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Title: Aqua Phoenix
Post by: Vitalis597 on December 17, 2017, 10:21:39 AM

Name: Aqua Phoenix

Age: 18

Species and Gender: Human Male

Occupation: Hunter-in-Training, Beacon Academy

Appearance: Aqua, a young hunter, something that is obvious to all who glance at him. Everything about him all but screams 'Hunter' from the way he walks, to the muscles on his arms, legs and chest, to his constant awareness, his cyan eyes tracking and flicking to and from any sudden movement. He, like his partner, wears rather obscenely coloured clothing, generally donning blue jeans and a cyan button-up T-shirt, which goes rather well with his florescent blue hair.

History: As a child of two hunters, Aqua grew up around Hunter families, though the thought of becoming a hunter himself was rather outlandish to the young boy. It wasn't until he heard his childhood friend, and crush's declaration that she would be the strongest huntress in the world that he ever began to consider it was possible for him to become a Hunter. After witnessing her gruelling training, and how she endured it without complaint, his mind was made. He asked his parents to train him, alongside his friend, so that they could protect each other. His parents happily obliged, and several years later, he found himself as her partner in more ways than one.

Personality: Aqua is a rather withdrawn character, preferring to keep to himself and his small circle of friends. Of course, he has no issue with interacting with others, just that is isn't something he would go out of his way to do. For this reason, most of his interactions are forced, with his partner all but pushing him at others, something which he bears good-naturedly, smiling and generally getting along with all but the most repulsive of people.

Aura and Semblance: Aqua's Aura manifests as a pale purple glow, and when his Semblance is in use, his body seems to shimmer with it. His Semblance itself is rather simple, though it has three parts to it. Activation, Marking and Trapping. The First stage is initiated simply by deploying his shield and slamming it into the ground, creating a centre to his zone. The second is striking an opponent with his shield, leaving a 'mark' on them. Finally, at his command, Aura chains will shoot out from the centre point, locking onto, and wrapping around the marked target, allowing them to go as far as they have from the centre, but no further.

Combat Behaviour: In combat, Aqua prefers to get up close and personal, engaging the enemy, or multiple, and keep their attention on him, relying on a strong defence while his team picks them off. He uses his weapon, The Bulwark, to bash at his foes, using the edges and front of the the massive shield to catch his foes off guard while they're still reeling from any ineffectual blows. He is especially suited to this role, thanks to his rage disease, congenital analgesia, a strong insensitivity to pain. Though this can be both a blessing and a curse.


Name: The Bulwark

Primary Form: In it's primary form, The Bulwark is a heavy tower shield, one capable of covering his entire body, and another person behind him. Simple, yet effective. The solid plate metal is three inches thick and curved in such a way to better allow him to deflect strikes that would otherwise break him should he block them directly. The base of his shield eventually curves off into a sharp point, enabling him to slam it into the ground, or another Person/Grimm with ease.

Secondary Form: The secondary form of The Bulwark is a much smaller version, one that can shrink down to a more reasonable, compact size. In this form, it still takes up about half the size of his torso, but he can more easily carry it on his back.

Dust Functions: It's a shield. It doesn't use Dust.

History: The Bulwark came into creation as his partner and himself were discussing strategies for battle. Aqua never really excelled at any fighting styles, no matter what weapons he used. A sword never felt right, an axe was too cumbersome, a mace left too much possibility for overextending, so instead, he decided to take up a more protective role, opting to instead build something that could keep himself, and his loved ones safe from harm, while still being effective enough to keep an opponents attention on him, with some assistance from his Semblance, of course.
Title: Re: Aqua Phoenix
Post by: Kingnoname1 on December 18, 2017, 04:10:45 AM
So I'm going to split this into two groups, one of things that need to be changed before the character is approved and the second things I would recommend you apply here or in future characters.

Lets start with what you need to add. 1). Details on the semblance. Cost? Range? How fast does the chain move? Can the chain miss or does it home? If it can miss or gets intercepted what happens? Can it be destroyed, if so how tough is it?
2). Details on Combat Behavior. 2-3 weaknesses as mentioned before are the minimum. Add something on how he fights alone. I'm also not 100% sure what 'rage disease' means as it doesn't directly correlate with 'congenital analgesia' can you elaborate?

