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Amity Colosseum / Re: Switcheroo: Juno/Acero
« Last post by Dr. Gustave on Today at 02:02:46 PM »
Malina stepped off of the final stair leading back down to the arena as the explosion rocked the stadium. She stole a quick glance toward the belt before quickly burst through the door, looking around only to see the smoking body of one of the students and the other, Juno, standing over him.

"Oh, for..." She muttered under her breath before dropping the belt to the ground and sprinting toward the two students. This wasn't how it was supposed to go. This was *not* how it was supposed to go. It was just a training exercise in an open space, an open space with plenty of people around watching.

Juno watched as Malina came sprinting toward him, happy that she'd heard his cries for assistance. This was still bad, so very bad, but the she was here, she would be able to take care of him. She's a hunter, she knows what to d-

Before Juno could finish the though he felt the air being knocked out of his chest as some invisible force slammed against him, sending him flying away from Acero and against a wall.

Malina quickly took the place where Juno had stood as she slowed to a stop from her sprint and bent down over Acero. "Son of a bitch..." She swore under her breath as she looked over the damage. The crumpled metal arm laying in pieces to the side, frayed wiring and tubes hanging from both ends like robotic entrails. The burns covering his face and chest, the clothing that had previously covered him burned away or melded with the skin. Blood seeped from his leg and trickled down the side of his chest as his chest slowly rose and fell, bringing with it ragged and labored breaths. She looked down to his hip where the bag of bombs had been and found nothing but a bloody chunk and blasted away fabric.

"I... I could try to wrap some of the fabric around the wound, but... There's too many spots, I can't..." She swore under her breath again before reaching into her pocket and pulling out her scroll. She quickly opened the device and furiously tapped a number in. "Come on, come on, pick u- oh! Sophea! It's Malina... Malina Nahualli, the new TA- it doesn't matter- look, I need you to get to Amity as soon as you can, the training exercise that was planned today went wrong, one of the students is badly injur-... Ah... burns? He's bleeding from the leg and chest, his prosthetic arm is just gone... it was a-... it was an explosion, I think, dust bombs on his his hip in a bag, they-... they went off, yes. Okay... alright, I'll see you soon." Malina closed her scroll and placed tossed it to the ground, not bothering to put it back in her pocket.

She stood up quickly and unbuttoned her shirt, leaving her with the simple white undershirt she had been wearing. She crouched back down and placed the shirt against Acero's hip, using the sleeves to tightly wrap it around his leg. She watched as the previously white shirt began to spread red with blood as she wiped her own now bloody hands against her shirt. She looked once more at the broken prosthetic and winced, wondering how advanced the nerve system had been set up before shaking her head and refocusing herself. With a silent sigh, she moved toward Acero's head and elevated it slightly with her hands.

She took a moment, just a moment, to glance over at Juno, who was not recovering from being slammed against the wall from her semblance. She made sure to lock eyes with him, but she showed no emotion, no hate, no sympathy, just vague judgement.
Approved Characters / Re: Anton Ua Duibhne
« Last post by Dr. Gustave on Today at 12:26:15 PM »
All good, approved by a group review from myself, Xarias, and Kingnoname1.
Beacon Academy / Re: The Labor of Atlas [CLOSED] [ATLA-Initiation]
« Last post by MonsterManic on Today at 09:57:55 AM »
"Climbing please? Pretty please?" Tina pleaded, trying her best to imitate a begging puppy, complete with eyes and all. After her first experience at makeshift gardening and trimming, she was definitely not eager to try her hand at that again. And, hell, she was willing to resort to this kind of stuff to avoid another experience. Not for all the Lien in the world--and that much could get her all the games she could ever want.
AMA Section / Re: That's one Dusty AMA
« Last post by Dusty on Today at 08:17:38 AM »
Geez Mythic, don't hold back whatever you do xP I'll split this up as best I can.

Gwylan's pretty pleased with his team, he feels they've got a well rounded set up in pretty much every area: combat range, styles, personality, etc, and isn't overtly concerned about their being any problems.

He does his best to like them all equally, but he's fonder of Aurora than the others, if only because she's more willing to match his playful and flirty attitude. He likes someone that's willing to go toe to toe with him in anything, so she does appeal to him a bit more than the others. She confident without being a giant bitch, and he appreciates that. And she's easy on the eyes, which certainly isn't gonna damage his opinion of her, being a teenage boy.

