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Rufus Chocla
« on: October 22, 2016, 01:48:01 PM »

Name: Rufus Chocla

Theme: Chip Da Ripper - Freestyle

Age: 18

Species and Gender: Male Dog (Beagle) Faunus

Spoiler: show

Occupation: 2nd Year Student at Beacon, Freestyle Rapper

Appearance: Rufus is short, standing at just 150 cm and weighing 55kg. Rufus has well-toned muscles from rigorous training, both at Beacon and during free time. He has soft, rounded features, dark brown eyes and mahogany-colored skin.

Rufus' hair is dark and done in corn rows, and he has a pair of beagle ears drooping down on the sides of his head. He can most often be seen wearing dark brown military-style jackets, cargo pants and occasionally caps. His combat attire is much the same, with sneakers and studded gauntlets added to the mix.

Rufus has a somewhat deep voice, even surprisingly deep for his small stature. Despite the fact that he tends to communicate via well-practiced freestyle slam poetry, his actual pronunciation is flawless.

History: Rufus was born out of wedlock, to a faunus woman who worked as a factory worker. She raised him alone in the poor district in Vale. She rarely spoke of the boy's father, but when she did, she claimed him to be a hero who fought in the war, and is still off on some incredible mission.

Rufus quickly learned to fend for himself, having to deal with bullies and street urchins from an early age. He had formed a small circle around himself by the age of 14. Despite the rough and tough nature of the group, they were mostly non-violent, only sticking together for defense. They actually found common ground in more creative arts - music.

Spending almost all of his time with these kids, Rufus picked up a habit of rhyming and even singing out his words. The habit got more intense over the years, until he eventually just found himself almost ever speaking normally.

Rufus was 15 when he first met his father. To the boy's surprise, he wasn't a soldier in the Vale army. He wasn't a soldier at all - he was a mercenary from Mistral. And a fairly successful one at that. Shocked, the boy called him out, and at age 16 he had to fight his own father on the streets in front of his home. Needless to say, the boy lost. Still, his old man was impressed by the boy's ability to hold his own.

In the fight, Rufus was knocked out. When he woke up, he found out his father had left him a large sum of lien for equipment and a recommendation letter for Beacon. Despite his grudge with the man, Rufus was driven by the urge to one day face him again and win. As such, he started training as much as he could, and applied for the combat school after passing the tests, though he had his struggles with the academic section. His first year was rough, but he managed to get into the rut just fine, and still visits home somewhat regularly to meet his mother and his friends.

Personality: Rufus is feisty, to say the least. He won't back down from a challenge and won't give up unless forced, and even then it might be a struggle. He's quite stubborn in that sense.

Outside of combat, he's quite positive, but he's also a free thinker who will always speak his mind. During any sort of argument he's bound to give out insults even if he's just joshing around, as it's something he's gotten used to back home.

He's actually rather non-violent, preferring to solve his problems with words as opposed to fighting. Alas, he's still a better fighter than negotiator, and actually struggles academically due to lack of formal education.

Aura and Semblance: Rufus' aura is Rufous (#a81c07) and is of average strength.

Rufus' semblance allows him to exert force with his voice, similar in effect to gravity dust. If he activates his semblance, when his target is 'hit' by his voice, they will be forced back as if they were actually struck by an attack. This doesn't damage a person's aura directly, but may cause harm from knockdown.

The force exerted relies on how loud his voice is projected, the distance to his target and, strangely enough, rhythm, as there is a certain 'beat' to the semblance. The beat varies wildly each time the semblance is activated, yet Rufus has honed his ability during his years as a street rapper to the point where he can hit these beats near perfectly with his words. Each separate 'beat' acts as a wave of force. Rufus has little control over these beats, though his emotional state does appear to have some correlation to them.

Rufus can utilize various means of projecting his voice, such as microphones, megaphones and speakers, and his semblance will manifest itself through them as well. While this might make his voice louder, and technically more powerful, it also makes it harder to time correctly and increases the distance it has to travel. On top of that, such equipment must be tuned beforehand to function correctly, and will inevitably suffer damage if he utilizes his semblance too much.

Combat Behavior: Rufus is a front-lines melee combatant, focused on holding ground and dealing out powerful blows. He uses his short size to avoid attacks without having to actively dodge.

In combat, Rufus often goes between using his weapons and just his fists, as he mostly fought hand-to-hand before coming to Beacon. He's a proficient boxer, decent fighter, but lacks accuracy when it comes to any sort of ranged combat or precise strikes.

He rarely uses Encore's ranged form, and usually only brings it out if things are going South.


Name: Flow and Soul

Primary Form: Flow - A sturdy Iron spear with a small button located at the end of the shaft. The weapon is 110cm long in total, with a diameter of 4cm. Rufus carries the weapon on a strap on his back in this form.

Soul - A compact punch dagger with a rounded handle on a spinning axis. The entire thing, minus the blade, is made of an exceptionally light metal, though the weapon itself isn't too light as it appears to be 'filled' with something. Rufus carries the weapon in his jacket.

Secondary Form: Flow - Upon pressing the button, the tip of the spear splits into four pieces, which spread open to form the base of a stand. On the sides of the weapon appear small latches and the top of the stand opens up. This form serves no other function than to form Encore.

Soul - Upon twisting the handle, the side of the dagger cracks open and out pops a wire. The wire is well made and sturdy, and can act as a rope or lasso in a pinch.

Tertiary Form: Encore - Upon popping Soul in its secondary form into the top of Flow's secondary form, the wires connect to the latches and form a fully fledged mic stand. Upon being pressed into Flow, the part of Soul's blade which opened up forms into a speaker facing away from Rufus. Rufus can utilize this to amplify his voice slightly when using his semblance, though the thing only works for about a minute straight before having to be re-tuned, otherwise it's going to break.

Disassembling the weapon merely takes pressing the button on Flow again, at which point both weapons pop out and return to their primary form.

Dust Functions: When the weapon is in Encore form, Rufus can place a dust cartridge in a small opening at the top part of Flow. The cartridge can then be slid upwards until it clicks into place between the mic and the speaker. When Rufus uses his semblance and sings into the mic, various effects can be created.

Fire Dust: Lasts for roughly half a minute. The dust is spewed out and activated in the form similar to a rudimentary flamethrower. The fires are incredibly hot, and using this function will damage the speaker to the point where repair is needed.

Ice Dust: Lasts for about a minute, whether Rufus sings or not as the speaker winds up freezing over. Creates cold winds and snow in its path.

Gravity Dust: The effect builds up in the weapon for about ten seconds before activating. Combines the force from Rufus singing during this time with the force of the dust, sending whatever was in front of him, the boy himself and his weapon flying. Might result in much harm to him as it does good, essentially ruins the microphone and even damages the stand.

History: Rufus acquired the weapon along with all his other gear after his mother refused taking the money his father had left him. The weapon was designed with ideas given to him by all of his friends, and as such might seem a bit cramped.
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Re: Rufus Chocla
« Reply #1 on: October 23, 2016, 01:25:05 AM »

Spoiler: Adults • show

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Re: Rufus Chocla
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Lookin fine here. YO YO YO I GOT A RAP FOR YO YO YO

damn i suck at this

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