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"That ain't gonna be a problem, honey, I'll buy it for you with first prize money!" He responded. And, to be fair, he did have a couple of wagers going on with his mates. They didn't have much confidence in him winning, after all.

His opponent was reeling back from his attack and reloading her weapon. This was Rufus' shot. The boy lunged over the trench, pulling the hook's chain off from his arm as he did. As soon as he had landed, he dashed towards his opponent, going for an apparent punch - but feinting moments before impact, instead ducking into a slide kick. His body was shifted to Jima's side, however - he appeared to be trying to get past her as he attacked.

(Slide kick: 5%)

Aura: 56%

Reyva sure liked his fire attacks - Razzy had to admit, they were pretty badass, too. With Rozhe Orchideya in its ranged form, he didn't have much of a chance to block the incoming fireball and the two were too close to each other for the boy to dodge. So, Razzy simply braced for the attack. Wasn't the biggest fireball he's had to deal with before - not by a long shot.

Razz grunted and stumbled back as the flames struck his chest. The stumble was half intentional, though - putting more distance between the two fighters. Razzmatazz still had four shots left, so he sent two more Reyva's way while hopping back closer to some of the dust crystals - they weren't fire crystals, but he could still use the wind to some effect. If only he could figure out what effect.

(Fire dust shots (2/6): 7%x2)

Aura: 84%

In retrospect, having a tug of war against a ranged combatant like Jima was a bad idea. But Rufus was very much the embodiment of 'bad idea' - so long as it would look cool.

While dropping low kept Rufus safe from the first shot, the second struck him right in the chest. If this were to turn into a war of attrition, he wouldn't stand a chance. But Jima's attempt at forcing herself back with the shotgun's blasts gave Rufus an idea - the final piece in his plan had revealed itself.

Rufus allowed the second blast to inch him forward. He was now dangerously close to the lava pit. He gave the girl a grin, and spoke up:

"Girl, I gotta say you've got plenty of spunk; Punch so hard make a man feel drunk;" He then winked and turning his head to look straight into the magma pit. He gave one big tug on the rope as he activated his semblance and shouted into the trench, forcing himself back and launching the lava out of the hole as he did: "But don't you take me just for for some punk, in the end it'll be my slam fuckin' dunk!"

(Lava being launched from the pit does 10% contact damage, around 3-5% per second of contact after that, potentially falling in the pit is up to you.)

Aura: 56%


Coconut had enough time to bring OTN forward and block the arrow - the shots at his legs were another story. While the boy narrowly avoided one shot, the other struck his legs, freezing them to the ground. All he could do was chop at them right away, but even that meant wasting precious time.

Well, he knew Prism wouldn't want him charging down Smokey himself. As such, once the ice was gone he hurriedly ran towards Mikado and Amane in order to help his teammate - though he couldn't reach them just yet.

(No attacks, clearing the ice for 10% stamina)

Coco's Battle Stats:
  Stamina: [███████---] 76%
  Aura: [███████---] 72%

Razzy gave his opponent a genuine smile.

"Thank you! That fire blast you started it was awesome, by the way - could you show me how you did that later?" He asked. As a gentleman, of course, he waited for his foe to respond before he continued his own attack.

The boy then pressed the switch on Rozhe Orchideya's hilt, transforming it into its gun form. Inside the boy had loaded a fire dust cartridge. He had six shots and doubted he'd get the chance to reload. He had to make the shots counts.

As such, he started with a simple pair of shots to Reyva's center of mass, quickly pulling back as he did so. His opponent hadn't seen his semblance before - which meant they would likely not be expecting Razzy to have some ranged firepower as well.

(Fire dust shots (4/6): 8%x2)

Aura: 84%

Now, Rufus had two options. Option A was to dodge the attack, use the moment when Jima's weapon wasn't fully ready and go back on the offensive. Option B was to take the claw head-on and risk falling in the lava.

Really, he only had one option.

