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Running Brook Sienna
« on: December 29, 2016, 11:33:38 AM »

Name: Running Brook Sienna

Age: 20

Species and Gender: Female Cougar Faunus

ancestry: ShowHide

Occupation: Fourth Year Beacon Student

Appearance: Brook is a girl with a muscular build with slightly tanned skin. Her hair is brown and usually styled into one or two small, tight braids, adorned with a few beads or feathers with the rest of her hair being cut around chin to shoulder length. Her cougar ears stick out of her hair. Her eyes are deep brown. Brook’s build is much leaner and more angular than most girl’s. Her body is firm, toned, and sculpted so well that it would be mistaken for a male’s if not for the soft curve of her hips, her slender shoulders, her feminine rear, and the slight swell of her breasts. She has a long and heavy cougar tail that is about 3 feet long. Height wise, she is 5’10” and 158 pounds.

Appearance: ShowHide

Brook about to whoop some ass: ShowHide

History: Running brook was born into a mixed faunus family. Her mother, Madeline Sienna, was a bison faunus who ran a gym and her father, Adam, a cougar faunus who managed the diner across the street. The pair met everyday, growing close and eventually starting a relationship. Young and in love, it didn't take long for Brook to be conceived. The burden of having a child and planning took its toll on the new parents though. Eventually, the pair broke up, never getting married with Adam moving away. Still, Madeline continued with her life, adjusting to her pregnancy on her own. At about 8 months in though, she met Ann, a human woman, at the gym. She was a woman of aboriginal decent, her birth name being "Dancing Willow". Anna had been trying out for self defense classes and was, in Madeline's professional and honest opinion, completely terrible at it.

Despite Madeline's pregnancy, the pair took a liking to one another, Madeline thankful for someone in her life again, especially thankful with how supportive and loving the woman was. When the time came for Brook to enter the world, Anna was there, holding Madeline's hand. Soon afterwards, the pair started living together and eventually got married while Brook was still a baby.

Running Brook Sienna was raised by two loving mothers, named in the style of Anna's birth name even though the girl had no blood relation to the aboriginal people. They wanted the girl to feel a closer connection to her non-biological mother. From early on, Running Brook grew to love both of her parents, regardless of their circumstance. She adopted Madeline's attitude about physical things and the gym while Anna taught her about her more feminine side, such as cooking, flowers, and even sewing,  since Madeline wasn't too used to that. Once she was old enough, Brook began to take up boxing and other martial arts in her mother's gym. She wasn't a prodigy but her enthusiasm and spirit made up for that and she grew to be rather good at it. She obviously couldn’t beat people to a pulp at that age and size but she could hold her own. Soon, she picked up a heavy staff and that had been her weapon of choice since.

Anna had a different opinion though. She didn't like how much Brook enjoyed fighting, thinking that her daughter just loved the violence. She would constantly try to direct Brook's attention elsewhere but without fail, the young girl would end up fighting, much more than simple self defense. One day, Anna had enough and banned Brook from entering the gym. As expected, that did nothing to stop her and Madeline did nothing as well, seeing where the girl's heart was. So instead, Brook would practice at night when Anna was out of the house, sometimes with Madeline watching and watching her grow. One evening though, Brook was sparring in the gym. Anna was supposed to be out grocery shopping but came back early, wanting to grab her forgotten credit card. She was about to tell her daughter off for fighting again when she saw the wide grin on Brook's face. Her movements were practiced, graceful, fluid, as if she were dancing. She got hit, she hit back but by the time they were done, the two slapped hands and laughed and joked about it. That night, the ban was lifted and Brook was free to do what she wanted.

Logically, the next course of action was to train more than what she could get in a gym so she enrolled in Signal, mostly to improve her skills but also to provide a service for the world. It seemed like the right choice at the time. At Signal, she learned that it was the right choice. Her feeling of pride grew as she learned how to fight grimm and protect humanity, expanding her skills far beyond what they were such as adding weapon making and maintenance, as well as what she could learn about the world. Both her mind and her body grew. She felt fulfilled and happy. Soon she enrolled in Beacon, passing each year and getting better and better at what she did, making her parents proud of their little girl.

Personality: Running Brook has either a tomboyish or rather feminine personality, depending on the situation. She can be tough and confrontational if forced and enjoys things that boys normally like. Her speech isn’t too refined either. She is also a very physical person. However, despite her ferocity in fighting and rough around the edges attitude, she has a love of cooking, baking, sewing, and other traditionally feminine things. She adores flowers, pleasant company and chatting, and love songs though she enjoys rock songs too. She’s fickle about that. One thing of note is that she is slightly embarrassed by her name. She was named Running Brook to preserve her mother’s  family’s history and ancestry, but it was mostly to let the girl feel more connected to her non-bilogical mother. Subsequently, she grew very close to bother her parents but this didn’t sit too well with her once she realized how strange her name was. To this end, she is still embarrassed of her fill name. One thing she isn’t embarrassed of though is her dream to be a bride. The thought of it is rather appealing to her.

