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Kaali Charen
« on: February 08, 2017, 01:41:11 AM »

Name: Kaali Charen

Age: 17, Born on the 8th Klever, 62 AC

Gender and Species: Female Human

Symbol: A pink star. Kaali found the symbol concept silly and chose this as her symbol. She got used to having it and never changed it.

Occupation: First Year Student, Beacon Academy

Appearance: Kaali is just barely over five feet short. Very long dark brown hair is often tied back into a ponytail with a long black ribbon. The ribbon’s ends are yellow to match her attire, and each end hangs about a foot down but keeps out of the way fairly well. Her shimmering light blue eyes blink rapidly as her face radiates feigned friendliness. On her left cheek is a small pink heart tattoo sticker.

For apparel, Kaali wears a long sleeved black shirt with white on the top front side and yellow cuffs. A slightly small black jacket with yellow seams and short sleeves goes over that. Short shorts with the same color scheme go along with black leggings to cover her legs almost completely, save for an inch or two between the leggings and shorts. On her feet are heavy boots with brown, black and yellow coloring. She wears a belt, but her pants can stay up just fine without it, so she only wears it for fashion points. Image.

History: Kaali had an unfortunate start to her life. There were complications during her birth that ended in the death of her mother, Claire. Her father did not want a child in the first place, and definitely not when he would have to raise her alone, so he practically forced Kaali onto Kirkka Scarlet, Kaali’s maternal half-sister. Kirkka was happy to help raise Kaali at first, but after a while it became apparent to her that the father wanted nothing to do with the child. He seemed to care little for her, and often left Kaali with Kirkka for days, and sometimes weeks at a time, citing how busy he always was with his job. When Kaali was four, Kirkka took steps to become the legal guardian of Kaali, relieving the father of his unwanted duties. A few short years later he moved out of Vale, and has not been heard from since.

Kirkka was not the best motherly figure, she had no experience and wasn’t particularly skilled with kids. Kaali became quite rebellious throughout her early years, Kirkka thought her attitude could be directed toward a worthy goal, and enlisted Kaali at Signal Academy. Kaali was eager to learn proper combat, having been in a few fights with others’, she’d learned that her tiny stature was often a detriment in battle. Her attitude during her first two years at Signal got her into plenty of trouble, which then fell onto Kirkka as she struggled to help Kaali out of situations.

During summer break in her second year, Kaali learned that her best friend that she met at Signal, Cassidy, died while visiting her parents outside of Vale. An unexpected Grimm attack ravaged the supposedly heavily fortified village they lived in. No survivors. This event shattered Kaali’s personality, and she faded into the background for months. Cassidy was the only one at Signal who got along well enough with Kaali to be considered a friend, and with her gone, Kaali was largely alone. Kirkka wasn’t around often due to them living apart. Kirkka ended up taking a break from her job and stayed at Signal for some time, trying to help Kaali through the unexpected trauma. Kaali slowly overcame her depression, but she remains hesitant make long lasting friends and she has a much more focused mind. Focused on the extermination of Grimm.

Kaali returned to school with renewed vigor, and this new focus got Kaali’s grades and skills on track, and with a tiny bit of nudging from Kirkka, she was accepted into Beacon Academy. Now a first year student, she’s become much closer to Kirkka since the incident and they spend time together whenever possible.

Personality: While not afraid to interact with others, Kaali is very hesitant to get close to anyone, or let them close to her. She keeps her distance by using snarky comments to avoid and serious conversations, and she is both aggressive and direct which often rubs people the wrong way. Much of her contributions to discussions are only comments that she finds relevant, having a disdain for small talk. She is typically very honest as well, which makes it difficult to make friends a lot of the time. She also tends to speak with little tone in her voice, something they adopted at Signal when she had a bad time. These days though, her hotheadedness often often overpowered that aspect of her.

She also enjoys arguing with and correcting errors people make whenever possible, but the latter only happens if she is confident she's right. Provocation is also something she enjoys, and at a school designed to teach people to fight, she gets into quite a lot of fights because of it. In battle, she leads the way and is always on the offensive. Her confident attitude in combat will often get the better of her.

