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Approved Characters / Re: Ayburn Parda
« on: February 13, 2019, 12:30:06 AM »
OK just make sure you clear changes with mods from his training before adding them.

+1, good job.

Approved Characters / Re: Aoife Ridire
« on: February 11, 2019, 04:03:43 PM »
OK +1, good job

Approved Characters / Re: Ayburn Parda
« on: February 11, 2019, 07:32:17 AM »
Welcome to the site and sorry for the late response on your character.

Honestly, I can't see anything wrong with this character but before I give it it's first approval I just wanted to clarify a few things. Firstly that there are a lot more first years than there are second years which means you are far more likely to find a team for first years. You don't need to be part of a team to participate in general plot threads or the like but obviously, team dynamics is a big part of RWBY and we want to maximise the number of people who get to experience that. This doesn't mean that Ayburn can't be a second year but just felt that you should know the issues attached. Secondly, Ayburn has a very powerful semblance which has a very large cost so currently I think it's pretty balanced. But again I just wanted to make sure that you know there are other limitations you could place on Ayburn's semblance to perhaps reduce its aura cost as not all semblances of the site have an attached aura cost and it means your character gets to do cool stuff more often. These could include time constraints like only being able to teleport once every thirty seconds or having charges with an even longer recharge time. Another option could be each teleportation fatigues Ayburn considerably rather than burn the aura directly.

If you have any questions feel free to ask on our discord or pm me on site or respond below

take care.

Beacon Academy / Re: ABoat time [Open]
« on: February 11, 2019, 07:11:13 AM »
’I’m afraid I am going to have to be stubborn on this point Kisha, I do like swords as they are the weapons of kings but they are not my friends. A friend is someone you can share companionship with. Striving for each other's dreams and hopes as well as keeping at bay each other’s fears. A weapon doesn’t have any dreams, hopes or fears of its own, even if one could be friends with an inanimate object it wouldn’t make a particularly compelling one.’ Calen responded finding very little sense in Kisha’s words. A weapon is a tool, a valuable tool that should be maintained as much as possible but the moment it becomes more hindrance than benefit it should be discarded. ’Although I appreciate the array of names you have suggested, I particularly like Dawnbreak but I still don’t see the point. Heroes of Legend have their named blades but they are magical constructs with powers and sometimes minds far beyond their steel casing, my weapon is well made but it is simply not on that level.’ Calen shrugged, he was kind of used to arguing this point with a lot of other hunters-in-training and perhaps that means he should reexamine his position but that wouldn’t happen for a while with pride like Calen’s.

Were. Calen thought to himself, past tense and implying that Kisha’s parents were no longer Huntsmen. They could have retired but judging by Kisha’s age they wouldn’t be reaching retiree age for a while yet and Huntsman work is extremely deadly. Calen was willing to take the risk but thought to soften the blow somewhat, Kisha seemed to enjoy talking about her parent’s weapons maybe she would like to hear about his. ’My father never used a weapon, not when he wasn’t training one of us anyway. He instead had these rings that helped him channel his semblance each filled with a different kind of dust. I only saw him fight seriously once but I understand your awe, I couldn’t have imagined movements like those let alone attempting them. He would disarm a fighter and then while wielding their weapon far better than they could ever hope for he would end them. My mother preferred a simple spear, a few so some could be thrown. To me, the most engaging part of learning to fight is that there is always more to learn and that even in the most simple weapons there are infinite complexities... Your parent’s weapon’s sound impressive, I’m sure they were great Huntsmen and the world is poorer for their loss.’ Calen remarked with genuine sorrow in his voice, very likely his own family where dead or worse but at least Calen had hope, a false hope perhaps but hope nevertheless, and still their loss weighed on Calen so he struggled to imagine what Kisha must have to deal with every day.

After a slight pause, Calen continued. ’I’m sure it’s because you get so many compliments it’s hard to keep track of who gives you which ones. Although ‘positive charisma’ is definitely unique, can’t say that was ever said about me.’ While Kisha thought of her next question Calen made a quick loop around the boat to make sure nothing was coming loose, it didn’t look like they were in any danger whatsoever but it never hurt to be careful. ’Checking if there are any openings are you Kisha? Is it personal curiosity or general?’ Calen teased before inevitable answering Kisha’s question. ’I was… close to a girl when I first arrived in Beacon. We were both dancers and had performed a few duets together and…. Well…. Yea. Dancer’s don’t have a huge amount of free time with all the early mornings and strict diets are helpful in courting others with less controlled lives. It was nice while it lasted. Her name is Briannan if you are curious.’ Calen answered with no small amount of awkwardness, not because he was embarrassed by his past relationships more because the specifics of the questions meant that there was a possibility for confusion in the future. As fun as it was to string someone along with a hopeless romance, it could very well get tedious if Calen had to explain to everyone that he didn’t like girls in that way. Calen responded with his own question quickly after answering his own. ’Keeping on the topic of romance, what would you name your firstborn child?’ Calen asked.

