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Everywhere Else / Preparing for the Coming Storm, Team One
« on: Today at 01:52:59 AM »
The collected hunters and hunters in training are all sitting together in a massive hall, it’s comfortable enough despite how frigid it is outside and with several Atlas students not participating, or at least not participating now, walking around providing refreshments the place gave off a welcoming vibe despite its utilitarian design. As well as the hunters several scientists and teacher staff also walked between groups asking questions about their training exercises and how they overcame, or tried to overcome, these challenges. The walls were covered with screens showing some of the training sessions going on, battles with giant robots, grimm or other hunters each with their own rules on how to win. Paying close attention however it was clear, given by how many people were being taken out, that not every session was being played but most were none the wiser and cheered on these fights through the screens, talked to each other or prepared for their own encounter.

A loud bing marks from the announcement system precedes each combination and this time the announcer calls for Solaris Star and Justice Montenegro. A hush comes over the crowd, not only do many of the Atlas students recognise the name of an Atlas Specialist but this is also the first team of two to have been announced. A handful of the screens flicker on to the new stadium, it’s a barren concrete field, not dissimilar to the fighting arenas elsewhere in the world only this was massive, easily two hundred meters each side and probably closer to three. There was no obvious challenge on screen but that only made those watching on more excited. Guesses of what it could be; hunter was the most common guess, no one thought any captured Grimm or robot could stand up to an Atlas Specialist, particularly one with back up.

As Solaris and Justice made their way to the stadium the challenge was still nowhere to be seen, directed to wait in the middle of the stadium Justice could feel the anticipation coming off the helpers. Something big was about to happen.

So that's a nice turn out so far, applications are still open of course but we have enough to start trying out these threads.

Characters so far offered have been split into three teams.(Order and team number exist only out of character)

Solaris Star and Justice Montenegro are Team One
Ravya Vermillion, Smokey Emberstone, Lyssa Andromiko and Nathan Eau are Team Two
Kisha Miles, Akeldama Blood Heart, Amane, Gray Saggio are Team Three.

Familiarise yourself with those you've been assigned to and I will try to have the first few posts up asap. Before I start though I would like to thank you all for applying, I'll try to make it as fun as possible.

Approved Characters / Re: Kisha Miles
« on: April 18, 2018, 07:26:52 PM »
Grenade have an inbuilt explosive system to trigger their charge in the first place so they hydrogen grenades will go off on their own.

Regardless re-approved.

Approved Characters / Re: Camelia Sol
« on: April 17, 2018, 10:00:17 PM »
Re approved.

Approved Characters / Re: Amane Petrichor
« on: April 17, 2018, 09:58:00 PM »
It's getting to the point where we are going to want to know about what research Amane's parents where apart of considering it plays such a large role in her back story and is used as the justification of all this equipment.

Regardless reapproved.

Plot Zone / Preparing for the Coming Storm(Site wide plot thread)
« on: April 17, 2018, 08:26:16 PM »
+++++++++++Message from Atlas Headmaster Amarant Lovis+++++++++++

Although initially sent to the headmaster the message was quickly spread through out their schools to gauge interest.(hint hint)

'In response to the growing threat posed by new Grimm breeds as well as non-state actors like the White Fang, Atlas Academy has decided to host a series of challenges designed to push the current crop of hunters and hunters-in-training to their limits as they will need to surpass even those to turn the tide against the growing darkness. The other Huntsman Academies of Beacon, Haven and Shade have all sent delegations as well as of course our own Atlas academy boosted by prototypes from out finest weapon manufacturers have all sent their best and brightest to attend. In your trials you will come across captured Grimm, your fellow hunters, some of the most deadly machinery on Remnant and even your own teachers. But just like in reality not every battle can end in victory as such you will be given different objectives to try to prepare you for these no win scenarios. Prizes and glory await each victory, best of luck to all those who attempt these trials. My your strength keep you and yours warm in the face of the coming cold'

OK so the main jist of this is that students/hunters from all schools can sign up either as individuals or as a team, not necessarily their actual team, and they will be put through a series of mostly combat based challenges. Although there will be direct combat fights the majority of them will have some sort of twist to balance or upset the balance of the fight.

There isn't likely going to be an upper limit and I'm more than happy to have people add multiple characters.

Approved Characters / Re: Amane Petrichor
« on: April 17, 2018, 06:56:35 PM »
Spoiler: pre-edits • show

Name: Amane Mathoera Petrichor

Age: 18, born the 20th of Arashi (April)

Species and Gender: Human Female

Occupation: First Year Student at Beacon, Explorer

Appearance: Amane is 164cm tall, weighs 45kg, and has light skin. She has shoulder length blonde hair and amber eyes.

While Amane mixes and matches her apparel, her clothing of choice in the field consists of a dark grey weather resistant peacoat over a black polo shirt, dark brown jeans, a black beanie on her head, black moto boots, a dark brown scarf, an expensive watch on her left wrist, and a backpack with various supplies. She does not make any modifications to her school uniform unless its for things like weather conditions.

Amane also has a collection of expensive men’s colognes, which she wears interchangeably. She normally speaks with a British accent (RP) but can do a general American one well too.

Because of her semblance, her profile picture in the Beacon database is just a standard grey placeholder figure.

Spoiler: Appearance • show

Spoiler: Watch • show

History: Amane was born in Vale to two prestigious scientists who were on the verge of discovering something amazing until they were killed by a car bomb. She was taken in by her friend Iris, whose family also consisted of wealthy scientists. Amane and Iris grew up together and as the years passed, Iris was invited to a school for highly gifted scientists.

Seeing her sister and best friend moving up in the world, Amane resolved to do something too. However, she felt being a scientist wasn’t for her, especially after digging into her parents’ past and finding out that they weren’t the best of people. She still wanted to be somebody who helped people and made their lives better though, so she decided to become a huntress and signed up for Signal Academy with support from her family.

