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Violet Menagerie
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Violet Menagerie

18 Saaral 01, 61 AC
Species and Gender:

Female Human


Symbol: ShowHide

Ex Anti-Faunus activist, Ex Indoctrinate, First Year
Violet: ShowHide

Height: 5 feet
Weight: 165

Violet usually has a  purple hair pulled into a ponytail, violet eyes,freckles and a dark complexion. Violet’s hair is actually a wig hiding the patchwork baldness of her damaged scalp.  She wears  a conservative unassuming style of dress tending to wear semi formal clothing and never showing skin, not even her hands. Her body is laced with patches of scarring  from burns and skin grafts that cover most of her extremities and body , her neck and parts of her face. She wears makeup to cover her facial scarring and cultist tattoos.

When visible her arms and legs are patchy and discolored as well as as having a rough puckered texture . In school uniform she forgoes the traditional skirt for the pants of the male uniform. She wears glasses  and is always wearing fingerless leather gloves to cover her scarred hands.  She is wide but small and not very endowed  she is very stocky and, a very muscular. Her combat clothing usually the same as her formal dress. She has purple markings on the side of her cheeks which were part of her initiation into a Faunus hunting sect which was run by members of old discriminatory families. Although her involvement with the organisation was kept private Her tattoos would be recognizable to any members of the white fang or anyone who had reason to be wary of the organisation.

Violet was born to a family deeply rooted in the anti-Faunus community. Her father Anthony Mesker was an engineer and her mother Cecilia Mesker was a historian. Although their relationship seemed normal they both were extremists who devoted every waking moment towards the downfall of Faunus. The entire family tree had been planted, rooted, and grown on the seeds of hatred towards the Faunus race. Within the years of their despise they brewed the idea of the extermination of Faunus. With the misguided notion that they somehow guarded the purity of society. At the end of the Faunus rights revolution they legally changed their family title to Menagerie to protest the inclusion of Faunus into normal society. However without their notice the newly developed Menagerie name were quickly becoming outliers. With the coming of the new age prejudices were slowly being dropped. Faunus were becoming more accepted into society as a whole. The house of Menagerie were slowly becoming more irrelevant as time marched on. The old rage beaten family however were as determined more than ever to bring about their ideals into place. Fueled with rage and hate they continued to pronounce their prejudice and extremist ideas.

The age old family desperately tried to cling to whatever they could to stay afloat. Finally isolated from society the Menageries were forced to receded. Clinging to their wealth and leftover anger like cinder and ashes from a forest fire. The family knew their empire which had taken years to build was falling. So when they had their child they immediately started to indoctrinate her into their beliefs. She was 'Home schooled' and had limited experience with the outside world.  She learned to hate and resent Faunus and viewed them as inferior creatures just as her ancestors had. As her mother and father were constantly involved in violent anti-faunus activities and they told her of their deeds for bedtime stories. She idolized them and viewed them as heroes and defenders of society. Although she believed in such horrible thing, her mind was pure simply believing that it was the way the world worked and never questioning her beliefs.

One day while her mother was singing her a lullaby and tucking her into bed there was a loud crash heard coming from downstairs. Her parents quickly ushered her to hide under her bed and not to move until they came back.  She heard scuffling as they left the room, metallic screeching echoed as her parents made their departure. It was her mother and father arming themselves. Mother and father were going to kill some of the degenerates and they would return to tell her stories. Security and comfort had just began to settle in when suddenly concern sprouted into her heart. The loud racket of a blade and bullets flying was very evident as the battle raged on outside, however it stopped far too quickly. Moments later there was nothing but eerie silence that filled her room. The unfamiliar sound filled her ears as the sonata of silence reigned in the space.  Moments passed as she waited, waited for anything to happen. For her parent to come back with shouts of glory. For her parents to shower her with wisdom and stories. Her parents comfort never came. The odor of smoke and copper filled her nostrils and her lungs intoxicating her.

Finally the growing concern and confusion got the best of her caution and she left her hiding space and walked out of her room. The sight that fell before her became burned into her memory. A scalding iron of horror and fear which burned into her mind. Her parents were sprawled at the top of the steps their bodies almost unrecognizable riddled with bullet holes and slash marks. Violet didn't know how long she stared confused and numb at her parents corpses. Nothing her parents had taught her could have prepared her for this. She knew that parents  always survived no matter what the odds. Violet was jolted out of her disturbed stupor by a yell of a man from downstairs pointing at her.  She tried to run but she had nowhere to go.The men were Faunus and bore the badges of the White Fang the so called peacekeeping organisation.

