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Damien Sokolov (Re-submission)
« on: September 11, 2016, 03:32:46 PM »

Name: Damien Sokolov

Age: 18

Species and Gender: Human Male

Symbol: Winged Sword crossing a Lever-Action Rifle

Occupation: 1st year Student at Beacon, robotics and cybernetics expert 

Appearance:  Damien stands around 5'7" with swept back black/blue hair kept by a bandanna, has blue left eye black/brown right eye, a nimble build ideal for a sniper. He has a cybernetic left arm with a recoil dampener in the shoulder and left cybernetic leg with an ammo compartment, both that he crafted himself. He normally wears a blue hoodie with a grey tee that has crosshairs over the center of the chest, faded black cargo shorts and worn black combat boots.

History: Like his brother, Damien is originally a citizen from Atlas, but his family decided to move to Vale after his father retired from the military.  After he got his limbs from an attempt on his fathers life involving a car bomb that killed his mother, the slow descending spiral of his family almost being destroyed, and his father retiring and moving them to Vytal he and his brother were enrolled at Signal to where he graduated alongside his brother. Damien kept his mother's maiden name to honor her memory. Damien enrolled so he would keep an eye on Conner and, to what he didn't know, come out of his shell. He saw that he became proficient in long range combat with his close range techniques being secondary. Unbeknownst to his brother though, Damien has developed a sort of sadistic streak while in Signal.

Personality: Damien's personality can be summed up to being caring and understanding.  He cares deeply for people he becomes close to and even more so for his brother, to the point where will put his life on the line for him. He also has a sadistic side to him to a point where if he just wounds a creature, he will go out of his way to make sure that they die painfully.

Aura and Semblance: Falcons Reach: When activated his vision goes beyond perfect to the point of seeing across 800 yards with variable zoom like a telescopic sight. While activated his aura forms two blue crosshairs over his left eye. Due to the impact it has on his eyes and his aura he can only leave it on for about 4 minutes or risk serious damage to his eyesight.

Combat Behavior: Damien is a meticulous fighter. He makes sure that every hit counts. He respects everyone and will fight to keep their respect and will help anyone who is in trouble. His vision is near perfect, which makes him a near perfect spotter/sniper. He is also trained in military tactics like his brother but he paid a little more attention to the long range tactics in general. He is also has strong second in command state of mind when put to the challenge. As his body type suggests he cant take much damage to the length that he may have someone stay behind to defend his position. If encountered close range he may panic to the point of rapid firing his rifle. Also due to his semblance's after-effects his vision becomes temporarily blurred in his left eye, which affects his depth perception and can leave him as an open target for Grimm and human/faunus attack. He can sometimes get too into his work and take a long time to kill one due to his sadistic streak. Since Rage is incomplete, the dust crystals become unstable after 15 minutes and he has to get rid of it before it goes off


Name: Falcon's Fury

Primary Form: Fury takes the form of a lever action rifle chambered in .44-40 WIN with a 20" blued barrel, weathered stock, elevating rear flip up sight, and tight rifling. It can hold 7 in the tube + 1 in the chamber.
Dust Functions: Depending on the type of dust rounds his shot can have different effects.
Fire Dust: Standard incendiary rounds for anti-personnel
Ice Dust: Can be purposed for anti-light armor
Electric Dust: Purposed for robotics and people with cybernetics
Wind: Purposed for longer range shots and to make sure your shot hits.

History: Damien machined this weapon himself from the bare materials while at Signal. He was able to make it to where it ran as smooth as a gas-recoil operated weapon. The Dust ammo he was able to utilize a mixture of Dust crystals milled into form with a Dust/gunpowder mixture (wind Dust rounds only)

Name: Falcon's Rage

Primary Form: Falcon's Rage is a hardlight energy saber. When fully extended, the weapon measures 4' 7.4" with the blade measuring about 37". It has a crude look to it and looks like a jury rigged pile of scrap but only Damien knows its true purpose

History: Damien made this weapon as an experiment to make a better light source at first but after some tinkering with the electronics, emitters, finding a decent power source, and many trial and error tests, he was able to make it into an actual weapon. He was only able to perfect it to his standards after he graduated from Signal. While the weapon may still be a prototype that he made from scratch, it's combat functions are up to par with a skillfully crafted blade. It can take hits from other blades and can even take rounds of various calibers, from pistol to rifle rounds. After the firearms tests, he checked to see the results. He had expected that the bullets would dissolve as they punched through the blade but instead saw that the majority of the rounds deflected, one of them even got cut in two.

Name: Falcon's Revenge

Primary Form: Revenge is the product of combining Fury and Rage.  It takes the form of an energy scythe that gives Damien extra reach when engaging in close combat. The weapon has a staff length of 4' 8" while the blade shrinks to 24". The weapon takes form by attaching the pommel of Rage to Fury's barrel.

History: Damien made this weapon to vary his arsenal and moveset as he saw to make sure that he wasn't just a long range fighter. Damien treats this weapon as his last resort so this weapon rarely shows up in combat, and will catch people off guard due to how much he utilizes it.
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