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Alexandra Reinhardt
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Name: Alexandra “Alex” Reinhardt

Age: 18, born 16 Zinnober, 60 AC

Species and Gender: Human Female

Symbol: an upturned crescent moon bisected by three arrows travelling up

Occupation: First Year Beacon Student

      Standing at 5’9” and approximately 132 lbs., Alexandra is shapely and well-endowed, but her otherwise slender, lithe and toned figure is reminiscent of the body of a dancer.  Alluringly attractive, Alexandra has an oval-shaped face in which lie her pale green, almond-shaped eyes that radiate liveliness and attentiveness, occasionally with a twinkle of mischief.  Her high cheekbones and thin, straight nose together help exude a sort of patrician nobility and highly-refined upbringing that would otherwise be intimidating were it not her breathtaking but genuinely friendly and inviting smile that can disarm even the most hard-hearted of people.  She possesses long, straight, blonde hair that reaches to the middle of her back and flows behind her, adding a hint majesty to her already elegant gait.  Altogether, her irresistibly beautiful physical appearance has often inspired lust in men, a fact that she knows well how to turn to her advantage.
      During missions, Alexandra wears a single-piece combat bodysuit that sheaths her entire body in a durable polymer fabric made of impossibly-fine fibers and is reinforced with metal and composite plates, though only at the most vital areas in order to allow her the physical freedom and unencumbrance she needs to perform her athletic and agile maneuvers.  Small lights periodically course up and down her bodysuit following nodes that react to her aura usage.  The bodysuit is predominantly a dark, almost midnight blue color while also bearing light grey sections along the inside of her thighs and arms and the side of her torso, wrapping around towards her shapely lower back and posterior.  The bodysuit’s armor plates are a dark steel color.  On her feet, she wears narrow, slightly heeled combat boots accompanied by armored greaves.   Alexandra also usually wears multi-spectrum goggles, though she doesn't pull them down over her eyes and activate them unless needed.
     Outside of carrying out missions and attending class, Alexandra’s clothing style varies as her wardrobe contains a number of outfits in a variety of colors.  She most often wears, as is her favorite style, simple, yet finely-made sundresses and flats that suit her lady-like yet friendly demeanor.  In ultra-casual settings, she may wear sweatpants and tight t-shirts or tank tops that hug close and show off her shapely figure.  In short, Alexandra has a variety of preferred styles, but she is never one to be restricted to the point of obsessive exclusivity as far as outfitting goes.

