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Approved Characters / Re: Catalina Glenn
« on: December 15, 2018, 08:25:50 PM »
Edits approved.

Approved Characters / Re: Catalina Glenn
« on: December 15, 2018, 05:34:10 AM »
I'm still a little worried about you not having enough semblance to make an actual impact. What about removing the cost of maintaining the construct?

Teams / Re: Looking for a 1st year Beacon team
« on: December 15, 2018, 05:30:02 AM »
I will ban you all.

You also have cats and gass which could be either gas or gauss

Approved Characters / Re: Catalina Glenn
« on: December 14, 2018, 04:22:54 AM »
did you add a bit on how fast the wires move?

Beacon Academy / Re: ABoat time [Open]
« on: December 13, 2018, 06:35:35 AM »
’Did you? I’m sorry Kisha, must have slipped my mind. It won’t happen again.’ Calen frowned, he genuinely had forgotten their previous discussion. Not exactly an encouraging signal but Calen was never one to pay much attention to warning signs. Slumping down on a relatively dry bit of the deck the gaunt boy sort to get a little more rest and closed his eyes. Their boat was reasonably clear of obstacles so it could drift harmlessly for a short while and Calen was keep to take as much advantage as he could from that. ’Perhaps I just take a different approach to ‘you only live once’ but how about after we both complete our schooling we see which one of our approach worked out best.’ Calen responded still not opening his eyes, at least partially as a joke. He would have been interested in continuing this discussion but it was rather clear the Kisha didn’t feel the same. Finding out Kisha’s semblance would have to do and hopeful Calen may be able to trick his first mate into thinking he didn’t see the portals.

’I’ll try not to read too much into that Kisha, my favourite colour is green actually not grey. I somewhat understand the confusion, I don’t wear much green while wearing almost entirely black and white but that is just to always look my best. I suppose you have a similar decision wearing more brown than black, although I suppose the latter fits more with your team’s colour.’ Calen remarked smiling slightly beneath his closed eyes. Calen held a lot of importance in seemingly meaningless pieces of information like favour colour or meals as he thought he could use it to find out a lot about a person. In reality what each colour ‘means’ is so wide that you could easily twist anything to fit but Calen found it a relatively interesting thought experiment nevertheless.

’I always like the tales of the Fae, creatures of phenomenal beauty, grace and cunning so the similarities with myself are obvious. Horribly monstrous through and through but they had their own rules and societies which develop aside our own.’ Calen answered smiling even wider at his not-so-humble brag. ’What about you? Can’t go wrong with the classics I guess; dragons, sphinxes, and the like?’ Calen offered as he leant his head back finding something to support himself before he tumbled over. It was rather relaxing, reasonably dark all around with the steady lapping of waves on the hull was very soothing and lulled Calen into a conscious but mostly asleep state.

’I suppose it is a rather uninspired way of getting to know each other. Would you like to try something a little different, feel free to lie if you don’t feel like sharing of course. We could tell stories or play a game of two lies and a truth.’ Calen offered, his voice finally regaining some enthusiasm although his eyes remained shut. It had been a long day and all Calen had wanted was to catch some fish.

WiP Characters / Re: Emile Antiqua
« on: December 10, 2018, 10:15:09 PM »
Well in his combat behaviour you have fast characters being able to get around his Emile's wide swings as a weakness So if he doesn't have/usually use wide swings then there isn't really a point to that passage

If I misread something I apologise.

WiP Characters / Re: Emile Antiqua
« on: December 10, 2018, 03:33:37 PM »
(This is as a user, not a mod so do or not do at your leisure)

7’9 is getting into giantism territory which has a whole host of health negatives attached to it. If you really want to keep it keep it but it is likely to raise eyebrows.

Bullies being turned around through banter is a little silly, not terribly relevant to the story but it would make more sense if Emile formed a close bond with other people which no longer made him a tempting target.

You should describe what the counter-attack looks like.

To be blunt if Emile’s combat style consists solely of big broad swings I’m surprised he has lived this long. Pommel strikes and half-swording are incredibly important aspects of the art of two-handed swords and it doesn’t really make sense for Emile to ignore them.

