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The Vale Region / Re: Casino Royale (CLOSED)
« on: Today at 10:24:15 AM »
(OOC: Steal away, Walter -- nice selection, btw!)

Fighting effectively with a weapon, any sort of weapon, is never as simple as the pros make it look. You don't just slash with a sword -- everything that goes into the move, from posture and angle to how tight or loose you grip the handle, has an influence. Even guns are more than just "aim and pull trigger"; one must adjust for any movement in the target, the direction and intensity of the wind, and be prepared to properly manage recoil and even reloading, sometimes on the go.

Fighting with a shield is no exception. It's naive to think you can just cower behind a small wall of metal while your enemy tires themselves out -- you need to know what you're doing, or you'll be in for a world of problems.

When Rory saw the bruiser in the trenchcoat suddenly manifest an Aura, it was clear that this particular angle of the tussle had just escalated, badly. Not only could this guy take a beating and keep going, he wasn't the simple brute he'd at first seemed to be. Barreling down on him once again, Rory knew that everything he'd deflected from this guy before was about to be heavily amplified, and that had to be dealt with. He watched the blow come at him and knew that dodging wasn't going to work; the opponent's reach meant that if the double-handed blow didn't catch him on the initial swing a back-swing was always possible. What's more, they couldn't afford to get bogged down here as time was still very much against them. All this and more ran through Rory's mind in the sparse seconds he had to work with, though his body was already moving due to practice and pattern recognition. The enemy was striking at an angle, swinging not to impact but to knock away; everyone thinks that if you can knock away a shield fighter's shield you can render them powerless, after all. That was why Rory's were literally bound around his arms... and why he was stepping in towards a fierce blow instead of trying to duck away.

Stepping in and angling his shield towards the man's strike ensured a solid, clean impact; stepping into a short, high, unweighted stance ensured that the majority of the impact would be turned into momentum, knocking Rory off his feet but in a controlled way that would put distance between him and the big man. Still, the moment the fists struck felt a lot like being hit by a truck at top speed -- the shieldmeister had to fight down his own first impulse to tense up, instead letting his body "rag doll" through that first split second before curling and rolling as best he could. Table legs and chairs shattered under the impact, and at least one poorly-placed patron cried out and ended up in a tumble of their own, but the worst of the impact was mitigated by the time Rory slammed into the wall. Fighting down dizziness, he leapt to his feet and willed his legs to run after Marvin Royale. "Keep moving forward!" was his way of telling his teammates he was (mostly) okay. If he was lucky, the heavy-handed brute would have trouble keeping up.

Battle Stats:
▫ Passive Effect: Aura Specialist
(defensive Aura focus reduces incoming damage by 1.5%)
Strong hit received, 13.5% Aura damage
▫ Aura Status: ▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇ (82%)


Yup, that was the title inspiration! ;D

Ok, it looks like we have enough interest to get things started. I'll set up a Discord chat for discussing ideas & stylistics and PM the link to everyone who's posted thusfar.

The old Faunus chuckled. "You're very competitive -- a good trait in a Huntsman. But no, this is not a contest." Stepping up onto the log, Budonoki assumed a relaxed stance, holding his staff at just above mid-way. "I know that you could use your Semblance fairly easily to avoid being knocked off. Instead, your challenge is to try to knock me off. Now... whenever you're ready."

(OOC: Enjoy a little musical inspiration for your next post.)

Budonoki nodded thoughtfully as he listened to Jocelyn's words, hearing the weight of emotion she put into them. "Care and joy. Guilt and regret. A sense of obligation. Miss Antiqua, these are all very powerful emotions -- I know them well, and they have brought me both remarkable strength and great sorrow over my years. For better or worse, thought, they are a vital part of who you are... and you will need to channel these aspects of yourself for what we are to attempt. Capture those emotions in your mind's eye. Bind them together in your memory. Harnessing the reflection of your Semblance within you is one sure way to master it."