      Alexandra Reinhardt comes from an older, established family in Vale from which many veterans of the kingdom’s various wars hail.  Many family members, direct and extended, have died by the blade in defense of Vale, and it in a way, service to the kingdom has been a sort of family tradition.  However, with the end of the wide-scale Greyed War, the Reinhardt family moved beyond merely providing soldiers.  It began to contribute agents to Vale’s cause.  They would prove to be especially valuable during the Faunus War as a number of Faunus leaders and revolutionaries would be quietly but mercilessly eliminated at the hands of assassins tracing back to the Reinhardt family.  Whatever moral issues came with their activities were quickly swept aside and dismissed, as for the family, protecting the human government and ensuring the survival of the state was the most important concern.  Thankfully, few realize the full extent of the Reinhardt family's participation in that conflict, while their publicly-known actions during the war further cemented the family's reputation as part of Vale's old honorable warrior aristocracy.
      With the entry of Vale into the contemporary era, the need for warrior families has faded far into the realm of distant memory.  Settling down and branching out into occupations that better fit the changing times, family members extended their reach into areas such as law, financing, and industrial transportation, leveraging the family’s reputation as stalwart servants of Vale to help them get a head start.  Still, Vale needed hunters, as always, to protect against the tide of Grimm darkness, just as it still needed agents to protect from threats within and without.  To answer this need, the Reinhardts, no matter how seemingly integrated into the modern world and away from the notions of stalwart heroisms of old, would always be ready to serve.
      The middle child in a family of five children, Alexandra was raised with the expectation of honoring family tradition and becoming a Valish agent, or at least, a hunter.  Unlike her older siblings, who, despite being impressed upon with similar expectations, decided to pursue other occupations in pursuit of their passions, Alexandra never doubted her eventual life path and instead embraced it.  Growing up, she lived two lives.  The first, was her public life, which was founded upon the social functions and interactions that were expected of a child of such a noteworthy family.  In this life, she was refined, elegant, and sophisticated - a picture-perfect poster child for all that was noble and good in the kingdom’s polite society.  In her other life, she was Alex, the immensely talented girl who, with the forgoing of the family tradition by her elder siblings, was to be the inheritor of the family’s true legacy.  To that end, she trained tirelessly, intensely tutored in many manners of combat and profoundly educated in small, private classes with the children of other traditioned, veteran families about the harsh truths of the precarious position of mankind in a world beset by darkness and turmoil.  It was this life that was her true life and to that end, she drilled herself relentlessly until she passed the Beacon Enrollment Examination and was accepted into Beacon as a way of formally dedicating herself to her family’s tradition, with the path of the hunter being a stepping stone on the way of her travelling the path of the assassin.
      Alexandra’s outlook on her future would be severely complicated, however, when shortly before she entered Beacon, she attended Vale’s cotillion ball, along with the children of other notable families.  That night, she had a great time, living under the mask of her false life and experiencing all the luxuries of life in Vale that were made possible only by the labor and sacrifice of the kingdom’s warriors, hunters, and agents, such as those from her family.  During the after party that followed the cotillion ball, Alexandra snuck out into the mountains overlooking the city, accompanied by a boy barely older than she with whom she had grown rather close during their academy education.  The boy was an Atlesian, hailing from a distinguished warrior family, and had come to Vale as an esteemed guest under the patronage of a local family.  Like her, he intended to return home and follow family tradition, though for the boy, it meant joining the Atlesian military and serving on the battlefield.  There, as they sat together and watched the light of Remnant’s shattered moon bathe the rooftops, the boy, in a heart-felt confession, spoke for the first time about his nervousness and hesitation to follow in his family’s footsteps and join the military.  He conceded that it was an immense privilege to serve, being that Atlas’s military prestige was on the rise.  But, he confided in her that more than the possibility of death, it was his fear of bringing suffering to his family that he feared the most.  He had seen too many friends and family members killed in service to Atlas, and while he noted that falling in combat brought a sense of honor and fulfilled duty, it was little consolation to those who were left behind.  Having seen his older sister so often secretly crying over the loss of her fallen husband, he could not bear to bring anyone else the same pain.  Taking Alexandra’s hand in his and kissing it, he shared with her his conclusion that there had to be more to life than simply killing many others in the name of some distant ideal the he feel less and less connected to with each passing day before it was his turn to be killed. 
      Alexandra would later spend much time thinking and rethinking about what her companion had said to her that night.  His situation was indeed very much like hers, which made his thoughts and concerns all the more relevant to her.  She had never before questioned her ostensible purpose in life.  Was the destiny that he had described really all that lie at the end of her future?  This question would always linger in the back of her mind as she prepared to enter Beacon Academy.

      Alexandra is an overall cheerful and friendly girl.  Her mannerisms, including her gait and the way she sits with one leg tightly crossed over the other and both slanting slightly, bear evidence of her upper-class, lady-like upbringing.  These traits also exude an air of general self-confidence that are further reinforced by the steady assuredness with which she speaks.  However, rarely are people off-put by this sort of personality aura, for Alexandra is exceedingly friendly and outgoing.  Fun to be around, she is, for the most part, light-hearted and enjoys trading friendly insults and using good-hearted sarcasm with her friends.  Despite a strong competitive streak, she genuinely enjoys being with friends, supporting them, and seeing them succeed.  When Alex speaks in close conversation with others, she does so in a way that induces those she is speaking with to feel as if they are the absolute most important things in the world to her, making them feel peculiarly special and good about themselves, which contributes to Alex’s attractive personal charisma and immense popularity.
      Having been released from the more rarified and stifling atmosphere in which she grew up, though its effects plainly still linger with her, Alexandra can be a bit of a tease.  She sometimes leads people on, especially male friends, with subtle gestures that can readily be interpreted as hinting at something more than simple friendship or just as easily be read as evidence of nothing but a close friendship.  In fact, she does this with such skill that it is difficult to know if Alexandra does this unknowingly or purposefully.  Whether consciously or subconsciously, she would never intend to emotionally hurt a friend with her teasing habits, but it is safe to say that she derives a thrill from egging people on and then gently denying them.  Regardless of her teasing habits, Alexandra does maintain a considerable degree of femininity and knows how to leverage it well to obtain what she wants
      Overall, many of Alexandra’s social traits show that she has a bit of an uncommon innocence in her.  For all of her playfulness. she seems to be untouched by the more unadulterated and unfiltered of human emotions, leaving her with a certain wholesomeness that suggests a much simpler upbringing than the one she has had.
      Unfortunately, a more complete picture of Alexandra’s behavior will show that quite the opposite is true and that her upbringing, colored by her drive to carry on the family legacy, has had quite an impact on her personality.  In combat and during missions, it is almost as if she is a completely different person.  Alexandra may occasionally slip in a moment or two of playfulness, but while on the job, she is defined by an insatiable drive towards efficiency and the utmost professionalism.  All that matters is the objective, and all other concerns are subordinated as merely accessories to the objective.  This may derive from the hours upon hours of relentless, intense training she experienced in preparation for her entry into the world of unconventional problem solving.  She maintains the ability to so thoroughly separate the personal from the professional, and with this separation, morals and ethics can become buried as Alexandra grows increasingly stone-hearted, merciless, sometimes even cruel, all in the name of completing her mission.  In these situations, she does not complain, nor does she question the work required of her, but those closest to her know that sometimes days after missions, Alexandra may fall into a deep melancholy and reject the company of others as she sits alone to contemplate over and over again what her Atlesian friend once asked her about life: “is this it?”

