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Title: First Year 1v1 1st Round: Zabar V Zwei[Limited: 3/8]
Post by: Dr. Gustave on September 28, 2016, 03:30:22 PM
"LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!" A Booming and energetic voice explodes through the speakers set up around the enormous stadium. A deep and gravely voice, like someone who spent too much time smoking and decided now would be a good time to start screaming for their entire life. "WELCOME TO THE FORTIETH BIANNUAL VYTAL FESTIVAL!" The crowd erupted into a ceremonious cheer, whoops and hollers came from all corners of Remnant as people tuned into the match from home. "I AM YOUR ANNOUNCER, VULCO DENTRES, AND I WILL BE SERENADING YOU WITH THE SOOTHING SOUND OF MY VOICE DURING THE COURSE OF THE MATCH- JUST KIDDING, F ҉   ҉ KERS-" A loud, annoying BEEEP filled the arena. Of course, this of all events was kid friendly. "WHY WOULD I DO THAT!? I'M GOING TO SIT BACK AND LET YOU ENJOY THE PURE UNBRIDLED COMBAT! PREPARE YOURSELVES, IN THIS FIRST ROUND, WE HAVE A BEACON STUDENT AND A SHADE STUDENT. IN THE FIRST CORNER, WE HAVE ZABAR AGA, HE'S GRANDDADDY IS ON THE VACUAN COUNCIL, LET'S SEE IF HE'S ACTUALLY ANY GOOD! IN THE OTHER CORNER, WE HAVE ZWEI CARTER, I'M PRETTY SURE I GOT SOME MEAT FROM HIS FAMILY'S SHOP THE OTHER DA... ANYWAY, ONTO THE ENVIRONMENTAL SPINNER, OR AS I LIKE TO CALL IT, THE ANTI-ENVIRONMENTAL SPINNER! ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES ISN'T THE SAME THING AS POLITICS, DEREK, SHUT UP!" The crowd, though somewhat confused, cheered heartily.

A large holographic image of a lottery machine appears on all sides of the arena, with two spinners. The spinners spun so quickly, making it nearly impossible to make out the passing words. It ticked through the options slower and slower until it finally stopped on Desert and Geyser.

The floor of the arena lowered and, in its place, arose two new floors. Zabar's half became a barren desert, with nothing but sand, dunes, and tumbleweed rolling around the the desert. Meanwhile, Zwei's half became a craggy landscape, with geysers shooting out steam at random intervals.

Just then, the doors on each side of the arena opened and, from them, out strolled the combatants.

(A coin flip decided Zwei gets the first post. The arena size is that of the 1v1 arena in the show, but still features biomes, though scaled down. Good luck, contestants.)
Title: Re: First Year 1v1 1st Round: Zabar V Zwei[Limited: 2/8]
Post by: Kellenredx on September 28, 2016, 05:02:45 PM
The masked boy strode into the arena with his head held high, he finally had a chance to prove his strength to both his sister and himself. The years of work he had put into being accepted to Beacon would all feel worth it if he does well in this tournament. His batons were retracted and strapped to his hips while a belt of four grenades swung lazily off his waist. What might have drawn a few odd looks was the giant rifle hanging off of Zwei's back that was nearly scraping along the floor due to it's immense size, though he hadn't bothered to bring any more ammo other than the five inside the weapon already. As Zwei became more visible to the crowd, he raised his hands up into the air, hoping for the crowd to cheer him on.

Zwei made his way to the center of the arena to meet his opponent. "So, wanna grab a beer after this?" he shouted over the crowd, sounding casual enough that one might forget they were about to brawl.
Title: Re: First Year 1v1 1st Round: Zabar V Zwei[Limited: 2/8]
Post by: Dr. Gustave on September 28, 2016, 06:08:21 PM
Zabar smiled as he stepped out into the light. Lifting his hat so he could see up to the sky, he could see he sun beating down on the desert, directly above him. High noon, just as it should be. He stepped one foot into the desert and it felt just like home. 'Haven't been home in... nearly a year, now. God, it's been that long?' Thoughts raced through his mind as he stepped across the desert. He would go home as soon as he the festival ended. No more spying on the cyborg, no more missions into the forest over and over and over and over. No more White Fang. Just the sunkissed sands and the city.

