread at least one remote charge inside the angle to minus any larger Grimm like Deathstalkers that may threaten the fortification, but again, far enough so the blast doesn't take our defense out of play. We'll also place another backup mine between the forward line and where we are to create space for retreat. Sound good to you guys?"

Amane watched Prism unfurl her wings with the same expressionless face but thought, Leave it to our leader to make a dramatic unveil.. She wasn't expecting the whole team to help out, more hoping to split into two groups and set up their own defenses, but the more the better. Turning to Prism, and Jocelyn, she said, “Right. Could one of you please try and find a sizable length of rope in the village?”

She takes up a spear, pulls out her bowie knife, and then quickly hacks the butt of it into a stake for digging while saying to Coconut, “Here, watch closely what I do next. Also, you never told us what your semblance was. Mind filling me in while we work?”

Pulling a protractor from the lab equipment part of her backpack, Amane drops to the floor at the location of the most left forward spear, using it to measure the angle for optimal effect before taking the stake end and driving it into the ground at that angle to the halfway point of the shaft. "No less than 40, no more than 45 degrees." She takes it back out, grabs one of the other spears, and inserts it into the hole. She then takes out her multi-tool and marks the locations for the other four straight spears with her awl.

WiP Characters / Re: Eleanor Etoile
« on: April 15, 2018, 01:29:33 PM »
Can someone delete this real quick? I've decided to take this character out of the works for the time being.

"Thanks." Amane nods at the older boy, making a mental note to hunt down the blacksmith another time and write them a check at clearance wholesale prices for the weapons. She looks at the entrance for a moment before pulling out a notepad from her backpack and sketching stuff out.

As the other boy asked the question to Jocelyn, Amane glances at Prism until she finishes handing them all toy weapons then adds while looking at the boy who asked the question, "And I don't want to hear that from you again. Kids, never give up and accept death, that's just lazy. Always do your best to survive and live on. You've all got a future ahead of you. Now then, Coco, can you take the spears over to the entrance please? We'll use them to fortify it in a bit."

She hands the finished sketch to Prism. "We'll use a few of the spears to create an improvised stake fortification at the entrance as a backup in case we need to retreat. They'll be spaced just far enough that a human can get through but not Grimm. This particular arrangement, I learned while doing a job with some rather formidable tribals near Mistral. You see these angled spears here on the side? They lock the forward spears in place underground, so they'll be very difficult to displace. I've also added an anti-personnel mine right here to give us better control over the horde." She points to it. "If the forward line should fail for whatever reason, triggering the mine at any time will annihilate whatever's in front and buy us a few additional valuable seconds until they disappear, then they'll have to deal with the rear line which buys us even more time. Contingencies upon contingencies. As for all of the other spears, we'll form them in a large flying V where we will be initially engaging the enemy. What do you think?"

Spoiler: Backup Fortification Plan • show

Amane watched as the children sidled towards them. Going along with the others, she said, “Hello there my darlings. Yes, we’re gonna help you guys out but you can help us help you too, okay?” She gently patted the girl on the head. “My name’s Amane, and I’m a huntress in training at Beacon. Would you guys please point me to the nearest unevacuated blacksmith around here, and perhaps get us a map of the village?”

WiP Characters / Re: Eleanor Etoile
« on: April 14, 2018, 06:43:00 AM »
I took out the positron part, not even entirely sure why I put it there. How the reactive armor works is that antimatter is diffused throughout her aura, still stored and contained using similar methods. When something like a sword hits her aura, some of the AM gets exposed and annihalates, dealing equal damage to both of them, but that's still better than just them dealing damage to her.

My bad, I've misplaced a few zeroes in my calcs. I hope we don't have to go into that detail, so may I just say that the total energy resulting from the antimatter generated by her full aura capacity is around the total impact energy of bullets from a heavy machine-gun firing for a little more than an hour?

Also, would you like to talk on Discord?

WiP Characters / Re: Eleanor Etoile
« on: April 14, 2018, 05:57:43 AM »
But the thing is, sure you can say "highly destructive and/or reactive Aura packets" but I'm not just looking for an excuse to go pew pew, if I wanted to do that I would have done so. In fact, I did so until I changed it to antimatter because it's antimatter and the effect of it being antimatter, even if it only makes her just as strong as any other character, is what makes the semblance really special. Basically, I don't wish to take the easy route and just get out an approval, I'd rather take the hard, long route and end up with a character worth using.

As a final note, nobody said anything about spontaneous generation, I only mentioned generation on there. You do reserve the right to perceive it however you like though.

Amane nods at Prism, opening her backpack and placing four of each inside before zipping it back up.


As they near the village, Amane starts mentally charting it out, looking for anything they could use to their advantage and waymarkers like tall buildings so they don't get lost. "Two questions, what do we do if someone gets put out of the fight and what do we do if two people get put out of the fight?"

WiP Characters / Re: Eleanor Etoile
« on: April 14, 2018, 02:34:43 AM »
Okay, how this semblance is written is still kind of WIP but I really want to do this so please hear me out:

First, yes AM is highly destructive, but that’s why Eleanor only generates very little amounts. Like her full, highly-trained aura generates hundred-trillionths (1/100000000000) of a gram. Enough to consistently use as a formidable weapon, but not enough to be unbalanced for a fourth year on the site. So keep that in mind. I don’t know how much would be unbalanced on the site so I put down what I have now, but mods like you can teach me how to adjust it.

As for the AM Beam part, I believe we have a misunderstanding. It’s not a beam of AM, it’s more of a beam of aura that contains and prevents the minuscule amounts of AM in it from touching any matter until it hits the target.

WiP Characters / Eleanor Etoile
« on: April 13, 2018, 05:17:28 PM »

Name: Eleanor Etoile

Theme: Two Steps From Hell - Enchantress

Age: 19

Species and Gender: Human - Female

Occupation: Beacon 4th Year



Personality: Really kind person who loves all of existence despite its dark sides and is greatly connected to the world. A natural teacher and commander who inspires people, Eleanor is able to turn scared, panicking civilians into an organized phalanx within mere minutes. Aspires to join the Council of Remnant after becoming a huntress.

Aura and Semblance: Color: Neutron Star Blue
Semblance: Eleanor’s semblance allows her to generate destructive blue energies and manipulate it to a high degree. Things she can do include:
  • Emitting energy blades from her palms
  • Rapid-firing bolts from her hands powerful enough to rival an average heavy machine-gun
  • Firing a powerful beam out of her hands after a brief charge time.
  • Diffusing it throughout all of her aura to create reactive armor.
  • Exploding it out in an area of effect around her.
  • Packing it and sending it upwards, before it fires a series of beams downwards, bombarding a an area of effect below
After years of frequent use and training, Eleanor has a massive aura capacity and can fire her bolts for a little more than an hour with only brief pauses in between.

Combat Behavior: While she generally tries to avoid combat, Eleanor primarily utilizes her semblance and aura when fighting, mostly using the bolts from her semblance. Rivaling a M2 heavy machine-gun, each bolt is quite powerful, fired at a rate of 10 per second, and there's no gunshot, only a hum as it flies through the air. On top of that, Eleanor can use it while running around normally at the mode speed of huntresses her age, but with formidable stamina from daily morning jogs. She can also resize the bolt's power for other situations, such as if she needed to make them nonlethal. If she needs to make them more lethal, she stores it up, then fires it out as a beam.



Primary Form:

Secondary Form:

Tertiary Form:

Dust Functions:


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