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Aurelia swore. She'd wasted away all of her ammo reserves in a failed gambit. She noted that Ceramite didn't attempt another shot at her and she figured that that they were now in the same boat...with the exception that Ceramite still had his massive gun available to him. She absolutely could not afford to let him get his hands on it.

Seeing as he was nearing Exitium, Aurelia charged straight for him with an attack at the ready[1].

[1] - Horizontal swipe, 15% total (5% base + 5% strength trait + 5% semblance charge)

Aura:  71% 71% ( 0%) + 5% ( 0%)( 0%) overcharge
Fatigue: 20% 22% ( 2%)
Ammo: [-----] || [-----]

Everywhere Else / Re: Bone of the First [SSMR]
« on: August 08, 2018, 03:15:10 PM »
Suna sighed at the rejection of his offer. He took a few steps towards the runt and gently grabbed the back of her collar, moving her away from the wall of the dome. "Stop that," he said as he maintained his grip, making sure that Sean was done talking so Suna couldn't be heard. "And don't make any more noise."

Suna sat back quickly, wondering who the man could possibly be before coming to the realization that, in the midst of this chaotic situation, he had come across a name. With his free hand, he brought out his scroll and on the screen was the information he had searched up earlier. Suna replaced it and took a step toward Sean, tugging the runt along with him, and snatched the radio from Sean's hands. He brought it up to his face and uttered a single word:


Everywhere Else / Re: An Afternoon Downtown [Closed]
« on: August 08, 2018, 02:13:15 PM »
Airi's body quickly relaxed as the fight neared its end. Her body screamed for rest and nourishment so she fell backwards onto her behind. She didn't so much feel sore but rather like she was deprived; it was a familiar feeling to her but uncomfortable nonetheless. "I'm fine," she said. Airi was looking to sound in control, dominant, but instead her voice lacked energy and almost came off as a sigh.

Avery was thankful that the duration of the Dust effects was relatively short; if not, he would've been in a world of trouble. At the cost of Vivian's mistake, Avery now knew definitely that she was switching to ice; while he wasn't as worried about it as the electric Dust, it still had to potential to cause severe complications. He took a glance at Topaz who was managing to hold her own before charging at Vivian, all the while keeping an eye on her frozen fist.  He finally released the spearhead of his weapon and sent another jab[1] at Vivian as he hoped to keep her handicapped for as long as possible.

[1] - 6%

Aura: 88% 88% ( 0%)
Fatigue: 7% 9% ( 2%)

The shot tore through Aurelia's overcharge and knocked her back. She could only manage to let out a "Sh-" before her back crashed against the sandy terrain. The attack widened the gap between them, again putting her at a severe disadvantage. Mustering her composure, she got to her feet as quickly as she could. She had tried her best to eek out something, but it was clear that she'd failed.

Aurelia's figured explored her waist, eventually coming upon the small container housing her ammunition which housed ten rounds. She sighed and loosened it a bit from her belt before she leapt forward, and smashed the ground with her weapon sending a plume of sand into the air. Aurelia then grasped the container, tossed all of her remaining rounds towards Ceramite, and sent one more wave projectile[1] his way with the intent to ignite all the round[2].

[1]- Horizontal, 5%
[2] - 3% per close hit, 1% per splash; 10 total

Aura:  89.25% 71% ( 18.25%) + 5% ( 1.75%)( 5%) overcharge
Fatigue: 14%   20% ( 6%)
Ammo: [-----] || [-----]

RPG Discussion / Re: Format Testing
« on: August 03, 2018, 12:13:13 AM »
So I don't forget

The pod's door nearly closed on Avery, but his desire to get himself off this miserable ship happened to save his life; if he hadn't made it, he'd either be crushed or getting a captain's funeral as he joined the ship in its journey to the bottom of the sea. Being the last one to get in, he wasn't able to find a seat. The fall and subsequent crash into the frigid water below caused Avery to rattle inside the pod like a bead in a maraca.

He laid still, recouping from his minor injuries. The pod's systems seemed to be intact and it was moving toward a landmass. He sighed. "One hour." He laid back and shifted his attention from the systems to Cordell. Since Dorian what out for the count, Avery decided to ask the obvious question, "What were you doing on that ship? If you were looking to take something, why help us?"

Everywhere Else / Re: An Afternoon Downtown [Closed]
« on: July 31, 2018, 05:17:07 PM »
Slowly, the energy that'd was drained from her was slowly fading back into existence, and it was enough to be workable. Following Lyra, Airi punched her palm and dug her feet into the ground as she entered a combat stance.  Airi hoped that that'd be enough to scare off the grunts. If not, she had enough in her tank to fight back, at most, two of them.

