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Dr Richard Pelle
« on: February 16, 2017, 08:59:52 AM »
Request for a Shade Professor approved by DrGustave.


Name: Dr Richard Pelle (Silent e, pronounced Pell)

Age: 39

Species and Gender: Human Male

Symbol:  A dark arch showing a cave entrance with a light effect approaching from the base.

Occupation: Head of Archeology for Shade Academy, Liaison for Vacuan Archeology Cooperative

Appearance: Richard is an older man, and his time in the dusts have tempered his look. He has sandy brown hair and his skin is beaten rough by desert wind and sand. He's tanned like many Vacuans, a shade oddly close to his hair. He's never clean shaven (if asked, he says it grows back immediately when he tries) and his stubble only adds to the complexity of his skin. He is in excellent physical condition and has 6 pack abs, though he does come off as any kind of bodybuilder. His shoulders are a bit broad. He has a single scar on his right side of his torso.

Richard always dresses for practicality while still upholding the prestige of his position. In the office, he wears white button up shirts and light colored slacks. Depending on the day he accompanies this with a matching suit jacket. Despite the business slant in his attire, he refuses to wear anything but hiking shoes. Rumors swell around Shade and Vacuo Archeology about what happens to those who try and convince him out of the shoes. He'll occasionally wear his field jacket when the weather permits.

In the field, Richard wears a custom made long sleeve tactical weave shirt that is a whiteish tan in color, the sleeves a dark tan along with the sides of the torso. He routinely rips the shirts in the field despite best efforts by the tailor. He accompanies with a pair of brown 'scavenger' pants. Popular with scavengers, the style has a variety of pockets and random stitching all over the legs. They're made of a hearty material, and stand up well to exploration. He continues to wear his hiking shoes and pulled up socks. In Vacuo he rarely needs anything more than this, though he'll often packet his leather jacket as well. The jacket is brown, has plenty of pockets, and a high collar that folds down for normal wear. If he isn't travelling with anyone, he occasionally adds a brown fedora to his outfit. He doesn't do this when others are round, since most make some comment about him being just like a movie character.

Richard keeps his weapon on his belt, along with half a dozen pouches along the back. One of these pouches contains his ammunition mixer and dust vials, another contains loose rounds. He carries multiple spare clips for Raster as well on the belt. He carries an extensive multi tool on his belt as well. His weapon is holstered at his side on his thigh, in its custom holster.  His knife (a large combat knife) is stored on his other leg.

Either case, he wears a few accessories. He has a large military grade digital watch he received as a gift from an Atlisan friend. While it lacks many of the mundane features, it handles all the scroll features Richard would ever use.  Examples include compass, gps location, flashlight, phone, and other survival style features. It notoriously does not do instant messaging, something anyone who has tried to message the professor headaches. There is almost no part of the crystal face that isn't scratched. He carries a heavy brown scarf his uses for emergency, face protection, and a myriad other uses as he thinks of them. It's made by the same tailor who makes his shirts, making it incredibly resilient. In the office he keeps it folded in a jacket pocket, or in his backpack. In the field, he ties it through his belt loops over his belt, if it's not around his neck. He uses his field backpack all the time, a canvas bag that seems limitless as he pulls things out. He's a meticulous packer which is the secret to his never ending space. The bag has more pockets than necessary and they can be collapsed into each other. There are plenty of attachment points on the outside of the bag for tools as well. Among the things on and in the bag are a whip attached to the outside.

History: Richard comes from a family of scavengers. His father lead a team of intrepid types who were not afraid of the desert to raid old buildings and such for supplies. The troupe was large for scavengers without council sanctions but was well respected for operating fairly and supporting anyone found out in the deserts. Richard began going out with his father's team as early as age 7, staying with the sandcrawler rather than assisting. He found his own love for out in the wastes when he stumbled on an underground tomb with his father. The discover paid well later, but Richard never forgot the thrill in being the first one to unearth that room in centuries.