Also if Emile visibly struggles wielding the sword in its base form removing the counterweight isn’t going to trick anyone into thinking he is more dangerous duel wielding.

Approved Characters / Re: Catalina Glenn
« on: December 04, 2018, 05:48:17 AM »
OK just remember how cubic volume work 1000 cubic centimetres (future referred to as cc) if about 1/1000th of a cubic meter in case that was what you were going for.

So I can get the system right Catalina has to create the spool of not-wire out of 1000 cc storage and then has to spend 1/10th of that every second to maintain the construct while also regaining 10cc per second. I’m not sure if you grasp how little this is, a cubic centimetre can hold one millilitre of water which means Catalina regenerates 10 millilitres of water a second worth of aura construct while also having to pay the original construct. Ignoring that being able to completely restock your semblance after 100 seconds is a little silly. I’d also like to know what speed the wires move at.

So obviously my advice would be to move away from a measured system but there definitely has to be some more limiting factor than ‘number of shapes.’ Perhaps increase his storage but make regeneration only take place while sleeping or after eating? 

Beacon Academy / Re: Stargazing [Open]
« on: December 04, 2018, 05:22:36 AM »
’I appreciate your concern Master Smokey but I can assure you I’m only 60% likely to pass out.’ Joked Calen. Smokey very much had a point, although neither Calen or Prism were in particularly good condition Calen was definitely doing a worse job of hiding that fact. Although suggesting a drink might not have been the best idea as Calen made his way back to the table, stumbling slightly, to retrieve his ‘coffee.’ The alcohol was doing a lot to smooth over the pain Calen was feeling but he knew that would be temporary. It might be a good day to call in sick, he was ahead on school work and there were all sorts of stuff he could get up to in his team’s dorm alone for an entire day.

’I appreciate that Prism but I’m afraid the same can’t be said for myself. Individuals are a symptom, a possibly deadly one sure but again I know the people who hate the Faunus enough to seriously hurt one aren’t likely to be swayed by logic or facts. What education do you think you can provide which will be more impactful than massive institutions which in a very real way control our day to day lives? How many ‘Racists destroyed by facts and logic’ compilations will you need? Hundreds? Thousands?’ Calen argued but clearly not taking it particularly seriously, starting to have a little trouble maintaining eye contact because of his drunkenness although luckily for him at least he words had started to slur. ’Although if you are having trouble with the pain I do have something that might help with that.’ Calen remarked pointing at the second cup of ‘coffee’ Calen had poured which had remained untouched since the time he first offered.

’There are real consequences for every action you are going to ever make in your life Master kitty cat. A people trafficker probably uses at least some of their slave money to better their family but do you think about that if you had the power to bring them in? The issue is there will be consequences by writing a blog or exerting diplomatic pressure if those consequences would prevent your action you would never get anywhere, not that writing a blog would do anything in the first place. Furthermore, people use chemical and biological weapons all the time, what do you think pepper spray is? Liquid plastic? But you are right the slavers shouldn’t be compared to the Grimm, the slavers are far worse.’ Calen remarked his voice rife with condescension as Catalina tries to argue his point. It was an odd position to hold and Calen would be interested in listening to Catalina explain it further but then again there is probably a reason why he hadn’t heard of this even growing up in a family of turbo racists. It’s a bit silly.

WiP Characters / Re: Doctor Talia Elaine Darlton
« on: December 03, 2018, 05:08:10 PM »
I'm a little curious how you think the web is going to work, it seems it would catch Talia more than it would anyone else.

Also why does she attack the Atlas headmaster? Where they involved in her dismissal?

Approved Characters / Re: Patrick Iris
« on: December 03, 2018, 04:45:54 PM »
I'm intrigued to see how this guy plays out, so best of luck with it.


Approved Characters / Re: Dustsmith
« on: December 03, 2018, 04:35:04 PM »
I don't mind making it a little vaguer, every character will have a choice if they are aware of the Dustsmith legend so I'll try to make sure that comes across.

"The stories surrounding the Dustsmith are some of the oldest in Mistral if not all of Remnant." has become 'For those in the know stories surrounding the Dustsmith are some of the oldest in Mistral if not all of Remnant.'

