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Conner Dragovic (Re-submission)
« on: September 11, 2016, 03:14:38 PM »

Name: Conner Dracovic

Age: 18

Species and Gender: Human Male

Symbol: Double-Headed Eagle with swords in their mouths crossing

Occupation: 1st year Student at Beacon

Appearance: Conner stands around an even 6' with his black spiked up hair and black right and red left heterochromatic eyes and left cybernetic arm. His skin tone is as white as the snow of his former homeland. His cybernetic arm has a Dust injection port with built-in retractable needle close to his elbow to augment his weapon(s). He is usually seen wearing a long black hooded trench coat, red t-shirt with a skull that has its eyes taped and wearing a gas mask, black Cargo pants, black combat boots, and a gas mask
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. His muscle tone is not too define but his overall physical form would be much like a runner.

History: Conner is originally a citizen from Atlas, but his family decided to move to Vale after his father retired from the military. He has close to no family due to Grimm attacks before he and his twin brother were born. He got his arm from an attempt on his fathers life involving a car bomb while his family and some of his long time friends were on a vacation outside the kingdom, him and his brother were only 11. There were no casualties except for his mother, who was starting the car while his father was on the phone and trying to find a signal. The years following were rough as the relationship between his father and his twin brother started getting toxic, until the day that his father retired and they moved. They had what was a quieter, more normal, life. That was when Conner decided that he would take up the responsibility of protecting the family, but on a path where his father did not tread. With hesitation Conner's father decided to enroll him to Signal a year later than most students on the condition that his brother go with him, as he feared that Conner would not get much done without him. With his brother helping with his academics he was able to graduate from Signal and enroll into Beacon as a first year.

Personality: Conner is caring and understanding, but also knows when to keep his mouth shut unless to voice his honest opinion. He is reckless and sometimes clumsy, but he is dependable to who needs him the most and will listen to what you have to say. After the death of his mother he is somewhat untrustworthy with people but he will open up given enough time.

Aura and Semblance: Dragon's Betrayal: When Conner activates his semblance he can spew a poison gas cloud formed by his aura in a 35 foot cone. Anyone caught within it will be affected almost immediately and suffer temporary blindness and respiratory distress akin to getting hit by bear mace that lasts for about an hour. After he uses his semblance, Conner cannot use it again for an hour as it puts acute strain on his own respiratory system. Due to the toxic nature of his semblance he has to make sure that he is able to have his teammates understand beforehand of what he is planning on doing in advance. Conner is not totally immune to his semblance, so he has to wear a gas mask. Just like actual chemical warfare, Conner must also take into consideration the direction and speed of the wind to be able to have his semblance at maximum efficiency. He must also take the weather into account as rain or snow may hinder it's speed, accelerate it, or if its wind, accidentally change the course of his semblance in a direction he never intended it to go to.

Combat Behavior: His fighting style is akin to that of a brawler and will take any and all openings as a way to take advantage of his opponent, even sometimes resorting to cheap shots (eye rakes, throat punches, and the infamous groin shot). Still, people who are taught in more disciplined fighting styles (i.e. having actual hand to hand combat training done in a dojo rather than a back alley brawl) have an advantage against him as he fights like its a street brawl and will keep going until they choose to yield or not get up anymore. His strategy is mostly go in, rush them, and beat into submission. As his left arm contains a dust injector he can augment his firearm depending on the situation. Conner can use his semblance as either a disengage tactic, trap, or to hinder their advance.


Name: Dragonslayer

Primary Form: Dragonslayer in it's primary form resembles an ornate halberd with the staff being of above average length and the head being heaver than a normal halberd
Secondary Form: The weapon can change into an ornate bearded axe with a longer blade

Tertiary Form: The weapon can change once more into  a crimson claymore with ornate decoration. His symbol is engraved into the guard and the blade has been etched by having it dipped in ferric chloride.

Dust Functions:

History: He primarily made this blade to be a sheer damage dealer of a weapon and to prove that he can protect himself and his family. He got the design from old books detailing the tales of warriors who had conquered monsters with weapons bigger than the wielders.

Name: Dragons Insight

Primary Form: Dragons Insight is a select-fire military rifle cut down and modified to be classified as a pistol. It has also been modified to work with his arm's Dust injector.
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Secondary Form: This firearm changes into a shotgun by extending the receiver slightly and expanding the barrel to fit .410 shells.
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Tertiary Form: N/A

Dust Functions: Dragons Insight can chamber special dust rounds and shells that deal a variety of effects depending on what dust the round is made from. Ice dust rounds ammo through cover as they are hardened. Fire dust ammo can tear through armor and burn it away. Wind dust rounds fly further and have more range. Lightning dust rounds can temporarily short out robots and mechanical devices

History: Conner made this weapon at the behest of his brother to vary his arsenal to keep his enemies guessing. The design based off of numerous examples of weapons being modified to be classified as pistols. It can reach a reasonable distance of 300 yards when Conner is two-handing it.
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