Even before discovering her semblance, Amane was really low-key and didn't like to attract attention, but was an excellent student who put in a lot of effort to train and study, even attending an extracurricular class to learn aura detection. However, she would slightly downplay her skills and never do anything flashy during demonstrations and duels, only getting passing scores so she doesn’t attract attention. After she discovered her semblance, she was even less there in the minds of others.

After graduating from Signal, Amane took an year off to work in the field, collecting lab samples for Iris, who graduated early and was immediately hired to work at a laboratory. This year for Amane consisted mostly of exploring ruins, but her searches have occasionally led her to exotic parts within the black market. Eventually though, Iris pushed her to go to Beacon so she can make friends other than Iris and finish her training to become a fully-fledged huntress.

Personality: Amane is a very grounded person who never panics and likes to thinks things through. She's also highly perceptive, good at collecting information, and willing to delve into morally grey areas. Despite her willingness to go around the law though, Amane advocates government infrastructure and “the system”, believing that a smoothly flowing civilization greatly increases humanity’s chances of survival. Amane understands that this could be considered hypocritical and while she believes it’s important to establish a code to live by, she’s too grounded to consider it (or anything else) sacred. Nothing is ever black or white and everything depends on the situation. Amane trusts only herself and no one else to make the right decisions and act in the best interests for the ‘good guys’.

Being an introvert, she doesn't talk a whole lot and tries to stay away from the center of attention, but can still make conversation with others. While being somewhat withdrawn, she does have a slight humorous side and tends to make jokes occasionally.

Finally, Amane is also someone who lives life to a high standard while staying out of her comfort zone. She likes playing racing games, listening to house music, working on or riding her motorcycle, drinking scotch, and occasionally smoking a cigar or weed. She dislikes greasy food, public restrooms, and disorganization in general.

Aura and Semblance: Aura Color: Invisible | Abilities: Detection
Semblance: People will forget what Amane looks like if they don’t see her for twelve hours. She also doesn’t appear on camera. While this ability is passive and cannot be controlled, those who knew her before her semblance was activated can remember what she looks like. One drawback of her semblance is that it slows down her aura regeneration by 50%.

Combat Behavior: Amane is someone who fights with pure precision and efficiency. Highly skilled at controlling her rifle and aiming in a short time frame, she can land two to the chest and one to the head within a single three round burst from thirty meters away. Her movements are devoid of anything extra as she moves around with agility, her reactions are impressive, and she’s great at strategy and decision-making in the spur of the moment. Her environmental sense is also a major asset, which she uses on top of her aura detection to predict enemies and hit various “oddshots”. With her throwing stars, Amane uses them very strategically and is able to throw them in curved trajectories.

However, Amane is very lightweight and not the strongest person out there so in a match of physical strength, many people can overtake her. She also lacks short term stamina and defensive aura capacity, which gives her trouble with drawn out short-distance battles and makes her a glass cannon. Finally, Amane doesn’t have much experience working in a team, but she understands this and is willing to cooperate with team members.

Spoiler: Techniques • show

Holding Angles - Amane likes to hold enemy bottlenecks from covered firing positions, attempting to angle herself and narrowing down the bottleneck to around 200-300cm wide. Because of the narrow gap to shoot through, Amane’s fast reactions come into play here in order to mow down any enemies passing through the bottleneck.
Spoiler: Example • show

One-Tap - AP rounds are expensive. Despite using an automatic rifle, Amane prefers to terminate enemies with one round to the head whenever the opportunity is presented.

Collateral Damage - Amane loves shooting targets that are lined up.

Prefiring - Amane is one who acts instead of reacts. Using the pings from her aura detection along with her environmental senses to deduce areas with a high chance of enemies, Amane keeps her gun pointed at where they are most likely to pop out, and can immediately fire at areas she knows where enemies are, even if she hasn’t seen them. Because of Amane’s trigger discipline however, there is usually a fifty millisecond delay for her to confirm that it is in fact an enemy.

Recoil Control - Amane not only has an excellent grip and stance to improve the grouping of her shots, she controls it with a fine level of precision, allowing the recoil deliver her line of fire to the next target. She mainly uses this for hitting a target’s head right after hitting its chest.

Spray Transfer - Amane is highly capable of changing targets without letting go of the trigger. Against two enemies placed about ten meters away and a maximum distance of three meters apart from each other, Amane is able to terminate the first one with her automatic rifle, then accurately turn to target the other within the .125 second interval of a next bullet being chambered.

Triple-Burst Failure to Stop - Amane’s signature technique, her version of failure to stop that is executed within a single three round burst from her automatic rifle. The first shot is either placed in the targets center of gravity near its navel, or on one side of its sternum. If placed in the center of gravity, she controls the recoil of her gun to let it instantly place the next shot to the target’s sternum. If the first shot is placed on one side of the sternum, she grounds the recoil to place the next shot in the other side of the target’s sternum. With the purpose of the first two shots being to stop the target in its tracks, Amane once against uses the recoil of her gun to place the third shot into the target’s “T-Zone” to turn off its lights. Amane is capable of doing this to enemies up to 30m away

Spoiler: Techniques (Not ready for field use yet!) • show

Cross Termination - "A group of enemies should not be seen as individuals, but a single group to be flowed through."
Somewhat a more advanced version of Spray Transfer, Cross Termination is a technique to use against tight groups of enemies where the user doesn’t let go of the trigger of an automatic weapon, but controls it, making every single bullet deliver a headshot to a different enemy. Amane needs to practice this technique a little more before it is ready to use in the field.

Crippling - “If you can’t find a weak point, make one.”
With Beacon Academy comes tougher, tankier enemies in the future. Amane developed this technique in preparation of that, which involves firing at certain kinematic weak points at the right times to cripple their movement, for example, the fulcrums of any strenuous actions the enemy might be performing, or even their center of gravity. Due to it being recently developed, Amane is not ready to use this in the field yet.