The Vale Region / Re: At the mountains Summit
« on: February 11, 2019, 01:55:15 AM »
As the group split up both parties slowly but steadily made their way along their respective worn, rocky paths. For the larger group including Toast, Revya and Dawn the path did get considerably more difficult, leftover clumps of rock and an uneven fall made it difficult to walk without stumbling. Revya continued shining Ladybug’s headlights down this new tunnel which did much to give the hunters-in-training an idea of where to place their feet but it also had consequences. As distracted as the six miners were the sudden appearance of a bright light shining from the darkness was more than enough to catch their attention. Their singing and mining quickly stopped as they muttered amongst themselves about what to do next.

’What’s this, didn’t hear the elevator.’

’S’Told this was a bad idea.’

’One more of your quick rich schemes going to get us all beaten up or worse.’

’Days of back-breaking labour for nothing.’

’Screw this, I’m out of here.’

One of the miners tried to back off as far as he could from the advancing light, he couldn’t get far considering they had been making this tunnel as they went but there was still nocks and crannies to hide behind. Sensing their little group buckling, the largest of the miners and probable leader smacked one of her workmates down before they could run away as well and started shouting orders. ’Jayz get in the drill….. Who goes there ….er…. We got our permits an’everything.’ She called out in a harsh voice which reverberated several times through the mining passages. The three other remaining miners seemed to at least be cowered into resistance and took up places along with there leader wielding large pickaxes and trying to look as intimidating as they could. Very large people with plenty of hard muscle folded on top of itself but small nicks could easily be seen the the harsh light of Ladybug clearly showing none had much of an aura defence.

The other group of one, Camelia had a little more of a straight forward time of it. There was still a steady increase in elevation making passage somewhat difficult but nevertheless, the huntress-in-training made her way to the elevator in short order. It was a large machine clearly designed to transport large amounts of people as well as dust and other valuable metals. And it was still in pretty good condition, there had been some wear from the years but it was still clearly in regular use meaning Falconhaven had likely sent the lift down to assist with the Hunters-in-training. As for the elevator carriage itself, it was a large incased metal box clearly reinforced against rockfall and explosions at least from the outside. On the inside, there weren’t any seating areas but roof mounting handholds as well as basic security measures like fire sprinklers, extinguishers, phones and a security camera. If Camelia still wanted to try to float up the mining shafts she could work her way through the insides of the compartment and loosen up enough of the armoured plates to slip through it would still cause some pretty excessive damage to the elevator.

If Camelia would step inside the elevator she would be welcomed over the intercom. ’Greetings Huntress, we have been expecting you for a few days now but later is better than never I suppose although I never understood why I should be content with a miniature one.’ A man’s bored voice seeped through the speakers. ’But where are my manners, My name is Dr Aaraon Cauze... Where are the rest of your team, there is supposed to be four of you right? I hope you don’t expect me to introduce myself to each of you?’ Aaraon’s voice very quickly went from bored to indignant as if he had assumed that Camelia had demanded him to do the same crazy scenario he had just made up.

Approved Characters / Re: Aoife Ridire
« on: February 11, 2019, 01:40:14 AM »
OK, so the last issue is that Aofie is pretty underweight if you want that that is fine but because it's not mentioned anywhere I wanted to make sure you knew.

The Vale Region / Re: Hunt across the Savannah
« on: February 07, 2019, 07:23:55 AM »
’Slugs are always an option and I appreciate the concern.’ Saffron responded to Siu’s question, there was an undercurrent to the Faunus’s words as she didn’t appreciate the concern, in fact, she unappreciated it… Deappreciated? Depreciated? No one else was questioned would they be able to fulfil the task they had given themselves and although Saffron was sure the Siu meant nothing by it if anything it was a kindness but it still caused Saffron to bristle silently. Or not so silently as her shotguns barked like thunder, throwing razor sharp shards of ice and great gales of wind into the oncoming Grimm hordes. It was an impressive display but there was no doubt the car would have been overrun if it wasn’t because of the intervention of Siu and Cerulean filling in the slowly appearing gaps in Saffron’s defences. The three dragons and aura clones made quick work of the Grimm horde rapidly whittling it down. ’Part of the mission is to keep a low profile if we are on the trail of the Dustsmith the last thing we want is for them to know huntsmen and huntresses are in the area.’ Saffron responded to Cerulean, having the yell loudly over the sounds of fighting.

