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Teams / Re: 1st years in need of a replacement teammate.
« Last post by MonsterManic on Today at 01:49:07 AM »
L-Money you wot m9. Make that indecisive mind of yours up.

Color of beer for Lager and a simple brown color of tree trunks for Logger. I don't even know which one L-Money chose.
Teams / Re: 1st years in need of a replacement teammate.
« Last post by Moth on Today at 12:01:46 AM »
Welp, congratulations y'all, we're team LGGR now. Any suggestions for the color?
Teams / Re: 1st years in need of a replacement teammate.
« Last post by L-Money on July 18, 2018, 11:45:02 PM »
After thinking long and hard. I have decided I'm up for Lagger.
Beacon Academy / Re: Birds of a Feather [CLOSED]
« Last post by Oneroi_Builder on July 18, 2018, 11:21:52 PM »
Rook couldn't speak, his aura holding even his lips in place, but internally he smiles at her comment. He wasn't certain exactly what her semblance was, but now he knew for sure that it was to do with mobility. So long as he didn't let her out of his arm's reach, he stood a chance, and there wouldn't be any nasty surprises from her innate ability.

Despite finally getting a grip, he knew that there was a very high chance that some high damage was coming his way. The only way to stop her from using it to make him let go was to take them with his lock still in place, and that meant taking them at their full force.


The first shot hit him in the head, and despite not moving from the impact, he could certainly feel it. There was barely enough time to think before-


The second shot hit in the same place. His ears were ringing, and he knew he couldn't stay in that position forever. His aura would fail long before she ran out of ammunition.

After giving a brief moment of thought to plan his actions, he suddenly released his lock, the solid aura field shattering. He tightened his grip on her ankle and pulled down, hard. If all went to plan, he would take her off guard, and she would hit the ground, giving him the opportunity to finally land some hits of his own.

Rook's Combat Status:
Aura: 55%
Teams / Re: 1st years in need of a replacement teammate.
« Last post by Moth on July 18, 2018, 08:39:16 PM »
Okay, after bugging MM, it's two votes for Lager and two votes for Logger, though I'm not very deadset in my vote and can go for either. L-Money you okay if we're team Lager?
Beacon Academy / Re: Stargazing [Open]
« Last post by Kingnoname1 on July 18, 2018, 08:17:04 PM »
'I wouldn't suppose you would like a proper drink now?' Calen remarked as he took two cylinders of ice dust out of his pack and wrapped them in cloth. Parsing one to Amane Calen set his second pack on Prisms injured foot. 'Can you calm down please? Only one of us here deliberately shoots themselves in the foot and it isn't the bird' Calen continued not looking up at Smokey as he turned to leave the shooting range. The lack of blood meant the worse hadn't happened, She must have gotten her aura up before the blast cut through her clothes.' Calen thought to himself, impressive reaction but considering how on edge she had gotten just before her aura may have been up before.

'If she is unresponsive I can carry her up to sick bay, it's probably just a concussion but that means she should be resting. And the shooting range isn't the best place for that.' Calen offered after fastening his ice pack over the injured foot. 'Or maybe just her dorm, you two are in the same team right Amane?' Calen asked. The whole episode was very unexpected and Calen was replaying the event back in his head trying to find a trigger but wasn't successful given what he had to go on. At least I technically didn't lose our challenge. Calen thought to himself taking some small solace still the disappointment sat heavy on his chest of a lost challenge, well there is always next time.

'If you have somewhere else to be Master Smokey don't let us keep you but don't feel obliged to leave. Even if it only to have another voice explaining why you weapon has left holes in the shooting range, and not on the targets.' Calen called out hoping to catch the fellow first year before he got through the door after noticing the chunky lad wasn't nearby.
Everywhere Else / Re: Hunt for the Howling Storm {CLOSED}
« Last post by Riven on July 18, 2018, 05:12:57 PM »
Having heard everyone out, Cordell folded her arms and appeared to be deep in thought. "So... two votes t' destroy, one t' hand it over, one t' keep." She mused on that for a long, long moment, mulling it about in her mind and trying to find some sort of compromise. She certainly agreed that the Crown was dangerous, and the original plan for it was definitely not without both flaws and risks. She herself was split -- the Crown's raw energy terrified her, which is something she couldn't say about many things, but out-and-out destroying it could prove a worse decision than letting it fall into the wrong hands.