He likes Tina, cause she's nice and a nerd, who he finds amusing and fun to talk to. The fact that she plays video games is a bit of a plus for him, cause he does have an interest in them, though not to the same degree, so that'd be a good bonding point for them, he hopes. Her lack of confidence and social awkwardness is a bit concerning for him, because he's not entirely sure what may upset her, but he hopes to bring her out of her shell a bit.

Nero is probably his least favourite, but that doesn't mean he doesn't like her, just that she's a bit harder for him to interact with than the other's. She's quiet and honest, but he doesn't feel like he has all that much in common with her, especially as his normal methods of getting to know someone don't seem, to him anyway, to appeal to her. He'd like to get to know her better, and hopes they can find something to bond over. And her snake's pretty cool too.

It really depends on what potential is meant. In combat, he'd probably say Aurora, due to her semblance, and how many potential uses it has, whereas Tina's and Nero's are straight forward or too science-y for him, respectively.

As a person, it'd probably be Tina. Aurora has, in his eyes anyway, reached a level of growth as a person that anyone would be proud of, and Nero, while not as confident as Aurora, is willing to stand by her opinions and ideals, which is no small feat. Tina, though, is limited by her lack of confidence, and he feels that, if she overcomes that, she has more growth potential in her than the rest of the team does.

He does, and it's very related to the reasons mentioned above. Neither Tina or Nero, in his opinion, have enough confidence to lead the team. They're too reserved for people to feel safe trusting with that level of power. He doesn't think they'd be bad per se, but he doesn't think they're ready for that sort of responsibility. As for himself, sure, he's confident, and in his own mind anyway, charismatic, but he doesn't have the mind for it. Planning and tactics are not something he feels strong with, outside of a small play in a fight maybe. He feels he's too straight forward in his thinking for the job.

Aurora, though, is the most obvious choice. She's smart enough to lead the team and confident enough to hold them together. She's also emphatic and kind, which certainly helps, as Gwylan wouldn't trust someone who didn't have some goodness in them. She may be a bit rough around the edges, but that's why they're in training. A few months, maybe a year, and any issues with her leadership and their teamwork while be gone, by virtue of working together and getting to know each other. And Aurora is the kind of person that, he feels, will encourage that sort of growth, which in turn will help them grow as people.
Posted in main board for approval.
Character Creation / Smeet Gold
« Last post by Siuwa on Today at 07:32:26 AM »

Name: Smeet(Sweet but with the m sound) Gold

Age: 18, born Klever 14th

Species and Gender: Human Male

Spoiler: show

Occupation: 2nd year Beacon student

Appearance: He is 155 cm tall and weight about 65 kg. His skin is akin to slightly dark Asians IRL, and his face constitutes of slightly small golden eyes, a small nose and a mouth just wider than one of his eye. He usually wears a red jacket, aquamarine jeans, a backpack and a red hat. His scroll is also red.
In combat, his clothes is thicker and had long sleeves. This is the same as his clothing in winter, except he just put on an warm extra jacket.

History: Smeet was born in the city of Vale, very close to the academy. In very early days of his life, he played toys and learned basic things just like any other children, with the notable part being there's no preschool education which leads to his relaxed attitude. He grew up watching students moving in and huntsman moving out of the school, but his interest in becoming a huntsman only came when he watched the Vytal festival tournament when he's 8. One player in particular he liked, which beats her opponent simply by hitting hard and fast. She didn't win due to an opponent being tricked to get ringed out, but Smeet thought if he became a huntsman he could do the same and be the one who trick others. With that in mind, he enrolled in Signal using the years between the tournament and Signal age training in running and building strength which turns out he had a talent in them too, while also learning the basics of tactics.
He did well in what he have trained for, speed, strength and tactical knowledge, but the fields he haven't, he barely hung on. His combat skill is left untouched in theses years, and he isn't exactly quick to pick it up. He can't hit a man-sized target with a majority of the pellets at 10 meters with his shotgun while maintaining anywhere close to respectable fire rate, and even the teachers jokes about how he would be used for target practice by some random evil overlord. While he can hit hard and fast in a fight, he is basically doomed if he's restricted. And he neither have a melee weapon nor any experience on them. This combined with the discovery of his semblance cemented his support role. By the end of Signal, he has further specialized in his roles and advantages and is probably a year behind on the weak ones.
He was accepted into Beacon by being lucky enough not having to strain his weakness, and is considered one of the best supports and tacticians for the year, but now he got so horribly defeated in hand to hand and melee combat he almost thought of being absent to all the lessons. He was warned that he would not be able to advance anymore if he can't either improve or find a reliable way around his weakness in the beginning of his 2nd year.