And for things I think you should think about. Now as this is your third character you should have had some experience with the character creation process and writing on the site in general so we are going to expect a little more content from you as your newbie pass become less applicable. The approved character section should give you plenty of ideas from which to build from.
Title: Re: Aqua Phoenix
Post by: Vitalis597 on December 18, 2017, 07:37:09 AM
Either a mod think's they're the fucking shit, or this site is bugged to high hell and back. First, Ember vanishes from CC, then over three hours of work on Aqua vanishes.

I'll give you the long and short of it, since I can't be fucked changing everything (again) right now.

Details: Aura chains, Cost, dependant on usage. Range, 200 feet total, can be split between 4 chains (so can trap 4 people/objects with 50 feet of chain each, or 1 with 200 feet of chain) Chain moves at approximately the same speed as a car (50-60 MPH) it can miss, but it's homing, following the "Marks" Imber leaves on a target. It it's intercepted, it'll go right through whatever blocked it. It's basically a ghost chain. It cannot be destroyed, it's essentially invincible.


The further away from the centre of the Zone, the easier it is to escape. 200 Feet away, and freeing oneself is as simple as giving it a good tug, provided Huntsman level strength. It has the same resistance as any other concrete bound metal chain. Closer you get, more force is required to pull free from it. Can't touch the chains themselves, though. Because Aura.

As per Combat Behaviour... There were plenty of weaknesses.

First and foremost, Analgesia. Constantly having to hold back his physical strikes for fear of breaking his own body (The phrase not knowing ones own strength is certainly apt with him.) Literally not registering any pain. At all. He have his arm torn off and not notice until he tries to slug someone with it, and even then, he wouldn't feel it. So, there's that. To top it all off, he sucks with pretty much every weapon, and is only passable in hand to hand because of his brute strength because his shield is oversized and heavy as fuck.

And, rage disease was a typo. I did fix it before it got nuked. It's supposed to be rare disease. As per what it is-- It's a complete insensitivity to pain. People who have the disease can live long and happy lives, but they can never feel pain (though there are apparently some drugs that allow them to feel pain) though they can still feel other stimuli, such as someone patting their shoulder. Though, to them, that would feel much the same as someone stabbing their shoulder. Both a blessing and a curse, since it's highly likely for them to accidentally chew through their own lips, tongue, accidentally cause damage to the ears and eyes, along with lean on things that are sharp/hot without realising, or even take a bad fall and crack their head in two but not realise until the neighbours start screaming something about zombies.

I have plenty of experience with character creation, thank you very much. This one was sabotaged by someone fucking me about, or someone not doing the coding properly. And, I'll take this moment to remind you that just because I do things differently from this one site out of literal millions of sites, doesn't mean I am inexperienced. It means I have had DIFFERENT experiences.

Also, note-- I have two characters up. Yes. But I've only gotten... What? 3, 4 posts into the singular roleplay I have on this site. Creating characters alone does not make me any more experienced in the workings of the site.
Title: Re: Aqua Phoenix
Post by: Kingnoname1 on December 18, 2017, 07:24:40 PM
Well I moved Aqua from Character creation to Approved Characters once she was.... well.... approved. If you are having trouble finding her just check your recent posts. Sorry to hear you are having trouble with the site but I would appreciate you not blame the mods first off considering we can't even revert edits. In fact the only person who can do that is Vox and if he wanted to fuck with you he would just block your I.P address.

Now I'll make a few comments on what you have said you will change.
Auto hitting is quite frowned upon as you might expect and having the chains both home and phase through obstacles is far too much. Having them indestructible is also significantly overpowered although I like the they are weaker the further away from the point they spawn thing. Also as an aside aura constructs have been shown in the show to be tangible like Wukongs clones and the Schnee summons.

The issue is the vast majority of the consequences of congenital analgesia are rendered null and void because of aura. He doesn't need to hold back blows because his aura will protect him, he isn't in danger of chewing through his lip/tongue/cheek for the same reason. And then on top of that you have all the combat benefits of congenital analgesia in your 'weakness.' I missed the other one, tucked away in the weapon history but yea that would work as one if you move it to combat behaviour and explain how it influences his behaviour.
Title: Re: Aqua Phoenix
Post by: Vitalis597 on December 18, 2017, 09:12:41 PM

But, yes. I know. I meant that she was deleted when I previously uploaded her, before she was uploaded for approval. As per the edits, Janus suggested that it may have simply been a glitch. Which, if something was happening around the time that someone was tinkering with the site, is completely understandable.