A rush of feelings ran throughout her mind; rage, indignation and a strange feeling of dishonored pride.  They spent a large deal of time mocking her, beating her and intimidating her. Fear gripped her body but even at her young age she was resolved to uphold the pride her parents had done. No matter the amount of tears that ran down her face or the burns that scorched her skin. Her eyes never betrayed a glare that displayed years of manifested hatred.

After the home was extinguished the house was deemed structurally unsafe and since it wasn't expected for anyone to survive the search of the house was but on a low priority . After a few hours investigators went through the house. They were surprised to find a little girl in critical condition but alive. Many burns, cuts, and sunken skin littered body like freckles would a normal child.

 She was taken to the hospital. Days of treatment stretched longer than her imagination. Tubes and medication pumped in and out of her. Boredom settled in like a heavy fog. It teased her with its presence. She was left with her thoughts of revenge brooding in her like a plague. After what seemed to be an eternity she met her Uncle Mesker the head of the Menagerie family. He took custody of her in the absence of the parents until further notice. He informed her when she was out of earshot of any undesirable attention that he was going to finish what her parents had started. He informed her of a couple of wealthy individuals that were funding a training and strategic facility for anti Faunus combatants known as the Silver Bullet. When she first showed herself to the group she was met with disbelief. She was frail looking little girl with scars that marked her back and torso. Discolored flesh which marked her arms and legs. They expected her to be a burden but to their surprise she kept up with the other trainees. Over years she trained tirelessly over the other students. She strived to be the best student to fulfill her a silent oath. At the end of basic training she was considered to be a model combatant. Not because she was more athletic or smarter but due to her drive, cruelty and delusional loyalty . The other trainees rebelled, whined and complained  about being trained. They also questioned the things that were said about faunus.  but Violet’s resolve was absolute driven by fantasies, with the belief that her actions were is some twisted way for the  betterment  of society.

Over time she was dubbed VIce a nickname that soon turned into a a name of fear. SHe went over and above order making sure to cause the most pain, agony, and fear possible . She was to to uphold her parents martyrdom dn would take every chance she could take to put the Faunus in their place. Her actions and motif becoming grotesque and disturbing for her young appearance. a point where she was starting to be constantly  reprimanded by her handlers for causing too much of a disturbance . Although she had long past the point of rationality she was rewarded and celebrated for her enthusiasm in her sect.

On her 12th birthday she was rewarded for her tireless efforts. Her uncle gave her a weapon called Rancor. It was a combination of both her mother's blades and her father's rifle in a staffed housing.  At the the age of 15 she was sent out on a mission to kill a white fang operative during a protest rally… Needless to say it went horrible, Common sense dictates that a child had absolutely no chance in taking an operative from the New violent order of the  White Fang at her age no matter how much training or experience she had she had . After an  extremely short fight Violet was arrested. But her confessions sent waves of revulsion through the Valish community. Although her Alias was kept private it was known that countless hate crimes , brutal assaults , murders and attacks were caused by a group made primarily up of children and not even to mention that  more than half of them was done solely by one child. Some members of her Organisation were captured and  the Valish authorities had to decide what to do with her. This sick twisted teenager had hurt and killed so many people, but it astounded them when they heard the children's  motivations. SHe and many other people believed themselves to be heroes , saviors of humanity against the Faunus scrounge. They believed that Faunus would taint and overtake humanity if left to be treated as equals and believed with all their heart that they were in the right.

On one hand it might of seemed pitiful to sentence a teen to life but on another hand there must had been some bribery involved or extremely softhearted officials to do what they did. EIther by a stroke of luck or god knows what . VIolet was made part of a new project and inducted into an organisation specifically made to unradicallize and reintegrate Criminals into society.
She was soon sent to an organization that specialized  in the rehabilitation of indoctrinated and misguided youth. Sent to this facility Violet was abruptly introduced to the world that would make her better. A rhythmic schedule became beaten into her head everyday as she felt her morals and feelings being eroded away. Learning, training, evolving, repenting, it all became too familiar. Her once sturdy resolve broke under the weight of her extended training. She watched as her once strong beliefs fled from her under the stress put under her by the organization.

