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Having swiped a beer from the fridge (what was the legal age to drink? Not that he really cared at the moment) and partaken of the beverage within, Setsuna was feeling pretty bold. Must be the beer. Anyway, when challenged by Mao, he didn't let that opportunity pass by. "Dare." He fired back, looking confident. "Hit me with what you got."
Beacon Academy / Re: Mechanical Implants, Natural Regrets [CLOSED]
« Last post by MonsterManic on Today at 06:17:20 PM »
All of Kei's combat training over the past four years kicked in, his mind evaluating the battlefield and conditions. Acero was not moving closer to him. This meant a ranged weapon, likely built into his arm, since he was using a sword as his main weapon. A quick glance behind him revealed trees close enough to take cover behind. Making split second decisions, Kei took a few steps back in the time that Acero disappeared behind the rock, then dove to the side behind a tree, in time to watch the red lasers zoom exactly past where he would have been standing. Acero was a good shot with that weapon. Kei mentally stored that away.

He had no such ranged weapon to engage Acero, nor did he know what that weapon was capable of, how many shots it had left. This meant adapting to the scenario. All at once, Kei did several things. The first was to deactivate the Fire Dust and swap the lance out for a similar-looking one, causing the sheath chamber to rotate and provide Kei with what he wanted. Following that up, he gathered Aura in his legs and leapt straight up into the lowest hanging branch, hidden from view by the foliage. There, he started gesturing with his lance arm, leaving magenta lines floating in the air, gradually resembling a symbol.

All he needed was time.

Battle Stats:
Channeling Semblance
(Can be interrupted)
▫ Aura Status: 100%
▫ Lance Type: Ink Lance
In the span between Isabelle getting selected to go first and then picking him, Mao managed to grab a drink from the fridge and plop himself down on a bed. He was caught off-guard by a triple entente of the unexpected: getting picked first, having his choice made for him, and the innocence of the question. He did his best to shrug it off, trying to just go with the flow of the situation.

"My dad was a beast who could go toe to toe against Grimm with his bare fists! I...," Mao scratched his cheek lightly with a finger, "am not quite there yet, so if there were anything I could change about myself, it would be that". He took a sip from his drink and smirked. "Hopefully that didn't bring down the mood too much". He took another swig of his drink, glancing around the room as he did. His eyes quickly landed on an individual. "Setsuna: Truth," he said as he leaned forward toward him, "or dare?"
Approved Characters / Re: Jocelyn Antiqua
« Last post by Dr. Gustave on Today at 04:44:09 PM »
Approved, sorry for the wait.
Beacon Academy / Re: Mechanical Implants, Natural Regrets [CLOSED]
« Last post by Capta1n_Henry on Today at 04:43:55 PM »
After the arena had shifted, and Acero was left in the rocky, volcanic terrain, he smirked under his helmet. He then saw that Kei was motioning for him to come near, which caused the cyborg to put away his weapon on his back.

He then walked around behind a medium sized rock and got his wrist laser out, putting in a battery to charge it up. After about one or two seconds, the 4th year aimed his laser at Kei and fired off a couple shots aimed at Kei's torso.

[Laser Shots: 5% each]
The Vale Region / Re: Malina's Magnificent Mission! [Closed]
« Last post by Dr. Gustave on Today at 04:43:10 PM »
Small, deep red holes appeared in the Grimm's side as the buckshot slammed against it while it was running past Teddy. It stopped almost immediately, slamming its fists down into the ground and cease its movement, and twisted its body toward the boy. As it spun, it picked one of its trunk-like arms and swung it horizontally toward Teddy, hitting him square in the chest and sending him skidding back across the mash.

The beast let out another quick roar before using its arms and legs to spring itself into the air above Teddy. It passed over the boy and crashed into a tree, taking it down with a familiar crack. as the tree toppled down, the beast dropped down toward the ground behind Teddy, its claws once against ready to plunge down into its target.