What to do, what to do...

After a long, silent pause, Cordell opened her eyes. "I've trusted ye all this far, an' not a one o' ye's let me down. That's a hellova lot more'n I can say for most'a th' people I've worked with! I don't think I could've asked fer a better crew on this hunt, honestly."

"Here's what I propose: we round up every last scrap o' value in this gods-forsaken hole an' load it all aboard th' Howling Storm, along with th' scoundrels. I'll signal th' Red Corsair t' come an' assist, now that we've got an entrance; a few bots what should make quick work of the heavy loading, I dare say. If'n ye'v got a Scroll, ye may wanna take some pictures o' this place... I've got a feelin' it won't be around long once we do what needs doin'."

"As fer th' Crown, I agree it's too dangerous t' let leave this cave. I'll have Delahaye rig up somethin' special on a nice long timer t' do th' deed once we're well away. Good news is, even if it turns out t' be th' single worst Dust bomb in th' history o' Remnant,"
She looked up at the cave walls around them. "Th' compression wave from th' blast'll bounce around in here until th' mountain collapses on it, an' don't forget we're on an isolated little island in th' middle o' th' worlds biggest lake. Worst case is a tidal wave which, while terrible and hopefully won't happen, I'll take over another Mad Prince any day. We can transmit a long-range burst from th' Red Corsair t' warn th' local fishing villages before we set anything off."

She looked to Solar and Infrared. "I know ye wanna preserve it -- hell, it's th' whole bloody reason we came here in th' first place -- so here's me compromise. Before we blast th' Crown, ye can all handle it. I'm trustin' ye here; look it over, take pictures, th' works. We'll be th' last people t' ever see it, so I ain't about t' deny ye th' chance if'n ye want it. But fer pity's sake, please please don't use it! Damn thing could bring th' cave down on our heads as easy as not, I'll wager."

"So, do we all agree?"
RPG Discussion / Re: Weekly Writing Prompts
« Last post by Inexhaustive on July 18, 2018, 05:01:26 PM »
Canon: "Move..." (Amane Petrichor, 'My legs felt numb')

My legs feel numb…

Amane looks down at her body as she lay on the medical examination chair. She attempted to strain the muscles in her legs but they just felt nonexistent under the effects of the curarine.

Move... Her legs did not budge.

Straining herself, she managed to utter out a word. “Move...” Again, her legs did not budge as she continued to try and move them.

“Don’t strain yourself too hard. We’re only on the first trial.” Iris stood to the side while closely monitoring Amane’s health on a set of screens.

Amane slowly looks at her sister, a determined glint in her eye behind her usual poker face, then slowly looks back at her foot. Concentrating. She was using a more focused approach now, trying various mindsets to try and regain control of the muscle that just wasn’t there. “I... said... move... damn. it.” A brief sense of connection which quickly disappeared, and Amane saw her foot twitch. Just a little bit.

A blip of activity on the screen, as Iris continues to monitor with an amused expression.

“MOVE…” Amane was determined now, to find that sense again. A few seconds later, another twitch, this time more noticeable than the last. Refreshing her memory of the sensation and her determination, Amane focuses on it and begins straining. Her leg moves a bit.

“You want to take a break now?” Iris asks, picking up the antidote. “You’ve done enough for today.”

Amane shoots her a look that conveyed a glare through her eyes before giving the same look to her useless foot. That was the last straw. She was going to do it. Today. Right now. “MOVE!!” Her leg suddenly lifts up off the examination chair, despite still feeling dead and numb. Straining, Amane slowly continued moving it, planting it on the ground as her body and her other leg followed. Now in a sitting position, she plants her hands on the chair and slowly pushes her body up, standing for a split second before stumbling forward. Her hand manages to shoot up and support her against the wall as she attempts to walk, taking a few stiff steps forward before feeling Iris’s arms around her. She relaxes, letting her weight be supported.