Although there might have never been much of a chance of that. Saffron thought to herself sadly, seeing it as a personal failure on her own part. With Aurelia on her golden unicorn, a trio of dragons… small dragons but nevertheless dragons and even Cerulean’s clones were quite eye-catching among the growing turmoil. Everyone stood out not only because of the flamboyant nature of their abilities but also their skill at applying them. Quickly Aurelia and Saffron manage to press the Grimm horde together from opposite sides crushing them against each other even before they have a chance to fall before shotgun or lance respectively. A slaughter which is only surpassed by Siu and Cerulean whose strikes, in the former’s case her dragon’s strikes, left the Grimm with little option but to crumble against their might.

 A cry of joy erupted from the survivors as the Grimm were completely wiped out, some looked like they would attempt to walk over to the Huntsman and Huntresses before being called back by someone out of sight. Saffron drove smoothly around to Aurelia and offered the horse Faunus a lift if she would prefer it or simply ensure that they would continue their travel together. ’So what now?’ Saffron asked. There was still plumes of smoke erupting ahead of them, which Saffron did assume was other caravans under attack, other caravans which need their help. Helping others was what huntsman and huntresses were supposed to do, as Cerulean had said, but they needed information and they needed to move quickly. Others may see it as cowardly to constantly offset the choice making responsibilities, she was the driver after all if anyone should know where they were going it should be her but she couldn’t step up to the plate…. Or wouldn’t.

If the group decided to stop at the closest lot of smoking wreckage they would find eight or so survivors scavenging what they can from the different wreckages trying to put together one working vehicle as well as saving what small trinkets they could. Despite there rather wretched state they were clearly happy to see a band of huntsman and huntresses, as who else could have dispatched the Grimm so easily, and looked willing to offer any information that could be helpful, they had precious little to offer in gratitude for their lives. If the group decided to continue on they would find the terrain slowly getting tougher and the sounds of engines accompanying the sounds of fighting and rending metal. The groups, further along, seemed to be holding out better than those the huntsman and huntresses had just rescued and perhaps could survive a little longer without assistance.

Approved Characters / Re: Aoife Ridire
« on: February 01, 2019, 04:20:37 AM »
So you are quite an experienced user so I do feel obligated to say that the moderating team would appreciate a little more detail in the character, specifically in regards to the personality. This is not only for you to make sure you have a clear idea of what Aoife does but also for others wanting to incorporate her into activities and trying to find mutual threads to draw upon.

There are a few small wording issues like you seem to say that Aoife doesn't have any ears when I assume you mean she doesn't have cat ears and the like.  The gauntlets sucking the spear back would also suck a whole bunch of other things as well, that would have combat implications.

On to balancing issues controlling the flames which someone else is using against Aoife isn't going to be allowed. More weaknesses would be appreciated as being worse when disarmed is pretty universal.

Also, armour plating being held in place by gravity dust sounds really wasteful.

WiP Characters / Re: Viridian Crimson
« on: January 26, 2019, 04:05:18 AM »
even if viridian has to purposely activate the ability the core consequence is still there, logic is important. But like I said if you are willing to deal with the issues that causes then it should be fine.

WiP Characters / Re: Viridian Crimson
« on: January 24, 2019, 06:37:21 AM »
Berserk semblances are a bit frowned upon, not only are they a little cliche but they are also pretty unreliable. Like Huntsmen basically, serve as Remnant's superheroes and having one which goes insane when injured would put questions over their suitability. I'm not saying that you have to change it but it's something to keep in mind moving forward as Viridian will often not have access to his semblance in most sparring matches making him seem a bit weaker.

Other than that this is a solid beginning and I look forward to seeing how it ends up.

The Vale Region / Re: Hunt across the Savannah
« on: January 24, 2019, 06:29:40 AM »
Saffron opened her mouth to respond but decided against it. She had floated the idea that they would save more people staying focused on the mission but it was clear that she was the only one, however sick it would make her feel, willing to push that to it’s the logical conclusion. Still, it didn’t seem they would be diverting too much. Not knowing exactly how Aurelia’s semblance operated, although she had seen it in action somewhat, Saffron slowed down their car a little bit and opened the door closest to Aurelia to let the horse Faunus jump out without slowing everyone else down. She was also a bit worried about Cerulean’s comments on calling for backup but if things came down to that Saffron was sure someone else with a more level head would step up.

As Aurelia got close to the ruined caravan it was clear that her mount was definitely drawing the attention of the Grimm. Howls and snarls accompanied the thunderous rain of hooves, claws and legs as a whole host of different kinds of Grimm charged after Aurelia and her particularly sparkly unicorn. As fast as the horse Faunus and her unicorn could move it only took a minute before the first of the Grimm reached Aurelia. As the huntress-in-training had said before they weren’t in large enough numbers the truly threaten her at least before the rest of them arrived and the horde knew this. Targetting the unicorn Grimm threw themselves at it with characteristic ferocity, blindly focused on bring Aurelia down to their level and pinning her until the rest of the pack could get there.