Rufus extended his arm and let the claw grasp it, wincing as it wrapped around his limb. However, he was mostly prepared for the following yank - rather than going with her pull, the boy himself pulled back , digging his heels into the ground. The lava level had risen even further now - He probably couldn't just pull Jima in, but that was not the goal. He just needed her closer to the pit, and this was his best chance of forcing her to move closer.

Aura: 62%

RPG Discussion / Re: Weekly Writing Prompts
« on: August 06, 2018, 01:30:47 PM »
What-if: A Promise Is A Promise

"As long as I'm standing, you're not getting hurt. That's a promise."

The roaring of grimm, the sound of gunfire and the members of team CASA shouting. Everything around Coconut appears to be a blur, the boy dazed from being struck by an Ursa Major. It's all just a nonsensical mess of color and noise. Then the noise stops as a scream is cut short.

The only thing Coco could see clearly was the falling of blue-green feathers before him. He couldn't tell what had happened. None of them could. Almost mere seconds later, two of them could hear the chilling sound of twisting metal and a crash sending their healer through a tree. The gunfire would halt soon after.

Coconut was still confused. What had happened? How could it end this way? This had to be some cruel joke. A nightmare of sorts. He wanted it to be over already - he could barely lift O.T.N. anymore. This whole thing was just a bad training session or something, he just needed to get some help...

A drop of cold water falling on his nose awakened Coconut.

His eyes fluttered open and the boy looked around in confusion. It took a moment to remember where he was. He had taken refuge under a particularly thick layer of canopy during a rain storm. Despite his better judgement it appeared that he had fallen asleep. The rain had slowed down to a light drizzle. It was time to keep going anyway.

Coconut rose from his position, checking to make sure O.T.N. was still where it should be on his back. He then stepped out from under the tree he had been leaning against, splashing mud over his pants and cloak. That was hardly the worst his clothes had seen.

It would take an hour of walking to get out of the forest. A disused path appeared to be leading to a small collection of cottages. A village. Coconut stopped, checking his coat's pockets; he was running low on food supplies. Risky or not, he needed to make another stop.

As he approached the village he noted the villagers frantically running around, collecting their things and throwing them haphazardly into several carts lined up near the edge of the settlement. They were evacuating.

One of the older men was seemingly overseeing the process. He snapped his head towards the newcomer, a terrified expression on his face. Upon seeing Coconut's gear, a gleam of hope appeared in his eyes.

"A-a huntsman! Thank the heavens! We were just running out of hope!" the man uttered in a raspy voice. "A scout reported a horde of grimm heading this way, and it will be here in an hour at most. None of us are fighters, so..."

"How long do you need?" Coconut asked.

The man blinked and looked back at the villagers. There appeared to be about forty in total. "We will finish packing up soon, but we need more time to get enough distance between us and the horde. Maybe an hour or..."

"I can get you two. Leave some food and supplies, and whatever else you're willing to pay in that house over there," Coconut plainly instructed as he took O.T.N. off of his back and made a couple of practice swings with one arm. He was a bit sore from his troubled rest from earlier, but he'd have to make do.

"...And how will you escape?"

Coconut momentarily stared blankly at the man. He was going to say 'Either I do or I don't', but realized that it was probably not the best move.

"Fair point. If you have a spare horse, just strap the supplies onto it and set it on the far side of the village. Point to me where the horde's coming from, first."

Coconut spent the next twenty minutes setting up his defenses. He hadn't done anything like this in a long time, but he recalled his first mission with CASA. He first utilized his sword as a make-shift shovel, digging out small holes in the dirt, before 'borrowing' some of the fence posts around the village to be used as makeshift spears. It wasn't particularly elegant, but it would buy him time in his retreat never the less.

As he worked, he was approached by a girl - rather, a young woman. The fluffy ears on her head gave away that she was a faunus right away. Although dressed in a somewhat ragged skirt, a dusty beanie upon her head, she was rather cute - caring purple eyes, a slightly angled face making it hard to tell how old she truly was and shoulder-length, blonde hair peeking out from her headwear.

