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The Vale Region / Re: Mysterious Migrations of Mountain Glenn
« on: February 06, 2018, 10:10:59 AM »
OOC: Sorry for the delay! Was trying to figure out how to get on the site.

Slightly surprised by the fact that the Lancer absorbed her attacked, Suntalia paused for a moment to soak it all in as well as observe her teammates proceed to fight the newly changed Grimm. As a smile creased across her face, she couldn't help but feel a surge of excitement at the thought of a new type of Grimm right before her eyes. "Well...guess to place B" she remarked, laughing as she ran straight towards the last one that was being held down by Mogan. "I call dibs on this one!" she yelled happily as she reconnected Firestorm into one. Jumping into the air, she slammed her spear straight into the creatures writhing thorax. Giving a big dimpled smile to Mogan, she pulled the spearhead out and stabbed the Lancer in its head, to finish the job. "Not bad of a start, don't you think?" she inquired, a laugh proceeding right after.

Aura: 96%
Semblance: Not activated

WiP Characters / Re: Silver Dawn
« on: January 31, 2018, 05:20:56 PM » first off, I would like to welcome you to the Board. It's always nice seeing new people here ;D

That being said, after looking over the profile, I'm actually going to over-rule the +1 as there are a lot of things that are missing or need to be fixed here. I've half the mind to do the full review, but instead, I'm going to move this over to the WIP section and let some of the other friendly veterans on the board help you in getting your character reviewed and acceptable.

Please feel free to PM me here or join the Discord channel to talk to all of us if you have any questions.

Getting back onto its feet, the Beringel roared and beat its chest as it faced off against its newest target. Picking up a few rocks, it threw them before charging straight towards Savas, its hands clenched in giant fists as it swung a huge punch at the giant faunus.

As the Beowolves fighint Ribeiro and Acero slowly began dying off, the remaining six on Acero followed in pursuit of their prey. While they chased him down, the remaining twelve that were on Kei continued their pursuit, not realizing yet again of the lance that he had fired before it was too late. Taking a huge blast, many of them were blown to pieces, while the others who were protected by the bodies of their now dead brothers were blown away by the blast. As Grimm pieces blew everywhere, many pieces flew straight at Kei, who was still close enough to have the aftereffects of the blast within range.

Lunging forward, Savas closed the distance between himself and the Beringel, his attention on nothing more than taking down his target. Blocking one of the rocks with Sandalphon, the others made contact, but bounced off his aura and armored body. Pressing forward, he rushed at the beast just as it also lunged towards him.

Taking a massive hit to his side, Savas was pushed back a little as he grunted from the pain, but looked dead straight into the Grimm's eyes. "My turn" he said, smirking wickedly at the creature. Using Sandalphon, he used all his strength to stab the beast through its abdomen. Letting go of the hilt, he wielded Metatron with both hands and swung it to the back of Sandalphon's hilt, sending the blade completely through the monster, leaving a gaping hole where the blade once was.

As the Beringel fell to its knees and slowly began to fade away, Savas turned to check on his teammates who all seemed to be doing just fine. Turning back to the Beringel who was mostly dissipated, he walked over to were Sandalphon was lodged into the nearby wall of a building and pulled it out. Facing where his teammates were, he simply observed, knowing that they would be fine taking care of the remaining Grimm as well as using this as an opportunity to assess those who were under his leadership now.

  • Semblance: Activated
  • Aura: 80%
  • Beringel: Dead
  • Beowolves: 25 dead, 4 dazed near Kei, and 6 in pursuit of Acero

Beating its chest out of frustration, the Beringel raised an arm to protect its less armored side of its face and neck. Moving quickly, it jumped from one spot to the next, dodging Ribeiro's bullets as it made its way towards the remaining few Beowolves that were fighting Acero. Upon reaching the first Beowolf, the Beringel proceeded by throwing two of its fellow Grimm straight at Ribeiro with its claws and fangs bared, ready to tear into her flesh.

Running after Kei, the Beowolves were too late in noticing the present that Kei had left behind. As the dust exploded, shrapnel of ice and bursts of fire and lightning sprung forth, engulfing the closest four Grimm and severely wounding the last two as they were blown into a building wall, only to slowly dissolve away. However, the defeat of those Grimm was short-lived as another dozen came around the corner, claws aimed at ripping into Kei, and a handful more showing up to attack Acero.

Watching the others make good work on keeping the Grimm off of his back, Savas continued to focus on charging his semblance. Slowly, he began to glow a deep crimson as his semblance became fully charged. Letting out a roar, he activated his semblance, a burst of what looked like crimson fire engulfing his entire body. Feeling renewed vigor, he located the Beringel and, with a giant lunge, closed the distance easily towards his target. With each step taken that seemingly felt like the ground was shaking, Savas raised Metatron and leaped straight at the giant Grimm who was busy throwing Grimm at his fellow teammate.

