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Character Creation / Re: Aleksandr Zelyony
« on: April 19, 2019, 07:38:28 PM »
yea everything looks good +1

Character Creation / Re: Aleksandr Zelyony
« on: April 18, 2019, 06:32:06 PM »
Grimm autonomy kind of confuses me as a subject but I'm going to assume you cleared it with everyone else. I'd like so detail on how Aleksandr's semblance interacts with aura. Also although it is mostly a numbers question but if Aleksandr relies on his semblance to fight but can't even bring down ten Grimm with it I find it hard to believe he has gained any sort of positive reputation.

Good skeleton tho.

Everywhere Else / Re: The Medusa Precedent [CLOSED]
« on: April 16, 2019, 07:23:05 AM »
Ramalia was rather surprised to get any scroll messages let alone one from a full-fledged Huntress. The scavenger barely spent any time reading the message, only truly absorbing to address in Vale, warning of possible or likely danger meant nothing to someone blessed by the Great Sands of Vacuo and Ramalia knew that she, of course, would never be in any danger. Upon more thought, Ramalia did decide to accept the offer, although the words of warning may have been wasted on her she was likely not the only recipient making the entire message make a lot more sense. Taking as always the simplest way forward Ramalia called her little menagerie of animals to her side and booked the first flight over the Vale remembering to bring a lot of ammunition and paper, this was definitely something her tribe would be interested in so she had to keep them informed and obviously there was going to be fighting involved.

This was only Ramaliaís second time in Vale and she still didnít really understand the place. It was too wet even when it wasnít raining, it was too cold even in midday but it was also too warm at night. The concrete and literal jungles seemed to trap heat and break up the harsh wind, Ramalia couldnít stand it compound by being away from even the lesser sands around Vacuo made Ramalia feel alone. But it was her job to be alone, to stand outside, to record and inform. With her resolve rekindled Ramalia continued on the last leg of her journey to the safe house, after a small complication around Ramaliaís animals being tamed enough not to caused any direct trouble but simply the sight of these large Vacuoian predators outside of zoos was cause for worry for many. Ramalia liked the attention.

As she made her way to the safe house Ramalia let her wolf and eagle range out ahead of her, to scan the environment for threats as well as to get a more detailed understanding of the geography of her surroundings. As new as she was to the world outside of Vacuo Ramalia knew that although these lands may not have the sand flows or massive dunes of her homeland there was still danger enough in the environment to end an unprepared adventurer, not Ramalia herself of course obviously. It was her eagle which caught sight of the safe house first and with it, Lucas knocking on the door. The eagle swooped low and landed just above Lucas on the gutter around the house its eyes still glowing a steely blue from Ramaliaís semblance. íGreetings Hunter of Vale, it seems we are to fight as one in the coming conflict. Have no fear I will protect you.í Ramalia called out her loud footfalls being easily heard before she gets her true eyes on Lucas.

Beacon Academy / Re: ABoat time [Open]
« on: April 16, 2019, 06:57:08 AM »
Calen was happy that conversation seemed to be moving away from his family, the truth would have to come out eventually but for now, Calen was happy to live in the relative freedom of his past. 'Still might have to cut the umbilical cord, never dealt well with the sight of blood and they wouldn't even have the decency to doll me up with painkillers.' Calen joked smiling widely at the ridiculousness of it all. 'Iím sure it canít hurt to ask for permission to bring a pet to your dorms, pretend itís a guide dog or something and if you think Noxís face would be funny with a baby, what about having one of those purse-sized dogs just sitting in your bag.í Calen continued joking as he raised an eyebrow at the mention of a bear on campus. Because Calen didnít use dust he never had a reason to visit Waffles and his dust shop so the entire concept was foreign to him.