Primary Weapon: A powerful automatic rifle with a silencer, holographic smart sight, foldable stock, and a strap for easy carry. It has a twenty-round magazine Amane loads with armor-penetrating bullets (Each one costing the equivalent of 2$), and she also carries three spares. The rifle is capable of medium-range sniping.
Spoiler: show

Weapon History: As someone with a preference for practicality, Amane started out with an ordinary rifle and slowly customized it to fit her use case the best. The armor-piercing bullets come from some of her and Iris's contacts in the weapons department of the company they work at. They are well tested but are still officially considered experimental.

Secondary Weapon: Desert Eagle Mark XIX

Weapon History: "You should totally learn to shoot that thing."

Tertiary Weapon: Tactical Bowie Knife

Concealed Carry Weapon: FN Five-seveN with a suppressor and spare magazine.

Combat Utilities: 3x tactical high-explosive throwing stars, 1x smoke grenade, 1x flashbang, 1x incendiary grenade. Amane will also carry more powerful explosives such as breaching charges or remote mines if she's knowingly going into a situation that calls for it.

Backpack: Climbing gear, various lab sample-collecting equipment/supplies, flares, compact multi-tool (pliers, tweezers, awl, wire cutter, various shape screwdrivers, coarse and fine files, scissor, can opener, serrated blade, bottle opener), compass, flashlight, duct tape, steel wire, pens, lighter, water purification tablets, mirror, thermal blanket, lockpick set, compact parachute, first aid kit, bobby pins, two tourniquets, scroll and earbuds, and a water bottle.

Amane usually gets around on her black Ducati Panigale 1199 S motorcycle with an installed Termignoni racing exhaust system.
Spoiler: show

Amane drives her black Equus 770 Bass when she doesn't feel like riding her motorcycle.
Spoiler: show

Occasionally, Amane will also borrow one of Iris's cars to drive around:

Aston Martin 2018 Vantage
Color: Silver
Description: Fast and great for travelling in style, Iris purchased this car with her family’s money.
Spoiler: show

Range Rover Velar
Color: White
Description: A great car for travelling with company and going on road trips, the Range Rover Velar is spacious, powerful, and great at off-roading. Iris bought this from money she earned as a professor.
Spoiler: show

Mercedes E63 AMG (Alpha7 Performance Kit)
Color: White
Description: A comfortable, durable car that doesn’t attract much attention. After Amane installed a BiTurbo performance package, it became a monster capable of going from zero to sixty mph in under three seconds without compromising comfort.
Spoiler: show

Amane also bought a spacious high level suite in Vale with money inherited from her parents, where she likes to get work done in or relax and spend time alone.
Spoiler: show

WiP Characters / Re: Mattimeo Malachite
« on: April 16, 2018, 08:46:47 PM »
OK well first off welcome to the site I see you've found everything easy enough so I'll jump straight into a review.

It's very true that most of the players here have Beacon first years as such most stuff revolves around them so I would recommend starting there. However if do want to chance your luck checking out the discord might be helpful checking if people have any spares laying around, I still feel I should make clear that you will have more threads to be apart of at Beacon but yea.

So I'd like a lot more detail on the appearance, what kind of clothes does he wear? Does he have combat gear? School uniform? What's his build like? Eye colour? etc. It might seem like busy work but getting a good picture of who you are interacting with is helpful and no one wants to spend half their post describing what their own character looks like.

History is fine although I'm going to have to ask you to cut out the sudden emergence of the semblance in some explosive way. It's a trope we really try to avoid because it makes it difficult to balance characters when they all get a massive power boost when ever their lives are threatened, or you know when they actually need that power boost.

Personality and semblance are fine although you can buff out to former with some hobbies or anything to get him away from the brooding anti-hero stereotype and some sort of limit on the later. You can try to come up with it's limit tho, maybe he can only teleport a certain distance a day/time period but can split that out how he wants or maybe a recharge timer based off distance traveled. Teleportation is a powerful ability so these restrictions need to be impactful.

Combat behaviour needs more work particularly around the weaknesses. We aim for 2-3 and the only one you have is barely a weakness, specailising in one thing over another isn't a weakness and it's also one his semblance covers up.

But yea well done for your first attempt and just keep improving.

Approved Characters / Re: Camelia Sol
« on: April 16, 2018, 08:06:57 PM »
Spoiler: pre edits • show

Name: Camelia "Cammie" Sol

Age: 17, born 18th of Arashi 63 AC

Species and Gender: Female human

Spoiler: Symbol • show

Occupation: Beacon Academy student, first year

Appearance: At 170 centimetres/5'7" and around 60 kilograms/132 lbs, Camelia has a lean n' mean physique (except for her, errr... chest), being fit without having particularly defined muscles. She has long, slightly wavy brown hair that reaches down to her mid-back. She more often than not prefers to have most of it gathered into a simple ponytail which starts at about the same level as where the skull meets the spine, although she replaces the ponytail with a braid when she wants to be fancier and lets it entirely loose when relaxing. The hair that refuses to be included in the ponytail forms bangs in the front, which she asymmetrically splits and tucks behind her ears with a preference to the right. Her (rather pretty, in all honesty) face is complimented by tiny freckles on her cheekbones and her incredibly blue eyes. She has fair skin and a pleasant, if slightly rough (roughness: Korra of TLOK fame has a lot of it) voice and is right-handed.

Spoiler: Hex codes that deter from the narrative • show
Eyes are mostly #0065AB with rare #00B7CC accents close to the external iris edges.

