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Michael Vaktar
« on: October 27, 2016, 01:27:06 PM »

Name: Michael Vaktar

Age: 18

Species and Gender: Male Human

Symbol:  Vaktar Crest

Occupation: First Year Beacon Student

Appearance:  Standing at a massive 7'5" and weighing 345 lbs. Michael is a literal giant. He has a massive frame and frying-pan sized hands. He has a short crop of brown hair on his larger than average head. His build is rather wide, which keeps the muscles in his chest from having a lot of definition. When not in his uniform, he tends to dress in dress shirts or suits, depending on the weather. He prefers blue or purple in his shirts, paired with blue jeans or black dress pants, and is never wearing a tie, not even on his school uniform.

In combat, Michael wears a dark blue knight's armor. He has his family's crest both on his shield and his breastplate.

History:  Michael was born the son of Joseph and Marigold Vaktar, the former the heir to the Vaktar Corporation and the latter the daughter of a high-ranking general from the Atlesian Army. He was the younger of two sons, his brother Christopher being 8 years older than him. During his early years, he mostly stayed hidden in the Vaktar mansion in southern Atlas, on the outskirts of the city proper.

In the first few years of his life, he spent a good amount of time with both his mother and father. But, when he was 6, his grandfather turned control of his company fully over to his son. Michael very sparingly would see his father from that point onward, the responsibility of controlling Vaktar munitions coming before his responsibility as a father. As such, the two people Michael spent much of his youth with were his older brother and mother.

Fortunately for Michael, he received his mother's intelligence. School came easily to him, and being home schooled allowed for him to advance past his age in terms of school. However, this meant that he had a fair amount of free time with little to spend it on. When he was still that young, he did have a small group of friends, but he started to grow. He grew to a large size quickly, gaining the size of someone twice his age. Medical examinations saw that he had a form of gigantism, caused by a tumor in his brain.

He spent months getting treated for the tumor, the treatment being extended due to a misdiagnosis by the doctor on the state of the tumor. During this, his parents would very rarely allow his friends to visit. After a while, they just stopped showing up.

Unfortunately for Michael, his brother managed to inherit his father's charisma. Christopher managed to keep a solid friend group in spite of his home schooling, even managing to hold several girlfriends over time. Michael, on the other hand, was rather lonely. He was seen as being too big to be approachable. This, combined with his shy nature, resulted in him not managing to endear himself to people well.

He spent his time reading on the history of great battles, especially being fond of knights of Arthurian lore. As he developed into a teenager, he decided to start tinkering with weapons, using his accumulated knowledge in dust use to help him experiment. With the help of a few people in Vaktar Munition's R&D department, he managed to make a back-mounted dust launcher that could switch between two different types of dust.

During his trips from the mansion to the factory, Michael one day heard the sound of someone in trouble. Despite not being formally trained in fighting, he ran down the alley where he heard the sound coming from. He saw a small woman getting mugged by a man in a black biker getup. Without thinking, he grabbed the man by the back of the shirt and threw him into the opposing wall. Michael then got stabbed in the stomach for his trouble. His aura took the brunt of the hit, but the blade still managed to cut into part of his abdomen. The man got away, and he sat in the alley as the woman knelt next to him, trying to call the authorities.

As she panicked next to him, the hand that he put over his stomach began to glow a powerful white. By the time the authorities arrived he had not only stopped bleeding, but he had healed the wound entirely. After giving the relevant information to the authorities, he checked in on the woman. The woman's name was Maria Verdenta, and she thanked him. They quickly became friends, Michael seeing her during every walk to the factory. Eventually, he grew to harbor feelings for her, but was too shy to say anything about it.

There were two unfortunate things for Michael here. First was that both of his parents despised faunus. Second, Maria was a rabbit faunus, with her tail being hidden easily in the cold Atlesian climate. Eventually, his mother found out about the relationship. Soon after, he was banned from ever seeing her again.

