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Plot Zone / Re: Mysterious Migration of Mountain Glenn
« Last post by nathan67003 on Today at 10:28:52 AM »
*throws in Nathan*

Arguably my least active character at this time. Not that I haven't tried. stares at Aros
Everywhere Else / Bone of the First
« Last post by Ordelis on Today at 10:20:41 AM »
Vacuo, the desert kingdom with a struggled history. The Underdog of the four kingdoms, targeted for its vast resources. And as a result, its culture became the rough and strong populace it’s known for today. To fight your own battles, this is what its people believe. So when you’ve been wronged by the unfriendly sort,unless times are dire, its become common courtesy to initially not lend a helping hand.

     It happened so fast. A crack of terrible pain and rapid footsteps running away. Solar in a daze of agony followed the only cloaked figure in the crowd that looked to be in a hurry. Her horn, it was broken halfway through in a jagged lightning bolt shaped crack. She could feel it as she held the spot it broke with both hands in an attempt to soothe the pain. For Solar it had not been long she arrived at Vacuo, let alone the combat school of Shade, she was suppose to meet her new team today, little did she know she still would.
     The cloaked figure burst through a home with a red wooden door frame, it was going through the door did Solar notice for the first time her assailant was rather short. Following after, she entered the same door only for the room to be entirely dark. A set of stairs lead down a basement and a dark hallway off to the left was all she could see. Before she could decide which way to go a scrambling noise of dirt and something breaking was heard from down the hallway. Following after the noise, Solar blindly runs down the dark, only to stub her foot on something hard. For the second time today now she was in piercing pain, looking down at what she kicked, it turned out to be none other than the square hammer that struck her horn. Curiosity got the better of her and she picks up the weapon examining it, the only thing significant about it was a symbol unknown to her, though she had a feeling she had seen it somewhere.

     A groan came from the dark, someone was there, someone hurt. Solar finally finding a light switch, flips it on to reveal a faunus man bleeding from his head. A deer faunus, with both of his antlers broken off. The sudden light stirs him awake and lays eyes on the first thing he sees, Solar with the hammer. The man calls out for help in a panicked cry, under the impression she’s the culprit. "Aargh! Somebody help!" The noise immediately attracts passerbys and in comes

Sean Acacia
Suna Arevik
Maena Nadir

They come across the scene,a man in a panicked state, bleeding from his head missing his limbs, and Solar standing in the middle of the room, with the hammer.
"Hey,so I know this looks bad..." said Solar with her hands up, but one hand still holding the hammer.
Plot Zone / Mysterious Migration of Mountain Glenn
« Last post by MonsterManic on Today at 08:16:04 AM »
Mountain Glenn. A ever-looming landmark of one of Vale's biggest failures, now converted to one of the largest gathering places for Grimm found anywhere on Remnant. Hunters and Huntresses are constantly sent to keep the Grimm levels down to a manageable amount, with the majority of such missions being successful at culling the monsters. Even Beacon students undertake excursions to the Mountain for both learning and combat practice.

But something has recently gone amiss. Hunters sent to cull the Grimm are returning with increasing losses and sightings of Grimm not normally seen around Mountain Glenn. More concerning is the fact that these non-native Grimm are reported migrating to the area en mass. The new combat professor at Beacon, Ferus Talandar, has been tasked with leading a small strike force of capable Beacon students to investigate the source of this intriguing phenomenon, and if possible, stop the migration.

Any students of any year group participating must be aware of the odds and risks taking this mission, and prepare for a long fight--the mission will most likely not be simple or short. Of course, successfully completing the mission will result in extra credit and potentially further rewards--the areas being investigated have a reputation to contain certain valuables left over the ages.

Sharpen your blades and ready your firearms--this should prove interesting...

Available Slots: 4
▪ _______________
▪ _______________
▪ _______________
▪ _______________
Beacon Academy / Re: He Came from Atlas [Closed]
« Last post by Dr. Gustave on Today at 03:54:49 AM »
"No, I don't think so," Malina said, all too aware the animosity hadn't completely gone from either of their voices, "just be sure to tell the rest of your team. I'll tell Tit- Professor Printemps to let me know if she has any missions planned for you." She leaned back in her chair and folded her arms, taking careful note of her breathing. "Other than that, I think we're done here."
Beacon Academy / Re: He Came from Atlas [Closed]
« Last post by Rush on Today at 03:17:15 AM »
”Very well. We will hold you to that.” The AI replied, glancing over at Juno, who returned the look before the duo turned their focus to Malina. It was clear he didn’t like the TA, and to be frank, neither did Phi. However, Malina was in a position of power, and she did have her fair share of good points. A fact not mitigated by her bitchiness and stubborn behavior. Granted, it wasn’t like stubborn was unfamiliar territory.

”Is there anything else you want to talk about, Miss Nahualli?” Juno inquired, the hostile edge in his voice mitigated, but not entirely gone.
Everywhere Else / Re: The Things We Do For Love [VCVS]
« Last post by SirZinger on Today at 02:39:57 AM »
Verdant looked out across the city of wind although he had never been to Wind path before the smells of Mistrali food and the sounds of the people speaking Mistrali, brought back memories of growing up in Mistral. A wave of emotions washed over him as he spoke making his voice crack "I'm back in Mistral."
Verdant quickly cleared his throat thinking no one heard that, he had to get it together, this was no time to get nostalgic. He had come back for a reason and he had a job to do Verdant thought.
Ahh, dust storms in the cold briny sea. What a wondrous way to continue their boring mission. To think that they'd hit a storm so early on, and with dust fillings to boot! The intense light show interested Aurum but the face full of ice and fire and whatever other mixed dust did not, his aura took a small bit of damage but nothing he couldn't shrug off. He was tempted to go out and brave the storm like any old salty coot but he knew that the maintenance on his weapon system would be hell and frankly didn't find the thought of more wind and dust messing his hair appealing.

