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Cael DeWitt
« on: September 11, 2016, 01:17:26 PM »

Cael DeWitt
17, born sometime in Saule

Species and Gender:
Human Male

A circle divided in half, one half is a gear, the other is a clover-like flower.
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First year student at Beacon

Cael stands tall and somewhat slim at 6í and 190 pounds. His brunet hair looks like a messy wave, but it is obviously intentionally styled to perfection.His light blue eyes contrast with his dark hair and reddish brown skin, indicating his mixed heritage. with tightly packed muscles that, when he is completely unclothed, are noticeably more bulky on one half of his body due to the draw weight of his bow. His face isnít attractive in the strictest sense, his large aquiline nose makes sure of that, but itís certainly interesting to look at.

He dresses fashionably, often wearing accessories like scarves and ties. He likes layering with button down shirts and cardigans, or wearing a tight dark blue jacket with a large turned up collar. He usually wears distressed or dark slim fit jeans, or colored yachting pants or chinos.


Cael comes from a loving family, though his parents didnít give birth to him. He was adopted from Mistral at only a few months old by a family in Vale hoping to take a child away from the violence found in Mistral. His adoptive parents brought him into one of the nomadic peoples roaming the continent, as such they had their own society removed from the culture of Vale, and away from the technology and fads.

They tended more towards natural sciences, seeking to understand the world around them. Cael began his training early as his father taught him to find fresh water at age 6. This training only continued as he grew, Caelís life was one of songs on the road, lessons on the roadside, and tightly knit family. His father was his primary teacher, and their bond grew strong quickly, Cael looked up to his father as a paragon of everything right in the world. Even with his family, it was lonely. Cael was the only child his age in the group, and he never really had close friends aside from his parents. The whole group was family, but Cael had no peers and no playmates. The adults and older kids tried to play with him when they could, but life was busy for everyone, and eventually Cael became just as busy, forgetting about his lack of companionship in his attempts to learn all that he could. Eventually however, he was reminded. The hired guards rotated fairly regularly, many didn't want to travel outside of a certain area, or were only with the group as an in between jobs sort of deal. One however stayed for quite a while. The new guard was young, and he and Cael grew close quickly, the new guard was young and to Cael, incredibly fascinating. He brought news of the modern world, and told Cael of all the things he was missing out on. The new guard and Cael's father had some differences. They were intrinsically different people, with different views. This was the first time Cael had felt split as he did, his new friend offered companionship, knowledge, and mystique, while his father was a man he had looked up to his entire life. The new guard and Cael's father became increasingly upset with each other, often arguing over minute details of life. Cael recognized that his father was fallible, and grew increasingly displeased with his life.

One piece of technology the nomads did not stray from, however, was weaponry. The open road is dangerous, and the need to protect themselves is great, so nearly all able bodied members of the caravan had at least some basic amount of fighting skill. It was traditional for young members to train with a Huntsman that the group paid to travel with them for protection. One night the new guard pulled Cael aside. He encouraged Cael to leave to group, bringing attention to his lack of peers and the learning opportunities in the outside world. With the words of the huntsman in his mind, Cael left the group to take his training a step further, traveling to Beacon where he took the entrance exam and passed, joining the school at age 17. After his admission to Beacon, Cael was left in an awkward position. There was still time before the school session started, and he was left in an unfamiliar town with no friends. Instead of seeking out companions, Cael threw himself into modern culture. He studied the music, the clothing, the food, everything he could. He quickly grew embarrassed of his humble background and hoped to hide it with intensive knowledge and skill. Unfortunately for him, intensive skill is not gained in a few weeks, and his facade was left shoddy. Still, Cael has as much as he can.


In everyday life, what he has been taught and what he feels cause Cael a great deal of conflict. Throughout his childhood he had always been taught that those who lived in cities were taking the easy way out, and that they were inferior to groups like the one he was raised in. However, Cael is deeply interested and impressed with city life and culture. Because of this, he tries to remain aloof, acting as if he is slightly above those around him, though his curiosity and exuberance shine through more often than not.

Also because of the environment he was raised in, Cael is somewhat desperate to form close bonds with people. He was raised in a tight knit community where he never really faced rejection, and so he is unused to dealing with not being accepted and so he tries quite hard to appear cool, attractive, intelligent, and desirable.

When he gets to know someone his prejudices drop, but he still believes that groups deserve his disdain, and he talks of them as such. Partially due to his nature and partially due to knowing that his upbringing was less than regular, he often overthinks and worries over his interactions with others, though semi false cockiness is usually at the forefront, leaving any ill thoughts to remain inside his head.

As one might expect from someone who overthinks constantly, Cael is a perfectionist to the extreme, and in the worst way possible. He becomes so focused on optimization and small details that he misses the bigger picture and will fail to complete a project because he becomes so enraptured with a minor detail that the whole thing never gets completed.

Aura and Semblance:

Cael can imbue his aura into an object, increasing what it already is. It makes a sharp knife sharper, or a soft pillow softer. He can somewhat control what changes when he imbues an object, but not completely. Imbuing takes 1% to activate plus it drains 1-5% per minute, depending on the amount he imbues and the size of the object. When an object is imbued it glows with a light blue color.

Basically, any physical property of an object could be increased, but Cael is only actually able to increase what he thinks of about the object.

For example, a stick that's two inches long will never be able to be made longer, it just plain isn't long. A dagger that is a foot and a half /could/ be made longer, since it's long in comparison to other daggers, but only if Cael thinks of it in that way. If he thinks of it compared to a sword or something, he wouldn't be able to make it longer.

Continuing with "long" as the adjective, the amount that it is increased is based on how much effort Cael puts in, and on how much that quality defines the object. The technically long dagger from earlier might be made a few inches longer, while a spear might be made a foot longer or more.

When imbuing his aura in objects, Cael will sometimes get unexpected effects. In his attempt to make the dagger longer, some of the aura may "leak" and make the dagger slightly sharper as well. The amount that leaks is based on how Cael perceives the item and how much he focuses.

tl;dr: It's mainly based on how Cael perceives the object, amount of aura, and focus. Changes are relatively minor for now, as Cael is still unused to his semblance, a sword isn't going to grow into a monstrosity of a weapon or turn into some bs magic girl type thing.
EDIT: I forgot to mention, I was planning to have Cael not know about his semblance when he gets to Beacon, and discover it after arriving.

Combat Behavior:
Cael tends to lack aggressiveness in fights, his focus in training was always on survival and defending something, rather than victory and killing the enemy. He often knows what to do, he easily analyses enemies and quickly notices openings, he just lacks the initiative and or confidence to take the opportunity. He is working to fix this though, and so he tries to end fights as quickly as he can, especially since he lacks the stamina to succeed in long drawn out fights.

He works well in groups as he is very accustomed to synergizing with others, and prefers team fighting to fighting alone.

rapier and parrying dagger
Primary Form:
Basket hilted espada ropera with a 45 inch blade and a parrying dagger

They were given to Cael by the hunter who persuaded him to leave the nomads and seek education in Vale.

Primary Form:
A longbow bow made primarily out of a flexible metal approximately 6 feet long. While it has an effective weight of 130 pounds, the actual draw weight is closer to 100 due to the bows material and dust crystal that absorb excess force, reducing the diminishing return on high power bows as well as wear and tear on the bow itself.

Dust Functions:
The bow can utilize dust Infused Arrows for various effects.

The bow was passed down from Cael's father, who gave it to him as soon as he had the strength to draw it.
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