Saffron gritted her teeth as the first wave of Grimm hit Aurelia, she had seen the horse Faunus in action before and was confident she could handle herself her but it still didn’t sit right with her letting someone else risk their life and not her. ’I’ll start hemming the Grimm in from behind, how close do I need to get for every to get some hits it? I need to get pretty close myself but we could hang back further if we wanted to play it safe.’ Saffron asked holding up her shotgun/hatchets and they quickly picked up speed, racing ahead of Aurelia and behind the advancing Grimm. There were a lot of targets and it’s not like the car had any aura protection of its own but as long as the team remained focused they shouldn’t have any trouble dispatching the waves of Grimm.

Several loud blasts went off as Saffron let her shotguns bark into the writhing swarm of Grimm, ice and wind dust blossomed after each impact doing what they could to keep the horde at bay while also clearing a path for Aurelia to continue her distraction. Free from their attackers the impromptu group of hunters could see a few survivors making their way out of the wreckage, carefully watching the fight unfold to see if it was safe to stay or if they should get a start on fleeing. ’So… er… has anyone thought of a good cover story?’ Saffron asked significantly out of breath as she saw the survivors. Driving was not usually such an exhausting activity but all these hairpin turns dodging Grimm and getting into position for her own shots were taking a toll.

Approved Characters / Re: Emile Antiqua
« on: January 22, 2019, 04:25:42 PM »
Group review approved by me, myself and I.

Approved Characters / Re: Azurblau "Corazon" Glasregen
« on: January 22, 2019, 04:25:06 PM »
Group review approved by me, myself and I.

Beacon Academy / Re: ABoat time [Open]
« on: January 22, 2019, 07:22:26 AM »
’Very technically you are right but most people don’t get up from the surgeon's table with more injuries than when they lie down. In a way that’s impressive, in another, it’s a little sad.’ Calen continued to tease Kisha about the whole situation with a wide smile on his face. He shrugged away Kisha’s comments about anger, they seemed to be on the same page about the whole thing and the only conflict was a misunderstanding. Furthermore, it didn’t seem like a topic that interested Kisha and there was plenty of other topics for them to deal with. On the more manipulative side, the more interested Kisha was the more likely she would overlook things and make the game he was playing more interesting.

’You know what they say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. It’s not really true, my knee has never quite recovered and some mornings it feels like I have between three to six hundred scars but it feels good. Have you ever set yourself a challenge that you can’t beat, no matter how hard you try you can’t lift that weight or run that distance or time? But after applying yourself, after pushing yourself and improving you accomplish it. That’s what having siblings is like, every one of them set a benchmark and every one of them helped push yourself through each obstacle so that after nine variations all of their wisdom and skill can be compressed into a single person.’ Calen responded aiming to give plenty of information so that Kisha didn’t notice that he didn’t respond to the question about his last name. It was something he was open about, using that openness as its own type of cover, even if people recognized his last name from the murders his family committed connecting a hunter-in-training to that. But that is what made it part of the game.

’Don’t get me wrong, the only thing I love more in this world than myself are my parents but we aren’t friends. Then again I’ve always been told I far too in love with other people’s opinion of myself so maybe I just needed siblings. I like to think we are all given our burdens to bare because we can carry them, different obstacles for different people with different experiences and different skills. I’m glad you weren’t lonely often though.’ Calen remarked. Calen had a strange relationship with loneliness, he had never been short of social relationships, even mostly positive ones, only the quality. Never letting people close to you tended to do that so although Calen would never call what he felt loneliness there was still definitely an emptiness inside of him which made him sympathetic.

’My weapons? Well I have a glaive that turns into a two handed sword and a brace of throwing knives. Not the most exciting combination of weapons but I wouldn’t trade them for the world. I never understood why people name their weapons and even if I did I could never think of a good one. I forged them myself with my mother and some of my sisters, there was a lot of ideas flown around and to be honest few were mine but eventually they decided what my weapon would look like. A weave of gold, red, yellow and oranges, some of my teammates have said it looks more like a piece of art. I’m starting to remember some of your Vytal Festival fights, you use a bow and blades right? How did you choose those?’ Calen answered. Calen cared greatly for his weapons on a mostly material level, his throwing knives were one of the few things he had left from his family so they meant a lot but the glaive was just a tool. ’What’s the best compliment you have ever received?’ Calen asked, responding with a question of his own.

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