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AMA Section / Aros' AMA to (hopefully) end his AMAs
« on: April 24, 2018, 03:29:29 PM »
Ok, so third times a charm. Ask me about any of my characters or even ideas you might have on some of my characters that are in my head. and feel free to ask the character's themselves if you want to

General Discussion / You character(s) playlist.
« on: February 08, 2018, 05:04:31 PM »
I had an idea.
I kinda was thinking what every character would have as different themes. You don't have to list all your characters right now. You can update as you think of more. I will also be updating my list as I think of it. Feel free to suggest songs for others.

The first set of themes I could think of was for Merletta

Main Theme:
Battle theme: Massive Explosion
Edge of Victory theme: Explosion
In Case I Ever go Evil:God in Fire
Sad theme: Musique pour tristesse de Xion

Plot Zone / Complete Global Grimm Saturation (Non-Canon)(SIgn Ups) (1/12)
« on: January 31, 2018, 10:34:52 AM »
Having failed in Racoon City, the Umbrella Corp had created a branch in Remnant and worked with the Schnee Dust Company. Seeing the problem with Grimm, Umbrella decided to find a way to combined Dust with a prototype biochemical they had been working on before Racoon City. After setting off a couple Dust attacks through the kingdoms, the Grimm problem seemed all but done. However, the Grimm never truly stayed dead and rumors started to spread about half dead Grimm still roaming around.

This is where we start, it's going to be starting just before a zombie Grimm outbreak. As we go through, spot will open up as people will die. There will also be an OOC bit at the end of every post, keeping track of your ammo count (for ranged characters), aura level (it will refresh but only after a set amount of time, usually after 4 or five posts after combat.) You will also need to keep track of supplies. Think of this as a text based RPG survival Horror. Any questions should be asked here or on Discord.

1. Merletta Yoru- Former Weapon Analisit at Umbrella Schnee
2. Serin Avery
3. Auric Herz
4. Gray Saggio

The Vale Region / Sins of the Past, Mistakes of the Present (Closed)
« on: December 17, 2017, 07:11:56 AM »
Having just finished watching the news report, Merletta began to go through her list of contacts. She found three others who either she knew were reliable or they owed something to her. After giving each other them a call, she left her shop and went to a small seedy pub. She waited in the back of the pub, smoking and going over the news report on her scroll. She managed to get the recording through some of her old contacts. She noticed the attack matched one of her old assignments. "This is not what it seems. We ended that program. Something is not right." She was focused on the video footage that she could not tell when someone arrived.

Beacon Academy / The Beacon Holiday Formal and Party (Open to all)
« on: November 27, 2017, 09:36:45 AM »
It's the most wonderful time of the year and Liliana knew it was. She had planned for months to get everything right for this event. Everything was ready. The tree was up next to the stage, Poinsettias on all the tables, food being prepared. She was excited and worried at the same time. Having worked on everything by herself, she was feeling the stress of it all. She wanted to just give up and walk away. She knew however that she would just go back to do it anyway. After hours of prep, she gave a sigh and a smile. She was done setting up and was leaving to work on her set list and rehearse.

Later that night
Lily greeted every student and teacher as they walked in. Her long rose red dress stood out among everyone else and complimented her cherry blossom pink hair. She had a small mic attached around her ear as shortly after everyone had arrived she was going to being her set and then mingle with other students.

Kind of inspired by both the new frozen short before Coco and Coco itself. Can you describe what your characters do during the holidays that makes them unique for their families.

For Merletta, she mostly puts up a small shrine in her office to wish her father a safe afterlife, as she has done every year after he died.

Liliana usually participates in lantern festivals honoring everyone

And Blair uses the holidays as a way to honor those who past in battle or in defense of the city, usually involving the burning of a small statue for everyone.

