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The Vale Region / Re: A Badge of Honor [BADJ Initiation]
« Last post by DEXES on Today at 01:03:18 AM »
"How in Remnant, did you manage to get a pet dragon?" Mikado looked at his right to see a girl with black hair. He noticed her sneaking toward him earlier, but didnít paid her any attention. "Semblance" he answered without taking his eyes of the boy, which now caused the crowd to pile into each other.
It wasnít long after, that said boy turned towards him. "Looks like I caught him, well caught is too strong a word but whatever, even if it did cause a mess on the ship..."
Mikado didn't reply and silently put Kiro into his arms again. Now holding the dragon he followed the others gazeses to where the broken vent was supposed to lay, only to see it fixed up on the celling again.
The Vale Region / Re: A Badge of Honor [BADJ Initiation]
« Last post by mylies43 on Today at 12:11:01 AM »
Serin carefully analyzed the movement of the dragon, watching as it flew around the room and dodged all the obstacles that it was presented, even a vent falling front of it didn't so much as disturb it. After finally deciding on a plan of action he prepared to move just as the dragon dived towards him, in response he raised his arms to cover his face but much to his surprise the dragon landed on his head! At first, he was ecstatic! The dragon had come to him! But he quickly noticed that everyone had now changed their attention to him and began to swarm in his direction.

Thinking quickly Serin backed up to a wall of the ship and summoned four decoys in front of him. Switching from control of his body to all four decoys he had them raise their arms into defensive postures along with extending his arm blade before having them yell a now massively amplified


The students in the front halted covering their ears causing all the students behind them to crash into each other ending up as a small pile of bodies on the floor. Satisfied with this result Serin switched back to his body and raised his arm to pet the dragon.

"Now that wasn't too hard was it." He said turning to the dragons owner.

"Looks like I caught him, well caught is too strong a word but whatever, even if it did cause a mess on the ship..." He said looking around at just the students getting off the ground and attempting to find the vent that was knocked off.

"Oh no! What are the Professors going to say when they see this!?" He said with a rising panic, first impressions where everything and this was not making for a great one.

"Wait, what happened to the vent that was knocked off? It looks fine now."
The Vale Region / Re: An Off-the-Record Request [LLGD Initiation]
« Last post by L-Money on February 24, 2018, 07:59:46 PM »
Leona jogged up behind Lissa as they made it to their professor.

"Ah, excellent. This is the rest of your team? And I assume this is your true leader, Leona."

Leona stood proudly as she got inspected by Ms.Evermore.

"Yes, she certainly looks the part better than you do."

Leona would have smiled if she wasn't so shocked that a teacher would be so rude to say that.

She listened to the instructions of the mission and replied with, "Yes, Ma'am" before climbing into the vehicle for the ride.
The Vale Region / Re: A Badge of Honor [BADJ Initiation]
« Last post by L-Money on February 24, 2018, 07:49:32 PM »
Billy stayed standing uncomfortably close to Mikado for most of the events that unfolded. She eventually realized how close she was to him and took a step back when he all most hit her, as he rose his hand up to touch his head. Her eyes widened as she watched the boy manipulate the people into chasing the dragon. He even caused the indirect destruction of the airship... that was easily fixed somehow? Semblances man. She was going to help the poor, metal-armed guy in a moment, but she needed to ask something first.

"How in Remnant, did you manage to get a pet dragon?" she asked Mikado.
The Vale Region / Re: A Badge of Honor [BADJ Initiation]
« Last post by Flooberoid on February 24, 2018, 06:41:06 PM »
"The hell?!" Jacob exclaimed as he rolled to avoid smashing face-first into the ground. "Little guy's faster than I thought." He scratched his head and sighed. "Ah well. Guess I'd better do something about this before the professor shows up." In a single fluid motion, Jacob swung his club around to meet his shoulder as he crouched down to the broken ventilation unit. When he placed his other hand on it, the unit began glowing a faint blue and rose up on its own to reconnect with the wall.
The Vale Region / Re: Casino Royale (CLOSED)
« Last post by Capta1n_Henry on February 24, 2018, 06:30:30 PM »
"Not much of a gentleman, is he?" Mae thought as she ran up the stairs, doing her best to avoid the spider that was chasing her down. The girl quickly realized that if she didn't do something soon, she would be caught by this weirdo without her teammates even knowing about it. Deciding it was worth the risk, Mae used her semblance and jumped through the door, spinning around to shoot her revolver and crossbow at the doorway to suppress the spider Faunus a little bit.

