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The Vale Region / Re: Royal Rumble [CLOSED]
« on: November 10, 2018, 04:21:52 AM »
Prism would find a door at the top of the staircase which would lead her into a much nicer looking hall. The walls were actually covered in proper, pure white paint with rows of wooden doors on either side. Next to each door was a plaque with a name and supposed occupation carved into it: R. Joule, Manager; PM, Manager; K. Hart, Manager; G. Bourbon, Manager; Whitaker, Associate; Administrator. There were also several which were blank - if she were to try and open these she'd find the rooms completely empty. Strangely enough, she wouldn't find a single living soul around - even the rooms which were supposedly in use were abandoned.

Mordred remained equally motionless and expressionless while Hart smirked, knocking his glass against 'Jane's'. "I'll offer a toast for yours, at least. It's not my fighter your friend is going up against - at least, not anymore. But I will say... She'll probably need all the luck she can get. Sark can be a real pain a good fighter's behind." As he spoke, he seemed to glance towards the man sitting on the opposite side of the arena - the one dressed in the damn pig mask.

It was at this time that the intercoms hidden away in the corners of the room came to life.

"Lasses and gents, I hope you all found yer seats well, 'cause tonight is going to be a bit of a special fight! A cage match to the last drop, and our administrator's promised us that we'll get a bit of a surprise at the end - we don't know how good it'll be for the fighters, but it's gonna be damn good for the rest of us! And now, without further ado, here comes today's challenger - Alter! A newcomer to the fighting game going up against our reigning champion, we can only wish her luck, can't we?"

As Akel stepped out into the arena, met with cheers and chants on every side, she'd find herself in a fully enclosed metal cage. It looked sturdy enough and capable of withstanding a blow or two, but a heavier strike from a blade might be able to cut through it. As she entered the door behind her was shut and locked. After a short while the chanting quieted down as if in anticipation of something. The intercoms came on once more.

"As for the champion himself - we ought to hope Alter here's made peace with her god, because this man won't be one to show any mercy! Known as the 'Bloody Blade', 'Red Angel' and 'Fucking Psychopath' - it's none other than motherfuckin' Sarkans Tulpe!" the voice announced excitedly, the crowd bursting into cheers again. The door on the opposite side of the cage slid open.

Sark's Theme: Monsta X - DRAMARAMA

Sark stepped out into the cage with his sword resting over his shoulder and a can of coke in his other hand. He was maybe in his twenties or so, with unkempt red hair poking out in every possible direction. The guy was dressed somewhat plainly, with a pair of loose, black trousers, a red undershirt and black suit jacket over it. His intense, deep red eyes remained trained on Akel as he walked out and sipped the soda in his hand. He looked her over, then scoffed and tossed the can in the air, slicing it clean in half with one slash.

"Another one of those creatures. And here I thought I'd get a decent fight," he spat out, loud enough to be heard by Akel - though likely overpowered by the chanting to those in the stands and manager seats.

Beacon Academy / Re: Meet and Beat [Team CASA][Closed]
« on: November 10, 2018, 02:15:13 AM »
Coconut was upset.

Amane was cool - and really cute, too. He felt that without her, a part of CASA would be lost. The fact that they had gotten a new member so quickly was great, but even so he didn't know a thing about them. Sure, the information was sent to him on his scroll - but, well. Yeah, that was the problem.

To top it all off, it was time for another early training session. Well, sure, they'd get to meet their new teammate, but who's to say they wouldn't turn out to suck? Coco enjoyed his old team composition - being the team's only guy and its main frontliner was great. What if that were to change?

With these thoughts the swordsman sauntered into the arena, donning his full combat outfit - today he had opted for a pair of silver clips in his hair. He looked out towards the middle of the room and spotted Jocelyn along with...

Coconut looked up into the sky. He was certainly not the most religious or spiritual of people, but in that moment he spoke to whatever higher power there was and whispered: "Thank you."

He slowly approached the pair with a big, goofy smile on his face. Once he was close enough, he figured he should introduce himself. "Hi, hello. Coconut."

Jiminy Cricket, Coconut, you sure nailed it this time.

Beacon Academy / Re: Starting a rebellion [RBLS]
« on: November 10, 2018, 02:03:36 AM »
"Never heard..." Reginald repeated, dumbfounded. Never heard of the Royales? Had she been living under a rock? She must have been - how else would someone not know something which this dumbshit considered to be common knowledge? Well, at least he had some retort to the following question. "Peh. I would assume that our success in the Vytal tournament wouldn't ring a bell to someone lacking culture, either."

He squinted at Shiroe. "You should know that I keep my hygiene perfect, Shiroe," he grumbled and crossed his arms, leaning back into his bed. God, this sucked - two new members and both of them hated him. Well, he hated them, too! So there!

He peered at Lilla's bizarre display. To be judged by someone like this? Bah. No, Reginald wouldn't pay her any mind. Cookies be damned.