The gaunt boy was silent for a while after Kisha had finished her answer about what should be done about how she felt about humans in general. It was an interesting response, not one that Calen fully agreed with but he could see where she was coming from which is more than he could for most people. He was about to respond before Kisha began stripping down and jumped out of the boat. Almost subconsciously Calenís hand moved to the buttons on his jacket as if to join her, there was something in Kishaís carefree nature that was influencing him, drawing him in. Infecting him Calen may have thought if his mind was clearer but all the laughter and starlight had made Calen lose himself a bit in the wonder of it all. Stripping down to his dress pants Calen dove into the water after Kisha, plunging deep below before finally coming up for air.

The dark did a good job of hiding Calenís scars but the moon/starlight was enough to see each other by as such Kisha could rather easily make out the odd texture of Calenís skin. Calen, on the other hand, wasnít terribly thrilled about his choices at that moment and as Kisha started to swim around the boat Calen simply floated grumpy as he drifted further and further away from the moving boat. If the water was cold for Kisha it was positively icy for Calenís emaciated bones and it was difficult for the gaunt boy to keep is breathing steady but eventually, he succeeded and could continue on with the at least pretence of composure. 'I really wish you warned me about how cold the water was before you jumped in, you may have no regrets but I can positively feel myself turning blue.í Calen remarked as he finally started moving, using his semblance to help catch up to Kisha and the boat.

'It is beautiful out though.í Calen murmured dreamily. 'Iím glad you managed to convince me to come out with you Kisha, although it has likely ended with both of us catching a cold and me not catching any fish I like to think I have caught something more special.í Calen continued, his teeth chattering as the cold still soaked into his bones. Both Kisha and Calen had movement based semblances so the later wasnít worried about the boat slipping away out from under them so he was content to drift alongside the boat on his back staring up at the sky. Now his body had mostly gotten numb to the cold, not a good sign medically but it did make the experience more comfortable, Calen wasnít in as much rush to get out. 'You should swing by later, I think we will both need a couple warm bowls of soup after this.í Calen added as he gazed up at the stars.

The Vale Region / Re: Hunt across the Savannah
« on: April 15, 2019, 08:48:32 AM »
[Siu and Saffron]

Saffron was a little surprised that Siu insisted that she stay around to guard the older huntress as she piloted her drones. She supposed it made sense that focusing on your surroundings would distract you from however the visual information was relayed and vice-versa. Nodding Saffron stepped out of the car quietly, she wouldnít be doing either of them any favours in the close confines of a car and kept a sharp eye out for any intruders. There wasnít any she could see. Nodding along as Siu reported back her findings Saffron had to bite her tongue so she wouldnít ask questions before her partner had finished their report. It was an unusual experience for Saffron, not being able to see the flow of information herself and it was frustrating getting everything second hand on top of basically having nothing to do. íSo the door could have been replaced since the attack, but if the caravan we ran into was fleeing from the attack here that wouldnít give however is behind all this much time for repairs.í Saffron suggested quickly, although it was clear from her downward cast expression upon further thought she didnít think very highly of that idea upon rethinking about it. íOr maybe they managed to hold the Grimm off from the doorÖ or maybe the door was left open to allow survivors through.í Saffron continued suggesting more ideas but clearly not happy with any of them.

ĎBut yea we can think about that stuff later, Iíll go on ahead as Iím probably the less conspicuous of us two.í Saffron remarked as she pulled her thick cloak around herself and flipped the hood up over her blazing red hair. Now covered almost entirely by the brown cloak Saffron looked very similar to the survivors of the caravan Siu had seen as she set off positioned low to the ground, dashing from cover to cover. Saffronís eyes kept frantically searching for any clues she could find but she still tried to limit her movements to avoid attracting attention and moved smoothly when she had to. As well as searching for clues with her eyes Saffron kept a sharp eye out and even took breaks to smell(?) the air as she leads Siu through the ruined keep, gesturing her partner to follow whenever she felt it was safe. There didnít seem to be anyone else around but out of the corner of her eye Saffron and Siu could see a shadowy figure out of the corner of their eyes but whenever they got to where they thought they had seen it there was nothing other than soft sand. ĎThere doesnít seem to be any electricity or other signs of human activity above ground here orÖ peopleÖ but there is something off here. I think there is something out there.í Saffron reported back clearly a bit shaken, her eyes looking down clearly searching for something.

