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Cosette Silverhide
« on: May 17, 2017, 09:32:28 PM »

Name: Cosette Silverhide

Age: 19

Species and Gender: Female Rabbit Faunus

Symbol: Mortar and Pestle

Occupation: 2nd Year Beacon student

Appearance: A tall, slender, girl. Cosette stands at 6’1”(185cm), but weighs a mere 150lbs(68cm). Long legged, with a swimmer’s build and slender arms. A bob of silver hair frames a heart shaped face with large violet eyes and a small nose. A lop eared rabbit, her silver-furred ears hang down towards her waist. The tips of each are loosely tied together with a purple ribbon.

Her standard clothing consists of a tight black t-shirt and loose denim shorts along with a pair of black and tights and black boots. For combat she slips a sleeveless set of leather armor over her shirt and tops everything off with a cotton shawl. Her bag is slung over her left hip with Little Thumper nestled in its holster on her right thigh.

History: Cosette’s story, like most, does not begin with her birth. Instead it begins with her parents. Specifically, her father. One Henri Silverhide.

There are those who know him as little more than a legend. The massive rabbit Faunus who could blast through hordes of Grimm and barely break a sweat. Others know him as a hero. One who would gladly stand between the weak and forces of Grimm, all the time with a smile on his face. Then there are those who truly know the man. Personally and intimately. They will all call him the same thing. A demon.

Henri did not hunt in order to do his duty in some ancient war between light and dark. Nor did he hunt to protect those who could not protect themselves. No. He hunted because he was driven by the urge to fight and kill, and he was smart enough to do it right.

When you blow a hole in a man’s stomach, people asked why. No matter how evil that man may, or may not, have been. But a hunter could tear out a Beowolf’s stomach and hang it by its own entrails and get paid to do so. Hell, if the same hunter did it enough times, they might even get a medal for it.

For several years Henri traveled the world as a contract Huntsman, earning money and glory to do things he would have gladly done for free. On his travels, he often met and seduced young girls easily led astray by his near legendary status. One of those was a young dog Faunus named Capucine. Cosette’s mother. Young and naïve, Capucine ran away from her family home at the age of 17 after draining a small fortune from the family’s accounts, and followed Henri wherever he would go. For a little while she was happy, birthing a daughter before her 18th birthday, but Henri was not the type to settle down and he abandoned the young mother and daughter one night. Leaving them starving a penniless just outside the city of Vale.

As the reality of her actions caught up with her, Capucine thought back to her past, to the home she had left behind. And so she wrote a letter to her parents, apologizing for what she had done, and begging to come back home. She had imagined many different reactions to her letter. Anger and cursing were the lead candidates, but what she never expected was a single, calm, sentence written in the easily recognizable handwriting of her mother. We have no daughter. There would be no returning home. No forgiveness.

Forced to do whatever she could to feed her infant daughter, Capucine spent nearly a year as little more than soulless shell before she was taken in by an older couple of apothecaries and helped back to her feet. Soon becoming something of an alchemist herself. Skills she taught to Cosette as she grew.

Capucine spent most of her daughter’s early years trying to avoid the topic of the man who had abandoned her. Both to hide the truth from her daughter and her own adoptive parents. As far as they knew, Henri had been a beacon of justice and mercy, but had been killed defending her from a pair of Ursa Majors. It was not until Cosette was 15 years old and nearly halfway through her enrollment at Signal academy that Capucine began to notice the child before her was more her father’s daughter than her mother’s. And so she chose to peel away the veneer of lies she had painted over her past and revealed every atrocity she had witnessed and every abuse she had suffered at the hands of the man she once thought she loved. It was not to seek pity from her new family, but to show her daughter what happened to the people around her if she gave in to her inner darkness. Unfortunately, Cosette had spent too many years looking up to her father, adapting her own fighting style to mimic her father’s. Even her weapon was an homage to his own.

Cosette spent the next few years in a near constant battle between nature and nurture, going so far as to adopt a policy of non-violence. A policy she routinely fails to uphold. During her first year at Beacon, she found something of a way to balance the two. Her father’s influence might drive her to kill, but she would always show as much mercy as possible. Death would be quick and painless. Wounds would be treated and stabilized by the same hands that caused them. She would be healer and a hunter.