"Now then,"
He closed his eyes and breathed in deeply, almost seeming as if he were meditating. "If my suspicions are correct, miss Antiqua, your Semblance can do far, far more than you think it can -- with the proper catalyst empowering it. You still have the Dust crystals I gave you, correct? I would like you to try something for me, please. Choose one, whichever you feel most comfortable using, and begin channeling your Aura into it as though you were using your Semblance. Remember to imbue your Semblance's emotions into the act as well, as this should strengthen your ability to control the result. And then..."

"...Turn the crystal's power on me."
He paused, then added. "Do not worry about what may happen -- I have faith in you."

The gullies proved to be the perfect tracking ground. Here, in the shallow trenches of earth, the soil retained just a little bit more moisture and the amber leaves were mostly stuck together in wet clumps and piles. As Helena approached she would catch a glimpse of a fox's tail as the creature who'd led her here bounded away into the forest.

The tracks, once she was able to examine them up close, were clearly too big and heavy to be local foraging pigs -- these were Boarbatusk tracks, without a doubt, and relatively fresh at that. They followed the curve of the gully east and seemed to establish a well-trodden path, suggesting that one or more of the boar-like Grimm used this route regularly. One thing she might also notice, though perhaps not at first, was how quiet the forest was suddenly, with any noise of birds seeming incredibly distant...

The tracks would lead her to a small cave, too low and flat to the ground for a person to ever enter except by crawling. In the gloom of the underground something stirred, though what wouldn't quite be clear at a distance. Hanging from a low tree branch nearby was what looked like a gray pet collar studded with several round protrusions -- this had to be the missing fox's collar!

Everywhere Else / Re: Bone of the First [SSMR]
« on: Today at 07:11:15 AM »
An isolated village cut off from the world at large by ridiculously strong Grimm? As Sean drove, thinking about where Solar came from suddenly helped a great many things to make sense. "Well then, when this is over we'd best get you up to speed on the outside world." Thinking back to the incident with the lollipop, he had to wonder what other modern marvels she was unfamiliar with. Ice cream? Pizza? Videogames? Oh, introducing Solar to modernity was gonna be fun...

And abruptly, the chase was on!

With Solar and her attacker already bounding across the rooftops, it looked like Sean was going to fall behind -- especially as he rushed to trade out the ammo drum he had loaded for one marked with an ice crystal. However, the young grenadier had a few tricks up his sleeve; stripping off his gloves and shoving them into his pockets, he slapped his hands onto the undersides of his boots, leaving a faintly glowing imprint on each one. Flashing a quick smile and mock salute Suna's way, he crouched, braced... and then snapped his fingers and leapt upwards like a goddamn rocket. The extra push from his Semblance was enough to gain some good height, reaching the halfway to the rooftops in one go and carrying the momentum into a quick series of wall kicks before scrambling up alongside Solar to give chase.

"Hey, you!" Taking aim, Sean fired an ice grenade that overshot the target by about six feet, just enough for the flash freeze to be right in front of them when it went off. With any luck that would force the escapee to halt or at least pause, but Sean was ready to make his next shot not a warning if the target continued to run. "We'd like a word!"

Plot Zone / It's not easy being evil... (group planning/setup)
« on: February 15, 2018, 09:37:36 AM »

Are you tired of the "goods" and the "grays" getting the spotlight?
Are you ready to turn scheming and plotting into sinister activity?
Do you long to be more, to do more, to unleash the evil in your soul?


This thread is for all the aspiring Roman Torchwicks, Neos, Emeralds, Mercurys, and yes, even Cinders -- if you have an evil character (or are interested in making one), you are officially welcomed to be part of the creation of this underworld organization. This is not technically a Worldbuild (at least not yet, as this is still very much in the concept phase -- are Worldbuilds even reopened?), more like a brainstorming and interest-gauging thread. The overall concept is simple: give true villain characters (who aren't associated with the White Fang, that is) something to do in-RP beyond serve as a boss / midboss in the occasional battle or act as a plot device for the "good guys". In essence, we'd be offering both social and mission threads for baddies, all within the in-story context of a criminal confederation taking on jobs and pursuing their own agendas.