Her aggressiveness extends further in combat, which results in recklessness and a cocky attitude. Both of these attributes can easily cause her to lose sight of a battle or situation.

Aura and Semblance: Outside of her semblance, Kaali has little skill with the manipulation of Aura. Her semblance, Trace[/i], allows her to instantly jump to an object she has touched before. The jump places her within a foot of the object and has a short to medium range. The range lets her move about the battlefield quickly but due to the limit, makes it ineffective as a 'travel' power. close to the object as possible, and has a short to medium range, which allows her to move about the battlefield quickly but is not effective as a 'travel' power. It only provides minor benefits in outrunning things, and in order to make it work, she has to plan ahead. She does carry a series of small disks with her that she can throw like frisbees and then jump to them.

Trace requires line of effect with the object for this to work. This means that in order for her to teleport she needs to be able to draw a straight line from herself to the frisbee or object and no object can obstruct that path. She cannot teleport through a wall, even after touching an object on the other side. Even a window will block this ability.

Combat Behavior: Kaali wields a light blade and a whip together. Whenever possible, she will attempt to single out enemy targets and take them down using the two weapons together. The whip is largely used as a distracting tool, but can be devastating if she manages to grab a leg or the weapon of her opponent, as she can easily trip or disarm them. Her sword is used to guard herself and to exploit openings granted by her whip strikes. These tactics and weaponry, combined with her semblance, make her a formidable foe in single combat, granting her high levels of evasion with strong control over her opponents actions.

Kaali’s failings in combat begin when faced with multiple opponents. Its very easy for her enemy to get attacks against her if she uses her whip to attempt to grab or trip someone, because it restricts her own movement as well. In most situations, Kaali prefers to single out opponents and face them one at a time. If its not possible, she uses her semblance to keep multiple targets away from her.

If she knows she'll be in a fight soon and has the opportunity, she will drop several of these discs around the soon to be battlefield, giving her an early edge in mobility.


Name: Cassidy

Primary Form: Cassidy is a single edged sword, which while sheathed is only a foot and a half long. Once drawn, the blade extends further, adding about a foot to the length of the blade. Its lightweight but fairly durable, and is used to make quick strikes.

Dust Functions: The sheath that Cassidy is stored is charges the blade with one of several types of Dust. When using the blade normally, it will often be charged with Strength enhancing Dust, allowing Kaali to make deceptively powerful strikes with it, or block powerful attacks against her with ease.

The blade can also be charged with one of three elemental effects at a time: Fire, ice, or air. The effects cause attacks to have the relevant elemental properties, along with the ability to create slashes of the element by quickly swinging the blade through the air. Each type will create a fast moving ‘slash’ made of the element. The air slashes are particularly effective at cutting, while the ice once can easily immobile a foe by trapping them in ice. These effects usually last for a minute or so on the blade before it must be sheathed and redrawn. Firing the ranged elemental attacks will shorten the duration, however.

History: Cassidy was just a plain, nameless sword when Kaali first began learning to fight. Kirkka helped her build the sheath and blade into its current iteration, and Kaali named it Cassidy, after her best friend from Signal.


Name: Whip

Primary Form: Whip is a long length of leather material. Very simple but high quality, Kaali uses the whip to trip targets, disarm them, or grab objects from range. With her aura flowing through the whip she can control it very accurately, which allows her to grab and hold onto objects or targets with it.

Dust Functions: Whip is charged with Dust to enhance its strength, making it easier for someone as small as Kaali to trip her targets, or to pull large objects with it.

History: Whip is a whip. Kaali purchased a high quality whip and named it Whip, to use in combat alongside her sword. Naming things is not her strong suit.

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Re: Kaali Charen
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You gonna get Fayza'dCarmine'd.

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Re: Kaali Charen
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So, after going through the character, I have a lot of issues here:

Okay, I'm issues here. Approved 2 of 2 and moved.
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