But All was not good with the shift of her morals Violet had gained a conscience, hindsight, and empathy towards the things that she had done and it cut through her facade like a knife . For a few months she simply shut down deep in self reflection and self loathing cycle that made her hate herself beyond belief . ANd soon her nerves failed her ,. She became anxious triggered not by her past experiences but by her past action her atrocities so horrendous and the memory of them scared her and she needed to be medicated to keep her anxiety in check. But though all of this Violet notice the difference between the life she led before and the place she was in now.

In that place however there was hope. People smiled genuine smiles as the doctors and therapists helped her overcome her prejudices. She trained hard not only mentally but kept improving on her physical strength any time she wasn't in treatment. She still wanted to be a hero . but not a face one governed by ignorance and prejudice but a real hero who helped those who couldn't and stood for the betterment of humanity as a whole. SHe wanted to live by the morals of a huntress not only for herself but, to impress the allies she had formed as they spent countless hours trying to rewrite what her parents had done. While not everything could be purged from her consciousness as the days turned into weeks and the weeks into years she found herself ready to confront the world as a new person. Perhaps she was haunted by memories that could never go away but, she would always strive to be a stronger, better, and much more of a hunter then her parents ever would have been. When she left for the Beacon entrance exam she gave her weapon a more fitting name… Vindication.


Violet is a contradictory individual who acts  completely different to how she feels. Violet is very self conscious and tends to force people away that she expects to hurt or disappoint.  She acts extremely shy and reserved tending not to speak unless necessary. Violet has impulses of rashness and aggressiveness but makes a constant conscious effort to control her reactions and speech. Her speech is airy, raspy and hard to hear  from a combination of damage from smoke inhalation and her low tone of voice.  Violets way of controlling her impulsive acts by slowly processing every word before she says it, That causes her to stammer as she questions and second guesses her words. She is very analytical but a lack of early education can cause her to overlook very obvious things. Violet is extremely jaded and can deal with and endure situations that would curl the blood of many . She has a morbid sense of humor and can become extremely cruel if angered or if the need arises. Although she tries to come across as a genuinely kind person she always has to make an effort to do so. Her shy personality is more like method acting as she tries to convince herself to act a certain way. Piss her off too much and she’ll throw away all semblance of  modesty and will go into a rage.

She has a belief in honor and wants to make the most of her second chance, and takes the role of a Huntress in Training. Although Violet has resolved most of her misguided thought about Faunus, she still has tendencies to act uncivil. If Violet is very upset she  she loses her ability to filter what she says before she speaks.

If in an emotionally stressful situation for an extended period of time Violet tends to be bad at coping with emotions going into a anxiety attack-esque state. She tend to hyperventilate and can forget what situation she is isn't or how to react.  She can take medication to help calm her down but this only slightly helps but taking too much in a short period of time will leave her in an dazed depersonalized state  and will leave her vulnerable if she is in a dangerous combat state. (although she can hold her own against someone exponentially weaker than her in this state.)

Violet had been raise to conduct herself in an high class matter and although these habits sad fallen out of use over the years Violet can easily slip into the role of a high class citizen , as well ad copy that meticulous frightening confidence of her mother with ease.
It should be noted that Violet is traumatized by fire and outside of a combat or mission scenario , a sudden burst of heat or flame can frighten her.

She is ashamed at the things her family has done but she still loves and respects her parents . In her own words. “They may have been horrible people … but they lived and died for what they believed in and although they were on the wrong path... I can't hate the ones who loved me.”

Aura and Semblance:
Aura Color: Violet

Violet can temporarily project  her field of aura off of the surface of her body and sustain it within a 5 foot radius. This allows her to push objects (and people) away from her as well while creating a tangible shield-like force field , to deflect and block projectiles or objects. Although the aura cost is generally small in quick bursts. A constant field of force will exponentially drain her aura. The Aura cost also increases based on how much force is behind her push. She also cannot push herself off the ground though she can cushion herself and deflect herself off of walls.