Instead of simply launching a fully formed group concept myself, I figured it'd be best to reach out to those interested for feedback and ideas regarding everything from name and themes to roles, ranks, rewards, etc. I have a general concept -- using my character Maria Sanguine as a kind of "help wanted agency" to offer up evil missions to members of our consortium -- but I feel like effective evil organizing also means giving all the plotters, schemers, ner-do-wells, and aspiring evil overlords involved a voice in the process.

So, if you have a nefarious character (or intend to make one), a suggestion, or even just an evil laugh that you really, really wanna belt out, feel free to post here! All insidious contributions are welcome!

Everywhere Else / Re: Bone of the First [SSMR]
« on: February 14, 2018, 12:12:09 PM »
Well, at least Suna picked up... though, by the sound of it, effective communication was going to be something they all needed to work on (not that he was in any position to judge, honestly). While Solar poked and queried Sean checked the location ping, trying to match it up to memory. Yeah, that was an area he tended to avoid -- the word to be heard was that bad things happened in that neighborhood, though specifics varied wildly from one story to another. 'Figures... nothing's ever easy.'

Fortunately, most of what Solar was fiddling with wouldn't do anything while the buggy idled in park... right up until she found her way to the Dust switches. Sean wasn't quite fast enough to intercept as she moved her hand there -- in the space between her flipping the switch and him flipping it back a plume of activated ice Dust coughed out of the rear exhaust and covered several feet of alleyway behind them in a slick sheen of frost.

"That would be the Dust injection I mentioned." He sighed, wondering how someone who didn't even know what a Scroll was would be able to manage a team. Still, he'd take Solar's ignorance over the drill sergeant type leader he'd been expecting. "We definitely gotta work on your knowledge base, boss. Here's the short version:" He pointed to his Scroll. "This does lots of different things, but the big one is it lets people talk to each other over long distances. I'm guessing Shade has one for you -- if not, we can get you a basic one fairly cheaply. They also," He held up the screen for her to see, displaying the map ping Suna had sent. "Work as a map -- Suna and I just talked, and it sounds like he's following a lead at this place. We should probably see what he's found, eh?"

"And as for these,"
He gestured to the buttons and switches on Gust Raider, resetting a few as he did. "I promise I'll go over every single one when we get around to having you drive, ok?" He was suddenly very grateful he put a pressure sensor into the driver's seat, as Solar changing the vehicle into catapult mode while they were both inside it would be... distinctly not good.

Slowly backing out of the alley -- to the sound of crunching ice beneath tires -- Sean just had to ask the inevitable question. "Where are you from, by the way? A long, loooong ways outside the kingdoms, I'm guessing?"

Even making good time, Sean and Solar wouldn't arrive until several minutes after Suna's entry into the booby trapped house. Dismounting the vehicle (and pulling out the key for good measure), Sean readied his grenade launcher as he surveyed the run down, dilapidated area. "I've heard bad things about this part of the city... we'd better be careful."

Everywhere Else / Re: Hunt for the Howling Storm {CLOSED}
« on: February 14, 2018, 09:49:10 AM »
(OOC: Sorry for the delay in posting -- I got hit with a mini dose of the flu over the last couple days and it really took the wind out of my sails. Just to keep things flowing, you can skip me in the rotation going forward until the White Fang encounter is over; I'll jump in and post as-needed.)

"Quisling" shook his head in disappointment at all that followed his offer, the hologram watching as the group scrambled to act. His Fang brethren were showing restraint for now, which was good -- with the exception of Solar, whom Cordell had brought into the mix without his knowledge -- he'd hand-picked each of the Faunus here not only because he'd believed they could face the challenges that this treasure hunt entailed but had at least a chance of cooperating at this point of things. Rust, after all, was a mercenary who had served the interests of the Fang before; Akeldama was a roll of the dice but still Faunus, and although his info on Infrared showed all the fingerprints of Atlas he still held some small measure of hope she might be turned. Sadly, it seemed he was to be disappointed; one by one they all took actions which proved they wouldn't just simply cooperate. The rat Faunus shook his head, clicking his tongue in disdain. "You're all making this so much harder than it has to be..." The hologram flickered and disappeared, revealing a small spherical drone hovering in mid-air that had served as its projector. The fist-sized robot slipped silently away into the shadows, watching the group from a distance.

