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Eva Anders (Re-submission)
« on: September 11, 2016, 03:41:57 PM »

Name: Eva Anders

Age: 19

Species and Gender: Female Snow Fox Faunas (Ears and Tail)

Symbol: Broken symbol for mercury emblazoned on the back of her jackets

Occupation: First Year Beacon Student, Heavy Weapons and Demolitions Expert

Appearance: Eva stands around 6'2". She has hair as white as snow that goes down to the middle of her back, which she keeps in a pony tail most of the time. She has multiple scarring all over 85% of her body. She also has multiple cybernetic implants. Her left arm from above the elbow, whole right leg, and upper left half of her head, including eye. The facial cybernetics are clean not crude as she insisted on keeping her original beauty intact, despite the state she was in pre-surgery. Her left ear is gone and the iris of her cybernetic eye is a beautiful gold, but the color can change depending on her mental state. Her natural eye color is violet, to which sometimes she matches with her left eye with a color contact lens. She mostly wears black flak jackets with bandoleers attached, black tank tops, red tattered cargo pants, and black Chuck Taylors. Her left arm has smaller arms that pop out of the sides to help her either defuse a bomb quicker or help set up the bomb she plans to use.

History: She, her sister, and the Dragovic twins were the oldest of childhood friends and grew up together back home. Everything was going well until the day that Conner and Damien's mother died from a car bomb. Unfortunately Eva was closest to the explosion when it was triggered. She was comatose for over a month while she was operated to remove the shrapnel and outfitted with her cybernetics, some of the shrapnel having to be removed carefully from her frontal lobe. The following years were tough as she had to have multiple visits to a psychiatric counselor and months of physical therapy, to be better adjusted after having damage to her frontal lobe, after which her family moved to Mistral after it was completed. She was able to enroll at Sanctum and was able to graduate in the top 20 of her class. After graduating from Sanctum, she found out that Conner and Damien enrolled at Beacon from their father and decided to enroll there as well.

Personality: Eva's personality differs from kind and gentile, to full on psychotic, to somber. With her hair trigger emotions, its always best to stay a safe distance away unless it is someone who she has know for years. Also she doesn't mind when people stare at her, she minds when they start talking shit about her race, friends, or make fun of her because of her looks.

Aura and Semblance: Snowfall Plating: By using her bluish-white aura she can freeze the air surrounding her, forming a sort of ice armor around her. The time and aura usage varies depending on how much of her body she wants covered. Her semblance fully enveloping her would last around 5 minutes, while just her using her semblance for a single body part can last her 10 minutes (i.e. enveloping her fists or legs to increase the force of her unarmed combat)

Combat Behavior: She is trustworthy, respectful, and will fight to the bitter end for her friends/teammates. Her skills at using explosives and heavy weapons help her come up with unorthodox ways of taking out the enemy, but her weapons and explosive materials can weigh her down significantly, forcing her to choose sometimes whether to pack lightly or choose one of her specialties only. Her psychological state can sometimes affect those around her in negative ways, even becoming unhinged to an extent. Her fighting style is a mixture of mixed martial arts with pure instinct, with some gunplay. When she gets in close she will use whatever she can to make sure that her opponent is disposed of for the betterment of the team.


Name: Wit's End

Primary Form: The weapon takes the form of a bulky looking military plasma rifle with a futuristic look.

Secondary Form: Her weapons secondary form takes the shape of a pump action grenade launcher that can launch various types of ammo. She mostly uses this in conjunction with beanbag rounds when stealth is required.

Tertiary Form: The final form is that of an automatic shotgun, to which she mainly uses incendiary rounds when firing. This form is her go to when she has to plant the explosives behind enemy lines.

Dust Functions: Eva utilizes Dust crystals and canisters for her weapons primary form. She can also use grenade rounds with Dust mixed in to provide an extra boom

History: After looking through many weapons designs that she had made on her scroll, Eva decided on this combination. Her decision came from her ideal "Combustion in all shapes and sizes".
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