Aura and Semblance: Eagle’s path.

Brook’s semblance allows her to travel by turning into a flurry of purple and lavender eagle feathers. She can use this in two ways. For long range travel, Brook turns into a visible flurry of eagle feathers, flying a few feet off the ground and moving at a quick pace. She can also use this to cross large gaps as the feathers take a while to start going down due to gravity. Another use of her semblance are her quick, short range blinks. Using this, Brook can move several feet almost instantaneously. The reality though is that she turns into her flurry of feathers and moves quickly before rematerializing. This means that she cannot pass through solid objects. In both scenarios, Brook can pass through gaps smaller than her normal body can such as under doors or in tight spaces.

Her limits are that she can only maintain her long range movement for approximately 20 minutes without rest. If prolonged, it drains her aura and she rematerializes. Her short range travel only has a range of up to ten feet. Now, if the feathers are injured while she is still transformed, the wounds will show on her body once she turns back, generally occuring as cuts on her body. If all the feathers are damaged, destroyed, or dispersed too far from one another, she rematerializes where the center of the flurry was, usually dazed and confused as to where she is.

Being a fourth year, Brook is also proficient in the use of her aura as armor or healing though she isn’t quite as skilled as someone with a healing semblance. Her amount of aura is also high compared to lower years.

Combat Behavior:Brook’s fighting style consists of heavy swings from her cudgel-like staff. With its weight, she can’t spin with her hands at whirlwind speeds but she is still able to spin it in circles as well as around herself to strike at opponents, or even hold onto the weighted end to extend her reach. Due to the weight of her weapon, her attacks carry a lot of momentum, making it easier to knock opponents back and cause internal damage. She can also use her weapon to leap around, similar to a pole vault or by using its jet mode. Its dust function also allows for medium range combat. Without her weapon, Brook is a talented boxer and a decent MMA fighter. She supplements her boxing skills when fighting grim with her gauntlets.

Brook also inherited her physical strength from her Bison faunus mother. She is much stronger than her appearance would suggest. She is also rather quick, inherited from her father. She is agile and can easily jump several feet or maintain her stamina in combat. Her training in the gym only heightened her natural abilities. Another ability of note is that Brook was taught basic medicine and alternative medicine by her mother, Anna, who learned these from her mother, and so on.

Brook also has her weaknesses though. Even against grimm, she wears little and light armor. Most often, she only wears her gauntlets/gloves. Another weakness is that her weapon lacks any long range equipment such as a gun. It has a projectile launcher of only 20 meters straight, 30 if angled like a mortar. Her flamethrower’s range also only goes up to 10 meters.


Name: Guardian Totem

Primary Form: In its collapsed state, Guardian Totem is about 4 feet long with a foot of the shaft hidden exposed to hold and both totems in their folded form. It is commonly worn on a sling over Brook’s shoulder and placed on her back.

Secondary Form: When extended, the Guardian totem grows to 6 feet long with a 3 foot shaft and two 1.5 foot totems. The entire thing is metal and makes it rather heavy though it proves little hindrance to Brook given her strength. Its totems are rather heavy and give a large amount of force when swung. Its edges are also irregular and can cause lacerations.

Tertiary Form: When needed, Brook can use switches and buttons on the shaft to extend the eagle’s wings open or closed. Normally, they are closed. The wings are bladed and are sharp enough to cut flesh and bone, especially when partnered with the sheer force of her blows. Another function is that the head of the eagle can point parallel to the staff and open its mouth, shooting out either an explosive fireball, up to 30 meters, a 10 meter flamethrower, or a jet of compressed fire than Brook can use to jump higher

Dust Functions: Guardian Totem's eagle beak can point parallel to the staff and open, shooting out either a spout of fire similar to a flame thrower, an explosive fireball, or a jet of compressed fire that Brook can use. The first is powered by dust, the second consists of a ball of slow burning fire dust that ingites and explodes on impact, and the last uses a mix of propulsion and fire dust to have more of a boosting effect.

History: Brook first made this weapon in Signal as she studied to be a huntress. It was originally a simple extending and collapsing cudgel but she gradually upgraded it over the years to what it is today.

Guardian Totem: ShowHide

Gauntlets:  Brook’s gauntlets are red and purple MMa-esque gloves with full fingers. It reaches up to her elbows, ending as elbow pads. The outer and lateral surfaces of the forearm and albow are armored with ceramic plates as well as plastic armor over that. The underside of her arm is also similarly armored but with gaps to accommodate her joints to avoid restricting movement. The hand itself is protected by similar armor plates on the back of the hand and fingers with gaps for joints. Its knuckles are also reinforced with brass and kevlar. Areas under and between the armor plates are covered by tear proof material similar to kevlar.
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Re: Running Brook Sienna
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Seems fine to me.

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Re: Running Brook Sienna
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