When Richard was 10 he was primed to work as scavenger like his father, looking for the mysteries in the sands he was so entranced with. However, his father was forced to retire when a Grimm attack hit during a scavenging trip. Thankfully most of the part had been able to retreat to the sandcrawler quickly, but Richard's father took a nasty injury to his right arm and leg. Unable to rely on them any longer, his father backed out of personally scavenging and took over the business operations of the team. The incident changed his father's stance on his son following in the family career. Over the course of many arguments about the safety of such a career his father finally stated that the only way Richard could go out in the wastes is if he's a Huntsman. Richard takes this to heart, and begins training.  At first this training is a means to an end for Richard, but over time he found he liked being able to rely on his own strength. At the same time, his father comes to realize that his son not only can become a Huntsman, but that it suited the boy. They come to accept that this path works towards both their ends, and his parents support him entering Oasis Academy.

In his third year at Oasis, Richard was falling into the idea of being a full time Huntsman. He took an archeology class on a whim and nostalgia, remembering the tomb he found as a boy. That course brought back all of his love for exploration over the career of a Huntsman. He spent many long nights awake that year thinking on what he really wanted to strive for. He knew Shade had an excellent Archeology program, given it advised even the government on all matters ancient, but he was torn as to enter as Huntsman, or an Archeologist. His parents support for his Huntsman career also weighted heavily on him at the time. He eventually brought his conflict to his parents, who surprised him by saying he could do whatever he wanted. He had the grades to get to Shade. Whatever he came out to do, they would support him in it. After much deliberation, he chose to continue as a Huntsman, rather than close the door on the legendary career.

In Shade Richard was popular for both his skill and passion. The archeology department constantly pulled at him for more training and work in the field, realizing he was a natural for the field. His skill on the battlefield and quick thinking as leader of team RALE (Rail) had his teammates clamoring for attention as well. He managed well, though each side will say he spent too much time with the other, and graduated with full honors in Archeology as well as a Huntsman. His team insisted they go out in the world together, and Richard found he could not say no to the team. He put Archeology to the side to build a career as a Huntsman.

Richard was a full time Huntsman for 8 years. While he toppled no empires in his tenure, he made a name for both himself and RALE, while they functioned together. He preferred to steer the team towards exploration missions and they had been fairly successful with them. Those missions were a bit less frequent that he'd like but his team made it worth it. Lasi and Alb settled down after 6 years, and Eclat suffered injury less an year before. Richard continued alone, but he began to grow tired of the lifestyle. While visiting his team in the city, he happened on his old Archeology professor from Shade while out to dinner. The man had plans to retire soon and tried to lay ground work to pull Richard away from the life. He had no idea Richard would almost immediately accept. Richard finished his doctorate while working under his long time mentor, taking over the positon when graduated. Richard now teaches full time, using his Huntsman connections and family friends to keep an eye on the rumors out in the desert. He occasionally disappears when the leads are good, and the results speak for themselves. No one wants to be the TA for his class because of it.

Richard runs the archeology department at Shade at his leisure. He continues the policy his predecessor started that allows non Shade students the chance to study archeology at the best school for it on Remnant. The archeology department is in its own building to facilitate this. Richard handles all things old and musty for Shade, and Shade is often consulted by the Vacuo Archeology Cooperative (the government run archeology program) for their expertise. Richard represents Shade in dealings with VAC and occasionally works personally with VAC as well.

Personality: Richard is a professional and yet not. He has immense respect for his position as a Professor of Shade and knows it's one of the greatest honors he'll ever receive. He respects Shade and it's headmistress, and demands that respect of any in his presence. He's sent students on dead end desert missions for having a negative attitude of the school. He dresses well and works hard not for his own reputation, but the Shade department's. At the same time, he's a simplistic man who likes what he likes. He rarely plays social 'games' and says what's on his mind, which while well thought out and intelligent, can often be brash for some people's tastes. When advising the headmistress he is often spoken to ahead of time, and never brought in the room with the negotiating party.

He loves teaching, though he has a love hate relationship with being considered a huntsman. He has a notable trend of being dismissive and gruff with younger students and only opening up with the upperclassmen. It's not a steadfast rule, but it comes from the fact that he expects his students to earn his attention. He has no tolerance for poor students, but the opposite for those willing to improve. Seniors can attest to him being a relaxed professor whose priority is learning, not grades. He loves questions, and students that end up in his good graces are the type to ask them, the type to think for themselves. He teaches with handwritten notes on the board which he refuses to share after they've been erased. When alone he spends time on keeping up with the world, writing his papers for publishing (he's quite behind), and keeping in touch with contacts on new field work. He is less a historian than many of the other decorated archeologists in the Vacuo Archeology Cooperative. His goal is to discover and find, rather than to explain the past.