ĎWhatever it is itís stalking us, I think itís looking for a chance to strike when we are alone. We should move as a pair from now on, itís already seen us so stealth isnít that important now. Iím not sure if that means we should continue though. Saffron continued as she set herself up for the combat that was probably about the come, temporally stripping herself of her cloak Saffron placed several armoured plates across her body which all expanded to a full set of armour. Recovering herself with her cloak Saffron drew two of her hatchets and held them lightly in her hands as she walked towards the keep. If she was being honest with herself Saffron was desperate for whatever was out there to show itself as the fear of the unknown was starting to get to her. Force the fight on your terms. Identity. Analyse. Neutralise. Saffron repeated Atlas strategy maxims in her head. Saffron was clearly trying to use them both as bait to draw this new foe out as it was clearly not looking to engage straight away so the best Saffron could think of was ensuring the most advantages position when the fight inevitably erupts.

[Aurelia and Cerulean]

The small whine as the fallen Grimm starts to collapse into black ash is quickly overshadowed by the remaining Grimm roaring loudly as Noble Steed matches their charge crouching down low to maximise the crushing impact of their sheer weight. It was all for nought however as golden unicorn managed to clear the Beringel with considerable ease as the ape-like Grimm lowered its position. That was not all of its worries however as Ceruleanís blow hits home, his crescent blades slicing cleanly under the Grimmís armoured shoulder plating leaving the creature injured but not dead. Having quickly broken the encirclement the four surviving Beringelís resort to hurling whatever they can at Aurelia, Cerulean but most of all at Noble Steed resulting in a mass of dirt, tree trunks and boulders being flung at the three in quick succession.

Using the resulting chaos as a distraction two of the Beringels sort to outflank Aurelia and her semblance by using their superior mobility in the semi-dense forest to get around their targets. Just as before using their massive arms to swing through the branches these two Beringels catch up to Aurelia and lunch towards the huntress in training while in mid-air roaring loudly as they did. Cerulean, on the other hand, was left with the other two Beringels, including the one he had injured. They advanced slowly keeping up the barrage until then got within arms reach of Cerulean and continued trying to pummel the hunter into the dirt. Out of sight, the sound of cannon fire fell silent leaving the only sounds of snarling Beringels filling the forest.

Battle Data


Beringel 1: Health, Leaping at Aurelia.
Beringel 2: Health, Leaping at Aurelia.
Beringel 3: Health, Advancing at Cerulean.
Beringel 4: Health, Advancing at Cerulean.


Barrage of debris: 10% at all targets.
Mid-air collision: 8% at Aurelia.
Ground pound: 10% at Cerulean.

The Vale Region / Re: Adventure in the Wilderness [Closed]
« on: April 11, 2019, 06:42:10 PM »
Calen shrugs at Akel's insistence on secrecy, although the effectiveness couldn't be denied it hadn't been something that Calen had thought of. Both because the gaunt boy always found giving people a false idea of their plan was a more effective subterfuge than no idea but mostly because Calen didn't consider those around him a threat to be taken seriously. 'My dorm room doesn't get much use anymore and much less during a day. If you fear loose tounges sinking ships and all that, it should suffice.' Calen responded in a well-practised tone in which spoke slower than he normally did but not slowly enough for it to become clear he was mocking Akel. As the pair walked off Calen quietly added 'I'm afraid you misunderstand Miss Blood-heart it's not that my weapon or style can't take advantage of dust I simply find the extraction methods distasteful and as such won't take advantage of it even out of combat.' Calen lied, convincingly but lied nevertheless. In truth, Calen couldn't care less about the trials and tribulations that miners go through or the impact on the environment he just wanted to put Akel off balance.