It isn't so much Auto hitting, as it is firing a homing missile (Using missiles in the form of a projectile weapon. It simply seeks out it's target and ensnares them, doing no damage whatsoever, and if the target can figure out that chains rapidly approaching them is a bad thing, they would render it effectively useless by outrunning it (something which has been shown to be possible. The only case where I would consider it auto-hitting is if they were literally right on top of Aqua when he set his Anchor Point and got marked there and then. But, even then. If you're literally sitting on the barrel of a shotgun, you can't really call someone a modder for just bulling the trigger and blowing your prostate into your brain now, can you? (Enjoy that lovely graphic, by the way)

I have also been toying with the idea of keeping the length/durability spread out across ALL chains. So if there's 4 chains, each 50 Feet long, each one would only have to pull against it as if it were a 200 foot chain. Though, once one break free, the others would be left with the strength of the remainder.

As per their Aura Constructs, the Summons and Clones are rather unique, as Weiss' are for direct combat purposes. Wukong and Blake (though they both vanish upon being struck or, in Blake's case, activate a Dust effect.) both use theirs for distraction and/or evasion.

Aqua uses his for neither, simply to restrict movement. Natural/fixed terrain, such as floors and trees, walls and doors and the like, would pose a barrier, but something like an Ice Wall erected with Dust would be ignored.

There's also a time limit on it, of five minutes, with the chains getting weaker by the minute. After 5 minutes (or once they break free), the chain completely vanishes, requiring Aqua to re-mark his target and reactivate the chains.

As per Aura, it isn't perfect. In the show, we see people with their Aura active feel pain, and even take physical damage. Jaune, for example, takes a few punches from Cardin which leaves him with a black eye. He then later looks at his Aura reading and it shows he's taken a significant Aura loss, BUT he still has his aura. Unless you wish to hypothesise that the bright flash of light was his Semblance, and it chunks him 20% (give or take) of his Aura to use it once (which the writers have confirmed, that was NOT his Semblance) then it would stand to reason that Aura is not a perfect defence and can, with great force, be overcome without breaking it down first.

Further, though less extreme proof of this, is how people are being knocked around and feeling pain. Pyrrha, for example, makes several pained gasps when she takes blows from Cinder. Jaune from Cardin, Cardin from when he punched Jaune in the face, (we see him shaking his hand like he seriously hurt something), Ren when Nucklave bitch slaps him into a wall, Jaune when he takes several stones to the face and groin (possibly out of place comedic relief, but still another example) Yang and Mercury during their 1v1. They moth make hisses and grunts of pain (even before Yang smashes his Aura to bits). Ruby, when she falls into Roman's operation and is KO'ed for a short while. The list goes on and on, but I think you get the picture. If he punches something hard enough, something that doesn't yield... Newton's Third Law takes place. For every action, there is an equal reaction. (and before you say there isn't that much realism in RWBY... Nora's Grenade Jump proves otherwise. Other examples, I'm sure, but that's the most memorable. Just cutting this one off at the pass. Too many in the fandom decide that RWBY isn't set on Earth, in our universe, so Basic, Fundamental Physics don't apply.)

The chewing through his lips and tongue is still a valid concern, however Aura does not protect the body 24/7. It may provide cover overall after being unlocked, but Pyrrha and Ozpin both state that it must be activated in order to be of any serious use. Pyrrha, just before unlocking Jaune's Aura. And Ozpin, when Oscar complains about his Aura not automatically protecting him. It seems to function like muscle. An experienced fighter will know exactly where and when to tense and relax to minimise damage from punches, but if you're just chilling in your room, absently staring at the ceiling, you're not exactly anticipating someone stabbing you in the cheek.Though the healing effect of Aura would, no doubt, slowly get to work healing him, but he'd have to register the cut itself to send his Aura there, like flexing a specific muscle. It's not the best analogy, but it's the closest I could find that fits how the show has (barely) explained Aura.

The only up-side to Analgesia is a double sided sword. He can't feel pain. Yeah, it's great for a tank. He could stand there all day and not feel a thing. Except maybe a little bored, then wet when he starts bleeding.