In the field Richard can't help but be relaxed. He's comfortable out in the desert, and enjoys being there. While the sun is down and his team is in camp, he'll shoot the breeze, partake in some youthful rebellion with alcohol, and generally let things go. The tradeoff is he expects every student to pull their weight during the dig. He will remove a student from a job if they cannot do it or are not doing it to the best of their ability without question. The digs he directs are serious endeavors and he does not tolerate slacking. Students are worked to the bone before any Grimm combat, which is treated as a nice stress relief from the efforts of the dig. Despite his serious attitude to the work, he's a Professor first and foremost and will prioritize student safety (but not comfort).

Richard is not much of a huntsman. While he graduated from Shade, his true passion has always been discovery and his training as a huntsman was a way to enable that in the dangerous Grimm infested lands. He often must be reminded of his duties as a graduated huntsman, especially when there's other work to be done. He keeps his skills up to date only for the goals of protecting students and himself in the field. He has no qualms with abandoning a site and getting backup if Grimm over run it. First and foremost, Richard is an archeologist over a huntsman. He is a Professor over an Archeologist.

Aura and Semblance: Richard's aura is Ruin Brown in color. He has excellent aura control and can manipulate better than most. While lazy about improving he is adamant about maintaining it. He uses the control in two primary ways. Both methods reduce the overall effectiveness of his aura for a focused affect. He focuses his aura to increase his strength, simply increasing aura's already present strength increases by using more aura to do it. He also focuses for a thicker defense, usually on his forearm for blocking. As more aura is manipulated to an area for either effect, the area gets a faint shine of color.
Richard has a semblance called Pulse. The semblance is a form of radar using aura that spreads out from his person and throughout the area around him. The may take a few seconds of focus depending on the size of the room. At first the semblance showed him everything in a room, but he has trained with it to reduce what he learns from it to more useful information. When not trying to see everything, the semblance highlights exits, dust, weapons, Grimm, and people in his vision. This are not actively updated, so he'll have to continually use the semblance to 'track' something. He has done this a few times in his Huntsman career, but it becomes exhausting and Richard considers it a worst case scenario option.

Combat Behavior:  Richard does not immediately choose to fight. He'd often rather retreat, long retired from fighting Grimm and openly happy to be done with it. When required, Richard aims to go big or go home. His magnum is powerful, and can deal with single Grimm quickly if he's accurate. He prefers to eliminate something before it's in spitting distance if at all possible. When at a distance he will consider the use of Raster's rifle form, but not when enemies are nearby. He values the ease of use of the pistol form in close combat. Richard carries a knife for close combat but only really uses it to finish off a foe. His aura control and pistol allow him to block hits with aura and the weapon respectively and he prefers that. He tries to get space on close opponents, but can also sucker them in to a shotgun round from Raster's secondary form. If they persist he continues to make use of the close range form till his opponent is done with. Richard prefers single combat, and avoids fighting against groups without backup. Groups become challenging and he runs a higher risk of injury.


Name: Raster

Primary Form: A large handgun, based on a desert eagle magnum. The weapon is decorated with engravings along the barrel and slide and the barrel and slide extend beyond the grip over the hand. The barrel is longer than standard as well. The top of the weapon has notches along it's barrel, with two tracks carved into the top. The weapon has a laser sight below the barrel and can be equipped with a silencer. The is a switch on the side of the barrel that triggers the secondary form. The weapon is made of stronger material than most guns, designed to be able to block Huntsman weapons at close range in a pinch. The interior is similarly strong, to withstand experimental rounds.

Secondary Form: Raster can expand its barrel by rotating itself counterclockwise, widening the barrel for larger caliber shells. The weapon elongates a bit when the barrel is rotated wide and becomes a side loading single shot weapon. The shells Richard designs for this format are for a variety of applications. The stock form from the rifle attachment can be deployed here.