Putting his entire strength into a descent swing, Savas swung Metatron straight into the Grimm's abdomen, sending it flying upward through the nearest building. Turning to look briefly at Acero to make sure he was alright, Savas then turned his gaze to Ribeiro. "Nggrh...Thanks for the cover" he stated simply. "I'll take it from here." Turning his attention back to the Beringel who had landed and was slowly getting back to its feet, Savas let out another roar and charged straight at the Grimm.

  • Semblance: Activated
  • Aura: 100%
  • Beringel: 52%
  • Beowolves: 15 dead, 12 on Kei, 8 on Acero, 2 on Ribeiro

The Vale Region / Re: Mysterious Migrations of Mountain Glenn
« on: January 27, 2018, 05:19:14 PM »
Listening to Mogan while watching Gwylan move ahead of them, Suntalia simply shot a smile up at Mogan. "Being friends with a lot of people has its perks" she replied simply. Truth be told, after spending the last couple years at Beacon trying to befriend everyone she could, it did allow her to read people's expressions and reactions a bit easier. However, her remark was mostly to help reassure herself and calm her own emotions as she tried to lighten the tense air around them.

Listening to Mogan ask the professor a question, Suntalia immediately was on high alert a moment after both Mogan and Professor Ferus were on alert. Turning towards the oncoming Lancers, she was impressed at Mogan's quick reaction to the situation. "Let's flank them Mogan!" she yelled happily as she sprinted quickly to the right of the oncoming Grimm. She had heard of Lancers before, but hadn't had the rare opportunity to fight one. Seeing that they were fliers, that gave her a huge advantage against them. Watching the others spring into action, she did likewise, separating Firestorm into two shorter spears. Activating her semblance, she quickly got into position so that she would have an easy shot against the Lancer furthest from the others. "Heads up!" she yelled gaily as she aimed one spear towards the sky and the other at her first target. "Bang!" she said as a huge thunderbolt struck her spearhead and, travelling through the chain, shot straight at the first target.

Aura = 96%
Full powered semblance attack at one Lancer.

The Vale Region / Re: Mysterious Migrations of Mountain Glenn
« on: January 26, 2018, 12:41:36 PM »
OOC: Was waiting for Dusty to reply, but I guess I'll go next...

Taking her cue, Suntalia smiled excitedly as she gathered up her things. As the airship landed, she quietly hopped off right behind Mogan. Despite her happy demeanor on the outside, she was a huntress in training and, therefore, was fully alert of her immediate surrounding. With the treeline far off, it made the chances of a horde of Grimm to approach them unaware rather slim. Fighting a horde right at the beginning would've been exhilarating, but would make it difficult seeing that there was only a few of them. With Firestorm in its full length, she merely held it perpendicular to her body, forming a cross with herself.

Walking up to stand next to Mogan, Suntalia gently nudged him with her elbow. "Someone seems rather excited to start!" she remarked, keeping her playful demeanor for all the others to see. Dropping her voice, however, she took a more serious note for only Mogan to see. "Everything will be fine. Just be mindful of the first years. Can't be having them die on us here, now can we?" she whispered, shooting a serious glance up at Mogan's face before switching back to a smile. "I personally am intrigued to see what kind of Grimm we might run into. What do you guys think it could be?" she asked loudly for everyone to hear.

The Vale Region / Re: Mysterious Migrations of Mountain Glenn
« on: January 24, 2018, 12:27:18 AM »
Shooting a quick dimpled smile at Professor Ferus, Suntalia turned to Mogan. "We'll finish this later!" she whispered happily before turning her full attention to the Professor. Remembering her classes under his tutelage, she excitedly listened to him speak of the dangers involved with the mission. As dangerous as everything sounded, she couldn't help but smile at the thought of getting to use her fighting abilities and semblance to its fullest today. The sky looked to be on the clearer side, making it more difficult for her to use her semblance, but it wasn't enough to prevent her fully. Just means a longer charge time she thought, as the Professor finished his debriefing and asked if there were any questions.

Raising her hand quickly, Suntalia waved her arm slightly as she tried to hide her excitement. "Yes! Yes! Yes! I have a question Professor!" she asked loudly. "Do you have any inclination of what Grimm we might encounter? Are we going to be all together, paired up or will we be splitting up individually? Should we work out a strategy or just run and gun? Do you have a nickname I can call you by?" Despite the last question seeming out of place, she still wanted to ask as she was still deciding on nicknames for everyone there. Maybe Professor Ferry? or Professor Furry? she thought as she waited for her questions to be answered.