Plot Zone / Sins of the Past, Mistakes of the Present (Sign ups)
« on: November 23, 2017, 06:51:40 AM »
Years ago, Merletta Yoru's team, SMKE, graduated from Beacon and began work as a team. Eventually the team took on more serious missions and inevitably broke up. While every member went off to do their own work, two members, Merletta Yoru and Samantha Banshee, kept together. After Sam's untimely death, Merletta retreated into her own world. Now, after years of solitude, an old friend from her past reappears in connection to a string of assassinations that looked all to familiar to her team's old tactics. Merletta has taken it upon herself while reluctantly accepting help from others, to find her old teammate and find out if he is involved.

1. Merletta Yoru
2. Dr. Budonoki Sophos
3. Justice Montenegro
4. Cerulean Steel

AMA Section / The only AMA you will ever need
« on: November 03, 2017, 09:36:21 AM »
Because my last one was so long ago and died. Feel free to ask any of my characters what you want or even as me the thinking behind each of my characters

Everywhere Else / A Voyage Home (Closed)
« on: October 19, 2017, 12:48:44 PM »
One afternoon, after she had finished her classes, Lady Blair was greeted in the library by a man in a cloak bearing her family's crest. Approaching cautiously, she greeted the man. After a long conversation, the man handed her a letter sealed with the crest. He then took his leave. Immediately, Blair opened the letter and fell to her knees after she read it. Her father was ill and she needed to return for a couple weeks. She sent a message to her teachers and tried to find people to travel with her. Eventually, she got five others to travel with her. She waited for them in the courtyard of the school.

After receiving an urgent letter from her village about her father,  Lady Blair decides to head back home from school. However, she does not want to take the trip alone, due to the danger of the trip. Asking around, she found a couple students to act as a traveling party. Everyone's destination, the mountain village of Felwinter.

Small background information of Felwinter:
Located high up in the mountains near Atlas. Think of the coldest place you know and multiply it by 4. That is Felwinter. While the village is not as widely known as other villages and cities, people usually visit for the craftsmenship of the metal along with the caves and mines around the village full of Dust crystals. The village is ruled over by one family but treat all members of the village as family.

I would like at least one 3-4 year or teacher, with the other 4 spots being anyone. Just link your character here.
1. Lady Blair Valka of Felwinter
2. Sandy Smoke
3. Saffron de Cortez
4. Acero Walker
5. Anton Ua Duibhne
6. Diana Farran

WiP Characters / Chroma Chi
« on: January 07, 2017, 10:53:05 PM »
Name: Chroma Chi
Age: 20
Species and Gender: Human Female
Occupation: 4th Year Transfer Student
Appearance: Standing at a decent 6'2, Chroma is a slender beauty with dark blue hair, usually tied in a ponytail. Her light blue eyes and average complexion rounding out her features. As often with her family, she wears a royal blue outfit that has more of an Asian inspiration then most from Atlas. This outfit is excutated with small rainbow colored crystals on the end of her overcoat. Her parital gloves help keep her grip on her weapons but also help keep eyes on her whole body rather then just one part. While her skirt looks short, it's actually a decent length, her long platform heels cause the eye to think its longer then it actually is. Her hair is usual kept up in the ponytail with an ornate bronze hairpiece.
Spoiler: show