Red shirt: #D40000
Purple dress: #520070
Training short shorts: #8600B8 & #666666
Armour: #828282

Spoiler: Appearance • show

Art by TheRogueSpider a.k.a. Jason A. Santiago
Commissioned by Ordelis

She usually wears a red, slim-fit shirt with a slight v-neck (goes down to just below the collarbones), seemingly made from polyester, along with black jeans and running shoes. When the weather is unfavourable, she'll put on a white, hoodless coat. She wears a standard school uniform with pants ans shoes instead of a skirt and heels. For formal occasions, she wears a dark purple dress (easiest way to describe it: like Pyrrha's but covering the entire back) with black, flat-soled slip-ins. Her pyjama consists of a white tank top and grey sweatpants over a black sports bra with a stylized white arrow on the front and purple training short shorts with dark grey trim. When going into combat, she wears (on top of whatever she has) a sleeveless, articulated armor chestpiece made up of dozens of pieces of an incredibly resilient and durable class of alloy. The chestpiece is put on like a shirt, then closed shut before locking the front and back together at the flanks. It is left bare of any decoration, showing the metal's mild, somewhat polished grey, save for a small spot on the left of the upper chest section where her symbol appears. Fixation points on the back allow her to attach two sheaths in an X as well as a shield (which then covers the sheaths). The way the armor articulates is reminiscent of arthropods.

Spoiler: Annoying science • show
The alloy is composed of varying amounts of chromium, tungsten/wolfram, osmium and carbon, named Chrolfsmon.

History: Camelia was born in Vale to two incredibly talented artisans, which excel in metallurgy, woodworking and a multitude of other crafts. From a very early age, as little as 3 years old, she sought to protect others from those that would wish them harm, the situation often coming to fists and ending up with her winning outright. She got in trouble over this several dozen times before reaching even age 12. When the opportunity to enter combat school presented itself, she jumped on the occasion to become better at defending others, ending up at Signal with the goal to become a Huntress.

While at Signal, Camelia didn't have much trouble with academics, easily passing all tests she bothered to study for and getting comfortably good scores in the rest. She instead decided to focus on learning as many fighting styles as she practically could, namely two-handed swords, twin swords, sword & shield and double-bladed swords. Through the years, she got better and better in all these weapon styles, becoming rather excellent, although not quite as good as others who had specialized. She had some friends which she hung out with after classes or during weekends, but few of them decided to go to Beacon, preferring another academy instead.

When she was 15,during a training exercise, she accidentally discovered her semblance. As she was going through the motions of double-bladed sword handling, which she had just started, a neighboring student hit a large boulder that had been flung at him by a teacher with his hammer. The rock careened towards Camelia at high speeds and by the time she saw it coming, it was almost on top of her. She reflexively deployed her Aura using her semblance, making the stone stop abruptly before rapidly accelerating towards the training yard's wall, where it embedded itself with a rare brutality.

As the time to go to Beacon grew closer, Camelia was ecstatic, as it meant she was one step closer to helping defend the innocent. Having talked extensively to her parents about her nervousness at the idea of not yet having a weapon, they teamed up, getting Camelia to run menial tasks that would, without her knowledge, be the first steps of her weapons' construction. She ended up doing very well in the academic part of the Beacon entrance exam, got better than the average for the practical test and excelled in the live action test.

Personality: Camelia is an all-around nice, friendly person. She is patient with everyone she meets and attempts to be as diplomatic as possible. She does not like being bossed around and will stand for her convictions with all her might. Insulting her, deploying mean sarcasms, bullying people while she's nearby and all manners of generally bad actions are surefire ways of making her cross, which usually ends up with the perpetrator getting punched, kicked or otherwise maimed. She's still very bright, and as such will easily differentiate playful teasing from actual insults.

Somewhat more on the social creature end of the sliding scale of extroverted versus introverted, she is more prone to hang out with friends than read or play solo video games,although she does occasionally enjoy the two activities. She has a great sense of humour and is a skillful communicator, easily capable of decoding secondary methods of communication (e.g. reading between the lines, body language).

She has been trying to get her impulsiveness of sorts under control... with mitigated results.

Aura and Semblance: Her Aura is of the same dark purple as her symbol. Camelia is more proficient than average at using it.

Her semblance is gravity: that is, she is capable of manipulating the local gravity. She can do this in short, intense bursts or less intense, long duration goes. She can also produce gravity wells, capable of dragging along 100 kg from about 6 metres away and getting stronger as you get closer. She can 'shoot' these wells at somewhat slow speeds, far slower than a bullet - or even an arrow. Maintaining a well or prolonged gravity change - unless the well is 'shot' - requires intense concentration. The well will also take it out of her that much faster, as she'll barely be capable of holding it together for barely 30 seconds.

She can modify the gravity affecting someone in a continuous manner by up to one time as much as normal - that is, she can make someone 2 times as heavy as usual, or make them 'fall' upwards - although she can't keep this up forever, due to the limited range (12 meters) of her semblance.

For bursts, she can launch things at about 100 m/s for a significant amount of effort.

A glow the same colour as her Aura will premeate any volume she tries to affect before her semblance kicks in. This glow will occur 0.5 s before for continuous mode, 2 s before for burst mode and 6 s before for a gravity well. The larger the volume she tries to affect, the more strain it puts on her. She can modify gravity up to about 12 metres away, unless she goes for the well, which lasts for 200 m and can be summoned a maximum of 20 metres away.

Spoiler: Numbers no one likes • show
The maximum volume that can be affected at once is roughly that of a 6-meter wide cube (in other terms, 6^3 cubic meters), whilst the largest gravity she can induce is (20/3)=6.6 g for a burst (lasts about half a second) and 1 g fot the more prolonged version. Each burst costs up to 5% Aura and each second of the lengthier method, up to 0.5% Aura; however, if she is affecting a volume of less than 1 liter, the cost goes down to 0.1%.  She needs 2 seconds to charge a burst at maximum power. She cannot produce these farther than 12 meters away from herself. She can also produce a spherically symmetrical well which draws about everything that's not solidly tied down towards it from about 6 meters away. Creating this well costs 30% Aura. Unless it is shot forward (about 100 m/s, uses an additional 5% Aura, travels a maximum distance of 100 meters before dissipating, 200 if charged an additional second), maintaining the well requires 1% Aura per second.