Hearing his brother's announcement he rushed to the area and found both of his present teammates scrambling over the large dust pillar sticking into the hull. It seemed serious and how it got there befuddled him. If it was a simple crash it would have made sense to some degree but the circumstances played out a little too conveniently for Aurum's highly active mind. Keeping that thought in the back of his head he skipped towards Topaz with a large grin on his face saying, "For a sophisticated  self-driving ship this turned out worse than expected. Well, I wouldn't blame the poor thing, it's not everyday a giant pillar of earth would suddenly spike the hull, there's something weird going on but I guess patching this big booboo takes priority. If only I had a giant amount of putty and a blast torch, though I'm guessing we don't have that at hand so let's freeze it for the meantime since obviously we can't just patch the steel with all this water gushing in. So.. you got any ice dust?

Aurum himself usually had one or two vials of dust on his person but ice wasn't one of them. He didn't really rely on that certain type, given that Atlas was already fricken full of ice in the first place, but given the situation there wasn't any quick fixes he could offer save for the single vial he had. It wouldn't be enough to patch the entire hole, given how much he was lacking but water was already pooling around his feet and the thought of getting wet inside a ship didn't seem fun at all. That's when it hit him. Aside from a stray shard of earth getting blasted towards his head by a jet of water an idea also smashed into that noggin of his, freeze the salty water around the earth and let it patch itself, at least for the meantime.

Stepping a small distance away he fashioned his weapon into a few hovering daggers held by wires and carefully tipped each one with ice dust in one swift motion. Usually one would seal it from one end to another but given the time he didn't really have that luxury, even if Topaz did have a small portable boomerang-looking flying tool.

"Since we can't melt it, let's freeze it! Activating a speed bubble around himself, Topaz and the leak, Aurum effectively slowed down the outside flow by speeding up their own time. From a massive gush the water was practically just trickling in now, which sadly wouldn't hold the second he dropped his bubble, so he launched his daggers around the pillar to freeze the edges long enough for Topaz to get started on the welding. "I know I'm pretty much a savant with my semblance but you know I can't hold this  forever so let's fix this thing quickly!!!

The Vale Region / Re: Legends of the Hidden Temple [SLVA ~ CLOSED]
« Last post by EdgeyReyes on January 20, 2018, 05:43:06 PM »
Akel was first to sprint to the grimm as soon as it started to reel back with her weapon in hand and rotating the silver ring to trigger the transformation into the scythe. Jumping onto the Deathstalker's armoured shell with her weapon transformed into its scythe form she went for a clean slice aimed at the tail, just before the stinger to get rid of a massive problem before it would really trouble them.
The Vale Region / Re: Songs of Peril [Closed]
« Last post by Riven on January 20, 2018, 04:51:39 PM »
Now well and truly flustered by Calen's commentary, Rory was still trying to figure out how to respond when he basically disappeared, yanked with total abruptness behind some nearby crates of supplies. However, from where the shield fighter was standing it wasn't really possible to tell that Calen had been pulled -- the sudden motion was easy enough to mistake for Calen's Semblance, after all. Had he known the sudden peril his teammate was in Rory would immediately have rushed over, but as it was he was just left confused as to whom Calen had been talking to before he "ran off".

"What is it with the formal-wear guys...?" The question was half-muttered to himself. Doing his best to shrug off his embarrassment, Rory turned to Cami. "She should still be here, yeah I bet she's still here -- she was very set on meeting up with you Cami. Though I'm not sure if we should wait or go looking... and, unfortunately, our situation has become a bit more complicated. To bring you up to speed: we found Gaud but got chased all the way here by what was probably a full pack of albino Beowolves using the fog for cover. Unfortunately... well, there was a situation as we approached and one of the town's defense guns got taken out. Now the village chief has demanded we get a replacement from Navo, while one of us stays to defend the entrance."

"Sorry that your village tour is turning into so many extra problems..."
Whether or not an apology was really necessary, Rory felt compelled to offer one. This mess of a situation was not going to be fun to explain back at Beacon, to be sure...
Non-Canon / Crossing Blades [CLOSED]
« Last post by Riven on January 20, 2018, 02:26:31 PM »
(OOC: Practice battle thread for Ginger -- if you have any questions or uncertainties along the way just lemme know. En guarde!)

S C E N E ~ M U S I C
Where Valkyries Fly
by Ioannis Gutevas

ARENA: Amity Coliseum

Normally this sort of thing wasn't exactly Cordell's cup of tea -- pirates, after all, don't go looking for fair fights when an unfair fight can be had. Yet here she was, striding out onto the most renowned battle stage in all of Remnant. Amity Coliseum somehow seemed... bigger than it looked on the tournament broadcasts. Maybe it was all the empty seats? Or maybe it was the camera work and nimble fighters who made it seem more compact.

In any case, when one finds the famed arena making its way between kingdoms and its escorts are called away to deal with Grimm, who can be faulted for having a peek? It wasn't hard to imagine what it must be like, stepping out under the bright lights with thousands of cheering fans filling the stadium seating, the excitement, the anxiety, the anticipation of battle. Perhaps if life had taken a different turn she could've stood here legitimately, competing under the Atlas banner. Ah, it was a nice thought, at least.

Only, Cordell wasn't as alone as she assumed...
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