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Solar Rasie
« on: December 26, 2016, 04:46:32 PM »

Name: Solar Rasie (Pronounced Sol-Ar, not Sol-Ur, pronounced Ra-see)
Called Sola by her friends/ team, often called Horns by those who don't know her(does not like this name)
Age: 17 Birthday: Klever 21st

Species and Gender: Female Ram Faunus

Symbol:  Zodiac symbol of Aries where the horns are heavily exaggerated to swirl with a pair of axes at the bottom tip

Occupation: Freelance Vagabond

Appearance: A pair of curved jet black horns protruding from a tuft of messy brown hair that extends a little past her shoulders. Wears a white sleeveless shirt that extends up to her neck and is adorned with striped orange Nordic styled patterns. On top of her shirt she wears a fur cloak that extends to around her hips.
She wears climbing boots with fur leggings, on top of a pair of black cargo pants. Hanging from her waist is a water skin bladder.
Stands at 5'6 weighing 140lbs, has a well muscled body and heavily tanned from being in the sun allot. Her default expression is a bright toothy smile.

History: Born in the remote mountain village of Coelum, she grew up without a father and a mother who barely pays attention to her. In the village of Coelum, one of it's regular sayings goes the old "The strong survive, the weak die" From birth the children of Coelum were expected to become strong in one way or another. Solar was not one of them, she became a victim of other developing children who made themselves feel empowered by picking on Solar. Solar was not strong, and she was alone, while humans and faunus coexisted in Coelum, even other Faunus would similarly bully her for her unique black horns. To aid the weak is to show them weakness, this was another unspoken rule in Coelum, help would never be offered to Solar as it would was believed it would be better for Solar to become stronger with her own strength, rather then depend on the charity of others. But above all this, there was one thing Solar was that annoyed the village the most, her curiosity.
     Solar asked more questions then anyone cared to answer, the one thing she always asked questions about was the world outside her village. What's in the world Below? The village had been isolated on top of their mountain for so long anyone who still remembers were long gone. All they could do was create stories, rumors, myths about what lies Below. Everyday Solar's curiosity ate at her, she had so many questions that no one had the answers to and she didn't have the strength her peers did. All she could do was dream.
     One bully in particular picked on Solar more then the rest, and one incident pushed her too far. Solar stood on the edge of a cliff, looking down where she can't even see the bottom, the world Below. She felt like she did not belong, she had few people she could connect to, had questions none had the answers to. Everyday felt worse then the next, she could see no hope. So she threw herself off the cliff in hopes of reaching somewhere where she could find answers.

     As luck would have it a wandering Adventurer with the semblance to walk up walls caught her as she was falling. This Adventurer was searching for the hidden village of Coelum and was ecstatic to have met a child from the village(ignoring the fact she was attempting suicide while on the side of a cliff). The Adventurer asked many questions about the village and Solar would answer them to the best of her ability. Eventually the Adventurer asked to be introduced to the village, Solar reluctantly agreed warning the Adventurer he will not be welcome as the village has a massive distrust of outsiders.
     As anticipated the village Chief was furious Solar had brought an outsider, as the village had a history of outsiders. One of the villages defenses is secrecy, with the threat of bandits nonexistent, wandering Grimm were the only possible dangers. The Chief however offered the Adventurer this, a fair duel between fighters, should he win he would be allowed to stay. The villagers saw this as nothing more then a death sentence. The Chief despite being an ordinary human was considered the strongest creature alive. No one had seen the Chief so much as take a knee against an opponent human or faunus. A slayer of all manner of Grimm, it was said he carried the strength on an entire army, an unstoppable warrior god. Solar herself felt immensely guilty for even bringing the Adventurer to Coelum, thinking she would be responsible for his death. Looking at the Adventurer the only real defining feature about him was that he was rather tall, and the massive grin he never took off, even in the face of his monster of an opponent.
     Everyone thought this would be a quick execution, but the Adventurer withstood the powerful blows of the Chief. For the first time the village saw the Chief weakened, struggle against an opponent. But the Adventurer was just as beaten, the Chief's strikes were not something an ordinary hunter could take and walk off. Yet despite this the duel lasted far longer then anyone expected. Neither one willing to give up, neither one willing to stop attacking, there exited a communication between the two, not through words, but through the clash of war. A stubbornness that both fought to protect, a mutual respect for the way the other fought, to show and teach the things they endured and the experiences they've been through. One fought monstrously powerful Grimm every day, and the other, the world. In the end, it was the world that was victorious.

