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Character Creation / Re: Cole Ashton
« Last post by Dr. Gustave on Today at 01:35:23 AM »
It's all still very sparse on details but it is your first character so that's not a huge issue. +1
Character Creation / Re: Draíochta Anam
« Last post by Dr. Gustave on Today at 01:30:06 AM »
Occupation: Huntsman, Substitute Teacher, and Former Aura Researcher
Given the review so far, I'm saying no substitute. You can add it back if/when we trust you with an academy staff position, even as a substitute.

This eventually gained the ire of the headmaster himself
Headmistress herself

he was a substitute for their combat teacher.
This is fine in the past tense, you won't have to remove this.

He didn't make it all the way, as he was eventually caught up in the events of Lenshin and brought into the city of Vale.
I don't know what Lenshin is.

Rest seems fine.
Character Creation / Re: Dawn Mae
« Last post by Dr. Gustave on Today at 01:00:54 AM »
This is your fifth character, I'm going to be more strict with what we allow at this point.

Nickname: Zeiis

Professional gamer
Mentioned nowhere else.

Dawn was born into a rich family which lived in a large town near Stemswell.
I'm going to ignore the cliche rich family thing. Stemswell is already an average-to-large sized settlement with approximately 0 development or premade info. There's no reason to not use Stemswell instead of some ambiguous "large town" near it when there's nothing that makes the town special on its own.

Make your graduation, become a bank employee or get another well-paid job, marry a rich man and raise your own children with the same, ect.
These goals make very little sense for growing up in a settlement. A kingdom city? Sure. Settlement? A bank, maybe but there's not going to be well-paying jobs or rich men to marry. Settlements aren't the cities, they aren't living in safety or luxury.

but all that changed when she for the first time entered a game Acade...
An arcade in some no-name town "near" Stemswell that isn't even on the map? No. A game arcade in Stemswell? I can be persuaded.

When the time came and the Huntsmen Academy, Beacon accepted students again, she enrolled and was invited to the exams, which, to no surprise, she all passed with flying colors.
Dawn was born into a rich family which lived in a large town near Stemswell.
Already at the young age of only four years, her above-average intelligence and her incredibly developed gift to read people made itself noticeable, which even developed further later in life.
History is repeated.

Dawn has a very.... interesting personality. She was born as an over the top intelligent person, whose IQ surpassed that of all normal human beings.

Just... no. No, you can't have a character who's IQ surpasses all normal humans and, I assume, faunus. I shouldn't have to, and won't explain why because it should be obvious.

Aura and Semblance
Oh boy, you're going need to change it again or impose serious limiters.

This information can be anything from their aura level over their semblance to parts of their personality. The things she can't find out this way are memory-based information, like their background story or relationships.
I'll just put it out there without beating around the bush, this is metagaming. "But I have to touch them!" is far from a drawback, even if the character isn't CCQ oriented. You can learn personality, semblance ability and limits, aura info, fighting style, weaknesses, etc. Not knowing relationships and their history is not a drawback.

For objects, she can find out the exact materials they are made of, immediately know their function and how to best use them.
This part is fine if you get rid of "how to best use them." A semblance that is essentially a "I win" and "I can use this perfectly" button will never fly.

Her transcendent intelligence gives her the ability to come up with a good plan anytime, after only a few moves of her opponent Dawn can already guess their next action and work on a counter in advance.
This ties back into the IQ thing, what a shock. No, your character cannot come up with a good plan 100% of the time and be able to always know a few moves ahead of your opponent. I read that as "I can retcon my moves to be with the intention of whatever I want to do to negate what you did because my character already knew what you were going to do" As written this character is literally unbeatable because, even if she doesn't touch you, she's already insanely smarter than you and can't make a bad plan.

Dawn lacks in close combat, especially hand to hand. She's not terrible in it, just worse than the average student of Beacon.
Well this is a useless weakness since she can just bite the bullet and get close then disengage with little to no issue but now she literally everything about how to fight her opponent. Even stuff about their semblance and aura they might not know! Cool!