Personality: He is relaxed and mostly cheery on day to day life, and spends his time to play board games and computer games when not training. He likes to get his friend involved in whatever he's doing. He is much happier if he is seen along with his friends, but he relies on others to do most of the things. In return(he thinks), he would gladly help friends in need like giving most of his aura to a friend for his mission and not take any that day, or lending his Lien for things as expensive as a new scroll. This could usually be done to a dangerous extent like leaving him without food money, or lending his aura when there's a mission hours after his friends estimated time to return.  He doesn't dislike people holding different opinion than himself or people who he sees as rivals. What he does dislike however is sore losers (regardless of who they lost to), and he had records of immediately challenging them at the first available moment with varying degrees of victory and loss. He is a clear supporter of Faunas rights and would usually speak up for the topic, but he just wished white fang will turn back to their more peaceful side.

Aura and Semblance: His aura is red-colored. His aura is tested to be extra vulnerable to dust taking about twice the damage compared to someone of the same aura amount.
His semblance is Baton Pass. It allow Him to transfer Aura, strength and speed to one or more team members. It activates when both parties is in touch and they have agreed on what and how much to transfer and can adjust or end when they are in touch again and agrees so. It would also end when one party is unconscious, then the transferred stats, even aura as his capacity in aura is given along with, will be vanished and needs a week to recover. It lasts 12 hours and is reset whenever His weakness for dust Transferring usually takes longer than ten seconds even when he decides to give almost all of his strength, aura and speed. According to him, when trying to go past his remaining speed or strength, it feels like something is pushing against it preventing him from doing so. The semblance can also be used to provide buff to more than one person at the same time but the given amount of aura/strength/speed is conserved. The transferred aura does not suffer the weakness of his aura.

Combat Behavior: He calls himself a fast bulky physical support. Because of his semblance he often forgo battling himself and give his aura, speed and strength to his teammate and let them do the heavy working. If he has to fight himself, he will try to kite and do quick approaches and heavy punches or point blank shotgun blasts to quickly sweep down enemies. He also tends to plan before attacking based on his team, but those plans usually either leave himself open to attacks or need a guard to keep him safe, And they mostly consists of timing an attack and launching a new one when the enemies think it's done, or attacking from different angles at once, although he does well in other context too.
His raw power would be comparable to: (Very subject to change if too powerful)
  • Capable of keeping up with non-sudden burst speedster of the same year in speed and fight at that speed
  • Hit softer than dedicated hard hitters but noticeably above average
  • Wall average students and can take quite a few from low tier dedicated hard hitters
His biggest vulnerability is his lack of skill and technique. His usage of his weapon is brutally simple: Get close, blast the enemy, and make a U-turn. This is easily predictable and if the enemy keep his range, he can't reliably hit targets beyond 10 meters despite the weapon being still very effective at that range. In melee, his is also not skilled and can be forced into a situation where his strength and speed can not be used in its fullest extent. And even knowing this weakness he doesn't spend much time training in these fields, instead training in raw power and relying on speedblitzing and overpowering his opponent.  He also do not carry dust for usages other than ammo, which limits his offensive option and other utilities.

+Good Support semblance and the stats to back it up
+Fast speed
+Above average strength
+Above average aura
+Use "nasty" plots to plan attacks

-Strong, but VERY unskilled, on marksmanship, melee and hand to hand combat
-No dust usage except dust propelled bullets
-Dust is super effective against him


Name: Focus Blast

Primary Form: A single barrel shotgun colored in pure red. It has the barrel length of about 50 cm and is semi-automatic. He brings 10 cartridges each with 5 rounds with him in combat.