History: Growing up in the upper class of Atlas had it's benefits, as Chroma had everything she wanted. However, she would not let her status go to her head. In her early years, she was fascinated with the old tales of heroes and their codes of honor. This led to her developing a code of honor while she was in combat school. Her parents were supportive. After years of training, she attended Atlas for a year before asking for a transfer to Beacon due to differences in ideals with most other students. Even though she was advised against it by the headmaster, she still stuck to her guts and applied. Once her transfer was approved, she left her parents in Atlas to head to Vale. After, she began to take up training and working on her code. As her studies reach an end, she plans to take her code of honor out to other Hunters and try to help build a better and safer world for Humans and Faunus.
Personality: Chroma has a caring nature to all, however, she does not take any form of disrespect to anyone. During combat this leads her to fight noble against human opponents.
Aura and Semblance: Her aura color is a deep sea blue. Her semblance allows to to absorb the energy from Dust Crystals. By doing this, she is able to imbue her weapons or herself with the selected element. If she imbues her weapons, the energy lasts for 6 minutes or 7 shots from a ranged weapon and up to 5 minutes for melee weapons, while imbuing herself she can have the energy last for 3 minutes and she is able to use them as a defensive effect. If she imbues a weapon, she can hand off the weapon to an ally for the effect to last half of the time. Ammo for ranged weapons when imbued, while not as easy to use as dust based ammo, allows the weapon to use ammo from various sources. Some of the defensive effects allow her to create small aura like barriers that apply the effect of the dust for a couple attacks or 5 minutes, which ever comes first.
Combat Behavior: Chroma tends to stay in the middle of combat but backing out if the time is right to fire off shots at enemies, allowing her allies to do more fighting up close.
Name: Shika
Primary Form: An ornate gold bow with several different colored crystals along the sides. She holds around 20-25 arrows within a quiver along her side. She has two half quivers hidden in her sleeves that release an arrow when she moves her wrists in a specific way. The arrows look like arrows of light that cackle with electricity. The color of the arrow changes based on the type of dust imbued in it.
History: A family weapon that had been pasted down from generation to generation since before the color war.

Name: Kami
Primary Form: An elegant and ornate whip sword. From the crossguard down to the pummel is all gold and red gold vines with the cross guard having an ornate rose. The sword can extend to a whip length if given enough distance.
History: A much more recent weapon created for the Chi family by the Yoru family via a weapon request.

Plot Zone / (Non-Canon) Kingdom Hearts: The Keyblade War
« on: December 31, 2016, 12:26:44 PM »
200 years before the events started by Aqua, Terra and Ventus, there was a great war. A war for light and the heart of all worlds itself. Those who were assigned to watch over the heart fought against those who wished to use it for their own deeds. The two sides fought for years until one final battle happened resulting in the death of thousands and the Worlds locking themselves away from others. This is when our story ends. Our story begins 4 years into the war. The Keepers, those who were tasked with protecting the heart, have been struggling to fend of the Seekers. Aboard the Dreadnought Bahamut, a small force of warriors from the Keepers prepare for a small mission against the Seekers bases across the world.

This is meant to be a darker take on Kingdom Hearts so be prepared for your character to die.
Please leave your interest here in a simple profile.
I'll leave a list of available Keyblades and magic for you to pick along side with your character. You may dual wield if you wish but both keyblades must be the same. Magic is limited to 3 slots on your character. I'll detail out how many slots each level takes or each variation.
I will also ask you which properties, be them the vast one disney own (including marvel and lucasfilm) or the square enix properties, you would wish to have be worlds in this topic.

List of Keyblades available for you to use, minus Ultima weapons

Magic allowed
Stage 1 magic takes up 1 slot, stage 2 take up 2 slots and stage 3 take up 3 slots. Spells such as Magnet and Gravity take up 2 slots while their 2nd and 3rd stages take up 3 slots.

Just leave below a sign up

So like mine.
Name: Aros
Keyblade: Two Become One
Magic: Fira, Cure

Members of Dreadnought Bahamut
1. Aros

WiP Characters / Aster Chronos (semblance and history help)
« on: November 10, 2016, 01:53:12 PM »
Name: Aster Chronos formerly known as Kenneth Timpore
Age: 37
Species and Gender: Human Male
Symbol: Two Gears on a clock pointed to midnight
Occupation: CEO of Chronos LLC
Spoiler: show
Current Boss of Khronos

Appearance: Aster is a tall and slender man, usually seen in a pinstripe suit. He has messy shoulder length green hair and one dark brown eye, his other eye being an artificial eye made of clockwork. His left arm and right leg are also made of clockwork.
History: Before he became Aster Chronos, he was born as Kenneth Timpore, the son of clock makers in a small village under Atlisian protection. Eventually, his parents encouraged him to head to combat school as they knew there was not much he could do being a clock maker and they wanted him to better himself. After years in combat school, he graduated with his team SMKE led by Merletta Yoru. The team was used as black ops teams for both corporations and the kingdom.