Combat Behavior: Camelia likes to have a very adaptable fighting style, changing along with the way she wields her weapons. This, however, makes her a Jack of all trades and a master of none, at least for the time being.

When she feels like landing heavy, powerful blows, she'll two-hand Unity's second form. She tends to do this only when facing a single opponent as the large sword is somewhat slower to swing than most weapons (as expected of a greatsword).

When first confronting an unknown enemy or battle situation, she will use Unity in its twin form, as it allows for great agility whilst offering a good balance between offense and defense.

When she goes on the defensive (for example, when protecting something), she goes sword & board, one of Unity's halves in her right hand and Orion on her left arm.

When she wants to destabilize an opponent or is severely outnumbered, she will use Unity's third form, which is better at both offense and defense than anything else at her disposal while allowing for a lot of agility.

If she doesn't want to go all-out from the start, she'll two-hand one of Unity's halves.

Her greatest weakness is most definitely ranged attacks. Not only does she not have any sort of ranged weapon, but going against a sniper will basically reduce her to curling up in a ball behind Orion and trying to not get knocked off her feet from the impacts.


Name: Unity

Primary Form: Twin swords, made of two different Chrolfsmon alloys: the center is a rather light gray and made to be very resilient, yet flexible, while the edges are a darker gray and made of a different mix, which allows for more durability and sharper edges. They are comprised of roughly two hundred pieces each to allow transformation into the secondary and tertiary forms.

Secondary Form: Camelia brings the two handles together, the now-parallel swords facing the same way as well as touching each other on the flat sides. Once these conditions are met, the swords seem to come alive, the dozens of pieces sliding over each other and interlocking, eventually coming to rest in the shape of a greatsword with a single handle, twice as long as the previous handles. This new sword looks just as if one of the twin swords had been enlarged, safe for a line of the darker Chrolfsmon alloy along the middle of the blade, sole evidence of the merger. The minimum transformation time is two seconds, although it can be lengthened for effect.

Tertiary form: Starting in the first form, Camelia puts the swords' handles end to end. Again, the swords seem to come alive, only this time they come to rest as a double-bladed sword as long as... the twin swords put end to end (or perhaps slightly shorter). Parts of the proper sword bits become part of the now much longer handle. Transformation time can be as small as 2 seconds.

Dust Functions: The handles each contain a compartmentalized (along the length), cylindrical Dust container. The first half is a compartment filled with Fire Dust, whilst the second is filled with Lightning Dust.
- Fire: Heats the proper sword part to over 900 degrees Celsius in less than a second. Remains active as long as not turned off and has Fire Dust remaining. This state can be sustained for 6 minutes per capsule without recharging.
- Lightning: Electrifies the proper sword part. Anything allowing a sufficiently free flow of current to some sort of (electrical) ground will get a powerful discharge. Electrifying requires no Dust in itself, but the discharge does. A container can support up to 60 discharges before being completely empty of Lightning Dust.

Spoiler: Colour stuffs • show
Light gray: #ABABAB
Darker gray: #7A7A7A

Name: Orion

Primary Form: A round shield just under fifty centimetres in diameter, made of two dozen or so plates in the shapes of ring portions of varying conformities. The plates are made of the same stuff as the armour.

Secondary Form: Like the swords, the shield's plates slide over each other. The shield's curvature turns inside-out, creating a sort of parabola facing outwards. The transformation can take as little as a quarter of a second.

Dust Functions: The underside of Orion is home to several spaces for flat Dust containers, 5 in total. They are partially housed within the shield itself, providing protection.

Unleashes blast waves in a 90 degree arc towards where it is facing, reaching as far as six metres away. Each type of blast can be used 2 times before the appropriate container is empty (uses in the third form count).
- Fire: A wave of fiery heat (over 900 degrees Celsius), capable of making dry wood burn in a very sudden an ferocious fashion.
- Lightning: An electrostatic discharge which scrambles nerves and circuits alike, bar Faraday cages getting in the way.
- Kinetic: A "slow"-moving blast of air with enough pressure to seem like a wall. Blows things away with force.
- Ice: A wave of extreme cold. Will easily freeze water and encase solid things in ice (the exposed portions, anyway).
- Fire/Kinetic mix: A violent, directional explosion, akin to a blast of TNT.

History: Like most people attending Signal, Camelia made her own weapon, but with a lot of help from her parents. The whole things took over 8 months to construct, and were her gift for her 16th birthday, along with the armour. She named the swords Unity as, despite their many forms, they are one and the same, whilst naming the shield Orion, for its role of protector.

I'm going to beat you Nathan

Character Editing / Re: Jocelyn Antiqua
« on: April 16, 2018, 04:42:18 PM »
Spoiler: pre-edits • show

Name: Jocelyn Thyil Antiqua

Age: 17, 6th of Huā

Species and Gender: Human Female


Occupation: First Year Beacon Academy Student, Apprentice Medic

Appearance: Standing 5'6", Jocelyn takes after her mother instead of her father, having inherited her purple irises, light, blonde, long hair that either cascades down halfway her back, or is tied in two pigtails, and her caring smile. While relatively fit for a person who hasn't undertaken pre-academy training, Jocelyn doesn't put much emphasis on keeping in shape, quite lax for a girl in high school, only enough so she doesn't run out of breath easily. She is quite beautiful but prefers to be modest about it, with the odd blush now and then when complemented.

