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Approved Characters / Re: Yu Mei
« on: September 25, 2018, 08:42:52 PM »
Slight change in wording for nicknames
Changed to 3rd year

Aurelia raised her weapon to block of the attack, its impact forcing her feet to dig deeper into the ground and sending a jolt of pain into her palms. Moving on its own to protect itself, her body kicked [1] at Ceramite's abdominal region in an effort to remove itself from the danger. Aurelia herself took advantage of the opportunity and sent a vertical swipe aimed at Ceramiteís dominant shoulder [2].

[1] Ė 2%
[2] Ė 6%

Aura: 56% 58% ( 2%) + 0.5% ( 0%)( 0.5%) overcharge
Fatigue: 37% 41% ( 4%)
Ammo: [-----] || [-----]

Character Editing / Re: How to Edit an Approved Character
« on: September 25, 2018, 05:43:15 PM »

Even in his dazed state, Avery was still able to get a grasp of the battle, albeit faintly, and he didn't like what he saw. He and Topaz had swapped targets and now the passionate spearman was getting on Avery's case. He used his semblance to force Vermilionís thrown spear crashing into the ground not too far ahead of him, and as Vermilion came charging in, he attempted to parry his attack. Vermilionís charge was slow, but unfortunately Averyís reaction time was slower. Despite successfully getting the block, it was too late, and the attack drilled into his shoulder.

Avery winced and let out a faint grunt upon impact, but instead of falling back to regroup his senses, he exhaled sharply and sent his weapon down along the shaft of Vermilionís for a counter-hit[1].

[1] Ė 6%

Aura: 75%  67% ( 8%)
Fatigue: 19%  27% ( 8%)

Despite being down and in pain, Aurelia remained combat aware. Being in the situation she was in, she had no choice but to wait until Ceramite left himself vulnerable; any sooner and she'd still be at a heavy disadvantage. As Ceramite reared up to land a heavy strike, she rolled herself out of the way, scrambled back to her feet, and re-armed herself with her weapon which fortunately hadnít landed far.

Aurelia set herself up in a defensive, reactionary stance as she waited for Ceramiteís next move.

Aura: 56% 56% ( 0%) + 0% ( 3.75%)( 0%) overcharge
Fatigue: 34% 37% ( 3%)
Ammo: [-----] || [-----]

Avery didn't expect Vivian to counter his attack with a kick. He didn't expect Topaz' arrow to come in. He didn't expect Vivian to use that arrow to break out of her ice cast. Any advantage that he had had dissolved into thin air, and it wasn't even the end of it. Avery, caught off guard by the quick chain of events, wasnít aware that Vermilion took aim at him.

Before Avery could react to Vivian, Vermilionís shot nailed him straight in the head sending a pulse of shock, pain, and disorientation throughout his body. Vivianís fist quickly followed up, hitting him square in the chest and sending him flying back and skidding through the sand, eventually coming to a stop several feet away. He rose to his feet dazed.

The only silver lining was that she had managed to knock him out of the target zone of Vermilionís spears.

Aura: 88% 75% ( 13%)
Fatigue: 11% 19% ( 8%)

Aurelia quickly reacted to the parry: she dug a foot into the ground and spun herself, aiming the other blade at Ceramite. It was midway during her spin that she heard the gun go off and she realized that her hope that it was empty was a false one. The shot drilled straight below her armpit, the impact knocking her to the ground and disarming her.

Aura:  71% 56% ( 15%) + 3.75% ( 5%)( 3.75%) overcharge
Fatigue: 22% 34% ( 12%)
Ammo: [-----] || [-----]

Though Avery was successful in hampering her progress for now, he knew that if he didn't keep up the pressure, she would be free in no time; Vivian's call for help further confirmed this. Avery stepped into his next attack, and instead of going for another jab, he instead swept at her feet[1] hoping to, with the help of the sand, destabilize her.

[1] - 4%

Aura: 88% 88% ( 0%)
Fatigue: 9% 11% ( 2%)

Aurelia swore. She'd wasted away all of her ammo reserves in a failed gambit. She noted that Ceramite didn't attempt another shot at her and she figured that that they were now in the same boat...with the exception that Ceramite still had his massive gun available to him. She absolutely could not afford to let him get his hands on it.