Aura and Semblance:
      Alexandra’s semblance is the creation of glyphs.  These glyphs may be freestanding or may be attached to an object.  The vast majority of the time, Alexandra’s glyphs have the effect of either pushing or pulling objects away from or toward its center.  Each glyph requires a paltry amount of Alexandra's aura, perhaps as little as one percent of her total reserves.  She may control and alter the strength of the glyphs as she pleases, but the general rule is that the stronger the force, the greater the aura drain.  Furthermore, Alexandra may also control the speed at which the glyphs are created, with varies primarily depending on the amount of aura she expends to “rush” the creation of the glyph from about two to instantaneously.  This usually requires about three times the amount of aura compared to the amount required if it were created normally.  Exerting a great deal of aura (usually in the range around approximately twenty percent of her aura) will allow her to create glyphs that can tear an individual limb from limb, if said individual was caught in the pull of multiple glyphs.  In another example, a multitude of glyphs of standard strength created within a rather short of span and appearing near-instantaneously will similarly require her to expend a great deal of aura. 
      Alexandra’s primary use of such glyphs is to hold her, sometimes upside down and midair, opening up to her a whole new range of attack angles.  In a similar application, she uses such glyphs to provide a semi-adhesive surface across which she may move with freedom and without having to worry about falling to the ground.  Alternatively, Alexandra may fire physical ammunition at her glyphs, allowing them to ricochet and bounce between glyphs to create a bullet-trap effect.  Additionally, Alexandra may launch herself or others from these standard glyphs, greatly aiding in her mobility and ability to cross the field of battle.
      Finally, Alexandra has available to her a type of glyph separate from her much more standard push and pull glyphs.  These glyphs, marked by a different pattern on their faces from her push and pull glyphs, come in pairs that are linked in nature.  One glyph, when attacked with a high-velocity projectile, will disintegrate said projectile and cause a corresponding projectile of aura to be launched from the paired glyph.  This process necessitates Alexandra to exert a considerable amount of aura, about twenty-five percent for a several-second barrage, so it is an ability she only uses sparingly.  In this particular application of her semblance, Alexandra can use aura foci to impart elemental effects to the aura projectile.  Fire, ice, lightning, and kinetic dust are the most common elements of foci she uses imparting the corresponding effect to the aura bullet.  For Alexandra, foci is stored on the nodes on her armored bodysuit.

      Alexandra possess an impressive aura reserve, though overwhelmingly, use of this aura reserve goes toward her semblance and sustaining her body through the highly acrobatic and athletic feats that she regularly incorporates into her fighting style.  This leaves her with little aura to be used for other purposes.