The Vale Region / Re: Hitting the bullseye [Closed]
« on: November 08, 2018, 11:03:34 AM »
A bit taken aback by being called 'adorable' all of a sudden, Anza blushed more but was able to compose herself enough to extend her own fist and pinkie and lock it with Kisha's. "U-um, sure! Promise!"

Anza got up as well, stretching her arms out above her head. Sure, the ride hadn't been long, but the last thing she wanted when she had to run around the trees were stiff limbs.  "Yup! Let's do this!" the girl said with a thumbs up as she followed Kisha out of the Bullhead.

Razzy lifted his head up to spot the oncoming attack - a big, fuck-off scythe swing covered in fire. Oh no.

There was little for Razzy to do except to try and get out of its way, but he did not have much time. All Razzy could really do was roll away and at least avoid being directly slammed by the blade. Even so, when the scythe struck the ground, Razzy was washed by its flames and sent across the dirt by the force of the attack - he still took quite a bit of damage.

The boy still got back up on his feet, albeit a bit shakily - as he did, he was already moving forward again. That plan had not worked out the way he had hoped, but he was still in the lead. He couldn't waste that - instead, he rushed at his opponent, switching Rozhe to its sword form. All he could do now was try and deal some more damage - which is what he did as he went for a pair of simple slashes, hoping that the crash Revya suffered would have made him a little less guarded.

(Double slashes: 5%x2)

Aura: 61%

Beacon Academy / Re: A Lunch Side Chat [DGTL]
« on: October 28, 2018, 08:37:45 AM »
"Ah, it's nothing - not like I'm not used to that armor." Janna said, sipping her juice as they were joined by Brock and Zaffre. "Hey, you're damngood at the 'laying waste' part, Brock. You ought to be sayin' that with pride."

The tall woman nodded along with Zaffre's words. "Yeah, good idea. I'm no strategist, but with out setup, we might be better off sticking closer against folks than we do against grimm. Sort of play it more defensively, yeah?"

Janna looked towards Diana again. "You really ought to eat more, Dee - especially after a fight like that!" She commented before chowing down on a slice of bacon.


Rufus was smashed across the face by a mace - he doesn't try to resist the force, knowing it'd only make things worse. The buy was flung quite a ways back, but wasn't off his feet just yet. Despite his best efforts, he wasn't sure if he could win anymore - Jima's weapon was still about as effective as before, while he was left with just his fists. He couldn't use his semblance any more - he'd likely pass out from overexerting himself if he tried. But this wouldn't be his first loss, far from it. But if he were to lose, he'd do it on his own terms - just like he always had.

Rather than go for another charge immediately, Rufus cracks his neck, approaching the girl slowly. His stance is still as tense as before, however - striking first clearly didn't work out, but if she attacks him... He could do something.


The lights weren't just there to throw off Revya's aim - they were a distraction from Razzy's own actions. The boy had tossed the cartridge he had been holding towards the dust crystal - just like against Zabar, he fired upon it, mere moments after Revya had shot forward. And just like last time, the boy wasn't quite far enough from the crystal. The following blast of wind flung him away, as prepared for it as he was - Razzy crashed into the dirt a decent distance away from the explosion. But, hopefully, it'd do more against his opponent still in the air.

(Airsplosion: ~8% from the exploding cartridge, dust crystal not really doing direct damage. Getting flung/ crashing up to you.)

Aura: 76%

The Vale Region / Re: Hitting the bullseye [Closed]
« on: October 20, 2018, 01:18:34 AM »
Anza tapped her chin for a moment, thinking. "Hm... Do you have a boyfriend?" the bowgirl asked, tilting her head as she did. "I-I mean, you're cute is all - not that I-I'm interested, j-just curious!"

The moment Anza was struck with the realization that her question might have come across as too personal or awkward she seemed to fall apart. A noticeable blush appeared on her cheeks, her eyes darting from side to side as she looked for an out and found none. And to think how confident she had seemed just seconds before!

Reginald would not know if any of his shots landed, but he knew well enough that they alone could not stop their opponents - he wasn't aware of what Shiroe was doing, but he doubted he'd be able to do much either.

He didn't know his opponents that well, though he had encountered Calen before - during their free-for-all between him, Reginald, Akel and Catalina. Reginald had thoroughly lost, though he would not admit it - he had been at a disadvantage, after all. Even so, he struggled to remember much about the guy's fighting style. He was a swordsman, and a good one - in an open melee, Reginald would be at a disadvantage. Shiroe, however... He might be able to face him well enough.

Any consideration on Reginald's part is cut short as he yelps, struck in the legs as something - someone - leapt at him from the fog. Reginald could barely hold his balance on the icy surface, nearly doing the splits in an attempt to not fall flat on his back again. This was bad - preoccupied with how bad the terrain and weather was for him, he hadn't considered how advantageous it could be for his opponents.