Zabar looked across the field to see his opponent approaching the center and began to make his way there as well. He began to readjust his poncho, ready to throw it off at any time in case this were some trap.... the kid seemed genuine enough... despite wearing a mask, that was weird. But Zabar disregarded it as he approached Zwei. "Yeah, I'd love to!" He yelled over the crowd. He looked over his would be opponent. "Big rifle you got there, bud. Try not to hit me on my good side." He gave a wide smile as he tapped his right cheek with his gauntleted hand. His weapons had already been extended out and filled with each canister of dust he could carry, but he had back ups.

Zabar extended his hand to Zwei with a smile. "Let's make it a fight they'll talk about."

High up in the stands, Graviton was shoving popcorn into his gaping mouth. Fleetwood sat next to him, simply glaring.
Title: Re: First Year 1v1 1st Round: Zabar V Zwei[Limited: 2/8]
Post by: Kellenredx on September 28, 2016, 08:54:00 PM
Zwei extended his hand as well, taking Zabars hand while shaking it and giving a quick grin that could not be seen beneath his mask. "Damn right, let's give 'em a good show." He agreed while he shook his opponent's hand. After a few moments, he let go and began to walk away to put some distance between themselves, giving a small wave to Zabar as a last friendly gesture before the fight began.

After he had moved over to his side of the field, surrounded by erupting geysers, he turned back to face Zabar and shrugged the giant rifle off of his shoulders. He hadn't even really considered of moving away like this was really fair, seeing as he saw no ranged weapons on his opponent at all. Regardless as he held Heartwork in his hands, cycling the heavy bold as the giant round slid in ready to be fired, Zwei took aim towards Zabar, bracing himself for the recoil with his aura he shouted loudly "Ya ready bud? Let's get started!" After waiting for a signal from Zabar to indicate that he was ready, Zwei would fire the massive rifle at the other boy, the sound causing Zwei's ears to ring for a moment as he felt his aura protect his shoulder from getting bruised.

[2% self aura damage, now at 98%, Direct hit from AT rifle will cause 25% Damage]
Title: Re: First Year 1v1 1st Round: Zabar V Zwei[Limited: 2/8]
Post by: FunkyMonkey on September 28, 2016, 09:04:45 PM
Alexandra took her seat in the stadium.  She had come to support her teammate, Zwei.  Though she knew he probably couldn't hear it, she was cheering for him in the crowd.  Alex hadn't really known Zwei to be the best fighter, but she had hope that he could hold his own, and even win this match.
Title: Re: First Year 1v1 1st Round: Zabar V Zwei[Limited: 2/8]
Post by: Dr. Gustave on September 28, 2016, 10:03:37 PM
As Zabar watched Zwei walk away, he kept eyeing the rifle he kept with him. "That's gonna take two..." He said to himself as soon as he was out of ear shot. As he waited for his opponent to take his place, he put his hands together and cracked his knuckles as well as his neck. He took in a deep breath and closed his eyes. After a moment, he opened his eyes and let it out.

As soon as Zwei took his final step and turned to face Zabar, he raised both hands up and activated his semblance. The air in front of him became shimmering a seemed to emanate some strange light. "Any second now he'll-" An earsplitting crack rang throughout the stadium, drowning out the sound of the crowd. The next thing Zabar knew, he was several meters back, pushed by the force of the bullet. In front of him, seemingly floating in the air, was a large anti-tank round. He let out short whistle as he eyed the round. "She's a big-y." He said to himself before the chambers in his gauntlets began to spin, finally landing on ice. With a  twist of his hand, his gauntlets coated the round in ice Dust. A grin spread across as he looked past the round toward Zwei. He lowered his hands just barely before firing right back at Zwei (25 points damage + Iced Over). There was no way he could hit him from this range, but he could hit the ground.