“I did it…” she said, as her sister helps carry her back to the chair.

“Yes you did. That was incredible.” Smiling fondly, Iris injects the antidote into Amane’s leg.

As its effects begin taking over, Amane’s legs no longer felt numb anymore.
Everywhere Else / Re: Ways of the World [Ordelis] (CLOSED)
« Last post by Riven on July 18, 2018, 02:31:46 PM »
Solar's questions about the "unofficial" parts of the market, and her suddenly keen interest on that subject in particular, immediately caught Sean's curiosity. Casting a glance her way, he saw all that he needed to -- he recognized that look, that can't-wait-to-break-free fire that burned behind her eyes. He knew that feeling, deep down in the roots of his own soul. Solar was not the 'play by the rules' sort. She was a renegade... just like him.

It was that moment Sean knew, beyond any shadow of any doubt, that -- her ignorance and naivete aside -- he was going to be just fine with Solar as team leader. He couldn't help but crack a wry smile at that, turning into a smirk as her stomach overrode her eagerness.

"Food first, yeah. Right this way..."

Pepper's was, at its heart, the bastard lovechild of a steak house and a dive bar. A rotating selections of photos and artwork, mostly of local heroes either killing or standing victoriously over various sorts of Grimm, decorated dark-stained wood-panel walls, giving those seated at the booths and tables something to admire while their food was prepared. Ceiling fans spun overhead while a muted TV screen in the corner played the local news channel -- a pale and at times humorously second-rate imitation of Vale's slick broadcast service. Convincing, if miniature, fakes of Deathstalker tails adorned the wall behind the main bar, crossed over an equally convincing-but-small fake of a Nevermore with its wings spread, talons clutching the tails to tie the design together. It was a somewhat strange arrangement, a nicknack acquired by a previous owner that no one had bothered to change... part of the character of the place.

Stepping in, Sean gestured to an empty table near the front. "Grab a seat, boss. Doesn't look too busy--"

"And trouble comes'a walkin' through my door!" The bemused voice came from a middle-aged woman behind the bar, a one-armed riot of amber curls and sandalwood skin clad in a ripped gray t-shirt, jeans, and a 'take no shit' attitude so loud it practically hummed around her like an Aura. She leaned on the bar, clearly bemused. "You here for food, business, or other business, fireworks?"

"Heya Pep! Food this time." He gestured to Solar. "This is Solar, leader of the team Shade set me up with. Solar, this is Pepper Piri -- owner, bouncer, and namesake of Pepper's as well as a former Huntress."

"Among other things." Peper said with a shrug and a laugh. "Today's special is a surf & turf fajita platter with a side of curried cheese fries -- highly recommended. Make yourselves comfortable, look over the menu, lemme know when you're ready to order."
Everywhere Else / Re: Bone of the First [SSMR]
« Last post by Riven on July 18, 2018, 01:18:00 PM »

It was the little things that clued Sean in. This girl was either a fantastic actress... or the entire chase just now had all been a diversion. He'd spent his entire life in Vacuo and knew how the city worked; there were plenty of petty thieves who would steal just so they could have something to eat each day, so many that good thieving opportunities often got scarce. When pockets couldn't be picked and market stalls were too closely watched a lot of the most desperate turned to doing odd jobs... and not the sort that asked you to fill out a resume. Hungry thieves commonly became 'runners', doing in-city smuggling or -- in cases like this -- acting as decoys for other criminals. She had the moves, the practiced finesse up on the rooftops. He should've seen it sooner.

Hooking a thumb in the direction of Solar's voice, Sean decided he'd shift to 'good cop' a bit. "Her? Naw. But the guy who hired you..." He leaned forward, hoping to project just a hint of menace. "Different story." It was an exaggeration, of course, but the injury that Solar was falsely accused of causing was bad enough that the intent probably was to kill. "Types like that don't like loose ends. That's why he set my angry friend up to take the blame. So... what do you think he'll do to you?" He let the question hang in the air, then glanced Suna's way. Hopefully he knew how the 'good cop bad cop' thing worked -- it was his turn now.
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