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And since Nav isn't here to do it...

Awwww shit, G1 Leonius is back. Well, on his way back.

He's in the vicinity of back.

Back is his destination. Still thinking about how to format some shit.


Name: Leontios Dekatos Basiliscus

Nicknames: Leo, Big Guy

Age: 22

Species and Gender: Male Lion Faunus

Symbol: A set of three golden gears, arranged in a triangle.

Occupation: Student


"I was always... self-conscious... about my size... even when I was less... heavy..."
Something something LEO BIG. Still pushing 8'3" due to being a port of old Leo.

Fatass is going to break benches again. The new armor isn't Pilorum, so it needs to be even bulkier.


"(Talk about Childhood in Atlas)"

"(Talk about visiting Vacuo)"
Words words

"(Talk about war)"
Words words words

"(Talk about the accident)"

No Pilum, so history has to be full adapted, with little hints of awareness about the Dunkelwelt and/or Pilum Anomaly.

"(Talk about awkwardness)"

"(Analytical Fuck)"


Aura and Semblance

Leo's semblance is still Calculation. It's apparently still OP as fuck to be able to do arithmetic with your soul.

No Pilorum barrier shields, so he has to use aura to tank hits like a normal person.

Combat Behavior

This is G1 Leo, so not Final Boss material.

Leo still uses his cannons as his main arsenal. No AI anymore, so he has to change modes manually, leading to longer transition times between modes.

"(Artillery strike talk)"
Primary mode is still those six cannons. No Pilorum dust fuckery for anchoring anymore, so has to get rooted in place mechanically to handle recoil.

Melee mode uses the same anchoring setup to drive spikes into the target. Leo hits like a train, but he's easy to get off balance if you're agile enough to avoid getting squished.

No more drones means no more command mode.



Primary Form: Guns up.

Secondary Form: Guns as wings.

Tertiary Form: Guns down.

Dust Functions: Dust reactor.

History: NOT LIFE SUPPORT THIS TIME. Still cripple support, but he doesn't need it to live.
She's beating him out an inch at a time, only a foot or so from the lava pit when he opens his mouth to... compliment her? A confused expression mares her face for barely a second as he looks down towards the lava pit and opens his mouth again, before her eyes grow wide - fuck, his semblance!

She twists the neck of the mace to deactivate the grappling hook just in time to yank it away from the following splash of lava, rapidly backpedaling as she tries to avoid the sprawl. It's not enough to avoid it all though - a glowing globlet hits her arm, immediately followed by squeal of pain as she practically yanks off the leather jacket to avoid being burned further. No longer protected by her aura, the lava begins to sizzle burn a hole through the fabric. There's a moment of pause as she throws it to the side and watches the smoke rise, before fixing a death glare on Rufus as she reaches for her ammo belt as she begins to reload with red-colored shells. "You owe me a new jacket."

Jima's Combat Stats:
Aura: 62% (-10% on contact, -5% x 2 while stripping off the jacket)
Goliath: Reloading
Everywhere Else / Re: Coffee and friends are the perfect blend [closed]
« Last post by DEXES on Today at 01:41:20 PM »
Lost in her thoughts, Kisha continued stepping from one leg to the other, until after only a few more minutes, Prism arrived.

"Oh, no, no," she said, unobtrusively shaking off the sleeve of her coat to get a glance at the watch, "You're even earlier than planned, but anyways, thank you so much for coming. It's great to see you"

She gave Prism a friendly smile, but shortly after raised her eyebrow a little. Only now she noticed what was weird about the hummingbird Faunus. And that's already it. The Faunus part. She was aware that, especially Atlas, was not exactly tolerant to Faunus, and even if she appreciated that Prism went through the trouble of hiding it, she really didn't had to. If the employees of the coffeehouse refuses to serve her just because she's a faunus, Kisha would personally walk to them and start a fight. Or even better. She would order something, give it to Prism and let her drink it right in front of their eyes. She could already see their dumbfounded faces. Whether it would come to something like that was another question. She didn't want to ask Prism about it, she had already made acquaintance with Faunus, who were a bit more offensive when she asked about it. If the possibility arises later, she would probably mention it though.

"How about we go in?" She asked as a cold breeze blew in her face. She quickly walked to the door and opened it with a "beauty first." Another warm smile formed on her face as she gestured Prism to walk in.
Not having time to rub her sore leg after that launch Infrared got to her feet and started ascending the mountain, jumping up the mountain pillar by pillar and climbing the altitude meter by meter. Looking back he could see him catching up and fast, but she expects still to be able to reach the summit or at least finds footing to unwind a bit before reengaging.

Battle data:
Aura: 87%
Reaction: 1/2 Shots/16 stored

RPG Discussion / Re: Meaningful Strengths: "I Can" vs "You Can't"
« Last post by Siuwa on Today at 11:12:16 AM »
Now, to some of you, this may seem obvious, especially when given in a context like this.  But if you take a look through my characters' profiles, I'm pretty certain you'll see at least one "You can't" ability.  And if you look through the Vytal Festival fights, I'm sure you can find one fight where said ability made the fight uninteresting, if not two.  And the reason those fights are uninteresting is because that ability robbed the opponent of potential options.  Because said options were denied, they were put at a tremendous disadvantage. All because I pushed a button that did a certain thing.