Everywhere Else / Re: Bone of the First [SSMR]
« on: July 30, 2018, 02:26:17 PM »
Suna huffed as Sean proceeded to respond back to the man. While what he said to the little thief had been harsh, it was true. Suna waited until Sean was finished talking before speaking up, making sure that his finger was off the button of the radio.

"Boss man won't let a pawn's mistakes go unpunished, even if it wasn't the truth. If he didn't have a target over her head before, now he does." While Suna happened to be playing the "bad guy" role throughout this entire fiasco, he did intend to keep the runt safe for as long as he believed her to be mostly innocent. Suna turned to get and said, "We need you to take us to him. I'll give you my cloak if you do." His cloak, while a bit worn, was still in better condition than the runt's, and he also figured that she'd need a change in wardrobe to disguise herself just in case.

Aurelia's had tunnel-visioned so much on Exitium that she was caught by surprise when she received a face full of explosive pellets. She placed a foot behind her, digging into the sand to brace herself. The additional sand sent into the air limited her version, but despite it, she had no other choice but to charge forward. She kicked off her back foot and went into the sand plume, one arm up to catch any more pellets from hitting her face and part of her chest and the other sending another horizontal strike[1] Ceramite's way.

[1] - 5% physical; decreased accuracy due to sand in the air and surprise shotgun blast

Aura: 95% 89.25% ( 5.75%) + 1.75% ( 1.25%)( 1.75%) overcharge
Fatigue: 12%   14% ( 2%)
Ammo: [⌂⌂---] || [-----]

Avery hoped that the Dust augmentation of Vivian's arms wouldn't last much longer. Even the slight nick that he took earlier was enough to do its fair share of damage, and since parrying was out of the answer, he couldn't do anything else but dodge. The first strike narrowly sailed past him, close enough that he could feel a slight tingling sensation as it went by. However, he wasn't so lucky the next time around. The sand was giving Avery a hard time and when he tried to dodge for the second time, he fumbled his footwork and took a solid one-two punch square in the chest.

He was sent back flying onto the sand, but he managed to get back up albeit slowly thanks to the effects of the electric Dust.

Seeing as she was hesitating, Avery sent two jabs with his staff[1] in retaliation.

[1] - 4% each

Aura: 98% 88% ( 10%)
Fatigue: 4% 7% ( 3%)

Aurelia had burned through a good portion of her ammo, but it seemed that it was all worth it: she'd restricted Ceramite's use of his bulky weapon and managed to separate the two which allowed her to close in uncontested. Nearing Ceramite's position, she shot one more wave horizontal projectile (5%) at his position (if covered by dune, akin to cover fire) to keep him preoccupied. At the same time, she preloaded three rounds into the other half of her weapon. Rounding the crest of the hill, she would send a loaded [if dodging parallel to the prior projectile: horizontal; if dodging perpendicular or doing nothing: downward vertical] strike Ceramite's way, augmented by her aura and the explosive power of her rounds (direct hit: 7% base + 5% [strength aura] + 15% [5% x 3 from explosive rounds]; splash: 5% [explosion]). In doing so, the attack would also send a significant amount of the sand into the air if the vertical strike misses.

Aura: 95% (-5% [explosion]) + 1.25% overcharge
Fatigue: 12%
Ammo: [⌂⌂---] || [-----]

RPG Discussion / Re: Weekly Writing Prompts
« on: July 26, 2018, 02:09:46 PM »
Canon: Rough Start

His entire body was numb. The thumping of his soles against the wet pavement reverberated throughout his body like molasses rather than the jolt that his usual spring had. Rain pelted the ground and the wind, made stronger by the surrounding buildings, jerked his umbrella too and fro, and he let it all happen.

Aside from the occasionally, impressively-lit signage, Mao wasn't paying attention to much of anything except for the contents of a letter tucked away in his backpack.

We regret to inform you that, due to sub-standard performance, Mao has been held back one year...

There was obviously more to the letter, but that was the only bit that mattered. His mind turned to his family back home. He couldn't go back. How could he face them? His sister, Sophea, even moved into the city with him to give him support. He was not looking forward to returning to their apartment. And then there was his profes-

The collision of umbrellas shot him back into reality. Only a few inches in front of him was a dapper young man, taller enough than Mao that there should've been no contact, but the man had purposely brought his umbrella down to meet his.

"Hey kid, pay attention to where you're going," the man said. The look on his face was neutral; Mao couldn't read him.

"Oh, uh! S-sorry sir," Mao stammered out. He gave a small bow. "I..."

"What, do you have a reason for almost running into me?"

Mao straightened himself out. "No, I don't. Sorry."

The man narrowed his eyes. "Just spit it out," he said, his voice slightly deeper than before.

There were a few seconds of silence as Mao decided whether or not he should. "I uh, failed my first year at Signal". His voice became noticeably quieter as the sentence ran on.