     Solar was awestruck, she had always believed the Chief was an invincible being, a god among men, nothing stronger could possibly exist but the Chief. Yet here was this man from the world Below, the world she dreamed of going to. The Adventurer showed her things beyond her comprehension existed, and it only made her even more curious.
     As the Chief promised he allowed the Adventurer to stay as long as he'd like, the Adventurer wanted to understand how the village came to be, how the village lived, and what kind of people they were. However the one who had even more questions was Solar, she wanted to know all about the outside world and for every question the Adventurer asked she would ask five more.
     The Adventurer was more then happy to tell his stories as someone else who shared his curiosity, however the Adventurer asked her a question that stopped her "Would you rather I tell you my stories or would you not rather see them for yourself?" Solar stopped, thinking was he going to take him away from the village "You are still too young and foolish for me to take you on my journey, however I can show you how to fight not just the world but yourself" The Adventurer did not forget Solar's attempt to take her own life and offered guidance. "Should you ever find yourself where you feel scared, just smile, that's how I do it" Solar confused how anyone could smile when they're scared only looked at the Adventurer for a lesson, a massive toothy grin, and did the same.
     The Adventurer taught Solar how to fight, how to cast away her fear, and his greatest gift to her was a map of Remnant. "Vacuo, Vale, Atlas, and Mistral these are the four kingdoms of our world, and I've already traversed the world three times" the Adventurer explained, "and soon it will be your turn". Though Solar was fascinated by the map there was one spot that caught her eye, the Dragon continent. She asked what was there to which the Adventurer replied "Nobody knows, though I've traveled the world and met countless people, not a soul alive has traveled there and returned to the depths of the Dragon continent. Many have attempted but only few have returned with barely an inch of their life left with nothing to tell" So there were still great mysteries even in the world Below thought Solar. Then I will go there! Solar declared. She would be the first to travel to the Dragon continent, she would first travel to the four kingdoms and become stronger, stronger then the Chief, stronger then the Adventurer, stronger then whatever awaits on the Dragon continent.
     Proud to have heard this the Adventurer decided Solar no longer needed him, at some point he became a father-figure to her and he could see she was no longer the loner on the cliff when he met her, she had inherited his positive outlook and mimicked his bright smile. With this he gave her one last good bye "On your seventeenth birthday, you'll have cast away your fear and you'll know when to jump. Look for the headmaster of Shade academy in Vacuo, He's an old friend of mine, that will be your starting point, where you go from there will be up to you"

     Six years later, not a day goes by does Solar spend every day rigorously training her body to prepare for the world Below or as she now properly calls it Remnant. She strives to become stronger so nothing will get in the way of her dream, so she can live as free and without restraint, not from any Grimm, Hunter, and especially not herself. She stands on the same cliff she met the Adventurer, but this time without fear and with a massive toothy smile. She waits for the moment the light shines over the horizon, for the sky to light aflame and signal her departure, and as it happens, she jumps.

(This turned out way longer then I meant it to be)
TLDR: She lived in a remote isolated village, when she meets an interesting stranger from the outside world she becomes curious and heads out herself.

Personality: In a word, curious. Is rarely seen sitting still, unless sleeping. The kind of person that greets everyday with an annoying amount of enthusiasm. Always curious about things she doesn't understand and tends to ask more questions then anyone cares to answer, especially when it comes to technology. Despite her curious nature she hates books and would rather learn from someone explaining it to her, or that's her excuse and is just too lazy to take the time to read as shes not very good at it, and in the rare case she is reading something for the sake of learning, chances are she falls asleep at some point. Her nosy trait also also tends to get her into trouble as she hates secrets or when someone tells her not to do something without a proper explanation. She also gets easily angered when she knows someone is lying as she loves information but not when it is untrue, though she tends to believe everything at first and is very gullible so this doesn't happen too much.
She is also extremely fearless and has no sense of danger for her own safety, often charging into a situation where her team mates need to cover for her. Often does not listen to "plans" as she prefers to just make it up as she goes along. While she no longer feels suicidal as she did when she was a child, she no longer has a fear of death, causing her to be extremely reckless and often needs to be watched by her team to prevent her from seriously hurting herself.

Aura and Semblance: Aura color: Orange
name: Battery (a play on words because she is a ram,also the definition of criminal assault)
Battery requires Solar to charge up by emitting a faint orange glow very briefly before releasing. The release allows Solar to bowl over anything in her path(Hence Battering Ram), the distance and power is based on how long she charged. There's a brief moment Solar is weak to attack after a charge is released. So Solar is vulnerable both before releasing a charge and after releasing Battery so she better be careful when to use it (she isn't).

Later on Solar learns how to charge individual parts of her body rather then her whole body. For example a charged burst of her feet would give her a momentary boost in speed followed by a charged punch to her intended enemy.

Combat Behavior:  Solar's semblance is based off her headstrong attitude of charging straight into danger. She's very impatient and doesn't like to observe her opponent, moving entirely on instinct. She prefers surprising her enemy with a preemptive strike and adapting as she goes along. That's not to say she attacks completely at random, if her enemy is the armored type she'll use her weapon with a two handed style. If her enemy is the fast kind she'll switch to using a weapon in each hand.If two attributes describe her combat style it would be strength, speed, and nothing else. Growing up on a mountain with low air pressure and suddenly being introduced to an environment with normal air pressure gives her far more strength then the average fighter. Her lack of fear of death makes for a double-edged sword. While she's offensively powerful this makes for plenty of openings for her enemies.


Name: Red Erik

Primary Form: A large double sided Battle Ax, when planted in the ground the tip can fire off one explosive dust round. The back of the hilt acts as a primer that Solar pulls and releases, as the spring inside provides enough force to set off the round. Solar does not use this often as it requires a bit of set up and it can only fire once before needing a reload.

Secondary Form: One blade retracts to the other side and the hilt splits in the middle, creating two smaller axes instead of one large one. The two axes are still connected by a chain allowing Solar to throw the axes without worrying about retrieving them.

Tertiary Form: The hilt of the ax retracts and folds (similar to how Nora's Magnhild does)

Dust Functions: Different kinds of explosive dust rounds could be utilized depending on the situation (she doesn't)

History: In the village of Coelum it's common practice to specialize with a close range weapon, chains(utilized in many different ways), or ranged explosives. Solar, with the help of the Adventurer's craft elected to make something that could do all three.
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Re: Solar Rasie
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Re: Solar Rasie
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