The short walk to the ASTC dormitory was uneventful and like Calen said the room was empty of other people. Neatly stacked textbooks and the like line much of the bookcases and desks around the room, most looked new like they had only been opened once or twice. The floor was clear of clutter and what little furniture(mostly chairs, tables and beds) the team had, had tape around the base. There was a mini fridge and a small cupboard and Calen quickly put together a small meal for the two of them, two plates of cold salad with salmon, chives, olives, aioli, rocket and a few slices of bread and butter. 'Well the rules said we couldnít bring food on the mission, not that we couldnít eat before so make yourself at home. Unless you are worried how much weight you are bringing to this assignment.í Calen remarked returning the barb as he passed over the plate of food and cutlery. He didnít touch his own plate.

'So you heard the same rules set out as I did do you have a plan moving forward?í Calen asked as he gracefully sat down on one of the beds. His eyes had gotten much of their focus back as Akel was clearly presenting herself to be more interesting than he had previously assumed, maybe there was some hope in breaking the rhythm after all. After Akel provided her ideas Calen would follow up with his own. 'We arenít supposed to engage the pair we have been targetted in catching until twenty-four hours have past but that doesnít mean we canít find out who the pair assigned to catching us are and take them out beforehand. It would give us more space to move, make it impossible to fail and prevent the fun but nevertheless cumbersome situation of the pair hunting us joining the battle as we strike our prey.í Calen continued clearly liking the idea of the larger scale fights but the practical issues of a 4v2 were obvious.

The Vale Region / Re: Hunt across the Savannah
« on: April 09, 2019, 10:59:46 PM »
[Sui and Saffron]

Defusing the situation is part of our role as Huntsman, Grimm are attracted to emotion and therefore calming people down reduces the Grimm threat in the area. That should be our number one concern even beyond specific mission parameters and professional ethics. Saffron thought to herself in response to Siu's answer. Her partner took fault to some degree so there didn't seem to be any point to continuing to voice her complaints but there was something in the casualness that took Saffron off guard. Being from Atlas she didn't have much experience with Hunters and Huntresses but she always imagined them a more idealist version of the Specialist core, a path she would never choose but a path she understood. It's just one interaction with one person, not enough to make judgements. Saffron reminded herself before shaking the thoughts out of her head. It was clear that Siu didn't want to talk about it any more and focusing on it anymore from her end would only damage their team dynamic.

Nodding as Sui explained what she thought they should do Saffron mostly agree but simply asked a few clarifying questions. 'If it's not too personal a questions will you be aware enough of your surroundings when you are scouting the complex out? It seems to me that splitting up and me taking the exterior and you the interior would be the most reasonable, if there is a trap inside we only lose the dragons but anyone outside might need to be dealt with more... smoothly.' Saffron tried to put as diplomatically as possible. Sui's dragon drones would definitely have the edge on her in raw speed and surveillance capabilities but in stealth, they are still sorely lacking and their annoying buzzing sound was already getting on her nerves. Saffron waits patiently for Sui's response as she lets her drones fly off, from a distance the sound isn't as bad and they were fast enough that Saffron hoped anyone present would dismiss it something to do with wind blowing off the various destroyed buildings.

Manoeuvring through the keep Sui quickly found it was more expansive than she was probably expecting. Not only was their underground tunnels dug through the hard rock but the entire structure was made up of these large rooms clearly designed to be a meeting place more than a fortified position. All over the familiar sights of claw marks and dried blood covered much of the rooms but no bodies, someone had been through here to try to clean up or at least pay respects to the dead. Given the amount of blood, it must have been a big job. The before mentioned underground tunnels had some sort of carved wood trap door blocking the tunnels but they had been torn away. The pitch black of the tunnels may or may not be difficult for the drones but it wouldn't be an issue for long. Not long after the tunnels flatten out they end in a series of large imposing metal doors free from the scratch marks which litter their surroundings.