She smiled, giving Coconut a slight curtsy as she approached. Slightly flustered, the boy was unaware of how he should respond, though it didn't seem like she was expecting him to.

"Thank you, hunter. What you're doing is most admirable," she said. The girl was short. Though Coconut was crouching, she was hardly taller than he was - or, maybe, Coco himself had grown quite a bit in the past two years. "Could I know your name?"

Coconut blinked and stood up, towering over her small figure. "Coconut. Coconut Cream."

The girl nodded. "A pleasure, Coconut. I know this may seem odd... But promise you will make it back?" She asked rather sheepishly, looking down. "That... All of us will?"

"As long as I'm standing, you're not getting hurt. That's a promise."

There was a moment of prolongated silence. Finally, the boy spoke up.

"I promise. You can count on me."

The girl nodded again, turning on her heels and skipping towards the carts. Coconut reached a hand out towards her: "Hold on, you didn't tell me your name!"

The girl peeked over her shoulder and gave Coco a cheeki smirk. "I'll tell it  to you the next time we meet!"

The villagers had left little over half an hour ago. Coconut now stood a good ways away from his makeshift defensive line, near the forest he had come from himself. The horde would be upon him any minute now. He was ready, grasping O.T.N. in both hands as he began to feel the ground under his feet tremble. A sensation he had been getting used to - after all, he had become a grimm magnet, plagued by the events of his past. He had become all too familiar with the way Prism had felt - and, for that matter, with Prism's sleep schedule.

The first grimm emerged from the treeline. A row of beowolves and the smaller ursas which had made it to the front of the pack. No more than vermin to Coconut. As the first trio of beowolves pounced at him they were sliced clean in half even with just O.T.N.'s long sword form at play. The following two ursa were skewered upon his blade and used as meat shields against the charge of the third. A swift kick to free his sword, then another set of slashes and the first wave had been cleared.

Then the next wave came. And the next. And the next after that. Five minutes passed, then ten, then twenty, until Coconut couldn't even fathom how long it had been. Each line of grimm was harder to deal with, but it was not as if he hadn't trained for it. If it were just the smaller ones, he could keep the fighting up for at least an hour more.

But it couldn't just be the smaller ones, could it?

As if on que, the treeline began to fall apart as the next wave approached him. Coconut knew he was in for trouble, stepping back and guarding his face as the trees were smashed apart by the massive claws of a large deathstalker. The thing was about the largest he had ever seen, its tail nearly the height of a four story building. Even Golden O.T.N. didn't stand a chance against that thing. It was time to fall back.

A screech from above raised concerns, however. Coconut turned tail in hopes of outpacing the grimm while he still could, but a rain of sharp feathers caused him to go back on guard. Four relatively small nevermores were circling above the village, seemingly taking turns at peppering the ground upon which Coconut stood.

Things were looking grim. If he couldn't make it to his horse, his entire plan from there on would fall apart. He should have pulled back sooner, prepared better - but as always, he had gotten too cocky. That was always the reason, wasn't it? It was always his fault...

No. Fuck that, he thought. He had made a promise - and this time, it would be different. The deathstalker still on his ass, Coconut slapped O.T.N. onto his back and twisted the handle, transforming the blade into its Golden O.T.N. form. He then raised the weapon above his head, grunting as the arrows continued to rain - but few of them could now strike his body.

He leapt over his spear wall, and just in time - the deathstalker had gotten close, but the grimm following it had already passed it. Soon, however, they were met by the fence posts, colored to blend in with the ground around them. At least a dozen perished, trampled by the creatures following them.

The deathstalker did not care, however, as it crushed through the spear wall as if it was no more than just a couple of branches on the ground.

But that was not the only trick Coconut had learned from Amane. With his free hand, the boy reached into his pocket and flicked his scroll.