As the round slammed into the ground, an explosion of ice erupted from the ground, flash freezing everything around around it. As soon he saw the ice explode outward, Zabar shot forward in a sprint. As he grew near, the Dust chamber in his right gauntlet spun until it landed on propulsion dust. With a jump, he put his hand behind him and shot out a burst of propulsion Dust shooting up into the air. As he came down, the chamber cycled back to ice and he held out his left hand with his semblance active. With the force of the propulsion dust, speed, and pure strength behind it, Zabar brought down his first toward Zwei. (15 points, potential to be iced over)
Title: Re: First Year 1v1 1st Round: Zabar V Zwei[Limited: 2/8]
Post by: Kellenredx on September 28, 2016, 11:00:49 PM
For a moment, Zwei thought he had directly hit Zabar, in another moment he realized the bullet floating in mid air. In another moment, he realized it was going to be fired back at him. "Sh-shit!" he cried out in surprised as he dropped his rifle in a panic, not realizing that Zabar was no longer aiming for him, he started to backpedal away and as the round impacted nearby, the flash freezing of the ground caused him to lose his footing for a moment, and while he did manage to stay upright, his focus was now shifted off of Zabar and now on not falling onto his face and losing the fight because of it.

His cold hands clumsily groped for his twin batons he completely hadn't noticed how quickly his opponent had closed the distance and brought his fist down on Zwei, the boy's aura flaring up to defend the hit, although the pain of the blow certainly sent Zwei reeling backwards [Aura now at 83%] it was then that his hand found one of his batons. Swinging the baton as he extended it, he blindly swing it in front of him [4% damage] "Yer makin' me look like trash" he joked as he grabbed for his other baton, extending it as well, waiting to counter attack.
Title: Re: First Year 1v1 1st Round: Zabar V Zwei[Limited: 2/8]
Post by: Dr. Gustave on September 29, 2016, 02:07:20 AM
As Zabar sent Zwei reeling, he suddenly felt a quick, blunt pain in his right side. The baton had struck him right in the gut. Luckily, even if his aura hadn't been there, is armor would have defended him. "Hey man." He said had he firmly replanted his feet on the ground, a few meters from Zwei. The crowd around them had all but vanished from his mind. "You got a hit in, didn't you?" He grinned, lifting his hands up, preparing to let out a punch. "And that rifle over there..." Zabar quickly nodded backward toward the discarded rifle. "She packs a punch, almost couldn't take 'Er. Let's hope you pack as much of a punch close range, huh? So, what do you say?  Fire or Electric? I think I'm gonna go with electric today." Suddenly, Zabar flexed both of his hands and the dust chamber cycled though to electric Dust. In the next moment, the entire gauntlets were crackling with electricity. (+ Lighting Damage - Possible stun, but usually just 3 additional damage)

Zabar eyes Zwei up for just a second longer before launching out toward him. Though, instead of punching him, Zabar rolled forward, onto one of his hands, and then pushed himself toward Zwei, foot extended toward his gut. (5 points)

(Aura: 94/100)
Title: Re: First Year 1v1 1st Round: Zabar V Zwei[Limited: 3/8]
Post by: Kellenredx on September 29, 2016, 03:49:47 PM
There was a small satisfaction in scoring a hit on his opponent, even it was just a wild flail during his retreat that did it. He listened to Zabar ponder at what dust type to use, he mumbled to himself that none would be preferable as it was quickly becoming apparent to him that Zabar had a far more flexible plan than Zwei did.