Cordell, meanwhile, was not in a good way. Whatever the traitor had hit her with had rendered her functionally paralyzed, only able to move just enough to breathe -- and even that was proving far from easy. The impact as the gravity Dust effect slammed her into Akel was enough of a physical jolt to force her body to reflexively draw in a deep gasp, but only after it knocked the wind out of her. The world spun in unsteady cacophony, a cold sweat beading on her brow. She was in no state to protest as Rust plucked her up and made a break back towards the tunnel.

Rust, unfortunately, wouldn't get far. In the gloom ahead of him a tendril of deeply unhealthy-looking green haze slithered through the air like some kind of misty serpent, dancing and writhing in the air, and abruptly a throwing knife embedded itself in the stone floor not more than a dozen feet ahead of him. Quisling, one hand peeling away cosmetic elements that had concealed his Faunus traits and the other sporting a thin blade, walked into sight around the edge of a building off to Rust's left. "Mister Rust, you disappoint me so. This is just business -- surely you'd rather be on the winning side here, hm?" With his true face revealed Quisling looked every bit like a devious rat, pale skin giving way to long whiskers and short fanged yellow teeth. The green haze responded as he approached it, curling around him responsively -- a Semblance of some kind, one could assume.

The Vale Region / Re: Within Nature ~ Training [Nathan] (CLOSED)
« on: February 09, 2018, 06:55:57 PM »
The camera feeds that Helena would see through her Scroll were mostly the benign and expected -- a fox-eye view of the forest floor or the gnarled branches of underbrush. At least two of the foxes seemed to be resting in their burrows, as those cameras were switched to grainy green night-vision or blobby red-orange-purple thermal imaging; another camera showed two foxes wrestling in great chaotic tumbles of playful fur, and one of particular interest showed a pair of very young pups being groomed by their mother. It was an intimate peek at the lives of Forever Fall's vulpine residents, but there didn't seem to be anything that would lead her to the missing fox or its tracker...

... at least, not initially. Fifteen minutes passed, then thirty, then forty-five as Helena made her way deeper into the amber foliage of Forever Fall, all without a sign of her objective. However, one of the prowling fox-cams suddenly had eyes on something of potential interest: tracks in soft earth that had got the curious attention of fox marked as '041-M'. The video feed wasn't terribly steady as the fox poked and sniffed about, but the tracks were clearly hoof prints of some kind. They could belong to wild pigs... or Boarbatusks.

The fox's signal wasn't coming from too far away -- the map showed an area of shallow gullies just north with the fox's transmitter right in the midst of them.

Everywhere Else / Re: Hunt for the Howling Storm {CLOSED}
« on: February 09, 2018, 06:18:26 PM »
(OOC: Well now... congrats, Arcus. Rust just triggered my "trap card"! ;D Tad earlier for this than I'd originally planned, but it'll still work just fine.)

For a long moment Quisling stood, seemingly frozen in place with big, fearful eyes glued to the revving blades of Alizarin's weapon. It was a breathless moment -- their band of adventurers stood one wrong move from turning on each other.

And it was about to get so much worse.

The transformation in Quisling's visage was subtle but striking; one moment he was a petrified academic whose life was under threat, the next minute that veneer was dissolving away into a slowly spreading grin. "Why, mister Rust... how very perceptive of you." Gone was the hesitancy, the stuttering, the weak trill that undercut his words like a badly tuned instrument -- suddenly Quisling was somebody else entirely, someone entirely comfortable in his own skin and disquietingly at ease with the current situation. "But no, not quite. It's not for me, my friend... rather, I'll be claiming it for a cause. One which you yourself have, in the past, aided."

