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Mint Fresch (Resubmission)
« on: September 11, 2016, 11:33:37 AM »

Name: Mint Fresch

Age: 17, born Klever 7

Species and Gender: Female squirrel faunus

Symbol: You know that leaf Animal Crossing uses to represent furniture? Basically a simplistic line drawing of that.

Occupation: 1st year student at Beacon

Appearance: Mint is 150 cm tall and weighs 49 kg. She has short, brown hair with her round squirrel ears sticking out the top. Her light skin brings out the freckles on her cheeks, and her cheeks dimple noticeably when she smiles. She has narrow but strikingly bright green eyes. Most people when asked would describe Mint as simply "small and cute."

Casually, Mint wears a black hoodie (with the hood always down) over a white shirt and a somewhat short (just above the knees) green pleated skirt. She wears short white socks and brown slip-on shoes. If she anticipates combat in the same day, she will forgo the skirt in favor of a pair of shorts, but keep the rest of the outfit the same. Her weapons are hidden in the hoodie at all times.

History: Mint grew up with her mother and father in a village just outside the Emerald Forest. When she was young, Mint would frequently take walks through the forest under the supervision of her parents. This was always a wonderful experience for her, as her semblance would provide a cool breeze and stir the leaves around her. If it were up to her, Mint would've spent her entire childhood in the forest (and probably been mauled viciously but whatever).

When Mint was ten years old, the village was struck with a series of bad windstorms which destroyed large portions of their crops. The people panicked due to the shortage of food, and this panic brought Grimm for the first time in their history. Due to the village's proximity to Beacon, the attacks were quickly put down. This didn't stop the villagers' fear, however, and eventually a scapegoat became the only way they had to feel secure. The people blamed Mint and her semblance for the windstorms and banished her family from the village.

Banishment may have been a blessing in disguise, as the family took this opportunity to move to Patch and later enrolled Mint in Signal Academy. Motivated by wanderlust and a romantic ideal, Mint studied long and hard to ultimately become a huntress. She is now enrolled at Beacon, which she considers a huge step in the right direction.

Personality: Mint is highly cheerful and social, attempting to make friends with just about anyone who isn't openly hostile towards her. She is almost always smiling and spends as much time with her friends as possible, telling jokes and having fun. People often get the vibe that she is "carefree," but in reality she cares very much about her own success. The misconception comes from her low expectations of other people, as she never judges anyone for how little or how much effort they put into their lives.

She loves being outdoors in the fresh air, but can have fun in the city too. She often climbs and jumps around for no obvious reason, which draws strange looks from pedestrians in Vale.

While Mint of course cares about her friends and wants them to be happy, she's not the sort one would go to for practical advice. As a blind optimist, she doesn't really have a strong grasp of what it's like to be distressed. Her "advice" would ultimately boil down to "smile!" which more often than not is frustratingly unhelpful. This combined with her appearance gives off the vibe that Mint is childish and not ready to be a huntress.

Mint carries her faunus heritage and the ears that come with it proudly. Like many open faunus, Mint is often looked down on or made fun of, to which she responds by making fun right back. Eventually, most bullies cease to bother.

Aura and Semblance: Mint's aura color is light green.
Her semblance gives her control of the wind. When outdoors there is always a passive breeze around her, which has a negligible impact on her aura. Considering this breeze only occurs outdoors, it is likely linked to her mental state. She also frequently voluntarily shares this breeze with the people around her, also at negligible cost.

As a more practical use, she can manipulate air currents to guide her thrown weapons or to push the smoke created by her smoke bombs. Used constantly, these focused air currents would take about 5% aura per minute, though it is realistically closer to 1% per minute during a fight due to the fact that she only needs it in short bursts. She can amp up the wind at double the cost, which she frequently uses to stir up leaves, dust (err... like dirt not... you know), and other small objects around herself, disorienting and disrupting her opponents.

Combat Behavior: If Mint can end a fight quickly, she will. She generally opens with rapid melee strikes in an attempt to overwhelm and disarm her opponent. The moment it seems this isn't going to work, Mint backs off and starts using the environment to her advantage. She is very skilled at climbing and can throw her weapons from up high and behind cover. In a team she serves well as an annoyance, but struggles to deal heavy damage to her opponent if the initial assault fails. In contrast, Mint herself can be taken down rather quickly under sustained attacks.


Name: Gale

Primary Form: A throwable chakram with a handle in the middle. Mint holds this weapon in her right hand during melee combat and guides it with her semblance to the enemy and back to her hand during ranged combat. This weapon generally leads as its round shape provides more protection for Mint than Wing's flat blade. It can also be loaded with a single smoke pellet which will release a dense smoke after a one second delay from being activated.

History: Mint built this weapon after being inspired by children she saw playing with a boomerang.


Name: Wing

Primary Form: A dagger with a durable, retractable string attached to it. Unlike Gale, which was designed to work with the wind, Wing is designed to slice through it. In melee combat, Mint holds Wing in her left hand. It can be used for fast strikes and is the source of most of Mint's power. At range, it has a straight flight path and can be recalled with the special string in Mint's hoodie. The handle contains a sleep dart which can be used to incapacitate animals and severely weakened enemies. As a side note, having a deadly weapon permanently attached to her hoodie is a hard thing for Mint to explain at the laundromat.

History: Mint created Wing to balance out her fighting style with more raw power. The string was originally used for pranks to create a tripwire (which she still occasionally does for old times' sake), but she eventually realized it could be adapted into a simple recall mechanism.
1st Year Beacon Students: ShowHide
Hagane Inaba- Can melt steel beams. Leader of team HTDG
Mint Fresch- A chipper gale.
Persimmon Burhan- A douche.
Carnation Prescott- Get it, CAREa? Sorry.
Lissa Lime- Beacon's spinning top
Jacob Stillwater- Nailed it

Literally everyone else: ShowHide
Patchouli Breschi- First year at Shade. Don't let her penetrate you.
Diamante Solar- Third Year at Beacon. Feel the Light of the Holy Noodle!
Dannum Sohrab- Professor of practical combat skills at Shade. Or at least that's his excuse to blow things up.
Crystal Evermore- Aura professor at Beacon Academy.

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