"Shocking." Zwei commented in a deadpan tone, the brief banter allowing Zwei a moment to get his head back into the match. He maintained his defensive stance, holding his batons close as he waited for Zabar to begin his attack, trying to ready himself for the speed he had seen Zabar launch his previous attacks. The rolling kick was not something Zwei expected however and yet the boy dodged like he would have anyway, weaving to the side as Zabar's boot scraped his aura (1% damage). As he moved to Zabar's side, he raised his arm into the air for a moment before bringing his baton down at his opponent's extended leg, his lose wrist joint acting like the tip of a whip to accelerate the end of the baton further. Determined to win, he aimed for the kneecap. [7% damage]

[Zwei's aura now at 82%]
Title: Re: First Year 1v1 1st Round: Zabar V Zwei[Limited: 3/8]
Post by: Dr. Gustave on September 29, 2016, 07:45:09 PM
The baton connected with Zabar, right on his kneecap. "Oh-ho-hooo!" He clenched his teeth. Why'd it have to be the knee? He quickly used his other leg to push him away from Zwei. After sliding back a a couple meters, he gave Zwei a bit a smirk. "Nice counter, there bud." He said as he kicked his leg back and forth for a second, shaking the pain off. "Let's see if you can take this one."

Zabar shot back forward, faster than he had before his kick. Once he approached Zwei, he feigned a punch to the left then slid dlightly to the right and swing his first toward Zwei's right side.(10 Points + 3)

(Aura: 87/100)
Title: Re: First Year 1v1 1st Round: Zabar V Zwei[Limited: 3/8]
Post by: Kellenredx on September 30, 2016, 06:20:01 PM
Zwei had been caught off guard, surprised yet again by Zabar's speed. Zwei's arms moved to defend his left side, his eyes widening as Zabar seemed to slide to the side, the boy's fist connecting with Zwei's exposed side, the initial blunt pain lasting only a moment before a sharp pain spread through his limbs for a moment.
[69% Aura For Zwei]
"Pretty sure you can rupture organs punching like that, you don't wanna hurt me do ya?" The boy stepped backwards, his stance seeming to be preparing for some sort of strange maneuver. Zwei mentally prepared his semblance, watching Zabar intently, waiting for any attacks that might be sent his way.
Title: Re: First Year 1v1 1st Round: Zabar V Zwei[Limited: 3/8]
Post by: Dr. Gustave on October 02, 2016, 05:25:43 PM
Zabar glances away from Zwei for a quick moment to check on the aura meters around the arena. "Oh, you're still in the sixties, you're fiiine." His eyes drop to just behind Zwei's feet. "... Hey, you ever taken one of those, ah... 'leaps of faith' before?" He slowly bends his knees, readying himself to strike. The electricity coursing through his gauntlets fades as the dust chamber cycles to kinetic dust. "Because I'm about to make one right now, I hope you trust me!" A smile crept across Zabar's face as he fired a small burst of dust, shooting him forward, mere inches from Zwei. With a heavy push, he shoved the boy backward, past the geyser.

Just as Zwei crossed the hole, steam shot up, filling the air between them. Just before it ended, Zabar shot another burst of Dust and shot through the steam (-3 Aura), and dove his hand down to grab a hold of Zwei's leg. Once he felt he had a grip, he lifted the leg up, sweeping Zwei off of his feet, and spun him in a circle for a moment before letting go and launching him toward the desert area.

Zabar quickly put his arms behind him and launched two more bursts of Dust to fire himself into the air as well. Upon reaching Zwei, he tried to get in one good hit in the air, bringing his first downward toward Zwei (7 points damage) and send him hurtling down into the sands. (7 points damage)

Title: Re: First Year 1v1 1st Round: Zabar V Zwei[Limited: 3/8]
Post by: Kellenredx on October 03, 2016, 04:46:13 PM
Zabar had cut it close, a tenth of a second later and Zwei might have been able to defend himself properly with his semblance, instead the boy's focus was broken, giving a painful grunt of frustration he felt himself be pushed like a sack of potatoes as the nearby steam forced him to close his eyes, causing him to be unable to defend from Zabar's grab. The next moments felt like a haze as he felt his chest and back both have a intense thudding pain spread throughout them. He could only manage a groan as he tried to orient himself, realizing that one of his batons had been lost during his flight. His now empty hand grabbing a handful of sand.
"Gonna be picking sand outta me hair for hours now, thanks." he called out while forcing himself to stand back up while shaking off the remaining dizziness, waiting for Zabar to close the distance as he held his baton in front of himself, ready to defend while readying his semblance.