Reginald briefly clutched his cape. "A hit-and-run from the fog against a ranged fighter? And here I thought I might be facing an opponent with some honor!" he shouted before opening fire as he heard his opponent whistle - three more shots, aimed about a foot ahead of each whistle. It was hard to properly gauge the distance and the direction the sound was coming from, but, well, it was all Reggie had - at least until his opponent would charge him again.

(Shots towards the whistling: 3x5%)

Aura: 90%

Beacon Academy / Re: Starting a rebellion [RBLS]
« on: October 08, 2018, 11:11:06 AM »
...pig? Well, that was certainly a new one to Reggie. He had been called scum, a douche, a dick, a twat, a cum stain, a prick, a fucker, an insufferable asshole, fuckface, dickhead, kumquat, cuntrack, bitch, bitch boy, little bitch, massive bitch, baby bitch - the list goes on, really - but 'pig' made him reel back, especially from a girl he had only just met. To be compared to a farm animal, one who spent its days in the mud - that combined with the girl not knowing who he was to begin with struck a nerve.

"Wh- Why, you insolent..." Reggie forced through gritted teeth just as Shiroe would enter the room. He briefly peered at his old teammate, before scoffing and heading towards his bed again. "Peh. No surprise that your type would come in pairs" he said with a glare towards Akel.

The boy's cape fluttered as he spun to take a seat on the side of his bed, arms crossed on his chest and one leg dangling over the other. His gaze turned to Lilla. apparently not content with the conversation being over like that just yet. "If you must ask who I am, the name is Reginald Royale, son of Beige and Marvin Royale. I'm certain you've heard of them."

Beacon Academy / Re: Starting a rebellion [RBLS]
« on: September 27, 2018, 08:55:21 AM »
His new teammates were... No, rather, one of his new teammates was... By Jove, there would have to been some sort of mix-up! At least, those were the snobbish smegpot's first thoughts - but even he realized the unlikelihood of such a mistake.

The initial shock fading as the two girls spoke up, Reginald shook his head, huffing as he entered the room properly with his arms crossed. "Bah. Typical - it would have been too much to expect this school's administration to provide one with decent teammates. And I will remind you that I was never the aggressor in our previous encounters, Bat. Cooperation is up to you," he spat out as he headed for his own bed, stopping as he passed by Lilla.

"Hrm, that aside, my name is Reginald Royale - I am sure you've heard of my family's name before. I suggest you do not trust this one for a second," the boy said, still glaring daggers at Akel.

Beacon Academy / Re: A Lunch Side Chat [DGTL]
« on: September 27, 2018, 06:35:13 AM »
It's quite some while before Janna lumbers into the dining hall - she had to take off all of her armor, after all, leaving her in a grey cropped tank top, matching short-shorts and open-toe sandals. She enjoyed letting her skin breathe after being in her usual metal and leather suit.

The lady tank grabbed herself a tall glass of orange juice, a full plate of bacon and eggs, toast, a slice of pie and a side of a hefty salad. Janna burned through a lot of calories on a daily basis - she had to if she were to handle all of her heavy equipment.

The woman finally wandered over to where she could spot Diana, taking seat opposite of her. "Yo, Diana. Good work out there today," she said, inhaling the wondrous smell of F O O D before turning to her teammate again. "Sorry about not taking that Nyx chick out sooner, Dee. Is your ankle alright?"

"You're pretty good!" Razzy shouted out to his opponent as he dodged another one of his shots. "I don't think any of my other opponents could avoid taking damage for that long!"

Razzy's words were accompanied by an activation of his semblance. The boy sent a wave of lights and colors towards Reyva, though not directly in his face like he had done against Zabar last year. Instead, the lights began to dance around Reyva's head - flickering near the corners of his sight, spinning lines of bright colors surrounding his forehead and the top of his nose. They weren't there to make him sick - they were there to distract him.

Razzy could only hope that it would work.

Aura: 84%

"Hrm. This terrain won't be doing me any favors. I can barely bloody see anything..." Reginald muttered, absentmindedly accepting Shiroe's assistance, though not standing up fully, instead remaining crouched.  Reginald took Solace in both hands and raised it, aiming towards the bridge as well.

He couldn't spot his opponents yet, but this gave him a pretty decent chance to prepare. For them to use the bridge would be risky and leave them all too open - chances are, their opponents would try and jump the gap somehow if they could. Reginald had to be ready to fire, even if he saw them do just that-

Cough, cough.

And, despite the lack sight, that cough had given him a vague target. When Shiroe shouted for him to attack, the regal turd did just that, sending 4 shots in the direction of the cough. Granted, there was no telling if they'd hit their marks, but with any luck they could force their opponent to advance to where they'd be easier to hit.

(4 shots at 5%, but inaccurate due to lack of sight)

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