Personality: Often described as bi-polar, Cosette is a series of conflicting personalities. She is shy and introverted in most situations, but prone to brash arrogance when speaking of one’s abilities and skills. Most notably when speaking of medicine and herbalism. Like her father she is violent, almost sadistic, by nature, yet is a self-described pacifist. While she would rather shoot a Beowolf in the stomach so she could watch it die slowly, Cosette is more likely to empty both barrels into its head in order to end it quickly and painlessly. Typically while trying to convince anyone who will listen, including herself, that she is a pillar of non-violence.

Her dichotomous nature spills into her social life as well. She is introverted, preferring to spend her time quietly researching or experimenting, but craves the companionship of other people. She wants to be alone, but alone in a group.

Aura and Semblance: Cosette is capable of using her aura to manifest as solid platform just under feet while in the air after jumping, allowing her to gain additional height or change direction mid jump. Each platform lasts for about 10-15 seconds, opening the door for some of the more agile pursuers to follow. Provided they can reach the next platform in a sequence. She can chain up to five jumps at a time, but each additional jump after the second comes at a heavy aura and stamina cost. Once back on the ground, her jumping ability will be restored after about one minute, but she lacks the stamina or aura pool to perform more than 2 or three full chains without adequate rest. Additionally, she is unable to strengthen her body, so she is still at risk of injuring herself if she chains too many vertical jumps at once and falls back down. She is unable to augment her semblance with dust or a focus.

Combat Behavior: Aided by her Rabbit heritage, Cosette is naturally fast and agile with a 5’ (153cm) stationary vertical. Cosette also possesses some more mainstream medical knowledge, but is limited to some minor first aid. Her fighting style focuses on fast, close in, combat while trying to remain out of melee engagements as she is physically weaker than most with under developed muscle tone in her arms. Her prefered method is to jump in, blast them in the face, jump out and reload.

When fighting alongside her team, Cosette falls back to a support/medic role. Handing out various mixes to augment healing, combat, or to cover an ally while they disengage. She can recognize most plant species in the world by sight and knows of at least one use, either good or bad, for them all. This does allow her a slight advantage in the field as she is able to replenish much of her mixes on the fly, but tends to avoid doing so in active combat. Unfortunately Cosette has poor situational awareness, and tends to focus on a single target at a time, and is not always aware of when allies are in trouble unless they grab her attention.


Name: Unnamed

Description: A simple brown leather satchel bag filled with Cosette’s potions, poisons, and other mixes. Measuring 13X17x7” and possessing several secondary pouches, Cosette can carry about 10-12 vials of her smaller mixes and about 5 of her grenades. As well as the ingredients and tools to make a few more on the fly. While she is capable of creating a vast amount of mixes, she only keeps a few most common ones on hand at all times.

Liquid Aura: A potion that does not actually replenish one’s aura supply, but stimulates the body’s regenerative abilities, much like their own aura would. Can be used to speed healing along faster than aura could alone.

Knockout Juice: Technically a medical poison. Capable of sedating a severely wounded person so that they may be treated or transported. Must be ingested by mouth to work, so it is unsuited for combat.
Combat Stimulants: A mix of adrenaline boosting and pain relieving agents administered in a syringe to boost a patient's combat potential, or allow one to continue past their breaking point. Excessive doses is usually fatal.   

Flash Bang: Small, thrown explosives and detonate with a blinding flash and loud noise, but little force.
    Smoke Grenades: Another thrown explosive that releases a dense cloud of acrid smoke that obscures an enemy’s vision and deters pursuit by irritating the eyes, nose, and lungs with a healthy dose of sulfur.

History: Just a basic satchel Cosette found while shopping one day.

Name: Little Thumper

Description: A simple 12 gauge sawed off, pump action, shotgun with an 8 round clip. Capable of various dust augmented shells, Cosette typically prefers to load fire or force rounds, with a healthy portion of solid slugs for targets with thicker armor.

History:[/u] Developed at Signal as an homage to her father’s own massive automatic shotgun named Thumper. Due to her inability to handle such a large weapon, Cosette developed hers to be smaller and lighter. The little version of Thumper.

Color: #b9e5e9

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Re: Cosette Silverhide
« Reply #1 on: May 17, 2017, 09:51:18 PM »
Drugs are iffy but doable i guess.

Approved +1
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Re: Cosette Silverhide
« Reply #2 on: May 18, 2017, 07:29:39 AM »
Approved because the top 1% of the top 1% get a free pass. But also because it's all good.
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