Unless he's got a sword sticking in him that he hasn't noticed yet and doesn't realise that he probably needs to back off and get help. Or if he's just gone and broken his wrist because he punched too hard, or because he was pushed and tripped.

The only other "strength" he has is his upper body and lower back strength from carrying a shield that is 6"6 tall, 5" wide and four inches thick. Not sure exactly how heavy that would be. Would have to do research on military grade metal, their weight per volume, then figure it all out. Purely because I want "Whosoever holds this shield, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Aqua." written on it, then pull a Thor and just drop it on someone and walk off. xD
Title: Re: Aqua Phoenix
Post by: Kingnoname1 on December 18, 2017, 10:18:13 PM
So although hunters-in-training are capable of performing some pretty incredible feats we have seen nothing to suggest that they can out run a car with little to no warning so no I'm still considering it at least too close to auto hitting for comfort. Doing no damage is just such a silly point as it effectively roots them until they can free themselves even replying to it this much makes me feel like an idiot.

Blake's aren't aura constructs tho, they are illusions. She even calls them shadows so them not having a physical form doesn't mean anything here. Wukong's however have clearly had a physical impact on the world shown both with the fight against the water dragon thingy and the most recent episode. As such we have to conclude from the evidence available that the majority of aura constructs have physical weight. If you include those on the site it's even higher. And your way of differentiating between Aqua's semblance and canon characters is almost as silly as the 'its not doing damage tho' thing above. If you want a time limit that's fine but it would need to have a cool down between uses to have any meaning.

Yes we see people in the show after taking massive hits some passes through their aura, and by that I mean literally once. However as the list of things which don't pass through their aura includes baking yourself in lava I'm going to say that chewing on your lip for a bit has minimal drainage if any. And anyway congenital analgesia doesn't dull your sense of taste so once the taste of copper floods his mouth Aqua will just go 'better remember to use my aura more I guess' and nothing changes. Yes pain is felt though aura, although this is meaningless with congenital analgesia but almost none of those leave lasting physical damage as such they are meaningless here. The 'If he punches something and it doesn't yeild' thing equally applies to everyone else even assuming he is capable of punching through his own aura. Although he doesn't feel pain he still feels the sensation of his skin opening and bones cracking which means it is still a meaningless weakness. While on the other hand 'the only up-side to analgesia' is massive as it allows Aqua to take a huge amount of trauma and not budge in the slightest. Sure he might get beat up a bit but no more than anyone else would.

If his only strength is his... well... strength then it should be pretty easy to come up with weaknesses right? Also as an aside I would recommend doing some more research on congenital analgesia as some of the comments you have made suggest you don't have particularly sound understanding.
Title: Re: Aqua Phoenix
Post by: Vitalis597 on December 19, 2017, 12:13:29 AM
Pretty sure missiles fired from close range move faster than cars. Also, shortly before that, highway scene. Team RWBY casually jumping up falling rubble to safety, leaping from brick to brick. plenty of other examples of super human reaction times and speed. So yes. a chain moving towards you if you walk into a trap is not inescapable.

Illusions don't blow up in your face when you toe punt them, and you can't kick off them to give yourself a boost. You can't get your weapon stuck in them, either.

Yes, Sun had an impact. Minimalist. Barely more than a distraction. Pretty much everyone/thing he's used it against has shrugged them off pretty quickly, if they've even been bothered at all. Illya was the only one to be phased, and that's because it was 4v1 and the clones bull rushed her. Then she got back up a few seconds later.

The cooldown is him having to remark targets. As well as it tiring him out the more he uses it. Add onto the the natural tiredness of lugging around a shield bigger than he is...

No, it is not "literally once" Yang is not the only Character in RWBY to be harmed through her Aura. She is the only person to have been PERMANENTLY injured. Yes. Well done. You managed to pick up on one tiny thing that would not have been an overly large deal, and was thrown in specifically to explain what the disease was, to which I decided to elaborate just how it could affect him, never once stating that it would become life threatening. Yes. And if you can feel pain through Aura, that means energy, specifically, kinetic energy, can pass through Aura. This means that kinetic energy, in laymans terms, vibrations, can ripple through the body. When these vibrations interact with the human body, depending on the intensity, several things can happen. For example, blood vessels popping, skin ripping, bone cracking and muscles tearing. We can reach the conclusion that this is possible given, as you yourself stated, pain is felt through aura, which means, naturally, your nerves are receiving stimuli from the blows. The only form of stimuli they would be receiving, however,would be kinetic.