Although her Aura and eyes are purple, her color scheme leans more toward an Atlas-esque pattern: white and dark blue, with the odd touch of purple from her symbol here and there, in conjunction with her equipment. A short-sleeved white blouse with dark blue, circuit-like lines running down the length of the sides and intercrossing at the chest, a white skirt tinted with light blue lace trim edging the sides, a full first-aid kit and a magnetic belt bordered with light purple holding both ammunition and Dust for equipment round out her mission wear. A metal brooch with her symbol pins a heliotrope purple scarf to the left shoulder of her blouse, which has a tendency to unravel from around her neck by accident.

In combat, Jocelyn carries a sniper rifle and a jump pack: when the latter is active, she "sprouts" wings, giving her the appearance of an angel. Mind you, most people who see her that way are normally delirious, severely injured or both. Still, she doesn't really mind the comparison--it's not everyday someone gets called an angel. It's all part of the job.

Spoiler: Due to Length • show
Spoiler: show
Jocelyn's child history is identical to Setsuna's, being related. Hence the familiarity.

For a select unlucky few, having an older brother may have been a nuisance; the older bullying the young and so forth. Jocelyn Antiqua was lucky to not have a brother like that. In fact, quite the opposite.

Living a peaceful life in the island of Patch, Jocelyn spent her childhood growing up with her parents, Marina and Emile Antiqua, and her older brother Setsuna, with as close as an ordinary family life as could be attained in a war-ruined land called Remnant. With Emile and Marina both former Hunters, they kept the family safe from any stray Grimm that might have wandered by, and so neither Jocelyn nor her brother were forced to experience the horrifying reality that was war. Something, unfortunately, both their parents had had enough of a taste for. In a "silver lining" situation, however, that was how they had met: on a battlefield, with Emile severely injured and Marina being his saving grace. They fell in love and the rest is history.

While it was obvious that Setsuna took after his father with their outgoing, boisterous and energetic personalities, Jocelyn inherited her traits from her mother: soft-spoken, self-conscious--a perfect balance for the other duo: each rounding out the other's personalities. They were the perfect family of four--whole, unbroken, together.

As with any story with a happy start, it had to end someday.

Jocelyn still keeps the story close to her heart. It was just another day in her childhood; they'd gone down together to the woods where they always played with their friends, more often mock fights than anything else. It was no different that day, with cheerful laughter ringing through the air. Children tussling and rolling on the ground, mocking and joking. Setsuna leapt right in, while Jocelyn stayed by herself by a tree stump, playing with her hair and admiring the scenery. It was a beautiful day...clear blue sky, with nary any clouds--

She was engrossed enough with what she was doing that she failed to move out of the way of a battling duo, who pushed her off the stump. It was sudden enough that she stumbled and twisted her ankle upon landing. This did not go unnoticed by Setsuna, who started running her way to see if she was alright. But instead of apologising, the pair kept on fighting, ignoring the injured Jocelyn on the floor. An argument broke out between Setsuna and the boy, each of them getting angrier and angrier. There seemed to nothing that could stop a actual tussle breaking out.

The introduction of a Beowolf does wonders to break up a fight, it turned out. The ferocious howl emanating from the Grimm, attracted by all the negative emotions swirling like a tornado, sent all the children scattering, and Jocelyn turned to do the same. In the panic, she'd completely forgotten about her ankle, and only managed to land herself on the floor once again. It was inevitable that someone would be injured in the conflict. She just didn't expect it to be from a Beowolf.

Nor did she expect the injured person to be Setsuna. The boy crumpled and fell, blood staining the front of his shirt where three weeping gashes had flowered, in front of Jocelyn who had at that point fainted from pure fear. The Beowolf itself seemed confused, looking at its crimson-painted claws in some interest, before raising its claw for the killing blow. That would be the last thing it ever did, as a giant blade decapitated the Beowolf, before the owner hurriedly gathered up the two unconscious children and rushed for home.

Jocelyn would later wake up to a incandescent purple glow: her father had unlocked her Aura to speed up her healing process, and do the same to Setsuna. That night would forever embed itself into Jocelyn's mind: the Beowolf, Setsuna's valiant sacrifice, her Aura--all of those things she had only ever heard in stories. She had never expected that such events would ever come to pass. But in her jumbled thoughts, one thing was crystal clear--as clear as the tears running down her cheeks. Her brother had saved her life.

This series of events brought fresh meaning to Jocelyn's life. She realised she hated seeing anyone hurt, whether mentally or physically. She never wanted to see anyone in the same position as her, helpless to fight back against the creatures of Grimm. So when Setsuna brought up the idea of attending Beacon, a similar idea sprung to life in Jocelyn's mind. Except, when she confronted her parents about it (Setsuna had left to train at Signal at this point in time), her mother refused. Jocelyn was distraught by the news. Then Marina brought up an alternative.

She would train Jocelyn herself. Having been through the equivalent of Signal in Atlas, she knew that they offered little in the way of healing and support. Marina, on the other hand, was both a qualified Huntress and an excellent medic, having saved many a person with her abilities. So while Setsuna was training at Signal, Jocelyn learned how to fight and how to be a medic at the age of 14; the age that after 4 years would allow her to enter Beacon Academy and see her brother again. 

A former Atlas huntress, Marina was trained in the form of sniping enemies from afar, and she taught Jocelyn just that, with her own former rifle issued by the Atlas forces. She also brought her medic training to bear, using her Semblance as an example. However, with all the training, it was soon evident to the two Hunters' eyes that Jocelyn could not attain the level of combat prowess that Setsuna did with his father. Both Marina and Jocelyn accepted this reality, and instead doubled their efforts on medical training. It was during this period that Jocelyn discovered her semblance by accident; completely by random her shots started glowing when fired. After extensive practice and experimentation Jocelyn later managed to control her Semblance to her current point.