After one mission however, Kenneth was injured severely. He was rushed to the closest hospital. His left arm, right leg and left eye were lost and he was suffering massive blood loss. The doctors fought for his life but could not save his missing parts. His father visited him everyday in order to create new limbs
for him. After days of being on life support, Kenneth woke up to find his father had finished the limbs for him. He was helped putting them on but decided that his life as a Hunter was over. He left the team after that and created Chronos LLC, a robotics and prosthetic company. Having his father on as head engineer, he started the company and after a couple years, the company was placed as a fortune 500 company. However, not all was right with Kenneth. He started to change as the company advanced. A dark thought was always on his mind. He knew that normal flesh and bones were imperfect and started to have bigger plans. He wanted to create a world where everyone was the same, where everyone was like him. He chose to change his identity that night. Kenneth Timpore had died and Aster Chronos was born. He killed his father then took full control of the company. He had a plan, and was setting it in motion.
Personality: While keeping an air of normality, Aster acts as though he is a kind hearted, business man, usually by showing up at charities events and even acting as a nice guy but deep down he is always thinking of what to do next. While he does show compassion from time to time outside of the facade he plays, he mainly thinks of those who have not yet joined him as imperfect, going so far as to kidnap them. Once he collects people, he take joy in changing them to match his ideal world.
Aura and Semblance: His aura color is brass.
Combat Behavior: While Aster tends to be up close and personal to his enemies, he has enough combat knowledge to assess the situation at hand and work out all practical outcomes. He tends to work alone. While he lacks a semblance, he makes up for it with his reflexes and battle expertise.
Name: Mk 36 Type C
Primary Form: A shotgun with a modular design that allows him to change its functions and properties.
List of Modules:
Expansion A- Stock: Gives the Mk 36 an extention to its stock to reduce recoil when attached during a burst or full auto configuration
Expansion B- Launcher: When slotted in, the Mk 36 has the capabilities to fire various explosives from the muzzle. Due to the massive recoil however, the target must be lined up again after every shot
Expansion C- Rifle: When swapped out with the muzzle, it switches the MK 36 from a shotgun to a 3 round burst rifle. The kick is nearly the same as the default shotgun.
Expansion D- Sight: When placed, it gives the MK 36 a sight with three zoom levels that can be switched with the turn of a dial. Usually used with Expansion C and Expansion F
Expansion E- Ripper: When placed under the muzzle, the Ripper expansion acts as a bayonette.
Expansion F-
Dust Functions: Sample Text
History: Sample Text

A small restaurant decided to run an experiment in order to try to get more service. The owners have decided to run a small blind date/speed dating experiment to see who is compatible with each other at Beacon. They sent out 8 letters, 4 to males and 4 to females at the school. They wait for the contestants to arrive at the restaurant.

Not the most elaborate explanation for a plot topic but it's short for a reason. Just leave your character here below and I will close sign ups for round 1 as soon as all slots are full. I am including my own character into this. Once I have the sign ups, I will use a Random Number Generator to set up the first tables. Once you are seated and you and the other person have decided whether or not your characters work together, pm me and I will have the owners escort the two of you out. I will open up spots as we drop down in members of the experiment.

Each "couple" will have a set number of posts for each person before a switch is iniated. If you and the other person decide that you have had enough and chosen each other, you BOTH must PM me. I will then have you both removed from the topic and open up new spots. The rotation is going to go as follows.
First round: Males move to the left.
Second round: Females move to the right.
The rotations will continue until either everyone has met with each other, or a couple leaves.
If you have any alternate relationship ideas, let me know now via PM and I will try to set up meetings for that as well. I.E. If your character is gay or bi, let me know and I will try to set up meetings if everyone is ok with it.
Once you have your partner, I can either set up a topic for a date or you can at a later date.
Last rule, Have fun, and keep is civil.