The beast reeled back as it passed the first pair of cottages, the explosives which Coconut had lined their walls with going off at once, sending rubble and fire dust its way. While it killed a few of the other grimm, the deathstalker might as well had not been harmed at all. But killing it with that wasn't the idea - stopping it in its tracks was.

Coconut used an undisturbed fence post to hop onto the low roof of one of the cottages. He was struck by another barrage of feathers, but that was not a major concern to the lone huntsman. He raised O.T.N. and focused his thoughts, the weapon glowing cream for a moment. He then swung at the air, letting out a powerful slash of aura towards the large grimm. The slash didn't penetrate the armor, but it did exactly what it was supposed to.

It cracked it.

The deathstalker barreled towards the cottage, crushing nearby grimm in its rampage. Cream waited, ignoring the seering pain in his back from the nevermores' constant attacks. He had to hold out just a moment longer...

Cream roared out as he raised Golden O.T.N. over his head and jumped down from the roof just before the deathstalker crashed through it. A downwards stab, if he had aimed it just right... Coconut felt a tremor go through his entire form as the blade sunk into the beast's skull, the creature releasing one last screech before collapsing.

As its body faded, Coconut glanced ahead to see another part of the horde emerging from the woods. The boy was near the horse already - he returned his weapon to its long sword form and cut the leash holding the animal where it was before checking the time. He still had an hour to hold the horde in place and his aura had already dropped below half.

He hopped onto the horse and rode out, holding his blade out in one hand. The nevermored had run out of feathers to shoot - it would be only a matter of time before they would swoop down. Going back into the thick of it would be suicidal.

But a promise is a promise, is it not?

It was late in the evening when Coconut stopped the horse and fell from it onto the ground. His side would be bruised from it later - his aura was completely depleted, as was any energy he had left in him. From a practical point of view, it hadn't been worth much - the villagers hadn't had much supplies to give.

And yet, as he laid there and attempted not to fall unconscious, he saw the girl from earlier before his eyes. He wondered if he would meet her again - if he'd ever learn her name.

No. Suppose it would be better that he didn't.

The feint catches Rufus off-guard - something he'd scold himself over later. And, as Jima could have expected, the shotgun blast sends Rufus flying back - almost a bit too far, actually. Almost as if he had flown away willingly...

Jima wasn't the only one to notice the trench filling with lava behind the boy. Getting thrown back like this is the perfect opportunity for Rufus to try out his own move, despite the pain he was in from her attack. The boy jumps back further, across the trench. He could feel its seering heat as he went over it.

Where he stood now, he didn't really have a way to directly attack - and all he could do was dodge the shotgun shots if Jima were to send any his way. But if she were to just pepper him with shots there, that'd be his own problem to deal with. For now, he would wait.

Aura: 64%

Well, that was satisfying. A good way for Coconut to start the figt on his part. But alas, there was little he could do to prevent himself from taking damage afterwards - all these copies, he simply couldn't follow along with which one was real, especially not after being blinded by the bolt. But maybe he didn't have to.

Rather than trying to dodge or block an attack he couldn't predict, Coconut instead prepared his own. Gritting his teeth as Serin's blades struck his back, he went for a swing much wider than before. In fact, he spun his entire form around like a disc thrower of sorts, sending O.T.N. towards every instance of Serin around him, hopefully including the real one.

(Spin attack: 9% damage, 7% stamina)

Coco's Battle Stats:
  Stamina: [████████--] 86%
  Aura: [█████████-] 90%

Jima was about as good at dodging punches as he himself was. Despite the fact that it wasn't exactly great news for him, he was glad to find an opponent as strong as her. That's what he was here for.

A challenge.

Rufus saw the incoming strike from her mace - a low uppercut to his guts like that would be hard to dodge. Easy to follow up on. Impossible to block without a weapon...

Instead, he took the brunt of her first attack and went for an uppercut of his own - a studded gauntlet to her jaw. The downsing was slightly scarier - he placed his own arm in front of it to lessen the damage at least a little.