Character Editing / Re: Diana Farran
« Last post by Vision on Today at 03:02:57 PM »
This took a bit longer than anticipated but about time to finish up as I'm actually starting a new character for the Haven team. A fairly large general fixup, in particular trying to add more visual elements (May have overdone that part).
  • Fixed a few spelling errors
  • Removed the OOC ramblings at the start, semblance, and weapon
  • Complete redesigned of the symbol
  • Added new images to appearance, personality, and weapon
  • Updated appearance (new outfit, new eye colour)
  • Coloured the text
  • Rephrased occupation
  • Added a TLDR for her history
  • Added weapon name
  • Shortened the description of the weapon
  • She is built to be more of a support and as such has weaker combat and supposedly strong semblance however.that really wasn't the case when I read some of the other approved ones so gave it a bit of a buff (Old: cost 33% give 50%, New cost 20%, give 40%) Keeping the 25% fatigue so that if she does it 4 times quickly she’ll basically pass out
  • Instead of her doing nothing for a year between atlas and beacon added that she started a paramedical course
  • Added a first aid kit in combat behavior that basically there for flavor, pretty much useless for people with aura.
  • Added a dust glamor necklace to appearance, mostly as a trinket
The Vale Region / Re: Malina's Magnificent Mission! [Closed]
« Last post by Mikelobmike on Today at 09:19:33 AM »
As Teddy touched down, it was clear that he was never going to get a word in with Malina. He just put his head down and let her start scolding him. If it were almost anyone else, he would have eventually agreed that it was a bad decision, but would have gotten an opportunity to explain what he was thinking with the high deployment of the parachute and long drop time. With Malina, however, the best solution would seem to let her get her frustrations out now and hope that she does not continue to try and publicly humiliate him for her own amusement.

Teddy was not exactly in a talking mood as he dredged through the swamp. The deplorable conditions combined with the fact that he knew he had Malina watching him made him feel absolutely awful. The bugs were actually useful to him, as they kept him from zoning out and losing focus. He found himself oddly comfortable in the gradually increasing darkness. It reminded him of the evenings he spent in the forest. It served as a little bit of solace in a harrowing time.

For a brief second, Teddy was actually glad that a Grimm had shown up, as it broke the tension that lied in the air. That feeling was quickly swept away when Teddy saw just how massive the creature was. It was obvious that he needed to coordinate with his team, find its weak spot, and take the creature dow- and Cobe just ran into the bushes. Of course he had not loaded his weapon. Because this day just needed to get better.

"You don't have a minute! Run!" he shouted at Cobe. He quickly transformed his weapon and aimed it at the creature. "Helena, go left!" he shouted up ahead. He managed to fire two shots off as he was running to the right. Teddy hoped that by running in different directions, the creature would not be able to follow them both.
As Julia yelled through the megaphone, Isabelle frowned and used her hands to press her faunus ears against her head, trying to not have her eardrums explode. Even with that, she could more than clearly hear everything that was being said. 'Whoa.' Isabelle hadn't been expecting to be put on the spot right off the bat, so to say she was surprised would be an understatement. Still, the game needed to start, so she had to think quick. Luckily, she had created a small list of both truths and dares in her head long before her arrival to avoid randomly coming up with something dumb on the spot. More important was the process of choosing someone. As she moved to sit on the floor, she looked at each individual in the room, attempting to recall their names. After a few moments of silent contemplation, she nodded.

"Alright. Mao." She didn't know him very well at all, but the same could be said about the majority of the other people in the room. Going off of what little knowledge she had of the game, she settled on picking a truth first, even if it was probably extremely typical to start with. "Truth. What, uh..." Isabelle held her hands together, fiddling with her thumbs as she chose her question. "Is there anything about yourself that you don't like, that you'd change if given the opportunity?"
WiP Characters / Re: Lavan d'Artagnan
« Last post by Kingnoname1 on Today at 08:01:53 AM »
You got a bit of a welcome on the discord but I'll do another one here. Welcome to the site, I hope you enjoy rping with us all here. As for the character itself you have made a very solid start. Most sections could do with a little extra detail and if you are ever unsure of what you might need feel free to check out the approved character board or ask here or on the discord.

As one specific I think this is the first profile I've had to say you might need to add more strengths to the combat behaviour.
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