The Vale Region / Adventure in the Wilderness [Closed]
« on: April 07, 2019, 03:14:13 AM »
It was the last period before lunch but already Calen had lost focus, instead he trusted his memory to pick everything up for later digestion. More and more lately Calen had been becoming distracted in moments of quiet and even now he was subconsciously sketching in his notebook despite the teachers loud and boisterous voice echoing off the walls. The gaunt boy tried to ignore the growing issue but the analytical side of his mind refused to obey and quickly came up with a probable solution. For the first time since fleeing his family, Calen had settled into a routine, he was getting comfortable and as such, it was getting harder and harder to keep his darker thoughts at bay. How monstrous his family was, how he betrayed them by effectively leading their enemies straight to them, how they turned on him and tortured him for weeks, how even now if he could take it all back he would do so in a heartbeat. He would hunt down the innocents alongside his family if only he could be with them again. It was a hard concept for Calen to rationalise along with the other aspects of himself, he didn't consider himself bad or evil despite the persona he put on but here surrounded by more friends than he ever had before he still felt crippling agony of loneliness. Looking down at his notebook Calen found his family neatly sketched out, only their faces missing. It wouldn't take much more work to finish the drawing but he decided against it, dwelling on the past couldn't help him here. Sighing loudly Calen threw his entire notebook into the bin, he didn't need it, not with his memory and maybe the symbolic nature of the gesture would be enough to shake himself out of his downswing. It wasn't.

'And to help you hammer these lessons into your thick skulls your next assignment you will be a group one. Pairs will be you can't choose your partner... As I was saying pairs will be selected and tasked with tracking another pair. The objective is to follow the pair you've been assigned without being noticed, lose the pair assigned to follow you and after a day in the wild capture your target and bring them home obviously avoiding capture yourself. Full combat is authorised, minor injuries should be expected but so to is control so serious injuries could result in lost marks on both parties. On to the marking rubric itself, teams will be scored off how well they live off the terrain, no equipment beyond weapons and a limited supply of dust can be brought, how your fights go with the opposing pairs as well as finally how quickly you can bring your targets back to base after the three days.

It's not impossible to imagine you will encounter pairs which you weren't assigned and weren't assigned to you, please minimise contact as any assistance or conflict would damage the integrity of the task. Beyond that, the task will begin in two hours so feel free to ask any questions, and while you all are trying to come up with some at least half intelligent ones I'll read out the teams;...and lucky last Akeldama Blood-Heart and Calen Shrike.'
The teacher read out in an antagonistic but mostly bored tone. It took the mention of his name to shock Calen out of his reprieve so luckily he didn't have any questions. He had only interacted with Akel once before in the four-person free for all, she had put up a hard fight but he didn't know anything about her personally.

It wasn't hard for Calen to pick Akel out of the crowd; white hair, large headphones as well as curves Calen thought to himself dryly as he gracefully dodged his way around the milling students to get closer to Akel. 'How do you do Miss Blood-Heart? It appears we have been partnered up for this assignment. I believe that we should do some degree of planning but then again some things are more fun to jump straight into. I don't use dust however so you are more than welcome to fill up on my share.' Calen remarked as he got closer to Akel, circling the girl and clearly evaluating her. When his eyes finally lifted from her body to her eyes they were cold and still distracted as if he was looking past Akel rather than at her.

Approved Characters / Re: Samantha Quartz
« on: April 03, 2019, 04:08:38 PM »
haha, opps. Edits approved.

Approved Characters / Re: Tiber Rostrum
« on: April 03, 2019, 03:54:20 PM »
edits approved

Approved Characters / Re: Tiber Rostrum
« on: April 03, 2019, 06:53:03 AM »
character edits: ShowHide

Name: Tiber Rostrum

Age: 17

Species and Gender: Male Grosbeak Faunus

Symbol:  A raven mid-flight from the side.

Occupation: 1st year student at Beacon

Appearance: A somewhat scrawny boy standing at 178 cm and weighing 70 kg, Tiber is not all that imposing. His hair is kept neatly trimmed and slicked back, his face bears no sharp features - sans one - and his dark green eyes rarely bear malice. These features, however, are rarely what one would notice first as any onlookers attention tends to be grabbed by the thick and somewhat stubby beak covering the lower half of his face. The lower part of the beak connects to where one would normally find a person's chin while the top ends just below the eyes. The beak itself isn't particularly wide, allowing him to see past it just fine. However, the lack of lips and teeth makes it quite cumbersome to speak. The boy has learned to use his beak much like one would use their teeth when speaking - which he still needs to do slowly - but he is incapable of saying the letters P, B, M, V and W.