Cordell was suddenly on full alert; she wasn't reaching for her weapons but her posture and gaze showed concern. " 'Cause'? We had a deal, Quizy -- th' crown gets locked away, studied but outta reach." Her eyes narrowed. "Who're ye backstabbin' us for?"

"Quiet now, captain -- you've served your purpose, mostly." There was venom and hatred in his gaze. "Be grateful you're more useful to us alive, for now."

"You little sh--" The pirates words were cut off as a tiny pellet silently launched from a concealed corner of the cabin, twisting in the air to impact the side of her face. Cordell's Aura meant that the impact was all but meaningless, however the pea-sized gray orb burst into a small cloud of haze immediately on impact. The gas was quick to disperse but the damage it did was swift; immediately the captain fell into a violent fit of coughing and gasping, dropping to one knee and clutching at her throat. Her entire body felt like lead, heavy and unresponsive and dangerously cold.

"That should have you knocked out in a little bit, human filth." The traitorous academic then locked eyes with Rust, smiled... and leaned in towards the spinning blades. Where there should have been a gout of blood there was instead only a hazy electric crackle like TV static -- this Quisling wasn't real, just a high-end hologram. "You and I have business to discuss, mister Rust. And perhaps miss Blood-Heart and Raise as well, if they're of a mind to."

The hologram reached up and off to the side, touching a rocky surface that suddenly appeared at the hazy edge of the projection. A faint light spread from his hand -- those paying attention would recognize it as being the same sort of glow from when Cordell opened the cavern's secret entrance. From outside of the ship a thunderous sound of rock grinding against rock could be heard for a few moments before an intense light washed over the ship, daylight streaming in from a much larger and now-open secret entrance. "My brothers will be here soon, you see -- they've been awaiting my signal, and now they have it. Oh, it wasn't easy impersonating a spineless bookworm all these months, leading on our dear captain to believe anyone legitimate would ever work with her vile ilk -- for a pirate she's surprisingly naive and understanding, it turns out. Now it all pays off, so... let me give the four of you a choice:"

"Hand her, the crown, and the riches of this old treasure pit over to us, and we'll let you walk away -- we'll even let you keep the shiny mementos you collected earlier, just to show that there's no hard feelings. But her,"
His face twisted into a scowl, suddenly seeming very rat-like in aspect, and he glared in Cordell's direction. "Well, once we have control of her ship we'll decide what her fate will be. No need to worry yourselves over that; she's just a common criminal, after all, and deserves what she has coming."

"Or... you could side with her. I wouldn't advise it, though."
The sinister grin on his face said all that needed to be said about the second option...

(OOC: Adventurers, please wait to post. Gus, yer up!)

General Discussion / Re: You character(s) playlist.
« on: February 09, 2018, 05:31:30 AM »
Dis gon be fuuuun:D

(Will update as available)

Main Theme: Plunder & Lightning by Director's Cut
Battle Theme: Alestorm by Alestorm
Adventure Theme: Pirate Song by Running Wild
Chillin' Theme: Sky Pirates by Brandon Fiechter
Aerial Combat Theme: Crimson Rider by Masterplan
Not Dead Yet Theme: Initium by Rising Storm
And here's one hour of assorted pirate music, just because.

Main Theme: I Can't Wait (Magic Puppet Remix) by Celldweller
Battle Theme: I Can't Wait (Metal Revision) by Paul Udarov
Hateful Theme: Gift For You (Net Affection Remix) by Net Afflection
Playful Sadist Theme: Fuck You by Lily Allen

Main Theme: The Best It's Gonna Get vs Tainted by Celldweller
Predator On The Loose Theme: Good L_ck (Yo_'re F_cked) by Celldweller

The Vale Region / Re: Within Nature ~ Training [Monster] (CLOSED)
« on: February 07, 2018, 11:13:38 AM »
"It is quite beautiful, yes." The old surgeon cast his eyes across the water and foliage, smiling softly as he did so. "I sometimes come out here to meditate on my days off... but no, the view is not the main reason we're here. I thought that the serenity of this spot would be a good fit for what we are to undertake."