The push works like a activated form of auras natural rebounding reflex although it has varying limitations; Although it doesn't have a minimal pressure It maximizes at  about the force of a body check. The durability of the shield is negligible although a large amount of impact to the shield will push her backwards. A Second long burst  at max power  uses about 5% of her aura. For every additional second another 10% is added. Using her semblance disables her natural aura barrier for twenty times the time used.

Violet can use this semblance in a weaker but concentrated fashion  (this requires a great deal of effort, focus and is not something she can do in focused combat.) by protecting her aura field off of an extremity. (such as an arm or a leg) This costs far less aura (without an exponential cost or aura disable) but had the downside of not working as a barrier. (only applies force)

Her uncle also gave her a necklace made up of five of her mother's pearls before her first mission. After the fact she learnt that these were modified to work as Foci for her semblance. She keeps the necklace but doesn't show it off, instead she wraps it around her forearm under her clothes. They can be opened by unscrewing the halves and filled with a mixture of fire dust

 Activating it converts her repulsing aura to fire allowing her to defend herself with waves of fire.

Combat Behavior:
Violet’s fighting style encompasses her personality as a enigma. Instead of staying at long range and shooting from behind cover like most marksmen, she prefers to stay in a mid to close range. She uses her semblance and bladed staff to create opportunities for point blank shots. Her extremely strong upper body allows her to take her guns recoil and attack with her blows with minimal fatigue. With much training she has come to use the crescent strike style. This style includes multiple devastating strike in the form of crescent formed swings. Very effective against almost any opponent it allows her to swiftly take down foes and use remaining momentum to carry on to the next target. However she learned to combine this style with one of her own making a frankenstein version of both. She named the style turbulent strike. It allows her to switch between her staff and gun forms to deliver sweeping strikes then riddle her enemies with bullet holes. While it looks graceful it can leave her severely off balance. Adding to this one of her greatest weaknesses is in her attitude. She hates being at the back of fights and tend to get impatient when waiting for opportunities to attack. While her turbulent strike style allows her to be quite the fighter her lack of true mobility leaves her in tight spots. Persistent opponents won't give her a chance to prepare her rifle and faster opponents will be able to stop her strikes in their place.


Primary Form:
Her weapon is a bladed segmented staff which is made up of two revolving firearms. The barrels, trigger and handles all collapse into the staff. The two guns which make up the staff are  shorter than average (for wieldability reasons). The staff comes with an adjustability feature which optimizes it for hand-to-hand combat. Two 10 inch serrated knifes can we suddenly affixed to either end with a push of a button, making them emerge from with within the staff . Vindication is  painted a sleek combination of grey and silver which when wielding it up close make it seem like a blur. Its fighting style encourages a mid ranged to long ranged fighting style. Even though it has it’s melee blades coming in close will reveal the natural weakness of any staff. The inability to strike without room to move and adjust.

Secondary Form:
Multiple flush buttons around the segmented part of the staff can be pressed to separate it into two rods. (The gun functions are still hidden) In this form buttons near the base/muzzle will consume a bullet to fire off the blades. The blades which are attached by a 5 foot chain can be retracted by pressing the buttons again.

Tertiary Form:
Pressing one of the multiple buttons near the end blades will retract the blade and reveal the gun functions. Her bullets are held in special holders on her belt as well as organized pouches. which can be reloaded into the gun at once or one at a time.
Dust Functions:
The special bullet holders are marked  for the types of dust in them. .

Special Holders always contain:
3 BB

Black Bullet:
Regular shot = Regular Piercing bullet
Blade =  Normal

Red Bullet:
Regular shot = Incendiary bullet with a radius of fire on impact and a small explosion
Blade = Becomes red hot when fired

Blue Bullet:
Regular shot = Creates a 5 foot ball of Ice on contact
Blade = Freezes on contact

White Bullet:
Regular shot = Creates a small shock-wave on Impact
Blade = Goes extremely fast


The weapons are modified combinations of her parents weapons. After her parents died her uncle took years combining the old  weapons for Violet.

Her weapon is a bladed segmented staff at the end of which are two made  8 shot revolving rifles. The staff is shorter than average (for wieldability reasons) and has two 6 inch blades on the end (the stock of the rifles) The Holo sights, triggers and mechanisms are collapsed while in the staff form.