When it comes to choosing outfits, Tiber tends to go for practicality. He usually goes for white short-sleeved undershirts and bulletproof vests over it - said vests covered in pockets and pouches for ammo and grenades. His legs are usually covered by relatively loose, dark green/tiber camo pants to match his vest and army boots on his feet - albeit modified to be lighter, lacking a steel toe and having room to store a set of throwing knives.  On colder days he'd accompany this outfit with a tiber-colored bomber jacket and most of the time when out-and-about he'd be seen hiding his beak with a thick scarf around his face. Said scarf is often a part of his everyday attire and school uniform.

History: Tiber was born to a faunus couple - a winged grosbeak faunus named Lucidus Rostrum and a cat faunus named Aniene. The new parents were quite perturbed at first at their son's bizarre trait, but learned to live with it in time after getting pecked plenty and losing a few relatively expensive toys. As both of Tiber's parents were working class faunus, they had little time to spend with their offspring and they often left the boy at a daycare center and were glad to put him in a boarding school. Constantly bullied and mocked for his strange appearance, Tiber learned to fend for himself quite soon - though he could never grow that physically strong, his meals limited by his lack of teeth. As such he learned to use whatever means necessary to win his fights - whether it was outmaneuvering his attackers, cheating or pecking his way out of trouble. 

He wasn't the only one to get picked on at school, though he had been a priority target for quite some time. Once he learned to defend himself and did so quite fiercely, his tormentors found now victims among the other faunus at school. Tired of their nonsense, the boy defended them and continued to take and deal punches wherever and whenever he needed to, often getting into more trouble than the bullies themselves. Seeing the faunus in distress like this he knew he had to do something about it - and to do something about it he had to become much stronger.

Due to lack of attention and inability to properly communicate, he was quite the rebellious teen. Devoting much of his free time to his studies he had no issue passing the entrance tests at Beacon - without his parents' consent. Having nothing more than the clothes on his back, a few childhood trinkets and some rather cheap store-bought and lightly modified weapons he traveled to the combat academy with one goal in mind - to become a huntsman and a symbol of strength to those faunus who had been denied such at birth.

Personality: Tiber can appear overly aloof, detached and unsociable to those around him, but this is hardly by choice. Unwilling to embarrass himself by attempting to talk, he often prefers to remain alone. Even so, he retains a bizarre sense of humor in the form of prop comedy often involving his most prominent feature.

Though he isn't judgemental per se, the boy lacks trust in humans and prefers the company of other faunus who might have suffered much as he had. He bears a strong sense of justice in this regard and will always stand up for the rights of those abused. That said, he may also appear quick to anger and always ready for a fight.

Not being able to eat much solid food he's grown to prefer nutritious meals over delicious ones and can eat just about anything so long as it's soft.

Aura and Semblance: Tiber's aura is tiber(#063537) and is relatively strong. His semblance is the ability to stop objects mid-motion so long as he is in contact with them. For example, he can use this ability to throw a knife but stop it as he is about to release it, then do the same for several more knives before deactivating his semblance and sending all of them out at once or disabling it for a single item so long as he has sight of it. The semblance adds no extra force to his attacks and requires some finesse to utilize properly. The semblance has an active range of a hundred meters, allowing for Tiber to set traps so long as he knows when to activate them by freezing the thrown objects in appropriate spots.

The items affected by this semblance can't be moved while the semblance remains active and they retain no force exerted on them during this time. With enough force, however, the items can be deformed, thus altering their flight path if they had been thrown. Larger objects which could sustain his own weight can be used as steps even when mid-air.