(Uppercut: 7% damage)

(Half damage taken from downswing)

Aura: 73%

As effective as the light show was, Razzy couldn't keep it up forever. He had to pull back, and the overhead swing was his indicator that it was time. Razzy raised Rozhe Orchideya to block the attack, but its force still forced him back. Razzy tucked into a roll to recuperate, and was soon back up on his feet - he had taken some damage, but had now taken a defensive stance about a meter and a half away for Reyva.

As far as things went, he was still testing the waters - he now knew how much his opponent could handle defending, now to see what their offense was like.

(Took half damage from overhead swing)

Aura: 84%

In rap terms, poor Rufus went from a Dr. D.R.E. to a Danny Brown in an instant. Sure, like any man taking part in such a tournament, he had prepared protection over such vulnerable areas, but a solid kick like that still did its work.

He reeled back in pain, choosing not to spit any lines out in that moment - he'd likely sound much like a squeak toy anyway. He instead charges back in with a series of rapid punches holding a boxer's stance, both arms bent at the elbow and lifted to cover his own face. His steps weren't quite on point - an after effect of getting slammed in his crown jewels - but his punches were solid as always.

(Right hook, left hook, right hook: 5%, 4%, 5%)

Aura: 79%

Crashing a hardlight construct like that was about the most satisfying feeling out there - only for a brief moment did Coconut get to consider how powerful that strike had actually been. If only he could have done that sooner...

Coconut grunted as he was roughly punched in the gut, as if it had been smashed with a stone - and the following explosion was no better. The boy was flung through the air, stopped only by another tree near the edge of the arena. At least that one hadn't shattered behind him. Golden O.T.N. had flown out of his hand, however, and embedded itself through the trunk of another tree, buried to the hilt. Getting that out would be a pain.

Cream coughed as he glanced over at the aura bars on the screen. Despite his loss, a smirk still crept on his weary face. He had gotten Juno down to just 18%. That's about as close as the fight could have been.

Alas, he was pretty much done. After exherting himself that much and getting blown up, he couldn't even stand. He laid his head back against the tree trunk, content with just listening to the roaring crowd for a moment longer. One day, that crowd would roar in honor of his victory - even if that day wasn't this one.

Coco's Battle Stats:
  Stamina: [----------] 3%
  Aura: [----------] 6%

This was Coconut's first time using Golden O.T.N. against someone properly - the force it sent back through his body as it smashed against the hardlight shield was intense, and that hadn't even been the boy using all of his force. Maybe it was time to do just that.

Juno hadn't attacked - he was clearly preparing something big. If Coconut had any shot at winning this, he needed to go all out. He tightly grasped the hilt of his sword with both hands, pulling the blade back one last time. Every muscle in his body clenched as he swung the weapon forward, roaring out as he put every ounce of his strength into an attack which would determine the way the fight would end.

The fight had been intense, that was for sure. It seemed like both of them were pretty much fighting on fumes now. Whoever wins, Coconut knew one thing for sure - he'd ask Juno to spar some time in the near future. No way to improve without a good challenge.

(Final Golden O.T.N. slash: 35% damage for 25% stamina)

Coco's Battle Stats:
  Stamina: [----------] 3%
  Aura: [████------] 41%

A single attack had made it past Reyva's defences, but it was obvious that he had to change his approach is he were to do any more damage. At this point, he figured that his opponent already knew about his semblance, so there was little point in hiding it - Razzy conjured up a small lightshow in his opponent's face, a whirlwind of color around his head for a couple of seconds.

Razz then followed it up with a series of stabs - harder to simply block with a sword or parry, even more so when one couln't see where they were coming from. To keep things going, Razzy made sure to strike first from the left, then from the right, then straight down the middle - hoping his opponent's defence would then trip up.

(Stabbos are 5%x3 as well)

Aura: 91%

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