[Aura now at 55%]
Title: Re: First Year 1v1 1st Round: Zabar V Zwei[Limited: 3/8]
Post by: Dr. Gustave on October 05, 2016, 01:40:55 PM
"Oh that?" Zabar smiled as he landed with a thud several meters away. "Believe me, that's nothing. There's a reason this hat is so firmly attached to my head." He patted the faithful hat before letting out a long sigh. That anti-tank round took more out of him than he'd realized. "You should stop by sometime, the bazaar is great this time of year...." After glancing up slightly to see the crowd once again, patiently waiting for the next strike. "Hey, whoever wins this round, they should probably be more aggressive next round, huh?" He'd had enough time to catch his breath now. He lifted his gauntlets once more, preparing his attack and rolling his neck. "Well, back to the fight then?"

The Dust chambers cycled around to fire Dust and his gauntlets began to glow a searing red as Zabar leapt forward. Instead of going straight for a punch, as soon as he hit the ground, he transitioned into a slide and held out his open hands toward Zwei. From within the gauntlets spewed hot flames, shooting out toward Zabar's opponent. (3 points per second)

(Aura: 84/100)
Title: Re: First Year 1v1 1st Round: Zabar V Zwei[Limited: 3/8]
Post by: Kellenredx on October 06, 2016, 05:08:43 PM
"  Probably, let's back into it.  " Zwei seemed rather focused by his unenthusiastic reply, though that certainly didn't seem to stop Zabar as he launched his next attack. Zwei grinned, though it may have failed last time, two seconds has certainly elapsed and he was ready. It was his turn to show Zabar what he was capable of.
There was a hardly-noticeable bend in the air in front of Zwei as Zabar's head was yanked from the ground, towards Zwei's chest as the masked teen took a swing with his batons, aiming to crack him across the chin and rattle his brain (12% Damage) the flames from the gauntlets continued to burn however, giving Zwei a painful reminder as to why he needs to be careful if he wants to win.

[Zwei now at 49%]
Title: Re: First Year 1v1 1st Round: Zabar V Zwei[Limited: 3/8]
Post by: Dr. Gustave on October 10, 2016, 05:00:04 PM
The baton struck, and it struck hard. 'Son of a bitch, that hurt!' Zabar stepped back for only a second to regain his bearings. Maybe Zwei would get him below 50% after all... but he wasn't going to just let that happen. In the next moment, He began his assault anew. The chamber in his left gauntlet quickly cycled around to the propulsion dust as he launched himself forward again. This time, however, he shot himself upward, over Zwei. As he was coming down, he swing his right hand downward into Zwei's upper back in an attempt to knock him down. (10+3 Damage)

(Aura: 72/100)
Title: Re: First Year 1v1 1st Round: Zabar V Zwei[Limited: 3/8]
Post by: Kellenredx on October 12, 2016, 05:37:06 PM
Zwei had intended to follow up with a strong downward swipe, however by then Zabar had already launched himself into the air above Zwei, the masked boy looked around, somewhat confused, only managing to get enough of a reaction to turn around in time to scream and throw his handful of sand vaguely in the direction of Zabar's eyes before the impact of the gauntlet into his chest.

Zwei felt his back impact the sand beneath him as he used his empty hand to punch the bottom of his baton in a haze, the weapon unleashed several short arcs of electricity to notify those watching of it's added kick now. He held it out in front of him as he forced himself to slowly rise, too sapped of energy to make a counterattack "I swear your damn punches are hurting way more than my baton is hurting you." He commented.