1. Liliana Blossom
2. Haley Rich Viola
3. Xanh Lo Kurstien
4. Dorothy Burgundy

5. Carmine Rodwell
6. Fionn MacGorm
7. Francis Haldstrom
8. Vermilion Desdemona

Reserve List for part 2
Cherry Chainsaw.

Sign ups for round 1 are now closed.
The pairs will go as follows.

Once I make the topic, you may post however you wish but please try to keep paired tables posting right after one another.

Approved Characters / Lady Blair Valka of Felwinter
« on: September 30, 2016, 03:18:10 PM »
Name: Lady Blair Valka of Felwinter

Age: 18

Species and Gender: Grey Wolf Faunus

Spoiler: show

A gold Wolf head that has a runic F inside it's mouth

Occupation: First Year Huntress, Beacon, Heiress

Spoiler: show

Spoiler: show

Lady Blair stands at a pettie 5'0 with an average build and blue hair. She usually wears a black vest with a blue tank top underneith. Her family armor is red and brown with fur around the joints.

History: Being the only daughter of the Jarl of Felwinter, Blair was raised as an heir. Within her family, she was next in line for the head of the household and to govern the village of Felwinter. Due to her status, she was treated as a noble, never given a chance to do anything on her own. She did not like the life of a noble but she knew that was what she was born into. She always wanted to what is right for her village but did not like having to stay within the village to do so. The fact that the village would suffer countless Grimm attacks during the night did not help her state of mind either. In her eyes, the head house in the village needed to protect the village as well as the guardsmen or Hunters they hired. When she brought this up to her parents, they both refused against this notion. They advised her not to take combat classes as they feared for their only daughter's life. She refused their disapproval and began taking lessons from one of the Hunters at night.
Eventually, she learned enough to prove to her parents that it was worth doing. One night, after her father's reluctance, she was allowed to fight along side the village guards during a Grimm attack. She held her own with a make shift weapon she had been using and her parents agreed that this was the best thing to do. Not only did her training help her grow as a leader, but it showed the rest of the village that the head house would be there to protect them no matter the case. Before she left, her parents gave her a suit of armor that had been in the family for centuries as well as a battle axe. While not the most technologically advanced village, due to it's location high up in the mountains of Mantle, Blair was able to use what money the family had and took a horse down the mountains to the closest city. After a couple days trying to figure out where to go, she arrived in Vale via ship and attempted to take the enrollment exam at Beacon. While she failed her first attempt, her next attempt she just barely managed to pass.

Personality: Due to her upbringing and family values, Blair takes pride in protecting people. Because of this, she easily will jump into the line of fire for her friends or team. During combat, she will usually lead the charge and act as the distraction for her team. While she does show heart to anyone, if even one person were to attack or harm anyone she cared for, her team included, she would not stop until the person was brought to justice by her own hand. This mentality usually lead to being on the wrong side of the law if it came to something serious.

Aura and Semblance: Her aura is a very light silver to the point where it looks like iron. Her semblance allows her to create a circle of protection to anyone inside it, giving them a barrier that allows them to take more damage then usual. The barrier can  withstand about 4 strong attacks or 8 normal attacks. She can not however use it more then a total amount of 3 times in succession. If used more, it drastically weakens her and she collapses to the ground.

Combat Behavior: Blair tends to lead the charge during combat as a way of showing those who follow her that even those in charge must get their hands dirty to protect everyone else. Due to her weapon, she tends to be deep in combat, usually leading to her team picking off enemies as she tosses them to the sides. However, if she can not get into combat, she will usually fight along side her team if surrounded, acting as a distraction to allow her team to get away.

Name: Fridolf. A large two handed twin sided axe with chains across the center and her family's crest on the center.
Dust Functions: Upon using fire dust and striking the ground, the axe head becomes engulfed in fire.
History: The axe has been in her family for years, however, only recently the axe has acquired dust functions

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