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Daniella de Lion [WIP, Like ??% done?]
« on: December 15, 2017, 06:21:54 PM »

Name: Daniella "Dan" de Lion

Age: 30th Huā

Species and Gender: Female Human

Symbol:  Sample Text

Occupation: 7th year Huntress-in-training at Atlas Academy, Team IDOL/Singer

Appearance: Daniella is a handsome young woman standing at 6'0 tall. Possessed of sharp features with golden hair pulled into a short ponytail, and bangs that frame her matching eyes, she could be mistaken for a suave, pretty man if not for her melodious voice. she commonly wears a white double breasted pea-coat over a white button up shirt and golden yellow tie. The left arm of her coat is embroidered with a golden vine & dandelion pattern. To complement the jacket, she wears matching white trousers and brogues.

When required, she wears a male uniform.

History: Sample Text

Personality: Daniella is a woman that's hard to pin down, seeming cool and reserved at first, she can just as easily be seen jokingly flirting with students around campus. These twin facades conceal a woman who is deeply insecure about her career choice and appearance, she struggles with truly opening up to people, only really feeling close with her teammates and deceased grandmother.

Aura and Semblance: Daniella's Aura is yellow.

Her semblance, Glitterdust allows her to generate glowing dandelion spores that explode with a blinding light upon contact with something, or on command. She can create and maintain five spores at a time, but can't create individual spores to replace detonated ones, needing to detonate all five to create more. While Daniela can create spores anywhere within a 1 meter radius, she can't move them naturally, and needs to rely on outside force to do so.

Combat Behavior:  Daniella prefers to fight at mid-range, using gusts of wind and her semblance to keep her enemies at bay. When in a melee fight, she's most comfortable using the sword form of Canción in combination with Melodia, but will use the spear form if it will provide a tactical advantage. Canción's primary weakness is that if an enemy can get past its point, it has no actual blade to speak of, meaning extremely close range fighters can cause Daniella problems.

Due to the nature of her semblance, she can't use that at close range without harming herself, and she has to make sure not to catch any allies in its radius as well. In addition, any enemy that doesn't rely on sight will be immune to the worst effects, but this rarely comes up.

Daniella is deeply in love with her teammate, Lazul Fen, and is prone to acting impulsively when he's in danger, she is liable to abandon mission objectives and charge into melee combat, which isn't her preferred distance, in an attempt to protect him.



Primary Form: Canción is an unusual sword like weapon, somewhat resembling a rapier in form and function. Featuring a gilded swept hilt, the pommel has been replaced with a 55 Vintage-series microphone, similarly gilded. The "blade" is blunt and rounded, more like a metal shaft, and is engraved with vine patterns. It terminates in a large, sharp triangular point, resembling a spear or arrowhead. The vine engravings also coalesce, leading towards a dandelion on the center of the point. This design is mirrored on the other side of the weapon.

Secondary Form: By pushing a slide switch located just above the hilt up, Canción's round "blade" will extend, allowing it to be used as a spear. In this form, the sword's hilt can also serve as a cudgel.

Tertiary Form: By pushing the slide switch down, Canción's "blade" will collapse, allowing for easier transportation.

Dust Functions: Canción functions as a wireless microphone through electricity Dust batteries, which are inserted into a flap on the hilt.

History: Canción was constructed during her first year at Atlas to give Daniella a melee combat option, then later modified to include the microphone by her teammate Lazul Fen.


Primary Form: Melodia is a crimson coloured matador's cape, that has had large amounts of wind Dust woven into it, allowing her to manipulate wind in various ways through motions of the cape and the intensity of the Aura she cycles through it.

Combined Form: When Melodia is tied to the top of Canción's shaft in its spear form, its wind can be projected from greater ranger, and can even improve the blade's sharpness.

Dust Functions: Through manipulation of Aura, Melodia can be used to generate wind currents of weak to middling intensity, and they can also be focused into medium ranged severing gales, giving Daniella a ranged weapon.

History: Melodia was originally a cape owned by Daniella's grandmother, who she adored. Upon deciding to be a huntress, she decided to convert the cape into a Dust focus.
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