[WEAPONS[/quote] A short elemental sword, dual flamethrower/shotgun gloves, pistol that shoots a grappling hook as well as a slur for the Japanese that cause explosion of sticky stuff that acts as basically spiderman webbing, and a laser skateboard. Yeah. No, cut it down. I could go into the specific issues with a few of the individual weapons but cut down the amount first.
 Wind blew up behind the pesky gnat and Vermilion's eyes widened. It wasn't the first time someone thought they were hot stuff but he enjoyed the challenge he presented, it was flattering in a weird way. His opponent, just another pebble to be kicked aside, seemed to think otherwise. Unfortunately he wasn't in the mood to bring her hopes up any more than that and dispelled the spears beneath him, leaving the few others hanging behind him as he dropped backwards.

     Topaz' attack fully depended on Verm not moving from his perch, high above the ground and looking down on his enemies. Vermilion was stubborn, the type of person who wouldn't budge if he wished but even if it was true, he was far from stupid.

     Cackling as he dispelled his spears, Vermilion dropped as Topaz zoomed over him, not even bothering to follow up the attack with the spears in his place, but got a glancing hit as he dropped, dropping him into the sand. Red hung in the air, sparsely spaced so they probably wouldn't all hit, but also a threat in themselves to charging idiots.

     Particles of dirt filled the air for but a moment and Vermilion spun his rifle to clear the debris, transforming it to its spear form while taking a moment to brush off some dirt on his shoulder. Instead of summoning more spears he hung back and rested his spear on his shoulder, taking a rest from using his semblance and the fight while wondering if he should help Vivian instead of bothering with Topaz.

     "Viv! Need a little help over there? Just say so and I'll stop playing around" He jeered, wondering if the rabbit would hear him with her current clash.


[Hanging spears x6- 3% each(Because Topaz is running right into them trying to attack Verm). Spread out so they wouldn't all hit anyways.]


[Confident. Slight Semblance fatigue]
Satisfied that he'd stalled Coco, Smokey finally puts the brakes on the hype train.  Instead of charging towards Coco and finishing him off, he instead heads into cover behind a dust crystal and starts reloading.  He wants Coco and Amane to clump together, so he lets Coco free himself from the ice in peace.  Instead he looks at the scoreboard and sees the most peculiar thing.  Jocelyn's aura just decreases for no reason, while Amane's and Coco's meters rise.  Wait, could that be--?

"That has got to be the most useless ability I've ever--"


Smokey is interrupted from his thoughts by the cacophony of the flashbang detonation.  It's loud, sure, his ears are ringing and most certainly temporarily deafened, but considering how loud his guns are this is far from debilitating.  Looking back toward the source, he sees Amane emerge from the smoke cloud just in time to see the barrel pointed back at him.  He ducks back behind the crystal as a few shots clatter in to it before it explodes.  Now, hiding behind a volatile dust crystal might seem kind of stupid, considering it releases its payload when it explodes.  But Smokey can handle it, and the added cover from the dust (the regular kind) and smoke it kicks up as a result makes the trade more than worth it.  Smokey uses the brief cover to dash out in a fashion that forces Amane to twist her body even further to actually get an accurate shot.  Between the awkward shooting position, the cover provided from the crystal, and the obscuring smoke that came as a result of its explosion, Smokey actually manages to avoid pretty much every bullet.  That deserves a pat on the back.

Taking cover behind another crystal, Smokey finishes reloading the 4 expended shells and switches out the ice dust for fire.  His current position is relatively close to the smoke cloud, and he's dimly aware Coco is inside.  But quite frankly, if that guy wants to attack him, he'll be just in time for the group shot.  Now if only he get Amane to stop running long enough to strike a pose...

Ending this round, Smokey flips the switch that transforms Matchstick into its 7-round Volley form.  Between the base fire power, the dust in the ammo, and the lightning dust scattered around...let's just say the flash will be pretty bright.

