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Re: Hex
« Reply #15 on: January 29, 2017, 07:30:03 PM »
" Using all of the knowledge, she crafted herself an arsenal of weapons and proceeded to hunt down every member of the gang. She left no survivors. Destroying everything she built, she fled the city and traveled half way around the world to Vale.


She learned the basics about hunting, but was more interested in building than fighting.

So probably means she wouldn't be able to kill them. Even with her 'creations.' What's to say the gang doesn't have a high class fighter with them? How did they get away with a kid and just murder her for no reason at all? How the heck did this 16 year old manage to kill every single gang member with no preparation without making a ruckus about it? Sure you can argue that Ruby and Yang can take on a bunch of amateurs but having an edgy vigilante teenage psychopath that somehow a whole gang can't take out, while getting wiped out and slaughtered seems a little too much, don't cha think?

but only scraped by on the combat section

And her lack of combat experience doesn't support this fact either. Unless these super bad gang members were stupidly dumb and Hex's sister was a wet paper towel.

And don't you think Beacon would study a student's background before letting them in? "Where is this girl from" ~ "Pfft how do I know? She's got similar weapons to this one chick who seemed to have killed off a gang in (insert town name) but she's weaker than most normal students. Can't be her. No need for an ID check."

Semblance has too many functions. Check the multi-faceted semblance rule.

She is an excellent sword fighter, receiving training from many different sword masters who bought her weapons in the past

Inconsistent with the
but only scraped by on the combat section.
weak little fighter bit. Also, strike for having so many sword masters take on this random little girl that likes building machines.

This eclectic training means that she can seamlessly switch from sword style to sword style,

I thought she was an engineer? And she somehow mastered several sword styles while being a not so competent fighter? You don't even enumerate what kind of styles these are or what they do. It's just a convenient loophole to be able to overpower others by saying 'she changed to a style to counter(insert fighting technique)' No. Stick with only a few at most. Defensive, offensive etc etc etc. Also, her sword is long. That drastically limits her choices as well as usable techniques as well as having it's own weaknesses.

5 tons.


We see Nora lift 1000 somethings. Be it pounds or kgs she barely held on to it for more than a few seconds. Not to mention your character seems to be short and only a semi-muscular build. Not exactly the weight lifting champ build.


No aura infusing. that's dumb. Also a sword that grows because it has aura in it? Doubly dumb. This is aura-weapon tech which we're not even sure exists in canon and barely use in our uni. Change this. Dust functions are OP as well. A tornado? Are you kidding me?

I don't know how this got through preliminary reviews but these problems make the profile quite unacceptable. Edit as required.

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Re: Hex
« Reply #16 on: February 14, 2017, 05:31:35 PM »
Moved to MIA.
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