Roaring out of frustration for missing its target, the Beringel was ready to fight when it was suddenly fired upon by Ribeiro. Snarling at Ribeiro, it turned and charged towards the small target, picking up small boulders and throwing them at her in the process.

With the Beringel preoccupied with Ribeiro, the Beowolves finally came within sight and made their charge towards Acero and Kei. however, before they could even begin their first move, the one at the front was immediately taken down, leaving the others in momentary stunned disbelief. The moment was short lived as they continued their assault towards Acero and Kei. With half a dozen of them going straight at Kei, the other dozen Grimm quickly maneuvered around in hopes of taking down Acero and Savas. In the midst of the chaos ensuing, more distant howls could be heard from outside of the town, indicating more Grimm coming towards the others.

Listening to Kei's suggestion, Savas slammed his gauntlet huge fist against the airship. "Get out of here!" he yelled, startling the pilot who quickly nodded and started the engine. "I'll circle around and come back once it's safe!" the pilot yelled as the airship took off and flew away.

Turning his attention on to the giant Grimm, Savas was thoroughly impressed with Ribeiro grabbing its attention. Using this as an opportunity, Savas focused and began activating his semblance. "Hold it's attention for a bit Ribeiro!" he roared at his teammate as he slowly began to glow crimson. I will protect my teammates he thought, clenching his fists. No matter the cost...

Battle Stats:

  • Semblance: Charging
  • Aura: 100%
  • Weapon: Dual Wielding Sandalphon and Metatron
  • Beringel: 97% life remaining
  • Beowolves: 1 dead, 6 attacking Kei, 12 circling around towards Acero and Savas. More howls still heard from a distance.

The Vale Region / Re: Frostbite [Closed]
« on: January 23, 2018, 11:44:14 PM »
Catching the bracelet, Savas fussed over getting it over his large wrist. Having it fastened securely, he looked over to see Nicolas putting out the fire. As the house took on a darkened demeanor, Savas simply walked through the door and squinted slightly as he looked up to the dreary sky. The wind had picked up, causing a slight chill to creep through his armor. Letting out a sigh, he merely watched the mist from his breath blow away into the air above.

Turning around to face Nicolas and Aurelia, Savas harnessed his weapons in their respective places on his back. "You sure about this?" he asked simply. Despite his eagerness to get into a good fashioned sparring match, he was hesitant about it if it meant his opponent being Nicolas. Folding his arms across his chest, primarily due to the cold wind, he arched an eyebrow towards Nicolas' direction. "We need not spar if you don't want to." he added, trying not to give any indication that he was looking down at the other man. Knowing some of what had happened to Nicolas, Savas had nothing but respect for the man so he did not want to come off as rude or dishonorable towards him or Aurelia for that matter.

Another howl, this time even closer, rang through the forest. However, it seemed that the howls were coming from different angles and not simply the northern side of the town now. It didn't help the fact that noise carried in this area, distorting any chance of pinpointing the direct location. Cursing under his breath, Savas took one last glimpse of the forest to see if any Grimm were lurking nearby. Spotting nothing, he decided it be best to return to his other teammates and tackle what seemed like an oncoming attack together.

Turning around, Savas jogged at a steady pace back to the airship, his large legs covering twice the amount of ground than a normal person. Within less than a minute, he was in sight of the airship and spotted Acero running towards the center of the town as well. Waving towards his teammate, Savas slowed down to a walk, mostly to conserve his stamina. "Ngggrh...they seem to be circling the town" he growled loudly so that Acero could hear him. Stationing himself in front of the airship, he stabbed Sandalphon into the ground so that he could pull out his scroll. Pulling up both Kei and Ribeiro contact numbers, he texted them a simple message: Grimm approaching. Rally at Airship.

Putting his scroll away, he pulled Sandalphon back out just as another howl was heard in the background, this time sounding as if it was right on the outskirts of the town. "Here we go" he said simply to no one in particular and let out a loud warcry as if to challenge any that would approach.

Entering the town through the gaping hole to the East, the large Grimm quietly jumped up onto one of the rooftops while part of the pack of Beowolves came charging in behind it before spreading out to circle its prey. Jumping from one roof to another, it paused when it spotted its prey who was nearly as big as it was. It was then that it spotted what looked like a smaller, easier prey to devour. Watching quietly for the right moment to attack, the beast waited in hidden on the rooftop as the Beowolves let out a howl as they came within view of the four people below. Taking the chance that the Beowolves would keep the others busy, the giant Beringel let out a roar as it jumped down, fists raised as it hoped to crush Acero beneath its ferocious attack.