The man's face twitched for just a moment, and if about to burst out laughing, but he remained silent. Instead, he sighed. "Tough."  He stepped around Mao and continued toward his destination. "Follow me."

As they neared their destination, the quiet yet forceful ripples resounding through Mao's body became stronger and stronger, and as he walked through the door of their destination, the music hit him like a tsunami. Mao had never been to one before and he couldn't his agape expression. The man turned to him, tossing Mao a quick "Don't look so surprised" before continuing on into the club.

At first it was dark, but as the space began to open up, strobe lights started to fill the air. The music became louder, impactful enough that it might as well take the place of his heart. As to be expected, the place was crowded. The pair made their way along the perimeter of the room, avoiding the dance floor in the center. They soon came upon a staircase with a burly man near. The bouncer extended an arm, stopping them in their tracks. "Who's the kid?" he asked.

Mao's escort patted Mao on the shoulder a few times before bringing them shoulder-to-shoulder. "Found him on the street this morning. He seemed like he could be helpful so now he's my lackey," the man responded. The bouncer simply nodded and stepped aside. The man nodded back and made his way upstairs with Mao in tow.

The second floor of the club was slightly quieter and slightly more well-lit. There was a dance floor as well, but it was smaller and more vacant. Instead, the main attraction of the floor were the booths along the perimeter along with a dedicated serving staff. Instead of taking Mao to one of them, the man instead took him to a table nearby a balcony overlooking the first floor. "Have a seat," he said and so Mao did; the man remained standing. A waitress soon arrived to greet them and the man ordered a drink for him and a soda for the boy.  Waiting for their drinks to arrive, they opted to sit in silence until Mao finally broke the ice.

"Who are you and why'd you bring me here?" he asked bluntly. "My sister would kill me if she found out I was here."

The man crossed his arms. "And yet here you are. I didn't force you to follow me. What're you, a little duckling following around the first thing you set your sights on?" He let that hang in the air for a few seconds.  "Actually, don't bother answering that. I'm Johnny. I work in this joint. Who are you, kid?" Mao told him who he was and that he was from Plains. Johnny got a good laugh out of that. "You're from all the way out there? What the hell are you doing wandering the streets by yourself?" The waitress returned with their drinks. Johnny thanked and tipped her. She bowed and went on her way. "That's pretty dangerous, you know." He took a sip of his drink. Mao did the same: it didn't taste that great.

"You still didn't answer my question. Why did you bring me here?" Mao asked. repeating his question.

"I brought you here to see that there is a life past failure. My crew and I, we've all had a rough upbringing. We've gotten past hardships, and now here we are, still kickin' and having the time of our lives." Johnny took another sip of his drink. "I guess what I'm saying is: remember your past, but don't let it drag you away from your potential, and whatever comes your way, don't frown and don't shy away. Smile. Accept the fight. That way, you'll be better off."

Mao took a moment to let himself metabolize Johnny's advice. Mao tried, but it wasn't something that could happen overnight. Instead, he forced a smile. "Okay. Got it."

Johnny returned the smile with a grin of his own. "Okay?" He downed his drink. "Alright," he said, making his way to the party below, "let's go have some fun."

To her relief, Aurelia's initial attack left her opponent unable to attack, at least for the time being. Upon reaching a bomb, she chucked it high into the air toward Ceramite and fired two more horizontal wave projectiles (5% each), hoping to ignite the bomb in his vicinity (16% direct / 8% splash).

Not having a second to spare, Aurelia charged toward Ceramite, hoping to cover as much distance as possible before he was able to recompose himself.

He retracted his hand, untouched by his opponents. Unseen by the public eye, Avery was grinning ear to ear. The eagerness and confidence of Vermilion and Vivian was something to cherish.

As their 'greetings' carried on, he took the time to examine is opponent's weapons, taking extra note of the fact that Vivian's arms and their rather threatening aura. Avery wondered if there were a reason she didn't take his hand, but as she got into a combat stance, it was clear that he would find out soon enough. He kept his hand by his weapon and his eyes intensely focused on Vivian's fists. At the first sign of a twitch, Avery started moving as well. In the split second he realized where the punch was headed, he dug his right heel into the sand and pivoted backwards while at the same time semi-extending his staff and digging it into the ground to kick some sand into the air. It was dishonorable, sure, but they didn't even give them the time to return to their side of the field; he was fine with letting his honor slip a bit if it meant returning the favor in some capacity.

Avery intended to send an attack Vivian's way post sand attack, but movement in the sand was still a fairly new experience and VIvian's punch still managed to nick him in the shoulder, jolting his arm and loosening his grip on his weapon. Instead, he jumped back and extended his weapon to full length.

"Topaz, retreat! I'll cover you!" he ordered her while taking a defensive stance.

This was going to be annoying.

Aura: 100% > 98% (-2%)

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