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Amity Colosseum / Re: Switcheroo: Gwylan/Anna
« Last post by nathan67003 on Today at 09:15:57 AM »
Anna chuckled a bit at the guy's offer. "Nah, at least lemme pay for my part. You've suffered enough.", she added with a large, somewhat mischievous grin.

After thinking a bit, she asked "Really? You've never used Dust?"
Character Creation / Re: +1'd Characters
« Last post by ecksdeeeXD on July 26, 2017, 09:24:51 PM »
Character Creation / Re: Captain Cordell
« Last post by ecksdeeeXD on July 26, 2017, 09:24:14 PM »
Well, if I missed anything, the next mod/minion'll get it. Approved 1/2
Everywhere Else / Re: A Pinch of SALT [Closed]
« Last post by Kingnoname1 on July 26, 2017, 08:19:49 PM »
Finally realising Aurum's plan with the light post Saffron redoubled her speed, it wasn't enough but luckily the light post didn't seem to work. Closing fast Saffron had to leap over the crowd which was gathering around her problematic team mate to maintain her speed. Now aiming to crash Aurum into the exposed wiring of the light post as a little bit of payback as well as pinning the troublesome boy down. Talking over the exclamations of the crowd and more than a few racial comments which Saffron ignored she spoke breathlessly from her sprint. 'Aurum, give me that fish or I'll use your face to replace that covering.' Regardless of her team mates responce Saffron will continue running forward for her crash tackle, she was due some catharsis she reasoned.
'I don't think he's bleeding, we would have noticed by now.' Calen interrupted, shrugging as he walked off. Taking the light with him Calen then lead Setsuna to the closest hatch, keeping his head downcast as they walked throughout the ruins. Trying to maintain an air of nonchalance Calen began to make small talk with his team mate as they picked their way through the ruins. 'Not how you thought the first mission would go Master Antiqua?'

Bathing one of the hatches in light it become very apparent that time had not been kind. The wood had rotten, the metal had rusted over and some debris had fallen on the door holding it closed. The added leverage of being top side made both students able to shift the heavy rocks and bust through the hatch if they worked together and Calen shined the light down. The smell was intense and putrid, of death and long decayed flesh. Barely managing to resist gagging Calen gave Setsuna a forced smile and quipped before jumping down. 'Well maybe no one is home.'

Two bodies remained mostly intact, without insects or other carrion to breakdown  their flesh they remained in a horrific embrace. Other bones were littered around the room with dark discolourations on the floor, walls and even roof too random to be paint. Calen's mind immediately went on the defensive 'Oh hi Mr and Mrs Henderson I hope you don't mind us coming over so late, we've caught ourselves in a spot of bother and hoping you could help us out. What's yours is ours? So kind, we will be sure to repay you later.' Calen joked as he set the light up on a high point, managing to hide the two intact bodies in shadow before turning to search through the cupboards. As expected anything with a nutritional value was gone there still might be medical supplies somewhere.

Comparatively topside Anna 'looked' over Taro and did in fact find tell tale traces of blood coming from his nose but at least some of his aura remained. More troubling however was how limp the boy was and how he showed no signs of regaining consciousness. The noise Anna's team mate were making was attracting some attention but nothing the huntress-in-training couldn't deal with. Emerging from the darkness with it's tail fully coiled the medium sized deathstalker approached using the remains of a wall to hide the majority of it's body. Suddenly  the tail extended and tried to sting the conscious student from it's hiding place.

Grimm's Battle Data
Stinger 4%
Amity Colosseum / Re: Switcheroo: Juno/Acero
« Last post by Capta1n_Henry on July 26, 2017, 03:35:21 PM »
Acero was completely caught off guard by the sand, and grunted in pain as it hit his right eye, though he could still see with his left eye. This allowed him to somewhat block the hook to his stomach, though it still forced him back. Wanting to try something out, Acero moved his right arm back about sixty degrees, he then moved his arm forward while firing a grappling hook at the same time, making it to wrap around his opponents left leg.