"hero-worshipped the Dustsmith" has become 'Although it would be incorrect to conflate the aspiration most have to become huntsmen and huntresses to that of the far fewer who want to become the Dustsmith, it is of a similar fervour'

Approved Characters / Re: Siu Ceong
« on: November 30, 2018, 02:02:15 PM »
edits approved.

RPG Discussion / Re: Limitations of Weapons and Dust
« on: November 30, 2018, 05:53:59 AM »
Following on to what Vision is saying the nature of Wiess’s glyphs being buffs far more often than damaging abilities themselves makes it difficult for an individual weapon, even a highly advanced transforming one to make use of them to the same degree as Wiess. I have a character who uses earth dust to make their punches stronger, there are characters that use wind dust to increase their mobility so on and so forth.

As Vision mentioned we are still going to be careful to make sure the power level is never close to that of a second semblance meaning that you can have all the wind dust in the world but someone whose literal soul is speed is going to be more effective than you every day. It is therefore usually a case by case situation which is probably not the answer you were hoping for but if you have specifics to ask please feel free.

Approved Characters / Re: Catalina Glenn
« on: November 30, 2018, 05:36:44 AM »
Spoilers don't work so I'm not going to bother.


Name: Catalina Glenn

Age: 18, Born 62 AC Klever 14th

Species and Gender: Human male

Symbol: A piece of dust crystal formed by merging the four basic elements of dust and a white spot in the center. The main color for the symbol is Catalina blue.

Occupation: Beacon Academy first year student

Appearance: He is 183 cm tall and weighs 55 kg. He has long hands, and a face with rather yellowish skin. He usually sports short pants and blue T-shirts. He also sports a pair of navy-colored plastic framed glasses and a rather tall nose, a mouth just bigger than one of his black eyes and black hair that covers his forehead. His figure is slender and neck is a bit tall.

History: The family of his lived for generations in the Mountain Glenn.
Sometime in days of Vale, the there are people disliked to live by some unnamed law and decided to move out altogether. They traveled to immediately southeast of the kingdom, and they found mountains full of grimms and caverns, but otherwise perfectly habitable. They decided they're strong enough to clear the grimm and make it into a settlement. They aggressively fought, gaining grounds and losing very few men, but wide out in the open the Nevermores and the Griffons soon became a significant threat. Before any major casualties formed, they wisely retreated into the tunnels. Using dust deposit lying around, the quickly scouted and gained knowledge of the region and the settled into the safe state when Catalina was born. Over time, they merge into a big family group(despite the bloodlines still distinct enough to avoid inbreeding) and the name Glenn formed as the mountain name and their family name.
Living so close to Vale, they kept regular contact with them and have a friendly relationship with them. When Vale decided to expand into there,  they were appointed as head advisors naturally. With prominent knowledge, family battle skills leading into success and exclusive rights to developing the cities they quickly rised to the tops of Vale society. Catalina's childhood was comprised mainly of running wild in the mountains, devising routes to avoid or trapping grimm, and observing natural phenomenon and combine them with knowledge gained when he occasionally go to school. Despite the danger always presenting itself, by knowing all the hiding spots, improvising the environment and strength in the numbers, the children are well exposed to the wildlife and Grimm, while safety is assured. Hiding and observing Grimm developed his thinking ability and tactical skills as well as scientific mind. But when they rose to the high classes, he had to join the balls, the dinners and stuff. And the notorious wager duels. As a result, he was obliged to practice melee combat and devise ways to improve current materials to create new types of dust.

Until the grimm outbreak came. He rallied the local hunters(him not noticing this is simply because of him being a Glenn rather than because of his ability or charisma), fought bravely and sniped the grimms threatening civilians.
Despite the the wealth stored not being depleted by investing all their business into mountain Glenn, their family legacy may be losing to time... So he enrolled into Beacon Academy to become a scientist and a huntsman while hoping to repopulate Mountain Glenn and extend the legacy into the history. On the entrance exam, the academic test and live combat were passed with flying colors but the sparring with the current students was a big struggle.