In his anger and frustration over the situation, Michael focused in on a new goal. If he could not find what he wanted in Atlas, he was going to go out and find what makes him happy, even if it kills him. So, he hired a former trainer for the Atlesian army and managed to learn as much as he could about combat in a 3 year span. He then decided to move south, seeking admittance into  Beacon academy.

During his entrance exam, he was above average in the academic test, average in the live combat test, and below average in the sparring test. As such, he only barely managed to enter into the school.

Personality:   Michael is a well-meaning klutz. His terrible luck seems to stem around him, and he manages to injure himself rather easily. This is compounded by the toll his gigantism takes on his body, and he's constantly trying to keep up with the other students in physical conditioning. He is rather shy, not used to social interaction with people around his age. Contrary to what people would assume of a man of wealth, he thinks rather low of himself. He tends to give praise to those around him frequently, but disputes any praise given to him.

His parents' views on faunus have had an impact on him. While he may not share his parent's exact views on faunus, he tends to be rather uncomfortable and even afraid of faunus. He has even said some rather insensitive things about faunus before, painting his views as more extreme than they actually are.

His social awkwardness combined with lack of dating experience leads him to be the antithesis of smooth when it comes to talking to the opposite sex. He's not a great conversationalist, but has a good heart and tries to treat everyone as best as he can.

Aura and Semblance:    Michael's aura glows white, with his semblance being advanced healing. While aura naturally tends to heal someone quicker than average, Michael can use his semblance to speed the healing of any wound. The exception being large separations. If the cut is too wide, his semblance cannot properly close the wound. His semblance drains at an exponential rate, with more severe injuries taking longer to heal. This causes him to lose aura at 2^n % every second. Most minor injuries will only take 2-3 seconds to heal. More severe cuts take 3-4 seconds. Dislocations and broken bones take 5-6 seconds. Beyond that, the aura needed for Michael to heal the injury would completely drain him, causing him to be in serious danger himself.

Combat Behavior:  Michael is a very defensive fighter, preferring to use his shield and weapon to keep enemies at a distance. He holds for as long as possible, hoping to tire out his opponents before he uses his Olympic wrestling training to be able to hold down human opponents or hold grimm for his teammates to end. He is rather crafty in combat, making up a lack of diverse training with resourcefulness.

His big weakness is his lack of pressure on the opponent. A crafty opponent can target his knees and take him out fairly easily. A long-range opponent can find a hole in his defenses and shoot him down. Surrounding him leaves him with few options other than go on the offensive, which puts him at a disadvantage.


Name: Akta

Primary Form:  Large 6'6" shield. Large enough and thick enough to block bullets. Made of an aluminum-steel alloy, it weighs roughly 60 lbs. It is held on with an elbow strap and a handle, meaning it takes great effort to remove his shield.

Secondary Form:  Pulling a lever on the shield makes it open horizontally down the center of the shield and fold out a grenade launcher made for specially-crafted dust grenades. It has a capacity for 3 grenades before it needs to be reloaded, and can fire the grenades around 45 feet.

Tertiary Form:

Dust Functions:

History:  One of the concepts given to him by the researchers at the Vaktar Munitions labs, Michael crafted this shield with their help. Its original design was based on tank plating, but eventually was refined into this form.


Name: Laga

Primary Form:  Dust launcher. Built into his armor, it fits into the gauntlet above his right wrist. It fires a spray of dust crystals that activate in the air, giving different effects. The spray goes out to a range of 16 feet.

Secondary Form:  Michael can switch between two types of dust using a bolt action switch on his upper arm.

Tertiary Form:

Dust Functions:  The different types of spray have different effects. The four Michael has tested are fire, ice, wind, and lightning. Fire launched a pillar of flame from his wrist, ice would cause a thick layer of frost to form around his target and the ground, wind managed to throw him back against the wall with a substantial amount of force, and lightning electrocuted him. Subsequently, he tends to stick to fire and ice to be used in his sprays.

History:   The result of a failed attempt to manufacture dust grenades, the method of spraying small dust crystals into the air has proven effective at short range, but has little practical application beyond that.

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