This still was not enough. Jocelyn's lack of combat prowess needed to be backed up by something, or she would never get into Beacon Academy. Thankfully, Marina once again came to the rescue and asked for help from one of her old teammates back in Atlas. Eventually, with some scraping by, they managed to afford the money required to buy the jump-pack custom-designed by Marina's old teammate. Only then did she barely scrape the mark required. But still, Jocelyn was confident her skills as a medic would be in high demand. After passing on her well-used rifle to Jocelyn, she attempted the Enrolment Exam, doing well in the academic but only barely passing the rest thanks to her jump-pack.

Now, Jocelyn aims to continue her mother's role as both a Huntress and a medic, to uphold her duties as both, and ultimately, to repay that long-overdue debt to her brother.

Personality: Jocelyn's personality can be best described as a variation of her brother's. While both are caring to a fault, polite and kind, Jocelyn leans toward the more quiet side of the spectrum. Patient but soft-spoken, Jocelyn prefers learning over combat, and will commonly be seen away from any spar where people inevitably get hurt. Still, that does not mean she doesn't learn about combat itself; she is a eager learner.

One of Jocelyn's most important and distinctive traits about her is that she hates seeing people get hurt, or seeing people fight, no matter Grimm or other Hunters in spars. She goes out of her way to prevent fights from breaking out, making her a bona-fide peacekeeper, and will sacrifice her own health to help others. This is also reflected in her equipment and semblance: her sniper rifle is old and is weaker than other weapons, her jump pack allows her to avoid combat, and her semblance heals others at the cost of her own Aura.

As a medic, Jocelyn works well even under pressure, does not lose her cool under fire, and does not hesitate to obey orders. She will, however, break off if she sees an opportunity to save/heal others under attack, but generally she is predictable and easy to get along with. Note that she is an apprentice medic who can save Aura-depleted lives, but cannot perform high skill-level tasks like amputation or surgery.

Jocelyn is particularly protective of her brother Setsuna and will always step up to defend him if any situation occurs--which is ironic considering she is both the younger of the two and her brother's ethos to life. She is surprisingly courageous and brave, much more so than normal if her brother is with her.

Aura and Semblance: Aura Color--Heliotrope Purple/#DF73FF

Jocelyn's aura is constantly taxed by her semblance, making it rare for her to be at full Aura. However, it's still as strong as any other person, but she is not capable of unlocking further abilities as of yet.

Semblance: Floral Healing--Jocelyn sacrifices a portion of her aura, which is directed into an object she is holding, turning it glowing purple. Upon impact with another living human/faunus, the object turns into purple aura and heals the person it made contact with. Jocelyn uses this semblance in conjunction with her sniper rifle, as she can heal her allies from a distance by simply shooting them in the back. The receiving person does not feel any pain upon contact, only a slight reinvigorating sensation.

Whoever Jocelyn shoots will receive the aura healing, no matter if it was the intended recipient or not. In addition, if the object hits a non-human/faunus being, like a tree or a Grimm, the object will just dissipate. However, she cannot heal a person already healed by this semblance for 10 seconds afterwards. An important note is that Jocelyn cannot heal a person who does not have Aura unlocked, or has completely run out of aura. The object can remain charged with Jocelyn's semblance after one use. There are additional restrictions to her semblance, namely being a size limit (Nothing larger than her fist), and the object cannot be attached to anything.

Jocelyn can choose how much of her aura to sacrifice, up to a maximum of 15% at a time, with no time needed between each use. However, if she distributes over 10% in one go, she physically feels as if someone has hit her for that amount, including the feeling of pain, while the intensity increases as she sacrifices more Aura. Notably, Jocelyn can keep sharing her Aura until she herself is at 0%, which is incredibly dangerous. The recipient will receive as much aura as sacrificed. While it is not properly confirmed, Jocelyn has this gut feeling that her semblance has room for improvement, and hopes to be able to either heal more frequently or heal for more each use.
Spoiler: basically... • show

+ Heals people for as much aura as sacrificed, up to a max of 15%
- May accidentally heal opponents in PvP
- Overhealing physically taxes Jocelyn
- Size limit
- Object cannot be attached to anything (barring her hand)

Combat Behavior: What with being an advocate of peace and her semblance, it's no surprise Jocelyn prefers to stay as far from any close-up tussle as possible, using her sniper rifle to shoot from long-distance and her jump pack to either gain the high ground, or retreat. However, she specialises in support, specifically being a medic, and her Semblance helps her do just that. She will opt to heal her teammates over taking a clear shot at any enemy target, and will prefer to evacuate allies instead of eliminating threats, leaving that job to others.

Being compared to other snipers puts Jocelyn to shame; she is no crack shot and prefers to go for easier shots that guarantee hits instead of high-risk, high-reward snipes. Her rifle is shorter range than more recent, higher-tech variants, so she does not go for snipe-outs. Instead, from cover, she uses her semblance to heal any ally in combat, which does not require any precise aiming; all it requires is to hit the ally. She can choose to use her smokescreen and thermal scope in conjunction, provided she knows which is an ally and which is an enemy beforehand.

As a combat medic, while a helpful asset to a team, leaves her vulnerable when going solo. She has no other combat option if engaged up close, so she is always forced to retreat if engaged in solo combat, using her jump pack and smokescreen to cloak her movements. Her lack of experience, single weapon mode and slow rate of fire results in a minuscule damage output compared to other Hunters. This is especially prominent when compared to other snipers in her year.

If on a battlefield with wounded, Jocelyn will aim to evacuate the heaviest wounded, or heal them if they still have Aura left. She will jump into the line of fire willingly to rescue other wounded, but will refrain from doing so if she is low on Aura herself. If the person has Aura left, she will use her Semblance; else-wise she uses her first-aid kit to patch up the wounded as best she can with her limited kit.