Smokey's Combat Log:
Aura: 42.5% (5% Lightning Dust Crystal Explosion)
Matchstick: 7/7 (Reloaded)
Dust:  14/14 Fire*, 11/14 Ice

Actions: No attacks, reloading and exchanging dust cartridges, switching Matchstick to volley gun form.

Spoiler: show
Note: Smokey really was going to reload this turn, even before the flashbang.  Between that and the unusual aura meter fluctuations on the scoreboard, I think Smokey has ample reason to avoid the blind
Hopefully Sandy didn't think such an attack would work. Even with the increased speed from the grappling hook's momentum it was a simple matter of just lifting Equilibrium up over his head and bracing for impact. As soon as Setsuna felt the increased weight on his shield he heaved it skyward, hopefully throwing Sandy off balance, before raising his sword/rifle and firing the remaining two shots at the skyborne target. That was, assuming Sandy did rise into the air. Otherwise, he'd be firing at naught.

Combat Log:
  ● 2 shots [2% x 2]

Setsuna's Stats:
  ● Aura: [█████████-] 96%
  ● Weapons in hand: Equilibrium, Discord [Rifle Mode][0/10 rounds]
Not for the first time in his student career Kei cursed the lack of a symbol which increased his jumping height as Infrared's response was just to jump even higher and attack from above. Not being able to correct his course meant that he had to take the slash "head-on", but that also meant when Infrared touched the ground Kei was already landing on the other side. And even if she was now a distance away and beginning to gain higher ground, it wasn't the largest problem in the world.

A quick application of his semblance gave Kei the familiar lightweight feeling of his speed symbol activating, allowing him to close the gap between them rapidly; or at least make it so if she fired a rocket the blast radius would hit her too.

Combat Log:
  ● None

Kei's Stats:
  ● Aura: [█████-----] 58% [8% from overhead slash]
  ● Stamina: [█████████-] 90%
  ● Semblance: [] [25 SECOND DURATION]
Airi saw Aurelia rushing towards her, which is exactly why she had kept her distance from her entrapped opponent.  With the time to react, Airi used Fateweaver to launch a kinetic dust blast from Fateweaver to knock Aurelia back and maintain the distance between the two.  The design of the armored gauntlet allowed her to keep Aurelia entangled and still let her right arm be free enough to do at least this much.  It was a rather light dust blast, but Airi mainly wanted to keep the distance to let the lightning dust to work a little bit more.  After waiting about another second for the lightning dust to work, she ceased used the dust and with her sword raised, charged in to follow up on the knockback and electrocution.

Aura: 85% (unchanged)
Atropos Kinetic Dust: 75% (unchanged)
Fateweaver Fire Dust: 95% (unchanged)
Fateweaver Kinetic Dust: 65%
Fateweaver Ice Dust: 90% (unchanged)
Fateweaver Lightning Dust: 60%

Attacks: 3% (kinetic dust knockback) + 8% (sustained electrocution)
Beacon Academy / Re: Introduction to Advanced Aura [Closed]
« Last post by Moth on August 14, 2018, 04:19:54 PM »
Prism pauses her notetaking through Malina's demonstration of what you could do with the advantage of expanded aura pools, actually staring with a minor look of awed wonder on her face. Prism's capable of some fancy tricks with her aura, and she's still attempting to learn it's other common offensive uses, but that - that was something she'd never seen before. As the can hits the ground, she flips the page in her notebook and begins to rapidly scribble another page of notes - recording everything the TA said.

The sudden sound of Malina launching the can makes Prism visibly start, her gaze snapping to the sight of the can embedded in the ceiling while her spare hand reaches for the back of her belt. She stares for a moment after seeing it's just a can, watching a bit of drywall crumble to the floor, before releasing a silent breath and bringing her hand back around. Right, it's not like that would've done much anyways - she doesn't carry Hawk's Eye to class, anyways.

Prism doesn't really bother to raise her hand anymore, just launching into her next questions. "So step one is to sacrifice a piece of your soul in order to raise your overall aura pool. Step two is the application of that expanded aura pool, which allow for essentially a limitless possibility of different tricks. So what's step three then, and exactly how many steps to this process are there?"
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