Yes, you are right. He would feel things changing on his fists. However given the fact that he doesn't feel pain, and in the middle of a fight his hands (which, keep in mind, are pretty much always carrying this giant shield) would likely be numb, either from the lack of blood from carrying the shield, to the natural numbness that occurs when you punch something repeatedly. Now, do me a favour. Punch something. It doesn't matter what. your own arm, a wall, door, a friend who's annoying you right now. When you do. That is all Imber would feel. The contact. He wouldn't register the splitting pain of a bone breaking, or a knuckle popping out of place. He wouldn't feel it if you dislocated his shoulder. Sure, he'd be able to jump back and push it back in to regain movement without flinching and that certainly is a plus, but that doesn't make it anwhere near a good thing. Short term? Possibly. Long term? Not in a long shot.

Yes. I have. I've listed several. The fact he is shit with literally everything other than holding a portable wall(literally what he called his Shield Bulwark means "A defensive wall"). The fact he literally can't tell if something is wrong with his own body without visually confirming it. And the fact he can invoke Newton's Third Law upon himself by not realising just how strong he is. Then there's the fact that his shield weighs more than he does. Exhaustion. Constantly. The fact that he's probably going to be covered in sweat after any length of time walking with a portable wall. Not life threatening, sure. But certainly irritating to anyone with nerves. Which he does have. Just not pain receptors.

I do have a sound understanding. Though considering the things I've had to explain out, in detail before (such as how Newtons Third Law would affect the human body, using evidence from the show as proof of how it is in effect in RWBY) as well as you asking me to explain everything as simply as possible, I decided it was best to keep it to a bare minimum, given no one is really going to be interested in how he produces less tears and is at a greater disposition towards infections. Do you want to know all about his exact mutations, how he got them, and the exact scientific jargon that would describe his condition perfectly but explain very little of value?

With some things, it's easier to give a proper explanation. With others, it's best to keep it simple. Medical ailments are generally of the latter.
Title: Re: Aqua Phoenix
Post by: Vox Machinae on December 19, 2017, 11:44:23 AM
You were warned numerous times about your staff interaction.

You were warned yesterday about not being a cunt to my staff.

This is less of a warning, and more of a warning shot. Come back in a week, or don't come back at all.

I'm giving you a seven day time out from character creation. (Rather than a ban from the whole site like I initially considered, so you can still RP with the characters you did get through.)

Your warning still stands: Pull your head out of your ass, or get the fuck out.
Title: Re: Aqua Phoenix
Post by: Vitalis597 on December 19, 2017, 12:23:05 PM
Uh, what?

You're temp banning me for explaining my character? And saying I was being a cunt about explaining my character? I'm just doing exactly as I was asked. I've been asked to explain things more clearly and more accurately, so I spell things out when asked to.

And sarcasm isn't being a cunt. It's a reasonable reaction where the alternative would be complete mockery.

So, please. Do explain how I'm being a cunt in explaining how my character works.
Title: Re: Aqua Phoenix
Post by: Janus Rogo on December 19, 2017, 12:25:57 PM
Normally. I'd be happy to explain why you're a piece of shit. I'm gonna let Seig take this one, because it's the Christmas Season. Ho hi ho.
Title: Re: Aqua Phoenix
Post by: Seig on December 19, 2017, 12:31:48 PM
Alright. Listen. I could go into a whole big song and dance again. But I won't. The simple long and short of it is this. You've been warned about your attitude numerous times. You've gotten more warnings than even most of our other members have in the past. Your constant refusal to listen to half our staff, combined with your combative attitude have managed to piss off almost the entire staff. This is your final warning. Take it or leave it.
Title: Re: Aqua Phoenix
Post by: Kingnoname1 on December 26, 2017, 10:52:14 PM
Well the week is up so lets hope we can be a bit more productive.