[Aura now at 42%]
Title: Re: First Year 1v1 1st Round: Zabar V Zwei[Limited: 3/8]
Post by: Dr. Gustave on October 12, 2016, 07:00:07 PM
Well the good news was he got that hit off. The NOT so great news was now Zabar had sand in his eyes.

As soon as the hit landed, Zabar stumbled backward, trying to rub the sand out of his eyes. As he used one hand to rub his eyes, he kept the other pointed toward toward where he assumed Zwei to be laying. "Not- not cool, man.... I knew I should have brought my goggles..." He could vaguely see Zwei begin to rise and let the gauntlet shoot a short spout of flame as a warning not to step any closer. After a second of frantic rubbing, he could see again with relative ease, though the irritation wasn't going away any time soon.

"Well, there's one big difference here, you have a baton and I have giant, metal gauntlets." He could see Zwei had risen now and was holding out a newly sparking baton. That was fine. The dust chamber in his right gauntlet spun and landed on electric dust. He couldn't negate the shock, but maybe this would help. His left gauntlet's chamber quickly spun to ice dust as Zabar began to walk forward, slowly and deliberately. The next few seconds were a blur to the audience. Zabar  quickly shot out his left hand toward shot out a stream of dust, freezing over Zwei's feet and trapping him in place. With clentched teeth, Zabar grabbed hold of the Baton, letting the electricity surge through him. (-30% over time) "I hope that mask protects the pain from your face, man." Was the only thing he could force himself to say before pulling back his hand and letting it rip into Zwei's face with all of the force he could muster. The punch connected, the ice broke, and zwei went flying back, taking the baton with him. (24+3 damage)

Zabar shook his hand, trying to get rid of that weird feeling that still surged through it, as he looked up to the Aura meter board. 42% to 15%. Well he was right, somewhat. Zwei did take him below 50%. That wasn't important right now, though. The chambers in his gauntlets both spun to the empty canister and deactivated as he made his way over to where Zwei had landed and to look down at his defeated opponent.

"Hey, that was a damn good fight, Zwei." He said with a smile and an outstretched hand. "How about that drink?"
Title: Re: First Year 1v1 1st Round: Zabar V Zwei[Limited: 3/8]
Post by: Kellenredx on October 13, 2016, 10:01:31 PM
In his daze, Zwei had chosen to rely on the electric deterrent that flowed through his baton to keep Zabar away while he recovered. He grinned a little as he continued to force himself upright, feeling the new weight on his baton, Zabar must have thought the display was just for show, why else woul-

His thinking was interrupted by the force of Zabar's blow, his ears were ringing and he could have sworn his aura was about to give way under the punch. He felt his consciousness fade a little and his vision greyed for a moment as his body sailed through the air, landing in the sand once more. Knowing he had been defeated, he simply laid there, his sore body not wanting to move so he could just stare at the sky.

His cloud-gazing was interrupted by Zabar, although it was not unwelcome or anything. "Yeah, good fight, I guess I could learn a few things." He paused for a moment after Zabar's offer as he grabbed the boy's hand and pulled himself onto his feet. "I could really use that drink right now, actually." He gave a small bow to the crowd.
Title: Re: First Year 1v1 1st Round: Zabar V Zwei[Limited: 3/8]
Post by: Glow on October 14, 2016, 03:25:01 PM

"Well, now wasn't this a bit of a mess." A spectator states, watching the end of the chaotic battle.
Title: Re: First Year 1v1 1st Round: Zabar V Zwei[Limited: 3/8]
Post by: Dr. Gustave on October 17, 2016, 02:30:03 PM
Zabar smiled and lifted his and Zwei's hands up into the air as the crowd around them erupted into a ceremonious cheer.

"LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, I'VE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING SO BEAUTIFUL IN MY LIFE!" Sobs could be heard coming from the speakers.