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Liliana Blossom
« on: September 11, 2016, 01:03:00 PM »
Name:Liliana Blossom
Species and Gender:Female Faunus (Cat)
Spoiler: show

Occupation:1st year/Former Pop Idol
Appearance:Liliana has cherry blossom pink hair, light complexion and stands around 5' 3". While she does not have a set outfit she wears everyday, she can usually be seen in a black and gold tank top long skirt combo with a light grey see-through shirt underneath.
History:Growing up in Vale, Liliana was always surrounded by music. Her parents, who after years of being in musical theatre, retired to set up a small time theater. There they would put on concerts or shows once or twice a week. At a young age, she took up singing lessons and song writing due to her fascination with music. At the age of 6, she started to preform in her parents theater as opening acts for much more big names.

They began to teach her dance and song composition in order to expand her knowledge and skills. This led her to doing small concerts alone. She was loved by the audience. She did not enjoy the spotlight at first. Her parents eventually decided to give her a few lessons in self-defense, due to a small indecent with an over-adoring fan. She would later put this knowledge into use.

She started to make connections within the music industry. Eventually she was picked up by an agent who want her to do tours and made her an icon. After about 9 years of performing in various kingdoms and countries, with the whole world watching and worshiping her, she retired from the spotlight, having no desire to continue her career. This was due to a small concert she did one year ago in Minstrel when a pack of Beowulf attacked her concert. Everyone was alright but she was shaken up. She could not think of just sitting back while others fought. She decided to become a Huntress at that moment.

She entered a small combat school to learn how to fight, even transforming her microphone stand into a weapon. She spent around 2 years learning the ins and outs of combat. She did not wish to fight but to protect people from the dangers of the world around them. After her time there, she decided to continue her training at Beacon.

Personality:Liliana is usually a nice person. Like overly nice, nothing really gets her down and she always tends to find a silver lining with any problem. While she does have her slight diva moments, she tends to not let those get in the way of making a good impersion. While she is not the best when it comes to academia, she still tries her best and is never really afraid to ask for help. During combat, she tends to stay cheery and acts bubbly. However, if she becomes overly stressed, she will break down and attempt to surrender or give up. She combats this by slowly singing to herself quitely to calm down. The singing usually calms down her allies as well.

Aura and Semblance:She lets out a roar that deafens her opponent however, if used to often, she could go mute. The roar deafens the opponent by using a loud bang, similar to that of a sonic boom, that will last for around 10-15 seconds. The force that she exerts by using this semblance causes slight hoarseness of the voice as she draws upon it from her vocal cords. If used too often, she could go mute for a couple days, if the semblance is used after this stage, she could face permanent vocal cord damage, leading to permanent mute.

Combat Behavior:She tends to fight side by side her teammates more rather then fighting alone. She uses her own strengths along with the teammates to overcome most obstacles. However, if she ever sees a bug, she will freeze in place and scream until the bug leaves or she is pulled away. This tends to lead to her team sighing or laughing.

Name: Cacophony
Primary Form:A gold, black and pink trimmed white oak pole around 6 ft.
Secondary Form: With the push of a button, a small spear tip extend from the the top of the pole to create a pole arm.
History: She modified her microphone stand into the weapon before she entered into combat school. When not in use, she tends to keep it as an adjustable microphone stand.
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