Personality: From the days of observing wildlife, he concluded that no particular person is right or wrong and so is a particular morality. He didn't hold a grudge to almost anything, not even the creatures of grimm(readily destroying them if needed nonetheless), but if anyone tries to assert his own value into someone else then his Berserk button is hit. Hard. Especially Faunus-Human discrimination in both ways.
This has developed into what we've seen during the events of Rustled Feathers: gender equality, and equality in general. His idea of equality is approximately: Male to Female abuse is obviously not ok, and so isn't Female to Male abuse. You either play both for laughs or play neither. Same-gender abuse is also counted for that matter. He's aware of the difference in equality and equity: his idea is definitely on the equality side, everyone gets treated more or less equally and not everyone getting access to the same thing. It would be fair to him to say give a poorer family more money only if you also ensure that the less poor still end up with more(how much more doesn't matter that much) because they started with more. If everyone gets the same end result it would just sounds like heat death of the universe to him, but whether or not this is sound varies.
He also dislikes social etiquette(specifically ones emphasizing what to do instead of why he does that) and manner but usually exercise self restraintants when in representing the family. He also follow through all the procedures and sportsmanship when in combat, because he thinks sportsmanship is valuable but etiquette is nothing but a hassle.
He has a heavier rooting the underdog mentality than usual because he is tired from all the people being misunderstood and/or framed in fiction and real life. This is shown when he argued on Nathan's behalf even before his match in recovery ward. Otherwise he is lazy and hands off, not feeling like working until the last moment i.e. student syndrome.
He likes arts like performing arts, music and mathematics. Catalina's observation also gives him the idea of how terrible it is to end one's life and will take measure not to cause it.
Finally, he prefers being alone but if there are companions that can be with him, he will treat them with utmost devotion.

Aura and Semblance: He has a slightly smaller pool of aura than others. Catalina Glenn's Aura colour is Catalina Blue.
He didn't actually name his Semblance, but people around gave it the nickname 'aurashift' and he picked it up. The semblance control how the field of aura is projected around his body in what shape. He can trap his target in it, use it like a long lance to stop charging enemies, or shape it like Zerohanded weapons. He can also infuse the aura with dust to amplify the maximum surface area without making him instantly collapsing of fatigue and giving him that dust property, electrifying the aura, camouflage or create gas bubbles safe for breathing. However if too much dust are present in the aura field than it might explode spectacularly upon impact usually knocking him out or worse.

The strength (How easy does he have to concentrate to maintain the shape when struck or struggled against) of the aura surface won't be changed either unless amplified by a high concentration of dust(but he does remember the risk of getting blown up).

The taxation on his mind from complex shape shiftings is no small business either. The best analogy is as he puts it, 'Controlling like 10 limbs when your mind is suited to use 4'. He may have to remain still for this purpose, and usually utilizing it in melee fight for more the a single encounter, while giving him a great edge, can either hinder his prowess for the rest of the fight, leaving him defenseless for anywhere from a few seconds to half a minute, or straight up passing out from the strain. He is actively searching for courses to remedy and to recover faster.

If his emotions is to ever get too unstable, his aura will also get unstable shapeshiftings, which could endanger himself and his surroundings.

Here is a list of what Catalina can do with his semblance:
  • Small effort to create and maintain: Can move and fight as usual; tiredness after 20 seconds, increase with longer usage
    • Two spikes, cylinders or blades that all travel in a straight line for at most 3 meters away from point of origin. The objects can be extended up to the range and be rotated about point of origin
  • Fair amount of effort is needed: Increased reaction time and extra effort to maintain is needed when struck or struggled against; 5 seconds until tiredness, lightheadedness in 15, headache in 30
    • Increased objects up to 4 for 1.1; doubling the range and movements other than “extend the object” and “rotate the object about point of origin” effectively doubles the number
    • More complex objects eg parachutes, spikeballs, scythes
  • Great Effort: Can only move in a straight line and incapable to dodge obstacles or change direction and incapable to fight on hands in melee, and can only aim and fire at stationary targets; Immediately feels tired, lightheadedness in 10, headache in 15, nausea in 20, and collapses in 30 seconds
    • Even more objects (up to 8 of them)
    • Restraining up to 4 limbs or arms and torso
  • Impossible at Catalina’s current skill:
    • More objects than listed in 3.1
    • Encompassing and trapping
    • Any attack larger in scale than one-fifth of this one
    • Fractals(completely impossible)
    • Separation from Catalina's aura (completely impossible)

