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Lucillé Leyes
« on: September 11, 2016, 10:38:38 AM »

Name: Lucillé Leyes

Age: 17

Species and Gender: Albino Weasel Faunus female

Symbol: A crescent moon on a fan, the symbol… is on her fans.

Occupation: 1st Year Beacon student, Bodyguard for hire

Appearance: Lucillé is 4'7" inches and weighs 53 kilos. She has a round face, pale skin and eyes with a red iris, a pair of simple black frames glasses to cover up her far sightedness. She has silky long white hair, her fringe curls up in an S shape that covers her right eye. She wears a bit of blue eyeliner and lipbalm. From the head down, she has a pear figure, though not so obvious, but it is. She has an ample C-cup chest but a somewhat noticeable waist line with her just a bit wider than her chest hips. Her white weasel tail is 2 meters long and furry and if lax sweeps the floor as Lucillé walks. She wears different outfits throughout the day.

Uniform: She wears the Beacon attire, perfectly ironed and made. She can't help but make her uniform look really really neat. She wears this on the first day of each school week. She wears black doll shoes for footwear.

Usual: Usually worn when out shopping, out of school and simply walking around to see what's going on in Vale, and on the other days of school weeks. She wears a lovely black dress and doll shoes to match. She has a frilled wristbane. She does not want to flaunt her wealth. Under the dress, is her weapons.

Combat Attire: Lucillé wears a black dress specially made to fight it. It is carbon fibre and bullet proof. It is flexible and long enough to be decent, but short enough to not be a hinderance, it is about to her knees. She wears long black leather arm gloves and tights for her legs. She wears shoes that are both stylish, made for dancing and combat worthy. Obviously she wears this in a fight or a mission.

History:Lucillé comes from a rich family in Vale, but she had no parents. Her father was too deep into his work and his mother had left her father for a man that actually cares for her. So Lucillé was instead raised by, her maid Lizzy. Lizzy was special so to say, she was a Huntress, but due to a family debt she works here, protecting Lucillé's father while doing her duties as a maid.
Lizzy became more like a mother to Lucillé, from young Lucillé learnt how to clean, wash, and do all things maids need to do. But as she grew older, Lizzy believed that Lucillé was responsible enough to learn a bit more different things from her.
Her father, never took notice of her, so Lizzy and Lucillé sneaks out to do girl things and go adventuring Hunter style. From Lizzy, she learnt to survive, climbing trees and swimming against the river became pretty much her hobbies. Of course there are occasional days when they just stay home and watched tv.
After a while, Lizzy became sick, Lucillé did what she could to take care of her. So one day, Lucillé thought of an interesting plan. Lizzy loved to watch people dance, Lizzy basically had two left feet so she is afraid to dance herself, so Lizzy tried to learn dancing to entertain Lizzy, but Lucillé herself grew fond of it. Lizzy could not let potential go to waste, so Lucillé attended dance classes while Lizzy recovers.
After Lizzy recovered, which was a good timing, Lizzy enrolled Lucillé into Signal, with help from funding from her father, who was now old and starting to appreciate his daughter and Lizzy, apparantly some of her friends are teaching in Signal, helped with homework.
Lucillé however, did not expect herself to get an enrollment form from Beacon, but she wanted to earn a living for herself, so she got Lizzy to advertise her as a bodyguard for hire.

Personality:Lucillé is a scatterbrain. She is forgetful, awkward and really conserved, if anything she is what you call shy and cute. But she does have a soft side for very big things that can be very dangerous, calling them cute and stuff when usually they are not. This even applies to Grimm. She has a habit when she gets embarrassed or is very sorry about something, her tail goes to the front of her body and Lucillé fiddles with the fur. It does not help considering her small size the Awwwww factor just goes up. She does have certain behaviors due to her influence by Lizzy, like being a shopaholic and being hyper organized about things.
But secretly she wants to become an opposite of herself. She wants to be more confident and more out spoken, but her shyness prevents her from doing that. If anything she wants to be more like Lizzy.
Dancing however, was Lucillé's solution, though she hasn't realized it. While she dances, she is a totally different person, more confident more expressive more beautiful. Heck even when dancing her words are more proud and sultry and her speech behavior is more pompous and joyful.
She calls everyone by their surname followed by the word ariji. A habit picked up from Lizzy.

Aura and Semblance:Her Aura is Midnight Blue(#191970). Her Semblance is called Silken Moon. Silken Moon gives Lucillé 4 extra "arms" made with aura(you can tell as they would be blue) that are a copy of her own arms. Each arm can behave "independently", but they obey Lucillé's thoughts. If she is thinking of one thing that requires her arms, then the aura arms copy the organic ones. They are fixed on the shoulders and under her armpit. Hitting them will cause them to disappear. She can't regenerate arms unless all four arms are gone. Each set takes 5% of her Semblance. She can't use this Semblance when she is stressed or having a sort of mind related issue. The arms disappear after 5 minutes but if they are destroyed before 5 minutes, then they only can be made again after 10.

