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Author Topic: First Year 2v2 Match - Final Round: Lucina/Isabelle VS Juno/Verdant [Open]  (Read 100 times)

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"LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!" A Booming and energetic voice explodes through the speakers set up around the enormous stadium. A deep and gravely voice, like someone who spent too much time smoking and decided now would be a good time to start screaming for their entire life. "WELCOME TO THE VYTAL FESTIVAL'S FINAL ROUND OF PAIRED MATCHES!" The crowd erupted into a ceremonious cheer, whoops and hollers came from all corners of Remnant as people tuned into the match from home. "I AM YOUR ANNOUNCER, VULCO DENTRES, LET'S GET DOWN TO F ҉   ҉ KING-" A loud, annoying BEEEP filled the arena. Of course, this was a kid friendly event. "- BUSINESS! PREPARE YOURSELVES, IN THIS FINAL ROUND, WE'VE GOT TWO PAIRS FROM BEACON ACADEMY! OUR FIRST PAIR IS LUCINA ARCHALETTA AND ISABELLE AOZORA, MEMBERS OF TEAM ALIA! THEY GOT A FREE PASS THEIR FIRST ROUND BECAUSE ONE OF THEIR OPPONENTS WAS APPARENTLY COMATOSE... ANYWHO, THE OTHER TEAM, TEAM VCVS, SENDS ITS TWO BEST IN THE FORM OF JUNO VERT AND VERDANT COWL! THEIR FIRST ROUND WAS PRETTY UNEVENTFUL, TO BE HONEST SO UHH ENVIRONMENTAL SPINNER!" The crowd lets out an uproarious cheer.

A large holographic image of a lottery machine appears on all sides of the arena, with two spinners. The spinners spun so quickly, making it nearly impossible to make out the passing words. It ticked through the options slower and slower until it finally stopped on Forest and Lava.


The floor of the arena lowered and, in its place, arose a single new floor. The entire arena was a forest, for sure. Dense trees and shrubbery made that much clear. However, in the direct center of the arena, where the two teams would most likely clash, was a path of destruction left by lava, apparently not too long ago. The trees were all dead and burnt and the shrubbery was nonexistent. The forest ground was a hard cracked earth, with pockets of cooling lava here and there.

Just then, the doors on each side of the arena opened and, from them, out strolled the combatants. Each start in the forest and can see far enough through the trees to the open center o the arena, but not past it.

(A coin flip decided Lucina and Isabelle get the first posts. The arena size is that of the 2v2 arena in the show, and features scaled down biomes. Good luck, contestants.)
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"... I can't believe we actually made it this far." Isabelle took a moment to survey their environment, a slight smile coming to her face. It would be easy for her to get higher ground here, which had potential to make landing shots on their opponents easy. That would probably depend on whether or not the other team also had the means to quickly scale them. Glancing over at her teammate, she started to draw her sword.

"I'm thinking that this forest is going make things a little easier. I guess we might as well go towards the middle. I'll probably hop into the trees at some point and cover you from up there. Once that happens, I guess, just... try not to get hit?" She realized how dumb the advice sounded, but seeing as she lacked anything better to say, she simply shrugged. Her gaze then turned back in front of them. With how dense the shrubbery was, they couldn't see their opponents just yet, but she imagined that they would be headed towards the open area as well. "Something tells me they aren't going to just stand around this time." After her last remark, she started walking forward at a brisk pace, still taking a look at everything around them to get as familiar with the terrain as possible.
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