OK sure homing missiles which trap you within an area, phase through obstacles and canít be destroyed would also be an OP semblance. Did I need to say that? I didnít think that needed to be said. Yes there are several rules as cool moments in RWBY and like almost every time it occurs the ĎStepping Stones in the Skyí trope is just that, a cool set piece. As the speed that huntsman-in-training would have to possess to make that possible, considering you brought up Newtonís Third Law I would hope you understand it applies here as well, is never shown again we can chalk it up to another Ďjedi having super speed in the Phantom Menaceí type thing. As people donít walk into Aquaís semblance he actives it by hitting you which is something he could be trying to do anyway.

Blake's illusions donít blow up in your face either naturally. When infused with explosive substances then they can explode as such are still naturally illusions. Yes Sun isnít a powerful character, although considering SSSN advances to the second round he is probably in the top half for his age, but it still establishes that the vast majority of aura constructs have physical presence and as such your chains not having physical presence contradicts canon and again other characters on the site.

Yang gets injured in the same scene in which her aura breaks, that isnít taking damage through her aura, that is her aura breaking and then the attack is still coming. As such the only time we have seen character take damage through aura is Jaune who has only had days? to learn how to protect himself with aura. And no, pain being able to be felt though aura does not imply that kinetic energy passes through as well otherwise there would be a lot more broken bones particularly from weapons like Flintís or literally any blunt weapon which by your silly interpretation of aura would not protect against. Like remember the yellow trailer Yang gets knocked out of the park by Junior, if kinetic energy traveled through her skeleton it would be mush.  And yes, with some exceptions, in people without magic force fields, pain requires stimuli directly to the Ö well pain receptors however in RWBY there are magical force fields and as such donít necessarily operate on the same rules. In canon aura is your soul or at least a manifestation of it and as such I am willing to believe that your soul gets burnt by lava it would hurt almost as much if not more than it hitting your actual flesh considering it doesnít melt. However this doesnít mean damage is passed on as long as the aura holds.

OK your fists donít get numb in fights. I used to box and now do a fair bit of HEMA so unless Iím just a lot better than I thought I was, and the amount of times I got knocked down in boxing would suggest otherwise, you are simply talking out of your arse. Also carrying objects doesnít numb your hands and I wish it did, I helped my friends parents move yesterday and after six hours my hands were anything but numb(Yesterday being when written a week ago not literally yesterday). A shield should be even easier because itís designed with a centralised weight distribution as well asÖ you know to be carried unlike a bed frame. As an another aside what is the in universe reason for having a shield so large/heavy?

Again the Newtonís Third Law thing doesnít makes any sense because 1). He can track is aura artificially so he would know when in breaks or if he is as stupid as you make him out to be then one of his team mates would tell him. 2). The amount of force required for Aqua to bring to bare to actually meaningfully damage himself is so ridiculously high itís meaningless. 3). Even if you do manage to time a massive smash when you are on 1% aura itís not something that is a weakness of Aqua directly or congenital analgesia rather being used to having a forcefield around you. So yea though you have listed a bunch of what you seem to think are weaknesses I donít share that opinion so more weaknesses please. Not having good offensive options is a good weakness but that is because of the shield not because he isn't good at other weapons, being bad at a weapon you don't use isn't an acceptable weakness.

I said you donít have to use specifics in regards to weapons or exact capabilities of semblances not that you should oversimplify something into meaninglessness. If anything Iíve constantly been asking for more detail from you not to keep it simple. If you had done research on the condition you wouldnít be talking about it the way you are.

ĎUnless he's got a sword sticking in him that he hasn't noticed yet and doesn't realise that he probably needs to back off and get help. Ď

He would be able to feel the cold steel of the weapon and the blood pouring out of such a serious wound. Congenital analgesia doesnít inhibit feeling hot and cold sensations only the pain associated with extremes.

ĎHe wouldn't register the splitting pain of a bone breaking, or a knuckle popping out of place. He wouldn't feel it if you dislocated his shoulder.í

Again people with congenital analgesia can differentiate between sharp and dull sensations. This is why chewing the lip and mouth is so common in children because it is a dull sensation of slowly gnawing away at your own flesh rather than acute like your bones breaking.


Like Iím sorry man you are not going to convince me unless you seriously improve your arguments and even then balance and the direction which all the other characters on the site have gone in would still require Aqua to be changed to fit in. Hopefully however with our little break you would have had time to reproduce the edits you lost before and we can move on a bit faster.
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Moved to MIA.