OOC: Not sure where you want to have Acero, but I just assumed he would be at least a couple paces away from Savas. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong and you want to do something else instead and I'll correct this post.

The Vale Region / Re: Mysterious Migrations of Mountain Glenn
« on: January 22, 2018, 06:25:34 PM »
Watching through one of the airship's windows, Suntalia lightly hummed to herself happily as she did every morning. However, despite the happy demeanor she had on, deep within her, a slight chill was creeping as she had heard the rumors and knew extensively that Mountain Glenn was one of the few places that any sane person would want to avoid. Add on top of that the idea of strange Grimm appearing in the abandoned terrain and it did little to soothe her nerves. Mustn't show any fear though...for the sake of my little juniors here she thought, continuing her humming.

Turning her eyes to Professor Ferus, Suntalia smiled broadly as he began to make his way around to make sure everyone was awake. Leaving it to her to not show concern for whether the others were asleep or not, she jumped up from her seat. "WAKEY WAKEY! EGGS AND BACEY!" she cried out happily for all to hear. Smiling happily, she turned her attention to her gear to make sure everything was in order. With her chain shirt in place and her clothing infused with dust for added protection, she pulled out Firestorm and extended it to its full length to make sure everything was in order. Satisfied with it, she transformed it back and harnessed it before pulling out Dynami and Areti to inspect them next. Checking the barrel as well as the sight to make sure everything was aligned, she pulled out the magazine and inspected the rounds. She had been meticulous the day prior to create a few extra magazines so that she would have extra should their stay there be prolonged.

Satisfied with her weapons, Suntalia looked into her pack to see that she had everything needed. First aid kit, ten extra magazines for both Dynami and Areti, extra dust crystals for Firestorm, small snacks for the road... Humming quietly to herself as she continued to check off each item from her list of things. Having finished her checklist, she turned her attention back to the window and then to her comrades on this mission. Being the social animal that she was, she already had become acquainted with both Nathan and Gwylan. However, she was not quite acquainted with the other third year with them. "Best time to get to know him is now" she whispered happily to herself as she skipped over to where Mogan was. "Hi! I'm Suntalia! You can call me Talia for short. It's what my friends call me and you're officially now one of my friends!" she exclaimed happily. "What's your name? How old are you? What made you come to Beacon? Why'd you choose to come on this mission? Do you have a favorite food? What about your favorite color? How are you liking Beacon so far? Are you a good fighter?" she asked excitedly. As a myriad of questions continued to loom in her mind, she quickly switched gears and turned her attention to Nathan. "Are you awake Nathan?" she all but yelled at the first year. "Best answer quickly or I'll give you a 'shocking' awakening" she remarked, giggling slightly before turning her attention back to Mogan. "So?" she asked, tilting her head slightly as she gave him an innocent smile.

Teams / Re: Team List
« on: January 22, 2018, 03:28:46 PM »
Just a heads up: Beacon Third Year Team SODR is currently no more. Two of the members are no longer active and the third one has moved on to be in another team.

The Vale Region / Re: Frostbite [Closed]
« on: January 21, 2018, 09:54:23 PM »
Taken aback by Nicolas' request to spar, Savas quickly hid his surprise on his face. Sitting around reminiscing on the past was one of the last things he would have wanted to do and, after everything that happened earlier with Praetor Rubra, Savas was itching to fight something or someone just to get his mind off of things.

"Ngggrh...It would be an honor to spar with you" Savas said quietly, his voice interjecting before Aurelia could protest further. Standing up, he rolled his shoulders before cracking his neck. "Besides..." he added, picking up Sandalphon and Metatron. "...I've been rather itching to do something more than dwell on the past" he growled, his voice rumbling through the room as he smirked first at Nicolas and then at Aurelia.

Plot Zone / Re: Mysterious Migration of Mountain Glenn
« on: January 21, 2018, 09:46:31 PM »
SerAnad's character is approved so he's good to go :D

Considering the fact that SerAnad's character is a third year student, I'd like to offer throwing Suntalia Lyn Ryker as another third year student into the mix. If you don't feel like having her, then I can also offer Savas Carnelian into the fray.

I promise to be active for the thread! ;D ;D ;D

Approved Characters / Re: Mogan Treehouse
« on: January 21, 2018, 09:38:47 PM »
So after everything we've discussed and looking it over again, everything seems fine for me. As for the whole 3rd year team portion, there are a few third year students out there so I would recommend you keep him as a third year. I can tell you now that I currently have a third year who was on a team, but that team fell through so she's more or less teamless now. Just post that you're looking for a third year team and I'm sure some people will crop up.

All that said, Approved 2 of 2.

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