If you count outside of just the tourney then it would be... still two actually. The best part about the "You Can't" kind of abilities is how one side tries to force the other into a position where the only options are countered by the "You Can't" while the other finds ways to sidestep it partially or entirely and exploit the implied "Can" of the "Can't". Kind of like offensive versus defensive play, pushing the target to make a mistake as opposed to waiting for one. Example being Cat vs Smokey,

Smokey: Blocks off displacement and avoids knockback, grabs stuff and such.
Catalina: Uses the anti-displacement as a leverage anchor to move away and attack from a distance.

Although that is really specific I think "You Can't" of as a puzzle to be solved with the tools at my disposal, so it's not uninteresting at all.
Everywhere Else / Re: Foreign Delicacies [Closed]
« Last post by MonsterManic on Today at 09:57:28 AM »
"Yu Nanhai. A pleasure to meet you both." Yu inclines his head in a bow, since standing up to do a proper courtesy would just attract unwanted attention. As a matter of fact, his presence here was already a spotlight shining on him from above. He couldn't linger here for long. "I'm...not sure why I'm here, to be honest. Suppose I wanted to see if anything's changed since I left." He shook his head bitterly, his small eyes downcast. "Nothing has. I cannot say I am surprised either." Yu said.

There's a moment of silence before Yu takes into account where Diana's homeland is, and instantly backtracks. "My profuse apologies, Diana--I assure you I meant no offence to you or your family, wherever they may be. I am afraid my emotions got the better of me." Despite the tone used when referring to Atlas, his voice now carries genuine regret. "...Would you like me to leave?"
Joshua reads the message, and hides his smile. in his head, he thinks about what a good opportunity this is too start his training* i finally get to take part in a mission, a pirate capturing mission nonetheless * Joshua checks that he has his weapon attached to his deployment mechanism, picks up his helmet and walks at a quick pace to the bulkhead, whilst thinking about the note reviewing it to himself in his head *four huntsmen in training AND a teacher? seems like overkill, but it is not my place to criticise the decisions of people more experienced and trained than me, so i am guessing these "immortal Lancers" must somewhat live up to their name* By the time he gets to the ramp that leads to the Bulkhead, he sees three people standing there. He guesses that the tall one standing sensibly next to the bulkhead is the teacher. Once he reaches the bulkhead, he greets everyone with handshakes and a simple "hello". He then stands there calmly, waiting for the last teammate to arrive.
Beacon Academy / Re: Stargazing [Open]
« Last post by ReaperJoe on Today at 04:16:23 AM »
Smokey eyes Calen somewhat suspiciously as he brings up a casual murder of a faunus.  There's no evidence, or anything remotely incriminating about the description of events, but as far as he knows, nobody just casually makes up murder stories like that out of the blue.  Not to mention, it happened in his hometown?  And the way Calen talked about the White Fang's "justice" and "equality" was just eerie.  But in the end, that's really all Smokey gets, an eerie feeling.  Perhaps he should pay more attention to this conversation...

When Calen finally asks his question, Smokey doesn't answer verbally.  Instead, he ponders for a moment, and then shrugs.  He doesn't really think he's either one.  He tends to be a DIY kinda guy, so as long as people don't get in his way, they can do whatever the hell they want.

It's only when Prism asks her question that Smokey finally speaks up, but only long enough to utter one word.  "Mantle."  There's not really much more to say, but he's slightly more interested in Calen's answer.  He's never heard a story like the one Calen described, but he might have heard of a White Fang attack on a major settlement.
The kinetic dust blast comes as a surprise to Aurelia.  With no preparation to deal with such a surprise, no way to dodge or block the attack, she has no choice but to take the hit.  The kinetic blast strikes her and knocks her inch.  It seems Airi made a nasty miscalculation.  The threads dig into her neck once again, but that's a small price to pay for the reward practically leaping into her arms. 

By using a kinetic blast, Airi had unwittingly blasted herself.  As the line goes taut, Aurelia yanks on the thread, forcing Airi forward.  It's not much, only a step on Airi's part, but the real prize is her now-outstretched hand.  Using the threads as a rebound once again, Aurelia dashed towards her opponent with greater speed than before.  The faunus's hand glides along the electrified cable, using it as a guide, before finally reaching the source of her ire.  The moment she's able, Aurelia attempts to grasp hold of Airi's wrist, causing the electricity coursing through her to now run through her opponent.  Even if Airi manages to pull her wrist away in time, she won't be able to get away from the charging Aurelia, and the charge will be certainly redirected regardless.  However, if Aurelia manages to grab the outstretched wrist, she'll use her momentum to dash behind Airi and pin her hand against her back, at which point she'll begin marching Airi towards her time clone to force Airi to choose between staying or getting paralyzed.

She'll attempt to do this regardless of the attempted grab's success, but if she does get the grab, Aurelia will position herself so the resulting blast both keeps her away from these damn threads but also launches her towards Dusk.  In any case, Aurelia will force the issue.  Be trapped with me or let us both go.

Aura: 57% (3% from knockback + 2% from whiplash.  Optional additional 8% if Airi truly wishes to continue the coursing electricity at this point)

Action:  Diverting lightning dust charge back to source, attempting grapple (8% electric + 8% additional if charge is truly still sustained.)
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