Combat Behavior:Lucillé hits like a child(she is child size in a sense), but with razor sharp blades attached that may or may not use Dust to give it a bit of extra firepower, in fact its her only major firepower against people who can shrug off an attack easily. But she does not fight those kind of people. Instead she will focus on the weaker less armored people, those who are protected by the tougher people. She can easily slip past into backlines like a weasel and unleash a flurry of attacks, using dance.
She does heavily rely on her teammates to keep the tanks at bay while she deals with people who most likely can't hit her.
But like anyone she has her problems that need to be covered up. She can't hurt people who are meant to take hits. Maybe she can find a hole in their armor to slash at or some way to make them hurt themselves but most of the time she would be tired out before she can lay a scratch on the body. She only has the capabilities to reach mid range, so people really far away will be a problem to her, even with her better hearing and fast movements. Also her white coloring is a very big giveaway in the night and she has to take off her glasses in a fight so she is farsighted for most of the battle.


Name: El Lunas

Primary Form:Six iron war fans(she only holds two or one fan at one time, she carries all six with her) with holes near the end. The fans are made from six iron blades. Do not touch, it is really sharp. She can switch between them being fully open or partially open. Fully open, she can throw them and they would fly back to her. Partially would make them more like a piercing weapon then a slicing weapon. The end of the fan, where she holds it, is made from a magnetic material. She wears a pair of electro magnetic gloves(the same gloves in her combat attire) that attracts the fans back to her. She can only grab fans that are 3 meters away, or any other magnetic object if she isn't careful.

Secondary Form:Lucillé keeps a special 1.3 meter pole she has keep in her bag. The pole, if anything is flexible. It does this with the many many sections it has evenly spread out, like snake anatomy. Lucillé can attached one of the fans to it to make a spear or glaive, depends on how much the fan is open, as she can't change that unless she takes it out and then does the adjustments.

Tertiary Form:The iron fans fold just a fan would, but won't unfold until she uses them. They hang from her waist.

Dust Functions:El Lunas' main firepower(one that she really relies on) are the holes that are used to utilize the dust. The dust she carries is loaded into injector canisters. She takes these canisters and "injects" the fans with dust(it is actually a hole which the dust flows into and spreads throughout the fan), giving the fans a vein like look to them. She carries three of each type she has in an ammo belt on her waist.

Fire Dust: These canisters give the fan a red vein glow and creates flames at the end of the fan, they look very amazing when thrown.

Water Dust: These canisters give the fan a blue vein glow. Water Dust makes the fans spew out cyro, sort of like a flamethrower except with liquid nitrogen that freezes things. Throwing the fans turns the spew into an Area of effect, not so big just a meter in diameter, freezing anything below it with cold temperatures, or at least try to freeze.

Earth Dust and Wind Dust: These two are mixed together for good reason. Wind Dust on its own makes the fans turn into tiny tornadoes, Earth Dust creates rocks around the fan that if the fan is thrown the rocks rotate around it at the same speed. Earth plus Wind you get a dust storm with huge chunks of earth inside. Only works is thrown. Gives the fan an earthly vein look.

Wind Dust: The personal favorite of Lucillé, she can use the fans to force herself into a direction with gusts of wind, cleans very well in dusty rooms. She always flies it the opposite direction of where she fans. Throwing them makes the fan mini tornadoes. She does landed slower when the Wind Dust is active, because wind keeps expelling out of the fans that are enough to slow her descent. She still has to roll, it doesn't slow her that much. Gives El Lunas an emerald look.


Name: Le’ Sweeper

Primary Form:Le'Sweeper, is a throwing glaive. Not really special in terms of dust functions or transformations. But the design of the blades make it so that always returns. The only way to stop it is to either hit it or grab it.

History:Le'Sweeper is Lizzy's weapon, since she can't go on Hunter jobs until her family debt is paid fully, she gave Lucillé her throwing glaive instead to use instead before she got the El Lunas.
El Luna(s) was given to her as a birthday present from her dad, who after years realized he should be taking care of his daughter. It was a happy and sad day.
Though both function similarly, she keeps Le'Sweeper because it has a sentimental value and a dream attached to it. Also Lizzy is always watching Lucillé.

Lizzy is Lucillé's mother figure and definitely best friend(you'll be surprised, they only have an age gap of 5 years). She, now tasked to protect Lucillé after her employer orders her to do it(That girl is really capable of taking care of herself, she is just shy and all that)(... Um... kay thanks Lizzy). She has hot pink hair tied in a spiky ponytail (she has brown hair, just dyes it) and wears pretty plain clothing, a beige T-shirt and blue tight jeans. She dresses very casually for a maid. So Lizzy follows Lucillé everywhere she goes, whether the toilet or the dorm. Also Lizzy is over obsessed with her job and has more of a presence than Lucillé(really who would notice someone as small and as shy as her)
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