Dust Functions: Dust is used to fire the pellets. For every trigger pull 9 pellets is shot with a spread of approximately 10 cm radius for every 5 meters of traveled length. It is high powered enough to one hit kill most common, non major/alpha Grimm, and those can usually be killed with a close headshot too. For even more power shots with much more dust content is used, able to punch through armors of a boarbatusk or even a death stalker at close to point blank. This more powerful round however creates recoil that takes out about 5 percent of his aura and pushes him back about one step.

History: It is originally forged at his time at Signal and is replaced part by part during his time in Becaon until it looked like a completely new bought gun. He would rather not think about the "ship of Theseus" problem of his gun.
The Vale Region / Re: Casino Royale (CLOSED)
« Last post by Riven on Today at 04:50:25 AM »
Working with this group was going to be... interesting, Rory though as their airship made its landing approach. Aoife may not be the most tactful person ever born, but she was also basically a walking, talking bullshit detector -- something that would, unquestionably, be useful if this job turned out to be more than "watch and learn". Mythos, meanwhile, was clearly something of a moderating influence, smoothing over the ruffles and finding a way forward for herself and others. With Rory acting as the agreeable and astute student that Mr. Royale seemed to prefer, the group actually formed a well balanced and effective dynamic... at least, that's what the shield fighter thought, anyway.

So, the guards would be staying back and the students would be expected to be Royale's extra eyes and ears. Rory couldn't help but note the emphasis on the word 'suspicious', and the fact that Royale had said 'if the meeting goes smoothly'. Wouldn't Whitaker, as the recipient of Royale's investment, be eager to appease his patron? The shield fighter could feel a few pieces falling into place as he mulled things over... getting the distinct impression that Mr. Royale didn't fully trust Whitaker.

And that such distrust, for whatever reason, was cause enough to bring in outside help...

With the airship already angling to land, it seemed they'd find out soon enough.
The Vale Region / Re: The Lion's Blade[Plot][Closed]
« Last post by FunkyMonkey on Today at 04:30:36 AM »
"Of course it's going to be the big one," commented Airi to herself as the exceptionally large Ursa charged her.  With a semblance and fighting style such as hers, there was no use to attack the Ursa head on.  She was not a brawler and would not be able to stand against its raw power in a head-on attack.  With this Airi tried to run and create some distance between her and it, leaving behind a time remnant as she did so. "Five seconds," she made a mental note to herself.  Obviously, she wasn't going to outrun a charging Ursa in a straight line, so Airi frequently changed directions as she ran, leaving time remnants every time she changed direction. "One second!" she screamed to herself as she was sure that the faster Ursa was just about to catch up to her.
Aurora didn't really know how to feel about how her team was handling it. On one hand, that Deathstalker was very much dead. On the other, some things were a bit overkill. No need to beat a dead horse. Or scorpion Grimm thingy. She relayed this opinion to the team, as she'd regained some of her strength back. "Y'know, no harm in stopping. We might be here for a while and stuff is limited. Especially for Tina and Nero because you two use ammunition and we can't exactly call Titan over for a restocking. Applies to me too to be honest."

"Well at least it's over with," Aurora said lightly. "Allllllrighty so now that that's taken care of, we can move onto the next one. It's... not too far from here, still in the maze, lower right. This little scorpion chase actually led us closer to the entrance, which is a good thing." She squinted a bit at the map on her scroll, pausing to figure out a path. "Yeah, yeah. The short path we need to take to get there is accessible just"-this word she dragged out a bit-"over this left wall right here."

"So we can either climb or hack our way through again. Your choice."
The Vale Region / Re: The Lion's Blade[Plot][Closed]
« Last post by MonsterManic on Today at 01:51:33 AM »
As the smaller Ursa began to lumber toward Graham, he noticed the two Creeps joining the fray, rushing him at a speed he wished was just that bit slower. Anyway, he crouched, the sheath of his tachi moving away from his body, his right hand around the trigger and his body tensed, before squeezing the trigger, using the Kinetic Dust ejected from that shot to draw and slice the oncoming Creeps at high velocity. As he stood crouched, his left arm straight with the sword outstretched, the two Creeps dissipated, their remains turning into that familiar black powder. While the Ursa kept moving toward him, Graham moved the sword up to the right of his face in a two-handed grip and charged it.

Battle Stats:
Kinetic Dust cartridge expended (4/5).
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