The semblance does tire him, though it is largely not noticeable with something as light as throwing knives. The weight held by the semblance begins to affect him starting with 1kg at which point he could hold it for around 20 minutes before becoming tired. Each kilogram added would lower that amount by about a minute - something weighing 20kg in total would tire him out very quickly and leave him exhausted. The weight does not include something which is placed on top of the frozen items.

The semblance does not work against living things directly, whether they have aura or not and it can rarely be used as a defense against weapons fired or thrown at him - he can generally use it against things he could otherwise catch, however, but if he is hit by something before touching it with his hands he will be hurt all the same.

Combat Behavior:  Tiber's expertise are throwing weapons - for the most part knives, though he enjoys using grenades whenever he can afford them. With a combination of normal throws and ones set up using his semblance, Tiber prefers to attack his enemies from cover or wherever he cannot be reached, often using his semblance to climb to high ground or to hover in the air. Out in the field he will use whatever he can find as a weapon - rocks being the most common. Due to the fact that throwing weapons are a limited resource in a fight, he tries to save them for traps, barrages and sure hits, otherwise using his handgun to keep opponents at bay.

In melee, he gets quite close to his opponents fighting either unarmed or using a knife. He's also known to fight dirty, using his semblance to create obstacles between himself and his opponent mid-fight - perhaps even surrounding them with objects stuck in the air.   


+ Good damage output against lightly armored opponents
+ Very maneuverable
+ Thrown weapons can be reused/found during combat
+ Semblance has numerous potential uses


- Subpar melee combatant
- Without explosives lacks effective means of dealing with tougher/more heavily armored opponents
- If thrown weapons are countered somehow, can only do so much with his revolver
- Unable to communicate with teammates effectively


Name: Becca Rivoltella

Primary Form: A simple iron six-shooter revolver chambered in .357. Bears his symbol on either sides of the grip. In its current state, is really just a revolver.

Dust Functions: The weapon is capable of taking dust rounds, but Tiber finds them much too expensive.

History: A weapon he purchased shortly before leaving for Beacon. The boy lacks proper training in using it and mostly uses it to buy himself time.


Name: Lame di Piume

Primary Form: A series of throwing knives with a feather-shaped hilt topper. Tiber carries:

12 on a knife rig around his waist
4 in his boots
8 on his vest
2 in his sleeves (If wearing jacket)

Additional knives can be carried in a pack if he's preparing for a longer mission or something.

Dust Functions: None.

History: Acquired over the years with whatever allowance and measly pay from weekend/summer jobs the boy could get. The collection continues to grow ever since he arrived at Beacon.


Name: Frag Grenades

Primary Form: Simple fragmentation grenades with a pin locking mechanism.

Dust Functions: None.

History: Rarely do these end up in Tiber's possession as the results most often do not justify the costs - grenades cannot be reused, after all.

AMA Section / Re: Righty or Lefty?
« on: April 02, 2019, 05:12:16 AM »
Calen is left-handed but was socialised to use his right in most social situations as that is the 'proper' way. There is a fair bit of literature of left-handedness being an advantage in combat, primarily due to left-handedness being an uncommon condition and therefore the average right-handed person is going to have a lot less experience fighting left-handed people than the opposite. Also being in the mirror handedness is matched strong against strong and weak against weak rather than strong against weak and weak against strong this upsets a lot of the more finesse styles of swordsmanship which Calen partakes in, giving him the advantage there. There is also a historical story from Scotland which sealed the deal for Calen's handedness, Clan Kerr's Ferniehirst castle was designed with 'left-handed stairwells' in mind and the local lord forced his men to train to fight with their left hands meaning they could better defend against any English invaders. This sort of underhandedness was a quality I really wanted to reinforce with Calen and although it is a stereotype it is an effective enough one to play into.