"Get over here!" he shouted as he started to reel the grappling hook back, hoping to stomp the first year once he was in range.

[Aura: 54%]

[Damage from being dragged: 3%]

[Stomp: 8%]
The Vale Region / Re: Casino Royale (CLOSED)
« Last post by Dusty on July 26, 2017, 02:56:31 PM »
What an absolute load of rubbish that was. Royale didn't want to teach them anything, he just wanted some cheap labour. Compared to those two, a couple Beacon students probably didn't cost anything more than a headache. This was starting to look less and less enjoyable by the moment.

Slipping her jacket back on, Aoife marched forward and up the ramp, not bothering to grace either guard with anything more than a glance. Silica, though, she stuck her tongue out at as she went. Little more than childish amusement really, but it made Aoife feel better. She threw herself down into the seat opposite Marvin and gave him another once over, trying to discern anything more about him than that he was rich and a bit of a pompous ass. He didn't seem to be nervous or anxious, though he'd probably cover it up if he was. There was only one way that she was gonna get any more information out of him.

"Why get Hunters-in-Training for your bodyguards then?", Aoife bluntly said, practically snarled really, at Marvin, without a care for whether anyone else had sat down or bothered talking.
Amity Colosseum / Re: Switcheroo: Gwylan/Anna
« Last post by Dusty on July 26, 2017, 02:24:46 PM »
"Don't ask me, I've never needed to buy Dust or ammo in my life", Gwylan hummed, before shaking his head and chuckling. "If I have to, I'll see if I can shout him some take out instead. Save me some money anyway". That'd do him, right? No one had ever said no to free take out in the life. That would be some manner of sin.

"Hey, I'll pay yours too, if that's the case. Winner's prize and all that".
The Vale Region / Re: Casino Royale (CLOSED)
« Last post by Riven on July 26, 2017, 01:41:35 PM »
Rory couldn't help but try to assess the guards as he headed for the ramp, trying to get a sense of Royale's standard security. It probably wasn't necessary -- this was, doubtless, more of a PR stunt than an actual guard job for the students -- but the shield fighter liked to keep his mind busy so that it didn't... well, wander. The two bodyguards escorting Mr. Royale were certainly dressed to intimidate: those masks and the statuesque posture certainly suggested that they were all business, as did the weapons they carried. Still, that was just appearances. Rory couldn't help but think that a former Huntsman like Royale would go one of two ways when it came to his personal security detail: view them as a showpiece, or expect them to perform at or close to the level of Huntsmen themselves.

Rory couldn't quite tell which way he thought that coin flip would fall, at least not yet. But anyone looking to take a shot at Mr. Royale wouldn't leave it to chance... meaning the guards were either a very convincing bluff, or the real deal. He nodded respectfully to the one on his right as he headed up the ramp and into the airship.
Everywhere Else / Re: A Pinch of SALT [Closed]
« Last post by Xarias Fury on July 26, 2017, 10:12:34 AM »
"Don't you worry one bit, Topaz. I'm a genius at covering my tracks." He replied, unscrewing the first screw in the panel. A larger crowd was gathering and one guy even seemed to be poking the fish with his spear. "Ooh, juicy. Now there goes screw number two."

Dropping the screws on the ground Aurum also began pulling out two wires and gnawed off the rubber with his teeth near the ends to make contact points. Third screw down and he carefully pulled out two nails that he planned on jamming steaight to the lamp circuitry to connect his battery to. Unscrewing with one hand and twisting copper wires over a nail with the other, he managed to save time and get the panel off just as he prepped his dust canister for the surge.

"Well. wish me luck!" Aurum said, slamming the nail into the circuitry and activating the dust canister.

The lamp post flickered violently for a few seconds, sizzling and sparking here and there around the frozen fish  and even started to thaw it out, unfortunately the damned thing short circuited and popped the bulb just as Aurum exhausted his dust.

"What! That was supposed to work! that banana i smell?" Aurum cried, hands pulling at his spiky hair. "Oh screw it guess I'll just shoot the damned thing."
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