Tertiary Form: Raster has a secondary attachment that takes the form of a the large holster the pistol rests in when not activated. The pistol is slid in on a diagonal normally. When ratcheted up in the holster the holster releases from his leg and expands out. Raster forms the base of a rifle based on the HK G28 sniper rifle. No scope is compressed into the holster however. The barrel is wrapped and expanded into the large make barrel on the base rifle. Raster's long barrel is noticeably telescopic however. Raster serves as the firing mechanism in this form as well, but is augmented by the surrounding hardware. The back of Raster kicks outward and forms a stock for the weapon. The rifle form must be loaded in a separate magazine slot located on the expanded attachment. It is unable to be loaded while as a holster.

Dust Functions: Raster takes magnum rounds and packs a hell of a punch. The clip contains 9 rounds for the primary magnum form, becomes a side loading single round weapon in second form, and the rifle clip contains 18 rounds. Richard carries multiple magnum clips, but only one for the rifle. He also carries a device that loads dust into ammunition casings. It creates three rounds with a load. He uses this to quickly create new, funky rounds. He carries casings for Hollow point (low penetration, more wound), standard full metal jacket and Armor Piercing (high penetration, more likely to go straight through than spread out) rounds.
Richard has been merging dust together for effects out of Raster for over two decades. He carries a lockbox of dust  in his backpack so that he can keep his on hand stock resupplied in the field. In the same pouch as the ammunition mixer he keeps a two use vile of dust in each variety. These sit in between himself and the mixer to protect them. Some of the specialty rounds he uses are:
Hi-explosive (Explosive dust + Fire dust): This blow up people's heads. They're something barely short of a grenade launcher round. Rather unstable, sometimes blow up early.
Taser (Electric dust): Releases an electric charge throughout the body on impact. Good for things without aura. Tracer (Fire Dust + Wind dust): This can be combined with other combinations. It's actually a coating on the casing that causes a line of fire to trace the bullet out of the gun. Useful to see where Richard is shooting. If the bullet isn't being shot at long range, the remaining dust on the casing may cause whatever was hit to burn.
Lockup (Ice Dust): Used only in hollow point rounds. The ice dust expands out with the point of the round on impact, freezing the area around the wound. This tends to immobilize a joint if it's a good hit.
Lockup Lightning (Ice Dust + Electric Dust): A lockup bullet that also electrocutes the body to paralyze. The tasing effect is not as effective as hollow points don't get as deep into the body as the rounds used for the Tasers.
Fists (Earth dust): Causes the bullet to hit like a rock. Loses the penetration due to the weight of the earth dust reacting, but hits like an armored fist. Useful to knockback enemies.
Black Hole (Gravity dust + Wind dust): Wind dust is used to help keep the gravity altering dust moving. When the bullet hits, the gravity dust is released and forms a black hole attraction effect for a few seconds, forcefully pulling anything in a fairly large (say 10 yards/meters) area towards it.
Turbines (Wind dust): rounds surrounded by gale winds. These are much more effective at knocking back enemies, but the bullet often fails to reach the target because of it. If the target doesn't move and stays standing through the gale, the bullet has a chance of hitting but it's force will be rather weak.
Lasers (Wind Dust): Wind dust is used internally to increase the speed of the round. These bullets are generally armor piercing. They are almost guaranteed to go straight through a target. They will however go completely straight though so asides from the hole made by the bullet, there will be little collateral internal damage in the target's body.

When in it's secondary form, Raster can fire alternate size rounds. The primary round type this is used for is shotgun shells. The spread is wide and the form is pretty much a close range only option. A few dust rounds only work with shotgun shells however. The above can be used in shotgun shells as well to varying degrees of effectiveness.
Firestorm (Fire dust): Causes the pellets released to by the shell to be on fire.

History: Richard built Raster when he was at Oasis. Originally it had no rifle attachment, and used standard rounds. His partner Eclat in Shade was an expert with dust, and helped Richard learn to experiment with new rounds. Richard fell in love with the gun as he realized how much more he could do with the weapon. During his years as a Huntsman he built the rifle attachment to get some additional range and a larger clip.
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Head of Archaeology @ Shade Academy:  Dr. Richard Pelle - Graduate of Team RALE


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Re: Dr Richard Pelle
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Re: Dr Richard Pelle
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I can't believe I actually read all of this....

To be honest, the dust bullet rounds are a bit crazy, but seeing that he's a teacher and specializes in dust and not to mention that I trust you to not go crazy with these rounds, I will allow it. Should that change, then I will have to revoke them. Other than that, everything is good.

Approved 2 of 2.
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