The girl then shot the lights around the room, making it pitch black before she jumped up onto the rafters, her weapons trained on the doorway. "C'mon, I dare you to do it, creep," she thought, eager to make this guy regret chasing her down.
Acero rested his weapon on his shoulder as he trudged back to his team, the servos in his robotic arm making very audible noise with each step he took. He was glad to see that his new team could hold their own against a sizable force of Grimm without too many issues. The cyborg took glances at his teammates, checking to see if they had any wounds or problems that needed dealing with before turning back towards Savas.

"Tch," he breathed out before saying, "next time let's get a dropship that can actually shoot at stuff on the ground, it'd save us the trouble of dealing with all of them by ourselves. Other than that, I think I'm good for now." Acero then kneeled down, awaiting new orders to come from his new team leader, who he was becoming more and more comfortable with the more times he heard that iconic voice of his.

Battle Stats:
  • Aura Status: 80%
  • Dashes Recharging
  • Weapon Mode: Greatsword
Beacon Academy / Re: Physician, Teach Thyself (OPEN to FIRST YEARS)
« Last post by jjb2158 on February 24, 2018, 04:18:15 PM »
Nodding while listening to the Professor give his explanation on battle fatigue, Rackley hastily jotted down as much as he could as he followed along with the lesson. He had never personally felt this type of fatigue before, however, he knew it wouldn't be uncommon for that to happen, especially if you've been fighting non-stop for the entire day or longer.

Not noticing Sandy come back to his seat, Rackley grimaced visibly and had to look away briefly to compose himself before looking back at the picture set before him. Hearing Sandy's comment, he simply nodded in acknowledgement. As much as Rackley did not want to have attention drawn to him, this was something he had learned about while out in the wilderness with his father learning to hunt. "A-A-A cool c-compress for s-starters" he stammered, trying to not be nervous around Blair. "You c-c-could p-put it under cool water to cool it down first before p-putting a loose b-b-bandage that won't st-stick to the w-wound on to k-keep it covered until you g-get them to p-proper care."

Letting out a breath, Rackley hoped his response was sufficient for Sandy to answer. No matter how courageous he was feeling, Rackley couldn't bring himself to want to raise his hand to answer the question so he hoped that his partner would be able to do that in his place.
The Vale Region / Re: A Badge of Honor [BADJ Initiation]
« Last post by DEXES on February 24, 2018, 03:56:27 PM »
Even though the small dragon saw the ventilation come down, he didn’t stop. He jumped on the side which faced him and used the momentum to bounce right of it again. Mikado and Kiro used to train a lot with jumping from wall to wall or using their momentum for their advantage, so non of them would have any problems to use the falling ventilation for their advantage.
Kiro klapped his wings in and bounced right through the boys legs dodging him in the process. But it didn’t stop there. A wolf faunus girl with black hair landed just a few inches infront of Kiro. The black dragon immediately unfolded his wings and flew up in a straight line, dodging by a hair.
Now in the air, Kiro throw a short glimpse at Mikado which emotionless pointed to his head. With angled winges, Kiro dashed towards the boy with the prosthetic arm. Just before he would hit him he rose higher again, and to the boy's surprise, landed on his head. Of course, that didn’t go unnoticed by literally everyone in the room, which now all came running towards to poor boy
The Vale Region / Re: A Badge of Honor [BADJ Initiation]
« Last post by Flooberoid on February 24, 2018, 03:08:21 PM »
Jacob saw the strange dragon fly out of the crowd forming near the opposite side of the ship. While he wanted to get a closer look before, the crowd of onlookers seemed really annoying, especially for the creature's presumed owner. However, with it separated from the group, Jacob wanted to make it known that this was his chance and anyone who got in the way might very well get hurt. He lifted Journeyman, making a wall as he reached out and blocked a couple of students who had come running. With a smash of the club, he knocked a ventilation unit off the wall of the airship which fell down to block the dragon's escape, creating a loud crash in the process. "Gotcha now!" he shouted with a grin, leaping over the unit in an attempt to touch the dragon.
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