Combat Behavior:
      Alexandra is first and foremost a rifle user.  As a result, her natural instinct is to engage vulnerable, high-priority targets first, preferably through single, long-ranged, high-precision shots combined with her cunning and considerable stalking and ambush skills.  This speaks to her drive for efficiency, as it minimizes her own energy expenditure while creating the least collateral damage and giving the least time for targets to respond. 
      In the more duel and teamfight-centric setting of Beacon, this tactic is very rarely advisable.  As opportunity presents itself, she will always attempt to target the weak and the vulnerable first, but as need demands - and it so often does - Alexandra will instead change tactics and fight by seizing and maintaining absolute control over the possible avenue of attacks.  She is trained to be constantly and simultaneously aware of the many possible avenues of attack, using this awareness to avoid incoming attacks.  At the same time, the awareness helps her to facilitate her own attacks, which are based on the strategy of saturating targets, possibly through the user of her semblance, with as many accurate and highly leveraged shots as possible from as many disparate angles as possible in order to create whole multitudes of concurrent lethal vectors that overwhelm opponents.
      As is befitting a ranged rifle user, Alexandra tries to maintain a respectable distance between herself and threats and generally avoids close combat.  If she is forcibly engaged in close combat, she will use her semblance and her exceptional athletic and gymnastic agility to reposition herself and re-establish the distance between herself and said threat.  Alexandra relies heavily on her augmented agility and astounding flexibility to evade strikes.
      However, this reliance reveals Alexandra’s weakness.  The maneuvers that Alexandra makes her hallmarks place such a strain on her body that without aura, she would quickly tire out.  Indeed, some may contend that the maneuvers she attempts are beyond the limits of an unaided individual in the first place.  Whatever the case, Alexandra’s remarkable agility is utterly unsustainable in the long run and taxes her aura reserves extremely heavily.  This leaves Alexandra very vulnerable against those rare foes who can keep up with her maneuvers and keep her engaged at close ranges.  Furthermore, because Alexandra devotes almost all of her aura towards her semblance and her agility, she is rather fragile, particularly when she gets tired, and has to rely on her body’s own natural strength endurance to keep her on her feet, which considering the nature of Beacon's students, is inadequate, to say the least.


Name:  Vector

Primary Form:
      Vector is a scoped, modified designated marksman rifle.  It is in a bullpup layout to minimize barrel length and increase maneuverability without sacrificing effective range and muzzle velocity.  As befitting assassins and Alex's own combat mindset, Vector was designed to be very utilitarian.  Much of the rifle's platform is stripped down and somewhat skeletal in appearance, a result of maximizing accuracy and precision while minimizing weight that would otherwise hinder Alex's high-mobility fighting style.  Because of the absolute focus on performance without compromise, Vector was not built to transform into any other forms, and Alex would not have it any other way.  Tungsten armor-piercing ammunition is primarily used with Vector, though it is capable of accepting other bullets in Alexandra’s inventory, such as white phosphorus munitions and ice dust rounds.  There is an option for a flash and sound suppressor attachment.

Dust Functions:
      Beneath Vector’s barrel and in front of its lower receiver and trigger assembly is a revolving dust launcher that stores vials of dust for use in various situations.  These vials are not semblance foci, and instead offer one-time purely elemental attacks as an alternative to the physical ammunition fired from vector.  Though Alexandra’s exact dust loadout varies with the mission, she tends to utilize the classic elemental trio: fire, lightning, and ice, the most.

      Vector was hand-crafted by Alexandra during her private training.  The rifle was made expressly to provide a weapon system that would synergize with her fighting style and natural proclivities, and so, it holds no sentimental value to her, apart from the fact that it was tailor made for her.  Vector is very much merely a tool to get the job done.


Name:  Gemini

Primary Form:
      Gemini is the name for a pair of twin, electrified kali sticks.  They are intended as last resort weapons for close combat, and to that end, are rarely used by Alexandra outside of the specialized function it fills beyond its combat role.

Secondary Form:
      The Gemini sticks can be joined at the base and then telescoped so as to form an electrified fighting staff

Tertiary Form:
      Each of the sticks can transform to have a sharpened tip, effectively turning them into stakes with which enemies may be stabbed and impaled.  Similarly, the sharpened tip function is available when Gemini is joined together into its staff form, turning it into a spear.

Dust Functions:
      With high-quality lightning dust and small gas canisters stored in the base of each rod, Gemini is able to become a pair of plasma torches with which Alexandra, given time, can cut through metal.  This handily allows her to create her own unorthodox entrances with which she can fulfill her missions.

      Like Vector, Gemini was crafted by Alexandra during her private training.  Conceived of as a weapon meant to fulfil the gaps in her combat technique left by Vector, Gemini is, and will always be, a secondary weapon, though a useful one at that.

Other weapons:
      Alexandra carries with her a hidden combat knife at almost all times.  She has also been known to use explosive dust charges to round out her fighting style, as well as obscuring and disorienting grenades (such as smoke and flashbangs) to use as situation demands.  It important to note that Alexandra’s smoke grenades come in both flammable and nonflammable variety, providing her with the option for a makeshift incendiary grenade.