"Your Semblance, miss Antiqua, is a fine thing."
He gestured to a smooth, flat, moss-covered boulder not to far from his own spot, encouraging her to sit. "You give of yourself to restore others, and can even do so with bullets! I've known many remarkable Huntresses and Huntsmen down through the years and can tell you with certainty that gifts such as yours are rare indeed, the sort of thing which can do a great deal of good. However, I'm sure it hardly needs saying that sacrificing some of your own Aura -- especially in the midst of battle -- can be a risky thing. To that end, I'd like to explore what we can do either to strengthen your Aura or make your Semblance less of a risk. I know a few things that may be of use to you, but matters such as these are, always, a deeply personal process."

"What are your thoughts on the matter, hm? What comes to mind -- your thoughts, you feelings, your concerns and hopes -- when you think about your Semblance?"

AMA Section / Re: What badass boast/creed does your character have?
« on: February 06, 2018, 01:48:18 PM »

"Ever fought someone with nothing left to lose? You're about to."

"They say the best offense is a strong defense -- if that's true, you're in for a world of hurt."

"Everybody thinks pirates are all thunder, no lightnin', just scurvy opportunists who can't stand a fair fight. Mate, lemme tell ye somethin': ain't never been a fair fight -- not a one, ever -- on this whole besotted world. There ain't no 'fair' or 'unfair', just 'fight' or 'die'. Thing about pirates is, we learn how t' survive in a world where bloody near everyone an' everything wants t' kill us, an' in case ye ain't noticed, I ain't dead yet. Think ye've got a shot where so many have failed? Well... come test yer luck, then."

"Y'know... I don't usually get serious. Not my style. I prefer to live life loose, flow like the wind and make up the rules as I go. But you? Oh, man... you just had to cross the line. You just had to keep pushing. Pushing me down. Pushing me around. Pushing your damn LUCK. But, hey, even if I go all-out on your ass you might have a chance. I'll admit it -- given what you've showed me so far, you could almost beat me. Almost. It's a dangerous word, don'tcha think? And you know what they say about 'almost'... it only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. Bitch, time to guess which one I am!!"

"There are those who call me a 'man of peace' in a world of bloodshed. A healer. A sage. Hmph... the pleasant lies we tell ourselves, are they not truly something? Yes, I heal. I teach. But I have fought monsters from within and without for my entire life, and once you embark down that path you can never entirely leave it. You see an old man content to sit under the branches and listen to the wind, but somewhere deep inside still resides the spirit of a much younger man determined to change the world by will and by force. You think me a weak and broken old tree... but I will show you just how deep my roots run."

"Even if you see me, you'll never know me. Even if you know it's me you'll never see me coming. All you'll hear is the quiet laughter of the void as it takes you -- just one more tossed into an endless grave."

Everywhere Else / Re: Bone of the First [SSMR]
« on: February 06, 2018, 05:02:53 AM »
Sean couldn't help raising a bemused eyebrow at their fearless leader's idea of a disguise -- it would work, sure... as long as nobody paid attention to those horns protruding from the hood. At this point, though, it really couldn't be helped; if they waited around here much longer the academy or the cops might come'a calling, so it was indeed time to get moving. Quickly slinging on a poncho and green bandana to cover his mouth, the boy of many explosions hopped into the driver's seat, buckled in, and started Gust Raider up. The engine growled as it came to life, sliding into a steady purr after a second or two.

"Hang onto your horns, boss." Was all the advice Sean gave before flooring it, sending the dune buggy practically leaping out of its roost and onto the parking lot before peeling off down the nearby side-road.

Getting back to the scene of the crime was a quick and easy matter -- doing it without being spotted was another thing. Sean had pulled off into one of the larger alleyways as they'd gotten close, being careful not to draw attention. Once parked, he pulled out his Scroll and dialed Suna and Maena on a group call. "Hey, so... rough start, right? Hellova team meet-up. Sorry I didn't stick around to say 'hi' earlier Suna, but this situation's a little bit crazy." He looked over at Solar. "Where do we stand right now? I've got Solar here and she is keen to clear her name. Any thoughts?"

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