Saffron is naturally ambidextrous which helps equally with her fighting and musical interests. Duel wielding, or quad-wielding as the case maybe takes a lot of coordination particularly when the weapons themselves are hatchets, shotguns and boomerangs. Initially, I wasn't sure about giving Saffron such a 'biological advantage' as in some ways it kind of goes against her character being designed as someone who has had to fight tooth and nail for every little bit of respect she has earnt but after decided to make her a Faunus these small 'biological advantages' started to make more sense. Saffron is physically, and hopefully eventually mentally, the perfect soldier but she isn't given many chances to show that given the society she grew up in.(Or at least that is the excuse I tell myself for not playing with her enough). It also adds some weaknesses to Saffron's position that the Faunus should fully integrate into Atlas society, beyond the obvious racism, as if she can barely do it with all these biological advantages then what chance does everyone else have?

Ramalia is right-handed plain and simple. A cannoneer and a brawler I don't think Ramalia's handedness plays a huge role in her combat style as both those massive power clawed hands are gripping the gun or driving at your face regardless. In a similar vein, Amarant is also right-handed, kind of fitting as the Specialists make up the right hand of Atlas. I had for a time thought about making him left-handed as a kind of mirror to Calen as well as the previously stated combat advantage but the end I felt that Amarant being more simple in one aspect didn't dimish the character and instead reinforced the rest.

Currently, in construction character Arian is probably right-handed but has learnt how to disguise any such tells or even look like he is left-handed. Dependant on how the spider limbs are going to be taken Arian is still probably going to have a lot of swords, just for Monster ;P, and having to learn to be ambidextrous will be one of the drills he first completes after decided he can't fed his mother forever by stealing scraps and hunting money is good money.

The Vale Region / Re: Hunt across the Savannah
« on: March 29, 2019, 06:23:45 AM »
[Aurelia and Cerulean]

Finding their initial attack missed its mark the Beringels quickly spread out to cut off any chance of escape as well as maximise the effectiveness of their numbers. The simple but effective displays of tactics common among the more advanced forms of Grimm still had itís vulnerabilities however as the solitary Beringel advancing on Aurelia was in turn quickly surrounded by the Noble Steed and Cerulean. From the combined might of Aureliaís semblance and the older huntsmanís lancing thrust crashing into itís back, the unlucky Beringel was thrown forward, possibly crashing into Aurelia if she didnít move. The Beringel was heavily wounded, thick black smoke exhaled from its wounds and it let out an interrupted whimper as the attacks collided but it was still alive and still hungry. Slowly the wounded Beringel tried to wrap itís huge arms around the two Hunters trying to pin them in place and crush them under its still impressive strength.

The other four Beringel werenít idle however and had collapsed tight around the pair forming a solid line wall of Grimm flesh between the Hunters and safety. Two had claimed large sticks from the forest around them, another a large boulder and the last still only relied on its hell given claws and fangs. Approaching quickly the Grimm feel upon Aurelia and Cerulean regardless of how effective the wounded Beringel had been in snaring the two up and let loose a crushing volley of attacks not at all slowing down for their fallen brother. From the distance, cannon fire can still be heard and the sounds of cheering, the caravan was still in healthy condition. Indeed at the moment, the caravan seemed like it was in a much safer position than Aurelia and Cerulean.

(So Iíve been in and out on the idea of providing battle data for npc fights so I guess I should ask you guys if you would find it helpful to have a more explicit summary of how each enemy is looking, what weapons they are wielding, what actions are they taking as well as guesstimations of their damage?)

Character Creation / Re: Arcano Blar Baldwin
« on: March 25, 2019, 05:26:40 PM »
Firstly, the semblance needs some sort of duration so Arcano can't spend basically his whole life invisible. Secondly, I do have a bit of an issue with long-range being weakness, more than I normally do, as Arcano's ability to hide in the shadows would make him pretty good at avoiding range attacks right? If you can think of a reason why he can't then keep it but otherwise I'd suggest thinking up another weakness.

Plot Zone / Re: The Medusa Precendent(Sign Ups)
« on: March 23, 2019, 08:07:22 AM »
I'd like to throw Ramalia into this because I would like her to get some action but I do feel this might be a job better suited for older students as such Saffron hasn't had many compete outings herself.

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