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Author Topic: A Pinch of SALT [Closed]  (Read 1051 times)


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Re: A Pinch of SALT [Closed]
« Reply #45 on: July 12, 2017, 11:01:19 PM »
Hitting the ground far more gracefully this time Saffron rolled just before impact, minimising any further damage to her knees Saffron quickly made her way through the crowds. The action made her quills to stand up, causing old prejudices to resurface and Saffron found herself stonewalled a few times but made good progress once she got to the side of the street. Her console beeped as Avery's message played and Saffron replied breathlessly 'Understood. He's right by.....FUCK'

Distracted Saffron almost lost her target, only making Aurum out of the crowd as he moved against the flow of people towards a light-post. Not immediately grasping Aurum's plan Saffron still knew she had to stop him rushing forward Saffron hoped to reach her team mate before whatever he planned would eventuate and rip the frozen fish from his hands.
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Re: A Pinch of SALT [Closed]
« Reply #46 on: July 15, 2017, 10:04:09 PM »
As Topaz lied on the ground she heard her scroll buzz with a new message from Avery. Whipping it out of her pocket she read his instructions regarding the kill switch, but at first had no idea what he was on about before remembering what it was. Since she can't smell any banana-ish smell she assumed the battery/kill switch that she shoved in there to absorb any charge hadn't punctured or exploded yet so it should work. In order to make doubly sure that it hadn't fallen out she turned her head to get a visual on the fish, in the process noticing it was very much frozen. Meaning the battery was frozen. Meaning if Aurum found a way to quickly unfreeze the fish and battery it would not end well for the fish.

Topaz sent a reply back to Avery,"Might not work if the fish is quickly heated up. One way to find out."At the moment of hitting send she saw Aurums boot cross over her head and as he began tinkering with the lamp post. "Please don't do this."She said standing up and stretching out,"Itd be nice not to spend all weekend in detention."
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