Seeing as he was nearing Exitium, Aurelia charged straight for him with an attack at the ready[1].

[1] - Horizontal swipe, 15% total (5% base + 5% strength trait + 5% semblance charge)

Aura:  71% 71% ( 0%) + 5% ( 0%)( 0%) overcharge
Fatigue: 20% 22% ( 2%)
Ammo: [-----] || [-----]

Everywhere Else / Re: Bone of the First [SSMR]
« on: August 08, 2018, 03:15:10 PM »
Suna sighed at the rejection of his offer. He took a few steps towards the runt and gently grabbed the back of her collar, moving her away from the wall of the dome. "Stop that," he said as he maintained his grip, making sure that Sean was done talking so Suna couldn't be heard. "And don't make any more noise."

Suna sat back quickly, wondering who the man could possibly be before coming to the realization that, in the midst of this chaotic situation, he had come across a name. With his free hand, he brought out his scroll and on the screen was the information he had searched up earlier. Suna replaced it and took a step toward Sean, tugging the runt along with him, and snatched the radio from Sean's hands. He brought it up to his face and uttered a single word:


Everywhere Else / Re: An Afternoon Downtown [Closed]
« on: August 08, 2018, 02:13:15 PM »
Airi's body quickly relaxed as the fight neared its end. Her body screamed for rest and nourishment so she fell backwards onto her behind. She didn't so much feel sore but rather like she was deprived; it was a familiar feeling to her but uncomfortable nonetheless. "I'm fine," she said. Airi was looking to sound in control, dominant, but instead her voice lacked energy and almost came off as a sigh.

Avery was thankful that the duration of the Dust effects was relatively short; if not, he would've been in a world of trouble. At the cost of Vivian's mistake, Avery now knew definitely that she was switching to ice; while he wasn't as worried about it as the electric Dust, it still had to potential to cause severe complications. He took a glance at Topaz who was managing to hold her own before charging at Vivian, all the while keeping an eye on her frozen fist.  He finally released the spearhead of his weapon and sent another jab[1] at Vivian as he hoped to keep her handicapped for as long as possible.

[1] - 6%

Aura: 88% 88% ( 0%)
Fatigue: 7% 9% ( 2%)

The shot tore through Aurelia's overcharge and knocked her back. She could only manage to let out a "Sh-" before her back crashed against the sandy terrain. The attack widened the gap between them, again putting her at a severe disadvantage. Mustering her composure, she got to her feet as quickly as she could. She had tried her best to eek out something, but it was clear that she'd failed.

Aurelia's figured explored her waist, eventually coming upon the small container housing her ammunition which housed ten rounds. She sighed and loosened it a bit from her belt before she leapt forward, and smashed the ground with her weapon sending a plume of sand into the air. Aurelia then grasped the container, tossed all of her remaining rounds towards Ceramite, and sent one more wave projectile[1] his way with the intent to ignite all the round[2].

[1]- Horizontal, 5%
[2] - 3% per close hit, 1% per splash; 10 total

Aura:  89.25% 71% ( 18.25%) + 5% ( 1.75%)( 5%) overcharge
Fatigue: 14%   20% ( 6%)
Ammo: [-----] || [-----]

RPG Discussion / Re: Format Testing
« on: August 03, 2018, 12:13:13 AM »
So I don't forget

The pod's door nearly closed on Avery, but his desire to get himself off this miserable ship happened to save his life; if he hadn't made it, he'd either be crushed or getting a captain's funeral as he joined the ship in its journey to the bottom of the sea. Being the last one to get in, he wasn't able to find a seat. The fall and subsequent crash into the frigid water below caused Avery to rattle inside the pod like a bead in a maraca.

He laid still, recouping from his minor injuries. The pod's systems seemed to be intact and it was moving toward a landmass. He sighed. "One hour." He laid back and shifted his attention from the systems to Cordell. Since Dorian what out for the count, Avery decided to ask the obvious question, "What were you doing on that ship? If you were looking to take something, why help us?"

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