Combat Behavior: Despite processing tactical skills, he also likes to do the work himself, partly due to difficulty to describe plans as good as in his mind. But he will remain calm the whole way, or just hiding and picking people off, which he is obviously good at. And when he's in melee preferably having weakened his target by shots, he will hit hard and hit fast, hoping he can finish the fight before getting hit too much, but he is only medicore at it. He doesn't like to teamwork very much either, but that's changing as he is in a team. If he ever loses his weapon, he will have to rely on attacking with the semblance, which can not put up enough of a fight on its own and still is significantly weaker then if he uses just his hammer.

+Expert marksmanship as expected as a sniper
+Very versatile semblance
+Tactical skills

Average strength, speed, skill at melee

-Low firepower for gunfights
-Bad at hand to hand combat
-Slightly lower than average aura
-Difficulty with describing plans
-Slightly reluctant to teamwork


Name: The primary form is named Got' eem and the secondary Take that!.

Primary Form: A sniper rifle, with long(and sharp in the end as bayonet) silenced barrel and a large chunk of recoil absorber to allow semi-automatic fire. Catalina can fire once every 2 seconds at a stationery target. The magazines can store 20 or less shots before having to reload. It also have a sight with adjustable magnifing and rangefinding capabilities.

Secondary Form: The magazine and the sight moves into the recoil absorber which has the barrel sticking through to from an eye of a sledgehammer. It has exhausts on all directions and the original bullet barrel to either use as a blowtorch, propel swings, or light the whole thing up in general for looks and imitation.

Dust Functions: Dust are used as ammunition serving various purpose, including high impact/explosive rounds for breaking aura, customized stimpack shots for healing, shocking dust rounds to stun, freezing and heating rounds and such. Powdered dust are used for and exhausting to flamethrow.

Unless otherwise specified in the very first post possible, he carries the following amount of dust:
  • 1 magazines of explosive dust rounds that damages over 2 meters radius
  • 2 magazine of piercing rounds that damages decrease per centimeter of coverage.
  • 5 cartridges of shock rounds that shock the target for 10 seconds making their body twitch enough to throw off aiming.
  • 5 cartridges each of heating and freezing rounds that burns or freezes anything flammable/freezeble in a 1 meter radius.
  • A single repulsion crystal that is strong enough to knock Ursai around.
    It can be used to propel a shot or a swing or shot to knock things away.
  • Four small boxes each containing powdered forms of a basic dust type. They can be infused into his aura, but anything above 75% of a box in total is an explosion waiting to happen. The other use is to be poured into the head and then fired. They have a 10 meter radius.
    Fire and air dust can also propel swings.
Anymore items brought would proportionally hinder his movement. And all of this is stored in his toolbox weared on his back so if you're able to rupture that enough... It would go as well for him as an flamethrower operator with the same treatment.

History:It's a combination of the best form Mountain Glenn's, including the weapon's cast, the optical sight, the design and the forging are all from and in Mountain Glenn. It was thought up before the grey war ended, researched through the Faunus civil rights war came into fruition on our generation thanks to efforts throughout the house. Catalina inherited it because he's the only one into combat.
After the Vytal Festival Tournament and a few battles Cat realized that his previous rounds are too weak for a sniper rifle and bought some new stronger rounds to increase his firepower.

Upkeep:This is the most limiting part of the weapon. To repair, the components must be freshly created and replaced in the peculiar environment only provided in the caves of Mountain Glenn. The dust can be wholebought, though refining still takes a lot of time to finish the rounds for use. Especially with the fall of cities there, obtaining them become more and more dangerous and time consuming.

Name: (none)

Form:A toolbox that contains a pickaxe, a shovel and ab axe. Their handles are all half a meter long, about as long as from his elbow to his wrist. It is also used for storing ammo and other dust.

History: Catalina brings them along in his days in the mountains, usually to improvise traps for grimms, help mining dust and such. In days where he lives in a city and when not combating grimm, he leaves the tools behind as they severely restrict his mobility.

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