Jocelyn operates best when in a group; having others do the killing also works out in her best interests. When fighting as a team, Jocelyn stays far back from the group, normally as far as her sniper rifle range allows, and provides long-range cover fire, or distributes healing to people who need it most. If discovered, she drops a smoke cloud and jumps away to a new location, or closer to her teammates. However, in PvP, her Semblance becomes a double-edged blade--she can accidentally heal the opposing team. In single combat, it's a curbstomp--Jocelyn has no training with any other weapon barring a pistol, and has no melee training to speak of either. Get in close and victory is guaranteed.


Name: Hyacinth

Primary Form: Hyacinth is quite a simple weapon for a huntress, being a old Intervention sniper rifle with very little modifications and a white/dark blue paint scheme, originating from old Atlas armaments. Used during older wars, the gun packs a recoil-absorber stock, bolt-action reload, a 7-bullet magazine, a bipod, sling and a new thermal scope, added on by Jocelyn. The thermal scope is linked to her Scroll, showing the current Aura values of any other Hunter nearby, including herself. Apart from the visible wear and tear on the surface, it's a unremarkable old gun which has seen better days. Being a old model, its not the most suited for modern combat. Thankfully Jocelyn doesn't use it mainly for sniping.

Storage Form: Hyacinth's rifle barrel retracts so that the length of the rifle is akin to a assault rifle instead, and the bipod folds up under the main body of the rifle. The rifle is slung over Jocelyn's shoulder and rests at her right hip.

History: An old sniper rifle named and passed down from mother to daughter, Hyacinth was used during Marina's time at Atlas Academy and even a war before being transferred to Jocelyn's hands and acquiring a new thermal scope. Jocelyn prides it on "having saved more lives than taken".


Name: Steam Flower

Stand-by Form: Steam Flower, unlike Hyacinth, is a high-tech jump pack designed by an Atlas company that enables Jocelyn to gain high ground, cover long distances with one boost, or evacuate any wounded with a dash of speed. Steam Flower takes the shape of a leather harness with an oval-shaped device and a blue glass core in the middle for Dust, with two folded-up wings on each side. and two nozzles on the bottom for expelling the Dust. For propulsion, Steam Flower takes crystals of Kinetic Dust, and each full crystal propels Jocelyn up to a maximum of 10 meters. Note that it does not sustain flight, and cannot hover either: it is several small bursts or one long burst.

Active Form: Steam Flower's wings extend out 85 centimetres on either sides of the jump pack, revealing a hexagonal semi-transparent mesh--which only serves as visual effect. In this form, if Fire and Ice Dust is inserted, the wings release non-hot steam in a concentrated cylinder around Jocelyn for 15 seconds, giving her a temporary smoke screen. She can shut the steam off and leave it behind as a distraction. The steam acts like normal steam, rising into the air after 10 seconds. The wings do not support her weight, so she cannot glide in this mode. It does, however, balance her in the air somewhat.

History: Using the money saved from the tuition fee and any other bits and bobs, as well as calling in a favor from one of Marina's old teammates, Jocelyn managed to purchase this high-tech jump-pack to aid her in general combat as well as mobility. Compared to the old sniper rifle, the jump-pack looks like it's from an alternate dimension.


First-Aid Kit: When on missions, Jocelyn prioritises taking her first-aid kit over her sniper rifle if given no other choice. Apart from the common items including basic tools, rolls of gauze, compresses, stitching thread/needles and disinfectant, there's also less common, more intense treatment kit like compression bandages (elastic wrap, pressure dressing, cotton pad), tourniquets, IVs and hemostats. To round all the equipment off, there's a special section of more kit, but all Dust-infused. These range from Ice Dust-infused burn salve to Fire Dust-infused bandages acting as Deep Heat-replicas.

Most of Jocelyn's kit is focused into healing on the move, quick patch-ups, and Dust-infused applications, stuff that takes care of what she cannot heal via her semblance. She has training in using all of the above equipment, but some of the less common stuff she has to buy from outside sources, including all the Dust-infused equipment. Each piece of Dust kit requires a short burst of Aura to trigger the Dust before it takes effect.

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On a world building side there is no way an auraless person could last a second with a huntsman with a tank at their disposal let alone their bare fists.

I would recommend toning him down a bit, I can understand the attraction of making an incredibly powerful fighting but it should be in line with the others we have on the site. This is at it's most glaring with your weaknesses; over using ones semblance is bad for everyone, choosing to specialise isn't a weakness and choosing not to do something isn't a weakness. Being bad at range is only significant if your character is slow and there doesn't seem to be a real reason to be bad at group combat.

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'Kids these days and their work phones and business outside the city. It's no fun if you try to cheat your way out of these things.' Calen responded clearly playing up his melancholy but there was a needle of truth beneath it all. After drying a spot for himself with a second towel Calen settled himself down on a nearby bench as he started to stretch himself out and examine a bit closer the group arrayed in front of him. Two faunus, neither of them having the decency of to cover up their deformities and two humans; one a very good rider given the lack of screams and the other with a very visually impressive semblance. Calen could respect that, although it might be the most combat effective use of ones strength he as much as anyone understood the importance of pleasing the crowd.

'No rush to challenge the reigning champion? Oh well I'll try to take it as a compliment. So where are all you guys from anyway? I'm from south Mistral well south Anima actually.' Calen continued both talking and stretching.

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I believe what Nathan was meaning that the simple act of creation is a significant power let alone creating as devastating a substance as anti-matter.

But sure I'll give you a chance to explain yourself, how do the qualities of anti matter, specifically positron antimatter, serve in creating a reactive armour?

I would also recommend doing more reading on anti-matter as sure a 'hundred-trillionth' may kill someone in our world but generates a miniscule amount of energy. Like lightbulb level not laser beam level. Antimatter is powerful but a trillionth is a very small fraction.

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Edits approved.

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